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Skyfall‘s chances of nabbing a Best Picture nomination are still up in the air, but the Academy Awards will offer a “special celebration” to the James Bond films in honor of the franchise’s 50th anniversary.

“We are very happy to include a special sequence on our show saluting the Bond films on their 50th birthday,” said producers Craig Zadan and Neil Meron. “Starting with ‘Dr. No’ back in 1962, the 007 movies have become the longest-running motion picture franchise in history and a beloved global phenomenon.”

The 85th Academy Award nominations will be announced Thursday, January 10 at 5:30 a.m. PT. The Oscar award ceremony will be held Sunday, February 24 in Hollywood and broadcast live on ABC. It will be hosted by Family Guy and Ted creator Seth MacFarlane. Hypable will offer live coverage of both events as they happen.

Do you think Skyfall will grab a Best Picture nom? The film nabbed a nomination at the Producer’s Guild Awards yesterday, which may suggest it’s being warmly received by industry critics. Meanwhile, Skyfall is the most successful Bond film in the franchise’s box office history, having grossed $293 million domestically. Quantum of Solace, the last Bond film, ranks second with $168 million and Casino Royale is in third with $167 million.

  • Gary65

    Oh they’ll honour James Bond no problem, but they’d rather lick their own boots than send any love Harry Potter’s way. It’s not like it’s the biggest and most beloved movie franchise of all time or anything >:c(

    • Matthew

      Now comes the time when all of the harry potter fans are going to cry because there is a franchise out there 100% better than HP. Boo hoo

      • SH

        No, I just no longer watch and support the oscars ratings. I discovered years ago that the BAFTAs are better anyway.

      • http://twitter.com/theaterandi Adele Ivy

        James Bond is not better than Harry Potter. The reason James Bond is being celebrated is because it’s lasted 50 years in cinemas. Harry Potter made big waves in 10 years everywhere except The Oscars, where us Potterheads believed they should have acknowledged the exceptional ten years. Bond has been recognized by the Academy before, whereas Harry Potter hasn’t.

      • http://twitter.com/Snapescape Laura Cain

        100% better? Where did you get those stats?!

      • Gary65

        LOL 100% better my ass. With the exception of Skyfall, most of the JB films wouldn’t know an innovative plot if it apparated before them wearing Dobby’s tea cosy & slapped them in the face with a Blast-Ended Skrewt. All of them follow the exact same story everytime.

        Meanwhile, HP has made far more money. The worst received HP movie(OotP) was better reviewed than 2/3 of the Bond movies. It has far more fans, both in the UK & worldwide. Hp has done more to showcase the British film industry & the wealth of British acting talent than Bond could ever hope to do. HP has done more in its 8 movies than James Bond has done with 3 times that number. And yet it’s James Bond that’s getting the special nod.

        When the Oscars spurned Harry Potter in 2011, I was disappointed for them(Alan Rickman did an excellent job & DH2 was def deserving of a Best Pic nom). But I made my peace with the fact that, from an artistic standpoint, this wasn’t what the Academy was looking for. And then they do this -_-

        • matthew

          Boo hoo boo hoo…let’s not forget the fact that skyfall made more money than DH Part 2…an skyfall didn’t have 3D to help rack in the dough. BAM!

          • Gary65

            I think you need to check your facts. HPDH2 has made far more money than Skyfall. So no BAM! Just stupid.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003331755713 Charles Woods

      I was just going to say that!!!

  • Matthew

    Yes yes yes!! I cant wait to see this sequence!!

  • Fadx55

    Although i luv 007!! bt what! Harry Potter was way bettr dan this .. it should hav received a farewell at the cermony last year… “Such a pity, they never learn.”

    • Matthew

      You should learn how to spell!

      • Matt

        You should learn how to not be such a pretentious ‘jerk.’

    • Lucas Mass

      that Voldemort is the other way around.
      “They never learn, such a pity”

  • Harry Potter

    Sean Connery must attend !!

  • bernardo triana

    It better not get nominated!

    • bernardotriana

      It still angers me that Harry Potter didnt get any farwell ceremony for the Oscars !

    • Matthew

      Oh it BETTER get nominated! Because it is rightfully deserved!!

      • Linda

        It sure is as one of the MOST overrated Bond films ever!!

  • NightStrike91

    It’s a bloody disgrace that Harry Potter didn’t get such a special celebration. Good for Bond, but this really is enough. The Oscars has lost the last small bit of respect I had left for it. And that comes from someone named Oscar!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001034209529 Lauren Dipple

    I ADORE HP but lets not hate on Bond because of the Oscars pretentiousness

  • Johanna

    well, ok academy. why is it that you can honor james bond and not harry potter? humph.

    • CliveRogan

      There is quite a difference between Harry Potter and James Bond. While there’s no denying Harry Potter films are a tremendous achievement, Bond has been going for 50 years, 50!

      When Harry Potter is releasing Harry Potter and the Magical Zimmerframe in

      • Lucas Mass

        But in these 10 years Harry Potter has changed the entire landscape of modern movie making. One Cast, 8 movies and 10 years of work.
        If it’s okay to celebrate a series like Bond, why can’t they celebrate for example Godzilla movies? There’s been like 28 of those (about 22 Bond Movies) between 1954 and today, there’s a 29th one in development right now.

        The big difference is that the Harry Potter movies managed to be huge critical and box office smash hits with not a single failure which would have ruined the franchise for the audience and the rest of the series would probably not have been continued

        • CliveRogan

          Not celebrating something like Godzilla is a different debate, part of the larger one about the Oscars barely acknowledging anything outside of English language cinema.

          I don’t know if you know much about the bond films, or are just being antagonistic towards them out of loyalty to Potter, but the fact that they still exist is astonishing. The world was an incredibly different place when the first bond was made 50 years ago so for Bond to still be going strong today and still being relevant despite many hiccups along the way including dozens of recasts and the company making them going bankrupt.

          You say it’s an achievement to keep the same cast for 10 years, I say it’s far more of one for a film series to survive constantly losing it’s principle cast members and carrying on strong.

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