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With just four episodes left before BBC’s Merlin finally draws to a close, the one question on everyone’s mind seems to be: how can Merlin reach it’s climactic end when there are still so many unresolved plot points in the story?

For our first post as part of Hypable’s Month of Merlin series, we’ve outlined the five biggest plot points the show needs to address before Merlin’s epic series finale.

5. Mordred needs to have a believable change of heart

Mordred to kill Arthur in Merlin series 5 finale

We know what you must be thinking: Mordred eventually turning evil is almost a given. In Arthurian Legend, Mordred is the one who ultimately slays Arthur during the Battle of Camlann, and in the BBC series, we’ve seen a glimpse of this future already.

But the peculiar thing about Mordred is that up until now, we haven’t been given a reason not to trust him. In fact, he seems genuinely loyal to Arthur – even willingly laying down his life to save his when the knights journeyed to see the Disir. Additionally, we haven’t seen Mordred use a trace of magic since he was reintroduced to us in series 5.

Clearly, something big has to happen that will act as the catalyst he needs to ultimately betray Arthur and fight against him. And whatever that catalyst might be, we just hope it’s explained properly; we hope it’s believable and if it turns out that Mordred has in fact been hiding his true colors all this time, we hope we as viewers are allowed a glimpse into what has been going on in his head through the first half of series 5.

4. Morgana must learn who Emrys is

Morgana most discover that Merlin is Emrys

Morgana learning that Merlin is Emrys (and has magic) is arguably as important of a development as Arthur discovering the truth. The writers have very deliberately made sure that she never found out, even though by all rights she should have realised by now – if nothing else, Mordred should have told her. They even made Aithusa unable to speak, probably so she wouldn’t reveal Merlin’s identity to her either!

As we know, Emrys is the person prophesied to bring about Morgana’s downfall. If Morgana had known it was Merlin, she probably would have come after him a long time ago, but surely the writers have been saving this reveal for something specific, too? If Arthur and Mordred are being set up for their date with destiny by the season’s end, then hopefully Morgana and Merlin are, too.

And we want that reveal and showdown to be as epic as it possibly can be! If Merlin just transforms into Dragoon again and faces her in that form without her ever learning the truth, it’s going to feel like a bit of a let-down.

3. Arthur needs to find out about Merlin’s magic

Arthur must learn the truth about Merlin's magic before the end

While this one seems like a given, it is actually the one giving us the most anxiety. Because as some Hypable readers have already pointed out to us, there is a distinct possibility that it may not happen at all.

First of all, Bradley James (Arthur) has previously said in interviews that he believes there needs to be a period of Arthur knowing about Merlin’s magic without Merlin realising. Of course, his opinion probably doesn’t have a bearing on the actual plot, but it does make us wonder: is there a possibility that Arthur already knows, and that the writers will use that to save some time by having Merlin reveal his magic only for Arthur to brush it off like it’s old news? (Not all fans are against this, of course, as it’d prove that Arthur trusts Merlin no matter what.)

Second, the writers have hinted that Arthur finding out isn’t actually that important to the story. Is it possible that Arthur could die without ever learning the truth? Or maybe he sees the truth just as Mordred mortally wounds him, and we never get his reaction?

All of these worst-case scenarios only serve to make us feel even more strongly about Arthur needing to find out. This is what the show has been building towards for five years: Arthur and Merlin’s budding friendship, which has always been held back because Merlin has needed to keep his true power and worth from Arthur, who continues to see him as a hapless servant. Surely, this dynamic needs to finally change for the better before the end!

2. Merlin needs to get the recognition he deserves

Merlin Round Table Arthur Gwen

Continuing on from the last point, Merlin not only needs to be able to stand tall and sing “Born This Way” for all of Camelot to hear, but he also needs to come into his own and have not only Arthur but all of the people he knows see him for who he truly is, and understand what he’s really been doing for them all this time.

While the show is called Merlin, some fans have noted that the show seems to mainly be about Arthur – because everything Merlin feels and does centers around the man he’s sworn to protect. The last episode showed perfectly how Merlin’s entire existence revolves around Arthur, and how he really doesn’t have anything in his life that’s just his. Sure, Merlin is usually the one saving the day, but nothing ever changes because no one usually realises that it’s him. As such, Merlin’s character growth has been very limited, because his relationships with the other characters can’t change.

There’s probably not enough time for this, but what we really want is for Merlin to finally take his rightful place on Arthur’s right-hand side at the Round Table, for everyone to see. Yes, Arthur needs to acknowledge his magic, but so does Gwen, and Gwaine, and Leon, and the servants, and the kingdom at large. Everything Merlin has had to suffer in order to keep his secret and keep Arthur safe must be revealed, to allow the character to be appreciated not just by the audience and Gaius, but the other characters as well.

1. Albion must be united and Arthur must lift the ban on magic

Merlin and Arthur must unite Albion

The ban on magic has been the literary device used to shape the entire series since the very beginning. It is the reason why Merlin has had to keep his true powers a secret and keep up his affected simple-mindedness, and why he has had to stay by Arthur’s side as his servant, not his equal. Defeating magic users was King Uther’s ultimate aim, and this was the reason why the majority of the show’s villains came to Camelot to try to take down the royal family.

It was why Kilgarrah was imprisoned in the dungeons, and why Merlin’s destiny was tied to Arthur in the first place: the two of them would unite Albion in an era of peace and prosperity, and people with magic would no longer be unfairly prosecuted.

None of this has been resolved yet, and there are four episodes left. Four episodes that also need to deal with Gwen’s twisted personality, Mordred’s betrayal, and the final battle. Yes, there has been a period of calm in the kingdom since Arthur took the throne, but it has been made very apparent this season that the “golden age” of Albion is still ahead of us. But… er, when exactly is it gonna happen? Unless there’s another time jump, it looks like Arthur will meet his end in the finale without this golden age ever happening! And it would be a strange and unfulfilling way to resolve a series, if it ends up having been defined by a prophecy which never came true.

Maybe the series will be left on a hopeful note. Maybe Arthur doesn’t die (er, yeah, we’re delusional, we know), or maybe he has a child who Merlin can help be the next great ruler. At this point, we can only hope that Albion is united somehow, and that magic is finally accepted by the general population. After all, the dragon promised.

What do you think is the biggest plot point that must be resolved before Merlin’s series finale on December 29?

This column was written by Hypable staff members Pamela Gocobachi, Selina Wilken and Jessica Chapman.

  • Merlin

    This is what I assume will happen: The whole season they’ve been hinting that Arthur is going to die… But he still hasn’t done any of the stuff that he’s supposed to have done, like restore magic and combine England and what not, so if he dies he can’t do any of this. But they say that there is no way that the series can continue, suggesting that there isn’t the characters around to make this happen. But what if it’s all a misdirect, and Merlin DIES! Via sacrifice and magic reveal… Then he’s like shoot, magic is great and Merlin is my best buddy and had magic and sacrificed himself for me… so then he brings magic and unites the kingdoms. In like an Epilogue. Still completely lackluster by ways of 5 seasons worth of anticipation… but I think this will be the way it happens now that I thought of it.

    • Eliza

      I will cry my EYES out if that happens… :o

    • kira

      I was thinking the exact same thing.

    • http://www.facebook.com/tom.gossard Tom G


  • Me

    I am so afraid that there isn’t going to be a proper magic reveal. It just NEEDS to happen.

  • Leah

    We are going to be left with unresolved story lines. If they are trying to get a movie deal they have to keep those points open. A magic reveal could be a movie in itself–with the one to follow having Arthur’s reaction. It’s an understandable risk that they’re taking.

    • csatrolyn

      But from what the producers have said, they intend on using the movies as ways to tell little extra events that occured through season 1-4. Nothing new, just revisiting the past. Though, if they choose to make the movies a magic reveal, I can forgive them. I think. But the likeliness of the movies continuing the story past the end of season 5 is HIGHLY unlikely.

  • HT

    My bet is the only plot point they will clear up is the Mordred one and even then I’m not convinced they will make it believable. Although Alex Vlahos is good enough to make me believe almost anything.

  • http://www.facebook.com/monika.atorf Monika Atorf

    I can tell you that you will get 5 and 4 – but not 3, 2 and 1.

    • Susan McDonald

      Are you just speculating or do you really know that?:)

      • http://www.facebook.com/monika.atorf Monika Atorf

        Let’s just say: I know what was filmed. And what wasn’t.

        • Victoria

          I call bullish*t.

          At the very least there will be a throwaway line to the unification of Albion and a lifting of the ban on magic. It’s been all predicted for five series. Talk about canon inconsistency otherwise.

          • Saphay

            What Monika says isn’t quite true. 3, 4 and 5 definitely happen (although how realistic Mordred’s turn is will remain to be seen). Morgana finds out in episode 11. Magic reveal will not be before episode 13. 1 and 2 don’t happen at all.

          • Victoria

            If there is unification of Albion and no widespread acceptance of magic by the end of 5.13, then all the prophecies in S1-4 are worthless. Ridiculous to kill off Arthur and put Merlin in a cave without those ends being achieved. Damned depressing too.

        • Susan McDonald

          Ah,okay,thank you so much, I can’t wait for Morgana and Mordred to team up and for Morgana to find out about Merlin:)

    • po_nochka

      I never expected 2 & 1, it’s too much to expect TBH, but not to have 3 it will be totally devastating :(

  • Eliza

    It’d be great if they surprised us with a magic reveal in tomorrow’s episode. We wouldn’t get a long reaction time, but at least it’d be a few episodes :)

  • guest

    I think Mordred will find out about Merlin’s intent to kill him and that betrayal will cause him to change sides. As for Arthur, before the news broke that the show was ending, I thought that he would be wounded in the battle against Mordred and taken to Avalon to be healed in keeping with the legends. Then the next season could’ve shown his return, but now that the show is ending, I have no idea what they’ll end up doing.

  • http://twitter.com/Shaftsword Shaft Almasy

    “Second, the writers have hinted that Arthur finding out isn’t actually that important to the story.” Clearly the writers are not watching the same show we the viewing public of various countries are because that is pretty damn near the ONLY thing about it with other people finding out about Merlin’s identity coming close only because they came into it later.

  • Becca

    I just had a interesting thought…probably completely irrational and unlikey…

    But what if Gwen is pregnant, and when Arthur dies, Merlin has to become the mentor to the child (who could be named Arthur after his father?!?!) which kind of restarts the legend to the one we are more accustom to? I.e. The boy grows up in hiding, never knowing his parentage until Merlin becomes this older mentor who trains him to become a proper king.

    I don’t know just a wild theory.

    • http://hypable.com Selina

      See, this has actually been my theory for a while now. I’m expecting them to totally retcon the whole series and I will be SO MAD lol.

      • http://twitter.com/Shaftsword Shaft Almasy

        Except anyone with an ounce of knowledge on the story of Camelot will know that THE Arthur had a father called Uther so for me at least that would be just a huge meh moment.

        • http://hypable.com Selina

          Mmmm but then before this show began you’d have said “anyone with an ounce of knowledge will know that Merlin was much older than Arthur,” or “that Queen Guinevere ran off with Lancelot,” so who knows?

          • Becca

            They have taken so many liberties at this point anything is possible…

          • http://www.facebook.com/tom.gossard Tom G

            Yes, Guinevere did run away with Lancelot but both repented, Lancelot exiling himself to France, and Gwen’s returning to Camelot and living a faithful but mostly unfulfilled love life. Arthur respected her, still loved her, but never again could he trust her. Gwen did indeed love Arthur with all heart, but her whole woman being never stopped loving Lancelot, and never regretted sleeping with him. Their love, tragically unfulfilled, became a lynchpin of Guinevere’s betraying Arthur a 2d time, by not telling Arthur that the baby she bore was actually hers with Lancelot, and not coming with to the great battle of Camlann.

          • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=720266395 Mateusz Szulc

            Arthur’s legend has been changed so many times, it seems everyone you read has a different legend, this is just their take on it. And having read a lot of material on Arthur’s legends, this is a pretty good interpretation.

    • http://www.facebook.com/tom.gossard Tom G

      I like your ‘wild theory’ I like it a lot. As you tell it it is quite plausible and it would accord with Merlin’s being an highly important literary character-figure throughout Anglo history, too. It is also consistent with the fact that in previous tellings Merlin is exactly as you describe, Arthur’s older mentor. There is historical as well as literary evidence supporting 2 Arthurs and possibly, though not likely, 2 Merlins. More probable is 2 Arthurs and one and the same Merlin (something more like Dragoon in his 2d Arthur career). A 2d Arthur’s growing up in hiding is also plausible and quite possible. Don’t sell your ‘wild theory’ short — it is a strong possibility, as strong as any other and maybe stronger. Brava! (:

  • sienna

    Thanks for writing this thoughtful article. I’m really scared now, tbh.

  • Victoria

    FYI, there are five, not four, episodes left.

    One plot point you didn’t mention is joined destiny of Arthur and Merlin. Arthur has been prophesied to be ‘the greatest king that Albion has ever known’ by Kilgarrah, Merlin, etc. If Arthur dies without justifying the prophecies and the legends, then Merlin’s endeavors over five series will be rather pointless. Ideally, Arthur would have found out about Merlin’s magic and the two would have worked together to create Albion and respect for magic well before Camlann. There is no way that’s happening in the next five episodes.

    I think there will be a reveal to Arthur (not Morgana), but it will an almost throwaway plot point at the last moment. Colin Morgan said in an interview that if a reveal happened, it would be in a surprising way.

    I don’t think we will get the great king with a great sorcerer standing by his side. Colin Morgan’s video response about the end of the show was depressing as heck, sounding like Merlin was torn apart by the destiny that had come to pass.

    I think Albion will be united in the final episode, and that either a dying Arthur or the survivors lift the ban on magic. And then Merlin goes to the Crystal Cave to wait for Arthur’s return.

  • Veda

    I need all of them and I’m scared. :’(

  • http://www.facebook.com/stacey.wilson.7547 Stacey Wilson

    Oh but you have left out the most important bit of all. ALBION. Arthur cannot be offed until the unification (ALBION) of disparate fiefdoms and he needs to live on a bit to do said. As to Merls. That has turned out to be the biggest epic fail of all in this series entirely. What Merlin has become is an emo vacillating secret keeper who cries on command, hardly epic Warlock. At this juncture he is totally self serving as written. How in hell do you believe Arthur will react knowing all the horrendous secrets he has kept, including both enchantments with the love of his life his wife? Not to mention all the other crap that has entirely transpired in the kingdom? NO MAGICAL REVEAL. That will be their solution. See, they never had it in them to write a proper arc. That is what I will never forgive them for. No Albion. No Once and Futures and no Merlin of Epic – ASSHOLES MUCH!

    • http://hypable.com Selina

      That’s our #1!

    • rio

      Read #1 surely the writer mentioned albion there… it’s a countdown!

  • Guest

    *applauds* Very well put! That is indeed what we are all waiting for, isn’t it? My hope for any of it happening on the show, though, is practically nil at this point.

  • Philly

    I am devastated that the series is ending…It has been a huge success, far exceeding my expectations. Best series by the Beeb for the last five years…Saturday nights will never be the same :(

  • reve

    at this moment i’m at the point of coming down with something knowing that most probable thing is, none of this will happen…

  • snuffles44

    Why is Arthur finding out about the magic not number 1 on the list? I legit don’t give a shit about Albion or Mordred. I WANT MERLIN TO REVEAL HIS MAGIC!

    • http://hypable.com Selina

      Haha fair enough.

    • CF73

      Because if 1 or 2 don’t happen, then the show has completely shit on the true legends. Theoretically, the show could align with canon without the magic reveal.

  • Diana

    Arthur may die and Merlin may yet use the cup of life to revive him – and then Arthur finds out and the golden age starts. Still, I wouldn’t be very happy about that either.

  • Kat Stone

    You covered it all and frankly? They aren’t going to get it done, I doubt they even cover 3 out of 5 and NOT the most important ones. There will be no Albion, no golden age, no return of magic. It’s like tptb forgot the point of their own show and I am bitterly disappointed about it.

  • http://twitter.com/bordauxbluescrf bordeauxbluescarf

    just my point of view, do not shoot me,

    Plot nr 1 and 2] could only take about 5 to 10 minutes at the end of series 5 in a series of flash forwards. Bit short but these things usually are.

    plot 3] episode 1 series 1 Arthur says to Merlin: “There is something about you, but I can not put my finger on it….” after their fight at the market where Merlin used magic in defence against (a trained fighter) Arthur.
    Yes, I would say: Arthur knows Merlin has magic.

    Plot 4] could be this saturdays episode or could be in episode 13
    Plot5] episode of december the 15th

    Not that I want it to end. A lot of great tv shows make it to 7series.
    It would be really great if episode 13 series 5 would end with the words: Merlin will return
    Also im secretly hoping for a Merlin Christmas special.

    • mpamies

      Colin Morgan said in a Q&A that happened a few weeks ago that Arthur doesn’t know.

      • http://twitter.com/bordauxbluescrf bordeauxbluescarf

        we will just have to wait and see

    • Herlin

      I’ve never been a huge fan of the Arthur already knows theory, however, things from recent episodes have led me to believe that maybe he is starting to suspect. I don’t think he’s known from the start, he hated magic too much not to do anything if he did and I still don’t think he really knows for sure, but when (optimism) he finds out I don’t think it will be a totally unexpected thing to him.

  • csatrolyn

    I read the few sentence summaries for the next few episodes (the very generic ones that don’t give away spoilers), and from what they said, it seems like 4 will be episode 10, 5 will be episode 11, and I have no idea HOW they can POSSIBLY get 1, 2, and 3 in the last 2. Especially since it has already been leaked that the final episode will largely be the Battle of Camlann. I am honestly TERRIFIED that there will be no reveal which will have made the entire series pointless (in my mind).

    • mpamies

      Not only in yours, believe me. It’s completely pointless. How could anyone rewatch s1-4 knowing nothing that was promised ever happened?

      • po_nochka

        My thoughts exactly! How can you watch other season when you know that it was all a lie.

  • http://twitter.com/nkann01 nkann01

    This list is spot on. I really, really hope we get all of these plot points resolved, but I feel like that’s wishful thinking at this point. At the very least, I just want a magic reveal and Arthur (and Merlin) alive at the end!

  • Allie

    Thank you so much for this article! Your Number 1 is my number 1 too!! I’ll be VERY disappointed if they kill Arthur before showing Albion… They just can’t! I know they’re not following the Legend but Albion IS the Legend.
    Concerning Mordred, my theory is that he will use Magic at some point and Arthur will witness it and ban him or something… So Mordred will feel betrayed and Morgana will tell him “told you so”!

  • kyle

    And The Enchanted Bracelet Reveal!!!! We need it, Sir Lancelot is a HERO, his memory must be restored, plus Guinevere must learn the truth, after all she went through she deserves that, Arthur too!

  • http://twitter.com/Slyffindor Dorfam Farno

    All of that!

  • Teranel

    My theory circa S1 was that Arthur has known about Merlin’s magic since 1×04.
    My more recent theory is that at the big epic battle at the end (Camlann), Merlin’ll be fighting Morgana and eventually defeat her, but not before Mordred has mortally wounded Arthur. Merlin’ll try to heal Arthur with magic, and the last thing we’ll see for the series is Arthur’s shocked face as he dies. At this point, I really wouldn’t put it past TPTB. But then we do have the whole needing to unite Albion and lift the magic ban that wouldn’t be resolved.
    Also, I’m really getting tired of the evil!Gwen plotline. I expected it to be resolved 2 episodes ago. Unless they’re going to leave Gwen evil until the end of the season and she somehow lets Morgana into Camelot or something to bring about the end.

    • Herlin

      I actually really hate the Gwen arc. It comes across to me as a cross between a not funny and way over extended version of a servant of two masters and a remake of when Morgana came back to Camelot and tried to help Morgause from within the castle. Both have been done and did not need to be done again. Though it wouldn’t be so bad if this wasn’t the last season. It seems a waste of 4 episodes that could have been better used to develop points 1,2 and 3 and if they don’t happen one of the reasons I will be angry (besides the obvious) is because of this.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jim.heckman.7 Jim Heckman

    It’s impossible to resolve these five questions satisfactorily in the amount of time left. This season was poorly thought out by the producers. They fiddled around the last three years trying to keep the status quo, now they want to solve everything in a few more episodes. No wonder Capps and Murphy aren’t at Shine anymore.

    Any spin-off or movie of Merlin won’t work without Colin Morgan and Bradley James. If Shine can’t get them to come back, I suggest they save their money and produce something else. The fans watch Merlin because Morgan plays Merlin, not for the sake of the story line.

  • crazy canadian

    Maybe they’ll just make a movie to really sum things up?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Maria-Wang/542480760 Maria Wang

    Seems simple enough….right….right?
    *nervous laugh

  • Dianne

    2. Merlin needs to get the recognition he deserves

    • mpamies

      Won’t happen, I’m afraid. It’s been pretty much hinted from everyone that the end will be depressing.

  • merlinfan1

    All of the points are exactly what I want to!! But. Am still excited to see how the BBC will end it but all of the above should definitely happen!! ;-)

  • http://twitter.com/bordauxbluescrf bordeauxbluescarf

    i had a horrible thought..

    What if Merlin died in the last episode giving his life for Arthurs, using magic and saving Albion…. Arthur lives to lift the ban on magic in memory of Merlin and becomes a great king…

  • Shena

    This is everything I want from season 5,
    but everything I know the writers are going to screw up.

  • Arielle

    A nice summary of my anxiety. If these things don’t happen on screen, or happen rushed, the audience will be left unsatisfied. We need the payoff we deserve for watching all these seasons. I love Merlin but truly there hasn’t been substantial plot throughout the series; it’s just been building up to these 5 plot points thatcher not even happen now.

  • Arielle

    Ugh and it will provide a plot twist they need. I really hope this doesn’t happen but it makes so much sense.

  • Jenny

    I believe Arthur is too young to die. There is no Albion. Conclusion- The series will end with the beginning of Albion with Arthur as king and and – finally – Merlin as his adviser. Maybe a nice scene when Merlin, wearing a long robe is asked to join the round table. What about the Mordred and the future?- that will happen in a film or a series of films in the coming years.

  • paviles

    All this has to happen in just two chapters. BBC’s Merlin, IS A FAMILY SERIES, must end in leaving our hearts full of faith and hope in the world has a good future. It can not end like the legend. That will be for another version. If Arthur or Merlin die, BBC’s Merlin is a fraud.

    • Carilyn

      I agree, completely. After 5 seasons on insisting Albion will come, it can’t NOT come. It would be like if Harry Potter ended with Voldemort winning.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jenay-Carriere/100002958378724 Jenay Carriere

    We needed 1 more season to end this properly and if the writer’s didn’t want to do it(rumor)they should have brought in new ones.You have made some really great points but magic although still banned has been accepted more by Arthur this season.He didn’t allow the old lady to die and he said that the Druids would be given the respect they deserved.I don’t think he is prosecuting those with magic like Uther did.

    Arthur may outwardly treat Merlin as a servant because that is the way of things in that time period.However he does respect and love Merlin they are kindred spirits they are brothers and best friends.He clearly listens to Merlin and most of the time he does what Merlin thinks he should.

    Although this season isn’t as good as previous ones in my opinion I am going to miss this series.I really do hope the last 2 part finale is handled with the respect that should be shown to the 7 million + viewers that have supported it.In reality we really on got a little over 2.5 seasons.

  • ToyFan

    I love this article. All these are definitely not going to be resolved in time. Which is a shame….I don’t get why they can’t just make season 6 and help us end the story better. I don’t get WHY they decided to make Gwen bloody evil as well.

    Just a thought…maybe they are going to resolve it all in a the ‘Merlin’ movie, that they might be making??

  • http://twitter.com/HedwigsLullaby7 JKR is our Queen

    Arthur needs to learn about the two sides of one coin prophecy

  • http://www.facebook.com/tom.gossard Tom G

    We as yet have not seen the reasons and circumstances that will lead to Mordred’s killing Arthur – which he definitely will do without a doubt.

  • http://www.facebook.com/gayle.brookes Gayle Brookes


  • ks

    Merlin’s magic needs to be revealed to Arthur and Arthur needs to accept it. Merlin needs to be able to use his magic freely and out in the open to save Camelot and to defeat Morgana and Mordred. I do not think this can happen if he has to use his magic in secret.

  • Priya

    I have no idea how they are planning to fit in all of this in four episodes! It is a slightly ridiculous venture. They’re planning to bring about the battle of Camlann within the last episode! So what, the creation of Albion, the ban on magic being lifted, Mordred’s betrayal, and Merlin’s magic reveal will be shown in three episodes?!?! Really, what are they thinking?!?!

    In all honesty, this season of Merlin in my opinion has been the best one yet! I have loved every episode, but I thought they may have another season for sure because as the season kept moving along it seemed like Arthur didn’t fully accept magic. So in my head I expected them to end Season 5 with a magic reveal and make us wait for another season to see the consequences of that. However, they took me by surprise when they announced that this is the last season! Then episode 9 came out and left us with none of the above points addressed.

    My hope is that they’ll pull through and give us an epic conclusion to this wonderful series and somehow (no idea how such major plot points will be addressed) all the questions will be answered. But I have a feeling understanding the reasons behind Mordred’s betrayal, showing scenes of how everyone accepted Merlin’s magic, and possibly the highlights of the Golden Age may get lost within these 4 remaining episodes.

    Here’s to hoping that whatever they do it will not disappoint!!

  • maral

    come on! they HAVE TO understand the truth of merlin’s secret!!!!!!
    and a baby???! yesssss! a little cute arthur!

  • Caitlin

    4 and 5 have been resolved! Seeing as Mordred has turned against Arthur and Morgana has found out Emyrys’s identity in the same episode, i believe that in the last one, Arthur will discover that Merlin is a sorcerer and restore the kingdom of Albion (which is Wales by the way, not England.) Merlin will then be seen as a hero, hopefully.

  • Paviles

    No hope, the end is done, we know that the legend takes Arthur’s death. The producers ended the series, the writers came up short, they took us to the frustration hope for the promises made in the initial 4 seasons, which did not meet the 5 season. We will remain eternally dissatisfied with the story, but always remember the magnificent performance of the entire cast.

  • Kirsten

    Reading this after having seen the last episode, the sad truth is that none of the above really happened. You are totally right about each one of these plot points – so why werem’t the writers?! OK, there was the (beautiful) reveal, but Arthur has only a short time toreact to this, for Merlin to be his friend as an equal. Merlin doesn’t get any credit at all, he’s still a lost wanderer waiting for Arthur to return; The Golden Age of Camelot didn’t ever exist, at least not in the form we’ve been led to believe it would take eventually: with the ban of magic lifted and Arthur a just and great king for all his subjects, even those with magic, and Merlin as trusted and respected counsellor at his side, and Mordred’s betrayal happening years after that. That would have been a fitting end! Not to mention the gaping plot hole of Merlin slowly tramping all over the countryside with the wounded Arthur, instead of just directly summoning Kilgarrah and ordering him to take them both to Avalon at once. I’m so, so disappointed with the end to this wonderful series. What really kept it going was the Arthur/Merlin friendship, and it never played out, all Merlin did for him was for nothing in the end. They both failed, and one is left to wondering how they ever could aquire legendary status if it had been like depicted in the series.

  • http://www.facebook.com/corinne.muhlbach Corinne Muhlbach

    It answered most of these points but Albion was NOT united, magic was left still banned, and the people of Camelot were NOT told of Merlin’s magic or protection of the kingdom. It was only hinted at when Gwen inquired after the sorcerer and hinted that she knew it was Merlin and was pleased to Gaius.Will SHE do the rest? We’ll never know. It wasn’t shown. We still don’t know how Merlin got to be the completely trained sorcerer legend he was supposed to become. What a shame nothing was shown of him after Arthur’s death but his return to the Lake of Avalon in the last scene as an old man. There is a large gap left here between this end and the legendary figure known as MERLIN…not Arthur.

  • Cam

    Well. Now we know.

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