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Staff writer Tariq explains what he feels the show did right and wrong with the last episode of Merlin, and asks all the questions we’re begging to get answered.

I only started my journey with Merlin about three weeks ago, so it’s been an intense journey to get to the finale!

And while I knew all along that the series was going to end I was both looking forward to and dreading the moment the Merlin logo flashed across my screen for the last time. Now that it’s ended, I wanted to share what I personally think to be the things they did right and the things they did wrong for the series finale.

The Right

Mordred’s destiny to kill Arthur

All through this past series we’ve seen Mordred not only protect Arthur but save his life quite a few times, and it left us thinking “How is he going to be so evil he’s going to kill him? It this an act?”

We learned that no, this is not an act but that Mordred truly did care for Arthur as his King and his friend. And then Arthur had to go all Uther on us and sentence his sister/girlfriend/whatever she was to death despite Mordred literally begging him to let her go. What a perfect way to turn friend into foe! You can’t just kill one of your best knight’s girlfriends and pretend things are okay. And while I still have reservations about that plot point, you can totally understand Mordred’s switch of allegiance, which is the more important thing.

Morgana’s death

Despite it not being the vision she had in the fourth series, her death was perfectly timed with the rest of the plot developments and amazingly executed. Merlin’s line about the sword being forged in a dragon’s breath was so epic and badass that it added onto the perfectness in which Morgana finally faced her doom.

The magic reveal

This was the one thing I was probably looking forward to most the entire show, from Merlin becoming Arthur’s servant until the very end. I was crying right alongside Merlin as he told Arthur that the sorcerer who saved them was him, and that he had magic. It was so amazing I’m getting emotional just talking about it now!

I’m so glad that Arthur and Merlin had a chance to bond and get used to this new open air between them, traveling to the Isle of Avalon to save the king. This gave us a chance to see Arthur finally get to know Merlin as the real man and sorcerer he was. Seeing Arthur change from a man who told Merlin to leave him, to saying thank you for all the things he did, was truly heartbreakingly beautiful.

The bromance

Merthur shippers were given the ultimate gift, and the way the showrunners displayed the love story between Arthur and Merlin even had me flip-flopping from Gwen/Arthur to Merthur. You can’t argue against the fact that, yes, this was indeed a love story between Arthur and Merlin, because they loved each other so much you’d have to be blind not to see it! I just can’t say enough good things about this plot line, and it broke my heart that Merlin had to see Arthur die in his arms after working so hard and being so close.

The wrong

Who takes the throne after Gwen?

We almost end the show with Gwen sitting upon the throne of Camelot after it being announced that the king is dead. However, she doesn’t look pregnant! This is such a small thing to nitpick, I realize, but I just wish we had the glimpse of a pregnant queen so we know that Arthur’s line still continues.

What did Merlin do after the fact?

In that almost last scene with Gwen, we see everyone gathered to pay respects for the king and allegiance to the queen; everyone but Merlin. Gaius is there, Percival, the knights, but no Merlin! When we do see him in the final scene of the series we know that he’s alive and well, but what did he do between that time and how did he age so slowly? I have so many questions about how he left Gaius and if he ever saw Gwen again, and I just wish they spent an extra ten minutes showing us.

Merlin’s recognition

You know how in the promo for the last episode of the series we hear Gaius say “Let’s just say he deserves our gratitude”? Well, he still does and he hasn’t gotten it yet! I mean yes, he got Arthur’s gratitude, which is probably more important. But especially after the fact that Gwen realizes who the sorcerer was, you’d think they’d let us see Merlin being thanked by the kingdom for saving them from Morgana, not once but time and again.

The golden age of Albion

From the very beginning of the show we’re told that Arthur will bring about a time of peace to Albion. While we definitely see this happening in the last series, we miss out on seeing when/if magic was legalized again. Everyone was always telling us “There’ll be a day when magic will be allowed to be practiced in the open,” but apparently we won’t get to see it. Did Gwen take the ban off magic after realizing one of her best friends was a sorcerer? Or was the golden age of Albion just that little bit of peace we heard of between series 4 and 5?

The last scene

The one thing that I absolutely did not understand and quite honestly hated was the very last scene of the series finale, the one with the bus. The reason I love Merlin and the reason it was one of my favorite BBC shows was the fact that it was a period piece, and that it was set in a land of myth and a time of magic.

I totally understand they wanted to leave this bit open so that we have closure with the fact that Merlin will see Arthur again, and that his destiny is not over. However, that being said, I don’t know how I feel about associating this show with a possibly different show or idea or theme that will not take place in a land of myth or time of magic. Magic is not accepted, believed, majorly practiced, or open in our era, in real life, which this show just referenced to in the last five seconds. I want to see Merlin guide Arthur openly as a sorcerer and guide Albion to the time of peace and tranquility that he was supposed to.

Although there are so many possibilities with where they could be taking it from here, and where they want our minds to take it. It could be that maybe Camelot still exists today and it’s just an alternate universe type era where magic is accepted and goblins and trolls and high priestesses still exist, but if it’s not then I want nothing to do with it and I’m sad they made us think about it with the last five seconds. Gwen taking the throne was the perfect ending, and would’ve been enough for me.

What do you think the show did right or wrong with the series finale?

These were all the reservations I had about the series finale, and you might disagree with some or all of them. Let me know what you think – because I can’t be the only one upset with all the open ends, right?!

You can also hear what the hosts of Hypable’s Merlin podcast Talks of Camelot had to say about Merlin‘s finale, and see what the other fans are saying in the comments of our initial reactions post!

  • Eliza

    I have an unanswered question – what was the point of wasting time showing Percival tracking Morgana to Avalon if he wasn’t going to do anything? Like, did he find Merlin or did he just decide to go home, coz one minute he’s on his way to helping stop Morgana and the next he’s in Camelot, unenthusiastically cheering Gwen. I have a feeling there’s a cut scene somewhere there.

    Other than that, the episode was amazing, and Arthur and Gwaine’s deaths made me cry so much.

    • http://forgiveyourmind.tumblr.com/ Tariq

      I think he took Gwaine’s body back to Camelot and/or to tell people what happened.

    • sasspants

      My head cannon says Percival tracked Morgana to Avalon, where he found Merlin – they hugged and cried and both went back to Camelot for more hugs and cries.

      • http://www.keelstech.com/ Lee Keels


    • Alexia

      I think the same about Percival. I have a feeling there’s many cut scenes. I hope that exist an extended episode.

    • Emily

      thats exactly what i was saying! and Gwaine did not have to die! there was no reason to kill him off. I kepy expecting percival to come running in when merlin couldnt carry arthur anymore.

    • MizzyMel

      There was a cut scene that Percival saw Merlin send Arthur off on the boat and returned to Camelot to inform Gwen that Arthur had died. Merlin never returned to Camelot.

      • Andraea

        YAY! Makes total sense. That would tie up how Gwen knew Arthur was dead. They should not have cut that scene.

    • Omar

      My question is this, how in hell did they think they could beat the great Morgana le fey on their own? The high priestess of magic, what were they thinking?

    • Andrea

      Wow, true, did not think of that. They did not tie it in and it was a waste of precious screen time in the finale.

  • http://twitter.com/Dillon_Mays Dillon Mays

    I liked the last scene. It showed that even hundreds or thousands of years later, Merlin would still be waiting. And yeah the bus was a surprising new element, but it was a great way to show transition into the new world. It showed that Merlin is still around today, the tale lives on.

    • http://hypable.com Selina

      Exactly. I personally might have been happier (read: less catatonic) with an ending which didn’t have the old Merlin in present day, because it’d leave all possibilities for reincarnation open and I could imagine a happier end for him, but in terms of the story, Merlin being “the wizard who waited” just adds a whole new layer of tragedy. Which is sad, but also good BECAUSE it’s so sad.

      • merlaine anon

        I agree, but personally i think that the main element is that of an Aged merlin looking back 700 years or so, in remembrance of the once AND once again , Arthurian king.
        (everything happens in time- skips.)

  • http://hypable.com Selina

    I’ve said before that I think the final scene – while so upsetting because it showed Merlin still alone and still waiting – was needed to be the final twist of the sword in our guts (if you’ll pardon my analogy – TOO SOON!). Because it was already such a tragic ending, but if they hadn’t showed the future bit, we could have imagined Merlin forgetting Arthur and his destiny. Here, we very clearly see that after all this time, Merlin is STILL waiting for Arthur to return. And I think that makes the story 10 times more tragic. Which is horrible, but it’s also beautiful.

    And as you know, I’ve already decided that Gwen marries Leon, so you don’t need to worry about her. ;)

  • http://twitter.com/Red_Fiasco Cris

    You LIKED Morgana’s death? I couldn’t stand it. I expected some epic battle between two of the most powerful sorcerers in the world – instead, we got a sneak attack that seemed all too easy.

    • http://forgiveyourmind.tumblr.com/ Tariq

      I did! I enjoyed that it wasn’t some big battle and that she died easily and hopefully without much pain because i loved her before she turned evil and I’m glad she was put out of her misery.

      • Andrea

        I am also glad there was no epic dramatic battle. Merlin was not like that. He was usually more concerned about business than dramatics. It was fitting that he stuck a sword in her and clambered over her because his main goal was to get Arthur to safety. I thought her death was fitting. There were many times I wished someone would just finish her off and be done with it. How many times did they leave her to die and she came back? Merlin took care of it once and for all.

    • http://twitter.com/Dillon_Mays Dillon Mays

      Her death showed how Merlin is still human, how he’s not letting magic take over. Magic isn’t everything and that’s what made the moment more real. Yes it would be nice to see what they could do, but the simplicity here was superb.

    • Stacie

      I totally agree. I was honestly disgusted with Morgana’s end. This is a character we’ve spent 5 seasons with and I just needed…I don’t know…something more. Though she was the villain, I think there needed to be some type of revelation from her, whether that be her saying, “Merlin, I’m scared” or “Merlin, all I’ve ever done was for my kind.” Just something! It’s really hard for me to express exactly what it is I was looking for, but apparently there are many others who feel the exact same.

  • Sarah

    I liked Morgana’s death, because I believe that bad guys deserve to have a cheap death. But honestly I had forgotten the point that Merlin was her doom! until you mentioned it!

    My question is, how exactly Aithusa brought peace and luck for Merlin and Arthur and Albion?

  • Emrys Addict

    I loved the last episode…except why didn’t he call on the dragon earlier to take them to the Isle of Avalon? (Actually, I know, it was for the plot. There had to be time for the two men to rebond and for Arthur to die) It kept niggling at me. And I thought the present day ending was forced and dissonant. How horrible for Merlin to wait and wait and wait. Better to have the ending of one of the legends – he waits, sleeping, in a tree, for the once and future king.

    • Merlinitude

      I can think of two reasons why Merlin didn’t call the dragon earlier: 1) In a previous episode, we learned that the dragon was getting old, and 2) Given Arthur’s initial reaction to his discovery of Merlin’s magic powers, he would be unlikely to accept a lift from a dragon. Better to wait until he came to terms with Merlin being a sorcerer and/or slip into unconsciousness…

    • boo

      It was his destiny to die so Merlin only called on the dragon in desperate times when he was dying

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ben-Boult/515525226 Ben Boult

    The last 10 seconds were ridiculous. Why would we need Arthur during an international banking crisis or indeed any other crisis in the modern world? Fanciful and incredulous. Merlin returning to Camelot and Gwen issuing a proclamation allowing magic would have been a much better ending than “vagabond Merlin”.

    • MerlinGirl

      No….they were implying….that after all those years…Merlin stuck around. You saw isle of the Blessed all worn down and how Merlin’s shoulders dropped… the Great Dragon said that “when Albion’s need is greatest, Arthur will rise again.” And Merlin waited. Arthur is a skilled fighter and had been an amazing king. A better king than Uther. He gave common men a chance to be a knight. He married a serving girl, out of real love. He save an old women from being burn alive, when she was accused of using magic. He was willing to put his life on the line, just so that Merlin would live. He was a fair and just king. It is sad that we weren’t able to see him allowing magic back into the kingdom, (even though, most of us know he would have), but that’s how the legend goes. And no matter how much we long to change that, we can’t.

    • KellyDawn

      Not nonsense. It just shows that Merlin waited for nothing, as Albion ended up never having a “great need”. I like to think that after he saw the worn down Isle of the Blessed, he walked on, realizing he no longer has to wait. I hope he’d change himself into a young man again, and live in the new world, but I assume he’d go somewhere, and purposely say some spell to cause himself to die, so that he can be with the old gang again.

  • ForTheLoveOfCamelot

    I loved the final episode. As a fan who has been watching Merlin since the beginning, I feel it wrapped up the story of Arthur and Merlin quite nicely. I, like many others, spent Christmas Eve sobbing on my sofa. Sure, there were a few plot holes but Merlin has never had brilliant continuity. I watched Merlin for the magic and the way the cast and crew have brought the Arthurian legend to life. Colin Morgan and Bradley James were fantastic, the chemistry between them is undeniable. Their final scene together was heartbreaking and yet beautiful at the same time, you could really see the love between the two characters. The magic reveal I thought was really great; the internal struggle Merlin had by telling Arthur, Arthur’s reaction from disbelief to anger and then to slow acceptance. Arthur finally saw that Merlin has been protecting him for years which was exactly what all the fans wanted. At the end, as Arthur lay in Merlin’s arms and finally said ‘Thank-you’, it was rather bittersweet. I agree with the fact that some people felt there was a large build up of Merlin’s destiny and that we didn’t really see the golden years of Albion. Along with Morgana’s death, that all felt a bit rushed. I also wanted to know what happened to Aithusa and the rest of the characters in Camelot. I feel though that the final ending with modern day Merlin still waiting for Arthur’s return and walking alongside the Lake of Avalon was inspired. It truly showed the dedication and love that Merlin has for his king. I know it’s just a TV show and many people will think me strange but I will miss Merlin more than I can say. For the love of Camelot.

    • Andrea

      I completely agree. It was a fitting end. When is everything perfect? I would have been disappointed if they wrote a perfect ending. It would have been unbelievable. This finale was completely believable. Of course we wanted to see magic returned to the land, but that may have never happened.

      • finalerewrite

        I agree that the happy end wouldn’t do after all the buildup of ‘impending doom” in season 5, but watching Merlin die alongside his king would give all of us sense of closure, and would be a fitting finale for Arthur-Merlin relationship throughout the series.

  • boo

    well I think they are going to make more or hopefull the creators say they already are or actualy have made a new series of something for January 2013 to fill Merlin’s place on Saturday nights I think they do need to make a future version where Arthur returns and Merlin finds him merrrrrr I need more MERLIN

  • jimmy

    I hated that Arthur died. Or that if he did – Merlin should have defied reality and conventional wisdom again by taking him to the Isle of Avalon and some creative way bringing him back.

    The Morgana death – liked and disliked. There was a part of me that wanted to see an epic dual of magic that we have not seen before in the series.

    Truck ending – confusing and unnecessary.

    Overall – great episode (amazing series) with an unfortunate ending. My suggestion – gather the cast for Merlin Series 5, Episode ALTERNATE. Don’t kill of Arthur and give us en epic ending of Magic coming into the Land, a future look at Merlin and Arthurs relationship, and a prenant Gwen. Oh – and see merlin get that favorite meal promised by Gaius.

    • Merlin groupie

      Yes please! Then people could enjoy watching it over and over. At least, I would!

    • Emily

      i agree! Merlin is the most powerful sorcerer EVER he totally couldve brought him back to life. I just needed a happy ending to make me feel satisfied. I think we should petition for an alternate ending, im still holding out that they have one honestly.

      • http://forgiveyourmind.tumblr.com/ Tariq

        And it seemed like he forgot allll about the Cup of Life! That would’ve been VERY handy indeed.

        • Emily

          Thank you! Finally someone else has mentioned this! I follow lots of Merlin fans on Twitter and no-one else seems to have thought of the Cup of Life. Come on – Merlin has a dragon who can presumably heal people the way Aithusa did (or he could tell Aithusa to help), he has healing power Kilgharrah taught him, the dragon could take him to Avalon quickly (though the two times Merlin met the Sidhe they were enemies, so that seems a stupid plan), they have the Cup of Life in the vaults, Kilgharrah could fly them there in no time, Gaius rode there on a horse in like half a day. There was absolutely no reason for him to fail! It would have been more believable if they’d got there in time and it hadn’t worked, rather than got there too late. Merlin’s not that useless.

          • Victoria

            The Cup of life was destroyed at the end of season 3 by Merlin using Excalibur.

          • SirKaffee

            No, it wasn’t. It is later revealed that the true power of the cup cannot be destroyed and only transferred.

          • Sharonneke95

            Since Arthur is struck by a blade forged in a dragon’s breath “it would take a power as ancient as the dragons themselves” to revert the fatal consequences, right?

            Then why not ask Kilgharrah to heal him, rather than ask him to get them to creatures that might be able to help (I really don’t think the Sidhe would, they aren’t that nice indeed ;) )
            Or isn’t magic older than dragons? If you think about it, magic should have been before any living (magical) things, right? And Merlin is magic, he’s like the personification of magic. Shouldn’t he be able to heal Arthur then?
            And isn’t love seen as the most ancient and most powerful force of all? I think because of his love towards Arthur (as a brother (the way I see it) or not) Merlin should be able to heal Arthur, to draw the fragment of the sword out of his chest.

            Don’t get me wrong, I would have loved this ending if it would have come later. I just missed too much of the expected things. And indeed, this ending wasn’t expected in some ways, which is cool sometimes, but there were things that should have been in the show, things we, the fans, had been waiting for all these years.
            Merlin should have been on Arthur’s side as a sorcerer, Arthur should have been the one to bring magic back and I surely had hoped for a big fight between Merlin and Morgana (even though that last thing isn’t really necessary, it would have showed that Merlin indeed would have been the greatest sorcerer to ever walk the earth) .
            And the magic reveal… It was rushed and I didn’t like that. That, too, was one of the things, if not the most important thing, we had been waiting for for a long time, so it should have been done properly, I think.
            And, indeed, I mostly dislike that it is now as if Merlin was too late to save Arthur, as if he failed and that he is left to wander the earth for over 1500 years, all alone. That’s just so sad :(
            Add that all to the other loose ends (most of them have already been mentioned) and you get a very disappointed fan over here…
            I loved the series, just not the rushed, weird ending of it. I hope they will set this straight indeed with another series or a film, but I’m afraid they just won’t do that. The story has been told and the book has been closed, there’s no need for them to rewrite the tale, I guess…
            Luckily we still have fanfictions where everything is set straight, but they will never be nearly as good as the series have been and it would have been better if it hadn’t been necessary to read those to ease our minds.

          • Randy

            The dragon said that it was his destiny to die then. Merlin couldn’t change that.

      • Lauren

        Let Merlin save Arthur and the return and find Gaius dead. Random but as they say, “the old man with the white beard had to die.”

    • Omar

      I absolutely agree with the episode alternate. The most powerful sorcerer in the world could have used magic to fly his dearest friend to the Isle, or at least summon the dragon sooner for the flight. I really would pay to watch a future look at Merlin and Arthur’s relationship with Camelot finally at peace from Morgana le fey. And I would want her dispatched with a bit more fanfare, a Voldemort-Harry Potter style duel would be perfect.

      • MerlinGirl

        Like the Great Dragon said, there are things even, the most powerful sorcerer can’t do. The dragon was weak. He said in the previous few ep that his time is coming and that he was weak, but that he will serve Merlin for as long as he has the strength. Merlin probably didnt want to bother the dragon. Or that if the dragon really had passed away at some point, Merlin probably didnt want to face that

  • sasspants

    I would have much preferred the last scene to be a Merlin looking more comfortable in the world around him and less…homeless. Even a Bear-Grylls-living-life-outdoors look would have been better. That’s a long time to be sad and lonely and thats the feeling I got from him, that he was lost and alone and waiting for something that might never come. It’s a horrible feeling to end the show on – I just feel sad for Merlin and all that he lost.

    Currently immersing my self in fanfic to cheer me up

  • sasspants

    OMG Merlin should totally do a crossover with Rory Williams where they can both sit around and whine about people who just take forever to turn up!

    • http://www.facebook.com/Nevercryanothertear Michael Stewart Kearney


  • michele

    In the Arthurian legends, Queen Guinevere remains childless and therefore their isn’t an heir to the throne of Camelot.

  • http://www.facebook.com/sarah.oppenheim.9 Sarah Oppenheim

    I think Gwen not having children was purposeful, that they specifically wanted us to know that with Arthur and Morgana’s deaths, the Pendragon line is completely extinct, and a new line of rulers is going to start with Gwen (I don’t know about anyone else, but I felt the Gwen/Leon oozing out of every pixel on my screen.)

    I also feel that the implication was that Gwen was the one who’d bring about the golden age of Albion, as the dragon says that everything Merlin worked for has come to pass, then we move on the Gwen becoming sole ruler. Also, the actors did say we would be surprised by the end, and Gwen being the true ruler of Albion is certainly a new take on the story. It seems Arthur’s purpose was to get the people ready for Albion and get Gwen into a position where she could finally create it, and Merlin had to get Arthur ready to rally the people.

    • ClaraOswin

      How did everything come to pass that Merlin worked for? It wasn’t clear to me. Magic wasn’t freely practiced. Albion wasn’t united. Merlin didn’t protect Arthur. We barely got to see Merlin as the most powerful wizard in the world during the battle. He helped create the monster Morgana became. I love the shot of Gwen on the throne. That was great! She’ll be a great queen.

  • http://www.facebook.com/sarah.oppenheim.9 Sarah Oppenheim

    I feel like I’m the only one who actually liked the modern day ending. However, I feel like if they were going to do a modern day spin off with a reincarnated Arthur and the “future” of the “once and future king,” it would have to be really serious to prevent it from being too crack-fanfiction like. I mean, REALLY serious, like along the lines of V for Vendetta or Game of Thrones as far as the politicking is concerned.

  • ClaraOswin

    I felt emotionally for an audience that the writer’s crammed too much into that last half an hour. I needed more time for Arthur handle Merlin’s reveal. We have in a 30 minute time period four deaths, the big Merlin reveal, rejection and distrust of Merlin by Arthur. Those feelings of betrayal and shock slowly replaced by the realization that he didn’t really know Merlin as he thought he did. Finally we get to gratitude, forgiveness, respect and love. That’s a lot of emotions for your audience to go through in a half an hour and there was a lot to think about in there. So the abrupt arrival of the truck lurches you out of that emotional space that the writers just took you to. Then you get Merlin wandering around in modern day and as an audience member you’re confused because you changed historical times. You also ask new questions you wouldn’t have had if they hadn’t dragged you into the future. For instance, if Merlin is in my time what happened to everyone else? Did he ever go back to Camelot?

    You forgot to mention how they played with the Arthurian cannon. Up until the end they have played fast and loose with the Arthurian Legends. Gwen was a maid in the castle instead of being of noble birth. The writer’s nixed the whole queen who brought down Camelot cannon. Gwen and Lancelot never had the adulterous affair that tore the kingdom apart and broke the king’s heart. Merlin actually helps Uther and Igraine conceive Arthur. We know Nimueh took that job. Merlin was originally trapped in the Crystal cave forever but the writers had that be only temporary and used the cave as Merlin’s power base. Power base, that’s not in the legends. I’m glad the writers got creative when creating the series. That’s the reason I watched it. I wasn’t going to watch Merlin when it first came on the air because I know the Arthurian legends. I know it all ends badly with incest, adultery and betrayal. I’ve seen lots of different versions. I didn’t want to see the same old tired story played out yet again. But, I watched the first episode of Merlin and thought “Oh, this is different and interesting.” The writers aren’t afraid to make changes to cannon. So when I see a young Arthur only three years into his reign get killed by Mordred with no Golden Age for Camelot, I’m thinking what’s the point of this show. In the cannon Arthur was a much older man when he is killed. I hear the argument that the writer are killing Arthur because that’s cannon. Well one version of the Arthurian legends has Arthur killing Merlin by chopping him in two and burning him. They could have ended with that all in the name of cannon too. But, they didn’t. I wouldn’t have wanted to see that for an ending.

    My point is if they didn’t stick to cannon for the five years why stick to it for the last episode. It’s a legend. Let’s be creative people. If Peter Jackson can change the ending of Lord of the Rings to make it more upbeat then the writing team of Merlin could have left it’s audience with more closure. I wasn’t happy with “The Return of the King” changes because I’d read the books and know how it is supposed to end. Then I saw the movie. I was fine with it because it made sense for the audience after going through this long journey through three movies to be left on a more positive, hopeful and bittersweet note versus what really happens when the Hobbit return to The Shire. Merlin could have done that if they had worked towards the end of series from the beginning of season 5. Merlin didn’t save Arthur, didn’t create Albion, didn’t bring magic back and only revealed his powers to Arthur no one else. The dragon said they will live on in the legends but I didn’t see anything that was legendary except for the Camlon battle and no ones knows Merlin had anything to do with that except Gwen. I spent five seasons watching the show for the pay off which was hyped in episode after episode of a Golden Age being brought about by Merlin and Arthur. Only the magic reveal to Arthur happened but at the last possible moment when he’s dying. Deathbed acceptance of Merlin vs. spending a season of Arthur and Merlin having to work it out. Especially since the show is so upbeat and hopeful. Merlin now walks the earth. A lonely wanderer is he. It didn’t stay true to that theme in the end.

    • http://www.facebook.com/george.mxwll George Mxwll

      I completely agree! The acting was good, but the writing was a cop out. Where’s the alternative creativity that they have defined the whole series with? Dissapointed with the cliche we see in every other Arthurian flic.

    • Emily

      you are completely right, why stick to the legend with the very end if you havent all the other seasons. GIVE US CLOSURE!

    • Omar

      The show ended in utter hopelessness for viewers and for Merlin, as the truck thing means he has waited for Arthur to rise for thousands of years and nothing has happened yet. All the people they both loved are dead. What would be the point of Arthur rising now? They should make an alternate finale and show it in cinemas, people will surely pay to watch.

    • ChihuahaPsycho

      Why wud u ever post sumthing that long

    • http://www.keelstech.com/ Lee Keels

      In this context, the word is “canon,” not “cannon.”

    • http://www.facebook.com/vaishnavi.srimag Vaishnavi Srimag

      I cannot agree with you more! What’s thepoint of being creative if you cant give us a good happy ending? I mean we all know Arthurian legends, but we watched MErlin only because we hoped for something else, something good and happy! Which Merlin was, untill the LAST EPISODE! It’s heartbreaking that every episode Merlin had was beautiful except the most important one. The LAST ONE!! :(

      • MerlinGirl

        You guys need to understand that the writers couldn’t just change the ending of Arthur’s legends into a happy ending, just to fit our taste. I thought that the ending was perfect. You saw how Merlin ended up. He waited for Arthur. The Great Dragon said that “when Albion’s need is greatest, Arthur will rise again.” You saw the Isle of the Blessed worn down and you see Merlin walk passed it and his shoulders drop. He waited all these years for Arthur to rise, but he never did. The writers weren’t rushing it. They couldn’t have all of it acted out, leaving nothing for the audience’s imagination. The ending was extremely heart breaking and I didn’t want to see the series end, but it was perfect. They gave us no more….no less. I’d rather them not drag it out for another 2 or 3 seasons, with the same events happening over and over again. But like the Great Dragon said, the story they have been apart of, “will live long in the minds of men”.

        • leighton

          How about instead of crushing their creation to close it, they just leave it open. Arthur battles mordred but arthur wins yet mordred survives. Morgana dies and they all celebrate. Then the episode closes with merlin waking after a terrible vision and we see an image of mordred, eyes burning or some dramatic effect to point that the prophecy has only been delayed. The purists ate happy and we get that upbeat ending that this upbeat series deserved.

    • Merlin Fan

      I also agree! I know the show is only one interpretation and that I can create what ever ending I want in my mind but it’s not the same. I want Arthur to live! I don’t care if he is supposed to come back later. I wanted him and merlin to have adventures together where merlin could freely use magic!

      I know that the actors said no to another season, and I get that. Working in the same job for 5 years with a repetitive plot must get boring; so instead of begging them to do another season, I like for them to create an alternate ending for merlin, just for us. I mean how long could one episode take to make? A couple months? It was just so heart breaking, as a fan of the show to have them build of over 5 seasons for arthur to have a great kingdom and accept merlin’s magic to squish it all in an hour and then kill arthur!

      So pleases writers and actors. Stick it out for a 2 hour season finale with an alternate ending. One with arthur living and magic is accepted, also please allow gwaine to live, didnt really get why you killed him.

      Anyway please do this and I promise we won’t bother you guys to make another season or movie. At I promise that anyway, But if you want to I’m o.k. with that as well ;)

    • Judith Hurrell

      i agree. very dissapointing finale. did they just decide one morning to wrap up the series?

  • sasspants

    So I was just trawling Tumblr and someone mentioned they used a male diver to ‘catch’ sword Merlin threw into the lake – at the time my vision was blurred with tears so I couldn’t really tell and just assumed it was everybody’s favorite Lady of the Lake – but what if the hand being male…means it wasn’t meant to be Freya who caught it – was it meant to be Arthur?

    Or does everybody else know this and I’m just slow..

    • ClaraOswin

      It was a male hand. It was obvious.

      • MerlinsDragon

        It was the hand of a male diver because they hadn´t a woman for that. But it´s meant to be Freya. Alice Troughton twittered it.

  • spudbird2009

    I to would of liked to know if magic was welcomed back and to see the relationship between arthur and merlin, once arthur knew about merlins magic.

  • Shell

    What was the point of everyone dying to warn Merlin about Arthur and not do anything. Merlin was in the crystal cave and probably saw what was going to happen. Arthur did not even defend himself with Mordred. Why didn’t Merlin call the dragon in the first place to take him to the island of the bless. I could go on. And on. Just makes Merlin look weak for not doing anything.

    Also what is the point of Merlin life of 1500 years if all he does is go around waiting for Arthur return. That is a true waist of his life.

    My main concern is I think the ending display the wrong message to the younger generation. There is nothing you can do to change your destiney. The message sent is that Merlin should have killed Mordred and Morgana before they went bad because no matter what, we can’t change our destiny. I think that is the wrong message. This was and is a family show. The show never displayed much of kissing, or blood and gorge. There is no way to deny this. There are magazines, little toy figurines and games. Just a wrong way to end it in a dark fashion. If Arthur’s death was need then do a time jump to it.

    The whole show felt rushed. I did enjoy Colin and Bradley acting. I felt all the emotions in the story. Just for a series that gave hope every day ended on a sour note for me.

    • http://twitter.com/ZachClarke88 Zachary Clarke

      You are right. It is a wrong message to send that you can’t change your destiny. The message should be you are Master of your own Destiny – with your own inner magic. Merlin spent 5 years to avert Arthur’s Destiny and these writers had him fail. Then we feel better that Arthur will rise again and so we think maybe a few years. Then they slam us with 1500 years of Merlin lonely and waiting! That sucked!

      • MerlinGirl

        The writer didnt make Merlin fail. THE LEGEND goes that he failed. You can’t change the legend, because that’s what makes it feel real.

        • d00d

          Merlin didn’t fail. Albion hasn’t needed Arthur since.

          Duh, the Arthurian mythology is the English creation myth, like Remus and Romulus for Rome.

    • JesterAmongFools

      actually I think the message sent was instead that “often one meets his destiny on the road he takes to avoid it.” everything merlin did led a chain of events and the choices he made brought everyone to the point in which he tried to prevent. this is most evident when he denoused magic completely in his attempt to let Mordred die, only to find that this choice led to his recovery so he could fulfill his part in the destiny.

      the thing that gets me is that magic never returned to the land. in a world were magic is available at the request of a king, would mean very few technological advances would be made. but by the truck passing by and merlin still waiting this tells me magic would never have become allowed in all that time and merlin is waiting for his friend, his freedom, and his destiny to continue. which is far more tragic than most even considered. there was talk of a movie for closer but after this ending I can’t help but feel that it will never happen. good and tragic series I can appreciate a good tragity and that is just what this is, just like Romeo and Juliet.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002526133389 Ewan Gillings

    I hated the ending – after 5 SERIES of Merlin living in the shadows and hiding his powers, he finally opens up to Arthur. I loved the way that Arthur slowly came to realise that magic can be used for good – but I wanted too see it develop! Personally, I would have preferred the last 5 minutes to have been Arthur getting saved, and then a scene of Arthur and Merlin getting along with each other, despite Merlin’s magic. Also, there should have been some indication the Gwen was pregnant or had a son – prehaps a small throne next to hers? And after all this talk of “magic being accepted in the future,” why was there no paper signing?! I would have loved for Gwen to have signed piece of paper, and all we would have seen would be her signature and the title (or something like that.) Anyway, I liked the first 30 minutes – but not too keen on the last 15 :S

    • Emily

      i agree!

    • MerlinGirl

      That’s how the legend goes. Merlin fails and Arthur does. You can’t change the legend, just to fit your taste.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jessamyn.deedspage Jessamyn Deeds-Page

    I have so many opinions I can never express them all, so I’ll just pick one or two.
    (as for a pregnant Gwen, I can’t find any mythology of Arthur and Guinevere having a child – Arthurian legend has given Arthur lots of kids, but they pretty much all died… there was Tom, the spinoff of doom, but he was not Gwen’s son)

    As far as the last few seconds, while there’s some substantial doubt that King Arthur ever existed at all, there’s some evidence that the Arthurian legends were, at least *inspired* by a real person or people, and as early as the eleventh century, they were firmly held beliefs. Not in a parallel world, but here in our own land, it was held that Arthur would return, starting in the eleventh century, based on the fact that there was no grave for King Arthur, so he couldn’t be dead, right? This wasn’t written in for Merlin, the idea grew with the Arthurian legend, continuing for many centuries – including (maybe apocryphally) Philip II of Spain, on marrying an the English queen, promising to abdicate the throne if Arthur should return!

    The wistful promise of a triumphantly returning Arthur has inspired readers, dreamers and believers for a thousand years, my favorite being the following quote from C.S. Lewis, who said that the Pevensies returning to Narnia had seemed “as if King Arthur came back to Britain as some people say he will. And I say the sooner the better.”

  • Primorose

    That poor Merlin deserved a better end. I feel for Merlin, more than for Arthur. He lost his best friend and was never properly thanked for all he had done. Ok, Arthur thanked him, but I wanted to see Arthur having a change of heart and deciding that sorcery wasnt that bad after all, that did not happen, not properly. I wanted to cry when Arthur told Merlin to go away because he had lied. I wanted to cry but I didn’t because wasn’t even that good of a storyline to make me cry. No hope for Camelot, no hope for the bbc…after 5 years watching the show and investing emotionally on it, looking forward to each and every new season, thats the thanks we get…I felt quite…cheated….just to clarify, i was not hoping for a happily ever after end, just for one that made more sense. And that lorry at the end…give me a break…

    • MerlinGirl

      That lorry at the end was to show how time had passed. You saw Merlin walk past the Isle of the Blessed and how his shoulders dropped. The Great Dragon had said that “when Albion’s need is greatest, Arthur will rise again.” All those years, Merlin waited. And you saw how worn down the Isle of the Blessed was. In a way, that was even more tragic and heart breaking. Merlin stuck around all those years, and hoped…for Arthur to rise again

  • Linny

    I don’t like the ending, period! It didn’t provide closure… Merlin deserves better…

  • JP

    Why didn’t Arthur ask Merlin why he killed his father? I mean, Arthur hated that old sorcerer. You’d think he’d ask before he died.

  • JP

    I also hated how in the stories you know Merlin as a trusted from of Arthur, and Arthur knows of Merlin’s magic for years and years, counting on Merlin’s advice. But we didn’t see any of that in this series.

  • http://twitter.com/ZachClarke88 Zachary Clarke

    Now they cannot make a movie of them back at Camelot 5 or 10 or 20 years later. The ending only allows for Arthur and Merlin fighting modern day evils. Sounds more like a comedy. I mean, Arthur can’t take the throne can he? What would the Queen do?! Or maybe Arthur will run for Prime Minister, with Merlin as his Campaign Manager and then Chief of Staff. That would be a hoot.

    • http://forgiveyourmind.tumblr.com/ Tariq

      You’re absolutely right. I’m hoping that Arthur was reborn back in Camelot days and not in modern times because a king has no place in our current world. Unless they do some sort of Alternate Universe where Camelot still exists and it’s reigned by a king.

  • Jack

    I think that the Golden Age where magic can be practiced freely has yet to happen. The closing scene ends the same way that the legend of King Arthur I know does, with the promise that King Arthur will return someday in the future. At that time, will have the Golden Age.

    • http://forgiveyourmind.tumblr.com/ Tariq

      But is the Golden Age a few hundred or thousand years away/in modern day?! Does Albion still exist then? That’s why I disliked the ending, because there are no kings now and Arthur would look ridiculous as prime minister or something. That’s not right. :P

  • Emily

    The finale was absolutely terrible! It could not have had a worse ending. We spent 5 seasons seeing Merlin help Arthur with his magic and hear him say to many people how someday soon it will be different. Magic will be allowed. They built it up the entire time the show was running only to totally run it into the ground with the end. They also spent the majority of the last episode with amazing bonding time between Merlin and Arthur which was so great, the magic reveal was wonderfully done but then they get you feeling all good about their relationship then he dies….he DIES. In Merlins arms no less. I mean are you fucking kidding me, he is the second most important character and there is no reason for the most important character to exist (merlin) without him. Like the author of this post i also feel that the biggest draw when i first started this series was that is was a period series, the very end with the modern twist totally ruined that. No, you cannot/should NOT make a spin off. There is no place for magic in the era, it would not make sense. And because you did that i mean couldnt you have eluded to gwen being pregnant, i kept waiting for her to say that to arthur and it never came. I mean there is no line after her. I guess what im trying to say it you really fucked up bbc, this was my favorite show and on christmas eve i was just depressed and spent a while crying over Arthur and Gwaines death (who might i add didnt have to die, and where did percival go, not after morgana ill tell you that for sure.). Horrible, just horrible. How in the world did you think this was going to make Merlin fans happy or content. Thanks for 5 seasons of build up only to receive dissapointment

    • http://www.facebook.com/lucy.gamble.37 Lucy Gamble

      Well said Emily! My thoughts exactly. :-)

  • ArthurXOXO

    When on earth will Arthur rise again??? i hope they do a reincarnated arthur with a different soul spin-off series in the future, and an old merlin at his side. still sooooooooo sad about how arthur died, i wa looking forward to something like, Arthur winning the battle alive and then at the end a happy camelot with arthur 40 or 50 years old (old) and gwen with a son to take care of the kingdom and morganas death a little longer, like a magic battle, but still Merlin is the best series for me. So sad it came to an end i hoped it would last like 3 more, Arthur was barely king.

  • warehousekid

    I have a couple of things to say. One is that I smiled and my heart broke at the same time when Arthur said “Thank you”. Probably the best moment of the whole episode. Gwaine’s death broke my heart.

    As far as the bust scene is concerned, I agree that Merlin is still waiting after all of this time….

    But am I the only person who sees a possible modern spinoff???

    Just saying.

  • oorazugoku

    Let me say first that Merlin was in the end scene with Gwen on the throne… he was in the audience on the right side, you can see him in his usual clothes. The end, however, was very rushed. I didn’t really expect there to be an amazingly epic battle between him and Morgana but she did die quickly and the throne scene was short. The modern day scene also seemed rushed… like they didn’t put much thought into it. Sure they are showing Merlin still waiting for his friend Arthur but I think it would have been better simply showing him older but still in that time period.

    • http://forgiveyourmind.tumblr.com/ Tariq

      I totally missed him! Twice! Wow. Ahaha, thanks for pointing that out.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Gavin-Walsh/100000260589961 Gavin Walsh

      you must have a really good eye to see him there, as it doesn’t zoom in you would recon he should be standing beside the throne on the right

    • Insipid47

      I still don’t see him. :-(

    • Zara

      I still cant see him :(

    • Victoria

      “Let me say first that Merlin was in the end scene with Gwen on the throne… he was in the audience on the right side, you can see him in his usual clothes.”

      Where? Clip of the final scene is here, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S1lPbpGTTVM. I don’t see any figure anywhere that can be Merlin.

      Based on his words to a dying Arthur, “my magic is for you, Arthur. Only for you”, “Camelot is nothing without you”, Merlin never went back to Camelot. Gaius already knew that Merlin would not return, hence his comment about setting out Merlin’s favorite meal. That’s what was done at Samhain for those who were gone.

      Supposedly in the deleted scene where Percival sees the boat with Arthur heading to Avalon, Merlin sees Percival and then turns away.

  • http://twitter.com/FyMerlinxArthur Fy-MerlinXArthur

    I thiink that if they’d taken that modern glimpse off it would have felt 100 times worse to face the ending of the show. We had to see for ourselves that Merlin was indeed destined to guard Arthur and wait for him and this way we’ll be able to copy with the long wait of Merlin to be reunited with this King, even if it take thousand of years.

  • Jen

    I’ve never laughed so much as I did when they pulled that ending out the bag, especially at my sister’s reaction (she’s a die-hard fan). For a show that has been solely immersed in fantasy I couldn’t believe the writers were going to keep to their lazy ways in suddenly putting the story in the modern times. All I can say is I’m glad I gave up on it a long time ago because if I was still a fan I would have been fuming.

  • Jen

    Also, I love how Arthur still reacts to Merlin being magical in the same repulsed way that he would have acted in the first series. Talk about character development…

    • Insipid47

      Well, he was raised by Uther. It also does a lot to explain his cluelessness. The homophobic father never recognizes that his son is gay no matter how flamboyent the son is.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Latrodectus.Pallidus Marlon Pineda

    Yeah the thing with the bus left my wife and me in a huge “WTF?” moment. We thought it switched over to another show, but then it panned over to the huge pillar on the island and we understood then and there. It was a good way to represent that Merlin is still very much a guardian even in modern times, but if they had to choose a time period, I would have been more for the 1700′s-1800′s. A time known for the hanging of suspected witches.

  • http://twitter.com/vSUPERfreckles Sergeant Pancakes

    I felt like the ending was perfect but at the same time absolutely horrible. It was a knife being twisted in my gut. The epilogue showed it so far into the future that now I know there is no chance for a movie or a sequel when we get to see Merlin and Arthur reunited. It wasn’t a happy ending. Too many questions left unanswered.

    Currently going through a period of mourning right now and I get sick to my stomach thinking about the ending. It’s almost like a really bad breakup. I know that seems dramatic to say about a show but after being invested for 5 years I thought I’d have gotten something better than that.

  • Jane.Doe

    As someone that has been quite vocal about hating what they did with this season, I actually was pretty pleased (surprisingly) with the end. Sure, there are lots of unanswered questions and we never get to see Arthur and Merlin unite Albion, or magic becoming legal again etc. But honestly, we were never going to get that from these writers.

    I am glad that they spent the majority of the episode focused on what they should have been focused on this entire season – Merlin and Arthur. I am gutted that Arthur dies, but I knew it was going to happen. I also expected the modern scene at the end as well from spoilers I read (and while it was very jarring and not expertly done, I am okay with it because it gives hope that Arthur isn’t truly gone, though it is heartbreaking to see that Merlin has spent over a thousand years apparently alone, waiting for Arthur’s return).

    If I could change anything, of course it would be that they hadn’t dicked around for almost an entire season with pointless, and boring, filler episodes that did nothing to move the plot along. It would have been wonderful to see an entire season of Arthur coming to accept Merlin’s magic, coming to accept Merlin himself, and realizing how very much he has to thank Merlin for. Of seeing Arthur and Merlin actually uniting Albion, of Arthur bringing magic back to the kingdom (as we were told he would do from the very first bloody episode).

    That being said, I am so damn thankful that they did NOT have Gwen bloody pregnant. My GOD, that would have been gag worthy AWFUL!!!!! The worst bloody freaking cliche I could think of. *shudders* Almost every single legend has Gwen barren. I would absolutely have HATED seeing the writers ignore that (when they’ve ignored so bloody many aspects of the legend in regards to Gwen to make her a disgustingly MARY SUE character), and left us with the image of her pregnant. I think it’s only the Arwen fen that want that, and possibly only because this episode was basically “THE EPIC LOVE STORY OF MERLIN AND ARTHUR”. When Gwen spoke to Gaius, it absolutely felt like Gwen accepting that Arthur and Merlin were the ones destined to be together until the very end – and she was glad.

    At any rate, Colin and Bradley were phenomenal in this episode. My heart was in my throat through every one of their scenes together. There’s a lot I wish the writers had done with the series, especially with this final season, but they did a lot better than I’d been fearing with this final episode.

    All I can say though is that they won’t get even half the ratings they did for a reboot, or movies, if they can’t get Colin and Bradley back so I really, really hope they don’t go forward with different actors.

  • Breenie

    Something that was hugely wrong – Guinevere did not get to say goodbye to her husband. After everything that they went through to be together, she did not get to see her husband before he died. Instead, she got perhaps the worst ending – ruling a kingdom alone with no help from one of her supposed best friends, Merlin. No reference was made to her as “The Once and Future Queen”, so we are left to assume that she was buried in the Lake of Avalon to be resurrected along with her husband.

    We also saw no reaction to his death. How did Guinevere and the other Knights find out? Did Merlin send a raven with the news? Was she to find out of Arthur’s death through a messenger? She suffered the most injustice of the whole series – losing her entire family and then her husband.
    Also, Gwaine’s death really upset me because he died thinking that he had failed. After being tortured by the horrendous Morgana, his last words were ones of regret and failure. It was just a horrible send off for one of the most noble and lovable Knights.
    In saying all this, I really enjoyed the episode. I just think that everything could have been dealt with more satisfactorily had we had an extra 15/20 minutes.

  • Sabrina

    I say the bromance is equal to that of Damon and Alaric of vampire diaries. Sorry but I couldn’t see romance between them

  • mary

    i think they should’ve been merlin saying long live the queen not sir loen he should be there by gwen’s side because everytime that arthur face death he asks merlin to look after gwen he didnt have the chance to say it in the last minute but we all know that merlin knows that… what i didnt like is the sadness on gwen’s eyes yes we have all those beautiful scenes between merlin and arthur but what about gwen she didnt even got a chance to say goodbye to her husband ship or not ship the fact is that arthur loved and marry gwen they been through a lot to be together he change the laws just to be with her i think they should give us a least one scene between them… it broke my heart to see gwen waiting for him with so many hope that she will see him again but on the end she was left alone with so many on her shoulder she didnt even had a choice… it’s just wrong… i think her end was the most sad merlin got to see arthur and tell him about his secret and arthur died in piece, but what about gwen she lost everyone she loved and her best friend wasnt even there with her …just not fair</3

  • suely

    people talking about love story between merlin and arthur well that’s suck the show was about merlin destiny’s and is destiny was to bring magic back to camelot.. did i miss something the great dragon since the first eps said that to merlin… it was great acting by the actors but that was ridiculous it send a bad message that we can never change our destiny they should show us that yes we can… merlin failed he didnt save arthur he had only one job and he failed… they tried to brainwash us with all those merlin and arthur scene but the truth is that merlin was not a hereo as they describe him he failed and the sad part is that he still alone and homeless so there’s nothing beautiful about that… they only show us that our favorite heroe failed that’s all.. we deserved better as do merlin

  • trutlady

    what love story?… merlin and arthur were friends but sadly now days people dont know what friendship is if two man care for each other they are gay… they destroy everythig it was suppost to be a story about friendship and loyaty and they made into something totaly different… we know all along that arthur loved gwen but so many people had issues with that and we all know why they hate on gwen for not reason they want to have a white princess they didnt get it so merlin was the closest one to a whiite princess… if fans want to see it that way is ok but the producers liten to them was sooooo unprofessional and well we all saw what they did on the last eps… just saying

  • Insanityisgood25

    Totally agree with you on everything!

  • Luke Collinson

    I was really upset to know that this show had ended, it cheered up my Saturday evening. However I am really angry that they showed the modern day scene for the ending. Shame, And was magic allowed?

  • http://www.facebook.com/jim.heckman.7 Jim Heckman

    The end was contrived at the last minute when the actors decided not to return for a 6th series. So everything was rushed into a handful of episodes. Capps, Murphy and Jones played fast and loose with the legend and conveniently forgot so many events, people or items that appeared in previous episodes. I can’t take their ending seriously.

    The show shouldn’t ended with the Battle of Badon, not Camlann. The Golden Age of Camelot still laid ahead.That would have left a living Arthur and a happy audience. It didn’t because the producers felt rushed to get to Camlann.

    The dead of Arthur was heart rendering. Yes, it was a love story between two men and one that no one should reject. Society should be ready for that. I don’t believe that Merlin stood by the lake for the next 1500 years or that his old man identity is
    permanent. Yes, he returns to the lake from time to time, but the Crystal Cave may give him some idea when Arthur’s return is imminent. Merlin changes from old to young because it would be obvious if he kept showing up as an 26 year old man to the generation living.

    I assume that Gwen allowed magic to return. Merlin would have returned to Camelot to his friends Gwen and Gaius. He would NOT have abandoned Gaius in his old age.
    Maybe he became court sorcerer; maybe he remained in the shadows as before. When Gwen died and as time progressed on, probably corruption and noble revolts turned
    Merlin away from Camelot and then the Saxons conquered it.

    Maybe even Merlin meets with Arthur from time to time at the Crystal Cave or Avalon. I’m surprised that Merlin didn’t cross the lake with him since he could have returned.

    Where was the Cup of Life? Why didn’t Merlin try to save Arthur with magic? How about the Great Dragon why didn’t be try? How did Gaius know that the blade in Arthur’s body was forged by a dragon’s breath? How did Arthur even survive those two days? All conveniently ignored by producers in the interest of finishing the show.

    Colin Morgan and Bradley James did one hell of job. I will miss them. They took some mediocre scripts and made them gold.

    The good news is that cryptic double talking Great Dragon died. Good riddance. Merlin should now know to be wary of talking dragons.

  • http://www.facebook.com/maryclaires Mary Claire Shibilski

    I was wary before reading this because I didn’t want you to hate the entire thing, however you summed up everything PERFECTLY. Everything you liked I liked, & all of your wrongs were very poorly addressed & left us with questions! I don’t think anyone would have minded them taking 15 more minutes to say how Camelot reacted to Merlin and what Gwen did about it! I understand what they were trying to do with the present day scene & thought it was very sad, but I wish they wouldn’t have put it in there.

  • GlosKat

    The Once and Future Servant
    There must definitely have been a final parting between Percival and Merlin at Avalon after Percival tracked Morgana there. Otherwise how does Camelot get to find out the king has died ? Merlin must have told Percival that Arthur had died and he (Merlin) would wait at Avalon until Arthur awoke. The very final scene of the whole 5 series shows Percival standing at court in front of Gwen, in my opinion having just given her the news of Arthurs death, and the fact that Merlin is never coming back. (Merlin is noticeablely absent from this scene). I believe the highly emotional parting, which they both knew to be final, between Percival and Merlin was filmed but not aired as the emotional climax of all 65 episodes had to be Arthur dying in Merlin’s arms. I’m going to look out for this deleted episode on the internet.

  • GlosKat

    ah just read the comments that Merlin IS in the last scene in the throne room. Have to say I can’t see him myself but I believe you (and Tariq). Nice to think he went back to his friends. Still think there is a missing emotional scene between Merlin and Percival at Avalon tho..
    Also, in the finale, Merlin says to Gaius in the forest “You know I was betrayed. The girl Eira cannot be trusted”. And Gaius says “I know”. How did they both know (separately). Did they just work it out ?

  • GlosKat

    Actually I don’t think the ending of series 5 precludes a series 6 at all. After all, the program is called Merlin not Arthur. And we do know that Merlin returned to Camelot after Arthurs death thanks to some eagle eyed work by the correspondents below which showed that he was present in the very final throne room sequence.

    In fact with Arthur and Morgana out of the picture, the program writers can get out of the Arthur/Morgana power struggle rut, which has effectively been the only story line for the last two series. I know the actors were offered a series 6, and Bradley James turned it down, but maybe the others didn’t. The writers can ditch the Arthurian legends altogether (to which they never paid much homage anyway) and carry on with a fabulous cast and loyal fanbase into fresh pastures.

    My suggestions for Series 6 plotlines would include :
    1) The obvious one that magic is now legal in Camelot and Gwen and the court have to comes to terms with it and manage it. This is a huge new seam of material.
    2) Gwen and Leon are slowly falling in love but are both wracked with guilt at feeling unfaithful to Arthur. Gaius and Merlin learn of the situation and get involved to explain that Arthur would want his queen and his friend to be happy.
    3) Percival is going into meltdown. He couldn’t save Gwaine, he didn’t catch up with Merlin in time to help save Arthur, and he is secretly in love with Gwen himself and consumed with jealousy of the only best friend he still has alive ..

    there’s no limit to where it could go ! If the writers know there’s a huge public appetite for a new series hopefully they might just do it ….

  • Neamah

    I actually felt like there was something lacking from Morgana’s death. It was quite an anti-climax for me. I hoped for more of a magical battle, even a short one, between Merlin and Morgana before he delivered his badass line and stabbed her.

    I completely agree with the whole “Well, what happened to legalizing magic?” That was the whole point of the show, and I was disappointed and not being shown how and when this was done!

    Personally, I think that they should have left Morgana’s death until much after the magic reveal. I was hoping for a longer time between the reveal and the end- a time during which Merlin would get his recognition and Arthur would find out exactly how much Merlin did for him (perhaps he could even find out that he killed Merlin’s love! This might be cruel, but I always did think that was the point at which any normal person would just break down and say “Screw this! I’m not helping him anymore!” Merlin, instead, maintained his loyalty and pushed on).

    The ending was tragic with BRILLIANTLY captured emotions. Any show deserves SOME credit and applause (although this one receives a truckload from me!) if it manages to move an entire fandom to tears!

    The Merthur bits were epic. I think it is, as Alexander Vlahos put it, a platonic love story. I don’t ship Merthur in a romantic way (Arwen all the way!), but their relationship is more than just a simple bromance. To me, they’re the ultimate platonic soul mates!

  • http://twitter.com/dfdsghjk Xgdsgrgtfdgr

    I think the last ten seconds was to imply that Merlin already met Arthur again because the setting was already in Modern UK. I mean, it was Arthur’s destiny to unite the kingdoms, right? So.. United Kingdom. There. Lol.

  • Emily

    Whenever people complained about historical accuracies I pointed out that we’ve kind of been led to believe it’s set in a different universe. And now they’re showing us Merlin wandering around in what looks like our world? Why would their world ever turn into ours if they had magic and we didn’t?

  • The Once And Future

    After hearing that apparently Merlin is actually in that scene at the end where Guinevere is on the thrown, and looking for about an hour, I STILL CAN’T SEE HIM! Where abouts is he? Could someone put up a picture on tumblr if they manage to see him please?:)

    • GlosKat

      Good idea. Its absolutely pivotal to getting closure that we can see him in that final scene.
      oorazugoku – you posted that you can see Merlin on the right side of the throne room. Can you explain exactly where ? Or Tariq – you said you could see him too.

      • http://forgiveyourmind.tumblr.com/ Tariq

        I actually couldn’t see him I had just assumed someone else saw him when they stated so, aha.

        • GlosKat

          Well it seems like this one person oorazugoku is the only one who can see Merlin in the throne room at the end. Everyone else has stated that they can’t. I find it very upsetting if Merlin never went back to Camelot to all his friends. I really cheered up when someone said he had gone back, now I feel terribly sad again. Can we get the BBC to make a definitive statement ? We have to know !!

  • helis

    I think it’s a no sense end O.o The snow dind’t follow the legend until beginning, so they could do a different ending, Gwaine’s death is no sense and where is the Golden Age of Albion’! Merlin has failed and Arthur’s death was no sense too, beacause he made anything yet,if they had developed the fifth season in a different way made sense but now
    I only ask questions that they would like an answer or at least a continuos with explanations! Finaly I don’t understand why Arthur and Gwen didn’t have more moments togheter as in the other season and a final goodbye in the end O.o
    I have a bitter taste, did not deserve such an ending this wonderful show! About the 5×13 episode I save the first part and the Arthur and merlin’s moments.

  • ChihuahaPsycho

    Why did merlin end in a MODERN SCENE and can someone pliz tell me if there’s gonna be a season 6 with Arthur.

  • http://www.facebook.com/steve.rajter.5 Steve Rajter
  • lisa

    As a family, we have really loved Merlin and think that the cast were brilliant . But although the acting in the last episode was as always great, we were so disappointed with the ending .Although Arthur & Merlin were reconciled & bonded even more in this episode, they didn’t have to kill Arthur off. Merlin could of cured Arthur & then they both returned to Camelot to rule the kingdom with Gwen, all supporting eachother, along with the great knights & Gius. Also. the very end with the lorry & Merlin as an older man, completely took away from the lovely atmosphere of a time of myth & magic that Merlin had. We will miss it……………….

  • EJ

    The last 10 seconds of the episode ruined the entire show for me.

  • Josh Rowe

    Agree with everything, but I have more questions, like what the hell kind of an ending was that for Aithusa? She might aswell have not been in the show at all with the direction they took with her. Also Merlin ‘aged so slowly’ because he is immortal, that was clarified in part 1 of the finale when Balinor says “There are no goodbyes Emrys, for I will always be, as you will always be”.

  • Ms.Disappointed

    This ending was extremely disappointing. When Merlin didn’t kill the innocent Morgana when the Dragon first told him to, we wanted to believe that there had to be another way. When he was constantly reminded that Mordred will kill Arthur because it’s his destiny, we were made to believe that Merlin didn’t have to kill such a nice guy, and that he WILL find another way. It took ALL of these 5 seasons for us to have hope and then find out that the future IS set in stone, and the “the GREATEST SORCERER OF ALL TIME” can’t do ANYTHING about it!!! Boo.

  • candideyes4u

    I am so dissappointed. Merlin is a moron. As early as season one the dragon has been telling him how to prevent the prophecy. Kill the boy. Don’t let the witch live. He even saw Arthur run through with a sword by Mordrid in the crystal caves and now the big battle is at hand and he does his dog and pony show and saves the day. Yet he forgets to hunt down Mordrid and keep an eye on him, maybe prevent him from running Arthur through with a sword. What a moron. But then again our destiny is already written and we are chess pieces on the board of life. I really despise that way of thinking. Even after Arthur is wounded Merlin waits two days before calling the dragon for help. What a moron. And in the end Merlin was just as arrogant as Arthur with his light show and cocky attitude when he should have been watching Arthur the entire time. I really hate what the writers have done to one of my all time favorite characters on television. I have been rewatching the series with a friend who is seeing it for the first time and feel I must now warn of the terrible taste the ending leaves in your mouth. Arthur was an old man who had ruled Camelot for many years as was Merlin. Xena dying made more sense than this ending. The shocking ending would have been Merlin defying the prophecy.

  • MerlinsDragon

    I think they should have ended the show with the creation of Albion. That would have been a good end. We all know how Arthur would die… so why to show it? They should have taken the reveal of magic to the beginning of seas. 5 and letting the whole Gwen-is-evil-thing… and then showing how Arthur is dealing with Merlin´s magic and becoming the King who legalizes magic in his Kingdom and uniting the 5 Kingdoms to Albion…

  • http://www.facebook.com/JackEMcC Jack McConnell

    I think it made a terrible mistake with the last episode

  • KArthur

    We were robbed. The finale was highway robbery. They didn’t want a Season 6 so they try to wrap up all the plot lines of 5 seasons in one episode. The finale was like watching a clumsy rendition of an entire season in fast-forward. And they ended it so crudely and in such a rush that they never fulfilled many of the promises made throughout the series. The promised golden age never happened. We never had a chance to enjoy a few episodes, dare I say an entire series, whereby Merlin is acknowledged for his powers and serves as Arthur’s wizard/adviser.
    I also don’t get why they would want to kill off a series at the height of its popularity. Yes it was repeating itself but it didn’t have to. That was the result of lazy writing so they should have hired new writers not made the entire series fall on the sword.
    Perhaps once they come to their senses and decide to produce a Season 6, Arthur could come back after being healed in the waters of Avalon. After all it was a time of magic….

  • MadamMojo

    I don’t understand why they walked for ages, knowing Arthur had a high chance of dying and was too injured to walk properly, that enemies were everywhere, that Arthur was prophesised to die, and all the other stuff, and Merlin calls the dragon WHEN HE’S DEAD. His excuse?
    “I wouldn’t call on you unless I had to”
    Lamest. Excuse. Ever.

  • Megan

    I think what killed me the most about this ending was not knowing what happened to Merlin after Arthur died. As pointed out, we see that Gwen rules as queen and my own headcanon is that she does legalize magic, but we don’t see if Merlin returns to Camelot. Does he ever go back? Or does he just seclude himself and live in the forest by the lake, waiting every day for his best friend to return? And is he really living, or is he just existing? Watching the years pass as he continues to wait for Arthur because the great dragon told him Arthur was also the future king. Which makes me feel like he’ll be waiting forever, because at the very end it was way in the future and Camelot is long gone and not coming back. So I feel like he’s waiting for something that will never happened, and that he’s lost all those years waiting for something all because of a false hope, instead of living his life and finding happiness. And now I’ve gone and made myself sad again.

  • http://twitter.com/fourwinds44 Francesca Fourwinds

    Many people are not happy with the end of the show.. not in keeping with the show throughout: Pls read, comment “Why do so many mourn the death of Arthur?” http://www.merlin-arthur.com/hello-world/ for anyone disappointed by the show’s end…

  • rema

    i hated it! I HATED IT! I HATED IT!
    i’ve stuck with merlin for 5 years and watched and re-watched it a thousand times! i figured they didn’t stick to the legend which i loved and couldn’t wait to see in what creative way they were gonna end it and then BAM Arthur dies! AFTER ALL THAT!!!! …HE DIES! seriously?? -_- they crammed too much in the final episode and agreed…Merlin is the greatest sorcerer yet he couldn’t bring Arthur back!
    The whole truck thing killed me!! umm right soo king Arthur is gonna rise in the time of machine guns!?? what were they thinking! they did so well up until now! I HATED IT!

  • Nimueh123

    Season 5 was – IMO – a season of missed opportunites. Although I enjoyed the individual episodes, I was disappointed how the story arc went. A much earlier reveal would have provided so many other avenues to explore. Arthur reaction in detail, everyone else’s reaction, seeing Merlin use magic in front of others, Merlin and Arthur working together as ’2 sides of the same coin’, the acceptance (or non acceptance of magic), etc. etc. I also felt that the Mordred arc was terribly neglected – I would have liked to see more of Alex Vlahos who was a brilliant addition to the show.
    As for the ending – I am still feeling the pain. Colin and Bradley were absolutely brilliant in it and I loved the love story that was told, but was it really necessary to end a once lighthearted show with such a blow? They tweaked the legends for a whole 5 seasons after all! The ending was clearly designed to leave a door open for a continuation of the story at one point. Whether it really made sense – i am not sure.
    What annoys me: we are left with quite an extensive list of unanswered questions.
    But on the up side: It was just sheer pleasure to watch Colin in season 5. His more mature/darker Merlin was awesome. There cannot be enough praise for his performance and I do sincerely hope that he will be rewarded with an award for it.

  • hellerale

    I feel cheated, but also on the fence over the handling of Merlin as a series… The basic premise of the show was for Merlin’s hand to help Arthur bring forth a change to Camelot, where he would rein during a Golden Age with peace and prosperity to Albion, when the ban on magic would be lifted and flourish, and when the future King Arthur would earn his place among legend as the Once and Future King.

    The show had 5 seasons to bring these measures to pass, and didn’t. I could see how Merlin not following the advice of the Dragon and the Seers led to no Golden Age where magic flourishes and magic-folk are no longer persecuted, but the “future of Albion and lifted ban of magic destiny” was beaten over our heads from episode one, all the way into the 5th season, and it felt like these hopes weren’t dashed prematurely because of Merlin’s failings, but because of the writers and possibly the producers, who announced to BBC’s bosses that the show would be cancelled–I would imagine that since this season was drawing the series to a close, that the zero follow through on the Golden Age of Camelot was intentional–and poorly executed.

    I’m also left unconvinced by the handling of the series that Arthur really earned his legendary title, outside of the Old Religion’s insiders knowing that Arthur would return when Albion needed him again, (I guess after the apolocalypse, when we don’t have politicians, corporate giants, or nuclear bombs anymore, and humanity is brought down to the medieval level once again?) as King Arthur only reined for 3-4 years, and we don’t have a clear picture of how “revolutionary” his influence was in that short span of time,

    Lastly, gotta give it up for poor Merlin. Living that long, travelling around, he’s got to have the saddest, loneliest life of the lot, and it felt cruel to watch. I cried my eyes out, cursing. So many dashed hopes for this show and the characters, it was difficult to get through.

  • Shivangi

    I have followed the series from the very beginning…I felt the last two episodes were a bad joke…after all the wait and the promise that was evident in the series from the start.. that Merlin would get all the praise and honour for what he did for Arthur and Camelot…and that they would rule together and Magic would return to camelot..he got nothing…except for a “thanks” from Arthur…magic did not return to Camelot and Merlin did not get his rightful place in the kingdome…also I do not understand the abrupt end…there were so many things that remain unexplained…also there were so many emotions that the writers had cramped in one episode…I wonder why they did that…if this was the last series why was it not planned and written in a better way…I would have liked to see how Arthur treats Merlin now that he knew that Merlin was a sorcessor…I would have liked to see Magic return to Camelot…and a little more of Arthur and Merlin’s Bromance…well I am very sad and I am not at all satisfied with the end…I hope the producers reshoot the end again and take it out on DVD special edition.. :) wishful thinking

  • Lord Camelslayer

    Wait, you thought Morgana’s death was GOOD? Umm… wow. That’s really all I can say. It was WAY too abrupt and very anti-climactic. We have two of the most powerful sorcerers ever to have lived, both of which opposed each other (Morgana unknowingly though) through about half of the series, the numerous times they’ve nearly killed each other, and all it took was Merlin stabbing her with Excalibur like it was nothing? Come on, that’s so lame. They could have at LEAST had a struggle and THEN impale Morgana. Which disappointed me because Morgana has become one of my favorite antagonists as far as TV series go, and the development from sweet innocent girl to Uther in sorceress form was amazing, and her abrupt and uneventful death was such a letdown.

  • juyu

    i thought it was a horrible ending …..i could have written a better ending in my sleep …..jeez what a load of crap…..the last episode should have been broken into at least 3 episodes and it should not have ended like that ….

  • Cthhaornloens

    I completely agree with “The wrong” arguments and I’m glad I finally found a review that points out my opinions. But I completely disagree about Morgana’s death.

    Morgana used to be a good person. What happened to her between series 2 and 3 is a mystery. I was hoping to see herself struggling between the Morgana we saw in series 1 and 2 and the evil Morgana once Uther died. That would have made of her a much more interesting caracter. Instead they made of her a boring villain that reacts like any other.

    From the moment she discovered Merlin was Emrys, how could she not have asked herself the reason why Merlin still protects Arthur and Camelot while he’s also threatened by the law that condemns magic?

    Morgana’s potential has not been, in my opinion, completely developped.

  • Ej

    that ending was pointless. i totally agree with what ClaraOswin put: “We have in a 30 minute time period four deaths, the big Merlin reveal, rejection and distrust of Merlin by Arthur. Those feelings of betrayal and shock slowly replaced by the realization that he didn’t really know Merlin as he thought he did. Finally we get to gratitude, forgiveness, respect and love. That’s a lot of emotions for your audience to go through in a half an hour and there was a lot to think about in there. So the abrupt arrival of the truck lurches you out of that emotional space that the writers just took you to. Then you get Merlin wandering around in modern day and as an audience member you’2re confused because you changed historical times’”.
    the ending just has no point it is the world’s biggest and saddest anticlimax!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i loved watching the program. i watched it from episode one with my family. GRRRRRR why no good ending?

  • terryroth

    I HATED, HATED HATED the way it ended. I felt cheated, it was supposed to be a fairy tale hell even Harry Potter ended with the main characters alive! Left us with no hope of even a movie of the week. I am P*SSED

  • http://www.facebook.com/Nevercryanothertear Michael Stewart Kearney

    Finishing this series via itunes now and this ending is just stupid, the acting has taken a backseat for the lavish set design, but it’s just poor writing and corny bits like gwens terrible crying

  • Anonimus

    Can someone tell me what was the thing with the hand which catched the sword?

  • http://www.facebook.com/john.harnes John Harnes

    Albion was never created. Why would Arthur be remembered?
    I loved the series but season 5 so disappointed me. It felt rushed – as if the writers were just trying to finish it. It has been the relationships that have mattered. At the end of the series you see a lonely Merlin wandering the roads of modern Britain – waiting for his Once and Future King. The Saxon wars were just a back drop – with no real substance. I felt just sad.

  • http://www.facebook.com/chris.dorner.35 Tee Marcos

    it wasnt a bus but a tractor trailer. the tip of the spire broken off and in modern times wouldnt spoil the return of arthur. when uther outlawed magic, the kingdom changed, people’s thinking and beliefs changed with it. even the knights made fun of gwen’s brother when he saw the ghost, until they realized it was true. uther had begun to accomplish disbelief and less superstition among the regular people. to revive the kingdom in modern times could return the land to a time of mist and magic, if done right.

  • Andrea

    I am just catching up with this series. This was a good series
    and a great show to watch. Many people should keep in mind that it is a TV show
    and would be hard to film if they did show true court life, having an entourage
    of tons of people, etc., like it probably was in court life. They also probably
    wouldn’t have had sword toting women, wearing pants, riding off to help
    Merlin’s village. But, what the writers and actors did worked for the show and
    I enjoyed all of it.

    Two things plague me. One, did Merlin ever return to Camelot? It does not
    appear he did. He is not with Gwen. How did they know the King was dead? Did
    they just declare him so? Or did Gaius finally convince the queen Arthur must
    not have made it? When she nodded to the knight to make the announcement,
    it appears that she was trying to come to terms with Arthur’s death without
    seeing for herself that he was dead. It was almost like a decision she had to
    make. So, I would assume that Merlin did not return to Camelot.

    The other thing is, the dragon’s words. He told Merlin that the prophecy was fulfilled and that Merlin’s work was done. He also said that when the need of Albion is at its
    greatest, the once and future king will rise again and will need Merlin’s
    help. To me, I am not sure if the dragon truly meant the body of Arthur would
    be resurrected. Prophecies aren’t always crystal clear or what you would
    expect. Was the dragon (or the writers) perhaps poking at the legend of Arthur?
    Meaning the legend, who Arthur is, the idealism of Arthur (having high morals,
    a great leader, all the things that emcompass who Arthur was). The legend
    of Arthur still lives on today and, from what I understand from medieval
    history, is that it cannot be verified that the person Arthur actually existed.
    So, was the dragon inferring that when the need of Albion (old term for
    Britain) was at its greatest, the once and future king will rise again (meaning
    maybe a new person who embodies the spirit of Arthur and perpetuates the
    Arthurian legends) and Merlin will need to be there for that guidance? Can
    the “once and future king” be defined as the idealism of
    Arthur? I hope I am making myself clear. I am not talking about
    Arthur’s ghost. It is also like the legend of Robin Hood. It is said that
    many people may have claimed to be Robin Hood and that there might not have
    actually been one person, but that it may be a tongue in cheek persona several
    people took on and then the Robin Hood legends were born. I am thinking
    similar to this. The prophecy meant we will see the spirit of Arthur continue for
    centuries and this opens the door for a mind to believe that Merlin continued
    through the ages fostering/mentoring/helping others who embodied the same
    ideals as Arthur. Ok. I am done. But, thinking of it this way helps me
    reconcile the end of the series and have some hope and belief that this is what
    was meant. Anyone can interpret it how they want, I choose to do so this
    way so my mind can make sense of the ending.

    I thought the ending was beautiful and a fitting end showing the friendship between Arthur and Merlin which was the premise of whole show anyway. I am glad that did not rush that and I enjoyed watching Arthur come to and understanding of how much Merlin was there for him. That was very satisfying. I am ok with the ending with
    Gwen. I hate that the love story ended. But I think the writers turned her evil
    for a while so at the end we were not overly emotional about it. I also
    liked that Merlin dispatched of Morgana quickly and this was not a big drawn
    out dramatic ordeal. Merlin was always about business and was not
    dramatic in his role, so it was fitting that he just stuck a sword in her and
    then clambered over her in order to get Arthur the help he needed. I always
    wondered why they did not do away with Morgana the five thousand times they could
    have. But, then again, we would not have more episodes to watch, would
    we? I also think that the writers drew out the journey of Arthur and Merlin to Avalon so as to give them screen time together and come to terms with Merlin’s magic. I also think it interesting that Morgana did not kill Merlin while he
    was vulnerable. Why didn’t she take care of him once and for all?
    Sealing him in a cave? In a magic cave? Come on now. That was
    dumb. But, we have seen that she is not smartest chick out there. I also
    enjoyed that Gwaine and Percival set off to try to kill Morgana. They were
    trying to be heroic and I think Gwaine felt responsible since he leaked the
    information to the blonde chick about Arthur’s plan. I thought it was
    heroic and fitting. Also, the writers needed a way for Morgana to get the
    information of where Arthur and Merlin were headed to Morgana could show up for
    the standoff. I also saw criticism that Merlin should have called
    Kilgarhh sooner, but Merlin knew his friend was ailing and was trying to get
    Arthur to Avalon. I like that even people with magic had to struggle with every
    day things, such as their horses running off. Most fantasy genres, even though
    the characters have magic, it is not an all encompassing, wiggle your
    nose-everything-is-ok magic. Magic always has a cost and consequence and magic
    does not solve all problems. This point was brought home when Arthur
    died. There are just some things that magic cannot cure. We find this out
    many times throughout the series. I would have been really disappointed if at
    the end, after all the other prophecies came true, that they were able to
    circumvent the final prophecy (Arthur’s death) in the end. All throughout
    the show, no matter what Merlin did, the prophecy still rocked on and
    everything continued down that path. All in all. I am happy with the
    ending. I hate that it ended and think this show is one of the best I have
    watched in a very long time.

    • finalerewrite

      You’ve asked a good question here – why didn’t Morgana killed (tried, at least) Merlin in their final meeting scene. She knew he’s Emrys, he has his powers back plus, he is her “doom”. She should have stabbed him with her dagger or sword, mortally wounding him. And then Merlin should have died at Arthur’s side. It would have been a fitting tragic end to the story, it would fulfilled Merlin’s words in the 1st episode of this season, to Arthur: ” And I swear to protect you or die at your side”, and they were called “two sides of one coin”. The show ending had sentenced Merlin to endless, painfull, empty in- limbo existence( as I wouldn’t even call it life), “Merlin” -to bitter disappointment, and us, loyal audience,- to a long lasting heartbreak!

    • nachosarenice

      I respectfully agree!

    • nachosarenice

      Almost everyone is saying: ‘Season 5 (the ending) is disappointing’, but i think it’s great. The band between Arthur and Merlin grew so much this season. Like there’s said: they actually had their own lovestory.
      I like Andrea’s idea of Arthur not being just one person. Maybe everyone is a little bit Arthur.
      The ending showed that in a beautiful, emotional way. The fact that Merlin is laughing and looking at Albion in the last scene says enough, doesn’t it? He’s not sad. He’s laughing and i see him thinking: ‘Arthur, you arrogant ass’.
      Although i had to think about it much, I loved the ending.

  • CeeDee

    Thank You BBC Network WE WHERE ROBB We Enjoyed Merlin For Four Seasons Seeing Him And Arthur Grow Together And Become King And Once Servant Now Confidant,and just when we where expecting more you take it away To Quote You The British People ” What The Bloody Hell Is Wrong With You” We Where Robb of Seeing How Arthur Would Have Handel The Fact That Merlin Has Magic.We Where Robbed of Seeing Them Grow Closer And Become Good Allies And Brothers In Arms As Some Stories Have Them Become We Where Robbed Of Seeing Magic Return To Camelot And Of Arther Becoming The King We Where Promised In The Series And Most Of All WE ARE ROBBED OF A PHENOMENAL PROGRAM HOW COULD YOU? It Makes Me Leary Of Ever Trusting Your Network Again I’m Afraid Of Getting Involved In A Program For Fear Of You taking It Away (no worries on that Orphan Black Crap Though) I Will Never Get Involved In That It Is Pure CRAP If You Need To Cancel Anything GET RID OF THAT GUTTER TRIPE,but PLEASE RETURN MERLIN There is So MUCH MORE To Enjoy The Stories Are Priceless And The Cast As Magical As can Be Please Reconsider Your Decision And Make The Smart One To Return MERLIN It Is A Masterful Program (and Orphan Black PEEEEE YOU

  • Elsa

    I strongly hated the last scene of merlin series, I did not, get it, will Arthur and Merlin live in the present in the spin-off series? But Gwen, leon and percival then? all they’re dead then. and what happened to Camelot? I have so many questions, it’s just one thing I’m sure, if it will be present in the spin-off series, it’s ruined. I could not think of merlin in the present.

  • fan

    Season 5 seems so different than all the other seasons. It is dissapointing, the reasons it was so good and one of my favorite is gone. If It was like this from the begining I would have never watched it. Were there different writers I wonder? Moral of the story, Evil wins.

  • bill

    Five years of a great show, only to be ruined with the worst ending I have ever seen. I was so upset after the show and I rarely get upset.

  • Oly

    I have but one question: if the prophecy, written on the sealed parchment in the box entrusted to Merlin by Finna and Alator, foretold all the doom and gloom that came to be (including, most significantly, Arthur’s death), why did Finna tell him that it would comfort him when times are darkest?

  • VVV

    Big fan of the series but the last two episodes were horrible and diminishes the entire series. Last year’s series should have ended withthe reveal of Merlin as a cliff hanger and the final series working out the ramifications between Arthur, Merlin and Camelot. A tremendous opportunity ruined.

  • a non o mouse

    The once and future king is a symbolic prelude to Christ, who will return as the king of kings, ushering in a golden kingdom of peace on earth. The whole king Arthur story is rife with Christian overtones. Arthur, like Christ, will return in an hour when he is needed most. The fact that they showed the truck in the end, gave the sense that the time is near. Read more about king Arthur, and you’ll see what the true meaning behind his legend is.

  • Monique

    what happened to aithusa??? can it finally talk or look a bit happier rather then depressed from all the pain its gone through?

  • Dcdcdfb

    The whole time you’re watching the series you’re waiting for this fabled new age to happen. Instead of seeing that,or the direct future of Camelot with Gwen as the ruler or possible lift on the ban of magic. You see hobo merlin walking around aimlessly. I just don’t get it,why did they jump forward 1000 years later when the events if the show were completely irrelevant?

  • jolezya

    i was confused there cos thats not the ending i expected…it wasnt nice at all it just left me thinking and thinking imagine.they should just make another where Merlin would use his magic to turn back time and save Arther…..

  • Julius Roh

    They should have covered why Merlin didn’t/wasn’t able to summon the Dragon to transport Arthur to Avalon. I understand that, for the sake of wrapping things up (Morgana and Arthur’s deaths, Arthur and Merlin’s farewell), the Dragon couldn’t have been summoned, but they should’ve said why..just for the sake of it.

  • cindy mittan

    I did not like season 5 for many reasons. One of the strangest things was that Arthur and Guinevere never kissed in these episodes. Sad, really, how it all went about and most of us just are disappointed. I have had 2 other shows in my lifetime that I just loved and can watch over and over. They ended well. I loved the shows to the end. Not so Merlin, but will still watch over and over season 1-4.

  • Ninede

    I was just wondering something, everything else was perfect apart fro one little thin niggling at the back of my brain. At the beginning, when Arthur killed Mordred, why did Mordred smile before he died? Was it because he knew he’d killed Arthur? Was it because he was happy he was killed by Arthur himself? Or was it… was it because he was glad he’d been killed, so he could be with Kara again?

  • Ninede

    I was just wondering something, everything else was perfect apart from one little thing niggling at the back of my brain. At the beginning, when Arthur killed Mordred, why did Mordred smile before he died? Was it because he knew he’d killed Arthur? Was it because he was happy he was killed by Arthur himself? Or was it… was it because he was glad he’d been killed, so he could be with Kara again?

  • thekokeshidoll

    Wow, why are some people reacting so badly to the Merlin x Arthur pairing? Let the girls indulge in their fantasies while you do the same for yours. Though, I bet you if there were men here commenting on Gwen x Morgana, there wouldn’t be a problem, would there?

  • illonthehill

    GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH Sad, sad ending….

    Buildup buildup buildup, Arthur’s dead. Fin.

  • Evanna

    I have always loved Merlin. I cam into it after the third season ended, before they had released season 4. I caught up, watched all the way through season 4 and eagerly awaited season 5. Because of a busy schedule I missed the entirety of the season when it played on Syfy. But I did hear the terrible uproar of all my friends and fellow fans, though they refused to tell me what they were so upset about. Even though they said nothing, I knew. Arthur was going to die, they were going to stick to the final ending of the great king. I had prolonged watching season 5 just from this knowledge for so long, but recently finished it.

    Season 5 is my least favorite of any of them. The whole point of this series was to see the characters as they were before they were legends. With the whole similar Smallville approach. But instead, they drug it out completely through Arthur’s lifetime, from princehood to death. In my opinion,the series should’ve gone like this: Still keeping five seasons, including most of season 1-3 and most of 4, they should’ve ended the series with a season 5 conclusion with Arthur as a young king with a bright future. Making the Merlin magic reveal somewhere in the dynamic of Arthurs early stages of being king, thus providing more episodes of the journey of Arthur accepting Merlin’s magic, and I can definitely see a few funny episodes concerning Arthur and Merlin’s magic. Season five should’ve ended with, allowing Morgana to live, cliff-hangering her alliance with Mordred, and hinting at, even showing Arthur and Gwen with a little baby or a small child. A flash forward of events that we didn’t see the inbetween of. The one thing I wish they had stuck to with cannon was Arthur’s daughters. His legacy, that was what was important. Ranting coming to a close here, season 5 should’ve ended with a hopefulness and glowing promise of the future of the Golden Age of Albion’s beginning, with Arthur as a young new king, his beautiful bride and blossoming family, and of course his wise advisory sorcerer and dear friend by his side as magic is practiced freely in a prosperous, happy land under King Arthur’s reign. I find that to be a MUCH more satisfying ending. But… that’s just me.

  • Angry

    The whole “Arthur is no only a king, but a once and future king” thing really urks me…. I mean, REALLY? There’s supposed to be a future! We don’t even know what was supposed to happen! We know nothing!! And Arthur dying, REALLY?? After all of that protecting him and stuff. What a waste and what was the point. This show had a terrible ending and I kind of wish I never would have watched just because the ending sucked so much! And another thing, they show Percival tracking them, and then that’s just it. Way to leave things not all tied up, writers of the show. Terrible job!!

  • vivichase

    The finale was quiet, understated, and intimate – exactly the perfect finale for this series. Merlin has never been about magic or adventure; it has been, from the very beginning, about a very profound friendship between two young boys who grow into men together. I think the finale would have been a lot less satisfying if the producers had gone the “epic action-hero battle” route. Emotional resonance in this case was spot on.

  • hypthomp

    It is very possible that Golden age of Albion where magic can be used freely occurs after Arthur rises again.

  • anon

    i feel like the magic reveal was done wrong… i wished that they did the reveal earlier in the show… it would have had much impact to the plot and would have been a hell of an interesting episode to see how arthur deals with it…

  • Marius Muntean

    Hmm as I know the legend tells the story of Arthur’s death differently. I do not remember from the legend that Arthur dies so young and in the manner he does in the TV Series. I think the producers got bored and wanted to end the series quicker

  • clprjack

    I’ve been thinking. Near the end the dragon said that when albion needs him most Arthur will return. I’m hoping that its coming back. the show made me laugh and cry….

  • Tammy

    I think they should continue the way the series ended. With Merlin walking down the road in our time…they should take a lesson from Steven Lawhead’s book “Avalon” it rather takes up where the series of Merlin ends. I loved this series.

  • Bob

    I completely agree with every thing that has been said about the last episode of Merlin. I hated the last part with Merlin being in our time, that is just an awful thing to do to him. I’m just going to try my best to forget about that part.

  • Dissatisfied MM shipper.

    fuck pre-destiny and fate – the dragon, prophecies, and other bulloney; and there was no morgana-merlin shipping.

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