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Brace yourselves, The Vampire Diaries fans, because it’s time for this season’s major death(s). Kat Graham hints at which characters may be departing.

This has been a year of transition for The Vampire Diaries in a lot of ways. Elena has transformed into a vampire, Jeremy has become a vampire hunter, and so far we’ve already lost one character we’ve known since season 1, Carol Lockwood.

Further, we’ll be losing at least one regular character, Klaus (Joseph Morgan), to the spinoff series The Originals, and Rebekah (Claire Holt) might join him there, too, along with Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) and Elijah (Daniel Gillies).

But it wouldn’t be The Vampire Diaries without a massive dose of tragedy, so this isn’t the end of it by a long shot. TV Guide has spoken to Kat Graham (Bonnie), who reveals that in the second half of season 4, “There are huge deaths coming up.” There is one death in particular which will get to fans, she says. “It’s one of the most amazing scripts I’ve read; I actually cried when I read it!”

And we’re willing to bet that she’s not talking about April or Shane. “It’s actually one of the biggest deaths since the beginning of The Vampire Diaries,” she reveals. “It’ll change the nature of the series; it’ll change the nature of the characters going forward; it’ll change the dynamic; it will completely alter everything.”

Now, this is intriguing. Could it be Bonnie who dies? Jeremy? Tyler? Or perhaps – and we want actual freshly baked cookies if this turns out to be true – Elena herself, leaving Nina Dobrev to slip into the role of Katherine on a permanent basis?

Share your theories in the comments! And don’t forget that The Vampire Diaries returns tonight at 8/7c on The CW with the episode “Catch Me If You Can.”

  • http://twitter.com/Dillon_Mays Dillon Mays

    Not to Bonnie, Matt, and Jeremy dying. And when Jenna died, I was upset, but it seemed that it didn’t change the show that much, particularly when it came to Elena and Jeremy’s guardianship.

  • ravenclaw1991

    NOO!!! They’ve already killed off Jenna and Alaric, both of whom I loved. I hope its not Bonnie or Jeremy because they’re my favourite characters. I love all the characters but the only one I won’t be particularly bothered by if they get killed off is Matt, which is awful because I really like Matt, I seriously want him to be my best friend or something. They can’t kill Tyler because if we lose Klaus to The Originals, Tyler’s the only hybrid left. And I really like Caroline, so I don’t want her to die either.

  • http://www.facebook.com/isak.kohaly Isak Kohaly

    Bonnie. The character appears in like 2/3 of the episodes per season and I feel like that she’s only there to fulfill the spot of resident witch.

  • http://hypable.com Selina

    I still say they’re gonna pull a fast one on us and kill off Elena!! Then she’s gonna come back as a ghost in season 5, like in the books. And then she’ll be resurrected.

    But meanwhile, Katherine.

    • http://purplehrdwonder.livejournal.com/ Caitlin Kelly

      She and Alaric can have ghost adventures.

    • http://twitter.com/Shaftsword Shaft Almasy

      A death where you come back to life in the next season to me is no death at all.

    • luckyirishlass


  • Guest

    My friend has been rooting for Elena to get killed off for awhile now, but if it actually happened I don’t think she would know what to do ;) It would certainly change the dynamic of the show if she was Katherine full time. I don’t really see that happening though, seeing as the whole show is based around her….. I think it will be Bonnie, as they could easily get a new witch to fulfill that need in the storylines. I can also see it being Jeremy because I don’t know what the writer’s will do with him once his hunter’s mark is complete. I hope that is isn’t Jeremy though!

  • Gary65

    As much as I like Bonnie, I don’t think her death would change the nature of the series, nor would Tyler’s or Matt’s. They’re all tangential characters who, up until this season for Bonnie, had no real integration into the central plot of the show. If we didn’t already know that Klaus was getting a spin-off, I’d say him. Caroline is sacrosanct so there’s no way they’ll kill her.

    I’d say it’ll be one of the core 3, Bonnie or Jeremy. This series has always revolved around Elena’s journey. In order for it to change the nature of the series, something would need to happen to Elena. Thus, if Elena doesn’t die, we could assume that something will send her off the deep end and into ripper territory. For that to occur, my money’s on Jeremy(which tbh is fine by me. I never liked the character all that much anyway and, once they find the cure, he’ll go right back to being pointless again).

    • Gary65

      But overall, I’d the person most likely to die is Elena. If Klaus is heading to New Orleans permanently, the only way he’d leave without Elena is if she’s dead.

    • Guest

      If it is one of the core three I think it will be either Elena or Stephen. (More likely to be Elena, as they could keep Nina on as Katherine.) It would be interesting to see what happened if Stephen dies, but I think long-term it would be to difficult to keep the show up and running.

      • Gary65

        A) Julie Plec has already said that VD will end after 6 seasons so it would only have to last another 2

        B) Stefan*

  • BronzeSparks123

    When this season is the death supposed to happen? Could it potentially happen before they find the cure, and then the cure is used to resurrect them? If that is what happens then my bet is on Elena.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1297260009 Elise Hammond

    I have no real hunch for who the death could be. My favorite character (Alaric, duh!) already got killed off, so I kind of have a hard time imagining a bigger death than that.

    For the sake of the argument, what about Sheriff Forbes? I think we’ve had a lot of character development with her and her presence in town has allowed all the supernatural creatures a huge amount of freedom and protection. Her death would have huge implications (although I can’t really think of a reason why they would choose to stay in Mystic Falls, but that’s a quick fix with magic and stuffs). It could also unleash a new side of vampire!Caroline which could be really interesting RE: chemistry with Stefan and turning off emotions. Plus we’ve gotten a new parent with Bonnie’s dad and we only need one of those in the rotation, right?

    But the thing about any of the core ensemble is that even if their death doesn’t seem like it would change the whole direction of the show, the writer’s could easily create that tension and consequence. Matt dying would be really hard-hitting emotionally and it could be done as some kind of sacrifice for the cure a la Jenna’s death. There is a way to make any major character death course-altering.

    this was meant to be a quick response…….lol

  • http://twitter.com/chelsaat Chelsey Saatkamp

    I think it’s Damon. My crack theory – We know another hunter’s coming after Damon soon. I think Damon will kill the hunter (probs to save Elena), start having crazy hallucinations that will tell him that Elena doesn’t really love him, he’s useless, etc, etc. He’ll kill himself to break the sire bond. Elena will go cray cray and the rush to find Silas will commence. Silas can supposedly raise the dead – perhaps Damon will come back as a human?

    Crazy theory, but it just might work.

  • lorepottter

    PLease let it be Bonnie, please please please

  • Audball14

    I’m guessing Tyler, Matt or Caroline. None of these characters, I feel, are absolutely essential for finding the cure. If it’s not one of them then it has to be someone who will make everyone else want to raise Silas, maybe Jeremy (Elena will go crazy with grief and therefore Damon, Stefan, Bonnie, Matt, Caroline, etc. will want Silas) and of course possibly Elena (judging by the books and would explain the spin-off). With Klaus potentially gone for the spin-off, they’ll need a new villain. For “deaths” plural, I also see Kol being killed off for (now) obvious reasons. I bet/hope Kol’s death and his vampire line has some actual consequences.

  • http://twitter.com/Nik_Lit Nikki Krueger

    If they killed off Tyler Caroline would be free to follow Klaus to The Originals.

    • Kate

      But really she wouldn’t. People need to understand that Candice Accola wouldn’t consider leaving as TVD is already successful and The Originals as a spinoff is likely not to be as successful. And her character is close friends with Elena, Stefan, Bonnie, and Matt so even if Tyler didn’t die that wouldn’t mean she’d up and leave. Caroline is one of the biggest characters on TVD and has been from day one, she’s not going to change shows, the writers wouldn’t want that. They’re moving newer characters who aren’t in the Mystic Falls group and creating new characters.
      Besides, they’ve already created a main cast member for the spinoff who’s description is being drawn to Klaus because she’s anxious to know: What makes an individual evil. (Sounds like a really bad idea but an idea nonetheless of a love interest.)
      All that being said, I think that Tyler is a likely candidate to die considering that his friendships with Matt and Jeremy have fizzled out, he has no relationship with the main cast besides Caroline now, and the hybrid plot is ending. All of the hybrids are dead besides Tyler and Klaus, there can be no more made unless Elena’s turned human (unlikely,) and Klaus is leaving. That being said, they may want to keep one Lockwood family member on.

  • Ngoc

    No more Klaus? :’(

  • http://twitter.com/5thMarauder 5thMarauder ϟ

    I have a feeling Jeremy might not make it through season 4.. I don’t know why, and I kinda hope wrong.. I like Jeremy.

    Other than that I have no idea who they might kill off..

  • Erika

    I have this nagging feeling it will be Damon, although the theory on Elena is good, because in the books she becomes a vampire and then dies and comes back as… well whatever she is when she comes back…with the wings… But Damon becomes human in the books… I dunno, i think perhaps Damon.

  • melgreenwood1

    I think maybe Caroline and thats why Klaus leaves

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