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Are you still watching Glee? Could you give me a concise summary of what’s been going on this season? Name all the new characters’ names, I dare you.

Between copying Jonathan Coulton’s cover to adding a ton of new characters who seem to be simply reincarnations of our favorite season 1 cast, Glee is unraveling, rapidly.

I have stopped watching Glee, and I could not be more ambivalent about Glee‘s imminent downfall, except in regard to Darren Criss. Darren, who has the singing and acting chops to go far, is wasting his talent on Glee. If he continues on the show, Darren will lose credibility as a talented performer. Darren Criss should leave Glee.

Why? Well, examine the mockery that Glee has made of his character. First, Blaine was the super-confident older mentor to Kurt. Then, he moved to McKinley High, simply because Kurt was attending (not a smart move for such a poised character). Then, Blaine thought he was bisexual… spoiler, he wasn’t. Blaine then became a junior, younger than Kurt, so that Glee could keep him at McKinley for another year. Glee has given Darren a character with no authenticity, and therefore, given Darren no opportunity to use his acting ability. The wide array of personalities that Glee wants Blaine to fulfill does not create a character that an actor can inhabit successfully, but a tool to keep its waning audience members watching.

Currently, Darren is a rising star. He performed at the Inaugural Ball. He has a movie with Kristen Wiig coming out soon. But, if Darren remains with Glee for the foreseeable future, he risks going down with the sinking ship. Darren Criss has the talent, the charisma, and the fanbase to be a star long after Glee is finally put to rest. However, by staying with a rapidly deteriorating television program, Darren Criss risks both his integrity as an actor and his career.

This article was written by a Hypable user! Learn more and write your own right here.

  • http://twitter.com/Dillon_Mays Dillon Mays

    Even though I have so many more reasons, I agree that he needs to leave.

  • sirlupton

    I had pretty much stopped watching Glee around the time Darren started. I was happy he got the gig and definintly thought he shouldn’t pass it up (even though I wasn’t the biggest fan of the show) but yeah… I think Glee gave him the bigger audience but now it is time for him move on… and up!

  • http://www.facebook.com/hcadams9 Hayley Adams

    I can not agree more! I am still watching Glee (its like a car crash, I just can’t look away!) and I can’t help but feel that Darren Criss is going to get screwed over by the inevitable downfall of the show! I just want him to graduate and leave so that he doesn’t have to put up with anymore of this!

  • Allie

    I will stop watching Glee once Chris Colfer and Darren Criss leave because I only watch the show for them.

  • Marie

    See. . .I don’t think Darren is really risking his career by sticking with Glee. If he continues to stick with it, it shows dedication (even if it’s foolish dedication) to his job. He’s also one of the bigger money-makers for the show, so anyone casting will probably take note that he does have a fanbase that is relatively strong.

    I completely understand why he is sticking with Glee though, which is security. There are plenty of actors who would kill for the opportunity to have steady work that pays respectably. Glee offers the regulars that, even if they get the short-end of the stick as far as having a good character to play, or a good story to go with it.

    Frankly, I’m ready to see everyone move on, not just Darren. In fact, I’m ready for this to be the last season of Glee. I just hope the good actors don’t struggle to find other great projects to get involved in (I’m thinking particularly of Chris, who is bound to get typecast). However, I will stick with Glee until the day Darren goes away, because I like my man gettin’ bread on the table, and I know I at least slightly contribute. ;-)

    • Linda

      Exactly. Also, two words regarding actors leaving hit television series for greener pastures: David Caruso.

  • Hola

    Who watches Glee…stop wasting your time. There are shows right now on TV that are way better than this.

    • Kayla

      I watch Glee and I will admit there are probably shows better but I don’t think I am wasting my time. I like the show so I continue to watch…just because you do not like it does not mean everyone has to.

  • Jesse

    Did anyone ever think he enjoys being on Glee? I mean they are his friends.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1683360003 Paige Barton

    I happen to agree. I stopped watching two episodes before the season finale last season. it was just going downhill. The first season was the best season. After that it was just crap. Please, Darren Criss… leave Glee and find something that will appreciate your talents

  • coolest girl starkid

    Darren should leave because he should come back to the fans that found him TEAM STARKID

    • Marie

      He still does as much as he can for starkid. While I do think Starkid is infinitely more awesome than Glee, I also have to say, again, Glee is probably paying way more bills, and is actually helpful to his career.

    • http://twitter.com/azeilafroica Azeila Froica

      Do you see any of the other Starkid members singing for the president???

  • Suede

    Nah, Glee is what’s giving Darren opportunities, lbr.

  • Daughter of Eve

    Glee has left Glee. I forced myself to watch through the graduation. In the words of Samuel L. Jackson: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

  • Lauren

    Why would he leave the show that made him who he was? Though I totally agree he’s worth better!

  • Hola

    GLEE SUCKS…stop thinking there is some kind of story there.

    • jelly

      Not everyone thinks Glee sucks. I have friends who like Glee…and they trend a lot of stuff on twitter for people to hate it so much…lol. There are people who like it.

    • camay

      quit reading glee articles and dont watch glee. my doctor said that should take care of the sucking. and you can get that prescripton filled at any pharmacy.

      • Bruce

        Yes, it’s always amazed me that people who rant that Glee is terrible still read articles about it, comment on it and seem to know enough about it to indicate they watch it. If you don’t like something, there’s this thing called a channel changer on your TV. Move on. As for Darren, he owes Glee a huge debt for his career from here on out. He also owes Glee his services under his contract. And to those commenters who claim Glee is dying, what will you say when it’s soon renewed for Season 5 (and, as I’ve heard, perhaps even through Season 6 at the same time)? The show is a money-maker. Fox wants to make money. This is just sour grapes wishful thinking by people who hate the show. Glee is nowhere NEAR being canceled. As I’ve always said, “talk’s cheap,” and perhaps no talk is cheaper than insisting Glee is doomed when, in fact, it’s steamrolling through a looong run on network TV (with over 40 million song downloads in the process, btw–40 million!). Glee is here to stay. Wish that weren’t true about witless haters.

        • camay

          so true!!! its like if i hate american idol, but i still dvr every episode. take time out of my life to watch it. then quickly ran to the internet and search every article about it, just to say how much it sucked. lol

  • Jake

    People are being dicks. Darren…not just Darren the whole cast enjoys what they are doing. They are great friends…as they have said time after time. If Darren wants to leave he will but commenting on this will not make it happen any faster…like he really cares about your opinion…what a joke.

  • –Mz_Jordan–

    Have you ever thought that Darren Criss LOVES being on Glee? This is just not your place to say.. He is so thankful for Glee to get him to get into these movies and to sing for the President. This is what he loves to do. He loves the fact that he came from San Francisco preforming a fan made musical and got to here, so no he shouldn’t leave Glee. HE is the one to make the decision and to be honest he looks so happy when he talks about Glee and his role and all his cast mates. Talking of how proud he is of Chris, Amber, and all the cast. His acting skills have improved deeply doing Glee and his singing..

    • Elle

      Actually he went to University of Michigan… and that’s where they did AVPM.

  • huulie

    I’m actually really offended by this article. Darren was still on Glee when he was offered the role in Imogene, he was still on glee when he was offered the role on Broadway, and glee is the reason why he got to sing at the Inaugural Ball. Glee was the reason Darren got StarPower, it’s the main reason why he still has StarPower. And part of the rason that he has the ability to show his talent, charisma, and added to his already huge fanbase thanks to Starkid.
    Yes, Glee is deteriorating, but it isn’t negatively effecting Darren at all.

    • http://www.facebook.com/amber.carney3 Amber Carney

      EXACTLY what I was going to say. Minus the glee is deteriorating part. This season has been the best since season 1. But the point is that glee helped to get Darren all of the incredible opportunities he has had in the past year or so. It’s not hurting him at all. He has the talent and personality, so he gets the awesome opportunities. You don’t see every other glee star getting chances to do the things he does. To say Glee has hurt him in any way in complete blasphemy, he’s still the Darren we know and love, just with a bigger fan following and smaller hair :p

    • Nina

      This isn’t reallt in response to your comments about glee affecting Darren but: there is nothing huge about the Starkid fanbase, except for its enthusiasm. The first part of avpm is their most viewed video and it has less than 10 million views. While concerts and conventions make it feel like there’s millions of us it’s just not the case. This fandom is tiny. Enthusiastic, obsessive and VERY active online, but tiny. Very few people outside of Glee and the Starkid fandom know who Darren is.

      • Anonymous

        em maybe its just me I was under the impression that 10 million was huge not tiny O.o

    • another glee fan

      Darren Criss is the main attraction for me on Glee (and you nailed it; he’s the most talented singer, dancer and actor I’ve see in YEARS), but I love watching him interact with the rest of the characters and they crack me up. If they want to do something to fix the show, they should give Marley a personality. She can sing and dance and act, but her character is BORING

  • Andy

    Glee’s success is riding solely on the performances of its cast, the show might suck but being on television every week certainly isn’t hurting anyone’s career if the whole industry knows how hard they work, despite the shoddy final product. Just look at the Emmy roundtable Lea did a year ago, all of the other women praise the hard work she put in despite being horrified that the show only had three writers. If he really wanted to leave or have a reduced role to have time for other projects, he would, just as Naya, Amber, Harry and Dianna have. But as long as he’s being invited to play/sing for the president, I don’t think you have anything to get worked up about.

  • what

    the fuck is this article

    • Sam

      I know! who allows stuff like this to be posted? extreme views that dont reflect the majority don’t belong on this website

      • http://www.facebook.com/isak.kohaly Isak Kohaly

        This is one of the dumbest, most idiotic comments I have ever read. So, people should express their opinion only if they belong to the majority? Opinions regarding a TV SHOW? Come on.

    • Glaciusx

      My sentiments as well.

  • Grace

    Honestly, Darren has one of the best deals on Glee out of most of the cast- he is arguably he most focused on character this season or at least one of the most focused characters, gets the most solos now, gets a TON of screentime, and many of the entertainment news websites are very positively biased towards his character. I’d say it is other actors and actresses- Chris Colfer, Matthew Morrison, Jenna, Amber Riley, and many, many others- who are having their talents wasted on Glee. Darren, on the hand, has it very good. And honestly, if it weren’t for Glee, he probably wouldn’t have gotten this far (and I’m glad he has, since I do think he deserves it).

    • PotionWillow207

      I agree. At least Darren’s character is still moving along with the story. Glee is supposed to be a tv show about a HIGH SCHOOL glee club. All of these other characters who have graduated and moved on need to just leave and give the newcomers a chance to make their mark. Did we enjoy listen to Mercedes, Rachel, Kurt, etc sing and banter with each other? Of course! But part of leaving high school is moving on. Where is that element in Glee?

  • XShadow

    I honestly dont see the point you are trying to show, Darren Criss is a grown man, he knows what decisions he makes, and if he decides to stay in Glee, good for him! He is espectacular as Blaine, he will always be, no matter what his character turns into. He is an amazing performer wether some people believe it or not, and He is Perfect for Glee. And im sorry but from Darrens point of view.. he feels like he is not waisting any time, otherwise he wouldnt be on the show, dont you think?? its not like no one was going to hire him after everything he has done with glee, showing that difference doesnt matter, and also with the starkids, and Broadway. I bet He Know What He Wants, and if he likes what hes doing or not, simple as that.

  • Glaciusx

    Darren is great now, but I really do miss pre-glee/starkid Darren. His big, gorgeous, and ridiculously fantastic hair was just everything. Having said that, this article is kind of ridiculous.

    • brit

      I also miss him with the starkids( and I think he misses them too, you just can see he is so comfortable with them) but most of them have other jobs. So it it hard to make a living with that ….and with Glee he propably makes a lot of money

    • Wasup123

      thankyou i was reading this and was actually thinking to myself 1. this is ridiculous and 2. why am i actually reading this!!! this article is crazy

  • Vanj203

    Although Darren may wish he could work on more of his own indie projects, I think he realizes how much Glee does for him. Because of Glee he’s had opportunities come his way that might never have otherwise: Broadway, movie roles, invitations to perform for President Obama and his family, regular work with a high profile, and a regular paycheck. All of this is the stuff that actors train for and dream of. Glee utilizes all of Darren’s skills of acting, singing, and dancing. Given all this, why would he carelessly throw it away – especially since next season he may be part of the NYC Glee plot, which is more adult and more cohesive.

  • Hily

    This is the most ridiculous article I have read in a while.

  • Kavitha

    Darren has risen to success because of Glee. He’s incredibly talented, but Glee got his name out there. I’m sure he would have found a way regardless, but this is how things went. Sure, I miss the pre-Glee days when it was just StarKid, but Darren isn’t someone to just leave something because a show isn’t getting high ratings. He’s not going to “go down with the sinking ship.” All of the other actors on the show are amazing as well (although yeah, Darren is the one I’m most attached to), so it’s not fair to say that one person should leave.
    Anyway, yeah Glee has it’s issues, but I personally like this season minus a few things. But, that’s another story.

  • Jack

    I don’t understand why people always single out Darren Criss for things like this. Many cast members are as talented as he is but he seems to be the focus of every single opinion article about Glee.

    • Marie

      Because of Starkid. And Starkids secretly run the world. ;-)

  • Guest

    Yes! Exactly, I’m sorry, but he’s too good for Glee. I mean, he was in a Harry Potter Musical, a Harry Potter Musical! No, he helped write it. He’s too talented and creative to be on Glee anymore. He needs to move on.

  • CliveRogan

    It’s pretty disappointing that Hypable would publish this article. On many occasions before they’ve complained about people bitching about fandoms they don’t belong to, usually with regards to people speaking negatively about Twilight, then they publish this article from someone so ambivalent about Glee that they’ve written an article about how it’s ruining lives.

    Glee isn’t the best show on TV, Criss may be wasted there, but no one, and I repeat no one who doesn’t live deep within the online Harry Potter community knew who he was before his time on Glee, and his prospects after, like those of any of the thousands of actors in their 20s looking for acting jobs are probably going to be a bit grim going by the statistics. He’d be an absolute fool to leave before it ends, just like every fool who’s ever quit a TV show before him.

  • anne205

    When I read the headline of this article I thought it was going to say he needs to leave because he’s really annoying… which I would have agreed with… Oh well.

  • jj

    the responses to this article are very surprising…i think it’s possible to acknowledge that glee is what launched darren’s mainstream career but also suggest that he should move on given that the show’s quality and popularity have drastically decreased. also, you can think that AND still want darren to stay, because despite glee’s plot holes and inconsistencies it’s still fun to watch for blaine or klaine or whatever. not quite sure what people are getting so worked up about, or why anyone thinks this article is offensive.

  • http://twitter.com/TrueKlainer21 InASteamyCar

    I just went all Lima Heights on this article!

  • http://www.korracast.com/ Fravit

    “Are you still watching Glee? Could you give me a concise summary of what’s been going on this season? Name all the new characters’ names, I dare you. Between copying Jonathan Coulton’s cover to adding a ton of new characters who seem to be simply reincarnations of our favorite season 1 cast, Glee is unraveling, rapidly.”


    “if Darren remains with Glee for the foreseeable future, he risks going down with the sinking ship.”

    Strongly Disagree. This show it still too big and I believe can really only do good for his career at this point. Besides, I don’t think Glee has many seasons left in it anyway.

  • ninjacam@gmail.com

    I understad where this is coming from. There is reallt no point for Darren’s character after this season.

  • Jen

    Brilliant post and my feeelings exactly! I’ve officially given up on Glee after only staying so long for Darren. Now with the general mess of it all I’ve decided to wait until Darren is free again.

  • Marie

    Also, to name all the new characters: kitty, marley, jake, Ryder, Cassie, Isabelle, Adam, Brody, unique.

  • Elle

    Okay people who are still fans of Glee are crazy. At least, just based off of a few of these “this article sucks” comments. Come on, it’s an opinion. And I doubt any of you actually know how Darren feels, and what it’s like to be in his shoes.
    As an actor myself, sometimes it’s not as simple as “if he doesn’t want to be on it, don’t you think he’d leave the show?” Sometimes it comes down to money, and to credits, and to networking. Take Robert Pattinson and Twilight for instance. Bad example because well Twilight is horrible, but he stuck through it no matter how much he hated it, because it’s his job. Darren’s doing it because it’s his job. Who knows if he actually likes it or not.

    On a personal level, I do agree that Darren is way too good for Glee. And Joey Richter, but I’m happy to see them shooting off to stardom. Ya gotta start somewhere.

    Glee’s time is coming to a close. Let’s acknowledge that, instead of getting vicious. We all have to admit Ryan Murphy is a pretty horrible writer, except when it comes to AHS.

  • Nina

    I think being part of Darren’s fanbase leads people to overestimating it. Almost no one outside the HP fandom has heard of Starkid and even then it’s a tiny fraction of the HP fandom. Millions of people know him as on of the kids from Glee and a considerable portion of them really dislike his character.

    I’m not saying I don’t want Darren off of Glee becuase it is a train wreck right now, I just think it’s a mistake to believe that he will soar exponentially into stardom if he does. As much as we all love him he’s really not very famous right now, even less so when considered independent of Glee.

    I think the enthusiasm of his fans online tricks people (us) into overestimating his status, something I’m sure he doesn’t do. I trust Darren will do what he thinks is best for his career hopefully then will include leaving Glee unscathed and on to better things.

  • springbay

    Oh snuffles44, it’s sad you have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about. And how could you since you “have stopped watching Glee”. By the way, if you’re going to use two year old examples to prove your “point” at least do enough research to use them in order – the bisexual episode came before the transfer to McKinley. Have you ever watched the show? But great cut-and-past job there.

    Yes, Darren is a rising star. He will be the first one to tell you it’s because of Glee. If you know anything about Darren, which it seems you don’t, he’s mentioned in several interviews how thrilled he is to have a job and to be a working actor. When asked about Blaine in season 5 at the most recent TCA set visit he said “I just want to be on the show.”

    He gets to perform in a medium and on a show that allows him to use all his talents and he doesn’t take any of that for granted. Do you honestly believe he would be performing for the President if he was still singing in a restaurant and doing YouTube parodies?

    I’m sure he thanks you for pissing all over his current role that he (and many others) sees as a positive representation of gay youth and that he’s very proud of. No doubt your assessment of the “sinking ship”, “rapidly deteriorating program” and “imminent downfall” will mean a lot to Darren as YOU DON’T EVEN WATCH THE SHOW! Darren will continue to be a star after Glee is over but it’s insulting to him that you say he risks his career and his integrity as an actor by staying.

    And btw, Marley, Kitty, Jake, Ryder, Unique/Wade

  • camay

    so sorry i read this. sure this story line is lacking but i watch glee cause i like it. if you dont like it dont watch it and go to websites to comment on it. and by the way, when did everyone become a lawyer who is trained in copy right infringement cases? im sure most every one never heard of this coulton guy, he’s lucky, he’s blowing up over this. now people know he exists, he should be thanking glee. and finally what is this talk about on season being better than the next. people are always complaining about glee. i get it people hate glee. why? its nice having something to hate even though it doesnt involve you cause you dont have to watch it. get lives, do you think these people think of you guys on a daily basis? no they are living there lives. maybe the person who wrote this should call darren on his personal phone, cause this article sounds like a private conversation.

  • Bethany

    I don’t think Darren should leave Glee. This article is a little silly, with silly reasons for him to leave. He’s been great this season so far – I’m sure he’s not always the happiest with the storylines, but he always does his thing and makes it watchable, at least for me. I’m really happy that he has success, and I think he will have a long career. Glee (at least for the public eye) is really the beginning for him. He will never forget his Starkid roots or Starkid fans who have been there since he started out, but Glee is what propelled him to the public eye in a major way with Teenage Dream. He would be silly to leave a paying, consistent job right now… as it’s not easy to maintain roles in Hollywood. Have you seen how many shows get cancelled each season? It’s like a bloodbath out there! He has to pay his dues and prove his worth…which he’s doing. It’ll be fine, and he’s not risking his integrity at all. Darren is composed and smart with his career. He’s a big boy, and can make his own decisions. Just my thoughts :)

  • Serena

    nice job hypable for publishing a shitty “article” (for lack of a better word, since this reads like a tumblr post that was written by a 13 year old) with a controversial headline just to get people to click to the page.

    • just sayin’

      It’s funny you say that about the writing level of this article because your comment forgets basic capitalization and misuses commas.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Andrew-Kinkead/759877420 Andrew Kinkead

    Gonna get voted down like crazy I know that I don’t really care. But Darren is a horrible actor. Amazing singer but horrible actor… sorry. His dramatic scenes to me just make me laugh. And honestly love the guy, so DONT FREAK everyone just not a big fan of his acting.

  • Lotte

    You know, I am new to Glee. I started watching because of the Break Up and believe it is so far a great, unique season. I absolutely love watching this show and believe it vastly improved from Season 3. So your argument everyone is ditching Glee is invalid. But thanks for pointing out I have such an inferior and bad taste in entertainment.

    This is your personal opinion, that is fine. But to demand that an actor stops working on the show because YOU dislike it… Wow. After all Darren Criss is famous and established now because of Glee. I never heard of StarKids before.I believe I am by far not the only one. So to claim he will lose all reputation and future success is irrational and frankly false. Without Glee, there would never have been a Broadway, Imogene and playing with the President. I believe Criss is probably thanking his lucky stars for being on the show, and not like you claim and demand, to look out for ways to leave the show.

  • Raven

    I think this is a really dramatic article. You’re right, Darren IS talented. Talented enough that regardless of what happens with Glee, he’ll survive it. He has enough recognition and respect within the entertainment industry to last him a lifetime. He’ll be fine.

  • JE Harris

    Glee like all TV series is going to run it’s course. I’m a Gleek, love the show…and yes it’s starting to lose some of its luster, but that doesn’t reflect on Darren. The proof is in the pudding, and I can’t get enough of his pudding….

  • Really? lol

    Darren is overrated. He’s average at best. Bleh.

  • Reality.Bites

    Darren, like every other actor on every other show, has signed a contract. He doesn’t have the option of leaving Glee. not that there’s the slightest indication that he wants to.

  • Nb173

    In an episode of season 2 they actually do say he is a sophomore (at that time so a junior in season 3) I believe, but I can’t remember for sure, it was the loser like me episode

  • brit

    i think Darren is a verrrrry smart guy and he knows exactly what to do, and he said several times that he would stay as long as they want him. He knows what is good for him and his career, ….. dont worry about that.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=646947665 Megan Slife

    This article is a joke right? Cause if Darren is happy where he’s at, as a fan you should be supportive. He’s successful where he’s at, he’ll leave when he wants to.

  • April04

    What a terrible article to publish. Darren has been gracious and thankful to everyone that gave him the opportunity to be on Glee. That is why he is where he it today. Whoever approved this ‘article’ to be posted needs to be fired. Wow.

  • Guest

    Have been saying exactly the same since season 3!

  • jenny :)

    Ok let’s all calm down. We’re all just upset from watching this atrocious episode. We’re saying things we don’t mean…. I’m sure it’ll get better :) god i hope this season gets better.

  • http://www.facebook.com/bridgette.pace.3 Pika Ketchum

    well that was 2 minutes of my life ill never get back, ever. that just really wasted my time. Darren loves being on glee, his voice is perfect for glee, and it has’t fallen down, and I dont think it ever truly will. wow. you really hate glee, dont you? if you dont like it dont watch it, but dont bash it too. Besides, Joey Richter was on there just this past thursday, so two starkids have now been on glee. Blaine is an amazing character that has so much emotion that you can see every time you look into his eyes, and Darren acts the part painfully well. No one else in the world could have played the part that well. Im convinced of this.

  • trololol

    Let’s be honest, as loved as he is in certain fandoms, he’s not THAT famous, nor his he the greatest actor or singer around. He’s probably making more money from Glee at the moment than he will in the rest of his entire career, best to stick to the reliable source. Also, due to lengthy acting contracts, one wonders whether, legally, he’d be ABLE to leave. While Ryan Murphy seems pretty lax with the actors choosing to leave or stay, it might be a different story should a cast member as beloved in the series as Darren (or Chris, Lea etc) should decide they’ve had enough.

  • http://twitter.com/NinjaWhovian Susan Chilkotowsky

    I agree 100% with this article and it’s author. Darren hasn’t been given the chance to show his full potential, and personally, he should leave immediately. Especially after the episode that just aired, the show is going down hill and has been since the whole Quinn accident. Darren’s character has been jumping around so much that it’s just growing old, I miss the old Blaine and the old Darren from pre-Glee.

  • http://twitter.com/SarahKHansen S.K.Hansen

    Don’t forget the other actors like Chris, Naya, Amber, etc. All are really talented and deserve good roles outside of glee as well. I honestly think Chris is the best actor on Glee and I can’t wait to see him in other things. (Of course I love Darren too.)

  • http://twitter.com/LiamFloyd Liam Floyd

    I find it ridiculous that entire premise of this article is that Darren should quit Glee because it will affect future opportunities. The entire cast of Twilight is still doing well after being a part of that franchise.

  • DarrlynM

    Co-signing this! That’s why I’m so happy that my bb Amber Riley is gone and she’s been doing big things. Oh Glee, how the mighty has fallen.

  • http://twitter.com/potterfan92 Raina

    I think I’m the only one who agrees with this article. Yes, Glee has opened so many opportunities for Darren but now its being wasted. Its not just him its the whole cast. Look at Chris to where he was to where he is now. All of the cast members are way to talented for this show. They are not going to be able to do other things because this show will hinder them. Thats the truth.

  • Shona

    If Darren has the ‘Fanbase to be a star long after Glee is finally put to rest’ then what is the point behind this whole article?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Rachel-Whelen/514317641 Rachel Whelen


  • brit

    Darren is a grown man, and verrrrry smart. I’m sure he knows what is the best for him. And he has already said it several times that he wants to stay as long as they want him….He propable agrees with the “quality” of the show but realizes that it gives him a lot of opportunities. So we don’t have to say what he should do.

  • Caroline Taylor

    I suggest you get out of your Darren Criss obsessed Starkid world for a minute to take in the fact that he isn’t even the most talented member of the cast. If it wasn’t for Glee he’d still be singing random songs about Harry Potter and wouldn’t have been involved in any of the things he has done since. Glee broke him and turned him into a star and at least Darren has the decency and good grace to see that even if you can’t through your pink sunglasses.

    Plus you are missing plenty of great Darren stuff on Glee, your loss!

  • Brittany

    There is no doubt that Darren is super talented. In my opinion he should have called it quits at the end season 2… maybe done a few guest appearances here and there to maintain the whole Kurt/Blaine storyline. The fact is that people loved the character of Blaine and he really spoke to people. What Blaine has been reduced to is not quite as appealing as he once was (so I’ve been told… I honestly haven’t watched since the end of season 2). But GLEE knew they had a hot star on their hands in Darren and they were able to keep him.

    I started watching GLEE because of Darren, not the other way around, and the show couldn’t keep my attention, but from what I have seen in GLEE, my biggest disappointment is the underuse of so many talented performers. Yes, Lea Michelle is very talented, but even I was tired of hearing her belt out every song. Give me some variety. Share the stage! Naya seemed very underused when I was watching. I’ve heard that has since changed. The character of Mercedes only gets stereotypical power songs. Let these artists show their respective ranges. You picked them, now let them show the world why!

    As for Darren, I think he’s probably out after the end of this season (hopefully). There is no doubt that GLEE opened a lot of doors for him, and he seems to be determined to use his relatively new celebrity status for good. I very much look forward to seeing what else the universe has in store for this talented Starkid. I just very much hope it involves singing and dancing, and if not… he’s not too bad on the eyes either!

  • Hedi

    I don’t know about others,but I watch glee because of Darren,I didn’t know him before Glee ,Just when I was getting bored with glee and wanted to stop watching it,Darren came along and I’m just watching his parts since then,(I’m sure other parts are good but I really can’t watch!!)I just can’t stop watching him even though the character they’ve given to him is …well,you know.When I found out about starkid and his incredible life and personality I became a real fan of him for about 2 years now and still ,there isn’t a day I don’t follow his work and activities … He is talented and I think he would’ve become a star one day anyway,but Glee was the reason He became much more famous and He’s really enjoying being on that show …I hope he does whatever makes him happy…he IS a rising star and he’ll get far…And of course He deserves it.

  • http://twitter.com/mchalerivera mchalerivera

    Is this a joke? Darren is outsung and/or outacted by almost all of his fellow castmates.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jay-Chaplin/100003399292703 Jay Chaplin

    Stop whining Darren fans wanted more Blaine and they got it. Every character that has gotten focus has also had character assignation.

  • Christine

    He obviously loves working on Glee though, so if that’s what he wants, and that’s where he wants his career to head then so be it, it’s not up to us to decide what he can and can’t do.

  • Bckwrdsasset

    Wasn’t going to say anything, but in light of all the negative feedback, I’d like to say I completely agree. Glee gets more and more offensive and contrived by the minute, and Darren has so much to offer the world outside of this now unfortunately shallow role on a deteriorating program. I didn’t get the impression at all that you were passing some sort of judgment on Darren’s character or implying that he isn’t a “grown man” or that he doesn’t “really like being on Glee because they’re his friends”- just eloquently stating an inescapable truth. I also don’t recall anyone ever saying this was designed to reach Darren himself and convince him to change his course. It’s an opinion piece, for gods sake. And my opinion happens to be the same. Glee is sinking fast, and the serious actors of its cast need to sort out their priorities before it goes to rest for good.

  • AuntSnix

    The problem is Darren has offered the writers a great potential story background about Blaine (a very opposite father and son Kurt&Burt relationship) on GLEE but rumors has it somebody in the cast is too scared that his character might did the same what Kurt Hummel did to this cast’s character and that is to overshadow, thus power tripping has done (if you do that I will leave-DIVA)

  • eh

    Season 4 is the best Glee’s ever been, and I mean that. Blaine is front and center all over the place, the new kids are so damn lovable, it’s fucking FUN again… good riddance to the old crew to be honest, especially the adults who always used to take up way too much screentime. Darren would be a fool to give up the show now; he gets to showcase all his talents on a weekly basis, awesome opportunities (such as the Inaugural Ball and a movie with Kristin Wiig), soooo publicity, contacts, job security, lots of fun since he seems to love what he does and what it stands for…
    Long story short: shut the fuck up.

  • Darrencrissluva

    I hate every one of u who think that he should leave, he is just tryin to make it as an actor so that he can earn money to support himself and his girlfriend (lucky woman)

    <3 darren

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