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Headwriter and star of 30 Rock, Tina Fey, gave a speech following the show wrapping its final scene yesterday that her cast-mates described as “beautiful” and “extremely funny.”

The last couple of weeks of 30 Rock’s production appear to have been hugely emotional for the cast and crew with presents exchanged, parties had and farewell tweets tweeted. But it’s only appropriate that Fey should get the final emotional send-off.

“I’ve never seen so many people gather for a final scene in my life,” Jane Krakowski (Jenna) told Vulture. “It was very touching and fitting to the affection that everyone has for her. Her speech was beautiful, heartfelt, and extremely funny. She just has it, you know?”

Fey told her departing co-workers that she sees herself as an alternate universe version of Liz Lemon – the only difference being that Liz works with jerks and she works with great people. Fey also mentioned that Keith Powell’s (Two-fer) cell-phone went off during her speech which she joked “kind of sums up (her) relationship with Keith over the last seven years.”

There are many historical events you’d want to be a fly on the wall for: the Invasion of Normandy, the invention of the printing press, the discovery of fire, etc. but an original Tina Fey speech to her emotional cast and crew now has to be near the top.


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    That last line is what makes hypable so great. The whole staff injects their personality into their pieces, which differs them from other entertainment websites that are either bland or use forced humour. Because of their personality-filled post you can always tell which are Andrew’s pieces from Selina’s or Tariq’s or Salazar’s. And depending on which fandoms you follow, you’ll learn which posts are one of the HeroHypers or CinemaHypers for example. As a result you feel like you get to know each news poster, and the website creates the aura of a tight-knit welcoming friendly community.
    Congrats to Andrew for thinking up the idea, but majority of the props go to the whole staff that brought it together and made this website what it is.

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