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The Doctor Who Christmas Special just finished airing in the UK. It was our first look at Jenna-Louise Coleman playing the new companion, Clara? So what did you think of the episode and of Jenna-Louise Coleman’s debut? ***BEWARE OF SPOILERS***

The episode opened with the setting as Christmas 1842 on a snowy day with a lonely boy named Walter making a snowman (voice of Ian McKellen) that suddenly talks to him. Flash-forward fifty years and Walter is the evil Dr. Simeon in league with the voice of the snowman to take over the world with an army of snow and ice creatures.

Simeon has founded created the GI institute, which stands for Greater Intelligence. It is here that he conducts experiments on the snow with human victims.

We then meet Clara for the first time as a barmaid in the famous Rose and Crown pub. She walks outside and sees a snowman that has just appeared out of nowhere and mentions this to a man (The Doctor) who happens to be passing by. The two have instant chemistry and playful back and forth banter. The Doctor finally leaves Clara saying , “those were the days” wistfully under his breath.

The Doctor enters his carriage and proceeds to speak to Madame Vastra on a steampunk communications horn. Vastra mentions to him that Clara could be the one, and that it always starts with the same two words. The Doctor states that it’s impossible that she doesn’t even have the right words, only to be surprised when Clara pops in the roof of the coach to ask, “Doctor Who?”

We then discover that Dr. Simeon is unusually interested in a pond where a governess drowned and was then frozen in the ice a year ago. He is shortly thereafter confronted by Vastra and Jenny. We learn that Vastra is the basis for Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes character. Simeon reveals to Vastra and Jenny that he is going to take over the world and there is nothing they can do about it.

The Doctor has stopped his coach and is examining the snow with Strax, his driver. They have left Clara locked in the coach. It is revealed the that snow is alien and new and contains a telepathic field. The Doctor is still declining to get involved no matter what the snow really is. He thinks the universe doesn’t care one way or the other if he is involved.

The Doctor intends to wipe out Clara’s memory with a memory worm. Strax begins to fumble around under the coach looking for the worm that was accidentally ejected. The worm is dangerous. If you touch it, you lose an hour of memory, but if it bites you, decades of memory are lost. After Clara helps find the gloves needed to safely retrieve the worm, more playful banter happens with the Doctor.

Clara’s thoughts conjure more snowmen. After the Doctor tells her to imagine them melting, they disappear. Rather than wipe her memory (because if he does she’ll have no defense against more snowmen), the Doctor just decides to let her go home and asks Strax to take her.

Clara instead evades Strax and follows the Doctor. She climbs a hidden stair that goes up into the clouds and eventually lands at the TARDIS. She runs around it and knocks on the door, but runs away before meeting the Doctor. The Doctor however knows that is is Clara that found him because she leaves behind a scarf.

We then learn that Clara has been leading a double life. She is a barmaid, but also the sometime governess to the children whose previous governess drowned in the pond. In speaking with the children she learns they are having bad dreams of their governess coming back to hurt them on Christmas Day. Clara realizes this must all be related to the attack snowmen and seeks out the Doctor. She returns to where the invisible stair was and starts shouting for the Doctor. This attracts Jenny’s attention, and Jenny brings her to Vastra.

Vastra plays a game of words with Clara stating that lies are many words but the truth is able to be told in single words. Clara is incredibly clever and honest and convinces Vastra to contact the Doctor. When The Doctor says to Vastra that Clara could not have passed the one word test. He asks what one word did Clara say that she thinks will get his attention. The word is “pond”, and the Doctor leaps into action.

The Doctor proceeds to Simeon’s lair attired as Sherlock Holmes and proceeds to question Simeon. The Doctor states the snow is more like Moriarty plotting and planning. The Doctor realizes that the snow and the governess in the pond are connected and investigates. Clara, who has been watching the Doctor, proceeds to tell the children a story about a Doctor on a cloud who saves children. Before she can finish her story the ice governess enters the room and begins to attack.

Clara and the children run and eventually are in a room with the Doctor where he melts the ice creature. Vastra, Jenny, and Strax all enter the house stating Simeon has more snowmen coming. Jenny traps the resurrected ice governess. The Doctor sends the family and Strax into a secure room for safety. He and Clara run past the ice warrior getting her to follow them to the TARDIS. Between brief kisses with Clara, discovering he is wearing a bowtie, and loving the adventure, the Doctor is realizing that he is getting interested in traveling again, and having Clara (to whom he hands a TARDIS key) be his companion. He tells her “I never know why, I only know who.” Clara, upon entering the TARDIS, unlike other companions, states “It’s smaller on the outside.”

More playful banter ensues between the Doctor and Clara. Including Clara asking about a kitchen because she likes to make souffles. This instantly rings a bell with the Doctor. It’s obvious they are attracted to each other. Before too much conversation can happen, the ice governess grabs Clara and the two crash to earth mortally wounding Clara. The Doctor materializes the TARDIS around Clara and then brings them both into the house. As Clara lays dying, the Doctor repeats to her that she is going to live because he never knows how, he just knows who, and asks her formally to be his companion.

The Doctor and Vastra confront Simeon. The Doctor and finally destroys the snow and ice monsters, or so he thinks, by using the memory worm on Simeon. Unfortunately, the body of Simeon now springs back to life almost killing the Doctor. Without warning the snow mysteriously melts and all the snow turns to rain. We learn that the tears of an entire family crying on Christmas Eve is what has done this, and the snow tapped into their strong telepathic field.

The Doctor returns to the house to discover Clara is moments from death. He tells Clara they saved the world, and Clara asks if he is going back to his cloud. As the clock chimes midnight, Clara’s final words echo those of Oswin Oswald, “Run, run you clever boy, and remember.” At Clara’s burial, the Doctor looks at Simeon’s business card and the title of his company Great Intelligence, and states the name rings a bell but he can’t place it. When they bury Clara, the Doctor finally sees her full name on the tombstone: Clara Oswin Oswald. He realizes there most be a connection, they are in fact, according to The Doctor, the same woman.

The Doctor then tells Vastra and Jenny that he isn’t coming back and he is off to find the impossible, to find Clara. He enters the TARDIS and seems to use the words “Clara Oswin Oswald” as a setting. In the present, we see a modern day Clara/Oswin visiting Clara’s tombstone at a run down graveyard with a friend. Clara/Oswin tells the friend the graveyard isn’t creepy because she doesn’t believe in ghosts.

The episode ends with the Doctor saying, “Watch me run!”

So, now that the episode is over, what were your favorite parts? How do you think it ranks among previous Christmas episodes? What are your first impressions of Clara?

  • belac889

    The special is my second favorite after A Christmas Carol.
    Clara is my favorite companion already

  • Eliza

    What if Clara/Owsin dies at the end of every episode she’s in… She’ll die even more times than Rory…
    It was a brilliant episode though!

    • Mark

      I figured she would since they already had the Doctor meet River on her deathbed. It’s weird that I think her dying multiple times would make more sense than her storyline being similar to River’s.

    • Elphaba Thropp

      Hey, maybe Clara/Oswin is the Master!

      • Lucy

        I doubt that’s going to happen. Everyone said that about Rory, too.

        • Elphaba Thropp

          I know, that’s why I said it ;)

  • http://twitter.com/ameywakeford Amey Wakeford

    I had the same idea as Eliza, that there are multiple Clara Oswin’s in the universe and the Doctor is going to make sure that she sees the universe in every single life. I thought near the beginning of the episode he knew who she was because he said ‘Clara, you should keep that name’ suggesting her knew it was a different one in the far future but at the end he only just figured it out. I can’t wait to see where this goes, I already love the idea of Clara and she seems like a lot of fun for the Doctor to be around!

    • rachel

      I thought him telling her to keep her name was a reference to the fact that Amy changed her name from Amelia which he always disliked.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Maria-Wang/542480760 Maria Wang

    I love it! Took me completely by surprise that Clara died…again!

    • jozefd14

      and in a similar way too…. at saving the world..



    • TheOneAndOnlyCliche

      I think that was her yelling ‘Short-cut’.

      • http://www.hypable.com/author/lauracristiano/ LauraBC

        I had a good deal of trouble understanding her too. But I think short cut is it

    • http://twitter.com/HADSTERIFIC HBT

      I can’t remember what young Riversong looks like and I feel silly for thinking that was her, but then again River wouldn’t be so uptight :P

    • SH

      In the other episode she was Dr. Oswin Oswald.

      • http://twitter.com/MowTheFrontLawn Juan Pedia

        No, she was not.

  • http://www.youtube.com/mapthestars Mapthestars

    I’m going to go out on a limb and see this has become my favorite Doctor Who Christmas episode, even surpassing ‘A Christmas Carol’. Such a fun story, that still pulled at the heartstrings and had plenty of twist and turns. Clara has been a wonderful addition to the show and I feel like the Ponds have been sucked into the crack in Amelia’s bed room, I’m forgetting them faster then I thought possible. Time to re-watch. And I can’t wait to see more of Clara’s story!! (Moffat you bloody genius)

  • http://www.twitter.com/matsemann08 Matsemann08

    “It’s smaller on the outside.” HAH!
    New favorite quote.

    • http://www.hypable.com/author/lauracristiano/ LauraBC
      • http://twitter.com/MowTheFrontLawn Juan Pedia

        What would the Ice Warriors have to do with it?

    • Constantin80

      Could it be that the Great Intelligence brought Clara back from the dead? It makes sense considering there was a connection between them at the end of the episode. The Great Intelligence is known for controlling humans, making them live much longer and so on.

  • http://twitter.com/Martles1 Martyn Powell

    A great second appearance for Clara ! The best Christmas episode for me. Can’t help but think of a link to Captain Jack

    • http://www.hypable.com/author/lauracristiano/ LauraBC

      That’s an interesting thought. How so?

      • http://twitter.com/Martles1 Martyn Powell

        The man that cannot die …but does often !

  • http://www.facebook.com/lancaster617 Jamie Carter

    Is may be just me but I am starting to think that
    Clara Oswin is Kylie Minogues character Astrid Peth, this could
    explain why she can die twice and still be alive in another dimension of time.
    Astrid Peth appeared in the episode “Voyage
    of the Damned”. In the episode’s climax, Astrid sacrifices herself to
    save the Doctor (David Tennant) from Capricorn by driving Capricorn off a
    platform with aforklift truck and both appear to fall to their deaths.
    Later, realising Astrid was still wearing a teleporter bracelet, the Doctor
    attempts to recall her atoms in an attempt to resurrect her, but there is
    insufficient power aboard the damaged Titanic to do so. Astrid
    reappears spectral and
    bewildered, as the Doctor gives her a goodbye kiss before freeing her sentient
    atoms (described as “stardust”) to roam space as energy.What if these
    atoms had materialised in every dimension of time and regenerated
    Astrid by using Time Lord Magic into her new identity which is now Clara Oswin.
    This would explain why Clara can be around in different dimensions of time and
    how she can die twice. Also both Astrid and Clara both fell to their deaths,
    this similarity should be unnoticed. Other friction books have
    already show how characters could cheat death, Lord Vodermort in Harry Potter
    for example, Vodermort had an obsession
    with Horcruxes,and his desire to split his soul to achieve immortality into objects, of which
    Harry had to destroy to finally kill Voldermort. The makers of Doctor Who must
    get there influence and desperation somewhere so no wonder why
    some story lines reflect other programs. Doctor Who has already used story
    lines that has characters that cheat their own deaths, the Doctor (he had
    an human clone), River Song (The Tardis magic transformed into an timelord),
    Jenny (Doctors Daughter made by his DNA) Romania (Regenerated
    twice), the master can all regenerate as they are time lords, but as
    for ordinary humans there is only an small hope however Captain Jack could not
    be killed after he was shot by an Dalek, thanks to Roses power to control the
    Tardis’s vortex field. Also remember he carried the doctors hand in the glass
    and also that meant when Donna was trapped in the Tardis, the regeneration
    power affected her by transforming her into an Time lord, the doctor had to wipe
    her mind clean to save her as all the information would had killed her.
    Tennants Doctor cheated death twice, being poisoned and being shot by an dalek.
    Rory Williams was killed by an alien but it was really an bad dream. Characters cheating
    death in Doctor Who is nothing new in fact, it is an long tradition that has expanded
    since the beginning of the program since the 1960′s and may it continue
    for many more years. I can not wait to the next season of Doctor Who as I think
    the program is this could be another golden era for it, thanks to
    the anniversary year and the chemistry between the Doctor and Clara
    (They are just like how David Tennant and Billy piper used to be). Also the
    Tardis which had an facelift signifies older eras of Doctor Who. Roll on 2013
    and hopefully the BBC will put Doctor Who back on into our TV screen early in
    the year. I hope my comments have not spoilt the plot or upset you in any way,
    I just wanted to explain what I thought and I would be interested to
    hear what you think. Merry Christmas and have an Happy New Year.

    • Elphaba Thropp

      I don’t think Moffat likes to use a whole lot of RTD’s stuff…

    • http://twitter.com/MowTheFrontLawn Juan Pedia

      No. Clara is not Astrid.

  • http://twitter.com/RikuStark Ashley

    That memory worm bit was hilarious. Loved Clara.

  • thegoodshipdestiel

    Enjoyed the episode immensely. So happy to see the back of Amy Pond, but I was concerned the new companion would be the same brand of obnoxious. Thrilled to be wrong, I am totally in love with her.

  • stargazer

    I already love Clara, and I just know Moffat has something crazy up his sleeve! (I thought in the preview for the upcoming episodes that I saw a glimpse of Ten with Clara, and I had to rewind and rewatch it several times to be sure that it wasn’t Ten. Ah well. That would’ve been cool–an episode of two doctors) This episode was brilliant! And each new episode I have more and more respect for Matt Smith–his change from a discouraged and downtrodden Doctor who’s given up on the universe to his old happy self was spectacular! Yay for Doctor Who!

  • http://www.facebook.com/haileymariee Hailey Escobar

    Steven Moffatt is an evil genius……that is all

  • lovecrumbs

    The new Tardis made me want to cry. It’s flat, dull, grey and blue- the opposite of the Doctor. Where are all the colors, the random gadgets? The typewriter? Mustard and ketchup? I was enjoying the episode up until they stepped inside, and now I feel incredibly discouraged about the rest of this season. It feels like it’s losing its Who-ness…

    • ClaraOswin

      I missed the warmth of the old console room too. The Doctor has changed and the blue, clinical and very smoky interior seems to represent where he is emotionally at the beginning of his episode. So I’ll get used to it. I liked the light show and the spinning disks at the top of the console.

    • http://twitter.com/MowTheFrontLawn Juan Pedia

      I miss the previous interior, too. The warm colors, gadgets, typewriter, mustard and ketchup were my favorite parts, too!
      The rumors are that the previous interior set was built around an old Torchwood set that was build into the old studio, and it would have been too expensive to perform the complicated move, so they had to drop the previous interior.
      I like that they kept the stairs and multiple levels, but I will miss the whimsy and warmth.

    • Jasper

      i like the new version, it reminds me of the version owned by the first doctor. which is a perfect way to link it back to the old series although it’s less wacky it has it’s own whovianess, and remember the doctor wasn’t always extremely crazy there have been far more serious doctors in the past(and future)(timey wimey)

  • ravenclaw1991

    I love the new TARDIS. Its different, but its very reminiscent of the classic era. I loved the new opening sequence too. The end was a massive mind *insert ‘f’ word that rhymes with duck here* because its seemingly impossible and I can’t wait to find out how it happens.

  • Matthew Goldenberg

    Okay, so there is so much to say about the Clara/Oswin but since everyone else is going to talk about that, I’ll talk about the other gems of the episode. There seemed to be a lot of throwbacks to Classic Who. First, was the new Doctor Who theme, which I loved. It felt like they took a step back from the loud, futuristic arrangement and went back to a theme with softer sounds; it reminded me very much of the arrangements of the theme during the classic era. Also, the opening sequence was visually dazzling. The thing I noticed about it in particular was that there was a shot of Matt Smith’s face which was another thing the Classic Era opening sequences all had. The TARDIS interior seemed to also show classic who influences, with the Gallifrayan symbols everywhere and the hexagonal pattern along the wall. I know many people are complaining about the futuristic spaceship element against it, but I think it also has many good qualities, in particular to blueish colors, which may reflect a new side to the Doctor. Also, it seemed that the new interior took influences from the last two interiors as well. It had the same sort of stairs as the previous 11 TARDIS, as well as the small rounded room of the 9/10 TARDIS. I don’t love it, but I think I could grow to love it. Away from the new bits, I was surprised by the amount of comedy in it. There were many more funny bits than I would have thought (although I did love them). And what was the deal with the whole “device can bring people back to life” thing? I don’t like the idea that they can just bring people back to life. What kind of disappointed me about the episode, however, was the fact that I was expecting to see the Doctor in mourning, and after the first twenty minutes or so, it seemed like he was nearly back to his normal self. There wasn’t nearly enough sad/angsty Doctor as I would have thought, or maybe have even liked. I also felt like they overused the “Doctor Who?” line in this episode, but I think a way to justify it would be that we are getting closer to the overall mystery of the question. Back to the good, the Sherlock Holmes bit was hilarious! The sad bit though is it is probably the closest we will every get to Wholock. I know I wasn’t going to talk about Clara, but it just occurred to me that after all this time, we still haven’t properly met the new companion, have we? Overall, however, it was a very good episode and it was my favorite Christmas episode to date, and I think my favorite episode of the season. Can’t wait to speculate about Clara and anxiously wait for the rest of Series 7!

    • Frances Early

      I forgot the new theme!!! OH YES, that was exciting. Not sure if I like it or not, being used to the old one for sooooo long, but I think it introduces the 50th anniversary really well, being a mix of old and new. And its not as lame as some of the Classic Who themes.The new TARDIS is lovely as well. It’s a real through back to Classic Who, which I am welcoming with open arms. I think people opposed to it, are not as educated about Classic Who, and don’t understand the roots of these ideas. Some of the execution was a little off, but I agree, I think I could grow to love it. I also think that “bring back to life device” was cheating. And I agree about angsty Doctor, he has always been slightly too bi-polar for me, and so a slow transition back to world-saver would have been nice. I do understand they only have an hour to do everything though. Sherlock references were great, totally playing up to the fans there!!! Yeah, I wasn’t going to answer every point of your post, but I got too excited. :D

      • Matthew Goldenberg

        I don’t think the people who don’t like the new TARDIS are necessarily uneducated about Classic Who, I think it’s more of just an aesthetic point of whether you prefer a space-age sort of look or an organic, somewhat childlike look.

      • Remy Jones

        I think that some people just can’t stand the cliche of something looking that futuristic. I think it’s hilarious. We had steampunk last, so why not Space-age this time? i think that’s really how it ought to be all the time.

    • belac889

      Wasn’t there a device in Torchwood that brought people back to life for a limited amount of time

      • Matthew Goldenberg

        Yes, the Resurrection Gauntlet. But my problem here is that in Torchwood, death wasn’t as heavy a concept as it is in Doctor Who, and if you want proof of that, take a look at the Series 2 finale of Torchwood. But in Doctor Who, death is a major event with many more consequences. The only exception to this is Rory, but even many of his deaths do carry their own weight, like in “Cold Blood” or “The Doctor’s Wife.” The issue I have here is that Doctor Who just introduced into it’s canon that there is in fact a device that the Doctor has access to that can negate death If this device stays, then think of all the issues it can cause. Why can’t the Doctor just use this device so he never runs out of regenerations? Why can’t the Doctor use this device to bring back Adric from the dead or the Brigadier or Sarah Jane Smith? The idea that the plot device to return people form the dead has no place in Doctor Who canon.

        • Peter

          As Lady Vastra said (and I quote): “That equipment will bring back anyone for a while, but long term…”

          This would seem to indicate it has limited practical use; it didn’t appear to actually do any _healing_ of Clara that was discernable – her injuries were still severe enough that she died, again, in the end.

          Still, I can’t help feeling that once something has been introduced into Who canon, the writers can take it and change (warp?) it to suit their requirements. This is where I hope this device doesn’t become the deus ex machina that you’re obviously worrying about…

  • TG Brown

    This is an easy one and I think people are over thinking. Despite lizard woman saying the universe doesn’t make deals, it just did. The Doctor promised to save the world if the Universe didn’t let Clara die. He saved the world and Clara never dies, her body did but Clara keeps reincarnating. It’s not exactly what the Doctor had in mind but the Universe also appears to have a clever sense of humor.

    • Constantin80

      This is brilliant! I had an idea about the Great Intelligence bringing her back to life for its own reasons, but your idea is better. It’s very much in line with other Steven Moffat plots and thinking.

  • Elphaba Thropp

    For some reason, I was a little bit disappointed by the big melting of the Doctor and Clara…it seemed a bit stunted to me, like, ‘Whoa, they got really close in five minutes!’ And her hanging upside down on the carriage was a bit weird…but I grew more comfortable with her throughout the episode, and I did tear up several times at The Doctor missing the Ponds. Right after the Doctor heard the word ‘Pond’ I had to pause it to get dinner, and all in the kitchen I was freaking out and wondering OH MY GOSH HOW THE HECK DOES SHE KNOW THAT, not remembering at all the whole ice pond thingy.

    I wasn’t expecting her to die! But this sets it up in a very interesting way…is Clara going to be the new Rory now? Or……………………………………………..my thoughts after watching…………there’s always that teeny tiny chance that she’s The Master. Probably not. But she could be. Just saying.

    I have about a million bazillion thoughts on this episode, but my head is so wibbly wobbly with sad Doctor and KISS KISS KISS SO MANY KISSES IN THIS EPISODE and heheh clara’s cool and WAIT WHY DID SHE DIE and this is interesting I could care less about the bad guys and BOWTIE!!!!! and I can’t wait to see River’s face when she finds out about Clara and, most important of all, grenades.

  • http://twitter.com/StarkidSims Simone

    I loved this so much :) the whole show just had this really nice new vibe and it was awesome. The supporting characters were BRILLIANT, Matt was fantastic and I loved the one liners. I still can’t work Clara out but I love her. Also am I one of the only people that really likes the new Tardis interior? All in all – fantastic! Can’t wait for more. Alonsy!

    “I’m a lizard woman from the dawn of time and this is my wife.”
    “It’s smaller on the outside.”

  • Jane

    Well I really like Clara/Oswin and can’t wait for the next half of the season!!! When the doctor came in as Sherlock Holmes I was full on laughing because of Moffat and how he’s producer of Sherlock and how the prequel was named the Great Detective ( I think). There were many one liners, but my favourite has to be “it’s smaller in the outside”. I had a feeling that Clara wouldn’t say the stereotype but a new thing. Loved the new tile sequence as well.



  • http://twitter.com/Snapescape Laura Cain

    Was the Sherlock sequence meant to be some kind of compensation for the lack of the Batch on our screens this Christmas? Still, it made me happy.

  • Rob from Oz

    Just seen the episode after it aired in Australia and am desperate to see the next instalment in April!!! (btw, a massive thank you to the BBC for nowadays releasing episodes of “WHO’ so ‘fast tracked’ to international fan centres, such as Australia). Can’t agree more that Clara is an excellent companion and addition to the show! (She’s already my favourite ‘full time’ companion too).

  • daff

    Clara is posessed by the great intelligence, that is why she is appearing as the same person through out time (as the GI has the information from her that it needs to produce perfect humans)

  • walterdontworkonshabbas

    I really enjoyed the episode, but I really wish they’d quit running the “Doctor Who” thing in the ground.

    • belac889

      As long as they have a really good conclusion to the “Doctor Who?” Arc. I will be fine with “running the “Doctor Who” thing in the ground.”

  • HPfanatic

    Did Clara remind anyone else of Mary Poppins?
    I loved her! So excited for her to be the new companion! Though I’ll be REALLY mad if they kill off River to have more of us ship 11/Clara. I have a horrible feeling they’re going too :( When they kissed and the Doctor seemed to enjoy it I was like YOU HAVE A WIFE!

    • http://www.hypable.com/author/lauracristiano/ LauraBC

      YES! As soon as I saw that umbrella I thought the Doctor was going to sonic it and they were both going to use it to fly off the roof!

    • Frances Early

      Haha, I hadn’t thought of Mary Poppins before, but that’s brilliant!!! I did start shipping Clara/11 a bit, but mostly because I ship him with everyone OTHER than River. It’s amazing how divided the fan base is about River…

      • http://twitter.com/corruptinnocent Jennifer Hill

        Wasn’t her line to the ice governess before going up the ladder after the Doctor something from Mary Poppins?

    • butticorn

      Well they can’t exactly kill her off when we’ve seen her birth and death. But eventually there’s going to be a middle point. We still have her aging up after all

    • Teranel

      I was thinking the same thing re: River. I have to wonder if Clara is one of her middle regenerations or something.

  • esmeblabbed

    They were saying ‘pond’ so much…it made me sad.

    The Doctor was wearing the reading glasses that Amy wore in Angels Take Manhattan..I thought that was a nice touch.

    At the very end of the episode where it showed Clara at them cemetery, the other girl reminded me of Mels.

    The TARDIS interior didn’t look as bad as it did in the picture.

  • ClaraOswin

    Anyone else notice that the Doctor didn’t seem to remember his old enemy “The Great Intelligence”. He fought it before in a previous incarnation. I thought it was just a nod to “Classic Who” but now I think something is up with his memory especially since Clara and Oswin both say “Run” and “Remember” to the Doctor in both of their deaths scenes. It looks like we have another Moffat mystery to solve.

    • http://twitter.com/MowTheFrontLawn Juan Pedia

      I did notice that. The Doctor said, “Rings a bell,” but it was unclear how much he remembered about the Great Intelligence. Interesting.

  • Frances Early

    Despite not liking Steven Moffat or Oswin and really not enjoying MOST of series 7 so far (bar Angels take Manhattan which had me on the floor for three weeks even though I didn’t care for Amy), I actually enjoyed this episode more than I want to admit. I’m excited for him to have one companion again, since we’ve had the married dynamic in the TARDIS for so long, and hopefully the adventures will be more in the style of Martha or Donna or even Rose episodes. I know it’s a lot to ask for, as Moffat is different than Davies and they both have different strengths when it comes to writing a series, but I’m hopeful. In terms of Christmas Specials it’s up there with Voyage of the Damned and A Christmas Carol, which are totally my two favourites, and I think they are tough to write, since they are separate from a series, but embedded in the series as well. Look, I’m going to be optimistic, and hope that Clara/Oswin/Whatever-her-face-really-is will be good. :D

  • No name

    what everyone fails to remember though is the Dr is married to River Song yet he kissed Clara lol

  • No name

    maybe she has a different version of a regeneration like instead of changing into a different person she just re-surfaces into another timeline.

  • No name

    i thought the episode was a bit bland though the enemies didn’t do enough damage to be considered as scary. (as Peter Moffat claimed them to be)

    • belac889

      Well… It was a CHRISTMAS episode

  • No name

    oh and there was loads of hidden easter eggs involved. Like the Pub called Rose and the mentioning of “Pond” maybe hints that they might return for the 5oth anniversary

  • Andy

    It was so funny! “It’s a clever staircase, taller on the inside” had me laughing out loud, by myself. I love how we get to see how very important a companion is to the Doctor, as in he what he becomes without one. And Clars is marvelous, right down my alley!

  • josey

    “winter is coming”
    come on doctor who, get your own catch phrase. haha

    • ClaraOswin

      I caught that too.

  • Jen

    I don’t know how the second half went because I fell asleep. I could blame it on the sugar coma but ehhhh… i’m not so sure.

  • Cassandra

    What I especially liked was: by the end of the episode, it wasn’t so much having a new companion that inspired the doctor to come out of the dumps, but rather the challenge of trying to solve the MYSTERY of her. Recall that twice he says how much he loves encountering new things.

  • belac889

    CLASSIC WHO/NEW WHO CROSS-OVER THEORY: What if Clara is like The Watcher from the forth(?) doctor era.

  • Hermione Granger

    I like Clara. Everyone seems to think of her as the new love interest, but I disagree. Ithink Clara is like Jack in the way that they both just like flirting with people. Wouldn’t it be cool if she died every episode and it became a sort of scavenger hunt?
    Anybody else notice the recurring themes? There were several Rose mentions, and the flickering lights came back…. any others I’m missing?

  • http://www.facebook.com/the.rachmeister Rachel Killian

    Am I the only person who DOESN’T like Clara/Oswin? I can’t exactly put my finger on as to why. But I don’t, I suppose she’s a bit pushy and presumptuous, and I don’t like that she kissed The Doctor. plus, I miss Amy and Rory, but I just feel like she’s a bit Martha-y, who has been my least favorite companion to date.

    aaaand I also don’t like the new TARDIS, just because it’s too shiny….

    But aside from that, I liked the episode, I literally laughed out loud at a few spots (for instance, his bow tie being “cool” Matt’s face was hilarious) and I appreciated that it gave us more knowledge about Vastra

  • Allucard

    I will leave you with my thinking.
    What ir the new companion is the long forgotten daughter of his from the episodes with the Matt damion and the donna noble…

  • http://www.facebook.com/doug.dickerson.186 Doug Dickerson

    Moffat sure loves his anagrams.
    I think he also liked the movie the sixth sense.
    When I saw the scene below it felt like the scene from the sixth sense when the boy tells the “dead” guy that he sees “dead people”, but at this point you dont realize that the guy is dead.
    Doctor: Maybe it’s snow that fell before, maybe it remembers how to make snowmen.
    Clara: What? Snow that can remember, thats silly
    Doctor: Whats wrong with Silly?
    Clara: Nothing, still talkin to you aint I?
    Oswin Oswald= I WAS OLD SNOW (too perfect of an anagrm)
    Interesting that both times we have seen Oswin. There was snow.

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