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The Vampire Diaries is back next week with “O Come, All Ye Faithful”! See the promo for the episode here, where Tyler shares his hybrid plan and the love triangle rages on.

What did you think of the flashback episode “We’ll Always Have Bourbon Street”? Did you enjoy seeing Lexi again and finding out more about the Salvatore brothers’ past?

Next up is the Christmas-ish episode “O Come, All Ye Faithful,” in which Tyler’s plan to set the hybrids free reaches its crescendo while Elena and Damon still struggle with the nature of their connection. See the extended promo:

The official description for “O Come, All Ye Faithful” reads:

A WINTER WONDERLAND IN MYSTIC FALLS — As a Winter Wonderland-themed party fills the streets of Mystic Falls, Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Caroline (Candice Accola) find themselves at odds with Tyler (Michael Trevino) over his plans for Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and his hybrids. When Caroline proposes a solution to their problem, Hayley (guest star Phoebe Tonkin) finds a dramatic way to make it clear that she is not on board. Later, Klaus makes a discovery that leads to chaos and violence. Meanwhile, Elena (Nina Dobrev) and Damon retreat to the Gilbert Lake House to help Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) conquer some dangerous inner demons with the help of Bonnie (Kat Graham) and Professor Shane (guest star David Alpay), who reveals a piece of ancient history that leaves them all speechless. Zach Roerig also stars.

You can also see the promotional images from the episode, which we posted some time ago.

This week, Hypable’s Vampire Hype podcast is recording Saturday morning, so be sure you get in your thoughts about “We’ll Always Have Bourbon Street” either via Twitter @VampireHype or by replying to this thread!

  • EnyaMc

    As regards to the council members who died.. Did anyone else notice that they mentioned there was 12 of them? What witch used the power from that sacrifice and for what spell? I’m assuming this means professor creepy is a witch… On a sexier note, that opening scene was by far the best in four seasons of vampire diaries ;)

    • Kristen Kranz

      Nice catch on the 12 people thing. I totally overlooked that… Should be interesting to find out what all Shane is up to (or at least a glance at it) next week.

    • Agrant26

      Is it possible that the witch who gained some power from the 12 dead council members was Bonnie. I know it’s kind of a stretch but she did say she has some more power now that Shane has been helping her. It has been a while between the house explosion and this episode though. Just a thought.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1297260009 Elise Hammond

        Maybe the power doesn’t have to go directly into Bonnie, so Shane could have captured it in some kind of object or something and is now preparing Bonnie so that she can be instilled with this new power.

      • EnyaMc

        Hmm that sounds interesting.. Maybe it’s stored power or something?

    • Karmon

      Oh so sexy. Nina and Ian’s chemistry is amazing and he looks so much hotter in love. In these two last episodes, I so see Ian as Christian Grey. The only thing that bothered me in that scene was the Blue Foundation song from Twilight: weird vampire worlds mash up.

  • Emily

    Can I just say I am SO sick of Stefan and Caroline acting like they are the most moral people that ever lived. Stefan is the RIPPER!! I don’t care if he has it together for the moment, truth is he has probably killed way more people than Damon ever has. And for Caroline, she used to be the most conniving person on the show. They both do things for their own selfish reasons and it is so annoying they act like they are just so amazing. Everyone Elena has loved and lost would still be alive if it wasn’t for STEFAN returning to Mystic Falls and thus getting word out that there was a doppelganger. Just saying.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1297260009 Elise Hammond

      I really like TVD, but it is kind of known for its lack of consistent morality. I mean, everyone has killed someone, but some deaths are seen as worse than others. I think it would help if they defined the universe and vampire morality as something more concrete and measurable. So turning your back on your family or betraying your circle of friends is wrong and any murders or crimes you commit as an act of betrayal are horrible. But killing other people without hurting anyone that your circle cares about is acceptable (I mean you are a vampire or hybrid or whatever, so even if you’re just stealing blood bags, you are probably hurting people who need transfusions). As it currently stands, you can’t really say that something Stefan did or Damon did or Klaus did was relatively wrong because this is a world where deaths are measured randomly.

    • http://twitter.com/potterfan92 Raina

      Stefan has saved Damon and Elena multiple times. Bonnie and Caroline has saved Elena multiple times . Yet they are the selfish ones? I include Bonnie because she seems to be forgotten alot.

      • Sarah

        Everyone has saved everyone multiple times. I don’t think Caroline and Stefan are selfish, but I do think Stefan is unbearably self-righteous, and I must admit I’m not liking the direction they’re taking Caroline in right now (not because of her dislike for Damon but more so her unrepentant attitude about killing someone to protect Elena and her judgmental attitude in general, especially when you can see how attracted she is to Klaus). However, although I usually can’t stand Bonnie, I’m really liking her struggle and vulnerability this season, and I’m hoping we will finally get to see a side of Bonnie that doesn’t make me wish she would just die already.

        • http://twitter.com/potterfan92 Raina

          Caroline can be attracted to Klaus but she is not in love him but for Elena to say that Damon was the only one who cares about is complete bull. What struggle and vulnerability? Bonnie’s barely has scenes on the show. She has saved her life multiple times and was never thanked. She gets treated like she doesn’t matter.

          • Sarah

            It took Elena a long time to love Damon, and that definitely seems to be the direction Caroline is headed in. Caroline and Stefan are trying to “fix” Elena. If I were her, I’d be pissed at them, too. At least Damon can accept her however she is. And don’t pretend that Bonnie hasn’t made some REALLY bad choices. I have never liked Bonnie because of her self-righteous “witches are good, vampires are bad” attitude in the first few seasons. And Elena has always thanked Bonnie. However, now watching her struggles with magic and her fear of the dark side of magic (all the while perhaps using dark magic without knowing it…) makes me like her more now. Maybe I also like her more because she’s not in the season as much. She’s also not as judgmental as she used to be.

      • Emily

        Don’t even get me started on Bonnie. The whole reason Caroline is a vampire is because of bonnie. She didn’t unspell the device for her own selfish reasons thus tyler crashing his car, caroline being in the hospital, Bonnie TOLD Damon to use his blood to heal her, then BONNIE told Katherine where caroline was and bam. Carolnie is a vampire. I am not saying that Damon and Elena are perfect morally, but neither are stefan and carolone and they should stop acting like it.

  • Agrant26

    I loved the last episode. I am really liking how they are tying the whole story together now with the whole 12 people who died, the sire bond complication, Bonnie’s new “powers”, Professor Shane and the hybrids. I think it will be really cool when all the pieces fall together. I am not sure how Jeremy is going to fit into all of this but I guess we will find out more about him next week. I was really excited to see Lexi in this episode but to be honest I now see why it was so easy for Damon to kill her back in season one. They really didn’t get along. In my opinion I don’t think it matters what couple you ship, either way you felt a little sympathy for Damon this episode. He really has had a hard time with his brother and he has a lot more to his back story than we thought. As last season was a dive into Stefan’s past, I think this season will be a dive into Damon’s. What was he doing while Stefan was off being The Ripper? I can’t wait for more Salvatore brother moments to come. They are my favorite.
    P.S. Stefan’s slightly snarky/sassy/sarcastic comments made me laugh.

  • http://twitter.com/potterfan92 Raina

    To me the writers are kind of reaching so far this season. Some people are acting so out of character. The flashback didn’t really serve any purpose ( like the 1912 one). I use to like Damon but ever since last season he seems like a love sick puppy. His character development has been up and down for me.

    • Sam

      Are you serious? Damon’s character has been the one that has evolved the most since the beginning of the show… He doesn’t look like he is a love sick puppy, he looks like a man that is really in love…there is a huge difference. And why do you think the writers are reaching so far? Maybe because Elena is not the mopey, self-righteous bore she used to be? If that is what you calling being “out of character”, that is a welcomed development. It is refreshing to see Elena stand up for herself and taking NO crap from anybody…the last episode where she called Caroline out about her sleeping with Damon very quickly after she met was fabulous! Of course judgy Judy a.k.a. Caroline, came back with that load of crap about her not knowing who he was…no matter girl! You slept with him right away! Hypocrite…Caroline and Stefan are the most hypocrite characters in this show and I dislike them because of that…arrggg

  • Sarah

    I’m much more interested in Damon’s backstory than Stefan’s. I want to know what kind of person Damon was before he was turned. I know we got a little bit from when he and Stefan were “dating” Katherine and when Damon wanted to die instead of turn, but I want to see more of Damon’s personality before Katherine came into his life. I think it could really shed some light on Damon’s character as a whole and help us understand who he was instead of just who he has become.

  • WhatTheGrace

    I’m actually quite sick of Damon and Elena! All they do is have sex. At least Elena and Stefan did normal things.

    • http://benchpressabear.tumblr.com Joan

      lol They show just made this happen after 3 seasons and has alluded to sex for about 45 seconds of 2 episodes. That’s not a lot of anything.

    • Diana

      Well, isn’t that what people do when they are in love? Physical love is a crucial element in a relationship, and passion must be present between two people to make it work…I think you are so used to Stefan/Elena passionless, boring, dry relationship that seeing her having sex two times with Damon seems excessive…c’mon! How can you say that Damon/Elena don’t do normal things together? That’s all that have done for 3 seasons!!!

  • WhatTheGrace

    They used a Twilight song (from the first movie) on the show… that is like forbidden. lol

  • DimanaMav

    The whole thing with the 12 people sacrifice is really interesting. The 12 unsired hybrids that we have now and the fact that there were 12 council members and also that thing professor Shane said to Hailey (that she can see her dead parents again) is really making me wonder… It’s all connected! Now I get why the crazy pastor blew the council up since he knew Shane. What if creepy professor has a way of bringing dead people back to life. And if he is Silas (the one that he talked about during the school exhibit) it would all make sense. Through the sacrifices he would be able to channel his old power again i guess. And may be bring the woman he wanted to give immortality to back to life? I just don’t get why the hybrids have to be unsired to be useful, if he’s going to kill them. Is there gonna be a ghost army or something, now that would be weird… Ahh, it’s so twisted and confusing, but that’s why i like it.

  • Paula

    First of all. Caroline has every reason to mistrust, even despise Damon. He manipulated and used her, raped and drained her. There’s no “getting over” that. Stefan on the other hand is her friend and mentor, of course she supports him, and since she cares for Elena, she only wants the best for her, ergo…Stefan. I like that Julie Plec is offering all the supporting roles more screen time. Tyler, and consorts, deserve that. They deserve their own character arc, and I’m especially pleased with Ty’s development. He will have an amazing crescendo this season, I’m sure. As for Klaus and Caroline – Their love story is very refreshing and I hope we wont have to wait another 2 seasons to see it happen. Yet I fear that Julie wont give us all too much of Delena or Klaroline – it’s perfectly clear which couples she see’s as epic and which ones she does not.

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