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Recently Christopher Paolini took to Facebook to answer some fan questions including information on his next project and a possible new Eragon book.

When answering a fan question about his next project, Christopher Paolini said, “Over the past ten years, I’ve thought of a whole bunch of stories that I would like to write, stories in all different genres. Last I’ve looked, I have between twenty to thirty completely new books all plotted out. I’m pretty sure that I’m going to tackle science fiction next, but who knows? In the long term, though, I definitely intend to return to Eragon’s world and write a fifth book. After spending so long with the world and the characters of the Inheritance Cycle, I can’t bring myself to walk away from them for the rest of my life.”

Would you be interested in reading another book set in the world of Eragon? If so, what would you like the book to be about?

Eragon was first published in 2002 by Paolini’s parents and by 2003 was purchased and republished by Alfred Knopf publishing, which went on to publish the entire Inheritance Cycle. Originally set to be a trilogy, the series was expanded to four books. The final book was published in 2011.

What do you hope Paolini writes about next? What do you think his sci-fi book will be about?

  • Melissa

    I really never liked how the final book ended. So I would be happy if he did write another book in Eragon’s world.

    • michaelmjr

      I agree

    • http://www.facebook.com/rylan.browne.1 Rylan Browne

      I didn’t like how it ended too because it felt like it was coming back with a new book after It was over. amazing series, but a real kinda continuous… I guess it left Chris with a way to continue the series or just leave, but still.

    • Hit Manfan

      Christopher got lazy. The last book was poorly thought out and poorly written.

      • amber

        Actually every book was amazing so shut the fuck up. Doubt you could do any better so keep it to yourself. I never comment on what people say. You are an exception however. I literally had to pause my life to tell you that you are a dumb cunt.

        • cruznsuzn

          Hey! Someone else who knows that the word cunt came from an acronym started decades ago in the Army because the farm boys that were drafted were categorized as Can’t Understand Normal Thinking.

        • Dark Space

          Brizingr was better than all
          Though how Galbatorix die…
          Could have turn better
          Except for the spell

          • Dark Space


        • eldunari

          i think you should do a book an what happened to eragon after inheritance and eragon educating young riders or maby about eragons children

      • Tm

        I think your crazy!!! Poorly written!!! That book in my opinion was by far the best in the series. It was beautifully written. I’m not trying to insult you but I think a lot of people would disagree with your statement above!!!

      • GreenLancer

        It is just open ended :D

    • Dell

      I agree 100%

  • sash


  • d3erudite

    Yes, yes, yes!!!!!!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/dlmarvin05 Dominique Marvin


    • http://www.facebook.com/dlmarvin05 Dominique Marvin

      there was just so much that needed more fleshing out, it makes me happy

  • emma

    I would love to find out more about other characters… Angela and such :D
    maybe even a book about brom’s life :D

  • http://twitter.com/kiltedtwizzles Bex

    I’ll always want more in the Inheritance world.

  • Adrian Poitras

    He should write a prequel seriese on the dragon rider wars with Brom and Morzan and stuff like that :D

    • Adrian Poitras

      having Brom as the main character and such

  • Kim

    I’d love a prequel about the Forsworn or about Brom and Morzan growing up or about what happened to Murtagh after the Inheritance series <3

    • Janina

      ooooh, i like that, do that! or something where it shows eragon raising the eggs, and arya ruling, and their paths meet somehow. . . . maybe end up having a little romance ;) ;)

      • http://www.facebook.com/forrest.george.92 Forrest George

        i think he should do that too

      • 1cheif

        but angela told him his fortune and said he would never return..

        • Nathan Schultz

          i agree 1cheif.
          but.. a war of some sort could erupt, from.. say.. people coming from other parts of the world. Eragon said the world was round (as he found out on his way to vroengard) so maybe, some.. all be it strange, magical pirates or, maybe just a king/shade or something of that, who has conquered all of his part of the world, and looking to further prosper in alagaesia. ( assuming the world is round, and that it doesnt just lead back to the forest of Du Weldenvarden) Sometimes im really unimaginative (magical pirates. PAH!) Someone below me also posted something about eragon and ayra getting together and having a kid. i think a book, maybe perhaps, being that they do and he gets a dragon of his own, and shows him the ropes just like brom to eragon. only maybe their kid could go to other parts of the world?

          • Nathan

            I like this idea. :)

          • Ba’ar

            I agree. There is more of the Eragon World to be discovered. More than one book if four took place in Alagaesia, possibly five. I agree with Mr. Paolini that the Eragon world is hard to walk away from. Especially if only Alagaesia had been explored. Who knows how many lands there are aside from Alagaesia with evil ruling over, evil kings, tyranny and so forth. We probably have so much more to learn about the Ancient Language. There could possibly be more mystical creatures other than Dragons, Ra’zaac, Shades and on.

        • Ted

          a twist in faith? that would be pretty sweet

        • CJDB

          Elva saw in the future that Nasuada would lose the trial of long knives but she said she would win- and she did!

        • Isa

          Maybe Arya comes and sees him or Alagaësia is no longer called Alagaësia so he could return

    • Cash

      I Would Also

  • Emily

    He should write a book about Eragon living in the new country with Saphira!

  • http://www.facebook.com/stephenie.felker Stephenie Felker

    I really want it to just continue with where it left off. I loved the ending and it was just right for the imagination to take over but I want to know what really goes on inside Paolini’s Alegaesia!

  • Genny


    • Abbey


      • Amaghique


        • 410ham


    • ROBO


      • Janet

        I think I am contented with how Eragon and Arya’s relationship went at the end of Inheritance. It was a cross species relationship anyway if you think about it. The circumstance also reminded me of the relationship between Artemis Fowl and Holly short in Eoin Colfer’s series and I think it would have felt wrong if they did end up together. Besides, the whole responsibility before selfish desires idea makes the characters all the more admirable :)

        • Blades


        • Mark

          Whats wrong with interspecies relationships.. i mean when u think about it… spock was AWESOME! so a half elf half human would just be epic, be as fast as an elf with an extended life span weather or not it would be in the 100s of years or not could be restricted by eragons human side but who knows…

          • Nathan Schultz

            The Dragon riders( assuming he was one ) were granted long lives from the start

          • guest

            technically in eldest he was turned into a elf and human in theblood oath celebration so it wouldnt be completely interspecies relationship

          • lordfluffy

            but after the bloodoath Eragon wasn’t exactly human any longer he obtained the immortality of the elves

        • Kit

          Though, another way to think about it is, that because Eragon is now closer to being an elf than a human, who else is he going to have any relationship with, ever?

          • Shur’tugal

            I was thinking the same thing because there really isn’t any other big characters that he could be with and i don’t think it would be right to just have him alone forever

          • Virginia

            He could do the same thing he did in the last 3 books, just go back and forth.

        • random creeper

          hehehehehe kinky

          • Dark Space

            True Story :3

      • O

        Thing is I have this suspicion that the menoa tree took away Eragons’ ability to have children so even if they ended up together they would be unable to have any offspring

    • Amaghique


      • 410ham


  • Nathan

    I am king of conflicted with this. The final book, while it had its moments, was not that great. If he can some how make this next one not suck, I would be interested in reading it, but please give it some time first! Also Chris, don’t let your other books suck and ruin your record.

  • Ivy

    I hope he brings back Eragon to Alagaesia to reunite with Arya!! :)) ♥
    Paolini grant them some love please T.T

    • Sarah

      I don’t think he can. Wasn’t it prophesied that he would leave Alagaesia and never return?

      • stargazer

        That doesn’t mean Arya can’t follow him. (Unless something’s keeping her back. Like I said in my earlier post, I couldn’t bring myself to finish Inheritance)

  • http://www.facebook.com/erikd1 Erik Davison

    I loved the first to Eragon books…. but the third was ok and I really disliked the fourth. So many problems. That being said I think the world he’s created is phenomenal and I would love to see more. Especially more of Murtagh who was by far the most interesting character.

  • Charlotte

    prequel or sequel, I just want more Murtagh

  • Silvia

    I’d love to read another book by him. I may not have liked how the series ende, but at least it was true to the characters. And that is worth a lot.

  • Aaron

    Angela please!!!

    And Arya

  • Sara

    more of Murtagh, please :)


      murtagh was a bitch. he should have died instead of betraying everyone, or just rammed his sword up galbatorix’s ass. end of story….murtagh is a slimy piece of crap just like his father…PERIOD

      • 19magic

        Murtagh cared about Thorn which is the only reason he was forced to become loyal and if it wasn’t for Murtagh Eragon would of died in the first book

      • Starfire

        You aren’t even comprehending the vastness of Murtagh’s pain! He was raised with abuse and neglect, hated by everyone and treated like a monster for doing nothing but living, mentally and physically warped and tortured by Galbatorix, and he still came out as pure of heart , although forever scarred! The level of pain and madness that the author conveyed to me was almost unbearable, how can you not see that?

        • CJDB

          THESHAW, what is wrong with you?

  • Albin

    Id like it to be about dragon and saphira educating the New tiders and what happens between eragon and arya

  • http://www.facebook.com/zack.anderson.5496 Zachary Anderson

    Fifty+ years in the future, Eragon and Sapphira is the beloved leader of a healthy population of new dragons and a number of riders. they have established a small but thriving colony in a vacant but fertiler land on Alagasia’s eastern coast where they have a hall and a small town. The elves that traveled with them have formed a faction of their own and serve as allies and trainers to the new Dragons and their riders.

  • PotionWillow207

    This actually isn’t new information. If you have the Inheritance audiobook, at the end of it he has an interview with his editor where he says almost the exact same thing he said here. He said it’s not the next thing he plans to write, but it is something he plans to do eventually. He also says that even though he calls it a “Book 5″ it’s really not going to be specifically about Eragon and Saphira. As in they won’t be the main characters the way they were in the Inheritance series.

  • Gabry

    Murtagh in general. That’s all I’ve ever wanted!

  • SarcasticLuna

    Yes to another Eragon book
    Yes to more books by this genius :)

  • Phantomfluteplayer

    I just really want a book on Angela’s background. One of my biggest disappointments about Inheritance was the fact that we didn’t learn more of her back story. From the way she speaks, I am pretty sure it was quite adventure filled. She was one of my favorite supporting characters in the series.

    • Jennifer S

      Especially since she knows about Raxicoricofallipatorius. I can see Paolini putting a short story online with her and the Doctor meeting.

      • Phantomfluteplayer

        Oh my gosh yes! I literally punched the air when Raxicoricofallipatorius was referenced. Palolini is a Whovian!

    • Footballer_1995

      I definitely agree with that! I was really hoping for more of her “story” to be explained! I was really dissapointed with not really finding out her story. How old is she? Is she actually human? How did she get Solembum? Whats with her randomly being insanely beastly? How does she know so much about magic?
      Although Eragon and Arya defenitely should end up together finally and it would be awesome to find out what happens to Eragon after he leaves Alagasia!

      • Adam

        Yeah it would be fun to see where he went to the east and I’d love to see an adventure involving a child between he and Arya.

    • blaze skyryder

      I think she might be sooth sayer from book 4 the way the elfs respect her

    • Angela

      she is a time lord, how else do you think a human looking person can live that long (without being a rider).


      • Phantomfluteplayer

        I think I can accept this headcannon. :)

    • bob

      I think that she is the Sooth Sayer, that Galbatorics was talking about

      • david105

        She is the sooth sayer the elfs call her that in book two just before the fight in the burning plan

    • countDrunkula

      I agree, Angela is one of the most intriguint character in the story. I want to know more about her too!

    • djkneeland

      I disagree, the whole essence of Angela is mystery. If we knew her background, her personality wouldnt be quite as interesting.

    • Dell

      I think she is the Soothsayer

  • http://twitter.com/bowski477 Jill

    I was wondering when we’d hear from him again. I’d like a book set in the hay day of the dragon riders and how they fell.

  • Maddie

    What would I like it to be about? Not Eragon or Arya that’s for sure. Those two annoy the heck out of me. Murtagh on the other hand…I feel he was robbed. The book should be about him and Thorn. Definitely.

    • http://www.facebook.com/robert.buchanan.547 Shawn Buchanan

      I can see a Murtagh book but I would love a prequel about Brom :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=646371872 Elizabeth Lee Hammons

    I think the real question is when a fifth book would take place. Prequel or Sequel? Personally, if i had to pick one I would pick sequel. But both would be good.

  • stargazer

    This “recent” quote feels almost exactly (if not word-for-word) like something I read at least six months ago. That said, I couldn’t ever bring myself to finish Inheritance. (too many points where I went, “Ugh,” (Nasuada acting all girly and only thinking about how she’ll never get a husband because of the scars on her arms) (“The werecats are coming! The werecats are coming!” made me think “The eagles are coming! The eagles are coming!”) and “Wait, I can’t remember what’s going on. You mean I have to reread all those big books again?” (normally I’m fine with rereading big books, but then again, normally I don’t have to reread books to remember what happened in them and I reread because I want to)) Maybe if the books had come out faster and my enthusiasm for them hadn’t faded then I could have finished and loved the books without any qualms.

    I think Paolini should write something completely different than his Alagaesia books because it would give him the opportunity to show that he doesn’t just grab from other sources, mesh it together, and come out with a slightly different story, as he has been often accused of with Inheritance.

    (Don’t kill me for my negative comments. I really really wanted to like Inheritance. I really did. I loved Eragon, Eldest kept me on my toes, but then Brisingr felt too long-winded, and, like I said, I just couldn’t keep reading Inheritance)

    • Teranel

      I still haven’t finished Inheritance either. I didn’t really have problems with it and I got about halfway through it, but then I was busy and didn’t get around to reading it and then I started reading the Hunger Games and other things and now I hesitate to go back to Inheritance because I’d have to start it over from the beginning.

      I agree with your summary of the series. I devoured Eldest in like a week, then eagerly waited about a year for Brisingr, but I felt it dragged on too much and so then I kinda lost interest in the series after that.

      • Rachel

        You should really try listening to the audiobooks. The narrator is great and really brings the characters to life. I wouldn’t recommend it to someone who wasn’t already familiar with the huge cast of characters, but for a revisit, the audiobooks are great.

        • dan

          i will have to try that after reading the series a ton

    • hunter

      none of these dragged on I finished inheritance in a week.

      • Dell

        I finished it in 3 days.

  • http://twitter.com/gabysm11 M. Gabriela Sosa

    This totally made my day! Please, more Murtagh and Nasuada or the times of the original dragon riders…or well, I’d read pretty much anything concerning this world.

  • hpboy13

    Aw no, I’m not getting roped back into this! I actually suffered through the entire Inheritance Cycle this summer – I felt I had to read the fourth one to vindicate the time wasted on the first three, and I didn’t remember what happened in those. But I finished the Cycle, sold the books, and never want Paolini’s drivel to darken my bookshelf ever again.

  • automaize

    The new book will be about the mysterious girl and her mom (I think it was her mom, not sure if it was said), that came to Eragon for a blessing, and then never appeared again. Its been a while and I cant remember for sure, but I think its in Brisingr. It always seemed to me like he was trying to setup a convergence of 2 stories there, we just have no idea what is happening in the other one.

    • http://www.facebook.com/robert.buchanan.547 Shawn Buchanan

      Yes that was Brisingr.

  • adam baker

    cont. the story let some time past use the dragons to slow time so can train others and then let him come back to arya and have a kid and right about him/her and if becomes a dragon rider or not and about whats happanning to the world and if the butcherever get to see his duaghteror his grand kids and if he gains te knowlage to bringhis da back since was incased in diamond so nothing to destory him

  • http://www.facebook.com/robert.buchanan.547 Shawn Buchanan

    Either continue Eragon or prequel with Brom!

  • Mike

    I think he could have many more books out of Eragon’s world. Another book finishing Eragon’s story, a book for Murtagh and Nasuada, a prequel with Brom, a prequel with the Dragon Riders. He has many choices and I would read them all.

  • Adam

    i feel he should write more about eragon and his life after the whole fact training new riders and eventually finding a new world with new problems that he can help solve

  • Jim

    I’ve always thought it would be cool if you followed it up with a rider in the future who is trained by Eragon and Saphira.

  • http://www.facebook.com/cmoorepats Cameron Moore

    Either another book about Eragon and Arya training the new riders, including the Urgals of course; or a book with different characters maybe the first dragon rider, also Eragon. I think I would like the first choice better just because I’ve grown attached to these characters. If I read a book about the first Eragon, I’d definitely want more than just one book, and I’d love that but he hasn’t said anything about multiple books yet.

  • Apranta

    Dude. With the hurried and shoddy writing in Inheritance, I’m seriously a little hesitant about a fifth book. I guess, if he doesn’t write for a deadline…

  • Kirstye2

    A prequel would be good, but also after I finished Inheritance I was left wanting more. What happened to Eragon once he sailed away. What happened to Arya and Murtagh. I always felt it ended too abruptly. But have to say couldn’t put these books down and they reminded me of my love for reading. Since reading them I always find time to sit and read – something I never gave myself before – so thankyou. x

  • http://www.facebook.com/zafirah.khan.10 Zafirah Khan

    It should be about Angela and Solembum, i really would like to know what happed to the jeweled belt of Beloth the Wise. I am hoping his new book will answer these dangling question we have, long after we have read the last book.

  • Luke

    I would love for a story set in the time after the last book in the new world of the dragons and new apprentices (i.e new and exciting characters!!) Also maybe a prequel to Eragon set in the time right before and after the Fall of the Riders that explains some of the mysteries in the four current books. (For example Angela’s background, the story of the two warrior women, and maybe some history of the dragons, elves, and dwarves.)

  • Jeff

    Just anything with the same characters! I miss the series.

  • Austin G.

    A book set after Eragon, with a new main character who is being trained by Eragon. Also, stories about Angela would be pretty bad ass too.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002971798361 Jason S. Pfau

    Personally I think there are too many topics that could be picked to write about. There should be something about Eragon and the new land that he found. Angela wasn’t a huge part of the book but she is kind of mysterious. Like I said though, any topic would be really interesting.

  • NecroBarney

    He should either do a prequel, or a sequel. Don’t want to write another series before he’s finished with Eragon.

  • http://www.facebook.com/andrey.mochalkin Andrey Mochalkin

    How about just a remake of the movie? This time the budget can be met to include the missing races and to fix the broken elves

    • Shur’tugal

      I felt the same way I saw the movie first then read the book and realized that the movie was a huge let down. I agree that the elves were not done right and the dwarves were no where to be found.

      • Nathan Schultz

        Also! the urgals never had horns? (in the movie) i was quite shattered. though you would never need know assuming you havnt read the book.
        but once you have, it takes you on such a ride while watching to movie, picking out the pieces of the movie that were wrong and such.

        like Roran when he first left.. Katrina didnt go with him in the book. in the movie, she did.

        • Dell

          It was one of the worst movies I have ever seen. It was quite amusing how bad it was.

    • Hit Manfan

      the movie was complete crap. Only 90 minutes long!?! Are you kidding me! The screenplay absolutely SUCKED. Eragon was too old, and the voice for Saphira sounded WAY to old. Eragon sounded like he was talking to his mother. Arya wasn’t nearly pretty enough. Brom wasn’t around long enough to make a difference in the story so when he died it was sort of a “Meh, so what” moment. But in the end all of that really didn’t matter because the last three books were so poorly thought out and written.

  • Joy C.

    This is the review I put on Goodreads when I finished reading Inheritance (and contains some of the things I would like to see in a fifth book!):

    Love his writing but was really pissed off by this book. He says it’s
    the last one in the series but he didn’t resolve anything (except the
    defeat of Galbatorix which he had to do) but left all kinds of threads
    hanging. What happened when Eragon got where he was going? Did Arya ever
    join him? What happened to Roran and the rest of the Carvahall people?
    Did Murtaugh and his dragon ever resolve their issues and join Eragon?
    Who or what is Angela? What was the deal with the crazy guy looking for
    the answer that Eragon met on his journey? What happened to the Empire
    under Nasuada (and does she ever get together with Murtaugh?)?

    He leaves all these things unanswered and frankly after reading 544 pages
    in Eragon, 668 pages in Eldest, 784 pages in Brisingr and 839 pages in
    Inheritance (that’s a total of 2835 pages) I wanted resolutions to these
    plot threads, especially if he’s not continuing the series!!!

    I recommend the whole series as it is an excellent rendition of a fantasy
    odyssey but don’t get invested in concrete endings ’cause you won’t find
    them here!

    • nick

      Soon sadly true and we’ll put. “sob”.

  • archthor

    well, i hope it will be something less disapointing than what happened in Inheritance…dont get me wrong, i liked how the fight went and all that, but when he decided to leave…leave arya, roran, murtagh…i couldnt stand it, he could have finished it much better than that.

  • Luke

    Definitely needs to expand the relation ship between arya and eragon, by actually making it happen!
    Plus, what did the Menoa tree take!? Really want that answer, have a few thoughts on it…

    • wannaberagon

      i think she just wanted eragon gone

  • Petra

    About stories from training new Dragon riders or about Angela :D

  • Angie

    A book that ties all the loose ends together. Perhaps Eragon and Saphira go and meet up with Murtagh and Thorn and tend the eggs while Arya and Nasuada rule. Then there could be some crisis that necessitates Eragon and Murtagh returning to save the day. Of course, Angela would have to play a part so that we could learn more about where she came from and I love the idea of some prequel action – the Forsworn, etc. Maybe there the key to the crisis lies in finding something that was hidden long ago.

    Whatever, I’m just glad he plans to write another Eragon book.

  • Caleb

    How about: Eragon and Arya get back together, have a kid, and the story is about the kid.

  • Amanda M

    in the world of, yes… about Eragon… not particularly. It ended well for them. I want to know about the new riders and the new dragons and whether or not Saphira finds a mate! Dragons, Dragons, Dragons!!!!

  • Nynmoon Randall

    An additional Eragon book. With a happy ending for Eragon and Saphira, both. Meaning: Eragon finds an elf human and Saphira finds another dragon, and they both ride together happy forever! The four of them. Oooor, Saphira finds a way to become elf human whenever she chooses and Eragon finds a way to become a dragon whenever he chooses and Saphira and Eragon are happy and together forever. :) Either way, no separations and Saphira and Eragon happy forever!!!!

  • Adam

    If he wants tackle sci-fi, I would love a good book with some space and time travel. And for the Inheritance Cycle, a prequel would be best!

  • Keefa

    I’ve only seen this article now and I cannot express how excited I am.
    The Inheritance Cycle was as big a part of childhood as Harry Potter
    anything he writes I will read. So excited

  • tommi

    eragon and ayra, nasuada and murtagh. I just want more of all of it i cant find anything else interesting to read after inheartance

  • Katie

    I think it would cool is Christopher Paolini wrote a companion series for inheritance. I love dragons and magic, especially that of inheritance. Maybe a series with a new main character a couple years or so after the 4th book.

  • Alice Ali

    I want him to answer at all the questions in the book… And I want him to write too about Murtagh and Nasuada, and Eragon and Arya… The books are awesome!!! <3 But the 4th hasn't got an end!! I desperatly want him to write the 5th book!!! If he already did that, and the book has been published, please let me know!!!
    Thank you :)

  • White-Dragon19

    How about extending the story of Eragon and the next generation of dragon riders! Logical step I know, but one that would be fun and entertaining as well. Good luck on your next and future adventures.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Jayrok127 Joseph Nelson

    Eragon and the rise of the riders

  • Michal

    Oh, i really want fifth book … the end of Inheritance is chaotic. I (or We) want to know how the realtionships and story ends. Inheritance ends like the penultimate book.. OHHH im so angry of that :/

  • qairuma

    It was left really open-ended. Perhaps he should leave it like that.

  • Jonah B.

    Whatever happens, I REFUSE to wait more than five years for the next Inheritance.

  • Andrew grarcia

    Combine both fantasy and sci-fi. DRAGONS IN SPACE!!! haha

  • Dradu

    About the Riders Era or something about ELVES how did they come to Alagaesia and more about their faction . magic, the war with dragons b4 riders,1st dragon rider, how were they training or how were they making /forging swords,armor. Elves were always something…Misterious, let us find more about them, about their magic forests..and get eragon back in alagaesia with 4 riders each with his own dragon and let him get married with Arya to lead the new era of the dragon riders , also talk about Angela and Solembum or any other mistic characters. Thank you! I WANT YOU TO WRITE A NEW BOOK!!!!!

  • Robert

    You should write about how Eragon and Saphira train the next dragon riders and go on new adventures outside of the country Alagaesia finding other dragons and ancient secrets.

  • Pokemonloveme

    I’ld like a new set of books where a new rider appears and the riders are in danger again so this new character travels to the new place of the riders and grows and and eventually saves them. Making references to the original books of course as well as having a lot of the characters that were in the first series as well

  • great book reader

    I would like the fifth book to be about what happens to the dragons on the and everyone else in agalesia

  • Cash

    I have Loved This Series Since I Started In Fourth Grade and have wanted more and more from Paolini And I Just Need a new book about Eragon’s adventure raising the dragons and discovering new lands and new creatures and if he will ever see Arya Again and how she willl rule the land As Murtagh And Nasuda Start a new human Empire And Entirely destroy galbotorixes doing through Alagaseia

  • Cash

    I Am Now Ten And Have Red Then All

  • random person

    rorans kid becuming a rider.

  • random person

    how about the cycle from saphiras eyes

  • sturky

    the final weeks of the dragon riders and the battle at the rock of kuthian

  • miah82

    Start as a prequel featuring the rise and fall of the riders up until the birth of eragon and murtagh. Then leap to the land eragon sailed to to show the rebirth of the riders.

  • clyde

    It would be great to find out where some of the characters do end up later down the road, I still have several questions about where things went and what could be of the main characters. I will definately be looking for this book in the future.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jenniferasencio1960 Jennifer Asencio

    I would like the next book to continue some years down the road after eggs have hatched and Riders are being trained. It can then catch us up on what has happened with the rest of the characters. I, too, want more on Angela, although I thought a clue to her past was found in Inheritance and I’d like more on the hermit that Eragon met as he related to Angela. One burning question I have is: who WAS the woman with two children that saved Roran during the battle who said they were “travelers just passing through”? They just floated into the story and then out again…..

  • http://www.facebook.com/sophie.coles.908 Sophie Coles

    I would love to have a fifth book. When I finished reading Inheritance, it seemed unfinished in some way. I would love to hear more about mutt agh and what happened to him after Galbatorix died but I would also like it to go back to Eragon and see him train the dragons. I think it would sum it up if there was a fifth book :D

  • justin quan

    i think it should be like 10 years later then he comes back and another danger from the blue.

  • Amora

    All I really want is to know more about Oromis and Glaedr and possibly Angela but I don’t really like her…too mysterious…

  • rob

    I just want to say thank you. Your books were both entertainment and a great motivation for me in two of my deployments to Afghanistan. If you do write another, please do so with creativity. Please dont do a prequel. prequels are the bane of stories. The whole point based on my opinion of course of a novel is to have an idea or imagination on how everything began, a fantasy. If you do a prequel and dont connect every single dot, it could ruin the whole thing (think of starwars). Im not saying your incapable of doing well, I am just more looking forward to the story continuing forward not backward. I want to see what he does with what he learned at the end. I also want to see what you do with science fiction. I am a major fan and would absorb any books you write in that category.

  • Kitty

    I hope that Arya’s and Eragon’s paths meet again and i agree Murtagh and Nasuada should get together

  • George A.

    I just finished the 4th book. I felt devastated after the last page. Why did Eragon have to leave all his beloved ones behind? All these just for a prophecy… Arya shouldn’t be the queen of Elves, she didn’t want it anyway. In that case she could have gone with Eragon. After all they have been through there should have been a way…. Also the fact that she became the Rider of the green dragon was kind of predictable. And what about Angela? Who is she? Why is so powerful and why everybody respects her? What was her True Name that made that priest to scream when she whispered it to his ear? I beleive Christopher Paolini left so many questions unanswered that the readers felt the cycle wasn’t completed and due to that prophecy the whole story was ruined. It is really pitty for such a great story. I really hope the 5th book will answer these questions and will give Eragon and Arya a chance.

    • MrH

      I feel exactly the same. After the last page of the series I asked myself the same questions. How could a queen be a rider? What about Angela? Murtaugh and Nassuada? And the biggie – Why couldn’t Arya and Eragon be together (especially if it’s the last book in the series)? They were inextricably bound together by their experiences (menatal and physical), they experienced continued growth in their relationship, and shared intimate details about who the were with one another. If any two characters ever deserved to be together at the end of a series, it’s Eragon and Arya. It just didn’t make sense to me that Eragon would just say “see ya” and walk away forever from the woman he loved. Left me feeling very discontented. Not sure I want to read any more of Mr. Paolini’s work. So if any new books are planned – these points definitely need to be addressed. SOON. Hmmm…I think I’ll write Mr. Paolini a letter…

      • dan

        in answer to a queen being a rider, the reason humans didnt want a ruler who was a rider was because they are immortal, elves are already immortal

  • http://www.facebook.com/WILDJON99 Jonathon Aragon

    Yes, you need to fix and finish the story that it should be; Yes Eragon and Arya need to end up together from all the things that you have lead out on the story and STOP being so choppy and unrealistic.
    With everything going on, it is still a love story.
    At least it should be.
    I will be be waiting..

  • Rt

    About him in the new land please

  • Andrew

    i think that he should set it a few years after the last book of the series with some of the younger charecters interacting with the older ones and deffinatly want to have eragon in the mentor role in the new book with him teaching a new generation of riders to keep the peace.

  • Wolvz

    Something that’s set maybe 15 years in the future that touches on the urgal king that murtagh warned about. Bring him thorn and eragon back into the series. Maybe some backstory on angela as well. It wouldnt feel right if eragon wasnt a primary character.

  • Zach

    Galbatorix’s point of view during the uprising. 1 to show his complete abilities and 2 why he overthrew the riders

  • Mark

    I would love not just 5 books in alagaesia but 6, A prequel about Galbatorix’s rise to power would be awesome.. and a sequel certainly set with Eragon, and maybe in the end Arya could finally many years later arive in the east where Eragon has found his training grounds, we could explore and see if there is ever romantic hope for the two of them. or weather none exists. Also i would just love to see the first Urgal rider just saying and please please please if u see the paolini put a dark purple dragon in there, i just have this image of one looking so awesome in the sunlight :P

    • Mark

      Also just to add… I think Murtagh should come round to the idea eventually of moving east with eragon.. Thorn and Saphira can help restore the dragons by having some babies… obviously there is thousands of eggs in the magical compressed space but as said in the book some has gone senile from being in the eggs so long. plus blue and red = purple hehe i want a purple dragon so badly. not that i think the colour of dragons is specified on the colours of the parents and i think that its likely thorn,saphira and Firnen are all siblings. though not necessarily, also in a sequel it should be set at least 150 years post galbatorix so that theres time for 10 – 20 new riders and one can turn bad or power thirsty etc. Say he found the vault of souls by accident and the reminense of the power sends him/her crazy

  • michael giaquinto

    hello Christopher Paolini its michael giaquinto frome the inhertance launch in nyc i red all the books and the last ended with a huge clif hanger .!!! i would love to know weather arya and eragon meet again and if they ever get married. and if saphira ever has eggs of her own and who and when all the dragon eggs hatch and mainly what becomes of alagaisa after galbatorix’s demise?.!!!! please write me back thanks sir

  • jameil

    i think the set should start on the island where Saphira and Eragon went. and let Arya some how fall in love with Eragon . then move back to alagesia where some other threat might appear then all of the characters will have to come together and fight the person.FIND ME ON FACEBOOK JAMEIL HOLLOWELL

  • Guner

    I think the next book should be about Eragon training the next rider(s) and be in the perspective of Eragon/Saphira along with the future rider(s). Also more on Angela would be awesome but something tells me we wont get much on her past ;)

  • Greg

    I Think Its Should Go Between Eragon Teaching The new riders
    then, to Arya and Murtagh Etc.

  • MB

    I would enjoy reading about the life of Angela the herbalist. She was a mystery in every aspect, so it would be interesting to hear of all her experiences and life’s tale.
    Also I would like to see a continuation with Eragon and Arya. Like for wutever reasons they end up together, cause as it is they will both be living a lesser life to a degree without each other.
    Just a few thoughts. Good luck!

  • dh hfxdv

    It should be of dragon raising the new dragons and riders

  • Trap Producer

    The series was good, the ending crappy, the sad thing about the things we love and cherish is the disappointment and sometimes questions the books leave us with.

    CP needs to write the 5th book if not for himself than for the fans that have spent the last decade reading and waiting for answers we have craved for so long. I hope he writes about what happens after Eragon leaves. Also I have been thinking about the prophecy of Eragon leaving Alagaisa and never returning. If that was said back before he had fully become what we saw him become as a Rider or before his true name had changed than techniquely he could return to Alagasia because the prophecy refers to a different person than what he is now. Perhaps I am grasping a little and am a hopeless romantic of the idea of him returning and knocking heads together but I would enjoy it. Also it would answer several questions such as what happens between him and Arya, Murtagh and Nasuada, a little bit more of Angela.
    And lets not forget the dragons he raises and the riders (of all races) that needs to be examine. Perhaps he will open with events stirring in Alagasia and then flash to Eragon training the riders/dragons till he is called back to help against some mysterious force.
    Either way as a big fan I am hoping the CP wont disappoint and will hurry it along.

  • Thiren

    I would would like a prequel maybe broms story or a story set 100 years later eragon is all but gone or a distant king an the story is set around a younger rider or elf whichever I don’t want it to all end I know that try a string female lead this time I want to grow with the character all over again I started eragon when I was in the 5th grade so I feel like him a sapphira are my childhood friends and I can’t just let em go and reading the books per again just doesn’t do it for me anymore so more power to ya Chris lol no pressure man!

  • spanky

    murtagh please!

  • Mark

    I had this idea for a sequel to inheritance, Sort of addressing all of the ideas that everyone seems to display, with the way the book ended as well as Eragon inviting the key supporting characters to join him in his new land why not do something along the lines of 20 years down the road where during that twenty year period Angela and maybe a few other characters who were very influential to the development of the story begin to take Eragon up on his offer and start coming to his new land and joining him. and maybe giving background information about angela’s past and using the idea that Eragon is now older, wiser, and stronger and able to understand more about her past as well as being able to “safeguard” the information that she passes onto him, hence explaining the question that many of us still have in our minds as to her when she says to Eragon in their final encounter “I have to keep some secrets”. My biggest problem with the ending to the book was the simple fact of how Eragon and Arya departed from each other. The fact that Arya had finally realized and accepted Eragon’s feelings for her as well as Eragon accepting the way Arya was “AKA learning each others true names”, the fact that Eragon accepted her almost shows that her true name showed how much she also cared for him as well as right after learning the true names of each other they held hands. I feel like there needs to be a reconciliation between the two characters, I understand the idea of Duty over self fulfillment but at the same time with how much they both sacrificed would it not give everyone a sense of happiness to see that after all they had sacraficed they can finally be happy together? To me that would be the best thing that could happen in the series. Since the book came out and i completed reading it i have been eagerly waiting for a sequel to be announced that would be about the new riders being born and the dragons race beginning to return, although i feel that it should be more based off of what we know Eragon to be not of from what we know of the riders of old and the way they carried on. I think that a book that showed and explained the backgrounds of our beloved supporting characters such as Angela would be an amazing book, it would allow everyone to know each character more as well as still retaining the enthralling action packed and knowledge ridden story that the series is so well known for. A story of stories with an ending of justice and satisfaction, the fulfillment of a forbidden romance but not with a tragic ending but an ending showing that love conquers all and that it can allow someone to cross to the ends of earth to reach what they truly desire in their heart of hearts. That would be a book that i would read again and again, an ending that would stay with me for the rest of my life and reassure me more about what can be achieved with the right ambition.

  • Kyle Edgecomb

    Well I’ve read the first two books so far and thought they were great, cant wait to start reading the last two, but didn’t he mention a book that would be a prequel about Brom? Also I would be interested to see what science fiction book he would write

  • Irrelevant

    Whatever CP decides to do for this next Eragon book, I’m gonna need Murtagh to be a main character. Also, you need a new conflict. Maybe Nasauada’s magical police force goes terribly wrong and makes her a tyrant, or Orrin could lead a rebellion, because he is pretty much a fully-fledged depressive alcholholic by the end of INHERITANCE.

  • Amanda

    I would love a series that follows eragon now that he has left…it would be great to find out where they ended up and if arya ever comes to be with him…it felt unfinished there. A prequel would be awesome too, but I’d rather read what happens next first before going back.

  • David

    All I want, is a finished story. No more loose ends, no more wonder.

    I want closure, and I want it in a well written, unbelievably anticipated 5th book.

    So yeah. That would be cool, but for now I’ll just sate my curiosity on Fanfiction.net ….

  • hunter

    I think that Eragon and Saphira should go and rebuild Vroengard and raise the new dragon riders there. Murtagh on the other hand should go back to Nasauda and become the king of Alagaesia. Where as Arya and Firnen should end up needing Eragon and Saphiras help and fly to Vroengard. At that point Eragon should be training Nar Garzhvog and a dwarf dragon rider. Then Arya could tell Eragon that the reason she had came to get him is because the Surdans attacked Roran and Palancar Valley. Then the four dragon riders should go and aid Roran, but when they get there they see that the Surdans have all been killed and that the battle was over, later Eragon finds out that Roran had Personally killed king Orrin. At the very end I think that Saphira should have a turquoise egg with Firnen also I think Arya and Eragon should get together. I also believe that there should be another book.

    • I want new books

      I agree about most of that but the surdans wouldn’t attack Roran if they did wouldn’t Nasuda declare war.Anyway if they did Eragon would destroy them.Like I said I’m not trying to be mean.The rest I agree about.

    • evan

      they cant go back to vroengard because it is unlivable because of an explosion caused by thuviel a dragon rider who had previously lost his dragon. he blew himself up to save all the eldunari and eggs that were hidden in the vault of souls

    • Dell

      I also agree.

  • slim

    I wanna know what happens with murtagh and thorn where do they go and what do they become since all they’ve know together was pain and death

  • epic ninja

    I would freaking love a series of the new Riders and dragons. Especially with Eragon, Arya, and Murtagh as the new teachers. Well if murtagh decides to return. But that would be awesome. When i heard Inheritence was gonna be the last one i was just like what? he’s really gonna leave all us hangin like that? And im sure Eragon and Arya end up together along with Saphira and Firnen.

  • AW

    i am leaving this message for anyone who has contact with christopher paolini,pls tell him that please do not abandon the inheritance cycle pls pls i just can’t leave eragon’s world it feels like it is a part of my life.i really want to read further about how eragon will raise the dragon eggs,train the new riders,become the leader of the riders,about arya,how she will rule and also be a dragon rider,about roran,with his daughter and his wife katrina,their castle in palancar valley,about murtagh,nasuada how will she rule and of course how eragon’s and arya’s path will meet which hopefully will lead to a little romance.please CP please write the book 5 i gaurantee that i will buy that book.i have read many fantasy stories and i promise you that the inheritance cycle was the best ever. PLEASE WRITE THE BOOK 5 PLEASE. your huge fan AW

    • Dragon guard

      I so agree to that and what she /he said is so true BEST BOOKS EVER!!And so u know i have read a lot of great books.Did anyone elsa read irises comment because i did and i likes it

  • AW

    CP pls book 5 pls pls i want to read about eragon raising the eggs,and arya ruling, and their paths meet somehow. . . . maybe end up having a little romance ;) ;)
    your huge fan


  • AW

    if anybody reads this who knows CP pls pls pls tell him his huge fan AW pleads to him to write book 5 pls

    CP’s huge fan

  • AW

    i almost cried at the ending of book 4 which somehow i found rather unsatisfactory please i wait for book 5 with a promise and a heavy heart
    CP’ huge fan

  • AW

    i await for book 5 please i do not know how to put it in words but i literally beg of you to write book 5 i am just desperate to get attached to the world of eragon again.(sigh)

  • AW

    Cp’s huge fan

  • AW

    CP if you write book 5 i will really be in your debt and remember you through my age and remind the younger generation about you who was a real dragon rider in his heart
    CP’s huge fan

  • Kieser

    I would like to read about how they train and raise the dragons riders once more, it could have complex and simple flashbacks to when Brom was training to become a Dragon rider aswell. Then maybe it could be a series of 7 books following a few Dragon riders through their training and in the process we learn about their pasts and towards the end of the series they have a huge battle and either one of their teachers or one of the few friends turn over to the bad guys

  • Buddah Priest

    i just read ALL THESE books this past month and i have to say i am HOOKED!! but i kinda hated how they didnt give mre background to Angela and also the way Murtagh/Nasuada went about…also with Eregon/Arya and im sure Saphiras gonna have an egg or some…the way the book ended left me in total suspense!! i want more!!! another book or two would suffice!! idk what other series of book i should tackle next since there isnt a 5th book for Eregon. Hopefully he comes out with another one

    • I want new books

      You are so right.This is my second time reading them since christmas.

  • scotty cook

    so much deception i feel as though eragon and arya were meant to be

  • scotty cook

    an entire book on angela wouldnt be bad either

  • Dragon fan

    Definate would like to see Reagan arya cross paths.. The story wouldn’t be the seem right if they didnt

  • Iris Skydancer

    I think that Cp should so write another book because i hated the ending of the last book.If he should write another one i would say it should be about the new place he goes to . Araya and Eragon i do not know why but i didnt like her so i would say not a book about that, maybe a book that eragon meets a new race people that are some how joined with dragons and he falls for one of them. I really am just making this up as i go along but that would be cool.

  • Ethanol

    It would be cool if it was a bunch of short stories about Angela the herbalist, so not to give away everything

  • carolinagirl117

    The book should be about the first new rider to go and visit Dragon to learn from him

  • Caleb

    I think CP should add the training of the new riders, a romance with Arya and Eragon, a threat In the north that murtagh tries to deal with or an attack from the place where King Palancar came from like a lot of razac because in one of the books it was hinted that The humans left their homeland because of razac


    Can anyone tell me if book 5 has come out yet and where I can buy it in shops or online please? It’s EXTREMELY URGENT.

  • salina

    He should right a completely new series, with new riders and problems. Eragon and Arya would be in it and he should have it so that the new riders and Arya go to Eragon for advise and help with this new threat.

  • Janne Gee

    Oh yes, definitely.!!!, it should be about eragons life years later where he’s a dragon trainer, and has to train a little three year old who unexpectedly was chosen by a dragon and is not accepted by his piers because no one has ever been chosen that young, then in an unexpected turn of events the kid turns out to be his and the elf princess’ s, and then Bruce comes back cause it turns out the casket safira made actually saved him and kept him alive all these years- or you could write about what happens to him when dragon gets to the island with the s

    • Janonymous

      Who’s bruce

  • Elsy

    I agree with what most people said, I want a 5th book it would be very interesting to see how everyone/everything would play out. Definitely agree with the people who said that Angela should be in the book give her more of a backstory on her life, they would like to know what or who she exactly is, but I don’t think that the book should be all about her I think it should include more of what happened to Eragon and Saphira when they left to go find a place to raise the eggs. As for the whole ” Arya and Eragon ” there should be a little about that but you don’t want it to overpower the rest of the book, nor Angela’s story within the book. Also the whole deal with Murtagh and Thorn, I would like them to not hide so much and to “associate” with everyone more.

  • Denzel

    I am really hoping to see all the exciting changes that Eragon brought to Alagasia. I was excited when the Urgals were allowed to become Riders. Knowing about Angela’s secrets would be great as well, and call me crazy but i think that most importantly, the story between Eragon and Arya… that can’t be left unsaid

  • Erich LaBossiere

    A prequal about what happend before Eragon. How the dragon riders came to be and along with the fore swarn and eragons mother and father.

  • nick

    it would be awesome if you wrote a book about the adventure’s eragon has in the new lands and training riders but also a prequel about the forsworn yes

  • Sarah

    Please please please write a 5th book and explain Angela better… Who she is? Why respected by elves? The most intriguing character I have ever come across in all the books I have read so far

  • Conor Pearson

    Christopher Paolini should make another series about dragon and saphira raising the eggs and perhaps some foreign land intend to make war or something that will connect the dwarves,elves,humans,urgals and riders

  • Adam

    I’d love to learn what’s in other parts of the world to the east, south and over the sea. I would also love to know what the story is behind that girl and the older woman with her.

  • jen

    i luv this series definetly have more books any number of them

  • Kath

    on the contrary kim.A backstory might be too monotonous for me, and as soon as i finished the end of inheritance i had a crazy idea that i would write a sequel series (for my own private amusment- i was so devastated with the end of the series) about how eragon raises the eggs but instead of dwelling to much on eragon they would have a quartet of main characters from each of the different races- urgals, elves, humans and dwarves. But having said that, a prequel series may not be so boring. other things i would really like to learn more about:
    -angelas past
    -the grey folk
    -the sooth sayer and her hall (Was angela the soothsayer or was it something else?)
    -maybe another story written entirely from a dragons perspective
    So many possibilities…
    Although i will commend Paolini for the way he he wrote galbatorix’ death. he had to get that part so perfect and it would have been SO hard. if he had made it anyless dramatic, his credibility as a writer would be ruined. he would have let down so many people, including myself. But other than the unanswered questions and the fact that the reader is left with an insatiable curiosity towards the end, paolini could not have wrote a better ending even if he wanted to.
    Well done Chris

    • Milly

      yes the grey folk! that would be so cool. a story about how the quartet of characters find out about the gery folk and discover that some of them are still alive

  • Shur’tugal

    I just finished the book and all I can say is I want more. Growing up I never liked to read but this series caught my eye and I fell in love with it imediately. If I could choose what the next book would be about it would be the next step of the riders and I would also love to see more on the relationship between Eragon and Arya. I was completely crushed with the thought that the series would be over but hearing that there will be a fifth book made me so happy I hope it comes really soon! To all other fans, Atra du evarinya ono varda… May the stars watch over you. :)

  • dan

    the last book warned murtagh of the true urgal king. that would be really cool but i wouldnt like a prequal due to the fact that i know the general idea of what has happened. maybe a time long into the future were the new dragon age has been established for a while and something happens like a forign race away from alagasia appears. We need to know what its like outside of alagasia

  • saphira

    it would be good to have a book after inheritance about eragon living in the new place and teaching a young rider .

  • RAB

    I’d like him to write about Angela

  • guest

    I would be incredibly happy if the fifth book was when Eragon left alagaisa and discovered new lands! And if somehow he thought arya was dead and finally their paths crossed and arya acecpted Eragon they just so right together! I was really sad after she rejected him. But none the less whatever the fifth book is about I will probably buy it and definatly read it. YOUR #1 FAN! I LOVE YOU CHRISTOPHER!

  • grace

    Omg I totally agree with the Eragon and arya meeting after he thought she was dead
    And how could he not put them together? I mean Eragon is more elf than he is human there is no one else for him he would just outlive them. Him and arya are both dragon riders and are both immortal and are both elves and…. THEY ARE BOTH FRICKEN AWESOME!!!! XD

  • SpaZ

    What about what goes on in the west? The land where the humans and elves came from? What of the new order of Riders? What of Murtagh and Thorn? So many things. I believe there needs to be a sequel series, maybe from the point of view of Earagon’s and Arya’s child.

  • Beth

    i would love to see years later when the dragon riders rise again. and see how Eragon and Sapphira are with teaching the new riders as well as where and how they settled. just as well i am dieing to learn about Angela’s back story.

  • Connor

    I hope he brings back the ra’zac.

  • rub3n

    i wont eragon back its a hole in my heart no that its no more books!

  • 1cheif

    i dont tiink there should be a book about angela because shes one of those characters that are supposed to be a mystery i want to know how eragon raises the eggs i dont realy care about the fall of the riders i mean pretty much the entire story is scattered throughout the books and you pretty much know everything already i mean galbatorixs dragon was killed by an urgal and he wanted revenge but the already power hungry youth got enraged when the councel refused his request for another, so he slew a new rider and stole his baby dragon

  • Viro

    Anything but with the same people.

  • Viro

    Anything but with the sam. e people.

  • esco

    i would love a fifth book i just recently finished the last one

  • Ella

    Maybe you could do something like a book on when dragons the dragon and elf war and leading up to the big battle!!!

  • J Girl

    A few new prequels about Broms life or Angela’s would be cool. It’s very needed because they’re too mysterious in my opinion.

  • Tyler Manley

    As a Huge fan I would love to see a fifth book or even a whole new series entirely. I own all of the books including the deluxe editions. I just hope the fifth book is as long or longer than the other 4 books, and lastly I would LOVE for the book to be from saphira’s point of view!

  • Emily

    I would like to read about a new hero who became a rider in the new lands where eragon went. He left it so open and i would love to read about what happened afterward.

  • frank

    I think roran and katerina’s daughter should become a rider

  • Devante

    I truly admire the inheritance cycle. Great ending but he should write about the uprising of the new riders, and the journey of getting there, that would make the new book that I would truly buy

  • Carl

    There needs to be a sequel to Inheritence there’s just so much un-answered that if you did make another book it could say be about what happens to eragon and Arya , do they finally fall in love do they bring alegaesia to a time of great prosperity and together they defend against a VERY OLD wild dragon or you could leave it at inheritence your choice what do you choose?

  • Chad

    I’d like a book about one of the new riders that eragon would end up training

  • joe

    Murtagh and the new lands we have never heard of that he explores a great distance from alagaesia.

  • Articular

    I think we need to go into detail about the two female stangers that Eragon blesses in the camp. It’s basically set up for their own story…

  • Marshall Singletary

    It’s rather obvious to me that there can never be a story dedicated to Angela, for that would totally destroy the mystery that is so integral to her character. However, I do believe that there is potential for a prequel of Broms life, and a continuation novel (if not an entire series) of the next generation of Riders. Either story could lend more to Angela’s backstory, thereby answering many of the questions we still have. It’s also apparent to me that Eragon can never be the protagonist again, due to him never being able to return to Alagaesia. And also, his time has simply come and gone. He will be a teacher. Perhaps a young Rider, maybe related to one of the main characters of the Inheritance Cycle. If Paolini really wants a cliche plot-twist, maybe even make it Galbatorix’s child, whom no one knew about. I hope that does not happen though. It would be too similar to Murtagh Morzansson. Of him, I suspect Murtagh will discover the next great threat, and will bring it to Eragons attention himself.
    There are also a few questions I would like answered. What of Tenga? And the scarred women whose fortunes Angela read? And what about the Belt Of Belloth The Wise? Not something important enough to be crucial to a plot, no, but I am curious. And of course, the Ra’zac. I would also like to know what will become of Roran Stronghammer, for his accomplishments without the use of magic impressed me greatly. It would not surprise me if his daughter became a Rider. There are many more questions left unanswered throughout the Inheritance Cycle that could be answered in a final book, but I think it could be possible for Paolini to create a second series. Perhaps it would be better for him, however, to stick with writing a single fifth book, and hopefully a prequel as well. Brom led an interesting life and I believe it would make an astounding read. Starting from his bonding with Saphira, and perhaps even leading on to his death.

    • Janonymous

      That is brilliant. I personally think that you should write the book yourself.

  • danny

    I would like to know is if eragon returns and see how the life with dragons would be

  • charles

    I wanna hear about the gray folk, and how they “chained” magic to the ancient language, and maybe where the urgals and elves originally came from and how they came to Alagaesia

  • Danyal

    A prequel about the grey-folk would be great, or Brom or Oromis.Anything Dragons story would start to bore people but this is my point of view.

  • Danyal

    I think a prequel about the Greyfolk would be great,or Oromis like something before the dragon-war.But this is entirely my view.

  • Stephen Maunder

    I think that he should write about what happened to eragon and traning new dragon riders 5-10years later. When some new evil threatens the land more tarible then the last. That make the have to find out more about what really happen to the gray folk.

  • leo

    Prequel, with eragon and shapria in the new lands. With a new threat to emerging from other lands. Possibly a surviving gray folk (which in my opinion I always thoyght of Angela being a gray folk) tell of new riders. Bring Arya and eragon back together. Whether it be that angela mislead eragon about never returning or if arya crowns someone new. Or the elfs are devistated byva new evil force and find new hone in the lands eragon settled.

    • Janonymous

      Angela’s Either part of the grey folk or she is the Soothsayer

  • Nathan

    I think that the end of the series was bad. I don’t see why it was necessary for eragon to remain on the island for the rest of his life (or eternity . . .)
    I think that it would be nice to take a look at all the people, just to see how they are doing. I don’t think he’s going to manage another 800 page (or near that) book with just loose ends. He could maybe input another antagonist . . .

  • Amanda

    I would love another book that picks up where Inheritance left off and give the new age and the training of the new riders and such.

  • Sam

    I would like if a new race came over the sea and started to takeover some 20-30 yrs after inheritance. Then Eragon and the new riders would have to come back and save the day

  • Lee Moore

    I would like to know what happens to Eragon, the new dragons and riders and if possible what exactly made galbatorix go evil

  • Dell

    Please make more Eragon books as soon as possible. Maybe you could make all the characters meet up and make the ending a happier one. Also I agree that you could expand on the way Murtagh lives now and Angela. I loved the books but found the ending rather sad and was hoping you could add a reunion of sorts.

  • Lynnelle

    i reckon he should totally bring out a new book in the inheritance series if only to resolve all the unfinished threads i loved the books but it was a little disappointing not to have a complete ending but that’s just y opinion

  • JJ

    About Angela, I think she misinterpreted the dragonbones saying that eragon would never return. I think that it actually means he will return after a long period of time.

    AryaXEragon forever!

    • Janonymous

      Or through some tragedy Arya couldn’t be queen anymore and the entire of Alagasia turns against her and she flees to the east where Eragon is

  • David Lambert

    I have two ideas that I would love to be written 1) The story of the Golden age when the riders were in full power and Brom was training with the riders and the whole downward spiral that galbortorix brought when he began the take over with the forsworn 2) Eragon and saphira 10 years down the line with the new riders and dragons in whatever distant land they decided was best.

  • Elf Rider Plot

    1 plot, I loved the cycle but make all new characters and a plot like Raz, ac arise and are on a killing spree. Or make an Elf rider that explains all about elf culture, the language and maybe more dragons!?!?

  • tommy

    i would love for him to show how ayra and eragon end up !!!

  • CJDB

    I reckon a huge army of the Ra’zac’s kin should come and get revenge

    • CJDB

      and then 12 of the strongest riders go to conquer them

  • Royster

    I think it would be good for him to write a book about the upcoming generation of dragon riders in the new land and in alagaësia with eragon and sapphira taking on the roles of the teacher

  • Mac

    He should write a book with big earthquake (or something else) in alagaesia, because in the book 2 or 3 they mention some people who belive thet something bed will happen with alageasia.

  • voicingcastle4

    well the last razac eggs were never found maybe we could leave off on that note were they come back to aligasia in order to avenge “the old ones” maybe have a couple of galbatorix’s loyal soldiers attack the now empire kind of like the varden did make a couple of shades while there at it use magitions to control them and make them swear fealty in the ancient language…and thoughts

  • Clay

    I’d be really excited to see a new book in Alagaesia, Eragon said he would find a new area to train future dragon riders. It would be very interesting to see what adventures he goes through while finding/building the new dragon riders headquarters, it would also be interesting to see what all is happening with other characters and to see other characters visit him possibly.

  • Brandon Lee Porter

    Really there should be another cycle. Rise of the new riders. A new protagonist, perhaps the shadeking? Also, the fulfillment of two romances, please for the love of the gods!! I’d also love to meet the Urgal and Dwarfish riders and see the Urgal games! So much more in this amazing world to be completed!

  • Trenton

    He should do a prequel slash spinoff about Angela and end the story on the day she meets Eragon. because she was one of the characters that has such a mysterious history that has so many questions to be answered.

    • Janonymous

      It’s just a slight suspicion and maybe part thesis, but I think that Angela the Herbalist is the Soothsayer. Or one of the Grey Folk, the creators and speakers of what once was the ancient language.

  • Aaron

    I would definitely appreciate it if you answered a few things that were just left hanging. What did the menoa tree take for the brightsteel? There were a few other things I can’t remember right now but I know they were bothering me for a while. I read the whole series a few times just to make sure I didn’t miss anything

  • Jill

    Please write something it been a while since we have had anything new to read from you. Prequel would good but I was looking forward to something new from you.

  • Jesilyn

    I think Mr. Paolini should definitely stick with the Eragon world. He put so much effort into creating all of it that it would just be a shame to see him leave it. I personally want to learn more about Brom. He was such an awesome old man. Plus I’d also love to see how Eragon is doing in the new land he traveled to with Saphira. To go along with the romantics, Arya definitely should visit him and the two of them should go on at least a short adventure together for old times’ sakes. I wish that Mr. Paolini had went more into Arya being a new Rider as well. There is so much he could still do if he wrote more books on this world. The possibilities are endless

  • Pita

    I just really want to know about what happen next with eragon and the eldunaries and the dragon eggs..With their adventures in different world.
    I also think that eragon and arya didn’t finish ilke that..I felt really dissapointed in that part.
    I hope CP can answer my question in the next book..=)

  • Jay

    I’d love it if he would fix the tragic ending in book 4. It ruined the series for me.

  • Aaron Yew

    I would love for him to do another fantasy series, but if he wants to do a SF series, that’s fine.

  • Jam

    I think that the next book should be mainly focused around a dragon born in the land eragon and saphira went to to raise the new generation of dragons, and it should eventually unfold to him/her finding eragons homeland in a state of stress from a new threat.

  • Z. R. Tore

    Really good idea Kim… But i was thinking a series (or book) based on a dwarven or (what i would LOVE to see) a urgal dragon rider… Eragon fought them quite a bit in the first one… and allied with them… but we learn so little about them… i think it would be cool. :)

  • Ddd

    I agree with the two other people that left a long good summary

  • Kardrif 101

    Very much would like to know what happend to ERAGON after he sailed away !!!!?????hahahaha hope his and Arya’s paths meet again!!!

  • Tom Bromsson

    I want to know what happens to Eragon and the eggs and I don’t want him to leave Alagaesia forever. And since he knows the word of the ancient language wouldn’t he be able to remove that weird magical/energy thing on Vreongard. Make another book pleasssssssssssssssssseeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Janonymous

      From what I think, Thuviel probably split every atom in his body to create a mega nuclear explosion, and the strange energy is radiation, seeing as how it affected all of the creatures on Vroengard and such.

  • hatd

    I think a prequel would be really good. To know about the fall of the riders in more detail, but not from brom

  • syncere

    How about what happened to the remaining razac eggs

  • syncere

    I also think a movie remake would be good…this time dont throw the damn dragon in the air for it to grow up

  • Dominic

    a fifth book would have to have eragon coming back to alagaesia! maybe with people from the other side of the ocean he went to. arya finally passes on the ruling responcibilitys to another elf so she can join eragon and be a rider in full, and eventually they come together with a relationship. eragon and arya complete a few tasks that nasuada has for them then go to look for murtagh to bring him out of exile

  • leo

    i would read every book ..even if the series goes to 20 books……….. Chris plz continue and try to show arya and eragon together…with a kid… also rorans daughter becoming a rider…. there are many things…. also make razac re apear….

  • DarthT127

    However much I’d enjoy a prequel, I don’t believe that the series is ready for it. There are still some unanswered questions at the end of Inheritance. This holds true specifically to the relationship between Arya and Eragon. It is important enough for another book following Eragon, where he and Arya meet somehow (it wouldn’t be in Alagaesia since he can never return). I only say this because Angel’s fortune telling says that their relationship will outlast empires…Well I don’t know about the rest of you, but their relationship didn’t even start until the VERY last few pages of Inheritance. They were just friends and comrades up to that point with nothing being inherently obvious. Arya says that maybe in a hundred years they could be together, and if that’s what it takes, I say why not? Eragon would still be alive and his Order would be in full bloom, as well as the possibility of another threat lurking.

  • mmngrunt

    i want to know more about the Forsworn in particular they played a huge setting in bringing down the original dragon rider order yet we know little to nothing about them

  • JP Gipson

    truly i want CP to write the 5th book first. I want Eragon Ayra Saphira and Firnen to meet again. I would prefer the book take place 50 years or so after book 4. I do hope it explains Angela, though book 4 hinted that she was the oracle that resided in the Hall of the Sooth Sayer. And of course the rise of the riders. So romance with Eragon and Ayra, some history with Angela, some violence, possibly dealing with the Ra’zac thus forcing Eragon and the riders to return…ahh please make this happen

  • colton

    what is the name of the ancient language?

  • nathan bs9

    Maybe nasuada finds a very old book from galbatorix collection of artefact’s and finds out that Alagaësia is not the real name and therefore it render’s angelas prodiction useless or that the dwarves of Az sweldn rak anhûin steal an egg and rase a new rider and dragon to take there revenge on eragon and nasuada so eragon has to re-turn and how he can re-turn is when his fortune was told he was not how he is now he can re-turn to help.

  • aren

    I’d like a book that talks about what happens to alegasia after the war ends. Perhaps a sequal series where it talks about the land eragon travleled to, his success, his possible return to alegasia, etc. Also, we need a book to explain who or what angela is!

  • -

    PLs be a 5th book i just want all lose ends tied up.. eragon and arya to meet again and fall in love..nasuada and murtagh too! also carry on angelas backstory

  • Krissie Piper

    I want to know about their life in the East!! …about Saphira’s egg, problems of settling uncharted territory, Riders of different races, etc. Oh please, say that the Eragon series is not ended!

  • Isa

    Please write about Eragon and Arya.

  • Catherine Heaps

    I’d like a story set in the future of Eragon+ Ayra and Murtaghs+Nasuada and of course Saphfira and Thorns descendants

  • vg

    What about the Lady and the girl that Angela asked Eragon to bless… I wonder If they were to be involved in the story past saving Roran in the big battle.

  • Sylvan

    He should write from an aspiring young dragon rider, the 13th to join the new dragon riders. And the troubles he/she had to face, and then perhaps an invasion from the ancient urgals and their king.

  • Afzal Rahman

    It would be cool if he wrote a series from the start of the dragon riders up to the fall of dragon riders.

  • Bloodright

    Eragon’s family line has been “cursed” by fate to be dragon riders, that leaves two people left of importance… Roran and his daughter…. she will probably be a dragon rider if fate has its way. Then what about the old lady and her daughter with scars around her wrists that show up in book 1 and the end of book 4? there are a lot of unknowns that need a good story.

  • Matthew

    I hope to see it go from Roran, Eragon, Arya, Nasuada. I think eragon should return to Arya with new riders. Some new foe to rise once they return, Or even before…

  • Titus

    i hope it tells about after the war and the rebuilding of the riders what happens to Eragon

  • Guest

    a set of prequels with the forsworn and the fall of the riders. but also i want to see what eragon has been up to in this new land. also i really want to see relationship develop between him and aria. its like the story will never be finished for me until they at least try a relationship. maybe a human elf hybrid child. these books will always be a part of me for the rest of my life. ive fallen in love with the inheritance cycle and the world of alagaesia. thank you christopher for what youve brought to the world. also i really wish they would redo the movies. the eragon movie was a huge letdown and for us fans they need to remake it with the books and fans in mind.

  • Ryan Allen Berry

    a set of prequels with the forsworn and the fall of the riders. but also i want to see what eragon has been up to in this new land. also i really want to see relationship develop between him and arya. its like the story will never be finished for me until they at least try a relationship. maybe a human elf hybrid child. these books will always be a part of me for the rest of my life. ive fallen in love with the inheritance cycle and the world of alagaesia. thank you christopher for what youve brought to the world. also i really wish they would redo the movies. the eragon movie was a huge letdown and for us fans they need to remake it with the books and fans in mind.

  • Bc

    I’d like at least one more book about Eragon and the new dragons hatching, training, traveling, etc. Then after that, I’d like to read about the height of the dragon riders.

  • Eros

    I think that he should continue into the placer it left off in book 4 not directly though start maybe a few years later and about how he’s thriving. And then maybe go back to Arya and Murtagh.

  • Matthew

    It would be cool if it continued a little with eragon and the others but had new riders also or a prequel of brom’s life

  • david mason

    as far as i know eragon never fulfilled his promise to jeod about riding saphira. (also did you get the name saphira from the jemstone saphire… i noticed this from both saphiras name and color ) i really enjoyed the way you changed characters – like roran to eragon to saphira… i think it would be good if you included murtagh as well as arya in this. maby eragon could find a way of transporting himself and others without using a shed tone of energy. it would be good if eragon laid anchor on another kingdom like the one that palancar came from (it also said fthat the razak followed him so the land could be infested with razak) or eragon could end up in a land where magic doesnt work – saphira would have a hard time flying… they could end up where the dragons first came from or elfs or dwarves.

  • jjjiiiiiiii

    write a fifth book with eragon and arya getting together

  • Austin Helgeson

    A prequel to the series and then a 5th book to give insight into what Eragon does after he has found his place. Set it maybe 2-4 years ahead and have Eragon return to Alagaesia to finally wed Arya like he should have.

  • Roberto

    A story about Araya leading the new dragon riders would be epic

  • Kieran

    I think it should be a book about eragon going to a new land and building the riders again

  • Jorden

    There should be an MMORPG that takes place in alagaesia where you can pick your race and everything nothing could be better than being in the world at least virtually. The entire game would be a growing up process and your dragon would always keep growing that would be awesome!

  • Ayrian Smith

    I have just finished reading the final book in the series. What I would like to see? BEWARE! THIS MAY CONTAIN SPOILER ALERTS!! IT IS NOT MY INTENTION TO RUIN ANY ASPECT OF THIS SERIES FOR YOU.

    Well, A story about Angela of course! She is the most mysterious player throughout the books. I would also like to hear more about Eragon, Murtagh, and Arya as well. So this is what I would propose. A story mainly from Angela’s standpoint (because she said she might eventually go to Eragon) where she (at points) recounts her past (especially parts about Thenga (*if memory serves me correctly…*)). She will travel as if she is looking for something (use your creative mind as to what, for we all know, Angela would never let it be known ;D) of great importance. It will also be nice to delve a little more into the werecats and how they view the world. There shouldn’t be a war just yet, Alagaesia isn’t prepared for that, however there should be a threat….spirits maybe? Let’s say the spirits decide to make a shade of their own accord, except this time it is a Dragon……(nice right?). Their (the spirits) workings would then, inadvertently, draw out the stronger characters, but in the end, the battle would be Angela’s. She could have to travel to the enclave that Jeod spoke about, and from there move on (great way to shine some light on some named but un-visited places). An answer as to what the Menoa tree wanted would be nice….the book said that Eragon felt something disappear out of his gut (tree took his appendix? I think not). However, you couldn’t write a book without throwing a little Eragon in there…maybe he is frustrated at losing his love with Arya and he yearns to see her again, but seeing as how he can’t return, Arya comes to him, with news that the shade dragon was seeking him out. This would also give Angela a reason to go pay Eragon a visit and would lay the plot for a very good battle, and maybe even another antagonist to continue on in the series…..It was said that the spirits do things for reasons unbeknownst to the world, maybe this trial will stand to bring Arya and Eragons relationship to the next level, while granting the readers to ability to root out some of the unanswered questions that you have left. Murtagh could come in to help Eragon in training the riders. He has to play a role. The shade could then play off his residual anger, and torment at the loss of his love. This could cause him to second guess himself, and allow his mind to fall prey to the shade. He could even go to the island (or wherever it is Eragon settles) as a minion to the shade dragon. I feel that there is an endless amount of directions that this series could take, and my only wish is that some of the mysteries become solved. I will die one day, wondering,”What was the deal with Angela?!” Haha, please do not place that burden upon my mind for much longer.

  • Fozzy

    It would be cool if u had something along the line of a great conqueror coming to aleagasia trying to overthrow it, with maybe a new species(zombies maybe seeing as how there oh so popular these days, not that I necessarily believe that’s what should be introduced), then eragon arya and nasuada working together and then murtagh even comes and joins in to help(more murtagh and thorn)

  • Dapickler

    he should write from arya’s perpective to see how she feels about eragon.

  • Christi H

    Nobody is wondering about the nameless, but thoughly described mother-daughter pair that Angela made Eragon bless? Am I the only one who feels the need to know their story…? Why did Eragon think they’d been imprisoned, why did he give them so much thought? They were strangers! Why did Angela insist on THEM? She read their fortune, she threw the knuckle bones for them and even the werecate diegned to speak to them. Why?!?!?

  • Tony

    Before or after the stories I would love any addition

  • natasha_shadeslayer

    i hated the ending of inheritance, i wished that arya and eragon would have some romance, maybe she was hiding a longing for eragon and they would become mates, maybe firnen and saphira’s thoughts for each other impact on eragon and arya causing a new-found love between them!

  • Manatee

    The book should be set before the fall of the Riders, and Galbatorix should be the main character, and there should be his first dragon’s death, his outrage when not granted a new dragon, and his rise to power

  • Treaver Hoerig

    I’d love to see the Inheritance Cycle on television, but not as a movie but as a show. With a show, you could recreate the world of Alagaesia and embrace the details of the cycle completely, without having to fit the entire story into a few hours.
    The show can be called: Inheritance and 2 seasons could make up a single book. It would be easy to do and with all of the advertisements on TV you’d have no problem funding the operation.
    Eragon failed because the movie drifted away from the plot completely. With a television show, you need not stray from the plot due to time limits. Each episode could be an hour and with each episode, a fanbase will emerge and the amount of viewers will continue to grow with every passing season. Making Eragon into a movie was the dumbest idea anyone could have come up with because there simply isn’t enough time to include all of the details within the story to make a movie that is even comparable to the written text.

  • lordfluffy

    i want to see a book about the herbalist.

  • CerseitheLioness

    Please, give Murtagh a new love story, not that sodding Nasuada! Their so-called “luv” is horse….! Besides, I really would like to see the Alagaesian culture in detail (if Paolini described more, it would be awesome), know what Murtagh said in front of the soldiers, who were those two women, who is Tenga, Angela’s past, know more about Galbatorix, Forsworn and also, other cultures of Alagaesia.

  • The Guy

    Saphira and Firnen should mate and have kids and saphira should grow bigger than the skeleton on vroengard and orik should be the rider of the dragon’s kids and murtagh should come back and hes found a ton of wild dragons in the north

  • Mike

    I think it would be cool if eragon went back to alagaësia

  • aidan

    personally I believe the fifth book should be about eragon of course, but with 3 new riders being trained. this way you could have a competition between the riders to see who is the better. you could range the contests from swordsmanship to stealth to agility. to spell creation and so forth…. then when the 3 riders think it is now just a game, a new force comes from another part of the world with its hart set on conquering alagaesia. the riders would end up separated from eragon and have to then survive and recruit more allies to help fight with the war. if the story was from another persons viewpoint, it would just be boring for all. Besides a story in the past with brom and morzan would be cool too, but so would a story in the future. feel free to elaborate off my ideas

  • kdeh2

    Eragon’s story is not finished! There should be at least one more book that will resolve what was left unresolved! We readers bought the books and followed these characters throughout it all, yet Eragon gets to just disappear to some faraway island just like that? To leave Arya and all his friends? Not to mention they had ‘their’ own stories that were only ‘hinted’ at and left hanging in the wind.Talking about a cliff hangar! It’s like watching a movie only to have it turned off ‘right before’ the end. If you’re going to write a story, FINISH it rightly! Don’t leave your fans hanging around begging you to do what should have already been done! We want to know what happened to Eragon and all the others, not just some, oh, he was made a King of such and such, and oh, she returned back to her home, or he flew away to some faraway island, and oh, he flew with his dragon to the North! I’m just so tired of these writers giving us such lousy endings.

  • madeline

    what if arya had to leave alagaesia? maybe some weird creature is targeting her and she and eragon cross paths.

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