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Though U.S. President Barack Obama is probably one of the busiest and most stressed people in the world, he still has time to show his fun side as seen in the latest photo released by the White House today in which he’s gets caught in a young Spider-Man’s web.

Check out the adorable photo of President Obama fighting Spider-Man below, which was released across the President’s Facebook and Twitter pages earlier today. If you look closely you can even see that the President seems to be making a battle-style sound effect of being caught in Spidey’s web – something all of us have to admit to doing when playing with kids in superhero uniforms!

We wonder which villain the President was taking on. With his hands in the air could he have been impersonating Doctor Octopus? We’re sure the youngster’s imagination was running wild as the President indulged the Spider-Man battle!

Earlier today it was announced that President Barack Obama will be named Time’s Person of the Year for 2012. This is the second time Barack Obama has been Time’s Person of the Year having been named in 2008 as well.

In related Spider-Man movie news, this week Jamie Foxx, who will be playing the Spider-Man villain Electro, revealed lots of spoilery interesting details to the sequel to this summer’s blockbuster hit The Amazing Spider-Man to MTV.

It’s refreshing to see someone of such high rank take the time with youngsters, especially after the recent tragedies in Newtown, Connecticut.

Do you love this adorable photo of the President getting caught in Spider-Man’s web?

  • upper_westsider

    LOVE that picture! Who is the little Spider-Man anyway? So cute!

    • Vanj203

      It’s been reported that Spidey Jr. is the son of one of his staffer’s, and that the photo was most likely taken around Halloween.

  • Effielova

    Obama portrayed himself as a villian

  • http://www.korracast.com/ Fravit

    No Spiderman what are you doing?! You’re supposed to SAVE the president! OH GOD SPIDERMAN IS DRUNK WITH POWER. WE’RE ALL DEAD.

  • E

    Jamie Foxx is spelled with two x’s

  • http://www.facebook.com/erikd1 Erik Davison

    Get em spidey!!! ;)

  • Vajackster

    Maybe if he wasn’t wasting time taking fucking spider-man photos, he’d be able to do all the shit he lied that he’d do in his first term.

    • Stagegirl12

      Are you saying a president cannot have any fun and must work all the time because that is ridiculous. Also this is not the place to have a political side comments and use bad language. It is simply a fun, heartwarming photo.

      • VideoKilledSeverusSnape

        Bless this comment^

      • Vajackster

        I’m saying maybe he should close Gitmo like he said he would. And I fail to see how “heartwarming” and “a guy whose 298 out of 350 drone strikes have helped kill 176 kids” can be applied in the same sentence. Watch the news next time, dumb shit.

        • Iwillfindyou

          hey fucking douche bag, tone it down. or do you want to turn this into something? because we can, you dumb fuck. you’re not as anonymous as you think you are.

  • LesbiansForObama

    Get ready for the comments saying that Obama doesn’t do anything and should not have won the second term. Get ready for it…

  • morgen71

    Aw this made my day right here. It reminds me that the guy’s a dad and he knows how to have some fun.

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