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The latest episode of Glee, featuring the McKinley boys stripping down for their “Men of McKinley” calendar to raise money for sectionals, just finished airing.

Now it’s time to discuss with fellow fans, AND read Ryan Murphy’s best live tweets!

The creator of Glee took to his official Twitter account throughout the episode and offered fun personal thoughts to fans as he watched along with east coast viewers:


In addition to the new episode, a first look at Glee 4x13 "Diva" was unveiled. Watch below:

Hit the comments to discuss tonight's plot and songs with fellow Gleeks! Want to listen to tonight's Glee songs again?

  • theaterboy1

    I loved this episode!! Obviously the eye candy was great, but I also loved Sam’s storyline and how Blaine helped him as well as how Santana and Quinn went to NYC to help Rachel. Favorite performances are “Torn”, “A Thousand Years” and “Love Song”!

  • Jacob McCabe

    I went into this one thinking it was going to be really shallow and all about the abs, but it surprised me so much. It was one of those reminders that Glee still has some potential (even though it arguably has lost some of its A-game over the years).

    The messages in this episode were actually relevant to the plot and people in general, namely guys. Because, as a guy, you never hear about male self-esteem issues on television. But hey, we all have feelings, whether we show them or not, and Glee showed us that tonight.

    • jan

      They gave a girl bulimia and constantly make jokes about it and make all of the club hate her for it. Sorry if underrepresentation of male body image issues (issues which were previously addressed on the show with Sam specifically) is such a concern for you.

      • Marie

        Even as a woman I can say yes, male body image is a concern. One of my best male friends was scarily close to developing bulimia.

        However, I will also say, the whole Marley with an eating disorder has been a mess, and I hate it. I try to pretend it doesn’t exist, since it bothers me THAT much.

  • http://www.facebook.com/amber.carney3 Amber Carney

    This was a great episode! I was interested in all of the story lines the whole way through and uhmm what fan doesn’t want a Men of McKinley calender?? (Specifically, the January and December pages :p) but anyway, I was on Kurt’s side, as usual, when it came to new Rachel’s latest stupid way of becoming a star…the topless thing was stupid. and it was clearly a stupid movie anyway..come on Rachel.

    All of the musical numbers were great though! Torn was interesting. I liked the idea of Rachel’s inner thoughts and seeing the old Rachel (who I prefer. She’s more naturally beautiful and not so…porn-starish as Kurt put it.) coach her in a conscious-like manner. I really enjoyed Centerfold/Hot in Herre. Not gonna lie, it was pretty sexy. A Thousand Years made me cry and gave me chills, it also shocked me how much Marley looked like Kristen Stewart in that scene though…anyone else have that thought? Let Me Love You was…hot. Love Song was freaking awesome. Love the three of them together, and Diana is freaking gorgeous. This is the New Year was really great too, it seemed slightly out of place, but it was a fun number, especially since it was an awesome ending group number (my favorite type!).

    The other story line I want to mention is Blam. Like Blaine, I’m proud the gay guy can be friends with the straight guy, but that’s all the farther I want to see this go. It’s fine that Blaine has a crush, but I love the dynamic between them right now and I don’t want it to get messed up. Also, Sam being stupid in this episode was annoying (as was the whole SAT thing…he’s not that dumb…I’m not really sure where it came from actually…whatever though, it’s glee). I’m just glad they tied up that with the cute video of all the great things Sam has done. So Blam is good, but as friends.

  • Vanj203

    I loved the message of this episode – that you are more than your body mass index or muscles, and that your body belongs to you and you don’t have to show it off if you don’t want to. It was so interesting to see that it was Sam who needed the pep talk because he felt that his body was the only thing he had that people would want. This is an attitude that usually girls have. Blaine, being the great guy that he is, shows Sam that he is so much more than just his abs. I adored that Blaine was concerned enough to get Sam help on college options, brought Sam to tears with his video, and got a real hug from Sam for it. BLAM!

    Brody is beginning to be creepy now – walking around naked and encouraging Rachelle to do a topless film. So happy her old friends Santana and Quinn talked her out of it. It was great to see them, and it looks like Santana will be joining NYC Glee. They really are going to have to do that New York spin off at this rate!

    Marley and Jake were so sweet together. Brittany is starting to become obnoxious about her high SAT score that’s a fake. Shouldn’t the principal or Emma be concerned since it takes more than an SAT score to get into college? Oh well, it’s Glee.

  • Marie

    I hate that Sam isn’t bisexual. I think Blaine and Sam truly bring out the best in each other.

    • Linda

      Agreed. Things I loved: Twilight=poop on paper. Lord Tubbington. Lord Tubbington dancing. “The Paris of Indiana.” “Oh sweet merciful Lord.” Teen Jesus in bunny ears. “Slutty Barbie.” And Santana!

      • Marie

        OMG, I forgot about the return of Fondue for Two, which I MOSTLY loved, although I kind of disliked Brittany blabbing about Marley’s eating disorder. Ugh. Although minus Brittany’s big mouth, I’m kind of starting to ship Marley and Brittany. I call them Mattany.

        • Linda

          I like it! They are great together, which is why Britanny being nasty about the bulimia was jarring. Although historically, Fondue for Two usually does go off the rails, so maybe I shouldn’t be surprised. I still love it. Lord Tubbington’s computer skills appear to be far superior to mine, and I have thumbs.

        • Linda

          Oh, and let’s talk about yoga pose Blaine. Put that on a calendar and I will buy it. Good lord!

          • Vanj203


    • Isak

      I really really hope they continue to address Blaine’s crush and just don’t let the storyline slip as they often do. Maybe even a kiss?!

      It would actually be hilarious if Sam turned out to be bisexual since when he joined Glee everybody was like “Is he going to be Kurt’s boyfriend?!” haha!

      • Marie

        I feel like there has to be some awkward reveal. But as someone I follow on Twitter said, Sam’s heterosexuality doesn’t prevent a fantasy sequence. ;-)

      • http://twitter.com/Tygridia Tygridia

        I don’t think he’s gonna be and I’m happy with that, but I really want Blaine to tell him in a friendly way (like not hitting on him, just telling him he has a crush) and Sam to go: ‘Cool! Man, I am gay material!’

        • Marie

          I’m sure that will happen, but now that I’ve come to the conclusion that Kadam and Blam are better than Klaine, it makes me sad. :-p Still, I’d also support a chill reaction from Sam.

          • http://twitter.com/Tygridia Tygridia

            :) Love Blam, really. Think is the most genuine relationship in the show ever, so I assume it’s working by accident and expect RIB realise that if they screw it, we’re gonna throw our rage on them!

        • http://www.facebook.com/isak.kohaly Isak Kohaly

          Yes, exactly, that’s what I meant. I would be happy with that!

      • Jen

        If I recall correctly, Chord was brought on to be Kurt’s new love interest but then there was rumours that he wasn’t really on board for that storyline so they changed it. And unless they are going to go further

        • Marie

          Yeah, I’ve tried researching into that, and it was very vague. It would probably be bad press for Chord to be saying “Yeah, don’t wanna kiss a guy” on one of the shows that’s supposed to be uber gay friendly. I think he said he didn’t particularly want to do it, but if he had to he would get over it. Frankly, with the very few same-sex kisses on the show anyway, I don’t think it would REALLY be an issue, but whatever. I can dream.

    • Vanj203

      I’m totally with you on BLAM. Much better than Klaine, Blaine was so so sweet to Sam, and I loved seeing Sam open up to Blaine about his self esteem issues.

      • Marie

        Yeah, we’ve seen a LOT of Blaine being supportive of Kurt, but I don’t feel like there’s been as much as that the other way around. Maybe it just never really presented itself, since Kurt always got more story than Blaine, but that aside, I feel like Sam and Blaine understand each other very well, and they definitely care about each other a lot.

        ALSO, I want to add, this episode is more evidence as to why Brittany and Sam should not date. While Blaine was noticing Sam’s insecurities, Brittany was totally in blissful la-la land. And from all her stuff with Santana we know she CAN be observant and supportive. She just wasn’t for Sam. Think about that, very few Bram fans out there (I’m including you, Heather).

  • guest

    Bromances. Bromances everywhere. Plus the music in this episode was amazing!

  • Marie

    Also, I think there’s way more chemistry between characters of the same sex than their supposed opposite-sex crushes. Is it wrong that I wish Glee was so unrealistic to wish that everyone was gay?

    • Marie

      Also, to whoever disliked my comment, that was a joke.

  • Kavitha

    Wow I really loved this episode. I was really worried about how the calendar was going to be handled, but it went a lot better than I expected. Torn was amazing, and YES Santana please stay in NYC. I liked Brody…but he seems like a bad influence on Rachel. I don’t want to say bad influence because that sounds like Rachel can’t think for herself, but I don’t know what else to call it.
    Blam was ADORABLE and such a good friendship. Tina is still creepy; she needs to stop. Jarley is also super sweet. Yeah these are just random thoughts but I reallllly loved this episode. I hope it keeps going like this!

  • Tara

    Really enjoyed this episode! It was nice to see some more positive messages come across, and Blam is awesome! I’m even coming around to Marley and Jake! Loved more Sue and yay for Quinn and Santana being in New York!

    The closing number really did feel like a lot of fun and like the old Glee!

    I do hope we get to see the Warblers again!

  • Jack

    This episode is what a good comedy should be. Drama wasn’t all over the place; scenes were poignant and touching; and characters were consistent (Sam, Rachel, etc.). Great job Glee, you redeemed yourself from last week’s trainwreck.

  • Sarah

    Thankfully, Glee has recovered from last episode. Loved all the songs, and of course the cameos from Naya and Dianna. Hopefully Glee keeps climbing up. (Now all we need is to get rid of this uncomfortable Tina/Blaine dynamic…)

  • Kristen Kranz

    I am having so much fun with Glee this season, and this ep was no slouch. I really loved everything about it. The Rachel stuff, the Blam stuff (bromances rock), heck, I even thought the Sue/Finn stuff was fun, and I usually get bored when Sue’s on screen. Oh, and Tina should totally go for Ryder. Their dancing together during “This is the New Year” was so cute!!

  • http://twitter.com/fabulousjoshie Joshua Harris

    Best Glee episode this season. I didn’t know all the songs this week but that’s ok

  • Lotte

    I didn’t really like it… Didn’t care one bit for Jarley. No enough NYC. Disappointed we haven’t seen a reaction of Kurt about Brody moving in. But the tension between K/R is emerging… Loved Blaine and Sam interaction. Chord was great this episode.

    Loved that Quinn and Santana were back. I guess I finally have to admit I do not like the Newbies.

  • http://llama-attack.tumblr.com/ es1831

    seeing Rachel, Quinn, and Santana sing together gave me the sudden realization at how much I miss them =(

  • Grace

    Thought this episode wasn’t as good as last week’s, but there were some good moments. For once liked the McKinley storyline this week better the NYC one. Fondue for Two was great. Felt like the Sam and Blaine moment at the end was Blaine’s moment this season. I feel like Tina’s getting crazier every episode- maybe Mike needs to come to Lima? xD The overall message though- that girls being “naked” is slutty but with guys it’s “okay”- was pretty offensive, though. Not like that’s surprising, since it’s Glee.

    • Grace

      *Blaine’s best moment

    • Marie

      Yeah, I was confused, since Rachel’s little monologue at the end made it seem like it was ok, but Kurt and everyone else made it seem awful. Maybe she would’ve been FINE with it in 2 years.

  • Tomas

    I hated the Twilight joke, Twilight is great!

  • http://twitter.com/Hmarjus2 Martrel A. Howard

    Santana is totally moving in with Kurt and Rachel … Jake with no shirt on was awwwwwwesome, his rendition of Let me love you was cool too…actually i loved all of the music in this episode…the over all story was good as well…Finn and Sue are great so much better than Sue and will…Finn has no fear when it comes to Sue and I love it.

  • Sofia

    I really enjoyed this episode! in fact I think it was one of the best ones this season!
    It wasn’t too over the top and it had some really great one liners (specifically Kitty’s “Those twilight books are poop on paper”)

    But I think my favorite part was the scene with old Rachel talking to new Rachel. I completely agree with everything that Olchel was saying and I was really starting to dislike Newchel. I miss Olchel.

    Also, am I the only one who doesn’t like Brody? I mean, he’s hot but I just really dislike him. I’m not even sure why

  • Guest

    I am pretty sure I agree more with Sue these days than anyone in the Glee club….

  • http://twitter.com/Merina2 Merina

    I must admit, I was skeptical about this episode…but ended up really enjoying it. I felt the messages of body image were dealt with sensitively and intelligently, on the whole.

    ‘A Thousand Years’ was my favourite musical number – can we all take a moment to appreciate how sweet, beautiful and catchy this song is? Definitely one of the best things to ever come out of the ‘Twilight’ saga ;)

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