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Merlin‘s final ever episode “The Diamond of the Day, Part 2″ just finished airing in the U.K. It’s over, and all is said and done. Did you like how the story concluded?

The second half of the finale episode “The Diamond of the Day” was originally meant to air on December 29, but the BBC moved it up to Christmas eve. At first, this was a bit upsetting as we’d have a week less to enjoy theorising and speculating about the end – but after part 1 of the episode on Saturday, we were glad we didn’t have to wait a whole week to find out how it ended!

But now, the show is over – no more bromance, no more epic legend callbacks, no more hilarious antics, no more heartbreaking goodbyes.

One question remains: What did you think about the episode?

Did it wrap up the story in a satisfactory way? Were you upset by the deaths? Were you surprised by who lived? And how about the final scene – how epic was that?!

Hypable will be bringing you a bunch of reactions over the next couple of days, both in the form of written reviews and on our Merlin podcast Talks of Camelot.

Edit: Listen to Talks of Camelot’s initial reactions episode “All the Initial Merlin Finale Feels” now!

But right now, we want to know what YOU think! Share your initial thoughts and reactions: what did you love, what did you hate, what was underwhelming, what took you completely by surprise?

  • The507thDoctor

    Unfortunately I only got see the last few moments but, Hobo Merlin?!?!?!? What was all that about??!?!?

    • Dee

      I think he’s waiting for Arthur to return! :(

      • The507thDoctor

        I hope so! It was sort of open ended, like I can imagine if it were to continue it would be modern day, and Merlin would be ancient in appearance for good this time.

        • Dee

          Maybe for CBBC show? xD

  • http://twitter.com/AsiaAAhmed Asia A Ahmed

    NOOOOOOO!I just want to shoot everyone !

  • http://twitter.com/Snapescape Laura Cain

    The final part with Merlin and the bus was all at once the cheesiest, most surprising and oddest ending to a TV show. Ever.

    • Merlinitude

      Except it wasn’t bus but a lorry. And I think the point of the last shot is that Merlin is still waiting for Arthur’s return.

    • Chopzyg

      Agreed. The last thing I ever figured this show would end with was a creepy old git waddling down a street with a bus on it. WTF?!?! Hahaha. I chose to ignore it, thinking it was some kind of mistake, some sort of advertisement that had snuck into the show with Colin Morgan as its spokesperson. Buy a Bus Trip to Avalon, or something…

  • Daniella

    The episode was EPIC. But Arthur died!! why?? :(

    • http://twitter.com/Snapescape Laura Cain

      Because that’s the legend of course! :)

  • Dee

    I suddenly want Arthur to come back as a lorry driver!!!! :’(

  • Annie

    My initial reaction? Crying.
    Lots and lots of crying.
    And then later?
    More crying.

    • ruthanne

      completely agree. The actors deserve to win a BAFTA.

      • Merlinian

        You mean an Oscar !

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Maria-Wang/542480760 Maria Wang

    OMG! I am watching it right this second online. Not reading the comments, or even glancing at the article for fear of spoilers But I am sooo excited!

    • starkid

      can i ask where you’re watching it online! I NEED to watch it! i haven’t seen it yet!!

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Maria-Wang/542480760 Maria Wang

        i can give you a link, but im not sure if im allowed to post it here. But here it is anyway. http://www.putlocker.com/file/899D360DEB1B0DA0 you have to click ‘continue as free user’ and then click play

        • ‘MaraMoo

          google ‘project free tv’. It is super useful. Just watched it. Balled my eyes out!!

  • Phoebe

    So, in total I really liked it. The end bit was a bit wired and didn’t really like it as it didn’t add anything. I would have preferred to see Gwen pregnant or holding a baby or something. Or maybe what happened to Merlin a few years later with him getting to recognition that he deserves.


    • Charlotte

      Yeah, I totally thought the scene in Part 1 of Arthur and Gwen going to bed was foreshadowing that she’d get pregnant… but then the ending doesn’t really show what happens to Camelot past her coronation.

      • EndOfTheWorld!!!!!

        I’m sure little Amer was tucked away in her belly somewhere.

        • snowcat60

          I would like to believe that…. ;)

    • Steve

      What do you mean it didn’t add anything. Merlin was waiting for Arthur’s return & still exists today, waiting for the time his friend rises from Avalon

      • April

        Exactly! How awesome is the idea that after all this time, in this modern day, it’ll just be Merlin and Arthur?

        • Cb

          Fairly crap compared to the show

      • Phoebe

        While I understand with your point of view, I have to say I that there are other scenes that I would have preferred in it’s place as it would have added more for me. What I mean is that it doesn’t show any future within the land of Camelot we know and love.

        Who takes the crown after Gwen dies when there is no heir?
        Is magic ever fully accepted?
        Will Merlin ever be able to have the power in helping decide Camelot’s future?

        We just saw him old walking past a truck to the place his friend died. I personally don’t care what happens in 2012 for Merlin and Arther, I want to know what happens in the near future of all our beloved characters or if the ideal world that was wanted was ever achieved as that is what we have been trying the get to the entire if the show. By looking at that last scene the way it was shows that Merlin failed massively because unless I have been living under a rock for the entire of my life, this world does not have magic. We don’t live ‘in a land of myth and a time of magic’ anymore, making, for me, that last scene completely pointless as it did not go with anything that we have come to know in the entire of the past five series.

        That being said, I did love the rest of the episode, and while re-watching in the future I’ll just skip the last 5 seconds.

        Hope you understand my point of view.




        • Hannah


  • Starkid

    Hi! I live in the US. I know Arthur dies, but can someone tell me if Merlin reveals his magic to Arthur?!? Please!? I NEED to know!

    • http://twitter.com/Snapescape Laura Cain

      Yes, he does!

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Michael-Gracey/100000473678654 Michael Gracey

      He does yes

    • http://twitter.com/nvj29 Nicole

      He Does.

    • mtlss

      He does and IT IS AWESOME.

    • MerlinLover

      Yes he does:)

    • April


      Yeah he does and at the start Arthur tells him to leave him alone but then later on he accepts it and his last words are ‘Thank You’ to Merlin. For everything :”’)

    • snowcat60

      Be prepared though. Lost of kleenex……

  • Dick hope

    Did not understand the lorry.? But a great series. Want more!

    • Eliza

      It was saying that Arthur is gonna get reincarnated in the modern day, coz of that whole ‘future king’ thing.

  • http://www.facebook.com/nicole.soor Nicole Soor

    Was crying throughout the whole thing, Arthur! Gwaine! Merlin! Ahhhh, all the feels right now!!

  • ravenclaw1991

    Cried like a freakin baby! That magic reveal was beautiful. Not as epic as I was hoping, but still. I loved Arthur’s acceptance even if he was kind of cold toward Merlin at first. And those deaths, I cried so much. It was sad as hell. I hope Arthur returns soon just for Merlin’s sake. I didn’t like the end with Merlin walking along that road though. He looked like a hobo. I wish they would’ve had him meet Arthur on a crowded London street or something.

    • a.love

      I for one,although saddening,found the ending to be quite satisfactory,and represented that Merlin will always waiting,although I believe he is quite aware that Arthur,for a long time,won’t be needed

    • snowcat60

      now that would have been an interesting ending….maybe just a glimpse of him…..or a short “you look familiar” from Arthur…..

    • froggy

      Hey that was Merlin’s look, It would have been better if we saw Arthur wake up in the tomb on the island , then Merlin wait was over and the chance of them uniting was a possibility

  • Eliza


  • http://www.facebook.com/nicole.soor Nicole Soor

    What if? Kate and Wills baby is the reincarnated Arthur!! :D haha

    • MoreSensible

      What if Charles is already the reincarnated Arthur ?

      • http://www.facebook.com/nicole.soor Nicole Soor

        Maybe… But he has spent most of his life not being king so that doesn’t really fit with Arthur ;) haha

  • http://twitter.com/McKeeKatharine Katharine McKee

    I cried. A lot. I did like the way they ended it but it made me so sad that Merlin had to go through life without Arthur and watch everyone he loved die. The best scene EVER though was when Arthur thanked Merlin. Broke my heart.

    • mtlss

      Yes – I stop crying and then I think of him saying thank you and then I’m off again D:

      • johnie89


  • http://www.facebook.com/carla.hartman.3 Carla Hartman

    I thought in the legend arthur lived for a long while after discovering merlins secret? Am i wrong? This programme must return it was amazing

    • mtlss

      I think in the legend Arthur always knew about Merlin’s magic. In the legend, Merlin was this mentor who made Arthur the king he was meant to be. But in a more Dumbledore to Harry kind of way.

      • Chris Routh

        In the legend Merlin helped Uther impregnate Arthurs mother by helping him disguise himself as her husband. Morgana witnesses this and can see through his disguise and that’s why she seeks the throne later in her age. Also, Mordrid was her bastard child that she has by using the same diguise spell on Arthur and having sex with him. The illegitimate child kills the illegitimate king and vice versa. Merlin tries to fix the mistakes he made with Uther by trying to mold Arthur into the perfect king, and in the end fails.

  • Winkyxx

    I live in the U.S. I just read all these comments while listening to some rather sad music. I want to go cry in a corner right now. :’( Arthur and Gwaine! NOOO! and what about Morgana?

    • Judith

      Morgana died

  • Hellwassup

    So sad :(

  • kenni

    noOoo it ended!! :( not sure what i am gonna do with my saturday evenings now :(

  • mtlss

    I don’t think I’ll ever stop crying.

    • monica

      god me too, i feel so depressed on Xmas and still do now even after new year..why o why they have to kill arthur..

  • Patrick

    What should have been a magic (excuse the pun) finale RUINED by the final scene.Otherwise a thoroughly enjoyable series

    • TVCheese

      Then you don’t get it if you feel it was ruined!

    • snowcat60

      AT first I thought it was silly and jarring, but now I think the ending is so sad for Merlin. But I guess hopeful at the same time. It just makes me cry more.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Maria-Wang/542480760 Maria Wang

    So sad! And Merlin..he seems all alone. So sad!

  • Morvena

    This will contain spoilers so do not read if you haven’t watched the episode.

    I can’t believe that Merlin is actually over. 5 years ago, the first episode aired. We have watched Merlin grow up and the bond between the Prince and his sorcerer grow stronger. We have watched Merlin defeat everything that was thrown in his path for Arthur, but not tonight. Tonight it ended and tonight everything was revealed. Beautiful. Over an hour after it aired, I’m still crying. I cannot believe what happened between Mordred and Arthur. Mordred’s expression as he dies is just soo sad. How he smiles. That is the creepiest but also saddest smile we’ve had from Mordred, and will also be the last one we ever recieve.
    This show is more powerful than any other show on earth. It is the TV equivelant to Harry Potter. It is fantastic. The actors/actresses are wonderful and amazing people who don’t let fame go to them. They are realistic and down-to-earth. The special effects are amazing and believable.
    This show has made the Merlin fans of my school group together and we are now a strong group of friends with lots in common, so it is difficult to ever feel lonely. It has inspired us to write our own episodes as series 6 and input our own ideas, using the unused parts of the myths as a basis. Every Monday we would have a discussion about the parts of the episode aired on the previous Saturday that we loved, the bits we liked and the bits that made us cry. We will always be indebted to you- thank you.
    Goodbye, Merlin, and thank you for five years. This episode was beautiful. The death scenes were perfect, the magic reveal was amazing and believable and everything was brilliant. Thank you, Colin, Bradley, Katie, Angel, Richard, Eoin, Tom, Alexander, John, everyone, for a perfect finale to a show that has enchanted millions every week. We will miss you. Merlin may be over but Camelot, Arthur, Merlin and their stories will live long in the minds of men.

    • Insanityisgood25

      When are you posting these stories? I need to read them!

    • Zoë Scott

      Agree x

    • http://www.facebook.com/jenna.trager.9 Jenna Trager

      OK I HAVE to read it!! If you guys post it some where could you let us know?… PLEASE?!??

    • Snowy

      One small thing that was never added to the last episode. Morgana’s dream. The one that made her want to kill Eymrs (Idk if that’s how it’s spelled) so badly. The only time that it was seen was in Morgan’s dream. That’s a small thing that I’d like to point out to all of the people reading this. Vote up this comment if you think that they messed up big time.

  • MacDawn

    I still cannot believe the producers had the guts to follow so true to the legend. Merlin had certainly grown from a fluffy ‘family TV’ into the darker, more adult storylines.

    I love how the bromance between Merlin and Arthur was finally played out. But those last 30 secs were just weird.

  • Emma

    Crap ending Arthur shouldn’t have died!!

    • Steve

      You can not change the past, Arthur died at Avalon & will return

  • LLoyd

    The last five seconds of the episode were utterly ridiculous! I think that man lives on the corner by my apartments! Who knew it was Merlin the whole time. I’ll go give him a hug.

    • johnie89

      The idea is to show that Merlin is immortal and that his loyalty spans ages. He is waiting for the day Arthur rises again and so can be at his side once more. Its a very Merlin thing to do….

    • froggy

      Hi Just watched Merlin in Australia and cried like a baby. The last 5 seconds was to show Merlin was immortal and still waiting for Arthur. It would have been better if they had shot over to the island and showed Arthur in a tomb waking up (eyes popped open) would have given us the hope of them uniting again and left all the depressed people happy. Loved the show, wished it went for another year

      • Crystal

        My initial reaction to the last few seconds was pissed off, but then I realized, like you said, it was to show Merlin is immortal and still waiting for Arthur. I like your idea of showing Arthur wake up or something to that extent. I’d be awesome if they did a second series. The Rise of Arthur …or something of that nature.

      • Snowy

        But the actors that played Merlin and Arthur said that they were done with it and that would imply that Merlin was going to have a 6ht season. Not that I don’t want a 6th season, I’d love that but The actors said they were done.

        • froggy

          Yes I agree, I had heard the same thing, though I did hear the producers were thinking about doing a movie, I don’t know If they could do this from where it finished as Arthur waking to save the world is part of the legend. I suppose they could pick another time in history where he wakes and then goes back to sleep but they would have to be careful as it could become tacky

      • Ally Siders

        To the director and all to read,

        I agree!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my gosh! Why did the have to end this series? This series was literally my life, and I can’t stop thinking about never being able to watch another new episode again. I just want to go down to the studios, and beg them to make another series. I would do anything. I don’t know one person who doesn’t like this show!!!!!! If one of the directors are reading this, take my word that you need to make a season six. If you don’t, I will just die on the inside. Come on! Please!! I’m begging you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        I would even give you all my allowance just for this show. I will even try better in school. Just know that if you do this show technically you helped a kid in school try harder. If you don’t, know i will be too depressed to even try! I won’t forget about this!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • froggy

          oh dear, don’t let a TV show affect your future. Your future is still in front of you I cried when the show finished and yes I would have liked it to continue, but all good things have an end. The two actors who played Arthur and Merlin did a great job otherwise it would not have had the effect on us that it did. I just wished they had left it with a happier ending which I have already described, at least we would have believed there was a future for these characters

  • Mrs bowen

    I love Merlin and my two children do its such a shame if they axe this show that is a fantastic family show

  • Sam

    I think there is an opening for another series right there at the end

    • Jekaterina Trubatsjova

      but if we write in BBC (all the fans) maybe will continue? at least one series, as According to legend, Arthur rules more than 4 or 5 years …

  • babewithbrains22

    I thought it was beautiful and very, very well done, but tremendously sad. I can’t stop crying :( Especially when I think of Arthur’s last moments in Merlin’s arms and saying “thank you”… well, there I go again. Also Gwaine! Will be crying for a while… :(

  • Stacie

    I honestly really don’t know what to say, and I’m still an emotional mess right now. Let me say this: I overall liked the episode in some ways. I think all the Arthur and Merlin scenes were pretty perfect. But it was everything else that really just had me shaking my head in frustration. Mordred, Gwaine, and Morgana’s deaths were utterly disappointing to me. Very anticlimatic and I feel like all three of those characters didn’t get the moments they deserved. They were too quick, and honestly, felt way too forced. Morgana is my favorite character, and I was disgusted with how it all went down. I’m not mad that she died (I’ve been wanting her to die), it’s just the whole thing that she should have had more words with Merlin and some type of inner revelation. But nope…And Mordred…yup, disgusted with that too. At least Gwaine’s death had a bit more emotion to it. And I liked all the Gwen scenes, and I’m glad she found out about Merlin too. Like several others, I was hoping we’d get some sense that she might be pregnant. And the ending…um….not quite sure what to think. Kind of liked it, but at the same time kind of silly and not needed. Like I said, I’m very split with the episode. The deaths were what didn’t flow right, and Arthur/Merlin was about the only good thing.

    • Ben Kennedy

      I agree with you on Morgana’s death, I thought her and Merlin would have an epic duel using their magic like Nimeuh and Merlin did at the end of the first series. But no she just gets stabbed and that’s it, that’s kinda lame :/ Same with Mordred, I thought him and Arthur would have a long sword fight but it was over too quickly
      Finally Merlin and Arthur’s scenes were done brilliantly, too bad it wasn’t a happy ending :(

  • http://www.facebook.com/zoe.barney.7 Zoe Barney

    I hope they continue the story:’) after 5 years of watching those two fools bond and have the best bromance on television, i feel almost incomplete knowing that Arthur and Merlin have not been reunited. I’m sure that many people would agree that the finale was spectacular and heartbreaking, but it also seemed like a cliff hanger, something for us to hold on to and to hope for. Hopefully, there will be more Merlin to come. Only time will tell:)

    • http://www.facebook.com/zoe.barney.7 Zoe Barney

      I know it’s following the legend, but you can always hope!

      • Chopzyg

        Sort of. If it was following the legend, Morgana would have been the one to take Arthur to Avalon. Nine sisters and four enchantresses and all that jazz. But … thankfully Morgana didn’t get redemption. But sad, too.

  • AshQuill

    OMG. Every time I saw Colin crying I would start crying. :’( Great ending, although sad. I wish they would should show Merlin/magic having a place in Camelot. I know Gwen said she was grateful that Merlin was looking after Arthur, but it could still have gone both ways on what she thinks of sorcery since Merlin was supposed to look after Arthur but instead he didn’t live. I dunno, maybe that’s just me. Yeah, the last shot was pretty weird and it through me off a bit. And Merlin isn’t supposed to be immortal right? Then why is he still walking down the street in our time??? Lol.

  • Becca


  • http://forgiveyourmind.tumblr.com/ Tariq

    Okay so I loved this episode. SO MANY FEELS. It was really well done but at the same time I’m also somewhat upset at all the open ends.

    I really, really wanted to see how the kingdom reacted to Merlin and if he got the recognition it deserved. I wanted to see if Albion got the golden era of peace and tranquility Arthur died for. I want to know if he had a legitimate heir. I want to know how Merlin somehow lived thousands of years (don’t all sorcerers get affected by aging?). Just so many question. KFJHAKDH:ADKH

    • Josh Rowe

      I agree with everything you said but we already found out why Merlin lived so many years, when he was in the crystal cave and he accepted his destiny he became immortal, when his dad said “I will always be, just as you, will always be”.

      • http://forgiveyourmind.tumblr.com/ Tariq

        Ah, I see. I didn’t understand that I guess. Thanks for clearing that up!

        • Kdollcayd

          I get that whole concept, but, I feel like it would have been way more satisfying if Merlin remained a reasonably young age (I mean, come on, he’s supposedly the most powerful sorcerer in the world.) If they had showed him as a young modern guy continuing to live a semi-normal life while still loyally awaiting for Arthurs return instead of portraying him as a crazy, sad hobo, then I think people (or maybe just me) would be less devastated. The decision for the last scene gave me an overall empty feeling about one of my favorite series.

    • froggy

      If you go by the myth Gwen was barren and could not have a child so their was not an heir. Mordred was Arthur child by Morgana (they changed that so it was better) The golden era of peace and tranquility is Great Britian golden age and it has been lived. The fact that we got the flash of Merlin back near the island is that the times are becoming troubled again and he needs Arthur to come back. It is a shame they did not show Arthur waking up on the island for the cycle to start again andthat Merlin wait was over

  • AnnaTveit

    GWAINE! :(

    • MaraMoo

      Gwaine :’-(

  • http://www.facebook.com/phil.white.988 Phil White

    I just hope there is a series 6 2013 for this fantastic show there is plenty of scope.
    The ending was done well,
    I thought Morgana should have had a more gruesome death.
    But that is just nip picking I loved it.
    I thing next year should include the quest for the holy grail.
    I hope all the same cast stay the same there all excellent.
    I know some of them think this should be the end,but if the scriptwriters have a worthy concluding final series which could include the above I do not think they could refuse!
    Well done BBC and all of the cast,writers,directors,etc,this is the best thing the BBC have done!

    • RIP Morgana <3

      No, no, this IS the end. The story is over. Forever. :(

  • Dylan Gauci

    Last episode sucked ! why arthur dead O.o !? why the fuck did you end it with a passing car why the fuck did you just end the show it sucks Merlin is an awesome show jesus christ … and if you think your doing movies the actor has to be Colin or else would be just a total disaster -.- good job .. you said you will impress us with a nice final episode well you didn’t impress us you should just remake season 5 and make more seasons

  • Maddy

    So upset. I loved the episode so much however the end has certainly made me depressed for Christmas. There’s a hole in my heart that not even a Doctor Who Christmas special can fix. However, I’m kept going by the possibility of a spin off show… modern day Merlin?

    • johnie89

      Oooo imagine Merlin done in the style of Torchwood :P

  • Ryan

    I didn’t want it to end, but like all good tv shows the end has to come eventually.
    I wasn’t shocked at mordred and morganas deaths but I wasn’t expecting athur to die.
    I didn’t really like the end it didn’t fit in to the whole world of merlin. I wasn’t shocked at the man with the long hairs death, when the two nights when to attack Morgana I thought that one of them would die. I feel the episode went so fast and I wish it could last forever.
    I would say that it was a good episode but with a bad ending, still epic though.

  • a.v

    SO stupid!!!! why did Arthur die:(‘ i cried soooo much Arthur and merlin ohhhhhhhhh :( its all finished nothing to look forward to on saturdays now

  • Ryan

    What was tithe ending about come one bbc give us a better ending

  • ClaraOswin

    Thank goodness they revealed Merlin secret to Arthur in the first ten minutes so we had all that time for Arthur to come to terms with Merlin. I was hoping to be left with a beautiful piece of dialogue to send me off from the show and I get jarred out of the episode to a modern day blue truck. If they wanted us to know Merlin was immortal they could have done it more elegantly.

    • froggy

      Sorry, I liked the ending, It was different and startling. It showed that Merlin was still waiting until this day I think most people just did not get the ending/ Arthur died in the myth to rise again when he is needed.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Maria-Wang/542480760 Maria Wang

    one the one hand i’m glad they stayed true to the legend, on the other hand….*CRIES*

  • brandon

    it was a terrible ending after such a good run of season, for me that ruined it

  • sasspants

    Oh god that HURT!! I feel as if I just need more – Can we please STOP hurting Merlin and get him a ****** hug already!

  • Gjertrud

    So, did Arthur and Gwen have an heir BBC? Couldn’t answer that?
    I’m glad Gwen learned about Merlin’s secret too, although not directly

  • Sabrina

    Overall I enjoyed the finale a lot, but that ending kind of took me out of the story completely. . . I think the final speech from the dragon was enough to tell us that it wasn’t really the end without going completely cheesy as a couple of people below mentioned. I’ll just pretend that last scene wasn’t there.

  • thegoodshipdestiel

    I’m not sure why everyone is so upset about the ending?! I would think you’d all be so happy that your reincarnation fanfics more or less just came to life in canon. It just made me smile and experience some warm fuzzies – Merlin is never really over!

  • Gmariam

    I thought it was brilliant. The scenes between Arthur and Merlin could not have been better. Bradley James really showed some acting chops, I thought. Colin was as strong as ever. :) I love watching something that makes me gasp and laugh and cry and yell at my ipad and then cry some more. And more. And more. Even knowing it would likely happen, it was still one of the saddest things I’ve seen. Did you hear the music when Arthur thanked Merlin and died? THE FEELS!!!!! And the way they worked in Avalon and Morgana and the once and future king – all so very well done. Wow. Bravo. And honestly–some sort of modern day take on it could be good…

  • merlinforever

    Ok, I am really sad right now. I don’t think I’ve cried this much since sherlock’s reichenbach fall.. My favourite parts were when gaius said that he’d have merlin’s favourite meal waiting for him, i thought it was a really tender moment between merlin and gaius, perhaps the last. One of my other favourite parts was when kilgharrah said that whole thing about how what merlin had done would live on in the hearts of men. I thought that it was a really powerful moment. But the best part of the whole entire episode was when arthur asked merlin to hold him, and then he just said thank you so sincerely, and it just broke my heart. Finally, what I want to say is that I love how the defeat of morgana wasn’t so long and drawn out in the episode. I love how the final minutes were spent focusing on what really matters in the series; the beautiful friendship merlin and arthur have. Arthur’s death absolutely destroyed me, as was to be expected, but it was a beautiful ending nonetheless.. But, one question: mailman merlin? Wtf?? ok then..

    Sorry bout my rant lol
    :-) Elisheva

  • Chris Routh

    I don’t understand how miffed people are by the last scene. I understand that it could be percieved as ‘cheesy’ however Merlin is the greatest sorcerer to have ever lived. According to legend, the more powerful a sorcerer is the longer he lives. So it wasn’t so ‘cheesy’ as people think. It was symbolic that Merlin is awaiting the return of the king, which has not come to pass in our time.

  • SnatcherGirl

    Let’s just say I’m a giant snotball

  • Sarah

    I cried through the entire thing. And I never ever cry. But the bus made me laugh out loud!

  • Abigail_W

    Colin Morgan and Bradley James were heartbreaking in their scenes. They can do so much with so little in the script. I didn’t expect it was going to be this emotional. It is a beautiful goodbye.

  • captainpaul

    the 21st century truck driving by at the very end was CRAP! who the hell thought of that!, it should have been gwen discovering she was pregnant with a little baby arthur or something instead of a clip of something out of transformersthe movie!!

  • Dale

    I would have preferred a happy ever after but that was not to be. The final bit could have been better if it showed Merlin and Arthur together again in Avalon, not Merlin walking down a modern road.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001344528873 Wynona de la Calzada

    I was able to hold it in until that last scene with Merthur. But god that scene just got to me and it made me bawl like a little baby :( It was a good way to end the series, really epic! But sad, I’m still sad and I honestly don’t know how I’ll cope because it’s over :(

  • Mikky

    I just don’t understand why Merlin had to wait until until Arthur was on his last few breaths before he called the dragon to help?

    The way the episode rolled out, they should have left the dragon out completely. Also whats up with the very end, It’s all so frustrating and so sad at the same time :(

  • Bunzaga

    It was the best, and worst ending I have had the pleasure to witness. I am left with an emptiness, which I only hope the ‘future king’ can fill. Bravo. Encore. I wish there were more episodes where Merlin and magic could be vindicated, but overall, it was a beautiful, yet tragic end to a great series. I am left wanting more, and unfortunately, there is not much out in the media these days, which can compare.

  • Donn

    What makes me sad is that Merlin had 3 friends. He killed one of them (Morgana) and watched the other die (Arthur). He and arthur were great friends with a unique relationship and Merlin is probably only 25, he will live his whole life without seeing him again. I don’t like that it showed us Merlin 1500 years later. I’d kill myself before I got that old unless I could extend the lives of all my loved ones too.

  • Ahdal

    Like Robin Hood before it you killed off a main character in an attempt of a noble ending which I think wasn’t necessary (would’ve loved a happy ending). Aithusa was meant to lead them to greatness when it first hatched however all it seemed to do was keep trying to kill them before finally disappearing randomly, also Merlin had what seemed to be his last encounter with the great dragon but instead ended up calling him again when that couldve been Aithusa’s time to shine and even then he called the dragon when it was too late. Correct me if im wrong but im also sure that the sorcerer who stabbed herself with a sword a few episodes ago gave him a box of some sort, did he even use that whatever it was? I have no idea. Also after Arthur died and Guinevere became queen did magic even come back to the kingdom because that’s what this whole series has been about achieving and there were no indicators of that even happening. Finally it doesn’t even hint whether Merlin goes back to Camelot or does he just stay to look after Arthur’s burial place and where Excalibur (I think that’s what the sword is called) is laid. Also the truck cheapened the entire series and just made the ending stale.

  • laurence

    my initial reaction: fuck that was a terrible ending, no seriously it was worse than shit

  • Sara

    I am an mega fan of Merlin and I loved this episode. Thought it was amazing. But what a confusing ending. What does it mean??

  • Shan A

    Just saw the part 2. it was good over all. but what happened to the prophecy…”One day camelot will be ruled by a righteous and just king …who will allow back the magic to the land…and the people with or without the magic live as one ……” With Arthurs death and merlin stuck in 21st century country side road with a truck passing by…hmmmm…did the prophecy came true!!!! guess we’ll never know….S.A.D….

  • saleem

    i seen all of the episodes of merlin and this is definitely one of my favorite every tv programmes (alongside with doctor who and the amazing sitcom big bang theory) but it is a shame how all them things merlin did to protect arthur all came down to nothing.. he failed in his destiny to protect arthur and to allow sorcery in Camelot and the kingdom… me personally i like happy endings and i absolutely hate bad endings.. yes this is heartbreaking but why?!?! Why!!? why did arthur had to die… merlin was so close to save him… if only he summoned the dragon before, they would have made it… DAMN IIIIIIIIIIIIT

  • Lilac Indigo

    I have been a fan since the beginning and thought that the end was fitting. All the other deaths in Merlin and Arthur’s time was marked with the corpses being burnt to prevent them from returning. But Arthur’s death was set differently. His boat was not set on fire as Freya’s, Lancelot’s or Elions (Gwen’s bother), but that Arthur was steered towards the isle of the lake of Avalon – makes me wonder that Arthur will indeed return. The ending was fitting to this theory, since Merlin (Emrys) was cited in the 21st century near the “Lake of Avalon” wondering the streets with determination on his face to serve the “Once and Future King” yet again – waiting for his return. Yes, there was moments of despair, moments of betrayal, moments of fear and disgust. But there was also moments of truth (Merlin admitting to Arthur he is a sorcerer), moments of trust (Gaius telling Arthur to trust Merlin), moments of companionship (Arthur seeing that Merlin has always been his protector), moments of deepest friendship and loss (when Arthur “thanks” Merlin for being with him and a true friend to the very end). It’s sad to say farewell to my favourite TV Show! But ending the series like this – gives me hope for more to come!

  • khervik

    Im crying :’c Im sad Arthur died, but that is the legend so I’ll just have to accept it :c The last scene was also very sad. Merlin just walking along the road, and he seemed so sad :c But the whole story has been epic from the beginning to the end so Im thankful for that C:

  • http://hypable.com Selina

    Wait did Merlin say “I love you” to Arthur?! I swear that’s what I heard: https://soundcloud.com/selinawilken/ily-maybe

    • http://twitter.com/HellonMars Hell on Mars

      Sounds like breathing to me.

  • http://twitter.com/HRA809 Arielle

    On the one hand I know it was Arthur’s destiny to die, but on the other hand, why didn’t the dragon fly them directly to the island to begin with? It would’ve saved some time…

  • http://www.facebook.com/nino.v.leon Nino Villagran Leon

    I was stunned and speechless. Actually it was so heartbreaking and
    they made me cry like a baby… How his secret was revealed and how
    Arthur’s life ended with the one who was there for him. He fought till the end. Geez, I was so used to the bromance in the series, It was epic!
    Well, it followed the legend in the end, :( The last seconds were touching, I didn’t expect that…Merlin walking so many many years alone, seeing people leaving this world and he is still living. We´ll never know what he did after Arthur’s death… did he
    return to Camelot or not? What about Ealdor and his mother Hunith? In
    that last moment he reminded me of Balinor for some reason too…

    • A Bad Person

      Maybe ‘cos Balinor felt he had lost everything and as a result forced himself to live in isolation? I could easily see Merlin do the same, at least for a good long while. Hell, it was kinda implied there, in the end.

  • http://www.facebook.com/peter.g.mattock Peter Geoffrey Mattock

    Honestly I feel a little cheated. No union of Albion, no en-masse acceptance of the old religion, there should have been more. However if they really did need to wrap it all up in a neat little bow then that was probably the best they can do. Didn’t like the end though, there is no way that Arthur can be brought back to unite Albion in modern times, not with the world as it is, which means all the stuff about “Once and future King” must be rubbish.

  • mubarak ali khan

    Its the only british drama i have watched for the last five years. The episode was good but not excellant.The last few seconds were the worst of the series, what was that hgv doing ?I will miss merlin but i hope in a few years time they can restart the story line.I would like to thank all the cast of brightening my saturday evenings.

  • leerobyn

    So disappointed. I would have liked to see more after Arthur found out the truth about Merlin. I think they didn’t have to end the series with Arthur dying. They were not authentic to the stories in all ways so, why in that way? Totally sad and a downer! Why did they try so hard to keep Arthur alive? Definately would have liked a different ending much more.

  • blaufaerie

    I can’t believe Merlin has finished, I had a feeling Arthur would die, but had a little hope. I loved it, they were characters you could care about, not like some other programmes. Am gonna miss it.

  • Bill

    Chris Routh. Are you some kind of weird freak who believes conspiracy theories and plays Dungeons and Dragons? Get a girlfriend for goodness’ sake.

  • http://twitter.com/Ravenclaw160 Chloe

    So sad i cryed!

  • Sheaba

    In floods of tears. But it was a great ending. Emotional but great. It will always be one of my favorite shows :) xx

  • Bill

    What a bunch of sad freaks you are. Go outside and play sport. Get some air in your lungs. Stop watching TV. Crying over TV for Christ sake. Get a life.

    • http://twitter.com/HellonMars Hell on Mars

      This wasn’t sad, just shockingly shit.

    • A Bad Person

      I don’t understand? Do you not read or watch anything that could be described as a story? Do you dislike imagination? The purpose of television, of books, is to stimulate areas of the brain that allow us to empathise with people, and in turn, fictional characters. They are mirrors into what we could, or maybe should, experience. Like a learning process.

      Why do you think the earliest forms of mankind painted pictures on cave walls and passed on oral traditions of storytelling? They didn’t just hunt or ‘play sports.’ Not that there’s anything wrong with that. It just stimulates slightly different areas of the brain, that’s all.

      So come inside and make something up. A story, a scene, a poem, a picture. Or imagine yourself achieving something, fufilling a dream. ‘Cos that’s a form of storytelling too. Get some sort of inspiration into your lungs, your very bloodstream.

      Raging over the internet for Christ’s sake. Make yourself a better life. And yes, I’m aware of the irony of such a remark.

  • Fee Fee

    So sad. Why could we not have had a happier ending? I will really miss this show.

  • tal

    do you think that there will be a modern merlin tv show ? it could be awesome!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jenay-Carriere/100002958378724 Jenay Carriere

    Other then the ending which made me cry and not wanting to watch the early Merlin seasons.One of the saddest moments for me was the goodbye between Gaius and Merlin.Gaius knew he would not see Merlin again and that was just so sad.You could tell by all of their expressions it was goodbye especially as well with Gwaine and Merlin.

    I like that Arthur never said goodbye to Merlin and said thank you instead.I would have liked the road/bus scene better if Arthur would have been with Merlin.I guess maybe Merlin was going to get Arthur? It would have been easier to accept Arthur’s death if he hadn’t still looked so young.

  • Eliza W

    Terrible ending – absolutely hated it. Has ruined the whole thing for me. Arthur hadn’t become a legendary King yet, and it just didn’t fit. Has put me off watching any of the previous series now which is a shame as I loved them.

  • shazzle1695

    my initial reaction was on the most part great but the scene with the truck wrecked the entire thing it was utterly awful

  • Emrys Addict

    I’ve always enjoyed fantasy more than other genres, probably because I like to escape to new worlds. But this was different – this gawky, gangly young man had something special – something that touched me in ways I have never been touched. I kept trying to figure out what I loved about Merlin, and could never put my finger on it. Perhaps his beautiful vulnerability more than anything else…he IS beautiful at times, but it’s almost ethereal.

    At any rate, I have now watched it til the bitter end, and am terribly depressed. The ending was satisfactory, I suppose, given that for some reason they made it end. But I so wish they hadn’t. I could go on watching the adventurers of a sorcerer and a prince and an evil witch forever. I wouldn’t care that the story line wasn’t being served, only that they were on the screen. Merlin made me feel good, made me laugh, made me cry, made me young, made me want to be him. It will be an empty world without you, young warlock.

    • A Bad Person

      ‘ I wouldn’t care that the story line wasn’t being served.’

      WHAT. WHAT. WHAT. I don’t understand how people can say things like that…did you not see what happened when they made sequel after sequel to those ‘Land before Time’ dinosaur films? It’s kinda like JK continuing the Harry Potter books and showing every single soap-like cliche of the characters’ lives. Without a main narrative how do characters develop without the audience feeling that the development is pointless? You wouldn’t want to be in a car, forever stuck on an unending motorway would you? A story that never ends has no real offer of escapism and thus no sense of satisfaction to be gained from it.
      But, of course, you’re reflecting on the characters and how much you’d miss them. It’s an emotional response and a reasonable one. But still…that one sentence has made my brain implode.

  • anonymous

    I was so disappointed in how Merlin ended. If it was only the end of Season 5, and we had a whole season to look forward to, where we see how Arthur was resurrected, and Merlin sees Gaius, and Gwen and all his friends again, I would have liked the ending. But with the story ending with Arthur dying, and Merlin never goes back to Camelot… I was really disappointed. PLEASE. BBC, do another Merlin season, ohmyword. *sigh* I can’t believe it’s over.

    Also, really sad that Gwaine died. :( I seriously can’t stop crying..

  • merlinfan

    I really liked the way Merlin revealed his magic to Arthur, though, and how Arthur says “Thank you” right before he dies… Seriously, though, I am CRUSHED. MERLIN CAN’T BE OVER! I think I’m in denial.

    I wish there had been more of a battle between Morgana and Merlin, with Arthur watching, and knowing just how powerful his friend was… They really needed a dramatic battle between the two sorcerers for the climax. *sniff* But I was kinda sad to see Morgana die. Just kinda.

    Is there any possibility that BBC will do more Merlin episodes? PLEASE GIVE ME HOPE.

    • merlinfan

      I really felt like I knew the characters… like so, well. Like someone knows their best friends, and now it is over. Done with. Sorry. I’m obsessing.

      {Also, is it just me, or does anyone think Gwen should be pregnant with a little boy? (Whom she names Arthur.) I definitely think so.}

  • George Bush

    The ending was rubbish, even worse than the last episode of Blake’s 7. But then we are talking about the BBC. Now Then Now Then!

  • MsLondon

    Geez. Live in the states…so this is hard! It’s Christmas night, family chilling and my mind now runs to Arthur Pendragon…the greatest King Camelot has ever known,Gwen and Merlin. UGH! Can’t see it till Jan. 2013 here but have seen pics and just so sad. I will miss those guys. Just can’t tell you. When i am in London in the spring my mind will run to Camelot. Yes i knew it was coming but i wanted one more season for Albion, babies , more Merlin and Arthur and Giaus, the knights etc. Cudos to Angel(Gwen) you gave Guinevere grace and beauty.You had it hard..you played a role where they intially down played your great looks and later allowed you to show off! Love your bio pics. You and Katie, gorgeous simply! Katie the evil one i loved to hate. Colin there are no words to describe your talent,handsome, quiet. Richard(Giaus) …you were my favorite …you held everyone together. The hot knights…what more could a girl want?! Ok and Anthony Head ..great job. Yet, Bradley James ..no one but you could have played Arthur from boy to man but you! Beautiful to watch Arthur grow into a man. And to watch he and Gwen and her push him to be the King he became. Many times i wanted to bop you upside the head as Arthur but you did your thing and gave Arthur a soul and i so thank you for that as. As i have always loved this legend since i was a child. Bravo Guys….don’t know if i can watch the end but bravo, much love Merlin Cast. Thanks for tears, laughter, fear, strength , sexiness but nothing rauchy. Thank you!

    • MerlinPsst

      pst… season 5 episodes are available to stream on YouTube. they’re often in 3 minute bits, to beat the sensors, but you can put them together into one playlist…

  • MsLondon

    PS Angel Coulby and Bradley James…dont know if you two know this but thank you so much for your hotness together. You two rocked….smoking hot…my favorite on screen couple. Just so pretty together. You two together kept us who love a good love story on the edge of our seats…trying to come down to reality and not think of Guinevere without Arthur because i too will be in tears and as i said i haven’t seen it yet. And don’t want to think of Merlin without his buddy but especially Arthur dying young and leaving Gwen and Camelot behind. Ugh, i need more wine for this!

  • Rilman

    I thought it seemed really rushed, big plot holes and I’m really disappointed they’ve cancelled it for whatever reason.

  • sam

    i didnt like the end. i thought their journey together was just beginning? i mean hes suppose to know about merlins magic for a long time and die at the age of like 40 or 50…

    not when they are young?!
    I thought this show was about when merlin is young?
    and now has magic been restored? is albion united? No.

  • disqus_LKESg3KDYf

    I liked it, but i didn’t love it. I expected more from the ending since it was the last show. I was disappointed. It was a struggle to get over how it ended. I’ve been watching Merlin for years and knowing that’s how they left off the show makes me want to bang my head against the wall. I am now depressed and pissed. Though, i did like the way Merlin revealed his magic to Arthur and how Merlin finally killed Morgana. I really was hoping that they would keep the show going, but how they ended it makes me really doubt it.

  • T

    very upset. I don’t think the should have killed Arthur. So it was like Merlin did his big reveal and it’s over, no chance to go on adventures again knowing who Merlin is. WTF!!! Go no Guwaine and Gwen is all alone.. how is that a happy ending. and when the heck is Arthur going to come back 2054 what was the purpose of that stupid ending

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1050612569 Bryan Erickson


    Please don’t end it…..

  • thegoodshipdestiel

    I really cannot believe everyone is saying they shouldn’t have killed Arthur. Of course nobody wanted it, but that is what had to happen and to say that him dying ruined the finale is ridiculous. His death was a fixed point in time, as the Doctor would say. His final scene was beautiful and we should appreciate that instead of whining about it.

  • Alfons

    From Series 1 Merlin, Arthur and Morgana had destinies. They all failed with their destinies. And Aithusa’s story we will never ever know about. Shame… let’s go see the Hobbit.

  • Trudie

    It all went downhill for me when Mordred & Morgana’s deaths were too quick & easy & I could of forgiven that if Arthur didnt die!! .. & lived & if there was a scene of Arthur announcing the acceptance of people who do magic into his kingdom…sooo disappointing as I loved all the series but they just couldn’t think of a better ending??

  • Lly6192

    i watched the older versions of merlin, the films, and aurther doesnt die in them, so a bit disapointed :( but it was cool how we see merlin at the end when the bus drives past lol :)

  • lotus king

    I completely and utterly hated it. i mean what in the fuck. This entire time all the 5 years, 5 seasons long all that has been said was for Arthur and Merlin to stand side by side and bring magic into Camelot and create this great new world(Albyin or whatever). That was the entire point of the entire show, and now we are left with the most idiotic cliffhanger I’ve ever experienced. Besides everyone knows Merlin isn’t that stupid. He would of immediately called the Great Dragon to help him carry Arthur so they would of made it in time and Arthur would of been fine. And last but not least whats with the damn truck? What? Why? That was the final slap to the face after they gave me a kick to the nuts. I love every other episode in Merlin and I love the serise but this just killed it for me.
    I mean think about it after all that pain, suffering, hard work, strife, and time nothing came of it Artur just died, Merlin gets depressed they made it all pointless.

  • Praxis

    OK, everybody likes Merlin, I like Merlin, but I am a little bit angry,….Can someone tell me why Merlin doesn’t call the dragon before? Why Do they have to go to Avalon by horse? Come on! you have a dragon! He (and Arthur) would have arrived Avalon faster and Arthur would have been cured. I am not a native English speaker so maybe I missed something in the dialog. comments are welcome.

    • loca

      That what I’m saying . Smh they could of saved author.

  • Wokanshutaiduo

    So sad, so touching. Only thing I was disappointed about was Arthur’s death – I would have liked him to be able to see the dream realised, and come to a fuller and deeper relationship with Merlin, knowing the truth.

  • Markus

    One more season please, would love to see Arthur and Merlin together in full magic swing.

    • James

      Indeed! The original story tells us that!

  • James

    Merlin’s end sucks!! The original story shows us that Merlin supports Arthur during his whole kingdom. What we saw was a dramatic way in order to Merlin series not going further. I am sad how this ended but that is life. :(


    Its annoying, Merlin shouldn’t end at this point, I mean it was a good ending and all, but you miss out on the new all magic camelot being created. Its sad because it ends at a conclusion and im sure everyone will miss merlin

  • Josie

    Go back to what the dragon said to Merlin in season 1, then watch the end of season 5. It just doesn’t add up to me.

  • Nikki

    Didn’t like the ending. Didn’t expect it n was shocked to see author die. All the series gave hope but the end distroyed it. It was a very sad ending n I hated it. Author shouldn’t have died cause he was suppose to be a great king n bring peace n everyone together. That didn’t happen n the ending was terrible. Didn’t make sense to me at all. The show ended to soon n the ending cut short. At the end of the show the actors looked sad in the show n left the fans sad as well. It should have a happy ending with lots of hope n Merlin n author by each others side.

  • Krichard

    Everyone appears to think that the last scene suggests that Arthur HASN’T already returned to Albion. The ‘poor’ truck scene only suggests that Merlin lived on, it nevers suggests that he hasn’t returned a few years after his death.
    A modern day series wouldn’t work – we need dragons, swords and magic.
    Bradley hinted in a BBC website interview (12th Dec) that they would return for a TV film or three.

  • Krichard

    I loved Merlin, but the last 2 series were getting tedious – i mean that Arthur didnt find out about Merlin’s magic. The writers appear to think that this revelation would be the end of the story. I disagree, it would have opened the door for much more action. I just wished that there had been more special effects (ie magic) AND MORE OF THE DRAGON – he was the best part of it. I guess John Hurt (big movie star) was too expensive.

    All the family will miss Merlin, as Saturday night TV has become boring.

  • Brettzky

    The ending just left me wondering.

  • E.a.

    Finally just got to watch the last episode. I thought the entirety of the episode was great, it was super emotional. But.. the last scene.. with the bus.. It was bizarre. I think they could’ve ended it in a much better way.

  • http://www.facebook.com/bellekeat Tara Marshall

    the truck/lorry part was an absolute joke, they could have done a finale that was more tasteful and suited to the whole 5 series, granted it shows he lives on til our time and beyond but they seriously need to do an offspin or something to put this dire ending right !!

  • Dan

    Merlin was one of the best programs the bbc had produced, but the way it ended was very poor and sad, i expected it to end as aurther found out about merlins powers and merlin would save aurther again and bring him back to camelot, as he always did, but i hope its not the end as merlin was not shown at camelot by the queen and merlin did not burn authers body at the end he just set it of into the lake, so maybe he does save auther in some magical way.

  • sunrise

    I thought the episode was weak and rushed and arthurs death at such a young age was Not true to legend and cast a shadow over what had been a first rate show

  • Fukuokian

    It’s a shame they wrapped up the show SO fast and rough, but I understand they didn’t have much of a choice since the show was not renewed for 6th series.

  • cmelo

    I think they rushed it. The showdown between Morgana and Merlin was nothing worth watching. Also if Merlin would have told Arthur that he had magic at the end of season 4 then season 5 would have been about Arthur learning the good of magic and the ratings would have gone up and we would have a season 6. It’s sad that it had to end like this and that we never saw Camelot with magic accepted. I will miss the show.

  • Guest

    And Magic has been banned ever since. Thanks Arthur for not being tough enough to make it to Avalon and un-outlaw it. J/K Awesome show! Although it would have sold more DVDs if it had a happy ending LIKE THIS. ******Merlin drags the dying King into the waters of Avalon and is instantaneously healed. The two wonder back to Camelot to a hero’s welcome. But the shrapnel of Mordred’s blade which was forged in Dragon’s flame still stuck in Arthur’s side. As Guinevere embraces the King, he winces in pain. Gaius and Merlin also share a big hug that is interrupted by Gwaine and Percival who pat Merlin on the back and join in to form a group hug. The next day Arthur lifts the ban on magic with the restriction that it shall only be practiced for good never evil. Merlin dressed in his warlocks robe, stands at Arthur’s side and the crowd cheers. Fade to black. (Captions)
    Camelot thrived in peace for 20 years until the his death in the war of the Britannia, where with the help of the Knights of the round table, finally defeated the Saxons and Untied Britain to form what is now Great Britain. Arthur was buried on the island of Avalon. Merlin casts a spell to hide Avalon from the world of mortals, as he waits for the Prophecy of Arthur’s return when Britain needed him the most. 10 years later The Queen of Britain Guinevere Pendragon was also laid to rest on Avalon next to her love the King. To this day Merlin waits for the prophecy of the return of his greatest friend. FIN*******

  • http://twitter.com/JonathanKelseys Jonathan Kelsey Sr.

    And Magic has been banned ever since. Thanks Arthur for not being tough enough to make it to Avalon and un-outlaw Magic. J/K Awesome show! Although it would have sold more DVDs if it had a happy ending LIKE THIS. ******Merlin drags the dying King into the waters of Avalon and is instantaneously healed. The two wonder back to Camelot to a hero’s welcome. But the shrapnel of Mordred’s blade which was forged in Dragon’s flame still stuck in Arthur’s side. As Guinevere embraces the King, he winces in pain. Gaius and Merlin also share a big hug that is interrupted by Gwaine and Percival who pat Merlin on the back and join in to form a group hug. The next day Arthur lifts the ban on magic with the restriction that it shall only be practiced for good never evil. Merlin dressed in his warlocks robe, stands at Arthur’s side and the crowd cheers. Fade to black. (Captions)
    Camelot thrived in peace for 20 years until Arthur’s death in the war for Britannia, where with the help of the Knights of the round table, finally defeated the Saxons and Untied Britain to form what is now known as Great Britain. Arthur was buried on the island of Avalon. Merlin casts a spell to hide Avalon from the world of mortals, as he waits for the Prophecy of Arthur’s return when Britain needed him the most. 10 years later The Queen of Britain, Guinevere Pendragon, was also laid to rest on Avalon next to her love the King. To this day Merlin waits for the prophecy of the return of his greatest friend. FIN*******

  • Paula

    Absolutely heartbreaking!!! This show was amazing. I’ve always been a fantasy fan and somehow this TV show included absolutely everything i enjoy about it. But I can’t believe its over! I wasn’t even aware it was the last episode of the season when I started watching it and now I’m heartbroken! I couldn’t stop crying when I realized he wasn’t going to be revived. I was secretly hoping that they would veer off of the legend and Merlin would find a way to save hm. Considering the ending that means that absolutely everyone they both love is dead and won’t be around when Arthur comes back. Everything he had that was worth fighting for is gone so why come back at all? I never understood that part of the legend considering Camelot is loong dead which is kinda displayed in the last three seconds of the episode as well.Doesn’t look like he has an heir either otherwise why not show that at the end? so his entire line is extinct now. ARGH whyyy did he have to die!!!!! Why did merlin have to be all alone!! And did he ever go back to poor gaius???

  • Indeed yes

    Proof once again that Merlin is an idiot.

    Arthur had no need to die – towards the last few sequences of Arthur’s life Merlin calls upon the dragon – but why not do that much earlier?

    If the two shots of the tower are anything to go by the distance he had traveled whilst carrying Arthur was nothing – even by calling upon the dragon much earlier would have saved Arthur’s life.


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1152473699 Laura Gilbert
  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1152473699 Laura Gilbert

    http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/we-want-more-merlinmore-seasons/ Please sign this petition, it only takes a minute.We are serious about doing everything we can to get merlin back.thankyou

  • Erin

    I hated it. Well mostly I was just angry. I think merlin turned into a pretty crap show by the mid third season or so, I honestly thought I wouldn’t give one way or the other how it ended. and then the finale had to actually go and make me feel really depressed on Christmas for Christ’s sake. So screw you and your lazy half assed writing, merlin writers. You gave me a promising buildup, a truly disappointing letdown because merlin had become my favorite show, and then a final punch in the face. This is my sad face towards you. =(

  • Chopzyg

    *frowny face* :( :( :(

    • Chopzyg

      My only regret is that Morgana did not at least get to express her feelings. She wasn’t entirely evil. From season 1, I hoped the writers wouldn’t cheapen out and redeem her–tho I wasn’t entirely opposed to it–and they did well to kill her. But I just wanted that moment where Merlin and Morgana had a chat heart-to-heart about everything that had happened, especially prior to season 3. I always thought that the reason the writers prevented Merlin from bringing up this topic was because it was too delicate when trying to prolong Morgana’s evil, so I kind of expected it in the final episode. But no….

  • alex

    I want merlin back i loved the show he was my heart

  • alex

    i did not like it when arthur died

  • Katmondu

    Unreal… It’s OVER! Saddest news I can think of. I have been a loyal follower from the beginning. I have to say it was the best show on TV and I am so sad to see it end!

  • morinl

    The ending ruined the show for me. Short battle. No epic fight between Merlin and Morgana. Arthur dies, Merlin is a total failure and goes off to be alone forever. Why would they have Gaius tell Gwen that Arthur was in good hands? He wasn’t. Why didn’t the dragon save Arthur? Gwen has to rule alone. Her and Arthur were barely together. What about Merlin’s mom? The ending just fell apart. All they had to do was: 1) Merlin arrives at the battle as himself on the back of the great dragon. 2) Merlin has epic battle with Morgana and wins. 3) Arthur and Mordred fight and Arthur wins, but is hurt. 4) Dragon heals Arthur. 5) Arthur tells the dragon he was wrong. 6) Arthur & Merlin ride the dragon back to Camelot 7) Arthur tells everyone about Merlin and how magic isn’t evil, only some who use it for evil. 8) end with Arthur and the knights at the round table and we see Merlin sitting at Arthurs side, dressed in red. Arthur then says this is a new beginning. The ending the writers made was garbage. Every season, Merlin was told to protect Arthur because one day he and Merlin would rule together and bring about change. The bad ending made the whole show pointless. I used to watch this show all of the time, it was fun. I loved this show so much until the ending. Now I’ll never watch it again. You can’t make a show with so much heart, have a sad and hopeless ending. Bad move writers. This is a family show? All this shows kids is no matter what you do, how hard you try, evil always wins in the end, so why bother. One man can’t make a difference. I can’t believe the cast agreed to film this horrible ending. I wonder what their feelings are about it

    • Roxana D.

      Garbage is the perfect word to describe the ending. I feel that all the things that happened in the past are just pointless. Also, why still waiting for Arthur? There’s no need for him in 21st century! It doesn’t make any sense..

  • magicfan1

    As an avid fan of Merlin, I was disappointed at the end of the Series.The whole point seemed to deserve Merlin revealing himself to Arthur, and an acceptance of magic in Camelot, as a force for good, as well as evil. The story could have really developed some magic with Arthur and Merlin together building Albions peace for a little while.
    Arthur had to die and Excalibur go back to the Lady of the Lake to remain true to the myth, but please BBC, it all ended up as if you couldn’t be bothered with the ending after such a carefully crafted build up of Arthur and Merlin’s friendship. It finished with a missed opportunity a series too soon in my opinion.

  • Mel

    Wow talk about an emotional roller coaster (recorded it and only just watched it). I haven’t cried that much during a show in a long time. I’m upset that it’s over. It was my favorite show on TV by far and would have loved to have seen another season worth of episodes with new villans and Arthur knowing Merlin as a Emrys. The finale was excellent but far too hard to watch – still crying. I hate that Arthur died and the dragon was saying his farewell too. I’m not a fan of the present day scene as it implies that everyone from Camelot died and Merlin is still roaming around – likely alone without Arthur who hasn’t risen yet and probably never will. All in all, far too depressing.

  • Lilly

    I’m so sad that Merlin’s over! It was a show that my sister, dad and I would watch every Sunday once there were links for it online. I wish they would’ve decided to have one more season about what happened to Camelot after Arthur died.

  • Season6plz

    I have some great news all, Merlin isn’t yet over…. :)
    There may be a trilogy! ( Better than nothing… )


  • Nmann

    Worst ending to a series I’ve ever seen. I have been an avid Merlin watcher, and that episode alone made me wonder why I bothered.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Juicylluu Luciana Ruthenberg

    WTF???????? Arthur was not supposed to die young and Merlin did not exist at the same time as trucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • monica

    my reaction?? even ‘pissed’ would be an understatement.. it was overwhelming, i cant believe the writers disappointed merlin fans like this. fine if they dont want to continue the series but at least give us a great ending, it’s like that finale ruined every happy moments i had when i watched that show. it made me feel depressed at christmas and now in new year! ive never felt bummed like this since pushing daisies was cancelled..

  • Maay

    I loved the show, but I absolutely hated the last episode, I could’nt believe my eyes when Arthur died, all the time the greatest sorcerer had to pretend that he was a humble servant, think back, how many times was he kicked into horseshit? And now finally recognition…and then Arthur dies, while in all the king Arthur books, Arthur has Merlin as his personal sorcerer and advisor….and how do we know now if the days of Albion has begun??? As promised…. I have all the dvd’s except for the last one I am now in doubt if I will ever purchase it……

  • ryan

    i am sad really really sad!! i know it cant be done but still i beg you guys continue the series olease

  • heartbroken5ever

    Everything hurts and I can’t.

  • Sith

    I think, I hope this is not just over

  • Zoë Scott

    I was there was a bit more info on weather Aurther was coming back alive or not & I didn’t understand the end when it went into the future. But it was epic & I am devistaited it is over!! It is my dream 2 become an actress & merlin was really inspiring. I am still praying there will somehow be another merlin (& hopefully I would hear about it & go for an extra). Thank you sooooo much for the AMAZING series & still fingers crossed for another episode!! Love Zoë xxxx

  • Paul

    I have an issue with the journey to Avalon. It was a two day journey. Morgana went in the opposite direction for almost two days. Then headed back to Avalon. She arrived in perhaps a few hours. It should have taken almost four days. How was this possible?

  • deveros

    i hope that they end up making a movie as they are thinking about it about the main cast return and the reaperance (reincanation) about the new evil for mentioned as the king is needed most with a happy ending

  • Ross

    It´s a shame!! very bad ending!! why they conclude merlin? we was waiting for the promises the writer did for 5 years about the promise kingdom. It´s was very bad move to end this show, I think they hate money and fame or simple stupidity??

  • Forever merlin fans

    Amazing, fantastic was the series….all of it…I am at a loss for words…in awe by it all..enjoyed every moment! We want more…we need more…they say all good things must come to an end..but why?..why can it not go on? :(

  • AussieMerlinFan

    I found the exchanges between Arthur and Merlin as Arthur comes to deal with the fact that he is a sorcerer to be very believable and well acted and also very moving when Arthur asks Merlin why he is acting like a servant after having revealed his true identity. I absolutely loved the last scene, it was very cheeky and poignant and I feel that maybe just maybe it opens a small space for a movie?? We can only hope. I think the producers did a great job considering they probably had time and budget constraints.

  • Tulip

    I hated what they did to Morgana’s character. Not only did they not give her redemption in the form of taking Arthur to Avalon (an integral part of her character since the earliest versions of the legends), but they gave her the worst and most insulting death I’ve ever seen!
    She’s the main antagonist, she’s ‘the darkness’ to Merlin’s ‘light’, the most powerful Sorceress of all time and she gets f*cking stabbed! RIDICULOUS!!
    I’ve been waiting for a massive magical battle between her and Merlin where they vent all the hurt and betrayal they’ve been caused by each other and we got NOTHING! NOT EVEN A DECENT CONVERSATION!!!!!

    I’m equally angered by the fact Morgana and Arthur never got a decent interaction either. The amount of unsaid stuff between them is painful. If Morgana only knew that Arthur still loved her despite everything that’s happened I think things could be very different.. It’s so painful to think how they both died with all of that unresolved.

    The whole way through S5 they were seeding hints at Morgana’s redemption and yet at the final hurdle (from about Ep 10 onwards) they just gave up. She got maybe 4 short scenes in the final episode; so insulting! I suppose the writers were too incompetent to know how to write any redemption/conversation properly. It’s actually ruined the entire show for me. What was the point of it all?!!?!?!

  • Pebbles

    What a wonderful show. What a wonderful ending. I have followed it from the very first show and I have thoroughly enjoyed it. I too shed lots of tears. I wish there were one more season of adventures before this final one. It’s so unfair when a great show wants to end at its peak, when it is us, the viewers, that have made it popular. After all, they are made for us to watch aren’t they?? Anyway, thank-you to all who created Merlin, and thank-you to the wonderful actors. We had fun! xxx

  • Major Minor

    I hope, like Doctor Who, they take a break and come back! The ending was disappointing but, hey, if the writer’s are having trouble writing, call me and I will write FOR FREE!
    So from all of us down here in Aus, thank you for fulfilling my life. Merlin has saved me, taken me to another world that I could never have imagined. You are all amazing actors and actresses and deserve every award on this planet. Would’ve loved a huge fighting scene (like in Harry Potter against Voldemort and Harry) but nevertheless, a truly epic finale.
    Please, PLEASE come back one day, make my children and their children’s lives better as you did mine.


    Having had well over 1,000 views of my blog post regarding Merlin, it’s very clear to me that many of you feel as I do that the show’s finale left us all very unhappy.

    Sadly I think the magic, at least as far as the BBC are concerned is over and it’s only those who love the show, the characters and wished for a happier ending will continue to keep the magic alive from here on.

    I have enjoyed reading all of their comments, ideas, opinions and alternatives to the BBC’s awful finale. I hope one day we all will get our wish and perhaps see a movie trilogy or even just one movie that can hopefully justify what the writers did and heal the wounds they so cruelly inflicted on us on Christmas Eve 2012

    Legend or no legend, the fans deserved better for their loyalty
    and the writers let them down big time.

    And aside from the potential revenue they may lose as a consequence of their actions, I suspect that to some of you who are reading this, the show’s writers may have lost your respect too. And for that I’m sad.

    Because right up until the final episode, the writers were brilliant.
    Such a shame that they fell so badly at the very last hurdle.
    But what’s done is done and its time to move on.

    And I at least can comfort myself with my own alternative ending. It is my wish now that you who read this can also do the same.

    If any of yo wish to read my “Alternative Ending” you will find on Blogspot.

  • Mel_meL_6288

    I can’t believe it is over…. :’(

  • Myrddin

    About the cool ending with Merlin in our age, a movie about Boudica had a similar ending…

  • Db

    i believe they ended it even worst then robin hood series attest their the ending ended with better explanation that legends live on this could have attest ended better in my option.

  • Merlin

    I would like another season to find out what happens, with authur and gwen and merlin … SHAME its done for :( We shall all miss that show!!

  • Katelyn

    Absolutely hated the ending. All the scenes with Arthur & Merlin were excellent but it should’ve ended with Arthur’s return to rule Camelot (with Merlin the Magician at his side) and for magic to finally be allowed in Albion. Wasn’t that the point of the whole show?

  • Alyssa Dee

    Okay, so when I saw a truck go by, I was immensely confused. I KNOW they didn’t have those in Camelot. I’m going to miss Merlin greatly. All this time, Merlin fighting to keep Arthur safe, and Arthur has an unfortunate tear jerking end. I really wonder what Gwen ends up doing for Camelot, and what happens to the Knights, Giuas, and Merlin himself.

    But we all know one thing. Arthur was known as the once a future king right? Merlin’s waiting for that future day, and that day is a longgg time coming. Who knows. Maybe that future day is today? Or tomorrow? They left us with so much wondering and possibilities….

    I’m gonna really miss this show man. I watched every single episode with my father. Our way of bonding as father and daughter

  • jude ceant

    the story was way too underdeveloped

  • Albert E

    Initial reaction: “what a waste of my time !”

  • Ólafur

    The last episode left me the impression that the writers were ending the series in a hurry.
    Everything seemed to fall in place at the last second, in my opinion it could have better…

  • Rabuf

    Fabulous old fashioned goodies and baddies — let’s have more (marlin that is !)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003560678111 Susan McGuirk

    Everyone who has posted here, come and join us to bring Merlin back to our screens!

  • Why Did Arthur Have To Die :(

    okay, who else did the last scene scare the shit out of? because i jumped out of my seat when that lorry came..

  • Tara

    I cried 1- it’s over and 2- Arthur died, I didn’t expect that to happen :) I have loved every episode for the past 5 years and have watched without fail (or sky+ it!!) merlin will be sadly missed by myself and my hubby, :( x

  • Debora Tsuki

    Why Arthur died?!! why?? So sad!!! And ridiculous end! I’m still crying! =(

  • Roselover33

    I hated it was horrible and what with the last 10 seconds. Merlin’s just waiting for centuries waiting for Arthur to be reincarnated. And i cant believe that Arthur die three years after he became king, i’m not happy at this ending at all.

  • Tobi

    I think the last scene was important. It was to show that it wasn’t ‘just a story’. To show that magic still exists in our world today. It was tragic. I’m going to go watch them all again. :P

  • Guest




  • bring meriin back


  • suesue60

    Just watched the last Merlin which ive had recorded!! Well im well and truly Gutted!! Did not expect this to be the end!!!

  • Hannah

    Honestly… I hate the way it ended. I spent all this time on the edge of my seat waiting for the big reveal only to have the king die the same episode. I wanted to see the kingdom change. I water to see magic being allowed in camelot. I wanted to see some more adventures with melin and Arthur, merlin as like, court wizard or something. I wanted arthur to live in the last second, and rather would be playfully denying he’d ever said thank-you like that. ITS SO FRUSTRATING… :’(

  • JKL

    I hate how the series ended! For me it felt rushed! They rushed through Mordred’s betrayal. The series could have ended on a satisfactory note in a sixth season. I needed more in between! As soon as Morgana learned who Emrys was it was all over! There should have been more in between there. Arthur could have learned about Merlin and then fulfilled the prophecy. The Prophecy was not fulfilled by Arthur. It was more so fulfilled by Guinevere if it was. I am not happy with the ending :-(

  • http://www.facebook.com/matty.ragilsworth Matty Ragilsworth

    hmmm crazy last 2 episode big in depth season fianally and when finally got to what we all was waiting to happen it didnt

    so didnt stay true to the story we had been led it to have been through the whole series and morganna and merlin like he just sticks the sword in her and kills her

    I mean how boring is that i mean could of been a battle between the two of them but another waisted thing

    i feel they rushed the last season meaning there must of been enough audience watching the show which is always the case

    i felt it should of had another 2 seasons and the way its been badly finished it be difficult to add more series in the future unless they delete series 5 and they aint gonna do that lol so someone have to right another series maybe hmm

    why do they waiste all that time and money making good tv programs then messing the endings up some one needs magically enchanting to this stops happening haha

    well start watching legend of the seeker and find out the ending of that will be short too no doubt

  • Geebomb

    Arthur should have lived him dying totally sucked!

  • nenashulax3

    Merlin was a great show idk why u people ended this show like this i Love the show im sad is over but WOW Arthur died and Gwen became the queen and at the end merlin like a freeking hobo

  • marishking

    I was disappointed with the way it ended. moreover, it was the end of the season, which makes it worst because nothing can be done about it. I was hoping it goes further than season five but, i guess all good things must come to an end!. Merlin is a good series and always will be a legend. The actors and actress are wonderful people,they did a great job!.we will miss them all, although i’m still longing and hoping to see the return of Merlin someday lol

  • Ben Kennedy

    I have not cried at a TV Show finale like this one!!! So cruel that they put it on Christmas Eve and even worse, my sister missed it and asked me to watch it with her on Christmas Day so I nearly cried again! Such a good series that will be missed greatly :( to all the cast and crew, thank you

  • konstantin0208

    Arturs death was sad but well done. The best done and most saddening by far to me was Gwaines as it was not expected and he was always the one who joked and was never serious until his last word proving his worth as a person and knight

  • http://www.facebook.com/konstantin.nikolov.372 Konstantin Nikolov

    It was a good ending and sad but they left way too many questions which is dissapointing considering there wont be anymore of merlin. At the same time it was sad due to the death of Gwaine and Arthur and finally the whole program was about merling and arthur ruling together so to kill arthur both ruined it a bit but made it that much better

  • http://www.facebook.com/tim.dailey.165 Tim Dailey

    I must say that, as someone from across the pond I really enjoyed the series as a whole and am deeply sadden to see it go. I will say this also, I am very happy that we have BBC America and at last can view several BBC series airing over here. Some on BBC America and some airing on other stations i.e. SyFy channel (not a fan of the new name). I have watched Merlin since it first aired over here and was sad and excited to see how they ended it. On one hand I would have rather it continued, but alas all things must come to an end. I felt the ending was a great send off to the series unlike the Sopranos in America that ended in a black screen. Many TV series in America will just end or some will try to wrap it up nicely, I am referring to the series Firefly. I am sure many TV series get made and many are horrible and some are really great and leave us viewers asking “What?” when they just go away. I will miss the series the actors and the adventures.

  • POPS

    it started off great but then as they ran out of money it got worse but the edding i thought was a nice idea but its very depressing! (I WANT MORE!!!!)

    • POPS

      i ment ending sorry guys!

  • http://www.facebook.com/pariya.angel Pariya Angel

    yes merlin is coming BACK in the official merlin facebook page there is a pic of gwen and its written NEWSFLASH!!!! for fans in the USA syfy will now be airing the *final-five* episodes on fridays throughout may (beginning may 3rd 10/9c) you dont need to say goodbye to merlin just yet lets extend the magic throughout may (and i swear its true you can check it on facebook if you think i am lying ) http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=564160273603595&set=pb.187828841236742.-2207520000.1363535172&type=3&theater

  • http://www.facebook.com/alan.christian.923 Alan Christian

    I cannot believe the ending. According to the legend or history, depending on your point of view, Arthur became a king of note, aided by the ever faithful Merlin. One story is that Arthur may have been created out of records of several ancient kings; another says that Merlin may have been based on an ancient wizard. (Enough people believed he was a wizard to make it so.) Killing almost everyone off in the final episode requires a level of pure, unadulterated stupidity that takes my breath away.

  • Vincent

    NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they cant end it like that Arthur didn’t even return this sucks, I wish they would continue to season 6.

  • arcor

    I have very mixed feelings about that ending.
    On one hand I am glad about the feeling in the last episode. Merlin was supposed to end and this was an ending to remember, an ending that helped this series keep its dignity. Think about it, both another season and a happy ending would have ruined the show. We have had five seasons full of happy endings. IMO Arthurs and Merlins last journey was just perfect. The process of ackDnowledgement leading to that final “thank you”, just moving.
    Still, no one likes to see half of the main characters of ones favorite series die like flies in the final episode. Mordreds an Morganas death occupied about 20 seconds of the episode, it was a bit like a ‘To do list’: Kill Mordred – Check; Kill Morgana – Check. And Come on, was it really necessary to kill Gwaine with the thought of failure in his mind? There was a little to much taste of failure in general, the future did not look exactly bright for none of the surriving characters.
    I was just jungling those thoughts and reaching for another piece of chocolate to kill that dump urge to sniff when a blue truck rushed through my screen stopping me midmove and leaving me staring at a ragged old Merlin wandering through the 21st century.
    I mean, SERIOUSLY? Merlin belongs to the world of Camelot, Merlin belongs to the world of swords, campfires and intrigues not to the world where his kind of magic is practiced on a scientific level. But most important, the legend of Camelot is a LEGEND, that’s the reason why I accepted the invincibility of fate but that also means that it must not be transfered to our modern times. Wasn’t it enough to leave us with bitter taste of a lonley Merlin instead of indicating that that poor guy is doomed to wait for 1000 years?? I don’t know….
    Anyway, IMO not a completly satisfying but worthy ending for a charming series.

  • Merlink

    I just think, WHAT THE FUCK!!!!??? Why did they end it like this.

  • Lord Can

    Well this was all about how the story ends.Arthur always dies and Merlin waits for him.”Merlin” was a good show, sad to see it’s over.

  • Chuchita

    Horrible that was odicullous I think Arthur must live and don’t let that be the end they had to made how the magic could be in Camelot and more adventures of Arthur and merlin with Arthur knowing he have magic
    I think they can have a season 6 they can do like Gwynever is pregnant and merlin (young merlin help him !!!!! That could be cool

  • Troy

    I think it sucks that the show is over but they say he will rise again I mean I wish I could see that but I never will.

  • Elsa

    Hello everybody, well they say that there will be a spin off, and I dont know if it’s true or not but…if there will be a spin off will arthur live on the present times?
    Im just worried.

  • alyssa

    merlin is a tormenting show, they make an unbreakable bond between two people (merlin and arthur) and then break it it made me go into tears when i saw the last episode arthur dies leaving merlin to live eternity in misery alone tormented at the thought that he could have saved him BUT ONE THING I DONT UNDERSTAND IS MERLIN COULD HAVE SAVED HIM HE HAS MASTERED THE BALANCE BETWEEN LIFE AND DIETH THE HE COULD HAVE SAVED ARTHUR AT A PRICE A 1 LIFE. ps: srry my statement was so long

  • Hotairballoon

    Okay, so this is my theory. I had to find some way to console myself because of the ending. Arthur died to stay true to the legend so Merlin could be seen to be waiting for him. Gwen got to the throne and realised the sorcerer was Merlin and also Merlin was trying to save Arthur, so she makes magic legal. The build up was to that moment because if Arthur never died perhaps magic wouldn’t of been introduced. Arthur’s death kind of kick-started the magical land they were waiting for.
    It was however an anticlimax when Morgana died- I was fine with the way it happened but I expected either an epic battle or a psychological revelation. Neither occured but I still cried because I loved Morgana. I also expected a longer sword fight between Mordred and Arthur but felt Mordred death was handled finely and I am still haunted with that smile. Gwaine’s death was uncalled for but I still cried since it was Gwaine and I adored him so much. I was fine with the final 30seconds because I felt it ended appropriately and brought the legend to the modern day. I hope for a series 6 but think it is unlikelys.

  • Alistair C. Monster

    Don’t know if any other Americans have sneaked a peek at the ending like i did, but that was a great final episode. I thought it was the most surprising, most fulfilling and most epic of endings. It followed along with the one day Aurthur will rise again when Albion needs him again, and there is Merlin his good and faithful servant waiting for him to return. I really will miss this show. That being said i did see a great idea of doing a more modern day Merlin ie like Torchwood.

  • Russelle

    I am in the USA, so I just finished up the series today… It has been a very emotional day. After going through the first four stages of grief, I am finally accepting what happened.

    I was prepared for Merlin to die. I thought that he would somehow scarfice himmself to save Arthur. It seemed like a likely ending considering Merlin spends nearly the entire series making sure Arthur does not die.

    I totally agree with the comments about unsatisfactory deaths in the main villians. I was looking forward to a big stand-off between Merlin and Morgana. I thought they would have a moment to look back on how Merlin outdid her at every turn.

    On the other hand, the series was more about the bromance between Merlin and Arthur, not killing off enemies.

  • Elizabeth N Mills

    .I posted but don’t see it so I will repeat on some. What I did like was Merlin’s loyalty to Arthur and also his other friends too. Also loved how much Arthur cared for his friend Merlin in his death scene. Surprised that Gwaine was also killed too. That was a shock. I even felt bad for Mordred and Morgana, Their deaths scenes just were not what I had expected. What I did not like was the ending. Merlin in modern time walking down a road along the the lake and the Island of Avalon which is now in ruins. !,400 yrs later waiting for the prophecy of Arthur’s return just seemed cruel. All his friends had died or were killed long ago. That is a long time waiting for something that seems may never happen.

  • Lv2Wn75

    Loved the whole series, the friendship, rivalry, humor – but was an awful ending. Legend has it Merlin and Arthur created a unified Albion – united the kingdoms and there was a long period of peace before Arthur was killed in battle. After 5 years why couldn’t they end this with Arthur and Merlin friends, good magic accepted, and a long period of peace beginning.

  • Motul

    I loved the show and will miss it a ton. Like many here I cryed also that our show has come to a conclusion.
    I will miss the friendship that Author and Merlin shared and the adventures they had.
    I was hoping the dragon would breath life back into Author and perhaps would have sacrificed its life for the king.
    Sad its over now I have to find anouther show to share my affections.
    Peace to you all, May your life be full of adventure and happyness.

  • For the sake of it

    This last episode was fantastic but I would have loved to see more of Arthur’s reactions to when he realises that Merlin has magic. Why did it have to end there for?

  • Jake

    That was the most horrible ending to a great series! If I had known about Arthur’s death I would have never seen it! Why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why would you ever do that! It does not make me feel good! I thought endings were supposed to make me feel closure but this made me want to turn it off and walk away! If you don’t make a spin-off of Merlin and Arthur in our time period or something I will scream! Do you think you can leave a twelve year old with this magic, kind of historical but fake show with that ending! It makes me sick! I wish that it ended with Arthur living and a monolauge with it saying in the end Arthur lives a long life and dies with gwen and merlin at his side waiting for him to return! That would be good! I hope you do something about that!

  • Brim Nichol

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  • Kaiph

    I hated, hated, HATED Morgana. She was simply not a very good villain. Or at least, not a very believable one. For a show that’s so based around making legendary characters seem more human and complex, it was a pity that the greatest threat Camelot faced was from someone who, were she a male, would have been twirling a moustache and sneering; “MYEHHHH!!”

    She kept talking about wanting the throne. Okay, for WHAT? So that she can have the wealth of the the kingdom? She never showed interest in money. So that she can have people waiting on her and doing her bidding? Again, not something she showed much interest in. She talked about having the people’s allegiance, but not for what purpose. She was evil for the sake of being evil, and that is BORING. It doesn’t matter how elaborate or cool her plans were, they were always based around making people suffer for no reason other than “MYEAHHHH I’M EVIL”

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