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See the sneak peek for Thursday’s episode of The Vampire Diaries, titled “My Brother’s Keeper,” in which Stefan and Damon talk about the big Stelena development.

Finally, Thursday is almost here, and that means The Vampire Diaries is back! In the episode “My Brother’s Keeper,” the Miss Mystic Falls madness is upon Mystic Falls, and as reigning champion, Caroline will head up the celebrations. You can see a sneak peek featuring Klaus asking to be her date here.

In the second sneak peek released, Damon learns that Stefan and Elena have broken up. Watch it via TV Guide:

Ever since Stefan and Elena broke up in the last episode, we have been dying to see how Damon would react! In the clip, Stefan tells him very bluntly and watches Damon’s reaction carefully, but while Damon is clearly surprised he doesn’t give anything away.

Damon tells Stefan about the plan to get Jeremy to kill enough vampires to make the map appear on his body, then tries to cheer Stefan up by offering to hang out with him, but Stefan is having none of it. “Let’s not pretend that this isn’t the best day of your life,” he tells Damon.

What do you think will happen between Damon and Elena, now that Stefan (for the moment) is semi-adjacent to the picture?! Check out the promotional images released from the episode to get an idea…

The Vampire Diaries 4×07 “My Brother’s Keeper” airs Thursday at 8/7c on The CW.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003057566272 Hathor Sakhmet

    Damon is so Awesome!!! Instead of reacting like an A**hole to Stefan by rejoicing, he offers to hang out with his brother to help him through this major change only for Stefan to reject his offer of brotherly love! I feel that Damon and Elena should be together no matter what has transpired & it’s only natural for Elena to be the one to make the 1st move with Damon. Delena Unconditional Love Reigns Supreme!!!

  • Lizi

    Can’t believe Stefan’s blaming Damon. Typical. I just hope that Damon won’t feel guilty for something he had no control over and give himself and Elena a chance.

  • EnyaMc

    All I can say is Thursday better hurry up ;) Delena <3

  • Kate

    Knew Stefan would end up being a complete douche canoe about this. So now that he and Elena aren’t together he just doesn’t want to help out with anything anymore? Yeah, break up is still fresh, but really. His pouting session trumps whatever possible danger lurks with Shane?

  • Sarah

    And this show continues to cement my extreme dislike of Stefan. Seriously, dude, no one is amused by your mopey, self-rightous attitude. Just go away.

  • Agrant26

    Am I the only one whose heart breaks a little at the brotherly love going on in this scene? I love these two together. Team Salvatore!!

    • hajarMe

      I would gladly call it brotherly love if stefan didn’t shove it in Damon’s face!!

      Stefan only feels this love when Damon is dying!!! Any other time he’s just being disrespectfull & an ass!! I sit brotherly love when Stefan can’t even get why someone would love his brother??/? I just call this sad!!

  • http://twitter.com/LauraK483 Laura Krause

    YAY DELENA!!! And omg someone slap Stefan please, such a douche move! Your brother is trying to be nice here and support you not like you deserve it!!! And he’s not going to immediately find Elena and jump her bones (as much as we all want him to) because he’s a better person than that! He’s going to wait some amount of time before acting on his feelings he’s been dealing with for 5 seasons now! Plus I’m assuming he wants Elena to do some of the work and apologize for how much she’s used him and treated him like shit and is finally admitting what he knew all along. I could have phrased this so much more eloquently but I’m so sleep deprived at the moment. Hopefully someone gets my point and agrees with me =P

  • http://www.facebook.com/cateyeskita CatEyes Kita

    Julie Plec is Playing us!!!

    Found this & its just depressing: Paul Wesley States in
    this interview that he knows they’re the romantic love story in the entire

    In an interview with Bullett Media, Paul Wesley reacts to
    the Stelena breakup which sent the fandom into a frenzy two weeks ago.

    He says that while Elena being a vampire will have an effect
    on their future relationship, “Maybe there’s a way to salvage the relationship
    and go back to normal.”

    However, Wesley adds that, “I hope they never go back
    to the way they were. People change, and I know they’re the romantic love story
    in the entire series, but I do believe potentially that they can find a
    different kind of romance that isn’t as naive as it was before.”

  • Mariel Marie

    While I was excited about the Stelena break up, I felt bad for Stefan… now I just want Damon to kick him. When Damon lost, he ended up staying and helping out, and holding it in. He truly care for Elena so much he put his feelings aside to benifit her. Now that Stefan isn’t number one to Elena he wants to be all moody and be a dick about it. Damon could have said, “oh, okey, see ya later!” and went off to find Elena. NO, he ignored it and went on with his plan and even offered to go be broody and mope with his brother. Now, I just don’t like Stefan. It shows how much a better man Damon truly is.

  • http://twitter.com/Lyss4Music ✽Lysƨ✽

    Damon was always supportive of Stelena, always put his brother up on a pedestal. As soon as Stef isn’t getting what he wants, he goes completely mopey and is, once again, being an ass to his brother. Damon offers to help his brother imrpove his mood, some good ol’ brotherly bonding! Nope, Stefan shoves it in his face with more ungratefullness. This is why Delena will be Endgame. Damon = The most UNselfish person in the world!

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