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By Mapthestars (@Mapthestars) at 11:39 pm, December 24, 2012

News by You

After five years of Merlin, the show has finally come to an end with this truly monumental and unforgettable conclusion. Spoilers follow!

The BBC’s Merlin came to a close tonight with a tragic and sorrowful end. Many elements were handled elegantly and it was a brilliant send-off for some of the most beloved characters in this show.

As for the fans, this episode certainly brought out the waterworks for many (myself included, something I’m not ashamed to admit) but in the end left us on a relatively high note with the resounding message of hope, loyalty, and friendship that we have all come to expect from Merlin. This finale had the epic and vast, but became something so much more personal, the story of how two men would go to the end of the universe and back for each other.

“The Diamond of the Day – Part 2” opens right where part 1 left off; Arthur is in the middle of battle with his knights, Emrys rides on horseback through the forest to Camlann (something which I found visually very humorous), a furious Mordred slaughters through Camelot’s knights on his way to Arthur while Gwen and Gaius tend to the wounded back at camp. Merlin arrives at Camlann in the last moment and blast the saxons away from Arthur and the rest of battlefield, leaving Morgana and her army in shambles. Already emotions are running high throughout these sequences. I was also quite surprised by how quickly the battle was over but not left disappointed because, lets face it, all we wanted were Merlin/Arthur moments.

Then the moment that everyone didn’t want to happen came anyways. As Arthur kneels over a knight Mordred hauntingly enters the frame out of focus and we all know what’s coming. (I for one kept shouting “NO!” multiple times at the screen as Mordred walked up.) No time is wasted as Mordred swiftly stabs Arthur in the gut; then Arthur returns with a similar, but better aimed, blow into Mordred’s heart. I’m glad they choose not to go with the cliche fight sequence between Mordred and Arthur here – the approach of having a swift end for Mordred felt right for the story and for his character.

Alexander Vlahos gave a powerful and heart-wrenching (pun intended) performance in his final scene which, I think, had many sympathizing with his character’s struggle. However much I wish Alexander Vlahos could’ve had more screentime in this episode, I can find no justification for it and completely cherish the time he did have in the episode.

Emrys finds Arthur and carries him off the battlefield into the forest. It is here that Merlin, no longer as old Emrys, tells Arthur he has magic. This scene was one of my favorite moments from the episode. It was such an intimate moment, perfect for the reveal, and the fact that Merlin was still struggling to tell Arthur just broke my heart. Arthur’s outright denial of Merlin when he finally sees the truth was also gut-wrenching, but also understandable for the character. My hat goes off to the writers of the show, for I don’t think this scene could have been handled any better.

Back in Camelot all the knights and Gwen have returned. Gwaine, along with Percival, uses Eira to ambush Morgana. The plan backfires and leads to their capture, torture and Gwaine’s unfortunate death. This was the most difficult death to watch in the episode – Gwaine dies with the knowledge that he has betrayed his king and his kingdom. He fights with his coming death, still wanting to prove that he was a noble knight of Camelot, and it is this struggle that makes it so tragic. Eoin Macken nearly moved me to tears, and I only wish his character could’ve found out the truth about Merlin before his death.

During all of this, Merlin is taking Arthur to Avalon in hopes of healing his fatal wound. The writers chose to make these scenes the majority of the episode, focusing on Merlin and Arthur’s changing relationship with the revelation of magic. Throughout the journey, Arthur goes from someone who denies, rejects, and is suspicious of Merlin and his magic to someone thankful and accepting of Merlin and his unwavering loyalty. It was such a beautiful transformation to see in the episode and superbly underplayed by Bradley James.

This episode perhaps shows the strongest growth in Arthur’s character in a single episode of Merlin. Ultimately, these scenes worked because of Colin Morgan and Bradley James’ on-screen chemistry. They held the episode together and did a remarkable job at bringing a believability to the emotions of their characters.

Morgana’s death scene, on the other hand, might be the biggest let-down of the episode. Her final moments felt lackluster and too abrupt. There was no struggle or real threat in ending Morgana. Everyone was waiting to see this “epic of all epic” showdowns between the two most powerful sorcerers in the world, and all we got was Merlin sneaking up behind Morgana and stabbing her with Excalibur.

Where were the sparks?! Where was the fire and explosions?! Morgana deserved a bigger send off than this, so I found her death unsatisfying.

Arthur’s goodbye turned me into a big gooey pile of mush, I couldn’t hold it back anymore. As Arthur told Merlin “Thank you,” I completely broke down. The impact that this scene had on me surpassed anything that I thought I would feel watching this episode. How relaxed Arthur seemed that he was dying, that everything was okay because he was with Merlin was so touching. And then to watch Merlin, desperate to do anything to save Arthur, calling upon Kilgharrah to help take Arthur to the Lake faster, always believing there is still a chance just made me cry out for him. (Colin, why do you do this to me?!)

Kilgharrah tells Merlin that Arthur was always going to die, but he will come again. Merlin returns Excalibur to the Lake (for a moment I thought he was going to impale himself on the blade, and nearly started crying again) and then gives Arthur a proper send-off upon a boat into the Lake.

We see Gwen take the throne of Camelot and then we’re back to Lake Avalon… when suddenly a truck rumbles past revealing it is now present day! An old, unkempt man with a long beard and ratty jacket walks down the side of the road past the Lake. It is clearly Emrys, who has lived all this time waiting for Arthur to one day return to the world so he can take his place by Arthur’s side. I rather liked this end because I felt it tied up the themes nicely and doesn’t give a definitive end to Merlin’s story, but allows it to continue forever.

Make sure to leave your reactions to the series finale below in the comments and we may read your thoughts on the next Talks of Camelot episode.

How emotional were you during the finale of ‘Merlin’?

This article was written by a Hypable user! Learn more and write your own right here.

  • DoctorMerlinPotter

    Um, if you count my reaction from 1 to 10 on the emotional scale, I’d be an 11…. I was a wreck!!! Gwaine’s death hit me pretty hard as he’s always been my favourite knight, but what got me the most in the scene was Percival. I’ve always felt those two had the best bromance of all the knights, and to see how much Percival cared for his friend was heartbreaking, especially in the end when he was crying over Gwaine’s body.

    The other parts that really had me sobbing were the magic reveal, and, obviously, Arthur’s death.

    For the reveal it hurt so much just to see Merlin’s hesitation, and Arthur’s denial. At one point he even looked terrified of his longtime friend, and I just about BAWLED! Yeah… That one hurt.

    Arthur’s death was just one big epic ball of pain. From Merlin’s first ever thank you for using magic, to Arthur’s “Just hold me… Please.” (that line gave me heartache like never before) I was really sobbing. Bradley James, I salute you for some brilliant acting. And Merlin/Colin Morgan? Beautiful, heart wrenching reaction. Honestly I was in tears.

    The only thing I had problems with in the ENTIRE episode was the very end. The modern day bit annoyed me, to be honest. I would have been much happier to see a young Merlin, and a young Arthur, both in the modern setting. To see old Merlin, and just old Merlin, was a little dissatisfying. I love Dragoon, but I’d much rather end the show as it had started, with the two young men having a run in on the street. That, I think, would have been the absolute best sendoff ever. Reincarnation of both of them, rather than a somehow immortal Merlin.

    Other than that? Well, I ADORED this episode!!!!!!!!! A gorgeous ending to a beautiful series. Sure, it had it’s faults, but I don’t blame the show for that. I think every little detail is what made me love Merlin so much.

    Now I just have to find something to take the massive hole where Merlin used to stand… Fanfics, anyone?

    • http://www.facebook.com/shyaminator1996 Shyam R. Srinivasan


      • DoctorMerlinPotter

        Seen both of those :P

    • http://www.youtube.com/mapthestars Mapthestars

      I like your ending too, I think would’ve been great if they were both young and in the present and like a deja vu situation but I’ll take what we got, it was close enough.

    • HisDivineOrder

      Don’t you see? It’s beautiful. Merlin is still waiting for his friend to rise again when he is needed. Merlin lives forever and waits for his friend to return, waits for when he’s needed again, too.

      And for now, they live on in legend, inspiring generations upon generations of people to hold true to the values of Camelot.

      I think the modern day ending shows you that what happened then (in the story’s universe) impacted what happened now. That all of it was relevant to us because it gave us heroes that we still talk about (and make TV shows about).

      And more to the point, Merlin’s out there living near Avalon, waiting for the day when Arthur and Merlin will be needed again. Merlin can’t die because, if you believe the show, he’s a child of the Earth. His destiny is to live forever as Arthur’s is to be the king who was and the king who will be: the eternal legend, the archetypal hero-leader that all leaders should aspire to be like.

      Even if he was a pig-headed buffoon in real life. That’s the way these things go, you know? Romeo and Juliette would have been normal, they’d have been typical, ordinary, forgettable if they hadn’t committed suicide. They would have fallen in love, gotten married (to one another or to someone else) and then they would have grown old, they would have lost said love (or it would have waned) and they would have been like everyone else.

      But to die at the very height of your highest moment, to live on in the memories of those who come after as the absolute most heroic, the absolute most glorious…

      You live on as a legend forever. Always and forever. Great then and always fated to be great again someday. And, in a way, that’s exactly what Arthur was always meant to do (according to this show).

      He made the values of Camelot eternal and everlasting. That’s the irony of Mordred and Morgana’s fated twist. They didn’t kill Camelot. They guaranteed its everlasting eternal imprinting on all that came after.

      They made it eternal by killing Arthur. They made him a martyr and a legend.

      • candideyes4u

        The Show was Called Merlin. For five years his only duty was to protect him from the prophecy. He was warned by the dragon. Kill the boy. Let the witch die. In the crystal cave he was shown Mordrid running Arthur through with the sword. He argued that people make their own destiny. According to the ending he was just too stupid to change destiny even when given all of the tools to do so. Why did he wait so long to call the dragon? To hear Arthur accept him and know that Arthur loved him? Would you accept a modern day show in which the hero was dying of a gunshot wound and his friend attempted to get him to the hospital instead calling for an ambulance on his cell phone? So Arthur is a martyr and Merlin was a moron, one is destined to live on waiting for a chance for redemption.

      • Sharon Cooper

        Thankyou for your comment, you are the only person on the whole internet who seems to be thinking along the same lines as me! At first I was horrified by the ending, but the more I think about it the more genius I see the writers were. Now our generation can await for the return of Arthur like the generations past!

    • daniel

      yes i agree with your ending it was a disappointing ending but it makes me think who was the person who caught Aurthur’s blade? i think it could of been Aurthur catching the blade reply who you think it was.

      • justthoughts

        I think it was Freya.

  • gina

    How emotional was I? Inconsolable. Thanks to the fantastic cast and crew for doing such a great job over the past few seasons, you will all be missed.

  • Merlin Groupie

    That is NOT an acceptable ending! I loved it until the last 5 minutes!! You have GOT TO BE KIDDING!!! I will not accept that Arthur was killed – he got better!

    • Its True

      Read a god damn book.

      • merlin groupie

        I have. Just because it’s in a myth doesn’t mean it’s how their story needs to end-they ignored most of the myth in their storytelling anyway.

      • Erin

        Honestly, the show didn’t follow legend for much of the story so why should they follow it for his death. You’re just being a d***.

        • Alex

          The show followed the basic lines of the legend. So including Arthur’s death.

  • m

    the ending is sucks, i wish Arthur live.

  • SnatcherGirl

    *lovelovelovelovelove* Oh, FYI, love in my book is the equivalent of an emotional train wreck.
    That said, they handled this excellently, still staying true to the legend with Arthur’s death and Emrys role, and the kingdom of Albion….GAH THIS SHOW DOES THINGS TO ME!

  • A huge fan

    I cried. For almost 3 hours. And I still just….
    It was fantastic! Arthur and Merlin’s intimate scenes of friendship and loyalty (and ok a lot of love~) were so gut wrenching. I couldn’t help but sob as Merlin placed his forehead against Arthurs and cried for him. I couldn’t take it, especially after Gawaine’s death and him telling Percival he was a failure (kill me. Kill me now).
    The reveal was great and I just. I was so happy Arthur didn’t yell or get very angry (miffed of course. That’s only natural.) Instead, he was very accepting of Merlin and was only annoyed he wasn’t told sooner.
    The lingering touches and, nuzzels and “Thank you”/ “Hold me-please” are engraved into my mind for eternity.
    Idk, when I think about it too much, I curl into a fetal position and start crying all over again.

  • ravenclaw1991

    It was amazing and heartbreaking at the same time. Merlin’s magic reveal was not epic like I’ve been long hoping for, but I loved the way it was done. It was so sad because Arthur didn’t believe him and Merlin was just so upset about the whole thing. Arthur’s death didn’t really make me sad, it was more Merlin that made me cry. He was just crying and sobbing so much it caused me to. I had a feeling that Arthur would definitely die, but he will be back so he’s not gone forever. Its just sad that Merlin has to wait so long for him. I cried when Gwaine died. He was my favourite knight and I just loved him. I even cried a bit when Morgana died because as evil as she was I still loved her. The only death I didn’t cry over was Mordred. It just didn’t affect me. I was so terrified Kilgharrah or Gaius would die and I was so happy when neither of them did. Gunievere will be fantastic on the throne as she had been along side Arthur. I just want to know what will be done about an heir. I can’t see her remarrying.

    • Pete.

      Technically, every body dies by the time of the very last scene so…yeah :p

    • http://www.youtube.com/mapthestars Mapthestars

      I find it interesting Morgana effected you more over Mordred. I found out of all the baddies Mordred was the only one capable of redemption and really was uncertain, all the way to his death, whether or not he did the right thing. the scene early on in the episode where Mordred is circled by Camelot’s knights and he hesitates and then Morgana blast them away for him I felt showed how he still didn’t want to hurt his friends, and his only really anger was aimed completely at Arthur.

      Morgana on the other hand was just a sexy wackado… I really liked Morgana too, but guess I wanted just something a little more from her final scene and that’s perhaps why I didn’t get as effected emotional.

  • Old Puerto Rican

    Fan from across the pond. I grew up reading about Arthur and Merlin, so to see these actors bring them to life in a way that I have not seen before was a joy. They complimented each other and showed a depth of friendship that we all would want. I wish the show had lasted longer, there was so much left to be done but alas, we always want to go out on top. Thank you all for bringing my boyhood friends back to life, it has been quite a while since I have felt like a kid. So much so I have begun reading the book and once done i will follow it with another classic Robin Hood. It was just such a shame that it ended this soon.

  • Dale

    I would have preferred a happy ever after but that was not to be. The final bit could have been better if it showed Merlin and Arthur together again in Avalon, not Merlin walking down a modern road.

    • daphnee


    • Di

      I would have liked a Happy ever after as well. I really thought the final episode would include more of the dragon helping Merlin save the day . I’ll really miss the series. I hope they come up with something again with Colin Morgan (as Merlin)and BradleyJames(as King Arthur) in it.

  • sasspants

    Did anyone else jump when the truck came past – I’m imagining thousands of crying people trying to hug their screens getting the hell scared out of them by that truck.

    • David T

      Haha I nearly jumped out of my chair when the truck came by!

    • sheaba

      yeah I did too. I thought I clicked on another channel or something. But yeah I loved it

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001344528873 Wynona de la Calzada

    I so agree with the Morgana bit! That was probably the only thing that I didn’t like about that episode! And I sorta wanted a bit of redemption for her but oh well :(

  • http://twitter.com/McKeeKatharine Katharine McKee

    It was a perfect ending. Heart breaking, but perfect.

  • Saahil Kapoor

    It was not good. It was said arthur would rule over a camelot with magic. That obviously didn’t so many things that were said inn the episodes did not happen. The end was ruined by the truck. Why Merlin had to wait so long? If there ever was another series it would be in the modern day? that would be awful.

  • Snacherboy

    I am here to console you snatchergirl

  • http://twitter.com/johmin1107 Johmin

    I can’t accept Arthurs death, the heroes in ‘Lord of the Rings’ went through sooooo much more and I was given a happy ever after (on screne), on Chritmas Eve I should not be sad because of the death of a loved character. You missed the chance to create a show watched forever, that’s what happy endings do, make you revisit and find hope, yours was a beautiful story but its the retelling that has been lost.

    • http://www.youtube.com/mapthestars Mapthestars

      You don’t see a happy ending in this? I find it bitter sweet, but still hopeful and completely possible for anyone to go back and watch the show from the beginning again. For example with ‘Lord of the Rings’ I don’t find the need to skip all the scenes from the movie/books that have Boromir in it because I know he dies later, instead I appreciate the time he has in the story.

    • Andy

      Yea i feel the same. Merlin’s mission is to protect Arthur. Now Arthur died so Merlin failed. So watching Merlin again, and knowing that he will fail? Watching him sacrificing everything and everyone for nothing? Nope it is not a good ending. They should left us with hope of Arthurs recovery. But Guinevere giving a birth of the future king (Arthur’s son) and Merlin getting back to his duties (servant) would be a possible continue of the series :)

      • france

        i also for one agree that it always feels better for audience for a happy ending..but doent mean that a happy ending is a better ending…as the dragon has said, merlin didnt fail…arthur has accepted merlin and his magic and told him hed want merlin to stay the same..meaning he has accepted magic and doesnt loathe it anymore..merlin was seen being immortal when he was in the present time..my take was an arthur has been born again before and theyve had presious time ruling camelot where magic is not forbidden…the scene in the end is only to say that merlin is immortal…i agree with the writer of this review that the only let down is the missing exciting face off begtween merlin and morgana…againm, id be happier if arthur lived though…

      • http://www.facebook.com/april.mcvey.5 April McVey

        I totally agree on most parts.I would have loved the ending, because we know arthur is to fall in the end but rise when needed. But to continue the legend it would have been better if they showed Gwen at holding her belly and saying something cheesy like “His legacy will live on” kinda deal.

  • thegoodshipdestiel

    I’m sorry, but I completely loathe Morgana and I was more than pleased with her death scene. An unremarkable yet satisfying end for what I have always felt was a pathetically one-dimensional character. So glad I don’t have to see that stupid smirk anymore.

    • A Bad Person

      She was only one-dimensional because the writers made her that way…and to think, at the start of the series I was so excited. Here was a compassionate Morgana, one who we knew would turn against Arthur eventually but I always thought that her journey would be compelling because of it. I thought that she would do bad things by being motivated by the pain of people who had magic under Uther’s, and later, Arthur’s rule, while still having doubts or moments of reflection because of the life she had shared with them both. But the writers were so…lazy…that’s the only word I can think of to describe it. She went away for a year and came back, apparantly managing to erase all the love she had ever felt for the people she had spent years of her life with. And to make matters worse, we were never shown any flashbacks of that missing year to show how she became that way. That’s not called character development, people.That’s called the writers expecting you to accept everything they throw your way and never question it. In short, laziness.

    • noname

      Why do u hate her?

  • kristine

    I think it should have ended it with scene in which Gwen takes the throne. To see the last clip of it being present day and a very old Merlin, walking past the crumbled ruins of Avalon, STILL waiting for Arthur to return, was so sad!

  • http://hypable.com Selina

    My two-word review: Tragically Beautiful.

    • http://www.youtube.com/mapthestars Mapthestars

      The only other story that I know can be described like this is “Romeo and Juliet” :D

      • asdf

        If Merlin died also.

  • Arielle

    It was the right ending but also the absolute worst (what, after five seasons of flipping the metaphorical bird at cannon, you decide to follow legend!?!). I didn’t cry (because I tend not to cry for shows, even ones that I do care deeply about), but I couldn’t stop thinking about it for the rest of the evening. It was brilliantly done, reminded me of the ending for LOST in the sense that it was a very raw, character driven conclusion. In the end, it was about Merlin and Arthur’s friendship, with everything else stripped away. The way the two of them matured and came into their own as people is one thing that really sets the show apart and makes it so remarkable. Colin Morgan and Bradley James acted the whole thing brilliantly, and I’m going to miss this show terribly.

    • ClaraOswin

      The “LOST” ending left me more satisified. I felt closure not this time with Merlin.

  • Meanne

    Thank you for this article. You articulated everything that affected me during this very last episode of Merlin. After several hours, I thought I had recovered from my painful bout of tears, but your thoughts brought those tears back. What an incredible ending to what will prove to be an iconic classic series for future fans to enjoy. I myself always love a happy ever after ending, but this show deserved another path and I’m happy to be a witness to it. I’m so glad I tape this series and especially this last episode will be one that I will continue to enjoy watching over and over again, even if it means I need to have a box of tissues nearby everytime. I will never forget the acting on this show, especially how Colin and Bradley embodied the unusual, funny, and wonderful friendship of two legendary characters. Colin and Bradley — you will be terribly missed!! Thank you for such beautiful, heartwrenching and inspiring work…

    • http://www.youtube.com/mapthestars Mapthestars

      You’re welcome :) This show truly was amazing and I don’t think the final episode could’ve been any better.

  • Jexmixturezvelt

    I stopped breathing in the last ten minutes of this episode. My heart was just breaking over and over again. I’m glad that the Mordred and Arthur scene was as short as it was, it would have taken away from the scene if it had been any longer. What I didn’t understand was how did Dragoon carry Arthur off the battlefield but Merlin could barely support him later in the episode? Merlin and Morgana throughout the series never got a true battle, where one of them died. Morgause got a better death earlier in the show. One of the hardest scenes to watch was when Percival was tied to the tree and he heard Gwaine screaming and broke free, only to see Gwaine’s finale moments of life. It seems that often in television shows and in movies, that characters do not use things/beings that could have made a huge difference in the life of another character. Why didn’t Merlin call the dragon earlier? Why did Merlin let Arthur rest so many times when pushing onward may have very well saved his life. What about the scene were Merlin stands over Morgana asking her “Is this what you wanted, Morgana?” There is one part of some King Arthur legends that I’m not sure whether or not I would have wanted it in the episode… A part of me wishes that a boat had drifted to the shore of the island to carry Arthur away and a few of the older dead characters spirits had been on it but had found peace in the after life, Morgana, Morgause, Finna, ect… The greatest Tragedy in the entire episode for me was when Merlin walked down the modern day road as the old man. What was such a tragedy for me was the fact that he must have watched everyone he ever loved die of old age while he just kept on living.

  • Gabriella

    I’m heartbroken about the end. I also anticipated a happy ending – I didn’t expect it to be modern day Merlin – which I suppose works but I would’ve liked to see Merlin and Arthur together again!! MAKE A MOVIE lol

  • commonwealth

    I must admit that I was hoping for their youth to save them– that is, I still have the old King Arthur from the comic strip, Prince Valiant, as the archetypal Arthur. So until the very end, I was hoping that Arthur would not die but would return to Camelot to live out his life with Gwen. They have taken enough liberties with the legend that they could have killed Mordred off and yet arranged for a Mordred Jr. to kill Arthur 50 years in the future.
    It just doesn’t feel right that the legend of King Arthur and Camelot was based on only 2-3 years of Arthur’s and Merlin’s lives as young men.

    Despite all of this, however, I loved the series. The writers managed to find a genuine wisdom in the material which, in addition to the love shared by Arthur and Merlin and Gwen and Gaius, touched me deeply.

    • Daria

      The five seasons of Merlin spanned much longer then 2-3 years, actually. If you catch it in the season openers- usually a year to 3 years has passed in between seasons. Arthur says in the beginning of season five that there had been three years of peace after season 4. I would say it’s been maybe a decade altogether? We see Arthur young at 17 and then see him at his death before 30?

  • Managorth Anora

    It would have been actually good if there was a good ending. That was the ending to the whole episode, this whole season, this whole series? It’s an abomination! AN ABOMINATION TO THE TALE OF ARTHUR AND MERLIN! 1/5, I hope this show never gets revived for I fear and know what will be.

  • Gjertrud

    I liked that Gwen figured out that Merlin was the sorcerer

  • shazzle1695

    most of the last show was briliant and i loved how heart wrenching it was for merlin to let his secret out and how arthur couldnt belive it. i loved the whole thing and i have since the very first episode however they should have stoped when gwen was on the throne because the part with the truck was the biggest let down, it completly ruined the entire show and abliterated my emertion it was so disapionting. the acting was amazing but the writing could have been so much better all of my family watched this show and when it came back on air after having disapeared for a while just to find out it was the last series was awful but they could have redeamed themselfs with the ending unfortunatly they have failed. i can acceped arthurs death and all the othr charectors who died but the ending was truly attrosious 1/10

  • weirdlikeluna

    I got really excited about the ending (and was consequently screaming “OMG they did it! A reincarnation!!!!” to my family’s bewilderment haha), until old Merlin/Emrys came along. I dislike the idea of Arthur and Merlin being reunited at different ages :S But then I made up my mind that he is always being reborn and doesn’t stay old permanently and destiny will make it so that when Arthur returns Merlin will be at the same young age again as in the show (making way for The student Prince or some similar merthur reincarnation fic. Yes? ;))

  • woeisme

    I did not like the ending. It spoilt 5 years of the best tv ever. I was watching the clock waiting for it to.come on. It was great until the moment the present arrived. It should have ended with merlin pushing arther out into the lake. Here I am 10.30pm christmas day and still mourning over the loss of an acceptable ending to the best partnership in tv since bill and ben.

  • http://www.facebook.com/george.mxwll George Mxwll

    good acting but disappointing writing for the finale. At every turn in the earlier series, i really enjoyed the alternate/creative interpretations of the myth that were made. why go back to the cliches for the final act! a waste of all the positive work they had already done!

    also, why choose now to end the series. I dont buy the pr garbage that has been put our saying this was a five year series all along. They werent even sure there would be a second series after the first. They talk of the kingdom arthur built, what building, I cant say I saw anything new about camelot except for getting rid of Uther’s pompous heavy handed tirades. and what about all the other potential adventures and quests that could have been explored.

    bottom line, a crappy way to end a really charming and entertaining series !

  • jb333

    The original tales of King Arthur came from a series of stories called “La Morte d’Arthur” or “The Death of Arthur”, so basically there was no other way for this story to end. Arthur dies. He dies differently than in the original books but this adaptation has done quite a few things differently. In any event I am truly sad to see this series end. It was quality television — great writing, great acting, enjoyable storytelling. True, everyone died quite bloodless deaths and they whitewashed alot of the more darker parts of the original stories (like Guinevere’s adultery with Lancelot or that Arthur had an incestuous relationship with Morgause and so much more), but regardless it was entertaining. And I attribute that entirely to the cast and especially Colin Morgan and Bradley James who had extraordinary chemistry as true friends. It was a fitting ending to have them spend Arthur’s last days together with each other and growing to understand and truly know one another before Arthur died. As for Morgana’s death, I agree with how it was handled. To stage a huge blustering battle of sorcery while Arthur lay there would be like dishonouring Arthur and Merlin’s friendship. Merlin killed Morgana in the manner that Arthur would have, with a sword acting as his proxy while Arthur looked on. I think this was a satisfying way to end things.

    • http://www.facebook.com/george.mxwll George Mxwll

      I didnt see Mallory in the writing credits. No kidding, everybody knows about his book, and if you want to watch that then go rent Excalibur. Merlin offered a new and fresh perspective, incorporating many elements that have been written into the legend in a new unique format. They had created lots of options with which to work with and they picked the clanky old cliche.

    • Dr_Zeuss808

      I agree 100% with you jb33…. this was not a Disney happy go lucky ending. This was still the legend of Arthur although, told through a different perspective. It was a brilliant series and I much appreciated this adaptation of the the tale I’ve read and seen throughout my childhood. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and this series did well through its course, but those who are disappointed with the series finale should stick their nose in the true adaptation of the tale and recognize that this myth is not a happy ending in the sense of the who lives or dies. This tale is to bring hope and comfort to the once feudal clans of the what is now know as The United Kingdom. I mean seriously…. “The United Kingdom”: “The Once and Future King”….. C’mon how epic does that get????? It’s OK to cry about this series, which I’m not going to lie, I did for a bit myself, but truly appreciate the hard work and commitment of the writers, producers and actors who put so much time and effort into one of the greatest stories given to man. Let us all agree that this was a phenomenal show, although there were some corny parts to it, but still a much underrated presentation none the less. I give this show a standing ovation and hope to see more in the future. Long live the king!

  • DeborahAldridge

    I cried and cried. I wasn’t ready for it to end. I hope there is a continuation of their story in another series. This was the saddest series finale I’ve ever watched.

  • Argremerfan

    I so loved the last two episodes of Merlin and was touched greatly by the enormous love, hurt and gratitude between Merlin and Arthur. I am going to miss this show, although I started to prepare myself for the end it still hurts. I came to this show late but I am glad to have been a witness to the story and the people who help bring it to life.

  • selcan

    i donno about the ending. it kinda affected the epic mood i was in

  • Nur-Azam Shahdan

    I think the writers did a brilliant job by letting us all in denial that the series end just like that, leaving us wanting for more. I would have asked for a better, happy ending, but I guess then it will leave us satisfied, but empty. While this aired ending leave is with nothing but sorrow and memories of all the things that is great about Merlin and Arthur, it packs a punch and people will remember the show forever. Merlin forever!

  • http://www.facebook.com/anime.hideaway Elizabeth Pollock

    To me, this show has always been about the relationship between Merlin and Arthur. Merlin was always quite plain about his feelings so I spent most episodes waiting for the rare instance that Arthur would be so clear, the occasional comment that Merlin was wise or hoping Arthur would see that his friend was in trouble, either injured or upset but something for Arthur to have reason to be tender with his friend. Perhaps it was the fact that those instances didn’t happen often that they always seemed so much stronger when they did.

    As such, I was expecting the final episode of the season (not knowing that it was actually the series finale!) to be action packed but not much emotional content. I thought that if Merlin told Arthur about his magic, they’d stretch the consequences of that over at least another full season, so I was quite surprised with how much they dealt with in that one episode. All of the rare moments of mutual respect, loyalty, friendship suddenly just came flooding out of nowhere. I loved every moment of it. I loved the love of it, how much those two characters loved each other. I loved watching their relationship grow so far out of the bounds that secrecy and self restraint had previously almost crippled. I loved that all of those years later, Merlin was still watching over his friend and waiting for him.

    I too would have liked to have seen Arthur’s heir (I would consider that a part of him left behind, not completely dead to all who knew him and loved him, Merlin knew he’d be back one day but there were his knights, his wife, his citizens, all the people that could have benefitted from a little Arthur in their lives after his passing…) but everything else concerning the other characters was as minimalistic as was appropriate. It really was just about Arthur and Merlin in the end and it really did just shine with the love those two shared, and would always share beyond even death itself.

    Arthur will one day awaken to be the Future King (although I do think that “Once and future king” really only fits in the time of Arthur’s “slumber”, not all the times he was called it while he was still alive, maybe “now and future king” but still…) and Merlin will be right there to greet him. It’s just sad that Merlin had/has to wait so long for the man he loves more than anything else in the world.

  • http://www.facebook.com/emza62333 Em Filer

    My only true complaint was that I wished we could have seen Merlin standing next to Gwen, beloved as a hero and a trusted advisor (as opposed to servant). We know that Gwen must have accepted him, given by her reaction to the realization that Merlin was the sorcerer, but I still wish we could have seen them, side by side, keeping Albion safe.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Taiguara-Almeida/100000509380157 Taiguara Almeida

    I’m still crying.

  • Yeshy

    The past few episodes were emotional but this episode just made me feel so many emotions. It was epic!! But at the same time I would have rather seen Arthur alive and he and Merlin riding back to Camelot, King Arthur ruling Albion till old age and Arthur’s reaction and decision regarding the ban of magic in Camelot… After all, the main source of conflict in Camelot was sorcery and it would have been nice to see the future of magic in Camelot.

    I had a flashback to the episode of the birth of Aithusa and how the great dragon said Aithusa bodes well for the future of Albion so I’m still surprised that we have to somehow accept that Aithusa was never really on Merlin’s side. Overall, I was just really glad to see the bond between Merlin and Arthur through their conversation and till the end Arthur trusted him and was prepared to die with Merlin by his side. The ending goes to show that the story was mainly of Arthur and Merlin’s bond and everlasting friendship. The ending still gives me hope. I just love this series and the amazing cast!!


    First of all, an absolute brilliant summary you did on the last episode!!! I found this final episode to be so moving that words can not express it. It was truly epic!! Yes of course there were the occasional elements that seemed a little misguided, but overall the theme was handled beautifully. The episode enveloped such intensity,sorrow,revelations,hope, and an undying tribute to friendship. Colin Morgan and Bradley James scenes were pure perfection!! Which is why I still have a box of Kleenex by me lol. I loved how Arthur gradually started to realize all the things Merlin has done for him and Camelot and even at one point he said ” you never wanted to take credit for anything you did”…I think this is when he truly started to realize how loyal Merlin really was. I also thought it was brilliant how the writers had us thinking that wow Arthur’s not going to die after all, b/c Merlin going to take him to Avalon and save him..I’m glad that did not surpass because that would have not only cheapened the series but also the actual ARTHURIAN LEGEND. Although the death scene with the “hold me” and “thank-you” was gut wrenching, it was also in a weird way satisfying and hopeful.

    I know a lot of people were disappointed that Arthur was never able to bring together the world of magic and mortals as the Prophecies predicted….BUT I believe he actually did…By making Gwen the Queen and Ruler of Camelot, I’m certain she would let magic be a part of Camelot, mainly because of the loyalty of Merlin to Arthur, but also b/c her father was killed by Uther for some misunderstanding of sorcery.And it was also obvious that she approved of Merlin having magic after the reveal from Gaius. But on a side note I really thought they were gonna have Gwen be pregnant,especially after they showed Arthur and Gwen together in bed the night of the Great Battle…if there was ever a time to make love it would most certainly be the night before you thought your husband might be killed :) and what a dramatic way to conceive a child!!! This could have been the beginning of “Arthur’s Rise” again!! A line of heirs all being mentored by Merlin over the ages…….

  • http://twitter.com/heylichen Li Chen

    But it said about Albians, what happens to the story on Albians and Arthur will be the new future king. Oh my…

  • Rosane Luli

    I am extremely disappointed with the end … I loved this series and never understood why (some crazed purists) criticized for not being “loyal” to the legend … I always thought It did not need to be. It was more a fantasy, a jovial series, with characters at different times, same names, but with different characteristics and attitudes. It could very well have a different ending too. The death of Arthur left me heartbroken. Merlin´s endless fight during those 5 years , seemed almost in vain and that was unforgivable. Arthur’s salvation and the redemption of magic were not possible, which, for me, was a betrayal of loyal viewers … They wanted to honor the legend, pleasing the critics and upseting thousands of fans who cheered for these characters – so awesome and charismatic (Merlin and Arthur). Arthur could have died and then resurrected, if it were to meet the forecast … The ending did not live up to the series in general and to their fans. I am very sad cuz I loved the series and hated the ending … I understand that not everything can be the way we expect, but it was contrary to expectations or even had an intelligible resolution. I am very sad!

    • krichard

      An interview by Bradley James suggests that there will be another 3 TV films. As the dragon says, he is the ‘once and future king’. Who says he didnt return long before the stupid truck scene ???

  • http://twitter.com/abonner7 Ann Bonner

    Mixed feelings about the finale. Nice that we had a reveal, but I think it came too late. I wish the reveal had come at the end of S4. Super acting from Colin and Bradley. Ultimately, it’s just a TV show – but so often I forget that and long for my version of perfection. But that’s what fanfiction is for! And that’s what I love most about Merlin: it made my imagination sing. So maybe the show wasn’t perfect, but it had such very wonderful moments. Don’t you wish you could have – or be – the kind of friends that are Merlin and Arthur? Love grew in unlikely places – among many characters. And that’s why I watched every week! That was the show at it’s best.

  • http://www.facebook.com/nikbonz04 Nikki Bonilla

    i really love Merlin since from the start, but the ending for me is not so nice because i want to end it happily… i really thought that Arthur would never be dead. But still it was unexpected ending and that makes the movie unique from the other. i love it. KUDOS .I hope to see you again MERLIN :’( (sniff)

  • morinl

    The ending ruined the show. The whole point of the show is for Merlin to
    protect Arthur, so they could rule together and change Camelot. Merlin was a
    failure, Arthur died, and now Merlin is a creepy drifter. This is what should
    have happened: 1) dragon saves Arthur. 2) Merlin & Arthur ride the dragon
    back to Camelot. 3) Arthur tells everyone about Merlin, saying that magic is not
    evil, only the people who use it for evil. 4) Everyone praises Merlin 5) End
    with Arthur and Merlin looking out at Camelot, saying this is a new beginning.
    - The ending made the whole show pointless. It made the show depressing,
    hopeless and heart breaking. I loved the show so much, but the ending made me
    hate it. I’ll never watch it again. Thanks stupid writers.

    • “M”

      Totally agree with you. Ive always loved the show for its positive qualities. The ending, although true to the legend, made me feel like the entire show was pointless. I probably won’t ever watch it again because of the ending. It was always an uplifting show for me and now that i know the ending it just makes me sad. I get having endings like this for some shows that have darker themes, but this was not the kind of show to have an ending like this. It was not cohesive with the rest of the series.

    • Lv2Wn75

      I totally agree – wonderful show for all ages – had friendship, camaraderie, and especially a lot of humor – until the awful end.

  • snelopy

    The ending was laughable and totally out of context – what was supposed to be an impressive twist in the tale was only subterfuge for a poorly planned end to a series.

    The premise of the show is based upon a destiny of peace and magic being restored to the realm under Arthur’s leadership, with Merlin doing everything in his power to ensure this comes to pass. The fact that the prophecy doesn’t come to pass as originally foretold by the dragon actually does makes sense: Merlin defied the seer and dragons’ warnings to kill Mordred; he strayed from destiny and paid the ultimate price with his best friend’s life and possibly the future of the realm. However, in his final scene, the dragon would have us believe otherwise and that everything will be fine yet there is little evidence left to suggest otherwise. Merlin’s future purpose becomes unclear as does the future of magic – he is give no recognition by Gwen after Arthur’s death. The promised peace is also called into question because Gwen’s role was never foretold in the prophecies. She clearly bears no heirs since she is not pregnant therefore the future emergence of another Arthur within the lineage is clearly impossible. Instead we are forced to swallow a scene which suggests that the writers take its audience for a bunch of bafoons: a decrepit Merlin “hobo”, seemingly wandering without purpose. He does not even look out across the lake in expectation of the “future king” and understandably so – clearly there is nothing to wait for in an era/land where Arthur and magic have no place – Merlin is the butt of a cosmic joke (as are we it seems). What is the purpose of the final scene if there is nothing to wait for? I can only think it is to show Merlin being punished for his sins by being relegated to a modern day purgatory when surely it was enough for him and us to endure his friend dying in his arms! The scene served no sensible purpose except to add confusion to an already confusing last episode. If the entire premise of the storyline becomes nullified by Arthur’s death, then a more appropriate conclusion is required – not one which throws out 6 seasons of dedication by Merlin and his audience for a nonsensical “twist”. There are many scenes which could have been cut in lieu of a more appropriate storyline, none of which really made sense or added any weight to the story eg. Gwaine and Percival trying to deceive Morgana and kill her, Gaius giving the ring to Gwen prematurely so she could say she knew Arthur was still alive etc.

    The ending I propose doesn’t require saccharine predictability and also provides a suitable alternative to the original premise:

    Merlin pleads with the dragon for a solution. He reveals that the one old enough to know such powerful magic is the spirit or lady of the lake for she is as old as the earth utself. She grants Merlin the knowledge to cast the spell for only he is powerful and pure enough of heart to unleash it. The catch however is that it requires the summoning and use of all remaining magic in the world. The dragon is happy for this to come to pass because he is almost at his end and it also brings a satisfying end to the tortured white dragon who perhaps flies in to join his brother. Merlin realises that he will also die in the process because he, as his father said, is magic to the core of his being. He makes the sacrifice gladly. This would also give purpose to Percival travelling to the lake for he would bear witness to the events and carry a restored Arthur back to Camelot. This alternate ending gives credence to the idea that our fate is not set in stone and that we make our own destinies, defying the initial premise of the storyline with a more acceptable result – not one requiring us to see the future unfold with Arthur and Merlin ruling side by side or one where we are left wondering about the future of magic since we are left with an even playing field; Arthur has his round table of knights to keep peace without the interference of magic in the future. His lineage is ensured with Gwen at his side for his “future” kings to maintain peace and justice. It also lends itself to the idea that friendship and love trump magic and famous destinies: Merlin gave his life and future hope of openly practised magic up for his friend. One could even throw in a cut scene of the modern day road panning out over the lake to the island where Merlin gave his life with celestial lighting falling upon a close-up of dragon-shaped “rocks” and the accustomed “Merlin” dragon whisper which marked the end of every episode.

  • Insanityisgood25

    I jumped so high, knocking my head when the lorry came past-I almost shouted ‘TESCO’s'…. deary me….. I’m sad its stopped, but fanfiction awaits!

  • Kouly

    This show was a class act! I’ve watched every episode with my daughter and felt the finale was awesome. Thank you, will so miss watching the show and all of its cast.


  • ilovemerlin

    Man i said to myself not to cry but when aurthur said thank yoy i lost it… I just coldnt hoöd my tears anymore…. I always thought that Merlin and Aurthur would live happily ever after!!! And when the dragon said that this story would live long in the minds of men… I totaly agreed i still think about it as if it was just a minute ago i watch the last episode of merlin

  • Gizmo10

    Well, I’ve watched all 5 seasons of Merlin, and though I’m no kid, for the most part enjoyed it tremendously, even with all the flaws and story-tellng holes and inconsistencies (even in this final episode I expected to see the scene out of Morgana’s dream where she reaches out a hand to Emrys, whose voice you hear saying, “Is this what you wanted Morgana? Is it really?” Guess the writers forgot) My least favourite season however has been this final one. As other critics have mentioned, story lines were repeated (at least 3-4 episodes dedicated to Guinevere being possessed by Morgana, similar to the 2 episodes with Merlin being possessed in season 4), and so on. It seemed slothful. Merlin was still being treated like a buffoon and lowly servant, though you’d think after the derring do of previous seasons, Arthur at least would recognize and reward his worth somewhat. At least one other character – as Lancelot did in the past – should have known Merlin’s secret magic. From season 3 to season 5, I never totally got Morgana morphing into the absolute evil character she becomes, does one TRULY forget old friends and what they’ve done for you so completely and then try to torture and kill them. Did Morgause brainwash her as she did Guinevere? A little back story would have helped. Nimueh in the first season was a high priestess, true, but not fundamentally evil, and in fact, she and Uther were FRIENDS until Uther regretted his wife’s death as a result of Nimueh’s magic (which he’d asked for). Why are the high priestesses now depicted as evil power hungry creatures, using all kinds of foul creatures to terrorize and control others? Why are most of the twisted characters,too, women? Rarely were people executed in this show, but both in episode 11 and 13, the ones who were were young women. Having said all this, I expected to be deeply disappointed in the grand finale of the show – and found that in the end, it wasn’t so bad. Merlin came into his own a little too late and all that, Percival and Gawaine riding off to get Morgana was just plain dumb, and Morgana’s death was rather flat – but over all it was handled well, and there was some hope left in the world of the story. The idea of an old Merlin waiting for Arthur to come in the time of Albion’s greatest need can be found in all kinds of stories for kids – by Susan Cooper (Dark is Rising), Alan Garner (Elidor), and so on. Bet the writers read those. But I wish the series hadn’t ended yet; esp. as it’s not clear to see what Arthur did thus far to make him such a great king for the ages. I suppose the writers had gotten bored of this story line (certainly the repetitiveness of the episodes indicates some creative juice gone) and want to move on.

  • Merlinhook

    Very dissapointing finale. I was expecting so much more from Merlin and Arthur together after the “I have magic” moment…

  • Jexmixturezvelt

    Perhaps the whole point of the show was not that Arthur would personally rule over Albian. but instead, it would be because of Arthur that Camelot would be a free place for magic. Maybe Arthurs true destiny was to marry Gwen and it would be her destiny to rule solo over a kingdom that accepts magic. So technically Arthur created a camelot that accepts magic and is peaceful because he married Gwen and with his death allowed Gwen to do what was right. Probably not what the writers were going for though…

  • Amberbubbleugum

    I absolutely loved this episode the it was great to see Arthur appreciating all that Merlin has done for him before he dies but I didn’t want Arthur to die, Merlin worked so hard to keep him alive and it just went to waste :( I watched it 4 hours ago but I’m embeded in my mind foreva. I feel like a part of me is dead. The whole truck scene kind of wrecked it for me because it shows the present and you just loose the sense of magic as a whole. If it was Emrys sitting by the Lake fair enough but im really upset that its the last season ive been watching it for 4 years now. Its so touching when Arthur tells Merlin to hold him, I love the strength of their friendship. I had a hand of my heart for most of it. I love Merlin <33

  • sandra

    I do not like the end of the series. must turn 6 and season. tlos is unfair of Arthur. I learned about the magic of Merlin when he was dying. must turn to another series where Merlin will again turn back the clock and save Camelot together with Arthur and Gwen have her the crown prince. with Arthur and Merlin together to fight

  • M J

    what a stupid ending to a great series…. I may even have been ok with it, until that stupid snippet at the end, in modern day with the truck…. how stupid…so, Arthur is going to come back one day when Camelot (now great britain) need him most…oh..but apparently world war II wasn’t a bad enough time for him to come back and help…also, he’s going to get his sword back, when he does appear again, but what is he going to do with a sword now?? or in the distant future from now?? stupid…just stupid..

    • Daria

      I imagine whatever it is that brings Arthur back will be magically related, tbh. He’s too out of time to deal with modern politics and war. Idk.

  • asdf

    I would prefer a happy ending too. With that, they can still make hanging stories for the next series if ever or a movie maybe. But 5 episodes of watching? Only to see failure in the end is so depressing.

  • http://twitter.com/Ashlynx4 Ashlynx

    This ending was so freakin’ amazing I loved every minute of it

  • CJo

    Oh, good god. What an ending. I’m a little bummed out about it. Mostly because, well, Arthur died.

    I thought the scenes between Merlin and Arthur were really well done by the actors. And the writers didn’t throw in anything that made me want to cringe, which, I admit, did happen sometimes.

    But it’s not so much Arthur’s death that’s upsetting, but the fact that they left us hanging. Again. And with the series finale, you need to resolve the story! It’s almost like they set it up to continue. In part 1 of the episode, Balinor, Merlin’s father, said something about “You always will be.” Or something to that effect. He kind of hinted at immortality there, and then the Dragon was talking about Arthur being the Once and Future King. And then Merlin walking around in the modern day? That sealed the deal. The story must go on. The fact that this was the ending is what makes Modern-Merlin so damn annoying. I would have much rather seen him back in Camelot with Gwen in the final scene, or, like someone else suggested, a deja vu meeting between a young Modern-Merlin and a Modern-Arthur in a farmer’s market or something. Since they did mention their first meeting, it would have worked! Oh, but now I’m thinking of funny scenes in which Merlin is shopping for organic tomatoes. He accidently spills his farm-fresh apple cider on Arthur. A flash of recognition seems to pass between them, before Arthur chases Merlin down a street for ruining his t-shirt or something.

    But anyway, I think there were more graceful ways to end the series.

    Surprisingly, Morgana’s death didn’t bother me too much. It was short and anticlimactic but I think the actors did a good job with it. For the half second that it lasted, we saw Merlin finally triumph over his long-time enemy, put that evil to rest, and protect the vulnerable Arthur. So, in that sense, it was a fine ending. Of course a final showdown would have been more interesting, but, what can you do?

  • http://www.facebook.com/emuowho.omu Emuowho Omu

    Wat is ds whole merlin abt if he cnt protect arthur 4rm dyin, 2 me d endin is crap, wat happns 2 camelot, does dat mean magic is now allowed? Tot merlin was to restore dat. Well I expected a happily ever after sha. I also hated dat arthur has 2 knw abt merlins magic at hs dyin state. Al d credit merlin gets is a thanku. Dats vry ridiculous

  • justwatchedit

    I liked all the emotional bits and bobs, that was wonderful for the ending, and I get what the writers might want to symbolize by the ending, but for me they failed in that. I cannot express how much I agree with those comments saying the ending ruined my will to watch the show again (or at least the last episode), that it made five years of cheering for Merlin seem in vain, made the evil win (dead arthur = Morgana got her wish) and robbed us for the chance to see Merlin finally receive glory. I don’t buy into that the kingdom now would accept magic – even with the Queen understanding of what Merlin really was. She trusted him as a sorcerer because she believed Arthur would then come home alive. If one are to follow the same narrow sight characters have kept throughout the show then I would imagine even her seeing Merlin as a failure when he doesn’t return with the king nor himself. They’ll just be dead in people’s assumptions, victims to the darkness.
    The modern end really killed it. So what if Arthur suddenly were to reappear (an alone immortal Merlin seemed like a cruel fate for someone “saving the world” if you ask me)? In a modern society Camelot wouldn’t be there. The Queen does not see her husband again and there’s been no mention of an heir. Fair enough the myth’s like that after what I’ve heard, but for the tv show it was just silly and unforgivable. They could at least have played on the Queen’s feelings for Arthur and played out a scene like this:

    Couple years later….
    *Final scene of the king stepping out of the water in the darkness with the sword*
    The Queen wakes up abruptly and looks to Arthur’s seal. She step out of the bed and walks over to the window. The door burst open and she turns around to see a flustered Merlin.
    -It’s time
    The Queen nods
    - Let’s go to Avalon

    Simples, at least have Arthur wake up in the same age!!!
    More corrections:
    -death scene of morgana as so many have mentioned, her quick death by the sword made the writer’s seem even lazier and urging for an end.
    - if they’re going to bring in the dragon that late then make Arthur survive! the fact Merlin didn’t use the dragon sooner just became idiotic and annoying when Arthur died. Merlin’s spent five years on saving Arthur, his final attempt seemed nothing but lazy and half-hearted in this prospective.
    - Through the 5 seasons I’ve wanted nothing but Merlin to be acknowledged for his powers, and although I’ll admit Arthur’s ‘Thank you’ was touching, it was a poor comfort to the happy ending I visualized with Arthur taking his arm around a crying Merlin’s shoulder, out on the balcony to the hurrays of the people – both healthy and alive.

  • Film Watcher

    Well i wasn’t really happy with it so i made up how i think it should have ended and i made a post about it if you wish to read it:


  • Dave

    If I wanted to be depressed I would watch Game of Thrones

  • KArthur

    Shockingly disappointing. Basically, the producers didn’t want to do Series 6 but they had lots of loose ends so they tried to tie them up in one episode. It was like watching one season in fast forward over 45 minutes. And in the end, they never delivered on lots of promises. There was no golden age of Camelot, there was no period in which Merlin serves as Arthur’s adviser, there were no changes to the law on magic in Camelot. And the list goes on. One can only hope they realise they made a mistake and revive the series. Arthur’s death was not entirely clear cut. In the legends, he went to Avalon to recover from his wounds. It was after all a time of magic. it wouldn’t require massively nifty writing to bring him back. In our household, we all feel very short-changed. We don’t mind sad endings but deliver on what the series has promised!! I feel that we’ve wasted our time watching the first five series

  • daniel

    A TRUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


    Boring as fuck. Arthurs a shit cunt, he deserved to die, he didnt even wear a helmet going out to battle. Plus gwen has a munted head and merlin is a faggot celebet that remained a virgin till the modern day scene they showed. Lol wtf wat a shit ending to a shit series.

    • CeeDee

      Why Is It There Is Always One SHITHEAD In The Crowd Why Don’t You Go Finger Yourself As You Most Obviously Do And Leave This Most Intelligent Web Site To Us The Intelligent Fans If You Didn’t Care For The Show Then Why Did You Watch It (oh i see you where Masturbating To Arther And Merlin) Now You Have To Go Back To Star Track You Faggot Bastard Merlin Will Be Missed

  • brosif

    I hope they continue the story with a new series in modern day with arthurs return, they left it wide open for such

  • Lachlan

    Personally i found the ending quite sad, and unexpected. Honestly i was expecting the “Happy ever after thing”. The last seen was also confusing. Like stated by others it would have been better if merlin was walking with arthur with the look of some sort of purpose. So we know the prophecy made by the dragon was true, which would make a lot more setteling ending

  • Stephen

    they should have had merlin tell arthur that he was a sorcerer earlier on instead of having him die pretty much immediately after and i agree that morgana died to easily. im sad the show ended and wished they had more seasons of it

  • Zero_Mundo

    I for one really disliked the ending. After reading some comments lets start by stating, The series did not follow the myth thus any reference to that is mute.

    The entire series long we (the viewers) have been told that Arthur would be the Great King, whom would unban magic and rule as a golden age, that this wasn’t shown at all is in my opinion together with the lack in magic battle between Morgana and Merlin with the untimely death of Arthur the greatest disappointments of the final.

    I honestly thought the last season was doing great, However I would have liked a few things different and that the final progressed as such:
    First, Mordred’s druid girlfriend shouldn’t have been killed in Camelot but rather should have been killed by Morgana and then framed Camelot for it. Causing Mordred to believe her and reach a same set-up, this would be more inline with his character as he tried and tried again to believe in Arthur, thus continuing the story as it did.
    Final episode, Battle continued, a short skirmish between Mordred and Arthur.. after fatal stabbings on both parties Mordred would have been told/realized he was betrayed by Morgana.. After realizing Morgana’s betrayal he’d do some kind of grand gesture towards Arthur, a bad example would be with his last power saves Arthur from a rock slide which would have crushed him, upon which he dies.
    Merlin would carry Arthur off, after which he would reveal his secret by battling it out with Morgana seconds after telling Arthur the truth.
    Epic magic battle between the two magi’s after which Merlin used magic to let the Excalibur fly into Morgana’s back. after short talk with a terrified Arthur whom is trying to grasp the entire situation that just unfolded Merlin calls for the dragon. Whom takes them both off to safety and at Avalon he’d be healed.. during their journey the viewer would have been shown the transformation of Arthur as we saw it, which was splendid.

    Several weeks later; Arthur reinstated the dead Mordred as a good knight again for he’s loyalty in the end and in the past before he was twisted by Morgana.

    Arthur whom finally realized everything and accepted Merlin he unban’s magic and publicly appoints Merlin as the kings/court’s magician.

    Then zoom out, entire narrator’s voice stating that this ushered in a new era of peace and prosperity making it a golden age, Arthur lived long and had children etc.
    Back in the court many years later, we see a truly older Merlin and older Arthur, Arthur releaves himself of Excalibur placing it at the king’s seat at the round table with a scroll.

    We then hear his voice saying that Merlin had helped him prolong his life and that he was truly happy, the land was safe and prosperous and it was time for him and Merlin to leave, But when the land was in its hour of greatest need they would return.

    Meanwhile while this is being narrated we would see them together then set off for Avalon together either by boat or by dragon. If dragon then as he flew past the screen with them on his back, just after his tail flew by 5 second delay and end screen.

    This is honestly how I expected things to go like half way in the season, and this is especially how I wished they ended a series which I spent time on and followed for 5 years..

  • Ashley

    It would have been better if there was a happy ending.

    1.Merlin confronts Morgana and manages to talk her into being good again.
    2.And Arthur DOES NOT Die!!!!
    3. Even better if there was a season6

  • Ashley

    It would be nice if Arthur lived and accepted that Merlin had magic

  • oversexed

    Had no idea the show was ending! When Mordred died i thought to myself Morganna will bring him back to life like a zombie knight or something… then Morganna died… then Arthur died!!! Then i was like “Oh fuck is this the series finale?” Twas bittersweet though i have to admit the final confrontation between Merlin and Morganna could have used more fireworks being the most powerful sorcerer and the high priestess and all… gonna be upset for a couple of days im sure.

  • Dave

    The show portrays Merlin and Arthur growing up together as tweens.Seriously. Wasn’t Merlin already a great Sage when he cast the spell to put the sword in the stone after Uther died, when Arthur was barely a baby? How did old man Merlin suddenly become a tween practically the same age as Arthur?

  • Albert E.

    Very disappointing ! The finale ruined everything making all the series look dumb. Strong and nobile values ruined by a bad scripting troughout the series… Now I can see the entire picture: a little bit of art, a little bit of fine taste, a little bit of true values, all “scrapebooked” together by commercial interests. True artists are hard to find ! Bad bad bad!

    And don’t get me wrong, the finale wasn’ bad by the death of Arthur itself as many claim, the last two episodes were just a mess in regard of the rest.

    • Albert E

      I’m not native language (just spotted a few errors) I appologize for mistyping.

  • Alberto

    Why as soon as I saw the last moments of Merlin I somehow felt scammed !?

  • SoDisappointed

    What a terrible ending! It seems the cancellation of the series must have been announced mid-season 5 because the ending is so rushed and poorly written. Sure, Arthur dies, I accept that because we all know that happens… but why did we get so little time seeing Arthur actually rule as king? There was so much more focus on the reign of Uther! Morgana’s character just made my skin crawl with the horrible acting and one dimensional character, but to have her death be so anti-climactic was such a huge disappointment. I was looking forward to the epic battle between the sorcerers. The whole beginning of season 5 leads viewers to believe Merlin will reveal his secret and magic will again be allowed in Camelot under Arthur’s rule, but instead, we’re left with Arthur knowing about Merlin’s magic for a whole 5 minutes before he croaks. Such a huge, huge, epic let down. They really should’ve taken less time focusing on Merlin trying to save the dying Arthur and put more of that time into the battle between Morgana and Merlin. I can’t get over what a horrible, unfulfilled ending it was. Not to mention the final scene of Merlin in modern day just makes him look like Captain Gordon on the box of fish sticks you buy at the grocery store.

  • Simba

    Very weird and dissapointing ending, for several reasons:

    1) If Arthur was always destined to die (before his time), it sterilizes the entire serie. So many people have died for him, so much has been done to keep him alive, what for?? if it’s totally ok that he died premature since one day he would return, so why not just letting him die in the first episode of the first season, and sending him to Avalon and waiting for his ruturn??
    His very premature death also shows that the very idea, task and Ideal of the serie failed:no just and glurous rule of the right king was executed, but only for a very short time. All the people who have died for this lofty vision and all the efforts Merlin has made in order to make this Ideal come true-were completely in vain!

    2) the last episode has no inner logic-why would Merlin reveals now to Arthur that he was a sorcerer?there was no need for that, why would he do what he has been struggling not to do for 5 season?? in much more difficult situations he has made Herculean efforts not to reveal his sicret: why would him do it now so willingly, when there no need for it, no pressure or constraints upon him to do so??

    Of course since it is the end of the serie, it has to be done. But I was expecting the
    screenwriters to find reasonable and logic constraint for Merlin to do so. For example, Morgana would enchant Merlin in the battlefield with an anti-aging enchantment, which would reveal his real appearance.

  • http://www.facebook.com/davidgabrieltaylor David Gabriel Taylor

    basically merlin ended with everyone getting prison shanked…. arthur, prison shanked. mordrid, return prison shanked. morgana, prison shanked. dead dead dead. merlin walks the world alone. no one frees magic in camelot. the dragon dies somewhere. the pendragon bloodline is completely dissolved into nothing. queen is a widow. merlin doesnt save anything and hates himself forever. how was this a good ending again?

  • Anna

    I think they honoured the legend. I mean they changed so much with the whole Merlin being young, Mordred wasn’t Arthur’s son, Morgana was only one person and so on. In the beginning I kept saying: “Oh but it’s not like the legend” but I began to love Merlin so much that the series almost became the legend to me. So even though it was a sad ending, I think they did a great job!

  • Lv2Wn75

    Very disappointing ending. Loved series for 5 years, and anxious to see Arthur’s reaction when he finds out about Merlin and how they might be friends later, and all happens in one brief, sad episode – what a let-down. Enjoyed whole 5 years up until then – the camaraderie, friendship, quarrels. Hoped to see Arthur appreciate Merlin’s worth for more than 5 minutes.

  • Lv2Wn75

    It didn’t stick to the legend all the way through anyway – didn’t have to end with Arthur dying. Legend has it that Arthur united Albion and was king for many years before the final battle where he died. One famous book even has Merlin living near Camelot and friends with Arthur for many years after Arthur discovered truth about him.

  • Erin

    I am so angry!!! How after all of these adventures can Aurthur die? I mean I get that everyone now can see that magic is good’n all but seriously? The dude merlin busted his butt to protect is now dead? I would’ve rather not have watched the last half of the episode

  • Deedee

    OMG i did not like the last five minutes of the ending! 1. Morgan’s death was too easy 2. The dragon was barely present 3. Merlin and Arthur look too gay 4. What about gaius? He is so important and didn’t get enough credit and lastly 5. The truck? Wtf???

    To sum up, the last five minutes were the worse five minutes of the entire series. Too bad.

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