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Read what the How I Met Your Mother cast members have to say about a potential ninth season renewal. Are they ready to let go?

Eight episodes into season 8, there is still no news about whether How I Met Your Mother will receive a season 9 pick-up. We’re not likely to know until January 2013 at the earliest, but when E! Online visited the set, the actors revealed whether or not they’d be game for another round.

If it was up to Alyson Hannigan (Lily), the show would definitely be continuing past the season 8 finale. She says, “This is the greatest job I’ve ever had. I’d like it to work out.”

Josh Radnor (Ted), on the other hand, indicates that he’d be content with this being the show’s final year, although he doesn’t seem opposed to carrying on if CBS allows it. “I think if every party can work something out, including the writers, we might do another season or we might be done this season,” he says. “Either way, it feels like we’ll have had a really nice run on television.”

Presumably, we will meet the mother of Ted’s future children towards the end of season 8, at Barney and Robin’s wedding. Do you think the writers have an alternative ending in place in case this is the show’s last year, or would they spend a potential ninth season getting to know the mother and seeing her get closer to Ted?

And more importantly, what would you like to see happen? Do you think that How I Met Your Mother has run its course, or do you want the show to carry on for another year or more?

How I Met Your Mother returns next Monday with 8×09 “Lobster Crawl.” In the episode, Robin will be questioning whether she wants to have one last fling with Barney, while Ted wants to babysit Marvin.

  • http://twitter.com/jtinch Jack Tinch

    Please don’t let it die.

  • http://www.twitter.com/matsemann08 Matsemann08

    I’m very unsure if I want a season where we get to know the mother, it will be kinda weird finally having the answer and seeing her as a new main character in every episode.
    On the other hand, just having one episode with the mother, or maybe just a little montage of the future at the end of the last episode might make the show feel unfinished.

  • emgmpg

    They sped this show up. They literally made Quinn and robin and Ted and Victoria’s relationship 4 episodes. I hope they have better things coming.

  • matthewhpg

    I think it’d be really cool to have a season where we get to know the Mother. After all the time we’ve spent waiting for it and all of the “kids, that woman was not your mother.” we’ve had to sit through, it would be horrible if we met her in one of the final episodes and just never really got to know her properly.

  • Matt

    I love HIMYM, but this season has not been that great. The humor has become less witty and quirky and all jokes about sex that aren’t even that funny.

    • Matt

      *become all jokes about…

  • http://twitter.com/quimby_45 45 inc

    Please end the show, way past it’s prime.

  • Samantha

    Show needs to end when we meet the mother. At that point there is literally NO plot line left-Barney will be with Robin, Lily with Marshall, and Ted with his future wife.

  • oblyviate

    not only do i want a season about the mother, but i want to see Marshall as a loch-ness-monster-discovering-Judge.

  • TheFirst

    I would actually like if they ended the show this year the way they planned (with them revealing the mother) and then making a spin-off/sequel show. Maybe ‘After I met your mother’ or ‘How I married your mother’ or something like that.
    Since the children are older now, it would be cool if they recorded new scenes set in the future, some years after he told them the story of how he met their mother and have Ted and maybe the mother tell them another story together. This way they can continue the show and still have a new story, with the mother as one of the main characters.

  • http://www.facebook.com/zelda.burns.52 Zelda Burns

    We should have known who she is by now. Season eight is really not worth the time…this over stretching of the plot is ruining what used to be a decent show

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1128995453 Lauren Spellman

    If they could get the right cast, a show called “How I met Your Father” could be really funny

  • ravenclaw1991

    I stopped watching like 2 seasons ago. I just got bored with it. I want to find out who the mother of Ted’s kids is and that’s it..

  • justsomegirl

    I want a ninth season, I just got into this show when I discovered it on Netflix so obviously, I don’t want to let it go. If they do get a season nine, I hope that it’s kind of like an epilogue to the series with Barney and Robin handling marriage life, Lily and Marshall with their kid and Marshall being a judge saving the planet, and Ted dating the mother. I think it would be interesting if Ted loses the mother’s number and is going through the whole season trying to find her or maybe Ted and the mother get off on the wrong foot, (similar to Robin/Ted) but in the end, they fall in love and get married. Please CBS, actors, actresses, writers, financial ppl, I just want ONE more season. Please just give me one more season!

  • VideoKilledSeverusSnape

    I really don’t like the newer seasons. I just want to know who the Mother is.

  • Ali

    I’m not in favor of the show continuing after Ted meets the Mother. I do think it would be cute for them to put in a little photo or video montage at the end to show us some more of their relationship/marriage, but continuing with another season would ruin it for me.

  • GoodFinder

    Since we know that Ted has a kid three years from the end of season 7, having one more season of him searching for the mother doesn’t give him a lot of time to meet/marry/knock-up her. A pregnancy lasts a season, so even Ted meeting her at the end of this season doesn’t give him a lot of time to get to know her, fall in love, plan a wedding, and then eventually get married. Logistically, this has to be the last season if they are going to have the final episode be him meeting the mother. And I don’t think having a season of them getting engaged would work with the title of the show.

    • oblyviate

      keep in mind though that the timelines can jump all over the place/back/forth – so that being pregnant wouldnt necessarily take a whole season. it could just be a titlecard saying “nine months later”! and knowing this show, it may as well be!

  • Jennifer

    i would love to see another season, but only if all the cast is there, i would hate to get a new Marshall for one season

  • Stone6542

    i would love for them to slow it done im not saying for them drag on through more of teds love life. i want more memories he goes through and “those funny stories ” all about when lilly and marshell have a house warming party. I think the show could go on for a very long time if they diddnt rush teds love life and took time to focus on the whole gangs humerous and crazy adventures. But when it does end i would love the episode to end with the wedding and it have all theese crazy things going on then the last screen time of the show having the mothers voice call ted and kids in for dinner then ted with bob sagets voice or just bob saget stand up from the chair and say ” kids that is how i met your mother” and maybe who knows maybe they do a spin off series with lilly and marshall and there suburb friends or barney and his crazy stuff he always does

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