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Brace yourself Glee fans, because some of you are not going to be happy about this new casting.

According to Deadline this past Friday, British actor Oliver Kieran-Jones has been cast as a potential NYADA love interest for one Kurt Hummel.

Sources close to Glee are saying Kieran-Jones, a general newcomer to the acting scene, will play a NYADA student named Adam, and is said to be the lead of the NYADA Glee Club, which new student Kurt is interested in joining after his acceptance in “Swan Song.”

This hints that the Klaine reunion fans have predicted in the Christmas episode this week may not be as joyous as hoped.

Kieran-Jones is slated to appear in the second half of season 4, which picks back up in January following Glee’s winter break.

Could this be the beginning of a serious new relationship for Kurt? And doesn’t he finally deserve it? This reminds us of when Grant Gustin joined the show as Sebastian and got in the way of Klaine in season three.

Do you think that fans of Kurt and/or Blaine will embrace Kurt’s new love interest when Kieran-Jones joins the cast next year? Klaine fans are pretty intense on going down with their ship as was evidenced in last week’s BattleShips results. After over 42,000 votes, Klaine fans won Hypable’s first ever BattleShips by only 21 votes!

This news may start a new chapter for Kurt, but what about Blaine? Will he continue to pine over his huge mistake with Kurt or will he move on and find a new love interest himself? Only time will tell! We’ve always thought that Kurt and Blaine were meant to be together forever, but maybe that’s just not the way the cards fall for these two.

Leave your thoughts about the Klaine relationships status in the comments section below. We’re eager to hear what other Gleeks have to say about the potential setup of Klaine-less story lines on Glee!

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  • http://www.facebook.com/alysia.dugan Alysia Dugan

    I think the whole point of college (especially in NYC) is to have a ton of new experiences. Kurt is finally in a town that isn’t going to judge him (much) for his sexuality and he should be allowed to explore it. Just as Rachel has started growing into herself, Kurt should be given the same opportunity.

  • http://purplehrdwonder.livejournal.com/ Caitlin Kelly

    I’m actually really happy about this development; I think it’s necessary for long-term Klaine to be successful. The first half of this season was very much about their relationship falling apart because the high school relationship that they had wasn’t going to work in the long-term. Blaine messed up and is now working through finding out who he is outside of Kurt, something he hasn’t done since his character was introduced in season 2. He’s currently working on forgiving himself and making himself better, but he’s also decided that Kurt is who he wants; it was made clear to him as soon as he hooked up with Eli, but he has a lot of work to do on himself before that can be possible.

    I think the Christmas episode is going to show a reunion of Kurt and Blaine as the friends they were pre-”Original Song” and close the book on the so-called Klaine 1.0, and the second half of the season is going to be Kurt’s turn to figure out what he wants going forward. Kurt has his own work to do; he needs to spread his wings and explore the possibilities in a place where he can be who he wants without fear. And that includes dating guys who aren’t Blaine. He’s never really had that option; Blaine was the first out guy he’d ever met and they fell in love. I think Kurt needs to be able to see what’s out there, to live the dream he’s wanted for so long, and realize that it’s still Blaine he wants.

    My hope is this time apart for them and this new love interest for Kurt are going to end up being good for Kurt and Blaine in the long-term because they’ll eventually be able to come together stronger for their individual experiences and have a more healthy, adult relationship.

    • http://twitter.com/plischt plischt

      That’s exactly what I think, too!

    • Virginia

      well said! I completely agree!

    • Corin Boswell

      This! There is nothing wrong w/ Kurt and Blaine being together but they have been in a very immature/high school relationship up until this point. It’s time for them to grow up. You can have a stable long-term relationship w/ someone you dated in high school even if that high school relationship was rocky.

  • Inky

    YES!!!!! Gosh I hope he is more assertive than Blaine. Kurt needs that

  • http://forgiveyourmind.tumblr.com/ Tariq

    I’m personally excited for Kurt to date/try someone new. It should be fun to see him explore new opportunities and/or people, haha. I mean endgame will probably be Kurt & Blaine, so while he’s out in NYC might as well try it!

  • SarahM

    They are so endgame. If they have little romances in the meantime then so be it. But everytime they are on screen and not together I hate it. I have friends who are very happy and been together since highschool. Just because it doesn’t happen everyday, doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. They belong together.

  • Maria

    Now that Blaine is friends with Sam (pointing to the thing about friendship/relationships in Glee in general as discussed in GleeChat), but Sam is dating Brittany, how will this affect Blaine? We’ve seen him struggle in the last few episodes, only to “get better” when his friendship with Sam really started to get more serious. Knowing that Klaine is not getting back together soon (after reading this post) and Sam being more busy dating and not hanging out that much with Blaine (being superheroes), how will this leave him (Blaine)? Will we see emotional damage or a breakdown, or will Ryan Murphy and the Glee writers simply ignore this?

    • Misa L.

      Chances are they will show plenty of Blangst considering how much the season has focused on Blaine, and the show will probably try to show Blaine as the “poor victim whose awful ex is moving on” or some crap like that.

    • Vanj203

      I think it would be great to have a real story line of Blaine being treated for clinical depression. If Sam doesn’t remain a strong, steady friend to Blaine while he’s spending all his time with Brittany, Blaine could slide back into his despair of a couple episodes ago. A teen depression story would be really relevant – but it has to be done right and long term, not wrapped up in one and a half episodes.

      Meanwhile, Kurt getting into a new relationship would be great. It’s really kind of unnatural for Kurt to be working/studying in the fashion/entertainment world and not be experiencing it with new friends from those areas. He’s so joyful in being an artist that there is just no way that he would sit home by the phone instead of going out to experience the NYC scene – and find like minded friends.

    • mirna

      Not being too spoilery but Blaine’s worst days being upset over Kurt are behind him, especially after Christmas. There’s not (and I don’t think has been) any sympathy towards Blaine, but cut the guy some flack, his ex, the love of his life is going to have a new boyfriend. The first episode back after the hiatus though will really affect Blaine, and its gonna introduce crushes and romances, who they are with and whether they will be picked up we don’t know.

      What Klainers do know is that our boys are endgame, eternity, 21. So really this guy is being used to make Kurt see how much he wants Blaine.

      • KatyTrail

        This is what I don’t get. Blaine tells Sam that he realized he and Kurt were meant to be together. He goes to NY and makes heart eyes at him so you can clearly see he wants them together. And yet we come back and the first episode he’s crushing on someone else already. I’m not saying he shouldn’t move on, but it’s just so fast considering his actions in the past couple of episodes. I’m afraid he’s going to come off as someone who is always going to love the one he’s with. And who wants to be with a guy you can’t trust the minute you can’t be near them? How would you ever trust him? I have a feeling this crush of his is only going to make people hate him more. Or maybe that’s what TPTB want so fans will want to give Adam a chance. :-/

      • Marie

        I feel like realistically, Blaine would be devestated by Kurt dating someone else. However, I’m kind of over the Blaine Angst. I want him to be stronger and not do things like follow his ex to NYADA.

  • Gary65

    Question: If NYADA has a Glee Club, then why hasn’t Rachel tried out for it?

    Second Question: Are there rooms in NYADA that aren’t the dance hall, the hall adjoining it, Carmen’s office or the Round Room? Or is that it?

    • http://www.facebook.com/peggy.ruiz1 Peggy Ruiz

      I would think it’s because she needs to work on being well rounded to be on Broadway. Or the blatant fact that maybe they just don’t think that far ahead. Like… Kurt is going to get into NYADA…What can he be in to make him relevant? I know… let’s make a Glee club!

      • Gary65

        *Sigh* That’s what I thought

  • GeekGirl101

    What do you mean does Kurt deserve it? Of course he does, he deserves the chance to movie on considering he’s the victim here. Blaine can go get it on with the new Captain of the Warblers okay. There now they can both be happy.

  • Kavitha

    I really hope that this guy will be a “good” one. As in, Kurt starts a healthy relationship and ends it on a positive note. When Klaine returns (which I’m pretty sure will), it won’t be a “oh I’m going back to you now because I’m sad.” It’ll be a “wow, I developed my personality and I’ve matured so I’m ready to be with you again” type of thing.

    • JHart

      I just hope they get back together by the end of the season, because I don’t know if Glee will make it to another season. Most of this seasons shows have been terrible. The new characters are either boring or unlikable – IMO. So unless some major character growth – which never really happens on Glee – were to happen and *stick* then I think bye, bye Glee and bye bye Klaine.

  • Iman

    That rumor better not be true because Kurt can do more better then that he doesn’t even look good for Kurt sooooooo Blaine better use his awesome magic to make Kurt fall in love with him again and if he doesn’t i am going to be VERY upset if this trio with Klaine love ends oh death WILL come so Ryan Murphys Face!!!

    • Misa L.

      How are looks the only thing to judge someone by? I will agree Darren’s better to look at, but Blaine has been an awful boyfriend to Kurt. If this new guy is a much better person, than him not being as attractive as Blaine doesn’t really matter in my book.

  • thegoodshipdestiel

    I think the dissolution of Klaine is the healthiest thing for both of them at this point. I know a lot of people are obsessed with them and I respect that, but everyone doesn’t feel this way. Don’t hurt me.

    • Vanj203

      I’m totally with you on this!

  • Marie

    Is it just me, or does he look a little old to be playing Kurt’s boyfriend? No offense to the actor, but something about him gives me a vibe that he’s done some drugs and isn’t a good person. I might be proven wrong, and although I’m ok with Kurt dating other people, just looking at the actor gives me bad feelings about this guy.

    • Caroline taylor

      Its not just you, my very first thought on seeing him is that he looks way too old!

  • Smiles

    I think that Klaine should stay together! They really are perfect for each other. I think maybe this new Adam will be a turning point for Kurt and that he will realize that Blaine is still the one. Blaine really regrets what he did to Kurt, and he knows that it hurt him. I hope that the future is still positive and bright for these two. I just love them together! GO KLAINE!!

  • blondie

    So much for “I’m never saying good-bye to you” How many times did Kurt say that? And yes what Blaine did was wrong, but let’s be honest, Kurt blew him off alot after he left for NYC. Maybe Kurt shouldn’t have made such an empty promise. Blaine was the one left behind remember, so Kurt needs to put on his big boy pants and “get there” and forgive already! P.S. Kurt has been the “victim” since season one, it’s getting kinda old.

    • Misa L.

      Seriously? First of all, Kurt had not even been gone that long and he was working a job at Vogue! I can agree that maybe he shouldn’t have ignored that call when he and Rachel and Isabelle were hanging out, but when he’s at work? No, you can get fired for things like that. And really, Kurt wasn’t really in the wrong at all, Blaine was just overstating things. And if Kurt was clearly ignoring Blaine, that STILL would not excuse. The fact that Blaine blamed Kurt showed just how selfish of a person Blaine was, that he could truly own up to his mistakes. Kurt has EVERY right to get together with anyone else. His relationship with Blaine was toxic…and it wasn’t because of Kurt.

      And claiming Kurt is constantly portrayed as the victim? I can understand stating this in his own context, but you’re trying to state Blaine is portrayed as less of a victim? Big Brother? And of the episodes in this season? Blaine (like Finn and Will) is one of the characters in which “can do wrong”- as in, when they do wrong, they don’t suffer the consequences. Yes, Kurt broke up with him, but the show acts like Blaine is in the right. And so many fans agree. And I seriously don’t understand it.

      • Marie

        It’s because you can’t fight the power of Darren’s big-brown puppy dog eyes. That’s why I let him get away with it, at least.

    • mirna

      Kurt has never actually said the word goodbye to Blaine. Never, not even in that phonecall. And as a massive Blainestan I don’t think its fair to say Blaine cheating was Kurt’s fault. It was a factor, one of many but ultimately Blaine made the decision to do it with the lighthouse. Kurt has every right not to forgive him yet, but progress has been made at thanksgiving so time will tell

  • Marie

    He looks a little old for Kurt. Like, it looks creepier in my head than Pelby.

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