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The Vampire Diaries fandom is split right now, most of them upset (but for different reasons). Julie Plec clears up some issues concerning Elena and Damon’s [spoiler].

Zap2It caught up with the showrunner, who is sure to have been bombarded on Twitter following last night’s surprising revelation that Elena has been sired to Damon.

Chiefly amongst fans’ concerns is whether or not Elena is really attracted to Damon, or if it’s the sire bond which made her sleep with him.

Plec responds to this issue, and has some reassuring words for Delena fans. “There is more hope than ever for them,” she says. “It’s just combined with a lot of very deep questions. Damon is a character who, his whole life — as a vampire and as a human — was looking for love and acceptance, and for someone to finally say, “Hey, you’re good enough.” He finally gets that from Elena, and now he has to question it.”

But as she says, Damon wants to believe that his connection with Elena is real. And as for Elena, “she truly believes it’s real,” Plec says. “But there’s that nagging doubt, as to how much of it is true love and how much is the effects of a sire bond. It’s a question that’s going to take these two people who do care about each other so deeply, and just put the tiniest bit of an obstacle in their path. They have to figure out how to get around it.”

Plec also confirms that Stefan is, “clearly emotionally driven by a desire to ‘fix her.’” But, “to Stefan’s credit, he might be right. He might actually be right, that this is not who she is and this is not who she’s supposed to be.”

Previewing next week’s flashback episode “We’ll Always Have Bourbon Street,” Plec reveals that, “It’s a nice window into Damon and who he was then, and who he wanted to be, especially in relationship to his brother.” It’ll give us a glimpse of how he tried to do right by Stefan in the past, and how he’ll try to do right by him now.

What do you think about the fact that Elena is sired to Damon? Is this why she’s been experiencing romantic feelings for him, or would those have come regardless?

  • Everllark2192

    I think that no matter the sire bond or not Elena still has feelings for Damon and That may not necessarily have been the reason why she slept with him ,He didn’t say Elena sleep with me or kiss me and if you think back to episode 4 of this season. He told Elena to kill that girl and she didn’t ,so I think she has some control over there bond, I mean there should be a way to break it like Tyler broke his with Klaus.

  • Amber

    As a big Delena fan, let me say I was ticked last night with the twist. Damon always seems to get the short end of the stick. When he finally seemed to be getting what he truly wanted with Elena, we find out it might not be “real” but the bond. I know Elena does love him, since she did have those feelings before she was turned, but I hope this revelation doesn’t chase her away from him, once she finds out about it.

    • TVDjunkie

      I would like to see an episode or two where there’s a way for Elena to “break” the sire bond (if there is indeed one), and still returns to Damon.

  • Silvia

    I think Elena was experiencing romantic feelings for Damon before, but they indeed got heightened when she became a vampire. If perhaps a little bit out of proportion due to the sire bond. But I feel they [Jeremy, Caroline & Stefan] were pushing her towards Damon too, even if there wasn’t a sire bond. It would’ve happened anyway.

  • TVD

    No matter what, Elena still has feelings for Damon. Btw, this is coming from a Stelena fan, so I’m not gonna be biased. I think that the sire definitely does have an effect on the decisions she’s making when it comes to what Damon is saying. But I think most of what she’s feeling for Damon is real. However, if Damon keeps taking advantage of this, which I don’t really think he is purposely, Elena will definitely be mad at him (if she ever becomes human again, but if she stays a vampire she’ll never really know because she won’t listen to anyone but damon.) I mean, when he said things like “If I’m not worried, you shouldn’t be worried, let it go.” and Elena listened to him..it seems like he took advantage of it there. So if Elena ever becomes human again and finds out about Damon taking advantage of her in anyway, I definitely think that would push her away from him.

    • Cheyenne L

      I don’t really think Damon can take advantage of something he has no idea about. When he said “If I’m not worried, you shouldn’t be worried” he was just saying something that he always says, he didn’t want Elaine going out looking for her brother when he was in full fledged hunter mode, he knew that he would kill her.

      That’s not taking advantage of anything, that’s looking out for her well being. He didn’t at the time know that she would follow nearly he’s every instruction almost unconditionally.

    • Andie

      Yeah, at this point Damon has no idea that she’s sired to him. I’ve heard that in the next episode Damon has to make a “heartbreaking decision” and I’m pretty sure it’s going to be that he will tell Elena about the bond to be fair to her. Damon has transformed into a wonderful person (vampire, whatever haha) and everything he does is for Elena’s benefit. Time and time again, he has proven himself to be the most selfless character on the show and it’s heartbreaking that so few of the other characters on the show have realized that

      • blah

        I really don’t think he’s the most selfless. He’s only selfless when it comes to Elena – and that’s kind of being selfish because he’s crazy about her. He doesn’t really care about anyone else. Except Stefan a little.

  • Anony2

    I hated how they juxtaposed the Delena event with Caroline’s ramblings. Whatever may be the outcome, that way of putting it just makes me feel disgusted and cheated. Here are the two of them (D/E) waltzing and suddenly just as Stephan concludes “sire bond”.. the background score turns all dark and sinister. The episode was great for the Caroline-Klaus bits (enjoyed the ‘Falling Slowly’ playing in the background–perfect!) and the Shane-Haley mystery bit… But the last two minutes just ruined it for me.

    And the ‘sire bond’ could perhaps explain Elena’s change of perspective and feelings etc. but how do you explain the change in Stephan? There he was worrying all about ‘collateral damage’ in previous seasons and respecting Elena’s choices etc (so much as to let her die) and now that he is no longer her choice, he suddenly does not like ‘who she has become’ and is even willing to turn Jeremy into a psychopath hunter so long as Elena gets the cure (which Elena did not even particularly want!)- could he not have predicted that Elena would not appreciate THAT collateral damage?…

    • http://twitter.com/AntaraC Antara Chowdhury

      Up until this episode, Elena has clearly expressed that she hates being a vampire. It wasn’t that Stefan didn’t like who she’s become, it’s that he knows how horrible it is for her to drink from humans because she feels guilty about it. Elena has been suffering and struggling to adapt. Maybe Stefan has his own motivations for trying to find the cure, but it’s something Elena wanted as well. This episode was the first time where Elena accepted her vampirism – that’s what I got from her saying “This is who I am now.” She doesn’t want to be a human if it means turning her brother into a hunter. But there’s nothing previous to this which would suggest that Elena “did not even particularly want” the cure, when in fact, she did want it.

      • http://benchpressabear.tumblr.com Joan

        “She doesn’t want to be a human if it means turning her brother into a hunter.But there’s nothing previous to this which would suggest that Elena “did not even particularly want” the cure, when in fact, she did want it.” I would argue that, deep down, Stefan knew that Elena would never put herself before her brother. Even Damon knew that… In any other situation, Stefan would have been the first to consider it. I think he was blinded by his desire to make Elena human again….for whatever reasons…selfish or not.

        • Delena4vr

          Stefan is always falsely portrayed as the one who cares for elena and the ones she loves but he purposely put jeremy (elena’s most beloved brother) in danger and made him a hunter just so elena wud become human and love him again…. damon was looking for another hunter because he knew elena would never be able to accept her brother becoming a hunter and truly cares for her.. he shows this again and again and even shows brotherly love… i mean when it was time to kill bonnie’s mother.. stefan lost the coin toss meaning he had to kill her but in the nick of time damon did it because he knew elena would hate him forever… that is wat a true brother would do STEFAN…. DON’T BE SOOO SELFISH!!

          • jess

            wow..did you really just call stefan selfish? damon is horrible. he slept with his brother’s ex a day after they broke up! how effed up is that? did he have any consideration for stefan? no! when stefan left the house when elena decided to move in, it was heartbreaking. and also, stefan left with klaus to save damon’s life! he knew that by leaving it would give damon a chance to get at elena, but he still did it for his brother because he loves him. and how does damon repay him? so i would say damon..don’t be so selfish!

          • AJ

            I’m sorry, how was he lacking consideration for Stefan when he argued for Stefan and Elena’s relationship to Elena in 4×05 and 4×06 and tried to get her to forgive him? Or how he offered to take Stefan’s mind of Elena earlier in the episode? Stefan knew what was happening, it wasn’t secretive or hidden from him and he could have taken up Damon’s offer to get away from it all, but he chose not to.
            And seriously, Stefan left with Klaus to save Damon’s life. No duh, but both Salvatores have repeatedly put their lives and happiness in danger to save the others. For Damon to Stefan, look at 1×17 and 3×15. So why does that mean that Damon has to give up his chances of happiness for Stefan “I have the one thing you’ll never have, her respect” Salvatore? And Stefan could have easily returned and resumed his relationship post-3×09 but chose not to, chose to prioritize revenge over Jeremy (3×10), Elena (3×11) and Damon(3×18.) The only reason Stefan lost his relationship with Elena was because of his choices post-Klaus compulsion as he says in 3×18 and 4×06 to Elena.
            Stefan is acting selfishly since he’s literally driving Elena’s brother crazy for his own reasons because he needs to “fix” her. There’s no way Stefan didn’t know she’d disapprove of that.

          • DUNDUHDUHHHH

            Wow, you’re good! You practically just wrote a short essay what with your general statements, explanations and proof. I’m impressed.
            Happy that there are so many Delena fans. <3

          • sarah

            i kind of agree with jess, which sucks cause i am a delena lover. yeah stefan was selfish in this episode, but when did he ever say “i am the wholly one, and always does the right thing?” i remember he told elena “you are better than him (damon), you are better than both of us.” so he obviously doesnt believe that he is “good” one, that is just how he is portrayed by others and by us. i didnt like how they rushed the making love scene between damon and elena, it felt wrong and i wished to have seen their relationship grow and blossom the way stefan and elena’s did. it felt like they were just rushing to get those two together so they can break them up :/

          • http://twitter.com/startafrenzy K

            Episode – Miss Mystic Falls – ‘I don’t do that. I’m the good brother.’ He compares himself as a person to who he think Damon is as a person and most of the time that leads to him claiming he’s better than Damon. He also said his caring about people was magnified when he became a vampire as if that’s all that defines him.

          • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jenay-Carriere/100002958378724 Jenay Carriere

            Everyone seems so intent to put this whole breakup which was mutual between Stefan and Elena and them sleeping together on Damon.Damon did not invite Elena over and he didn’t tell Elena to sleep with him or breakup with Stefan.He didn’t kick Stefan out and if you had actually saw the expression on Damon’s face when Stefan said he would crash somewhere else.Damon felt bad that Stefan was leaving and Elena should have went to Ric’s and called Damon to come over.Damon tried to keep them together by explaining what was going on to Elena.It was Elena’s choice put the blame where it belongs and not on Damon every time.

          • jess

            i never said it was all on damon -___- i was saying that people who call stefan selfish are crazy if they dont see what damon has done. and let’s get something straight..feeling bad about something and NOT doing it are two totally different things. damon told elena that he would say that he’s sorry that her and stefan broke up..but he’s not. so the “expression” on damon’s face was pure guilt because deep down, whether you’re a delena or stelena fan, you know that the sex scene was wrong and rushed. and i agree, elena is to blame, if not more than damon. the only reason why i was focusing on him, was because i was replying to a previous comment asking why stefan is so selfish.

          • TeamDumpElena

            Elena a whore you don’t sleep with brothers.. I feel like the sex was adding insult to injury.. They should have have Elena and Damon time and personally Damon seems too sneaky to me and Elena too dumb to see that.. I’m hating how this show is turning out..

          • Montez

            well , if Stefan wasn’t so “driven” by finding a cure and didn’t decide to crash at Carolines house. It wouldn’t have happened. But, Damon has always been there for her “sired” or not. Damon deserves Elena not Stefan. Stefan may have had some moments but, Damon takes the cake. and anyway before she became a vampire she had feelings for Damon anyway. So, regardless Delena will prevail.

          • jess

            wow..i dont even know where to start. are you suggesting that stefan should have stayed in that house knowing that his brother and ex have feelings for each other? awkward. and if he did, you can bet that there would be TONS of people stating “wow stefan ruined everything, why didnt he just leave?” blah blah. you think he wanted to leave them two alone? i know she had feelings for damon, but if the producers took their love seriously then why are they rushing things? i appreciate your opinion and see your point, i guess only time will tell.

          • TeamDumpElena

            I agree no real brother or ex-girl for that matter sleep with each other.. She’s a whore for sleeping with Damon and she has no heart.

          • Chloe

            Have you forgotten the time Damon SNAPPED JEREMY’S NECK

          • AJ

            Have you forgotten that was over a year ago in the show’s timeline and he’s fine and human and Damon has since received considerable character development but that Stefan turned him into a crazy hunter hellbent on killing his last relative last episode. And that’s actually hurting him right now, a conscious, carefully planned decision done made by Stefan who after having dated his sister for so long should know better.

            So yeah, let’s bring up something that’s happened, been forgiven for and is now completely irrelevant since Damon’s character has changed so much that he’s now protecting Jeremy from Stefan to make Damon look bad. It’s not like Stefan’s done horrendous acts like 3×11 or massacring an entire village in one night of his own choice.

          • No2Delena

            Wow so I guess snapping your brothers neck should be forgotten bc it happened a year ago i mean come on just face it, Damon didnt care bout elena until he realized katherine didnt want him. Stefen didnt want katherine and wanted elena before he even knew her. Just face it Delena fans Damon said several times to stefen I hope elena dies or I will drain elena completely i mean i dont think someone who truly loves someone would say that. It is SICK that damon would end up with elena, yes he is very HOT and a bad boy but you cant turn a bad boy good and the show should keep Damon the way he is, a loose canon, and unpredictable bc that was fun to watch but now hes turning into a good person i mean come on thats more boring that what you Delena fans say about stefen being boring.

          • kristy

            TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU. it’s hard to support damon when the first couple seasons we get to see a beautiful love story between elena and stefan, and in the background damon lurking.-___- stefan and elena’s story demonstrates how strong of a bond TRUE love can be, while if damon is with elena, the moral of the story is: home wreck, and you’ll get the girl. sure you’ll lose your brother and feel guilty for the rest of your life, but you get the girl.

          • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003057566272 Hathor Sakhmet

            Damon said those things to get responses/reactions out of Stefan and if you had observed, Damon never showed signs of actually wanting to hurt Elena. Damon changing is boring????? There’s always room for change, which Elena was that change for Damon & that should not be overlooked by continuing to place Stefan upon a pedestal, which he does not deserve that. Damon is real & true about who he is and Elena has accepted that in him, so again move on from the Damon hate. Ripper Stefan was no walk in the park either and no he was not this way only because of Klaus. That was his personality back in 1864 & 1920 if you haven’t noticed. Both has done things out of character, so let’s be True about each brothers personalities!

          • amanda

            how can you just gloss over that damon did that, whether it’s been a while or not because jeremy obviously has forgotten. and forgiven by who? that’s right just elena. no one is saying that stefan is wrong for what he did to jeremy, but dont act like damon’s mistakes are fine while stefan’s are unforgivable.

          • Rachel

            Have you forgotten the Elena would be dead if Damon wouldn’t have saved her?

          • Stelena88

            Damon would be dead too if Stefan didn’t give up everything to go w/ Klaus. He needs to show some respect and not sleep w/ Stefan’s ex-girlfriend one day after they broke up.

          • TVDjunkie

            As my husband so often points out when I’m watching TVD, each of the three of them would be dead a hundred times over if it weren’t for the other 2 doing something to save the one in peril. So as far as the score goes, I’d say that Stefan and Damon are even. As far as Damon sleeping with Elena one day after they broke up, remember that it does take 2 to tango. Elena didn’t seem to be putting up much of a fight from what I can see.

          • Mariel Marie

            Stefan did not hold back from flaunting off his relationship with Elena as soon as they got back together. He was always winning her, Damon finally was given a chance… of course he was going to. He wasn’t going to say, “Elena, no stop that, we can’t do this,” he had been waiting for a long time for it. He had to watch Stefan and her be together, and still stayed and helped instead of making things worst and being a jerk about things like Stefan has. He has been acting like a bratty five year old, any liking or respect I had for him is gone, he is more irritating then ever.

          • amanda

            of course he would flaunt it, she was his first true love! totally different story if elena was with damon first. and you’re right why would damon say “Elena, no stop that, we can’t do this,” i mean stefan is ONLY his brother, no big deal. this is nothing against damon’s character because i like how he has progressed into a better person, but he shouldnt have even been “waiting” for elena in the first place, elena loved stefan and stefan loved elena, damon should have just found someone else instead of always being there, purposely or not, to interfere. your comment was a little ridiculous i have to stay. stefan and elena were together first, so of course damon had to suck it up, as a brother, heck even as a friend, you know better than to do things like that. if damon was with elena first, i would hate it if stefan was there in the corner of the picture. the story began with them for a reason, and i think it will end with them. theyve had so much happen to them, that it would be awful to end it like this.

          • jennifer

            finally someone who makes sense.

          • No2Elena

            and Elena would be dead like 10 times if it wasnt for stefen so that arguement is worthless.

          • TeamDumpElena

            the show should get rid of her then all the decit will end..

          • DUNDUNDUHHH

            So all vampires get a little angry sometimes loll
            Also, he knew that Jeremy has a ring on so I don’t think we need to overreact about that :/

          • Stelena88

            Damon did not know Jeremy had his ring on when he snapped his neck. He admitted to Elena he didn’t know he had it on.

          • No2Delena

            No, you could clearly see his face that he GOT LUCKY that jer had his ring on. The way they made me look you could tell he wasnt sure

          • sarah

            actually he didnt :/ if you go back and watch that episode elena asked him about it and he said he didnt, but he’s so glad that jeremy did or else he wouldnt know what to do.

          • http://www.facebook.com/landes.rivera Landes Rivera

            actually he didn’t know Jeremy had a ring on

          • Monna

            Okay, yeah he did. But, that didn’t drive him to try and kill his sister. Stefan did. So your argument is invalid.

          • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003057566272 Hathor Sakhmet

            Have you forgotten the time Stefan killed Andy? Both Andy & Jeremy are classified as human & Jeremy is alive, Andy isn’t. The Jeremy thing is old news now. Even Jeremy forgave Damon, so move on please. It’s obvious Jeremy doesn’t hate Damon or he would have been able to kill him in 04×12′s episode.

          • Ann

            DErs are clearly WACKED in the head.

            1. Stefan is only doing this to help elena find the cure because he knows she dreaded becoming a vampire and now that it’s done her compassion is heightened so it will figuratively kill her to harm innocent souls. Besides Stefan had no idea it would harm Jeremy, if he did, he wouldve NEVER pushed him, as he has a clean record of caring for and saving elena’s loved ones, unlike Mr. rolling eyeballs.(ie Damon)…Caroline, Bonnie, Jenna and yes, Jeremy by going into that tomb to save him. Need I go on?

            2. Brotherly love?? Boy, you got some nerve bringing that puppy up, cause that aint a point in Damon’s favour. Damon not only declared an eternity of misery to his brother, he also said he hated him cause Katherine had turned Stefan too..(SELFISH). Stefan on the other hand, has made it clear he “needs his brother”, he’s sorry for making him turn, UM HE WENT WITH KLAUS TO SAVE HIS SELFISH BROTHERS ASS, “damon I want you to know that….(I love you)”…I hope someday you are able to distinguish what is selfish and what is selfless, although given that you support delena I can see how that can be hard for you, as you are picking a SELFISH, manipulative, controlling, abusive person over a noble, selfless and caring one.

      • http://www.facebook.com/alexandra.vonreinhaart Alex Von Reinhaart

        I totally agree!
        I ship Stelena forever, and it is not that I don’t want Delena to have something between them, just that when Stefan came and saved her from her brother there was this ‘connection’ between them that they have always had, since forever.. and it made me sink deeper into the fact that I want Stelena so much!! Stefan only wanted and wants what is the best for Elena, and that cure is best and she is his world and he would go through anybody to save her, I think, THINK, that the sire bond may or may not be the answer to Delena’s fling.. but I do know that Damon, is gonna make the best out of what he has, and while he has it, know matter what. <3 Love TVD <3

        • Monna

          But to kill her brother humanity in the process will hurt Elena even more. No cure is worth a person’s humanity.

        • jennifer

          yessss <333

    • Liliana Saquicela

      THANK YOU!!!

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003288964118 Noma Slo-Wizzy Djp

      there is what we call being in denial. just because stefan was ok with respecting elena’s choices does not mean that he felt a loss. if he had known that elena was going to die, i have a feeling he would have done something. the fact that he is trying to change elena is just a reminder that deep inside, he was not entirely happy that he pleased elena by respecting her choices. he deels like changing him will compensate for the past. i do not find anything wrong with that part.


        He realized she was going to die but he did as she said anyways when he saved Matt first. Even though he did that, Damon still didn’t have a spazz attack and try to kill his brother.
        At the beginning of the show, I didn’t like Damon and I thought that Stefan was the better one. Now, I see the changes that have happened to Stefan and Damon. Stefan is so much more controlling and annoying now. He’s self righteous and always does what will make him look best to Elena. Damon does what he thinks is best and has begun thinking about what Elena wants. He is so much better. Also, if Damon had done that to Jeremy, I think we’d see how much worse blame Damon would get, especially from Elena

        • Stelena88

          Damon is way more controlling than Stefan is. He loves Elena so much and knows she doesn’t want to be the person she is, she even said she doesn’t like who she is now.

          • joe

            i agree with you. if it was up to damon, elena would never get to leave her house. smh

    • Delena4vr

      soooo true… i mean why can’t they just give damon and elena a chance.. i mean stefan had 3 seasons worth to have elena but damon seriously deserves it… damon always said that he loved elena but knows that not he but his brother stefan truly deserves her… we’ve seen damon’s character change from edgy/dangerous to passionate, caring and still a little dangerous.. but stefan has also changed from sweet and caring to just pathetic in trying to “fix” elena because he can’t accept that someoen chose damon over him… i think his ego got hurt… i mean katherine chose stefan and broke damon’s heart when damon truly loved her and that is all he cared for.. but now that elena rejected him he can’t accept that…. i mean come on….. and can we please not make damon and elena just sex stuff i mean there needs to be cute stuff and passionate stuff.. before we’ve seen damon have sex with so many people but this time it has to be different and it has to be shown that damon truly does love her…. and also i think elena is getting damon tooo easily… i mean he got hurt so many times… i think elena needs to earn damon’s love because to get someone who loves u no matter what u are (human or vampire) is definitely fortunate…. but seriously come on…they better clear it up on the next episode that elena is not sired to damon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and also…in the episode caroline said that “DAMON IS NEVER RIGHT ABOUT ANYTHING!” so seriously in this episode when damon says that “stefan will be wrong about the sire bond” can he please be right for once Julie Plec…. stefan is always proven right so can’t just ONCE in his life damon be the right one and not have his heart broken again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i want to see one episode where stefan is left speechless as he is proven WRONG AND DAMON PROVEN RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!! ALL DELENA FANS DESERVE THAT AND MORE DELENA TRUE LOVE…. NOT SIRE NONESENSE!!!!!!!!!!!1

      • TVDjunkie

        I also thought that Damon should have made it more difficult for Elena to jump to him so soon, but he has loved her for so long, you can’t really blame him. I am interested in what “the morning after” will bring…I would like to see some discussion between them about HER feelings. Damon’s have been laid out there for her to know for some time.

    • Lana

      I know exactly what you mean…as much as I loved watching Damon and Elena together, the scene was terribly done… That back in forth between them and Stefan and Caroline’s ramb (I hated her in this episode with a passion) was in such bad taste and completely unnecessary. The sire bond a

    • Chelsey

      I completely agree with you, this show is really starting to tick me off!

    • DamonSalvatore=PureAwesomeness

      You totally just described exactly how i felt as i was watching this episode. The Delena moment that we have been waiting for since Damon told Elena that he loves her and it gets ruined by none other than Stefan. Could we Delena fans not have just one episode of bliss before our hopes were tossed aside again? Cheated only begins to decribe how i feel right now.

    • anya

      ikr! it took away from their love scene to hear Caroline and Stefan rambling like that! :(
      And EVERYONE was aware that Elena had feelings for DAmon before she even turned!!

      • leela

        her feelings for him are legit! but the sire bond explains why everything is moving sooooooooooooooooo fast. as a human, elena was filled with compassionate. this….isnt like her, stefan is right. i wished they didnt make them get into bed so fast, makes it feel more like a fling than an actual love story and makes me believe that the end game will be her and stefan.

  • http://travelsofmarc.com/ Marc Perrot

    I was so happy when this happened last night, I feel like I’ve been waiting for years to finally see Elena and Damon together. I wasn’t, however, very pleased with the whole “sire bond” situation. I feel like it will just be used to get Elena to question it and get away from Damon and be unsure about her feelings again. Is it so hard to imagine for the show’s creators that maybe Elena and Damon are better than Elena and Stefan?

  • ryan

    Both Stefan and Damon should dump her. Sexing two brothers…REALLY!

  • RedLuna

    I HATE the twist. I think it’s complete bs. Sired? Really? Hate it. I think it’s poorly written. Elena clearly had feelings for him before the sire bond. Elena and Stefan do not cut it. They aren’t good together in the show. It’s boring. Elena and Damon are amazing together on screen.

    • Liliana Saquicela

      Exactlty!!!!…Remember that awesome kiss at the motel?!?….that was before she became a vampire, so it’s always been there. She ws just being loyal to Stefan adn didn’t want to hurt him since obviously knows he’s unstable “Ripper” and could have probably snapped if she broke up with him….Now that she is a vamp she doesn’t ahve those types of restraints….the sire bond i think just helped her out, truly let her be herself and jsut magnified what she wants with Damon!!….OMG!!!She lost her V-card t Damon!!!HOTTTT!!! (cause she did, right?…i didn’t miss something?)

      • wonderwall0001

        No, Elena lost her virginity to Matt. She slept with Stefan while they were together, too.

        But argh I wish things had turned out differently. This sire-bond thing is a load of garbage. If the show keeps going like this I’m really just gonna stop watching.

      • alyssavansyock

        She lost her Vampire V-Card to Damon :)

        • http://www.facebook.com/Liliana.Sa Liliana Sa


  • Liliana Saquicela

    I was really bummed about that damn twist!!!!…and dont’ get me started on Caroline!!!!….man i forgot how whiney she can get!!!!…I personally think her negative feelings towards Damon stem from when she was with him…..I don’t think Elena just hooked up witj Damon b/c of the sire bond, it probably just intensified what she was ALREADY feeling……Stefan acted like a complete ASS most of this episode….Why can’t he be happy for DAmon in the beginning? Damon has been rejected so many times by Elena and has, in my opinion, acted like such a whiney baby as Stefan did. For beign the “good” brother he sure acts like a jerk when he doesn’t get his way!!!….And what the hell!!!….he can’t accept Elena for what she is now?!?…If he trully loves her he would love all of her or at least try, and not ry to “FIX” her….
    Overall i don’t think Stefan is even good enough for her….he isn’t even really a stable vampire (person…LOL) with all that Ripper sh***!…at least Damon knows when he is doing something wrong and doesn’t try to hide behind it like Stefan….Oh, pooor Stafan, he can’t cope, NOT!!!BULL!!!

    ****sorry for ranting!!!

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jenay-Carriere/100002958378724 Jenay Carriere

      I’m a Damon Fan all the way and even I can admit that Stefan has the right to be an ass but he should have left Jeremy out of it.I would not be happy if I were in this situation and my sister is with my ex.However he should accept that Elena is changing and not because of some SB,BS because this has been slowly simmering for 2.5 seasons and he already knew she had those feelings.I’m not going to go into a huge post about “the choice” because that one still pisses me off.

    • Caro

      In regards to Caroline, In my opinion she was mostly being so dismissive of Damon because the situation with Elena is reminiscent of feelings she’s having for Klaus. At one point she tells Stefan “She [Elena] must be crazy”, but the look in her eyes and the way she says see makes it pretty clear she’s talking about/doubting herself and her budding feelings for Klaus over Tyler

  • Liliana Saquicela

    This is just an excuse for CAroline and Stefan to why Elena is with Stefan now…..haaaa he is probably pissed Damon was her first!!!….(this is gonna sound bad, but i AM team DAMON….You snooze you loose!!!)

    • Cheyenne L

      You do realize that she lost her V-card to Matt, when she was human and still with him.

      • AJ

        I feel like some people don’t get the reference so I’ll explain. Leading up to the “hot vamp sex” Elena was going to have, it was repeatedly describedby Plec and co. to be like losing your virginity all over again. Because being a vampire made everything feel like the first time. Since Stelena didn’t have sex since she turned (they were cockblocked every time by vomit, Damon, hallucinations, ect.) it’s like Elena just lost her virginity to Damon. No, this wasn’t the first time she had sex but yes it felt like it to Elena according to Plec.

  • http://benchpressabear.tumblr.com Joan

    Must Damon always be the tragic “villain”?! Give the vampire a break, Plec!

    • mel

      i heard he’s going to go back to being the badass damon that i, and i know many others love.

  • Sarah

    This may come off as a little nitpicky, but Plec’s statement that Stefan “might actually be right, that this is not who she is and this is not who she’s supposed to be” really annoyed me. What do you mean, maybe she is not who she is supposed to be? A person may change, but they can never not be who they are supposed to be. Fate or destiny does not define who we are; WE define who we are. Elena needs to quit whining about the person she is becoming and take control of herself and her life instead. But of course, if she cannot do that, then she deserves Stefan, because he is exactly the same way.

  • mtlss

    So how on earth does one break a vampire sire bond?

    • Cheyenne L

      They may not need to. If they both come to realize they Elaine is sired to Damon, they could work around it.

  • Kelly

    Based on next weeks preview, damon does not believe that Elena is sired to him which means that he NEVER took advantage of her. The producers really screwed up this episode. First of all, Stephan is not the greatest guy that they’re trying to portray him as. He talks about Damon’s complete disregard for humanity, however did he forget that he was once the ripper and cared little about all the lives that he took. Damon has never denied who he is, but has shown more growth in the last three seasons than Stephan. Damon deserves to be with Elena. She said it right when she told him that she was not willing to get her humanity back if it meant stripping Jeremy of his. If Stephan wants to be with Elena he needs to love her whether she is a vampire or human; we know damon does.

  • http://twitter.com/NatashaPeartree Natasha Pereira

    I don’t get what everyone is freaking out about. The sire bond just intensified the feelings that were already there. How many times was it mentioned in last night’s ep that ever since she turned, Elena’s feelings intensified. Elena wanted to be with Stefan and chose to be with him over Damon, despite her feelings for him. Because the sire bond intensified those feelings, she can’t ignore them and choose Stefan over them anymore. I think it’s really more about her choices and control than feelings. I really liked the twist and makes total sense to me :).

  • stammer99

    question… i thought a sire bond was the result of being grateful? like werewolves being grateful to klaus for the ability to control their transformations as hybrids? so how or why exactly is elena grateful to damon for turning her? or is there anoth aspect to a sire bod besides gratefulness?

    • Cheyenne L

      It’s true that the sire bond between Klaus and his hybrids are based off of them being grateful turds him. But I don’t think that’s the case for all sire bonds. Elaine loved Damon from the beginning weather she wanted to admit it or not. I believe that their sire bond may have manifested due to those already existing feelings.
      The reasoning for a sire bond that would make the most sense in my opinion is that there must be some kind of intense positive feelings turds the person.

    • Ellen

      I think I read something about the gratefulness coming from becoming unbreakable as a vampire or something like that

  • AlaniSalvatore

    Damon clearly cares about her and has even before she was accused of being “sired” to him which is total bs. He said he loved her before and now she realizes her true emotions elena has finally given damon a chance! I hate all this Drama I want damon and elena togetherr ARRG

  • Aubrey

    please please let damon and elena be together he loves her no matter if shes a vampire or if she human but stephan will only love her if shes human, but when they first met he compelled her and he told her that she wants a love that consumes her and in season 3 when she was talkin to jeremy thats what she said about damon! so let them be together damon cherishes her stephan seems to only want her cause damon does

    • dRuMgG

      exactly! even before this sire bond thing came into effect, damon had already said that he didnt care if she was a vampire or not! AND they keep saying that elena does different things because damon tells her to do them. did anyone think that damon did NOT tell her to choose him. in fact, when he was talking to alaric’s grave, it was almost like he had accepted it. and he did NOT tell her to sleep with him!

  • http://twitter.com/potterfan92 Raina

    Yes the sire bond does seems like a big stretch to elongate this love triangle but I’m going to roll with it or a moment. Towards the end of of season 2 Elena told Stefan that she didn’t want to be a vampire. Now in season 4 her transition has been a traumatizing experience. Now all of the sudden she is ok with being a vampire. I mean I know that down the road she would be ok with it but it did seem fast that Elena accepted it in this episode. Of course she has feelings for Damon but at the end of the day she chose Stefan. Don’t get wrong I like Delena’s chemistry but I really don’t see them in an actual relationship.

  • ale

    I’m still confused to whether elena is sired to damon or not regardless elena was always attracted to damon from the start. i dont believe that elena is sired due to the fact that she hasnt done everything damon has asked of her for example when they were in the bridge he told her to leave but she didnt and then when he told her to feed on the human girl she didnt and if she is sired to him i hope her feelings dont change for damon delena forever :)

    • Lana

      Great examples of this flawed storyline…Elena has NOT shown to be sired to Damon. Her actions, as you pointed out, do not reflect a sire bond. Another one was during the Mystic Grill hostage situation, he told her NOT to go and she didn’t “obeyed” him for she replied, “I am going – my brother is in there” or something along those lines… IDK how in hell they will explain these inconsistencies, but most likely her bond to him will be categorized as “special and different” from what we’ve seen with Klaus’ hybrids…give me an uffing break!

  • wahh

    If Elena is Sired To damon , It doesn’t Affect Her Feelings Right? . Damon Did not Tell Elena To choose him Right?

  • Emily

    Elena might be sired to Damon which means that she might agree with everything he says and act on anything he tells her to…however, not once did HE TELL HER that she loved him or had to sleep with him. Her feelings for him are on her own terms. She slept with him because she wanted to. She had feelings for him before she turned (does everyone remember that once unbelievable kiss in season 3 at the sketchy motel? I certainly do) and I fully believe that this whole situation goes far beyond being sired.

  • jess

    just because elena is sired to damon, doesn’t mean that the sire bond is exactly the same as it is with klaus and his hybrids. yes, there might be some similarities but who is to say that it works exactly the same? elena and damon are not hybrids, they are vampires, so obviously their bond is different from that of klaus. i think delena fans are nit picking every detail of the last episode a little too far. there is a reason why elena and damon’s love making scene had that dark music playing at the end, because it’s not all real. ok, before someone gets offended and throws something-i am not saying that she doesn’t have feelings for him, but those feelings do seem a little too intense. i am not a fan of damon with elena although i do like damon, and want him to be happy but does he really have to be with his brother’s ex? can’t he have someone who unlike katherine and elena, will look at him and say “you are the one i choose?” without there being an twist? the producers seem to ship stelena, but maybe it is because they have someone better for damon. i am tired of seeing him home wreck, and want him to find someone who will put him first.

    • http://twitter.com/potterfan92 Raina

      I agree with this 100%.

  • Chelsey

    Does anyone else think Stefan is a manipulative jerk? He wants “his” Elena back so badly that he turns her brother into a murderer? At least Damon is up front about his faults.

    • Chelsey

      Also I am so freaking tired of Stefan, he is either a total yawn or an insane murderer!!!!! His character is getting really old.

    • TVDjunkie

      I agree. Damon has ALWAYS been honest with Elena, even when he knows it will push her to Stefan. Breaking Jeremy’s neck – he told her the truth that he didn’t know Jeremy had his ring on, even though he knew she wouldn’t forgive him. Whenever Stefan does something that looks bad, Damon tells Elena his motives are always with her in mind. “You should know, Elena, that Stefan wasn’t screwing us over…well, he was, but he had a good reason.” Every time Damon tells her something about Stefan that he knows will put Stefan in a good light for her, he is torn about it, but still does the right thing. And when Damon goes behind Elena’s back, he always ends up confessing to her, no matter the cost to him.

  • Ellen

    Julie Plec said it herself, they only have “the tiniest bit of an obstacle in their path.” Elena DOES love Damon. She started loving him before she even turned into a vampire. She may be sired to him and is doing whatever he says, but he never told her to love him. In fact, he’s been pushing her towards Stefan ever since she chose him at the end of season 3. In other areas of the show, the sire bond isn’t romantic or sexual in any way; why would it be in this case? I don’t think her desire for Damon has anything to do with the bond.

    I have to say that I’m extremely disappointed with the ending of this week’s episode. I know I can speak for many fans when I say that I have been waiting for the moment when they get intimate for 3 years. I feel so cheated that the first time was ruined by rambling Caroline and brooding Stefan. The only hope I’ve found in the situation came from this article. If Julie Plec says that there is hope, then I am going to believe her. The entire show is driven by this love triangle; I do personally believe that the truest love on the show is between Damon and Elena. They can’t resolve the main conflict in the middle of the show. I think there’s a long road ahead, which is frustrating, but at least we Delena fans can take comfort in that the writers have only shown development in Damon and Elena’s relationship. There is almost no room for anymore story with Stefan. That relationship has run its course. Now it’s time for Damon to get the true love story he’s been gypped out of time and time again.

    • TVDjunkie

      Wow, Ellen! I so agree with you 100% on every point you made!

    • hshaw_delenafan

      I couldn’t agree more!!! Damon deserves so much more than what he’s getting!! Damon n Elena truly deserve to be together, it makes more sense n they are way hotter together!!!! #delena_alltheway

  • Laura jones

    They have been building up to this- back when the gang found put Tyler was sired, Damon mentioned that it can happen, though very rarely in vampires, that they can be sired through changing them. It hasn’t come out of nowhere

  • disappointed

    I feel like that sire bond was just thrown in their to please people who wanted Damon and elena together when itin reality it seemed forced. She never displayed signs of being sired to damon until that episode. She killed connor because he continued to call her a monster not because Damon told her too. It was poorly done. I wouldve preferred stefan dying as an excuse for them to be together.

  • anya

    i just dont understand the sire bond thing….. when they went to the college Damon told Elena to feed from that girl but she wouldn’t….if she was sire bonded she would have done exactly what he told her to do. And he is the one who tried to get her to drink from a blood bag! He wanted her to drink it!! Even Stefan said so at the time!
    and 4×07 was the first time I saw Elena change her mind to want what Damon wanted (the whole red dress blue dress thing and the not worrying about Jeremy thing was so weird and seemed contrived!)
    It made sense to me that Stefan only wanted the human Elena and that Damon was willing to love her regardless. Everyone says hes so bad, but he made a great point about learning how to control the blood urges rather than avoiding the whole issue and becoming a ripper. speaking of which…Caroline said that being a vampire jut magnifies who you really are and doesnt turn you into something you are not…but Stefan turned into a ripper….that didnt seem part of who he was before!
    This whole thing just seems like a rip off for Delana fans (but OMG! that sexy Delana scene was worth it regardless!!)

  • WhatTheGrace

    Now that Damon and Elena are now together i’m not as excited as was about them a few seasons ago. I don’t know it just seems like Elena is being completely blind-sided. I think on a whole she is better of with Stefan however Stefan’s immoral persistence in having her being cured so that he could have the old Elena back is just not working for me either. I’m so confused by my feelings for all of them.
    I definitely think the whole sire blood thing is a cop out; I was very under-whelmed by its revelation. I thought Caroline was going to say it’s Katherine or something interesting like that.

  • nicole

    oh please please let Damon and Elena end up together Damon can have Stefans leftovers Elena is a tramp she is no better than Katherine she slept with Damon basically one day after breaking up with Stefan? And she has some balls to move into her ex boyfriends house and then sleeps with his brother if this was on Jerry Springer the crowd would be yelling slut because that is exactly what Elena is a big whore I even think Damon could do better I was so hoping he and Merideth would get together Elena is not a good role model whatsoever I would love nothing more than for Jeremy to stake her and Stefan end up with Bonnie and Damon with Merideth or another girl who will not play games and need rescuing all the time Elena is selfish and only cares about herself she never loved Stefan and will never love Damon the only reason delena fans want them together is because nina and ian date in real life which they are such a cute couple & not like those fake fame whores rob and kristen who don’t even act like a real couple ew you would never catch nina cheating on ian with a married man that’s for sure she has class I know in the books its between two brothers but I had hoped they wouldn’t have made elena look like such a slut and damon is a slut too i just hope stefan finds the perfect girl for him and that is not elena anymore I just hope damon doesn’t get his heart broken too much when whore elena sets her sights on someone else poor salvotore brothers!

  • http://www.facebook.com/dlmarvin05 Dominique Marvin

    What bothered me the most was that Caroline has never expressed THAT MUCH disgust for Damon. In fact, last season I believe she even said Elena NEEDED to pick. Well, she has and now Caroline suddenly finds all this hatred for it? Like good god women, calm down.
    (PS Candice plays her SO WELL, love her! Also, Klaroline moments? <3)

  • daymanscok

    boooooo stephan, you had yo chance bitch! Does everyone seem to forget both brothers are mass murderers? lol, i was all for stephan first half of season one, then neither brother, then half way through season three and up to right now, daemon is da shit :P and btw caroline forced elena to admit she was inlove w daemon in season 3 and told her it was ok, so wtf is up w caroline changing her mind now. Obviously daemon and elena are going to end up together. why would they lead up to it for so long in season three if it wasnt so?!?!?!? Come on people :P even pec says “they’ll have to find some way around it” i think elena is going to become human again and so will daemon, and that will be the final solution :P -may not happen for another season or two but buckle ur seatbelts and stick it out

    • satnav2012

      If u thought outside the box the u would realize Caroline was referring those words to her and Klaus but in the 3rd person that’s y she was saying Damon and Elena shouldn’t be together because she believes her and Klaus shouldn’t be together but cant deny her feelings for him even though how hard she tries !!!!!

  • Carrie

    Elena belongs with Stephan. Why do the writers keep putting her with Damon. Damon should be with Katherine.

    • Anonymous Hoe!

      Stefan and Katherine make a better match. He’s sort of conservative and Katherine is more of being on the edge. Regardless she brings out his edge. As do Damon with Elena. Like in last episode when they were at the Frat Party. She was actually enjoying herself with Damon.

  • Carrie

    I don’t think the writers should put Elena and Damon together just because their dating in real life. The characters Stephan and Elena are soul mates and belong together. I think that people only want to see Damon and Elena together because of their real life romance. they need to get away from that and focus on Elena and Stephan being together.

    • Monna

      actually most people don’t even know that they’re dating or don’t care to know that they are, they’re just interested in the show aspect. Their normal lives has nothing to do with this so your argument is invalid.

  • AnuDamon


  • Anonym2.0

    I keep thinking , maybe is just so that stephan could have the chance to be with elena again and make delena fans more curious . But if she is sired to damon she would have been able to drink his blood without throwing up . Damon TOLD her to drink it , and she did . But she wasn’t able to keep it down the same way she did with blood from the vain .

    She can’t be sired to damon for numerous reasons.And one of them , is this one .

  • jls

    Stefan has always tried to listen to elana and let her make her own choices, but elana is not always right. Damon has always wanted to do what was best for elana whether she agreed with it or not. Damon truely loves Elana and has sat back for 3 seasons watching the woman he loves with Stefan and now Stefan has to leave and try to “fix” Elana instead of being the bigger man and letting his brother be happy as well as Elana.

  • TVDjunkie

    I really liked the scene when Elena told Damon “I wanted to dance with you today.” I think it may have been the first time she ever admitted to Damon that she wanted to be with him just to be with him and not for any “save the town”, “save Stefan”, “save somebody” reason or that she had any ulterior motive in being with him. It was a simple moment that I think could have been missed in the midst of all the hot and heavy.

  • mel

    i dont understand. i want damon to be happy, but does it have to be with elena? i cant stand her. she is always going back and fourth between the brothers, and i think that damon can do WAY BETTER than a girl who didnt choose him so many times. as damon supporter, i am surprised at how all of the delena fans are acting. if you guys really like damon, then you wouldnt want him to have stefan’s seconds. cant the show bring in a new girl who will chose damon , and only him??

  • Devon

    honestly, this whole damon/elena thing is annoying. Stop breaking elena and stefan up again and again….its exhausting…..they are meant to be together so stop ruining season 4 by having it it be all about damon and elena…quite frankly this season sucks so far. Julie, you can do SO much better. Lets see it happen.

  • D. Light

    Elena sired to Damon is a contradiction!!!! Caroline was smothered by Katherine AFTER she was healed by Damon’s blood in case everyone has forgotten…so why isn’t she ” sired ” as well….I think this plot twist to make it a debate…but the feelings are very real.

  • Nicole Kucharski

    Delena was brewing since Season 1…and I couldn’t be happier that it is all finally falling into place. To be honest, I never saw Stefan as a good fit for Elena simple because he was too passive. Since Elena is a strong-minded woman she needs someone who can challenge her and make her see there are points of view other than her own.

    As far as the underwater car scene in last season’s finale goes… I think that it was very honorable to Elaina to ask Stefan to save her friend over her, as much as it was honorable for Stefan to respect her wishes but come on……………………………….someone who is that much “in love” couldn’t bear the thought of losing their other half. So if I was a Salvatore you can bet all the stars in the world that I would STILL save my true love over the other person. No questions asked.

    I can’t wait for the moment when this SB talk simmers down and we are shown that Delena is everything Stelena never got right =)

  • Sandcat63

    I have noticed that there are a lot of people that blame Damon for Stefan becoming a “Ripper” but I watched the episode where Stefan and Lexi met for the first time, I forget which one it was. When Stefan brought Lexi home with him she called him a Ripper
    herself. there was also something about there were good parts and bad parts about being a vampire and that what she was looking at (the bodies) were the bad parts.

    Caroline couldn’t have been more annoying in 4×08 with the way that she judged Bonnie and Elena in the beginning of the episode that they were both making bad decisions about their lives. Seriously??? What does she want to do live their lives for them?

    When I started watching show Only 2 months ago and caught up on all seasons WOW this show rocks!!! The personal dynamics between the characters is wonderful, and when you take out the supernatural aspect it’s all about relationships with family and friends. Add in the SN stuff it makes it more then just the everyday stuff that we all have to deal with on a daily basis

    I liked Elena and Stefan together at the beginning, but I saw the way that Damon started to change His edges got a little less jagged (I don’t want him to lose those jagged edges either then he wouldn’t be the Damon that we either Love to hate or hate to love).

    I’m now team Delena, how soon she slept with Damon is understandable when emotions are in play, you make bad choices that you later wish that you hadn’t There is NO ONE alive who is PERFECT,I get why the writers had them get together when they did, Think about it. It’s a small piece of information that drives a lot of other actions and reactions from the others characters, And since there is only about 13 episodes left to the season they had to move things along kind of quickly.

    Elena has to figure out just how intense her feelings for Damon really were before her becoming a vampire, She is the only one who really know what she felt. Damon is going to doubt the intensity of what she feels because of the SB. JP this is a masterful piece of THINKING AROUND CORNERS and making us all wonder WTH!!!! Where is all this going to end up by the end of the season

  • lolllllllllllllll

    are we all forgetting that Damon had sex with Elena’s MOM?! and bestfriend!!? and the girl who killed her!! what the hell is going on? Elena has lost her damn mind

  • aline

    I couldn’t care less abt delena/stelena but even i have to admit that when you wanna start a serious love storyline,u don’t just make ppl jump in bed as if they were desperate.to me it looked like the writers wanted them to hook up coz it was meant to happen anyways and to give delena fans a bit of satisfaction b4 it all went down to drain bcoz knowin tvd,nothin lasts. i don’t like elena,she’s just too needy and loves attention. caroline and bonnie are way better characters with more depth. everyone has to die for elena. I mean she can’t make up her mind.Damon better watch out bcoz she’ll be out making puppy eyes at stefan the way she used to do to damon when she was with stefan. i don’t blame damon,it’s all elena’s fault. now ppl complain how stefan wanna fix her n
    wrong but everyone is forgetting how she fought tooth and nail in season 3 to “save him” so that doesn’t count. and it’s funny how in the show,if they want stelena,they’d make damon look bad and now that it’s delena,stefan is a tad out of character to me and controlling blah blah blah…both brothers deserve better. from what i feel,with delena,there was an explosive passion that was brewing and now that it had exploded…i hope they can develop their love story coz i can’t really see how it would evolve. delena relationaship is based on that while Stelena is based on mutual sacrifices and doing just about anything for the other. it’s not a matter of which one btwn stelena/delena looks better/hotter/which make sense but which one is stronger to survive til the end?

    ps. delena/stelena is bcumin a boring rerun of steferine/deferine

  • 2cute4uexcept4damon:)

    what happend to damon and elena whos in charge of this disaster, damon and elena are suppose to be together forever and forever hopefully they get together again what am i saying they better get back together

  • Chan Yu-kin

    I remember what Ester said about feelings being magnified when you become a vampire (or something like that). The last episodes of season 3, we see that it was Damon first who saw Elena (she had a fight with her boyfriend on the phone Matt) and compelled her before the accident happen (which on timing Stefan saved her). Caroline mentioned that she remembered what Damon did to her before she became a vampire. And now Elena is a vampire, she should remember what Damon. Damon is the reason why Elena had her interest with Stefan in the first place.

  • Lilliefel

    Did I miss where they explained why her feelings for stefan were not magnified when becoming a vampire too? It was obvious that she loved him no one can deny that. They always let us know that she cared for Damon and loved him but loved Stefan more.

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