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USA Network has released two new promos for the mid-season premieres of Suits and White Collar, check out the videos, below.

In the Suits promo, we see Harvey, Mike and Jessica standing against Hardman – as we know his character will return for at least one episode out of the new six. Everything seems to be back to normal – Donna is coyly smiling, Rachel and Louis pop up in clips; but then Harvey narrates, “we have been through a civil war, and the world knows it, we’re weak,” as it cuts to Louis behind bars (or something of the like) and Donna slapping Hardman, “the weak get eaten.” We then see a bunch of unhappy lawyers – aside from the one clip of Mike and Rachel kissing, which will bring joy to those of you rooting for them to succeed as a couple.

The music that plays in the background is The Glorious Dead’s “What Makes a Good Man.”

Meanwhile, if the White Collar promo is any indication, viewers can expect six intense and dramatic episodes to close out season four.
The stakes are higher, as Neal has just found out that Sam is his real father, he seems to revert back to his white collar, high crime ways. The question is, as always, is he working with or against the FBI and Peter?

Meanwhile, Peter channels his inner Batman, saying, “it’s about justice. It always has been” has he stands on the top of a high-rise, overlooking the city. The most shocking moment of this video however, is Elizabeth wielding a gun, at what looks like in the middle of a bust. She’s always been involved in the cases before, but mostly as a recon woman for Peter and Neal, so the question how she got in the middle of this one is certainly paramount.

The song that plays is “Sad Sad City,” preformed by Ghostland Observatory.

  • http://twitter.com/AntaraC Antara Chowdhury

    er… both of the videos are promos for The Voice finale.

    • Kristina

      Sorry about that – fixed!

  • Jelly

    Seeing White Collar on Hypable makes me ridiculously giddy. Suits, too, but White Collar is my happy place and I’d love for Hypable to cover it.

  • lorepottter

    Is Neal kissing Sara? and Elizabeth holding that gun loos great, she is awesome

  • lynziferg

    OMG Lewis in Jail and Elle has a gun!!??

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