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It seems that Glee‘s Ryan Murphy wasn’t quite done spoiling the fandom after all the reveals in his most recent Twitter Q&A. Late last night, he posted a video that scans across a page of Glee script he’s currently working on and describes two crucial scenes.

Watch the video that Ryan Murphy posted:

If you can’t quite make that out, here’s the transcript:


Will smiles, leaves. Finn’s fire to find Emma rages hotter—


Kurt stands atop a rooftop strung with paper lanterns as music plays. Pure romance. Blaine approaches, singing “Come What May” from Moulin Rouge. Kurt seems torn…

From this, we can establish two things. Firstly, Emma goes missing around the time of the wedding – a case of cold feet, maybe – and Finn is involved in finding her. And secondly, the script confirms that “Come What May” will indeed be sung between Kurt and Blaine, seemingly in New York, despite Murphy confirming that they have a duet at the Will/Emma wedding.

We’re quite interested in what’s happened to Emma, of course, why Will’s smiling, and why Finn’s involved, but we are calling shenanigans in regards to Klaine. It seems absurd that the writers would spoil so much of the upcoming reunion of one of TV’s favorite couples. We suspect a major Klaine twist, simply because they’ve told us too much already – as a writer, you don’t just put all your cards on the table like this. We have questions. Something is up. What duet are the boys singing at the wedding? How do they end up making out in a car? How come Blaine is suddenly in New York City? (If he had the means to get there to sing Moulin Rouge to Kurt, should he have used those means to visit him and talk things out before he ended up cheating?) Why did they bother casting Oliver Kieran-Jones as Adam, who’s sticking around, apparently genuinely lovely and awesome, and whom Chris Colfer seems to think has a chance with Kurt?

Our current theory is that the guys sing the song as a duet for Emma, it shakes up some feelings, they have their uncontrollable make-out, and then Kurt is unsure about what it means, whether it was a mistake or a sign that they should get back together. This rooftop scene may be a dream sequence of some sort, seeing as Kurt is meant to be back in Lima for all of this wedding drama.

But it’s Glee, of course. Literally anything could happen. We just have a hunch that, since Ryan Murphy is telling us all of this, there’s something even bigger that he’s not telling us.

What do you think? Is all this Klaine spoilery goodness a distraction from something else major?

  • http://twitter.com/Dillon_Mays Dillon Mays

    I really do think that Kurt will see it as a mistake, especially if he’s already with Blaine and he technically cheated, but I hope not. He and Adam should have been on at least one date and talk about dating.

  • http://purplehrdwonder.livejournal.com/ Caitlin Kelly

    The thing that sticks with me about “Come What May” is that it appears about halfway through the movie right before things go sideways for Christian and Satine; it’s not until the reprise at the end that the song reunites them, so I could easily see something like that going on here.

  • Kavitha

    This is so confusing. Why is Will smiling? Maybe he actually turned insane and kidnapped Emma, I don’t know. And, yeah, the Klaine stuff…they wouldn’t let out such a huge spoiler, I hope. I don’t think they’ll officially get back together until the end of the season. AH I guess we’ll see!

  • http://twitter.com/kas98 Kyle Stewart

    If you make the video full screen, you can see a line from Blaine: “Never thought I could feel like this”

    • Kathryn

      That’s the first lyric of Come What May.

  • http://twitter.com/Paris_falls Alison

    It could always be before the wedding and Kurt is yet to go to Ohio. Not sure how to place Blaine in NY though…

  • mirna

    This song is for episode 4×15, because we know what the duet is for 4×14, so I don’t get the emma/will thing…

  • India

    This script is the episode after the wedding, so Kurt would have to be back in NY, as he has school to go to.

  • luna97831

    If Emma gets cold feet for her wedding I will seriously throw something at the TV. We’ve seen this kind of Emma for the past four seasons and I am absolutely sick of this eternal Will-And-Emma-Never-Marry stuff. Ken and the ruined wedding, Carl and the ruined marriage, now finally she’s engaged to Will and she’s getting cold feet? Or is Glee just eternally postponing their marriage until the show ends?

  • Peg

    I think Will’s smiling because he doesn’t know Emma is missing (he’s just blissfully naive). Or perhaps he isn’t in on whatever information Finn knows (which is why Finn’s trying to find Emma).

  • Marie

    Honestly…it’s Ryan. I still haven’t figured out his brain, beyond “impulsive”.

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