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The Royal Mail will debut a series of Doctor Who stamps on March 26, 2013 in order to kick off celebrations of Doctor Who‘s 50th Anniversary. Fortunately, you can pre-order a copy.

According to the Royal Mail press release:

  • Each of the Eleven Doctors is featured in the set of 11 stamps depicting the actors who played the role over the last five decades
  • Fans can pre-order the stamps by registering at www.royalmail.com/DoctorWho
  • From March 26, 2013, the stamps will be available online at www.royalmail.com/stamps by phone on 08457 641641, and in 9,000 post offices across the U.K.

The Royal Mail release goes on to relay that, “In addition to the 11 stamps featuring the Doctors, a five stamp miniature sheet will also be available. In the centre of the sheet is…the TARDIS. The remaining four stamps feature some of the Doctor’s most famous foes: a Dalek, a Cyberman, an Ood and a Weeping Angel.

Given the likely popularity of the set, fans are definitely advised to pre-order.

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Which of the stamps you you think depicts the best classic and reboot Doctor?

  • rsprague

    Are these also available for US residents to order? Just for commemorative purposes, of course.

  • http://twitter.com/ClaudioCatino CCMASTER_01

    Love the one with the Tardis in the centre!

  • ravenclaw1991

    Just one more reason to hate living in America. We never get awesome stuff like this. I wonder if you could order them from the US. Those would be fantastic in a Doctor Who collection :)

    • daff

      no but you get ALOT!! of awesome Doctor Who merchandise that’s exclusive to america (or with idiotically high shipping prices that UK and original fans, cant get a look in) so stop your bitching

      • mrs.woo

        Absolutely untrue! Very little Who merch. Available here, we pretty much have to order from the UK, pay crazy shipping charges & get stuff 8 to 10 weeks later than anyone else in the world! (I waited 14 weeks for my last DWM issue) sounds like we may be getting more soon as the show FINALLY gets the US fan base it deserves, but not much yet, and ALL of it is overpriced!!! Besides, the more officially licensed stuff gets sold worldwide, the more money gets back to the show for production costs.

        • http://www.hypable.com/author/lauracristiano/ LauraBC

          Oh God, I just ordered DWM for 2013, I really hope it’s not THAT delayed. I spent a bloody fortune on it too. I broke down because it’s the 50th anniversary year.

          • ravenclaw1991

            Ohh! How do you get it? I really want that! I have a few copies but they were like year old copies I founding at the back of the magazine rack at Barnes & Noble.

      • http://www.facebook.com/dlmarvin05 Dominique Marvin

        woah woah, calm down. He is right, you guys get a lot of exclusives so it’s only fair the US gets some too. Also, the stuff is being shipping OVER SEAS. Even with modern technology, that is a long, expensive thing to do. So sorry about that. Invent a different, faster way if you don’t like it

      • ravenclaw1991

        I’m not bitching, so I don’t know why you’re getting an attitude. What did I do to you? Absolutely nothing. Try living where I live there is no Doctor Who stuff and I prefer going to the store and getting stuff rather than shopping online. The Barnes & Noble here used to carry Doctor Who books, they stopped because no one else was buying them apparently. It was only a miracle my mom found series 7 part 1 at Target.. Other than that, there’s nothing.

  • Elphaba Thropp

    Please please please please let them be available in the US!

  • daff

    got mine on pre-order

    • mike

      how much is the set?

  • Ailbhe

    If I was Eccleston, Tennant or Smith I would definitely order loads of my Dr. Who stamp and only ever send letters with my face on them.

  • Indigo

    on my birthday! i already know the perfect gift from my sister :)

    • http://www.facebook.com/darthevil99 Thomas Bell

      It’s my Birthday as well that day, Happy Birthday!

  • Shelly

    Hoping I can find a friend in the UK who will pick these up for me!!!

  • http://twitter.com/BeccaPhoenix16 Liam I exist


  • Whovian me

    How much is the doctors set?

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