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One of the biggest questions we were left with at the end of season 2 of Teen Wolf was whether or not Stiles still had a chance with Lydia. A new spoiler has emerged that may have the answer to that question!

The answer is, unfortunately, no.

According to EOnline, Stiles and Lydia won’t be making much of a headway in their relationship right now. But before you start giving Lydia the Evil Eye, just know that it may be Stiles’ own choice! According to the scoop, Stiles is “determined to move on from [Lydia] and will do so within the first four episodes of season three.”

Perhaps that’s where the scene between Caitlin Custer and Dylan O’Brien comes into play?

But it’s not just Stiles that’s moving on. Lydia will also be “busy dealing with the affections of one of the (many) new wolves in town.” It wouldn’t be a huge leap to say that one of the Alpha Pack twins could be the one doing the seducing. Between this spoiler and the last one, involving the promise of a gay sex scene this season, does this mean we finally know the two targets the Alpha Pack leader has sent the twins after?

How do you feel about Stiles moving on from Lydia? Are you hoping he finds someone else, or do you want them to get together eventually?

The latest ‘Teen Wolf’ news

We learned late last week that Lydia would be the one to tell everyone that Jackson is no longer in Beacon Hills.

There’s also been some confusion over the possibility of Mrs. Argent making her way back into the show. Read our run-down and let us know what you think is going on!

The latest episode of Not Another Teen Wolf Podcast is now live! It’s titled “We Torture People Now,” and you can listen to us discussing episodes 2×01 and 2×02, along with current Teen Wolf news and listener feedback. Be sure to leave us a comment and let us know what you think!

Photo Credit: MTV

  • Ev42

    This is good. Relationships based on a decade of one-sided adoration do not tend do be very good things… IF there were to be a Stiles/Lydia relationship, I’d rather it be because they actually got to know each other as people first.

    • Karen Rought

      PREACH. I completely agree. I really want to see them be friends first.

  • Rosita Almira

    Just one step closer to Sterek is all I can say about this.

  • ravenclaw1991

    I still feel like a terrible person because I want one of the alpha twins to seduce Stiles.. BUT to make up for it, instead of the twin hurting him, he gets one over on the twin before anything bad happens..
    To be honest, I don’t want Stiles and Lydia together. I love Lydia, but Stiles is too good for her.

  • Ann

    Super happy about this because I think Stiles and Lydia have a potentially AWESOME friendship (smart! snarky! badass!), but I was never a fan of the romance aspect for the pair. Cannot wait to see where they both go from here–and I am ready for the chaos/seduction plans the Alpha twins are bringing, ’cause it sounds like it’s going to be delicious angsty fun :)

  • Jenn

    I can’t believe they’re not going the SL route. It’s something I’ve been looking forward to for two years and now nothing? Ugh.

  • Melannie Jaime

    The only reason I wanted to see season 3 of teen wolf is because of stiles and lydia! I’m done.

    • boom

      There will still be stydia, they just won’t develop romantically any time soon. The shows still perfect.

  • http://www.facebook.com/mario.gonzalezmartinez.7 Mario Gonzalez Martinez

    I say no longer stiles lydia love if it is just a friend derek and stiles and detune shares a relationship together not only for his life but also for the yuo

  • upset

    No no no! I only watch this show for Stiles/Lydia and he can’t get over such a long time crush so quickly! I seriously won’t watch the show if they don’t end up together. And sterek doesn’t make sense! I don’t understand why people like them together so much, if they ever got together it’d obviously be because the writers want more people to watch the show but it won’t make any sense whatsoever.

    And Jeff Davis said this about Stiles and Lydia which gave me hope:
    “I think they have amazing chemistry together. I can see that happening. They’re just so good together. One of the things I didn’t expect actually in episode 11 was the looks they gave each other,” he explains. “They were magic. In looking at her from the field and seeing the look of pride in her eyes. She’s just great. They’re really good together. I can see that pairing playing a bigger role in season three.”

    Then this article happens, it’s so annoying. He keeps going back and forth, saying Stiles and Lydia might get together then people ask about sterek and he throws them a bone. It’s so dumb.

    Another quote from Jeff Davis:

    Don’t expect to see Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) totally get over Lydia (Holland Roden) now that she’s professed her epic, Kanima-curse-breaking love for Jackson. “He might have to step back a little and be a bit more of an observer, but things move very fast in the world of ‘Teen Wolf,’ so we’ll see,” Davis tells us. Those powerful moments between Stiles and Lydia will have lasting impact. In fact, the writers had originally intended for Erica to be Stiles’ new love interest, but they course-corrected in favor of more Stiles/Lydia moments this season.

    “We felt it out in terms of the story. We knew that we wanted the scene at the end of 11 where Stiles is on the field and Lydia is finally the one cheering for him,” Davis tells us. “It felt like that was a better moment to build to than the possibility of Stiles and Erica. You start to see which actors have the best chemistry with each other, and we felt like Gage had more chemistry with other characters, including Sinqua, actually, so to see them holding hands in one of the last episodes felt more right to me.”

    Then he says one of those stupid twins is after Lydia so she’ll most likely have a romance with him. I’m so annoyed.

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