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Let the finals begin! Kurt & Blaine battle Dean & Castiel for a spot in the championship round, and you’re the only one who can decide their fate. Who will you vote for?

What’s going on?

Over the past month and continuing for a few more days is Hypable’s BattleShips, a tournament where we pit fandom against fandom to see which relationship on television has the most support. It’s all about the chemistry between two characters and the love you have for them, so rally your friends to help support your One True Pairing (OTP)!

We’ve now gathered eight pairs to battle it out onto our final rounds, and they’ve been giving us surprise results! So far the tightest battle we’ve had, believe it or not, has been the latest one with The Vampire Diaries and Castle, constantly flip-flopping until The Vampire Diares was finally announced the winner. We also had a vicious battle between fans of Glee and Once Upon A Time, as well as Avatar and Downton Abbey. In those two it was decided by the voters that Glee and Avatar will also continue to the final rounds. Also in your final rounds are couples from Merlin, Doctor Who and Teen Wolf.

Now it’s time to choose who will go on to the final battle, so rally up your friends on Tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook to make sure that your ship wins. Our quarter-finals proved that all of these fandoms are immensely popular, so which ones will make it through? We have no idea, but we’re excited to see it play out!

If you’d like to know more about our BattleShips Tournament then we recommend checking out the announcement post, or posting your questions in the comments below.

The Current Standings

Click for full size.

Voting has ended!

GLEE was the winner, in a tight race only separated by 117 votes! Below is a screenshot of the final tally:

Who did you vote for?

Don’t forget to visit the Hypable forums where you can join in the discussion about the BattleShips competition, as well as share your thoughts about all the fandoms we cover, our podcasts, the site in general, and much more.

  • RabbitRabbit

    TVD is the only show left that I watch, so I’m voting for what I think will be the easier competition against Delena

  • http://wizforum.proboards.com/ Melissa West

    Destiel all the way! Let’s go Supernatural fans and get this win :D

  • klainer

    I am so nervous right now!! If there is any ship I am legit worried about beating Klaine, it’s Destiel…. COME ON KLAINERS!!!

  • http://twitter.com/peciitis Krista

    So happy for Delena! Woohooo! In this I voted for Destiel :P

  • http://hypable.com Selina


    Also, I can’t believe that Delena actually won against Sterek! I didn’t think they stood a chance. I’m pleased though, even though I’m sure I’d like Sterek if I actually watched Teen Wolf. :)

    • http://www.facebook.com/ellen.speybrouck Ellen Speybrouck

      Do you even watch TVD? They stood a huge chance.

      • http://wizforum.proboards.com/ Melissa West

        Really? Do you listen to the Vampire Hype Podcast, because she’s on there. That means she actually does watch the show.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=17127641 Laura Jurgensmeyer

        She’s the one that covers TVD on Hypable…

      • http://hypable.com Selina

        I do watch TVD. :) But the Sterek fandom is huge and very intense.

        • http://twitter.com/peciitis Krista

          So is Delena’s :))

    • Gary65

      You have no idea what you’re missing out on. Teen Wolf is life.

    • KiVi

      I’m watching Teen Wolf now because of the Sterek fan base (I wanted to know what the heck it’s all about) but so far it’s not that crazy like Destiel. The actors have great chemistry but against Dean and Castiel it’s really nothing. But I’m continuing with the show so maybe I will get involved in this pairing more :)

      • Aiicyla

        Being honest, Stiles and Derek hardly have any chemistry in the show in the first season and a half. I think people started shipping them just because of their few humorous negative interactions and just because it’s gay.

        This isn’t me bashing on Sterek! It’s one of my biggest OTPs. The potential relationship would be THE cutest, EVER. Like, Sterek is my #2 OTP, second to Destiel (which tops everything imo). I’m really just saying, if you’re looking for canon shippy interaction, you’re not going to find much. I was confused when I first watched the show, and the ship took me a while to get used to. Sterek was built nearly completely from fanon. But it’s most likely going to be canon anyways because the fandom made such an impact! And they are CUTE.

      • Rayna

        Hoo diggety. I was genuinely /incredibly/ surprised by how large the Sterek fandom is. I love Sterek, but I probably wouldn’t ship it if it hadn’t been for the PILES upon PILES of fanwork about it. They really don’t have many moments together, and their chemistry isn’t pumping or anything, but it’s what /could/ be that makes shipping them worth it, I think. If I were to watch Teen Wolf without Tumblr, I wouldn’t even know what Sterek is. Destiel, on the other hand, I’d probably ship, because bejeezus, they belong with eachother.

    • http://twitter.com/CoffeeNFandoms Annemarie

      I think it might be due to fandom size versus fandom craze. .

      Also another thing was that the last time Sterek won one of these contests it’d resulted in a bloodbath between Sterek and Destiel, and no one wants a repeat. :D Nice job though

  • Hannah


  • http://forgiveyourmind.tumblr.com/ Tariq

    I can’t believe Sterek lost last round. :( Supernatural for the win!

  • http://twitter.com/G30rg13_R Georgie R

    Keep voting Gleeks!

  • http://twitter.com/G30rg13_R Georgie R

    Side note: I’m kind of annoyed that the TV shows I watch pretty much have no hope against the TVD shippers etc. Kind of unfair (but I love hypable, so I’ll forgive you guys!)

    • Lucy

      Hehehehe If you watched SPN or TW then your shows would have more of a chance

      • http://twitter.com/LucyWallis_Ev Lucy Wallis

        Btw ^^^^^^^^ that is me

    • Guest

      Btw, ^^^ that is me


    go klainers!!!!!

  • http://twitter.com/DelenaMae Delena Obermaier

    Ok, my name is Delena. It’s so awkward to see people talk about the ship, but it’s my name haha. One time #wewantDelenasex was trending on Twitter and it was slightly uncomfortable for me. It’s nice to see in these comments, though that many of you are “So happy for Delena”. Thanks you guys! What a confidence booster.

    • Tyler

      Haha, well then, good luck winning this competition! ;P

    • http://twitter.com/peciitis Krista

      OMG, that TT must’ve been so awkward for you :( But on the bright side, you have a BEAUTIFUL name. So many people around the world “love” DELENA :)) Do you yourself watch TVD?

      • http://twitter.com/DelenaMae Delena Obermaier

        I can’t say I do. The only things I know about TVD are random things I see on tumblr and stuff. I’m not much of a vampire person, but it sounds like it’s actually pretty darn good.

        • http://twitter.com/peciitis Krista

          It is :)) Though it has it’s own setbacks from time to time, it’s very enjoyable. And again, my opinion could be biased, but I think that the Damon & Elena relationship is the main attraction of the show. You can enjoy the mysteries, the myths, the legends, the supernatural stuff, but in the end you stay for the romance (^_^)

    • http://twitter.com/Doctor_Sam ♥Bond, James Bond♥

      Delena is really your name? Hahahahaha! I can only imagine the awkwardness of the situation. The hashtag thing must be very uncomfortable, hahaha!

  • ravenclaw1991

    I can’t believe Sterek lost! :( I don’t really care what happens this round because I don’t watch Supernatural and I can’t stand Glee.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=731070910 Fiolla Korenica

    I watch Glee and Doctor Who, but I’m scared that if Klaine win they’ll beat Rose & the tenth doctor D:

    • Tyler

      I’m scared if either win, tbh. Destiel is also a powerhouse. Though I really don’t know what I’m gonna do if Destiel wins this round, because they and Ten/Rose are both my favorite ships to sail, and ajshskald how do I cope with all these feels D:

    • Catyuy

      If Rose and the Doctor get into the final round with Klaine I’ll consider it a win for both.

  • Anna-FilmGirl

    Come on Klaine!

  • Tyler

    Destiel and their more profound bond FTW!

  • http://twitter.com/Dillon_Mays Dillon Mays

    I don’t believe in Klaine at all, so Destiel it is.

  • Samantha


  • http://twitter.com/tirpse_ Nadine

    I definitely voted for Klaine although I am pretty sure Destiel will win this one. Maybe even the whole competition.

  • clarisse rinaldi salles de san

    Go KLAINERS!!!! :)

  • scarry


  • Molly

    How the hell could Sterek lose the last round? Makes no sense, sigh.

    • AJ

      Because Delena is extremely popular! And they’re finally getting officially together so fans are especially passionate. Of course Sterek could lose, it could also not lose but seriously? Every OTP in this contest was chosen because it is very popular. Also, I know a lot of Delena fans who also really love Sterek but they chose Delena. That overlap in fans probably resulted in less votes for Sterek than in other polls. I mean I voted Delena because it’s my favorite pairing but LOVE Teen Wolf. It wasn’t like it Sterek got crushed either, it came back from being down 5%. That’s pretty great if you think about it.

      • http://twitter.com/peciitis Krista


  • Bernadette

    Destiel for me. They love each other so fiercely and so passionately; there’s no questioning the lengths they would go through for one another. They survived life, death, and everything else that tried to tear them apart, but they always come out stronger together because of it. I’m glad that this season so far has shown such an immense progress with regards to their relationship. Dean is finally letting Cas know how much he truly means to him and they are communicating on a whole different level than before. A quote to sum it up, “Just because it’s unspoken doesn’t mean it’s not there.” Team Profound Bond always.

    • SkidooshK

      This comment wins all the awards

    • http://twitter.com/anneontheimpala あなべる ♥ 浦原


    • http://twitter.com/MarinaLux109 MontyFree

      You people are insane. What show are you watching? Or better yet…what are you smoking?

      • http://twitter.com/anneontheimpala あなべる ♥ 浦原

        Having a different opinion than you don’t make us “insane” or stoned. Although, being disrespectful about other’s opinions make you rude, and you cannot change that.

      • Alex

        It’s called Supernatural. It’s a show about two brothers who always find a way back to each other, their misadventures with an angel in a human vessel, and the whole point of the show is that you will lose a lot of people, but that doesn’t mean you can give up. It is a much better show than one about kids who are trying to make high school suck less. /That’s impossible./

        • klaineforeverkthnxbai

          I find Glee a lot more relatable than Supernatural, but I’m just crazy unlucky in that my dad isn’t a hunter.

  • Hannah

    Who rebelled against God and gave up everything for one man? Who has literally been to hell and everywhere else and back for each other? Who shares a more profound bond? Who would rather have each other, cursed or not? Who was never in your…(which is really something that should be remedied, so vote for Destiel)!

  • http://twitter.com/flashingcrimson Lauren

    Literally my two biggest OTPs, how the hell am I supposed to choose?

  • http://twitter.com/DCitalianLover Amy


  • http://twitter.com/LucyWallis_Ev Lucy Wallis

    I voted for Delena last round, but I was sure Sterek would win. Now I have a feeling it will be Destiel/Delena face off and I’ll have absolutely no idea who to vote for :s DESTIEL > KLAINE

  • http://twitter.com/LucyWallis_Ev Lucy Wallis

    Although at least it won’t be another Destiel/Sterek face off. I don’t watch TW, but that got brutal last time…

  • Laura Jones

    Rose and 10 vs Delena! uh oh!

    going for Klaine on this one

  • http://twitter.com/TheGreatInes イネス

    DESTIEL !!

  • http://twitter.com/Profoundbond_ Run.

    Vote Destiel and Rose/Ten!

  • Fawkes

    Gleeks, GO AWAY

  • Carissa

    So happy Delena won! And go Destiel :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/mrs.emi.lovett María Emilia

    Seriously…. I have nothing against Klaine… but Destiel is the best pairing in the history of ever. Vote for Dean and Cas and their more profound bond.

  • http://twitter.com/Safuza Vukwanrik

    Go Klainers! =DDD

  • J

    I like how Klaine went against a non couple in each round

    • narnizzle

      Makes the decision even easier than it already us.

  • Victoria

    Kurt and Blaine!

  • Lizi

    Destiel all the way… Well accept if they have to go against Delena in the finals.

  • asdasdasdaasd




    • Dori

      Blaine saved his life

      • Mindy

        And then cheated on him


          oh no you didnt.
          At least Klaine is CANON.

          • Mindy

            I seriously do not understand how being canon makes a ship “better” than another. Does that mean Finchel and Wemma are better than any other ship because they are “canon”? Especially considering Glee, since every time they have a canon ship, they mess it up. It was only a matter of time since that happened to Klaine too (and really, they’ve been making Klaine AND Blaine awful since 03×04). At least if Destiel WAS canon, they wouldn’t write them as awful as they do Klaine.

          • lll

            Hard to say. The problem with canon relationships, is the fate of your couple lies in the hands of TPTB. I always see people going, “Oh they would never do that!” But guess what, they did. Because your headcanon =/= writers’ headcanon. Before 3×04 I can bet you 99.99% of the Klaine fandom were like, “Blaine would NEVER cheat” but guess what? The writers made him do it. So yes, while I agree that in the hands of better and more competent writers the writing wouldn’t be so awful, but don’t go around saying “at least if Destiel was canon.. blah blah blah” because you never know what the fuck the writers are smoking at times.

          • lll

            Mistake: I meant 4×04 aka TBU aka the episode of doom aka I don’t think we will ever recover from that ep until we got Come What May. Sorry for the typo!

          • http://twitter.com/Safuza Vukwanrik

            It’s not about canon vs. fanon. It’s about marginalization.

            Allow me to take a section of a post from Tumblr user lovecanbesostrange as (s)he(?) hits the point dead on:

            “The shipping itself isn’t a problem. Some ships are more popular than others. But that popularity becomes a problem, when canon same sex couples have to fight for attention, because they are being sidelined by the non-canon stuff. When in a poll Faberry kicks Brittana in the ass, it shows that the fandom is more organized or just more aware of the poll or there really are more shippers/fans in general. From a fan POV? I don’t care, it happens. *pfffffffff* But as someone wanting more really real queer representation? Nothing is gained by that! Quite the opposite, because the writers (in this case RIB+) see, that everything is fine and dandy with the way they run things. The lesbians don’t need to talk about their relationship and the non-lesbians get some bathroom scenes with questionable eyesex…

            It’s as if Xena would air now. 15 years ago even subtext was a bit more risky. But pulling something like that today? It’s a step back.

            It’s not about telling anyone to not enjoy the ships you like. Ship away! By all means, ship away hard! Because if nobody shows support, gets obsesed, produces fanart – nothing will change. But don’t say it’s okay getting crumbs, when we could demand cake! I want delicious same sex loving cake!”

          • WORD

            Thank you for this. Don’t even let me begin how we’ve gotten 3 million Faberry scenes while we hardly gotten any Brittana at all last season… Hell, I’m not a Brittana fan in any sense of the word but even I feel bad for the shippers who actually care about LGBT representation at how marginalized this couple are.

          • Carl

            The sad thing is I don’t believe you’d get a relationship like Xena/Gabrielle on TV now, either implied or canon. For all the talk of progress, there isn’t really that much. Even Klaine has been plagued with just how seriously the relationship is taken (with key scenes being deleted), and this is one of the handful of same-sex couples on TV.

            I think there’s an idea that people who ship Destiel should just go find a ‘real’ relationship to watch, but there really aren’t any. There’s been more love, drama, pain, and passion in a quasi-canon pairing that came out of nowhere (and I do mean nowhere – Cas was supposed to die after a few episodes until fans and the show saw how awesome he was) than there’s been in most canon same-sex relationships on TV in some time.

          • Sickofthisbullshit

            Exactly what I was trying to say, but I kind of got a little angry.

          • Alex

            I get your thing about canon ships, but shut up because Destiel is canon (the actors ship it!!) and it’s a better ship than any of the whiny bitches on Glee who can’t sing.

          • Em

            Have you even heard these actors sing? Say what you want about the writing on the show or the show in general but don’t think because you’ve heard a few glee cover songs that you can go around saying that the cast can’t sing. That cast is talented and you making the claim that they’re not from lack of knowledge of the show is ignorant and rude

          • Mindy

            I was defended Destiel, lol, it was the others talking about the whole “canon ship being better” thing. But don’t insult their singing abilities, one of the only reasons I’m still watching the show is because the actors/actresses are very talented and amazing singers.

          • Chloe

            And Destiel would actually act like they were dating, whereas Klaine has only had four onscreen kisses and acts like an old married couple. It’s cute, and don’t get me wrong, I love both Blaine and Kurt, but let’s be serious here. Destiel triumphs all.

          • Sam

            Are you seriously saying that the censorship one of the few queer couples on television faces is actually a sign that there is something wrong with their relationship? The fact that Destiel interacts more than most canon same-sex couples is 100% because they’re NOT an actual couple. The second an actual relationship exists suddenly everything they do is offensive to some bigot and networks give into that. The fact that Klaine has only kissed four times says absolutely NOTHING about them as a couple and everything about the network and writers of Glee.

          • J

            I guess what you don’t understand is that the network works FOR the fans. They go online, they read what we have to say, and then they move forward with that information. Destiel’s relationship is still forming. Jesus they’ve only been together for 4 seasons – seasons where they were busy dealing with the Apocalypse, a war in heaven, Sam going mental, Leviathans, and then Destiel ending up in Purgatory. It’s not all rainbows and butterflies out their asses, it takes work for their relationship to develop in a show with uh, sustenance.

          • Sickofthisbullshit

            Seriously? Do not buy into the queer-baiting bullshit. The only reason that Castiel and Dean are written the way they are now is because the writers can get away with it without making them canon. They know that people are going to lap it up, even if it never happens. And if it does? You can damn well bet it will be played as a joke. The writers are never going to take Destiel seriously.

            Maybe you should actually fight for REAL queer representation instead of buying into queer baiting and furthering the writers good ideas about themselves. Because every time someone says how progressive or how great Destiel is without it being canon? You’re just giving the writers the pat on the back they wanted.

            No one deserves to be applauded for teasing with queer representation and not delivering.

          • SallyTwoDicks

            I don’t say this to a lot of people but you are literally the biggest faggot on the internet.

          • Sickofthisbullshit

            You may see that as an insult, but I am, indeed, gay. :)

          • http://twitter.com/CoffeeNFandoms Annemarie

            Shipping shouldn’t be a political statement. I’m gay, and I’m all for Destiel. I don’t see it as queer baiting, I see it as an implicit relationship-which DOESN’T make it any less canon, and doesn’t mean it’s not taken seriously.
            Queer representation shouldn’t be the be all end all when it comes to shipping. Shipping is kind of a personal take on two (or more) characters, and the goal shouldn’t be queer representation. The goal is enjoying the show however you see it.
            Oh, not to mention how Kurt has displayed biphobic behavior, which is a problem, even within the queer community. So I fail to see how that’s great media for queer people.

          • Sickofthisbullshit

            Did I say that it was great media? No. But Kurt and Blaine are an ACTUAL QUEER COUPLE. It has been stated within the show that they are together. There are no jokes, no hints, no teehee-wink-wink-nudge-nudge moments.

            Destiel is not a queer couple. The creator liking it, the actors liking it, fandom liking it? Does NOT mean they’re together and it does NOT mean that the relationship is taken seriously. While fans might take it very seriously, the show runners don’t. That’s why they don’t give you guys anything more than a few scraps. If they actually wanted to make Destiel queer? They could do it. They really, really could. But they just don’t give a fuck.

            I get shipping. I ship a lot of guys who aren’t actually queer. The difference is that I understand they aren’t queer and I understand that the writers are never going to give me more than the bare minimum if I’m so easily satisfied with a few scraps. And why should they? If some hot eye sex action gets the same response that a queer kiss would, why should they bother to throw in that queer kiss?

            I don’t really care that people ship Destiel. I care that they’re applauding it as if it’s actual queer representation and as if it’s actually progressive. It’s neither of those things and it is definitely not plowing the snowy walk for other great queer couples to come on through.

          • http://twitter.com/CoffeeNFandoms Annemarie

            But how is queer representation the point of the battleships? I don’t recall many people saying that Destiel is the most progressive relationship out there. While it’s arguably a queer relationship, it would be implied canon, versus explicit, however I haven’t seen many people saying that it’s actually progressive/good queer representation. Anyway, a creator liking it, kind of /does/ make it a relationship that’s taken seriously.

          • Reallysickofthisbullshit

            What I do recall is people holding Destiel up, like a gift from the gods, and saying it’s better than actual queer relationships. It isn’t because nothing is going to beat an actual queer relationship unless it’s a better represented canon queer couple.

            Destiel is not implied canon. It is queer baiting. The people involved in the relationship are not queer. In fanon? Sure! In canon? No. And you can hand-wave and say it’s “undetermined” all you like, but until it’s stated IN THE SHOW that Dean and Castiel are in a relationship (a romantic relationship) then it’s queer baiting. If the show does not go there, explicitly, and continues to hint at a relationship, then it’s queer baiting AND the relationship is not being taken seriously.

            The creator liking the ship doesn’t guarantee anything. And, like I said before, if he’s so invested in Destiel, then why hasn’t it happened? Why, instead of just coming out and saying it, are they giving the shippers sexy glances and whatnot? Because, as I’ve also said, if these so-called sexy glances are getting all of this hype, what need is there to go one step further and declare them official? There isn’t because the couple is already getting all of the attention it would if it was anything other than queer baiting.

          • thatshowiroll

            Okay, well, if you don’t like ‘implied cannon’, I could use ‘incipient’ maybe.

          • http://twitter.com/CoffeeNFandoms Annemarie

            And we come full circle to canon>fanon, when this is not the point of a poll.
            I say implied for good reason, Misha said it himself ‘just because it’s unsaid doesn’t mean it’s not there’ and he did say that within a romantic context. And don’t get me started on how season seven proved canon okay.

            Why hasn’t it happened? There’s this thing called character development.

          • SPNlover


          • randomvisits


          • 2QttoBond

            I voted Destiel because of all these reasons Annemarie listed and also because I do care about queer representation (I’m queer), but the love I have for Destiel is, personally, more important than anything that comes from Klaine. I don’t like that most slash pairing only exists in subtext, but in my opinion Destiel even in subtext is better than Klaine. Perhaps we have to remember that shipping is about our passion for a relationship and if we are all part of fandoms here we know better than anyone that there’s no limit or rule to ship anything, what applies to one, applies to all. There shouldn’t be a ship superior than other, the only difference is how much we love our ships. How the media/writers/normal people (lol) view our shipping is another matter entirely. I believe most arguments on the canon x fanon issue are valid, but they aren’t absolute or even invalidate the other, So we should ask ourselves: Am I voting for my favorite ship or am I voting for the way I want other people to see me/the fandom? The deciding factor in all these shipping polls (MAN, polls are always causing conflict), I believe, is our answer to this question.

          • http://twitter.com/Safuza Vukwanrik

            But what do these polls do to advance the relationship of queer baited couples? You could freely ship queer baited couples by yourself, with no harm done to anyone. Win or lose, Diestiel shipper have nothing to lose because they aren’t canon. Polls like these pit queer baited couples and those that are canon in a popularity contest. Ship what you want to ship, but leave queer baited couples out of the polls alongside canon couples (Hell, if you WANT to do a poll, do it against other fanon/queer baited couples! That does no harm either!).

            In contrast, polls MATTER to canon couples, because it shows what audiences want to see.

            The Klainers also recognize the biphobic behavior and are working to fight against it. That’s what I love about being a Klainer. As a fandom, we aren’t afraid to stand against our writers when we feel they’ve stepped out of line.

          • http://twitter.com/CoffeeNFandoms Annemarie

            HOLD UP.



            I’m speaking as a Sterek shipper on this one, how in the hell does a fanon relationship winning the poll not show the creators what they want to see? What does a canon couple have to lose? Your ship took the great leap, you got queer representation without having adverse effects by the show, if I go by the level of support Glee has for Klaine.

            In contrast to fanon relationships, what do you have to lose? Getting back together or not isn’t going to be affected by a poll, it’s a plot thing, versus a ‘hey will our fans still like this show if it has a queer relationship on it’ ratings thing. In fact, fanon relationships have much more to lose, especially when they’re as recognized as Destiel or Sterek. Since they’re fanon, there’s a huge huge possibility that they are never ever canon, because of ratings. You’re not going to lose your status as canon, the creator himself is gay if I’m not mistaken, and the show is lauded as a great place for queer representation. So in contrast to the rest of us ‘queer baiters’ what will you lose if you lose this poll? Regardless, your show understands that Klaine is supported.

            Also, please do not confuse fanon and queer baiting. Thank you.

          • http://twitter.com/Safuza Vukwanrik

            Apologies for the fanon comment. I’m satisfied if fanon and canon are mixed with one another in the polls (So long as there is a POTENTIAL WAY for them to become canon).

            Queer baiting, however, is not a part of that. And Sterek and Destiel are most CERTAINLY queer baited couples.

            We need the representation, because as great these same-sex couples are, the writers unfortunately don’t treat them in the show with as much respect as the other couples in the show are treated. We need the recognition that they DO matter, and that more people want to see equal treatment throughout.

          • http://twitter.com/CoffeeNFandoms Annemarie

            There’s potential in canon for both couples mentioned, Jeff Davis has seriously asked fans to be convinced of Sterek’s existence and it’s deserving of canon. And in Supernatural, there are several essays out there that explain the implied-canon of destiel, but leaving that aside.

            In regards to Destiel, actually, any relationship on Supernatural, you should know that everyone dies. Except for Dean and Cas (well, Cas died three times and was stuck in purgatory and Dean died twice…maybe more), arguably, they’ve gotten the most respect, because they’ve survived long enough (see: Mary Winchester, Jess, Cassie). You’re right, we do need the recognition, and the apparent support from fans that they do matter and that we want equal treatment, this is again why fanon couples have so much to lose in contrast to canon couples.

          • http://twitter.com/Safuza Vukwanrik

            But the thing is, these writers KNOW that Destiel is a popular ship, yet they continue to treat them the same way that they’ve been treated, thus they are leading others along without doing anything about it. There needs to be SOLID reasoning to why your fanon couple would be beneficial to the show, not just because you can “feel the potential sexual/romantic tension” in the air every time they are in a room with one another. Writers need to think of us (the television audience) as dumb-minded individuals with whom they must spoon-feed the information to. Otherwise, that info is not going to translate properly on the screen. We. Need. Facts. Not just our intuition. Destiel’s relationship is too ambiguous to be considered potentially canon.

            You know what the best thing to do to influence the writers without threatening canonally gay couples would be? Ban together as a fandom and DO something that both pressures the writers, and makes a difference in the community. When a monumental Klaine Christmas scene in which promise rings were exchanged was deleted, we Klainers banned together and raised $13,000 for the episode’s script to give to Project: Angel Food, thus also proving to the writers that we’ll do whatever it takes to recieve equal representation. 3 months later, they released the full deleted scene. Don’t be afraid to stand against your writers. And don’t necessarily be mean, but make your intentions clear.

          • http://twitter.com/CoffeeNFandoms Annemarie

            Edlund, Gamble and Carver definitely know that it’s popular, but they have, in my opinion, made steps to have their relationship grow to something that’s definitely romantic. Part of the ambiguity is due to character development, Dean was raised in an incredibly hypermasculine, heteronormative environment, and early seasons his behavior reflects someone who’s trying to live up to a predetermined role of masculinity. As he grows as a character, however slowly (because it’s not like he can get a therapist for his myriad of problems), things start to shift towards something where he defines himself, which is where his less-than-straight (but not necessarily labeled) behavior comes into play. Though I do agree on the fact that we need to make our intentions clear, let it be known that Misha did say that “just because it’s unsaid, doesn’t mean it’s not there”.

            One thing is, keeping someone’s sexuality as undefined or unlabeled is a pretty huge fuck you towards heteronormativity. In a heteronormative society, heterosexuality is considered the default, and sexuality has to be defined or else you’re ‘just confused’. This is because heterosexuality is an institution where everyone else has to justify themselves to the larger consensus. While many people can and do define themselves with a label, there are others who don’t (Nikki Minaj being a public figure in that regard), and they exist too.

            Tangent: Another thing to add, the lack of a label would be a huge growth in character for Dean. Dean has such a low self esteem and fractured identity that he thinks of himself as concepts, “Protector” “Righteous Man” (heaven’s label not his) etc.

          • http://twitter.com/Safuza Vukwanrik

            In real life yes, labels are a more personal matter. However in television, the writers create their own worlds, and they need to spell it out for their audience in order for them to get it. I can’t say whether or not a character is straight unless it is stated in canon anymore than I can whether or not a character is gay or bi or asexual.

            If Dean’s sexuality is still unknown, undefined, or still in the searching process, it needs to be stated is such. Even if only as a side comment. Otherwise, it’s left completely ambiguous.

            If the fans get the chance, ask the actors or the writers their take on it during a Q&A. If there is hidden subtext there, there’s a full canon story behind what the show tells you. Even if just to know for fandom sake, it would be is much more satisfying than being left in the dark with nothing. If they give you another ambiguous answer after you’ve asked them directly, then there is no subtext. Their just pulling stuff out of their asses to appease the fandom.

          • http://twitter.com/CoffeeNFandoms Annemarie

            we have asked, and we already got what Misha said on it, I’m happy with that.

          • http://twitter.com/Safuza Vukwanrik

            But if Dean and Cas are to be in a relationship, that needs to be set up beforehand. Before then, no. Romance was not a part of the character’s life, and so would not need to be addressed. But if the fans want Destiel to be canon, then that needs to be addressed IN canon beforehand.

          • abi

            Why do all relationships have to be romantic in order to matter? That’s what I’m getting from you here tbh

          • http://twitter.com/Safuza Vukwanrik

            Then, if not a romance between the two, what is the aim they’re going for? The actors and writers are clearly implying that there’s something else there besides a strong friendship, but they’re not willing to follow through with it.

          • Bianca

            I’m sorry but are you implying a relationship needs to be sexual in order to be considered romantic? Because that’s what I’m getting from you here.
            Also,I have to agree with Annemarie; polls like this are important for ships like destiel because they show that enough people are okay with seeing something like this happen. Glee is known for it’s gay characters and gay relationships, they already know they draw in viewers with this.
            And all else aside,voting for your ship? It’s supposed to be fun. I think you missed that memo.

            Oh and you know what else? Glee is pretty terrible when it comes to queer representation. And if you asked me to tell you about Kurt and Blaine? I’d tell you they’re that gay guy and that other gay guy. Because that’s pretty much all their storylines where about (granted I stopped watching after S3 but I doubt it has changed). But Dean and Cas? They’re fully developed characters with actual character development,they actually have something to offer other than ‘being gay’. The fact that Cas WAS NOT set up to be an LI is what made their relationship so amazing. And even outside of his relationship with Cas,Dean has been strongly implied to be bisexual (again this was used as character development!). So you can sit there and talk about queer representation and make the claim that destiel isn’t and never will be canon, and Glee/Klaine is so much better because of it, but at the end of the day Supernatural still manages to have better queer representation (and not just with Dean or Destiel,but with characters like Charlie,Jeffrey,Crowley,the Sam&Dean cosplayers etc.) than Glee. And if Dean and Castiel became canon? (which according to you would apparently mean they either have a lengthy talk about their feelings or an on-screen sex scene) Then they’d be THE best representation of the queer community anyone could ask for. So I’m gonna show my support for this relationship. And I won’t let someone like you try to tell me it’s because I don’t care about queer representation in the media.

          • http://twitter.com/Safuza Vukwanrik

            Your obviously missing the point I’m trying to make. They don’t HAVE to have a lengthy conversation or on-screen sex to be deemed canonally acceptable. But where they are at this point NOW is en limbo with neither the actors or writers deeming to do anything about it other than to mask their relationship as “subtext.” Seeing as the romance is second to the rest of the plot in SPN, it doesn’t HAVE to be a drawn out storyline. It could be as simple as an admittance to a third party, but what they are doing right now by keeping things completely ambiguous is not right.

            And I NEVER once said that Klaine is better than Destiel because they are canon. I just said that there are other ways for you to let your voice be heard other than by marginalizing canonly gay characters in the process. Ship Destiel all you want. I don’t care about that. But when you start overshadowing couples that are canonally queer, we have some problems.

            You can’t say that Castiel would be the best representation for queer couples if they were canon, because they aren’t canon yet. You don’t know what could happen in the heads of the writers. Canon changes the game COMPLETELY because it involves maintaining a relationship. Who’s to say if the writer’s decide to screw something up afterwards?

            While yes, the characters of Glee start off as archetypes, their characters are expanded upon. I can tell you that Blaine doesn’t have a good relationship with his father, and that he tends to withhold his emotions till he no longer can. I can tell you that he trusts too easily and is often very rash and gullible, but he is intentions are always well. I can tell you that though Kurt has a stubborn streak in him, he is a very forgivable person. I can tell you that he has a hard time opening up to others, and that he shows his true interior to only a select few.

          • Bianca

            It’s nice that the characters in Glee are expanded upon. The core point of Kurt and Blaine’s characterization is however still the fact that they’re gay.

            And I didn’t say that Castiel would be the best representation of queer couples if Destiel were canon,I said Dean&Cas,as a couple, would be. And yes,I can actually claim that,and I explained my reasons at length so I’m not going to repeat that. (What Castiel is ,however, is a representation gender fluidity,something else Glee doesn’t even consider).

            And I’m sorry,we “have a problem” when “we’re overshadowing couples that are canonically queer”???? Excuse me? No we do not. I don’t think you understand the point of these polls,I’m not gonna try and explain the concept of fun to you.

            And if Destiel with all it’s queerbaiting (and personally I don’t consider it to be queer baiting) is somehow still a better romance that deals with the characters involved in a much more respectful way than your “canonically gay couple” then the writers of Glee are the only problem I see.

            If you’re looking for more and better representation of queer characters in the media then your approach shouldn’t be “I’ll take anything as long as it’s gay. I don’t care how terrible or disrespectful or ignorant it’s written”.

          • http://twitter.com/CoffeeNFandoms Annemarie

            I feel that there’s an important distinction between subtext and queer baiting that’s being missed. Queer baiting is whenever those of the same gender express genuine love or affection for each other, but then play it off as ‘no homo’ the result being that “pffft haha they’re not gay” treatment of their relationship.
            Destiel isn’t, and hasn’t been like that. Whatever sexual tension (the typical ‘no homo’ moments that would happen if it were queer baiting) they do have is played seriously throughout their relationship. Implicit doesn’t mean not canon, and it certainly doesn’t mean to make light of their relationship and throw anything other than heteronormative sexuality out the window.

          • http://twitter.com/deliriumbubbles The Wren

            Kurt is a fully realized human being with flaws a plenty, past, and a full range of emotions. Blaine is developing as well, and I just want to slam my head into the wall every time someone tries to talk about how STRAIGHT PEOPLE make better representation for the queer community than actual gay people. Because gay people, well, you know how we are. We ACT GAY.

          • randomvisits


          • http://twitter.com/CoffeeNFandoms Annemarie

            Good point really, though in Repo Man I do feel that Dean’s emotions were thoroughly brought to light, again, using narrative symmetry (the main episode themes of grief, lost love and underlying fear of rejection mirror Dean’s character arc throughout season seven).

          • http://twitter.com/deliriumbubbles The Wren

            Who said it had to be every two minutes? Who even asked for it to be spelled out? Maybe this person is just asking for some brief, slight, canon acknowledgement that there is a real possibility that Dean’s sexuality is unsettled. Otherwise, they’re just making jokes at the expense of people who are actually gay. Wink wink nudge nudge.

            Do you really believe in season ten Dean and Castiel will get together? Because I’m not buying this thing you’re selling about how the show has continuously mocked the notion of homosociality/homosexuality, while having no queer characters, is actually bucking heteronormativity. Dean has a marked history of sleeping with a lot of women. Given that history, the narrative has to show some kind of awareness, or there’s no ambiguity at all. Just an intense relationship between his and the only other regular male that isn’t related to him.

          • kay

            First off, spn fans have NEVER had a problem with letting show runners and show writers know when they feel a story line is going, cases in point, the character Bela written out of the show, as well as Misha Collins kept in the show, to the point they’ve created five characters for him to play. And I couldn’t begin to mention all of the charities that have been not only supported but CREATED by spn fans.
            But most of all, ship loves are not about canon, it’s about fanon, it’s about what fans love, and relationships, be they between angels and humans, or teens and werewolves.
            Fanon has expressed love for the Dean and Cas bond, so they’ve added
            material to make it canon, while staying true to the character of Dean Winchester as he was created. And because fans have been so strong in supporting the idea of gay characters, spn has added more gay characters and storylines to the show in the last few seasons. If not for the support of Dean and Cas, you wouldn’t have Klaine.

          • WTF

            hyberbole much? please don’t claim that it’s because of destiel that’s why we have klaine. it’s so ludicrous that i can’t even

          • http://twitter.com/demozthenes Emily

            > But the thing is, these writers KNOW that Destiel is a popular ship, yet they continue to treat them the same way that they’ve been treated, thus they are leading others along without doing anything about it.

            How is this different from 7 seasons of Mulder & Scully?

          • rikkihall

            To be honest, it seems to me that the relationship between Castiel and Dean has been treated with a whole lot more respect than many of the romantic heterosexual ‘couples’ on the show. Essentially /all/ of the women Sam gets into a more serious relationship with die. Many are using him. Dean picks up random girls in bars, and his only relationship you could say the writers recognize or respect is when he’s with Lisa and Ben, and even that gets terminated. Even just looking at Castiel and Dean’s relationship in a non-romantic way (taking the fangirl goggles off, so to speak), it’s given a huge amount of respect and attention by the writers. So you can’t really say that seeing their relationship as implicit canon or just shipping it in general wouldn’t mean something positive for the representation of same-sex couples.

            I think that this dialogue is very interesting but doesn’t have a whole lot of a place in a simple online poll….

          • Jessica

            Honey, “phobic” is a fear. I hate when people throw around homophobic and biphobic. Having a phobia is an ACTUAL CONDITION that some people CANNOT HELP or EXPLAIN. Kurt was being a fucking douchebag, he was not biphobic. Kurt is my favorite character to a fault. But I’m not afraid to say he was a straight up douchebag because despite the fact that he’s a fictional character, he’s a representation of real people. People are flawed and people are ignorant, and people are douchebags. The way the episode went, you know he didn’t have a problem with bisexual people, he had a problem with the object of his crush thinking he was bisexual because he thought he was going to be getting the short end of the stick AGAIN. He was a kid in fucking high school, oh my god. I seriously doubt you were politically correct and self aware in high school. So that isn’t a problem in the queer community and I hate that just because a character is gay, everything he or she does has to do with gays/pans/trans*/etc as a whole, because it doesn’t. Because Kurt had some immature feelings because he was an immature boy, doesn’t mean it speaks volumes about a community as a whole.

          • http://twitter.com/CoffeeNFandoms Annemarie

            Then I don’t have a better term if not biphobia, it’s not generic douchebaggery, it’s focused prejudice. Kurt’s behavior rests on the assumption that A) one’s sexuality must be justifiable to a larger consensus B) Bisexual people don’t exist/are just confused
            I *am* in high school, and I know better than to assume that other people’s sexualities are up for inquisition, I know better than to suggest that they’re merely confused and need to ‘choose a side’.

            And actually it does speak volumes about the community. Remember, the queer community as a whole has been stereotyped in so many different ways, that a show with a queer character will be seen as the spokesperson for the community. It’s the sad fact of being in a minority. More to the point, the fact that it hasn’t been addressed, ever, implies that the show is okay with it. The show is basically saying “oh it doesn’t matter if he’s being an absolute asshole, he doesn’t need to change at all”. And I’ve heard quite a few arguments for Glee saying that it’s a great way to help lessen prejudices, but how is it lessening a prejudice when it’s just shifted onto another minority?

          • Jessica

            You realize that queer isn’t another term for gay, right? And it isn’t a generalization for the LGBT community. Queers are their own.

            Kurt isn’t afraid of bisexuals. So, no, it wouldn’t be biphobic. It’s a fucking television show. It’s fiction. Characters aren’t created with the idea that everyone needs to like or agree with them. Good for you. Being in high school and knowing your shit. Do you want a cookie for it? Because you are not Kurt. Kurt is not you. You’re different. You are real. He is not. Calm that blood vessel I can see popping out of your forehead.

            It was a comment he made when he thought the guy he had a thing for was going for someone else. No one believed he was actually being serious. If people want to believe it, and take it to heart like you are, then that’s their problems. The writers and creators of the show owe nothing to you. Most of the cast and crew themselves are heavily involved in the LGBT community. Whether they’re part of it or allies. Just because YOU don’t like the way something is portrayed or YOU don’t like when something is or isn’t explained or YOU can’t use your common sense and realize what actually happened in the scene instead of making it a big thing, then that’s your problem, honey.

            Futhermore; Kurt’s assumptions rest on the fact that he wanted the dick and the dick thought it wanted vagina. Some things aren’t as deep as people trying to be politically correct make them to be. Some thing you ARE allowed to take at face value and I can assure my life got a lot less stressful when I stopped being dumb and offended by everything from a word to a leaf blowing the wrong way.

            The point of this entire thing is to pick who you enjoy shipping more, but everyone and their raggedy ass mother decides they want to make it a political thing. Stop sucking the joy out of ships and television. If you want to pick Destiel (who I DO ship intensely), then do it. If you want to pick Klaine (who I ALSO ship intensely), then fucking D O I T. Shut up because you’re talking out of your ass and just annoying the living daylights out of people trying to give representation to the couples they love. Jfc.

          • http://twitter.com/CoffeeNFandoms Annemarie

            Yes I do know that queer and gay aren’t interchangeable, but what I said before still stands. And sure, Kurt was being another form of a douchebag because he was jealous, whatever, but dismissing it entirely is why it’s such a problem Though in reference to “Bisexual is a term that gay guys in high school use when they want to hold hands with girls and feel like a normal person for a change.” help me see what you see here. I don’t get what isn’t a big thing about these and several other lines like these. What am I misinterpreting.
            Given how the shipping discussion has turned into a discussion on queer representation and possible issues that can arise from either side, which is a pretty huge deal actually, I don’t see why that’s a problem. It’s much needed discussion, regardless of where your ideas lie, If you were annoyed, you didn’t have to respond to me in the first place.

          • Ruby

            I don’t think you understand just how badly Glee shows gay and lesbian relationships. Even queer-baiting is better than how stereotypical and insulting the writing in Glee is.

          • Sickofthisbullshit

            I don’t think you understand how queer baiting is not better than ACTUAL QUEER COUPLES.

          • Red

            Except that none of them are ACTUAL QUEER COUPLES because these are TV shows and everyone here needs to just chill and vote for their beloved ship and see which one has more people supporting, instead of making this into some sort of political thing.

          • Sickofthisbullshit

            You just don’t understand it at all and I’m done talking to you because I’m not going to get it through your head.

          • abi

            I don’t think you understand that Klaine is not representative of each and every queer couple out there. Representation is about dealing with facts and norms and embodying that data and taking it further, discussing real issues, and not just about being canon.

          • http://twitter.com/CoffeeNFandoms Annemarie

            agreed, there’s a reason why I stopped watching. The show completely runs on stereotypes.

          • FD

            Glee was the first primetime show to actually portray a teenage gay couple and give them 4 onscreen kisses. Not to mention that it was a family friendly show. It didn’t hide in the depths of late night television with a big fat viewer discretion warning never to be seen by youth. So don’t sit there making false allegations about a show as if it’s hurting the lgbt community.

          • http://twitter.com/CoffeeNFandoms Annemarie

            It didn’t make everything perfect either. Let’s not even get into Kurt’s biphobia, and the fact that it’s never been addressed. Non stereotypical portrayal of well rounded queer characters is what’s needed.
            It didn’t hurt, but it didn’t help either.

          • Jessica

            This is really, really stupid. Wow.

          • D

            Dean and Castiel are not canonically queer. The portrayal of Kurt and Blaine is non-stereotypical. They aren’t stereotypes just because they’re not hypermasculine; they’re well-rounded individuals who are actually queer. And that doesn’t mean they can never be wrong or flawed, like Kurt’s biphobia. Him being biphobic doesn’t cancel out the fact that he’s gay.

          • http://twitter.com/CoffeeNFandoms Annemarie

            Yes, he’s gay. That’s great, queer representation is wonderful. However it’s also condoning biphobia, a serious problem within the LGBT community. I’m not saying that it cancels out anything, I’m saying that it’s not that much better.
            Forgive me, but how does having the best fashion sense, and being the gay best friend not fit the stereotype of a gay man?

          • D

            Because that’s not all there is to Kurt? He’s a three-dimensional, complex character, not a joke. He has relationships with his dad, his boyfriend, friends, likes fashion, cooking, performing, fixes cars, and played football. Blaine also likes fashion and performing, but he also loves football and boxes, has a relationship with his boyfriend and friends. Just because these characters are into “stereotypical” gay interests does not make them stereotypes. Actual gay men are into fashion and Broadway, you know.

            The show’s biphobia doesn’t change the fact that Kurt and Blaine’s relationship has been important and loved queer representation in mainstream media. Destiel’s has not.

          • http://twitter.com/CoffeeNFandoms Annemarie

            Then I’m wrong, I only remember when I stopped watching that most of the conflict centered around the fact that he was gay, as it was the only thing that defined him at that point.

          • Jessica

            You people keep bringing up biphobia and I’m going to scream. Please learn the definition of what a phobia is.

          • http://twitter.com/CoffeeNFandoms Annemarie

            Definition of biphobia: Biphobia is a term used to describe aversion felt toward bisexuality and bisexuals as a social group or as individuals.

            I would make the case that the terms homophobia and biphobia refer to aversion/discomfort/hatred in whatever degree, not the clinical definition of a phobia according to the DSM.

          • abi

            What about that thing with Naya though

          • klaineforeverkthnxbai

            What thing with Naya? I-

          • abi

            Naya came out right and people I knew who were gay were afterwards very scared to come out. I mean instead of giving them courage at that point in their lives, the show made them feel bad about themselves.

          • klaineforeverkthnxbai

            Oh, you mean Santana? Sorry, it’s confusing if you refer to the character as the actor/actress. I appreciate you may not watch the show, but please try and clarify.

            To be honest, that storyline wasn’t the best-handled in the world (ha. haha.) I mean, the entire fandom was unhappy with that, or most of us, at least.

            The thing is, she didn’t come out. She was outed. Therefore, people she wouldn’t have told did find out.

            I can see why it might have been scary, since she was rejected by her grandmother, but Glee aims to tell the stories of young people, and sadly, that is the story for many young people.

            And there was the storyline with Kurt’s coming out to Burt, and what’s hinted at about Blaine’s coming out to his father. Glee shows many of the reactions that people do have. I guess I’m trying to say that it’s not representative of everyone, but it is representative of some.

            I really hope the people you know are feeling better about themselves now. As ever, I say of coming out: do it when you’re ready, not a moment sooner.

          • Marbles

            *raises hand* Um, Willow and Tara, from Buffy. They kiss way more than four times, and I think that that was a far better representation of a gay relationship. Their sexualities didn’t define them. They were just in love and in a relationship that had the same problem as everyone else’s.

          • http://twitter.com/CoffeeNFandoms Annemarie


          • Jessica

            Buffy had some explicit(ish) sex scenes and was geared towards a more mature audience. Willow and Tara were also NOT teens.

          • Marbles

            They were when they got together. Freshman year of college. So, 18 or 19.

          • Joyfulgleeker

            How exactly is it bad? IN MY OPINION, they wrote their story passionately and portrayed a gay couple very NICELY. Also, Glee is amazing so hush.

          • http://twitter.com/LordMoltiVolt Marco Piazzo

            Nicely? Yeah, so nice that Blaine calls all the shots and makes Kurt feel like SHIT if he so much as breathes when Blaine doesn’t want him to (Dance With Somebody).

          • klaineforeverkthnxbai

            Blaine asked Kurt if he was alright with him auditioning for Tony. Just one example of how Blaine doesn’t call the shots.
            And excuse you, Kurt flirted with another guy, Blaine was upset and expressed this, Kurt didn’t say sorry, and then they made up.
            Kurt didn’t feel like shit. Kurt was upset and didn’t understand why Blaine was so upset.

            And you make it sound as if they’re in an abusive relationship? Please research abusive relationships for me, thanks.

          • http://twitter.com/LordMoltiVolt Marco Piazzo

            Um, did we forget that Blaine made up all that shit because basically he felt Kurt talked too much about his future and he was pissy, so he became cold and distant, not to mention meeting Sebastian BEHIND KURT’S BACK. Blaine’s all-out attack on Kurt was basicallly him realizing that he didn’t have control of Kurt. And you don’t call Kurt singing ‘I Have Nothing’ to Blaine apologizing? Let us not forget that Blaine turned all of Kurt’s (hypocritical douches) friends against him just because of that.

          • klaineforeverkthnxbai

            1) Blaine felt that Kurt was drifting away from him. He didn’t make that up. I’m sorry, but I know exactly how that feels, and his reaction – pushing Kurt away from him – makes sense to me. I do push people away if I feel they’ve begun to stop caring.

            2) Sebastian was a friend to him, he made it clear to Sebastian that he had a boyfriend, so it was perfectly fine, and he actually met ‘behind Kurt’s back’ with him ONCE, as friends, before Kurt met him (well, he met him at that time).
            3) Blaine didn’t attack Kurt, unless you mean It’s Not Right But It’s Okay, in which case I’d respond that he sang a song to show he felt hurt. That’s not attacking. The members of the Glee club do it all the time (Gives You Hell, for example) as a way of expressing themselves, because they’re musical and it’s how they DO express themselves.

            4) Blaine sang that song because he felt hurt.
            5) Fine, if you want to call that an apology, but Kurt made it VERY CLEAR in the office scene that he felt he’d done no wrong.

            6) They were maybe horrified for 5 minutes. Straight afterwards, everyone seemed to be perfectly fine with him.

            7) Rachel was actually on Blaine’s side when all she knew was what Kurt had told her! Blaine hadn’t said a WORD to her, Blaine didn’t even know anything at that point, and she told Kurt what he was doing was wrong.
            Maybe that’s hypocritical of her (and of everyone, except Artie, who is in fact totally guilt-free when it comes to cheating. and Rory, Sugar and Joe, too) but she wasn’t ‘turned against Kurt’ she used her morals to decide how she felt.

          • D

            I don’t know what relationship you’re talking about because this comment does not resemble Kurt and Blaine at all, or what happened in Dance With Somebody.

          • http://twitter.com/LordMoltiVolt Marco Piazzo

            Am I the only one who remembers that Blaine shamed Kurt with all of his friends because, at the root of it, apparently Kurt talked too much about his future?

          • klaineforeverkthnxbai

            obviously you’ve never ever felt like you’re being slowly abandoned.

            yay for you.

          • klaineforeverkthnxbai

            Klaine’s relationship isn’t stereotypical. I’m sorry, but I don’t see how it is, at all.

          • yesye

            GOD BLESS YOUR SOUL.

          • Jan

            (They’ve been making Blaine awful since 2×06, sorry to burst your bubble)

          • klaineforeverkthnxbai

            your hate makes me stronger.

          • so much tumblr

            DESTIEL IS SO CANON..

          • kay

            Dean and Cas having a profound, emotional and loving bond is canon, what is fandom is them finishing that off with hot and angsty sex.

          • Meg

            Hate to break it to you, but so is Destiel.

          • Emily

            Destiel IS canon.

          • Itzel

            Lol but klaine isn’t canon at least NOT ANYMORE!

          • lol

            seems like you don’t understand the meaning of “canon.” once a couple hooks up on a show, they ARE canon, regardless whether they break up or stay together.

          • D

            Yeah, they are. Once you’re canon, you always are, even if you’re broken up. Puckleberry is canon because it happened in canon.

          • Jessica

            Honey, that’s not what canon means. It happened canonically, it’s still canon that it happened. Just because they’re broken up doesn’t mean the fact that they’ve been together has been wiped from the Glee ‘verse. Their relationship is still canon.

          • Susan

            not anymore lol
            last time i checked they were broken up
            because, you know, BLAINE CHEATED

          • Blaine

            I didn’t want to cheat on Kurt, it was a mistake and I’m really sorry for what I did, I’m feeling sick only thinking on it. But I have this little hope on gaining Kurt’s trust again some day. And I’ll always love him. So my vote is for us, I love you Kurt, you’re the only person that I’ve been looking for and I hope that someday you could forgive me. I love you my baby penguin.

          • http://twitter.com/LordMoltiVolt Marco Piazzo

            Um, did you remember you blamed him? You got drunk and tried to rape him, and you blamed him for that too? You got his friends, his ONLY friends, to turn on him, you hypocrite SOB, and you blamed him for THAT, too? GTFO.

          • klaineforeverkthnxbai

            1) Calling it attempted rape is incredibly insulting to people who actually have been raped/sexually assaulted. Blaine was drunk and thought Kurt wanted it because of what they’d discussed earlier. That doesn’t excuse his actions. But he STOPPED the minute Kurt’s playful “no”‘s turned into actual “no”‘s, and he was sorry afterwards, though he may have been a dick about it in the moment (when drunk, so…)
            2) Kurt’s friends were maybe upset with Kurt for 5 minutes. They have all cheated, anyway, so I’m pretty sure they forgave him for that. And judging by how they were all friends with him afterwards, uh, I don’t see anyone turning on him? At all? Anyway, if you remember correctly, Rachel was actually upset with Kurt for what he did BEFORE Blaine even knew what was happening. She told him it was wrong. Blaine and Kurt made up, nobody was angry with Kurt after that (unless you’re watching the OTHER Glee, which so many people seem to have found. I dunno, I must avoid watching this other Glee, it sounds so awful).
            3) Kurt is never blamed for anything in Glee. Blaine may have half-blamed him in 4×04, and you know what? Kurt was in the wrong, too. It doesn’t excuse Blaine’s cheating by a long way! But Kurt wasn’t paying enough attention to his boyfriend. And frankly, the way Kurt is never called out for ANYTHING (being disrespectful to his father in BIOTA, his biphobia in Sexy, etc) is one of the most awful things about Glee. Everything is blamed on somebody else, or his actions are just brushed under a rug. (this isn’t an attack on Kurt, more on the writers, and this is a huge tangent so I’ll stop)

          • klainepls

            i agree with everything you said but kurt being biphobic. how was he shown being biphobic?

          • D

            He basically said bisexual people didn’t exist and that people who say they’re bisexual are just gay people trying to stay in the closet. But I think the reason he was never called out on that is because the writers themselves are biphobic.

          • klaineforeverkthnxbai

            Oh, when Blaine thought he was bisexual, and he made the comment about bisexual being what gay men identify as when they’re too scared to come out or something similar? Maybe he only said it in the heat of the moment, but they never returned to that or actually wrote him apologising for it. The writers just didn’t show it as a bad thing, at all. And then Blaine was proven not to be gay, proving Kurt right. :/

          • D

            You’re full of crap and all of your claims are false.

          • klaineforeverkthnxbai

            You guys will get back together! You’re meant to be!

          • lol

            lol who cares if klaine is canon, why should that even be a selling point for ships wow

          • Poo

            Actually they broke up so they no longer are. I’m still voting Klaine, I jut wanted to point it out.

          • mufasa

            Destiel is canon, the writers said so. They’re not in a relationship but they do have romantic feelings for one another.

          • klaineforeverkthnxbai

            canon means it happened on-screen, and since it hasn’t even been acknowledged properly on-screen…

          • http://twitter.com/GreatPretending Sydni Maxine

            Not anymore

          • SadieYuki

            WAS canon

          • Kbe

            Not anymore, now you’re in the fanon part

          • hasjdsh

            not anymore asshat

          • http://twitter.com/LucyWallis_Ev Lucy Wallis

            “Just because it’s unspoken doesn’t mean it’s not there” – Misha Collins

          • Emily

            Who says destiel isn’t canon. They just choose not to show off for the cameras >:(

          • Ev42

            This, imo, is the least relevant argument in a shipping war. A fanon ship is just as legit and can be just as good as a canon one.

          • oatmeal

            You know what? Destiel’d be canonized if a half of all the Supernatural fans weren’t homophobes! It’s not just fair.
            But I still don’t truly see a difference between canon and fanon.

          • destieler

            Destiel is canon in a fabulously subtle way. Their love transcends the need for over the top declarations. So sit down and hush

        • Kay

          Too Soon

          • http://twitter.com/NatashaPeartree Natasha Pereira


        • klaineforeverkthnxbai

          Because he thought he was losing him, and which he’s suffering for and feels incredibly guilty for.

        • Amy

          And Dean asked Death to kill Cas. I think that’s a little bit worse don’t you?

          • Friendly Reminders

            Cas wasn’t Cas at that point, he was God. Shit Godstiel pulled:
            1) Threatened to kill Dean/Sam/Bobby if they did not worship him
            2) Killed all of Raphael’s followers
            3) Killed a preacher
            3) Slaughtered an entire political office
            And you don’t think Dean might have had a point?

          • Amy

            What I think is that every couple or friendship that have been featured in this poll have had their own share or subpar writing. Murphy didn’t give a shit about Blaine’s character when he had him ‘cheat’ just like Sera didn’t give a shit about Cas or Destiel for most of season 6 and 7. So I find it quite a bit hypocrital when someone disses one contestant like that when the other has had its moments of awful writing as well. And I said this as a both a Klaine and Destiel shipper.

          • H

            Preach. The writers fucking up is besides the point in both cases. It’s sad when fandom better understands the character/ship than the writers.

          • http://twitter.com/CoffeeNFandoms Annemarie

            actually, I think Sera in season seven did pretty amazingly with Destiel. Because even though Cas wasn’t there, the entire season focused on Dean’s grief over losing cas. Remember, Dean has been through the apocalypse and hell, but what gives him nightmares? Cas’s betrayal and death. Dean knows what his grief looks like, he’s been through it often enough, but he doesn’t understand why he feels so bad about Castiel, since this pain is different. This is consistent with Dean’s character, as he doesn’t process his emotions.

            If you watch Repo Man, Jeffery’s behavior before turning into a serial killer mirror’s Dean’s throughout season seven, implication of suicidal behavior (when Sam asks Dean that he doesn’t get himself killed and dean says ‘yeah whatever’ like his life isn’t important)/alcoholism/ unfulfilling sex with the amazon (here’s a great analysis, not my work, http://flutiebear.tumblr.com/post/24536549628/good-sex-scenes-should-be-hot-great-sex-scenes). The entire plot of Repo Man, that of grief and lost love, and the underlying fear that maybe the other person didn’t reciprocate (when the demon returns but doesn’t love Jeffery like Jeffery loves him), which mirrors Dean’s own behavior.
            So yeah, season seven establishes it pretty well. I’d love to discuss it with you.

          • http://twitter.com/Emmcruz17 Mimi

            Thats only because Cass was high on playing god.

          • PadAckles4ever

            Its all out of good nature. Cas was becoming something he couldnt handle. Dean wanted to make sure Castiel wouldnt hurt himself, by killing him Cas and others wouldnt get hurt.

          • Samsquatch

            Killing someone for their own good, out of mercy, that’s one hell of an epic love.

          • Amy

            But the way it was played was truly awful. Dean was so cold about it and he kept insisting for Death to kill him, even in the state of mind that he was in Cas seemed surprised and hurt. Anyway I’d rather focus on season gr8 and leave all that shit behind.

          • KDestielWins

            Season eight is still having cold moments between Cas and Dean.

          • lynn

            If you look at Castiel now and then (season 4) he looks very different. He’s been through a lot, and Dean had also been through a lot. Castiel proclaimed himself God and for his own good, Dean asked Death to kill him. If Castiel becomes too powerful, he might destroy Earth and himself.

          • kay

            Yes Dean asked Death to kill Cas – because he was infused with the millions of souls of monsters of Purgatory and was slaughtering innocent people, your point? I can support my ship without knocking another ship, people love who they love, that’s what fandom is, you can’t do it wrong.

        • Justine Cameron

          Cas betrayed Dean and freed the leviathans

        • KlaineLover<3

          it doesn’t matter if he cheated or not? That’s in an normal relationship either? just vote who you wanna vote and keep your rude comments to yourself

        • Dori

          too soon! you are a heartless person, lady.

      • http://twitter.com/LordMoltiVolt Marco Piazzo

        Hardly. His advice would’ve gotten him into the HOSPITAL if Karofsky was just slightly more inclined to use his fists. That’s for starters; then do we forget Blaine got inebriated and tried to RAPE Kurt? That he SHAMED Kurt? That he CHEATED on him because he wasn’t there to cater to Blaine’s every whim? And in ALL of those occasions, what did he say to Kurt’s face? Basically variations of ‘It’s your fault’.

        • klaineforeverkthnxbai

          Oh, right, like Blaine’s supposed to know that Karofsky’s a psycho?

          And yet again, I’ll request that you don’t refer to it as rape. (at the most, you could call it sexual assault, but that’s a stretch). And he didn’t blame Kurt, he apologised.

          When did he shame Kurt? I’m intrigued.
          He BLAMED HIMSELF for cheating. Just because, in the heat of the moment, he half-blamed Kurt, doesn’t mean he DOES blame him. And to be honest? Kurt was being a lame boyfriend. My friend is pretty much in Kurt’s situation and she’s being a kind of lame girlfriend, too. The other day I was on the phone to her girlfriend, who was feeling so lonely and abandoned I texted my friend to tell her to ring her girlfriend immediately. I’m not saying Kurt is TO BLAME. I’m saying he did mess up.

          • http://www.facebook.com/jana.ana.395 Jana Ana

            It was sexual assault, he didn´t even apologised for that he apologised for dancing with Sebastian and only after Kurt seeked him out and apologised first and he didn´t stop when Kurt said no, he said it three times and Blaine continued until Kurt ripped himself out of his hands, and Kurt looks weaker than Blaine, what would happend if he didn´t find a stenght to do so or if he was on the bottom? And I think anyone with new work as asistent can say how crazy ´working shedule is the first half a year until you find some good system in managing your time. And most partners understand this, at least the mature ones.

          • sister please

            “ripped himself out of his hands” did you even watch the episode

          • klaineforeverkthnxbai

            Calling it sexual assault is genuinely insulting to people who have been sexually assaulted. He was saying ‘no’ playfully, and when he actually said it and meant it Blaine stopped. And, uh, Kurt is not weaker than Blaine. Some People? He has a lot of upper body strength.

            To be honest, you can see that Kurt didn’t feel it was sexual assault. He didn’t even consider it as that, and I wouldn’t either in his situation (your boyfriend is drunk and tries to have sex with you, but backs off when you say no. I’d consider that not acceptable, but also definitely not sexual assault). He actually asked Blaine to have sex with him a few days later. I mean, he really didn’t consider it sexual assault in any way. He trusts and loves Blaine.

            He hung up on Blaine to listen to GOSSIP. He said so. That’s not work. And he ignored his call, and it insinuated he’d done it more than once.

            Look, feeling lonely and feeling like your partner doesn’t care for you any more is the worst feeling in the world (or one of them). It doesn’t excuse what Blaine did, but I can see why he did do it.

            They’re kids. Maybe they’re 18, but still… that’s young. They’re teenagers. And you expect them to be mature and adult? They can’t be mature and adult all the time! Heck, most adults aren’t mature and adult all the time.

          • stfu

            “kurt ripped himself out of his hands” LMAOOOOO. in that scene, kurt had complete control of the situation where he’s on top of blaine the entire time. if blaine had been the one to pin him down and be on top of him then come and argue to me about “sexual assault.”

            also, blaine did stop touching kurt below the waist after kurt said no/stop. well, he was being a dick by still trying to verbally persuade kurt to do it, but it’s not sexual assault and stfu because you are dismissing actual sexual assault victims’ experiences by claiming it as such.

          • a klainer to another klainer

            no. even calling it sexual assault is factually wrong. sexual assault IS rape. and ” (at the most, you could call it sexual assault, but that’s a stretch). is not acceptable either.

          • klaineforeverkthnxbai

            Rape =/= sexual assault. Rape is a type of sexual assault.

            And I know it’s not sexual assault, I guess I phrased it wrong, but I meant that if they wanted to use the correct term for what they THINK happened (i.e. Blaine making a move on Kurt when he didn’t want it, and Kurt refusing him several times before Blaine finally backed off, which isn’t accurate but it’s what a lot of anti-Blainers seem to think happened) then it’d be called sexual assault, not rape.

            I don’t think they should call it sexual assault OR rape. I really was just trying to explain to them that what they think happened isn’t rape (or attempted rape).

            It’d be best if they didn’t call it either, of course, and actually bothered to watch that scene in the episode again…

            Sorry if I upset you in any way! I promise you I don’t think what happened WAS sexual assault. But some people are under the delusion that that’s what happened. :/

        • ab

          girl what show are you watching.
          1) blaine never raped kurt his hands didn’t touch below his waist which was established kurt said early on in the show was okay and consensual. kurt was on top of blaine /he/ is the one who waited to hear what blaine had to say and left the car and when kurt finally put his foot down blaine stopped and listened to him.

          2) it wasn’t that he “wasn’t there to cater to Blaine’s every whim” both were at fault in this situation. kurt openly said he didn’t want to talk to blaine to GOSSIP yeah what blaine did was worse but seriously acting like blaine was irrational here is DUMB because he is a TEENAGER yeah in a perfect relationship there is no temptations but they are portraying REAL relationships that are in long distance. his boyfriend is ignoring him, and he’s an eighteen year old boy like put yourself in that situation and then try to act like blaine is a villain. acting like he is satan is stupid and close minded.

          3) when the hell did blaine shame kurt ? ?????????? wha??? what???????

          4) after every argument they’ve had blaine has apologized to kurt??? like??? what are you saying???

          • Marley Rose

            The shaming that’s being referred to is probably the whole “Chandler” situation where Blaine said Kurt was cheating on him and then sang about in front of the entire Glee club. This is of course despite the fact that Blaine was doing the same thing with Sebastian (and Blaine’s whole line on how those texts were “family-friendly” is total crap…I mean, are phrases that Sebastian has said like Blaine being “sex on a stick” family-friendly? And knowing Sebastian his texts wouldn’t be much different)…and unlike the Chandler situation, in which Kurt stopped texting Chandler when Blaine asked him to stop, Blaine continued contacting Sebastian despite Kurt clearly wanting him to stop (until 3×11 that is which is b/c of the whole slushie situation, not because of what Kurt wanted). So long story short, if Kurt does something Blaine states is bad Kurt is clearly in the wrong, but if Blaine does the same thing (or worse), it’s okay, b/c it’s Blainers and he can do no wrong!

        • D

          Actually, aside from all the ways you’re telling lies, Blaine has apologized to Kurt on several occasions, and Kurt has never apologized to Blaine. Ever.

        • pirates are insane

          omfg you are absolutely delusional. have no idea what show you are watching tbh. or have you been reading too many kurtofsky fanfics that twisted canon facts to demonise blaine lol.

          firstly, it’s not sexual assault. take a fucking step back from the internet before throwing such a serious accusation around, because you are actually insulting and demeaning actual sexual assault victims who have been through that experience before and is actually, you know, dismissive to them when you claim the car scene is a sexual assault when we all know it’s NOT.

          and before you go any further, let’s not forget “when’s the last time you made me feel special?” if by your argument, that means kurt was blaming blaine too in dws – when in actual fact he was trying to justify to himself what he did, just like what blaine did in tbu. mind you, both were being douchey to their significant others at both occasions, but don’t exercise this double standard, please.

      • disqus_bg9bzX924L

        Castiel fought his way through hell, rebelled against heaven, died, died again, died another time, and forced himself to stay alone in Purgatory all to protect Dean.

    • klaineforeverkthnxbai

      Um, because they’re wholly different shows? If they were actually in Supernatural, who knows? :)

    • k


    • http://www.facebook.com/people/MrDick-Grayson/100001035355708 MrDick Grayson

      I feel like that should be on a shirt.

    • klainepls

      of course he mother fucking didn’t cause they’re on a fucking show about a high school choir. like oh my fuck i don’t understand you people.

      • Klainer

        Thank you for being so accurate. This is the best comment.

      • lucy

        hey. psst. that was a pun from the show. i am both a klainer and a destiel shipper and the fandom responses were so disrespectful that i voted for destiel. seriously. calm your shit.

        • klainepls

          sorry but i was tired of everyone pulling stuff like this. i couldn’t tell if you were serious or not since most people here are. and if it means anything i was joking anyways… like not about the shows being totally different that you can’t compare it that way but to the fact that i said it in rage. that part was done jokingly.

          • Gina

            Yeah, it really seemed like it. >__>

      • Aiicyla

        As a Destiel shipper I wholeheartedly agree, that comparison is ridiculous.

    • donuts

      just so you know your comment made my day

    • steee


    • persefone


      • disqus_bg9bzX924L

        No, probably because I would like to think that sacrificing everything you have for someone and doing absolutely everything you can to ensure their safety including forcing yourself to be alone in the most terrifying place you could possibly think of is a little bit more important than dancing.

        • klaineforeverkthnxbai

          it’s a joke wow touchy much

    • samantha

      how about we all just get along..don’t see why that is hard…

    • bitchplease

      open your eyes, fangirl

    • Sumaiya

      no he didnt . Cas raised Dean from PERDITION :)

    • LILY


    • ThankGodric

      I thought it was funny :D

    • Alchemy

      Oh my goodness I am dying oh lord!!!!!!! I agree though,Tumblr! Destiel is waaaaaay better than a choir getting all feely touchy,because Glee is nothing but singing and it sucks.Supernatural has an actual plot line,twists,and turns and they come back better than the season before,so yeah,Destiel will live one because Dean and Cas have a profound bond and their relationship actually means SOMETHING.Dean and Cas are my heart and so is Sam.Aww heck,all of them are.Supernatural has been compelling and Glee has been nothing but crap.So yeah,Destiel all the way!

      • klaineforeverkthnxbai

        “Glee is nothing but singing”
        Real life, hard shit that most people in the world have gone through.
        vs hunters who fight mythical creatures.

        I like Supernatural, but… Glee is relatable, touching, and it means a hell of a lot to a lot of people.
        I get that Supernatural is good.
        I just don’t see how “Glee is nothing but singing” when it clearly isn’t.

    • Cking

      no but we won!!

  • Ana

    I actually don’t care who wins anymore because all four ships that are competing are my OTPs. Lol.

  • Shade

    Destiel for me, please.

  • http://twitter.com/bernardth .veelox

    i can’t vote, and couldn’t on sterek vs delena. even if i refresh the page

    • http://twitter.com/peciitis Krista

      Try using a different browser. For me, at first it didn’t work on google chrome, so I used mozilla and it worked there. Other people say it lets them vote on Internet Explorer, so you can try that one, too.

  • CP

    For some reason I can’t vote. But if I could I’d vote Destiel all the way. Really their bond is so much more profound than pretty much any other one you can think of! Just watch the show and you’ll see…

    • des

      The same is happening to me!!! I want to vote and I don’t even get the button!! Urgh! I want to vote for Destiel!! x(

      • http://www.facebook.com/rae.tabor Pkmn Trainer Black

        Have you tried refreshing multiple times? I had to, like, five times before it would let me vote last night.

      • mirrirr

        If it won’t let you vote, try Explorer. I didn’t get it to work on Firefox first.

  • Carli

    Destiel for the win. Their love is legendary

  • destiel ftw

    Destiel is my life, we can’t loose this like we did to Sterek in the AfterElton poll. This ship sails itself, and there is no was to deny that Dean and Cas are in love. Plus the actors (specifically, Misha) are some of the biggest Destiel shippers!

  • Kat

    Klaine has my vote. Come on boys!

  • ManicThrifts

    Destiel, because-
    - “You’ve got me confused with the other angel- the one in the dirty trenchcoat who’s in love with you?”

    - “He was your boyfriend first.”
    - “Dean, I do everything that you ask. I always come when you call. And I am your friend, still, despite your lack of faith in me and now your threats. I just saved you yet again. Has anyone but your closest kin ever done more for you?”
    - “There are two things I know for certain. One: Bert and Ernie are gay; two: you are not gonna die a virgin, not on my watch.”
    - “So, what — I’m Thelma and you’re Louise, and we’re just gonna hold hands and sail off this cliff together?”
    And many, many more.

  • Andrea

    I don’t even watch SN, but I sincerely hope that other ship (may it sink) where one has sexually assaulted and been a douchebag in general towards the other won’t win… otherwise this is nothing but a joke (it’s already laughable that they beat Merthur…)

    • KiVi

      What? Sexually assaulted? What the hell are you talking about?

      • Andrea

        once upon a night… in a parking lot…

        • ab

          …a boy did not sexually assault his boyfriend.

          • klaineforeverkthnxbai

            Perfect comment is perfect. Best comeback ever.

    • http://twitter.com/Safuza Vukwanrik

      I wouldn’t call it sexual assault per say. Blaine was under false delusions thinking that Kurt wanted to go further because of the talk they had earlier, and the alcohol slowed his thought process down. He stopped after his brain caught up with his actions. It’s still entirely his fault. But sexual assault is a little harsh.

      (And can we PLEASE keep the mudslinging to a minimum?)

    • Katrina

      From someone who has ACTUALLY been sexually assaulted, I would really think about what you say before you speak. What Blaine did to Kurt was not sexual assault in ANY sense of the word. To imply that is insulting to people who actually have been. You are entitled to your opinion on the ship, go right on ahead and hate klaine, but don’t you dare make such horrible accusations

      • klaineforeverkthnxbai

        Thank you. I agree wholly.

    • sigh

      You need to take a step back from the internet before going around making such accusations that are NOT even true and frankly? Very insulting and demeaning to people who HAVE been sexually assaulted before. Hate on the ship all you want, but don’t make accusations that are not only even not true, but triggering to people who have gone through that before. Grow up.

  • Alicia

    I like Klaine, but come on guys. Destiel have just been through so much more together, and they have a profound bond which Klaine don’t. And with all due respect to Klaine, Destiel aren’t in a canon relationship and they have proven their love for each other more than Klaine.

  • Ash

    Destiel! How are they falling behind? This is not acceptable.

  • blah

    ew klaine is gross

  • Charlii

    On screen and off screen romance= DESTIEL

  • Kelly

    I’m gonna be honest, if I watched Supernatural I would most likely vote for Destiel, but I don’t. So Klaine has my vote!

    • Tyler

      Why don’t you watch Supernatural? That is a bad life choice! I hope you’re considering changing your ways. :P

  • Seraphina

    I gripped you tight and raised from perdition, or we aren’t even together anymore?

  • Maddie Hatter

    So Destiel has climbed 10% in the last couple hours… come on, guys, keep it up, I believe in us!

  • Siahposh

    Destiel forever asdkdhytfvcjcslmpotxm,tken!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/mrs.emi.lovett María Emilia

    Castiel went to Hell to rescue Dean. Castiel left Heaven for Dean. Castiel killed his angels brothers to save Dean. Castiel died for Dean. Castiel is all Dean has in the 2014 verse. Castiel is Dean’s best friend. Dean rather have Cas than anything else. Dean looked for Castiel in Purgatory for months because he needs him. Castiel is the most important person in Dean0s life apart from his brother Sam. Castiel is more devoted to Dean and even his father God.

    Do I need to continue?? I seriously think both couples cannot be compared.

    • Ann

      The shows aren’t about the same things. Glee does not deal with supernatural stuff, heaven, hell, angels, god. Kurt doesn’t even believe in god or the after life. So it’s not a fair comparison anyway. It has been strongly implied that meeting Blaine helped to save Kurt’s life, so within a more realistic universe, I think that’s pretty important.
      And Klaine is/was/will be again an actual couple.

      • http://twitter.com/LucyWallis_Ev Lucy Wallis

        I’m guessing by ‘actual couple’ you mean canon. That in NO WAY makes Klaine better than the two who would, and have, sacrificed everything for one another

  • Sam

    Oh no, why are we behind? Let’s grip Destiel tight and raise them from perdition!

  • Damn

    I fuckin’ hate these stupid polls! Can’t imagine these sites another way to get clicks than lure all the shippers here with such a poll?

    • Tyler

      If you don’t like it, then don’t come to the site. No one’s forcing you to click. A lot of us are having fun with this, and your negativity is neither needed nor wanted here, thanks.

  • Guest

    I like Klaine, I really do, but honestly, I’ve seen a non-canon pairing so canon as Destiel. Their relation is beyond words, for those who don’t know for whom to vote, watch this. If you still got doubts after this then I can’t save you ^^

    • http://twitter.com/Safuza Vukwanrik

      Which is exactly why I have issues with Destiel battling it out against a couple who is already canonally gay. If things happen i the future for Destiel, good on then, but for now, voting Destiel against an already canonally gay couple is queer-baiting.

      • kay

        The poll is about how fans view the relationship between characters, canon or not. It’s what compels you and attracts you, there’s no doing it wrong. You can reason your ship politically, but it’s still a personal opinion.

      • http://www.facebook.com/rae.tabor Pkmn Trainer Black

        Destiel is *not queerbaiting*. Destiel is *subtext*. There is a *difference*.

        Since season 4, there have been an increasing number of hints that Dean is bisexual. Dean explicitly states he “needs” Cas–obviously on an emotional level–and tears apart purgatory in order to find a guy who is effectively a neon sign for monsters. Showrunners have stated that the relationship will be addressed this season. Misha, the actor who plays Castiel, has stated point blank that there’s a lot of love going on there.

        Whether or not the *characters* recognize it is another deal entirely, since neither of them have had a relationship based on feelings toward an actual person rather than the idea of one.

        Queerbaiting does not mean what you think it does.

  • Sofia

    I like Klaine, I really do, but honestly, I’ve never* seen a non-canon pairing
    so canon as Destiel. Their relation is beyond words, for those who don’t
    know for whom to vote, watch this. If you still got doubts after this
    then I can’t save you ^^

    (sorry, I forgot the “never” ^^)

    • Samsquatch

      And they’re nearly canon, anyway. Eric Kripke basically ships them, so… they’re pretty damn awesome <3

      • kate

        It’s sad and frustrating when the creator of a show isn’t willing to take the “gay” risk. Destiel will never be a canon fully romantic/sexual relationship. Subtext and innuendo are almost insulting because it’s saying “we know you want it, but you’ll never ACTUALLY get it”

        • kay

          It’s not ‘sad and frustrating at all’ SPN is a show about two brothers who hunt the supernatural. Cas came along in season four as a minor character, if not for the fans, Cas wouldn’t be in the show and there wouldn’t be a Cas-Dean ship, to the point that the showrunners are now making room for it in their stories. That’s the power of fandom. Dean Winchester is a man who identifies as straight, but his great romance is with an angel in a male vessel.

          • Carl

            Pretty much, yes. I don’t know if people outside of the fandom know just how cavalierly the show has treated Cas, and his relationship with Dean, and just his character in general, and how big fan reaction has been in fighting some of these changes. Fan reaction to their relationship was instant and has persevered through some of the most insane writing ever, because all you have to do is look at them and you feel something. Even most people who don’t ship them see the bond and the love, just in another form. 5 years of this, on a show where most relationships have lasted a season, at best.

  • j

    so nice that once again a canon relationship is pitted against a queerbaiting fanon one. way to go, hypable.

    • Ann

      Vote actual couple over queer bait every time.

    • Tyler

      Just because Klaine is a canon couple in the sense that they’ve kissed on screen doesn’t mean that Destiel is necessarily “queerbaiting”. There are many more types of relationships than just physical, obvious ones. Yes, Dean and Castiel aren’t “boyfriends”, and may never be, but does that make their bond any less profound? I don’t think so. They need each other, they care for each other, and that’s been established in canon, by the writers, and by the actors. They’re family, and that’s not fanon. :)

      • http://twitter.com/Safuza Vukwanrik

        That’s still queer-baiting. That implies that the writers can show hints to a relationship without following through on the relationship, and the fans will still eat it up. W hy make gay characters, when you can heavily imply

        • Tyler

          I would disagree that all these ships are clearly meant to be taken romantically. Above, they said it’s all about the chemistry between two characters, not which ones you’d like to see get it on. There’s no denying that Dean and Cas have chemistry in spades, however you interpret it. As for the rest, uh, I’m just gonna copypasta what I said to a similar response, since I would basically say the same thing here. Hope you don’t mind:

          They are in love. Like I said, just because they have no physical validation doesn’t make that not so. They’ve made little comments here and there on the show, but they’ve never actually made fun of the relationship itself. Season 8 has had some very serious, poignant moments between the two of them so far – in fact, the showrunner has promised some resolutions between the two of them this season. All jokes aside, both Dean and Cas have had some fantastic character development worthy of any relationship. The fact that they’re not TOGETHER together doesn’t mean that they never will be, or that physical validation is the end-all be-all for their relationship. In fact, we won’t know anything for sure until the show is over (look how long it took Sculder and Mully to get together, for example). But the show has shown itself to be friendly to LGBT characters, as well as leaving things open to the interpretation of the fans, like Dean’s supposed bisexuality. The actors and the writers openly discuss such things with fans, and are more open about it than I’ve seen in some other fandoms. That means that there’s room to make our opinions heard, that what we say matters, which is why I don’t think they’re simply baiting us.

          • http://twitter.com/Safuza Vukwanrik

            If they are going for a buildup in their romantic relationship, then that needs to be CLEARLY stated. In Klaine’s build to their relationship for instance, we KNEW of their sexual orientation beforehand. We KNEW that there was a budding companionship that could or could not lead to something. We SAW their journey from acquaintances, to friends, to best friends, to lovers. Their relationship was never at a standstill. It LED somewhere.

            If Destiel is to be canon, the writers need to stop pussyfooting around and OWN UP to their relationship. Otherwise, it remains queerbaiting.

      • Penelope

        That is queer-baiting. What you just described is queer-baiting. Making little hints at a gay relationship with winks and nudges and tee-hees while not actually taking the gay-ness seriously. That is what queer-baiting is. If it was just a strong bond between two men it would be fine but they constantly throw out little jokes here and there about them being in love without following through and that makes it queer-baiting.

        • Carl

          They had a handful of jokes, which I agree sucked. They’ve stopped that this season. If you look at the characters this season, it’s become a much more serious study – they even had scenes which many fans interpreted as a “makeover” type moment where Castiel had showered, shaved, and gotten into his clean clothes, and Dean looked like he was in awe, and had to adjust how he was sitting. If ever a moment would have led to a cheap gay joke, it was this one. It never happened. Whether this will lead to canon is something I’m not expecting, but any love between the characters is now far from a joke, it’s an integral part of the story.

        • Tyler

          They are in love. Like I said, just because they have no physical validation doesn’t make that not so. They’ve made little comments here and there on the show, but they’ve never actually made fun of the relationship itself. Season 8 has had some very serious, poignant moments between the two of them so far – in fact, the showrunner has promised some resolutions between the two of them this season. All jokes aside, both Dean and Cas have had some fantastic character development worthy of any relationship. The fact that they’re not TOGETHER together doesn’t mean that they never will be, or that physical validation is the end-all be-all for their relationship. In fact, we won’t know anything for sure until the show is over (look how long it took Sculder and Mully to get together, for example). But the show has shown itself to be friendly to LGBT characters, as well as leaving things open to the interpretation of the fans, like Dean’s supposed bisexuality. The actors and the writers openly discuss such things with fans, and are more open about it than I’ve seen in some other fandoms. That means that there’s room to make our opinions heard, that what we say matters, which is why I don’t think they’re simply baiting us.

    • Melody

      Honestly, this argument is stupid. First of all, this isn’t Hyeable’s decisions, it’s from fan voting. Secondly, the whole idea that “canon” pairings are somehow better than “non-canon” pairings (even if they are queerbaiting) is ridiculous. In fact, I’m a fan of both Supernatural and Glee, but I prefer Destiel much more to Klaine. Why? Because Destiel is a much healthier relationship than Klaine. Despite being “canon”, Klaine has cheated (once officially, three times if you include Blaine’s “texting” definition in which Chandler for Kurt and Sebastian for Blaine would be included), tried to force to have sex (2×05), blamed the non-cheating party for his cheating (3×04), and much, much more. Destiel is so loyal- so much more than Klaine, at least. Call it queerbaiting all you want, but Destiel still has a better and healthier relationship than Klaine, so that’s who I’m voting for.

    • Red

      Now, what’s the point of this tournament? Oh, yes. It’s not to have petty arguments about which pairing has a deeper love, or which has a canon relationship or whatever. All it is is a faceoff to see which *has MORE SUPPORT*. And that’s it! If Klaine has a more shallow relationship or has cheated on each other, and yet still has more support- fine. If Destiel is fanon or queerbaiting, and yet still has more support- fine. It doesn’t matter in this particular situation, and it’s certainly not Hypable’s fault. I think you’re all just seeing the point of this tournament as a leettle bit larger than it really is. :)

    • Alex

      Are you scared, j?

  • http://twitter.com/SarahJaneWeirdo Purple Dinosaur

    Destiel is cute.


    (vote for Kurt/Blaine…)

    • Joyfulgleeker


  • http://twitter.com/beccithenerd Rebecca Hurst

    If it comes down to Klaine and TenRose in the final I think you will break the internet.

    • klaineforeverkthnxbai

      This is the truest statement I’ve seen on here so far.

  • klaineforeverkthnxbai

    I like Destiel. But, Klaine is my OTP, and anyway, queer-baiting or actual canon (it was, at least) couple? I pick canon, thank you.

  • drumboogie


  • klainepls

    klaine always.

  • klaineforeverkthnxbai

    It’d be nice if people could vote against the blatant queer-baiting, but still…

  • anonymous

    Can’t sites like this imagine another way to get clicks and attention without those polls? I can’t stand it how they lure all the shippers to their sites for the polls to fight over their pairings and rake in the profits from that while they get nothing in exchange.

    • Tyler

      Seriously, again, I don’t get these kind of comments. We’re just enjoying ourselves, and no one’s forcing you to be here. Your negativity is adding absolutely nothing, is only making you look like a bit of a jerk, and it is therefore neither needed nor wanted.

  • Sofia

    They don’t kiss, they’re not officially canon and they probably will never be but no one can deny that there’s something. A lot of people who don’t even watch Supernatural think the same thing and ship Destiel. It’s all about the profound bond…

    • Penelope

      Yes, there is something. And that something is queer-baiting. Ship what you want, but people need to stop acting like their fanon ship is some great, amazing thing in canon when it’s not. As far as caonon goes, it’s a giant inside joke.

    • Loki_Laufeyson

      Believe it or not, you can have a deep love for someone without kissing them all the time. At least our ship isn’t all about physical stuff.

      • Terri

        You don’t watch Glee, do you? (Sorry for the snark, but Glee is notorious for being horrifically terrible at letting their queers even be in the same vicinity as their significant others, let alone doing anything physical. When Kurt and Blaine had sex for the first time they laid on top of a crisply made bed fully clothed (down to socks) and stared at each other with enough room for two holy ghosts between them. So I found the insinuation that Klaine is “all about physical stuff” to be amusing.)

        • Loki_Laufeyson

          No, I don’t really like Glee to be honest. I’ve got nothing against it, it’s just not my kind of show. And I’m not trying to say that Klaine is all about touching and kissing, I meant that two people can be affectionate without all that stuff.

      • http://twitter.com/Safuza Vukwanrik

        And neither is Klaine. But unlike Destiel, Klaine has managed to balance out both the physical AND emotional aspects in their relationship. It’s not about making out all the time, but romantic relationships involve SOME bit of physical intimacy in order for them to work out.

        • Loki_Laufeyson

          You’re not really getting where I’m coming from. Maybe I just didn’t say it well. The amount of physical affection has nothing to do with whether or not two people are in love. It can happen.

        • Tyler

          No, they don’t. There are people out there in relationships that are perfectly happy without the physical intimacy, and implying that their relationships don’t work out is just not on. Both Klaine and Destiel have done so much in opeing up acceptance to different kinds of relationships, so let’s not say you need one thing or the other to make your relationship work, yeah? Everyone’s different.

          • http://twitter.com/Safuza Vukwanrik

            Then that needs to be clearly stated in canon. Otherwise it’s an excuse to not show gay physical affection on tv. The writers tried to pull that with Klaine once by making the excuse of, “Kurt doesn’t like PDA,” during a Q&A (despite no canocal evidence showing proof of that, and dismissing the fact that private scenes between the two was also an option) when politely asked why Klaine– and the other gay couples on the show– do not kiss as often as the straight couples on the show do.

          • http://twitter.com/CoffeeNFandoms Annemarie

            The ambiguity is due to character development. Dean was raised in a hypermasculine environment, hypermasculine environments also tend to be extremely heteronormative, so what’s become a larger part of the show is how Dean reconciles his own identity vs. what he was raised to be. And the show has made some hints at his bisexuality. So yeah, while the hints do fall under ‘queer-baiting’ it’s also a character development thing.
            We know Castiel is indifferent to sexual orientation, and that fallen angels do have sex, so we can obviously assume that Cas doesn’t give a shit.

  • Jen

    go Klaine!

  • Dori


  • klaineforeverkthnxbai

    Come on, Klainers!

    Our boys may be broken up but we know they’re for eternity.

  • Friendly Reminders

    In case any Destiel fans need some inspiration: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-FneoV7XuBI
    Jeremy Carver: “There is a relationship that fans like to talk about a lot that will be talked about on screen soon and resolved.”
    Misha Collins: “We’re all perfectly aware of how the relationship is, the writers are
    completely aware of how it’s being written. It may be unspoken but that
    doesn’t mean it’s not there or not true.”
    ACTUAL SCENE (8×02): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kBj-xon3r60
    8×07: “I don’t need to feel like hell for failing you, okay. For failing you
    like I failed every other godforsaken thing I care about. I don’t need
    now please tell me they’re not in love k thanks bye <3

    • amnda_mg


      • Friendly Reminders


  • Sian

    I really do hope it’s not Destiel against Rose and Ten, I honestly don’t think I could choose between the two! Though I do hope they win against Delena. Nothing against TVD, of course. :)

  • Gary65

    Sterek lost!?! What is my life?

  • firesnap

    Queerbaiting vs. Openly Gay Characters. Gee. Which should it be.

    • Grace

      Loyalty v. Cheating. Yeah, I wonder alright.

      • firesnap

        Tried to Become God And Almost Kills Everyone vs. Sang Some Cheesy Songs and Fooled Around With a Dude.. OH and again, QUEERBAITING. Cheating doesn’t cancel that out. In fact, it shows that they were a real couple where cheating could take place because they were ACTUALLY A COUPLE.

        • Grace

          Saying queerbating all you want for Destiel, but Klaine is a very unhealthy relationship and voting for that would be stating that despite all the awful things Blaine’s done to Kurt, it’s “still the best ship ever”. I’m a Kurt stan so I’m not voting for Klaine since they shouldn’t get back together anyway. And even if that wasn’t the case, Destiel has an amazing relationship that is better anyway and I ship it.

          • firesnap

            I don’t ship Kurt/Blaine. I don’t want them to get back together. I ship Kurt/Actually Winning For Once and Blaine/Character Development Beyond Human iPod. However, I find Supernatural distasteful of late with how they handle the fannon pairings. They know what they’re doing, the actors know what’s going on, and they give this winking tongue-in-cheek nod to it that’s really freaking harmful to gay characters. Also, this isn’t about the fandom supporting non-traditional relationships. If people were saying they love this bromance, because Castiel is obviously asexual, then I would totally get it. There’s some great character development that happened between them.

            It’s not though. They’re on a poll of romantic ships and people are talking about that as such in the comments.

            So I’ll take the one that’s portrayed as a real couple that, while over now, did some GREAT things for TV and for the representation of queers on primetime network television.

          • Grace

            I get what you’re saying, and I can agree on you with all that. But since that time that Klaine first got together (and I used to love Klaine) Glee has been nothing but awful to Klaine and its gay characters (Karofsky, anyone?) as well as anyone who’s not white and male (with the exception of Rachel Berry unless it’s making her or Finn look better, in which Finn wins every time)

          • lol

            Why am I not surprised you are a pirate, with the way you had been vilifying Klaine and Blaine. Oh, pirates.

        • Tyler

          The difference with that, though, is that Cas was trying to do the right thing, really thought he was (you have to remember that he’d never really thought about having free will before – it was all new to him, and he was only doing what he thought Dean had taught him), and actually wanted Dean to stand by him, begged him to. Then we have Blaine, who felt insecure in his relationship with Kurt, so he went off with some other guy. But in the end, both of them have messed up, both of them have tried to make it up to the other, and so I’d say they’re pretty even there. Both Kurt and Dean were betrayed, and both got hurt. Both shows addressed this, and so whether or not Dean and Cas are boyfriends like Blaine and Kurt is irrelevant, because it’s obvious they still had a relationship based on trust that was broken, and needs put back together again.

          You see, I don’t understand is why it’s “queerbaiting”, just because Dean and Cas don’t make out and literally say “I love you”. They’re not in a traditional, obvious, physical relationship, as it were, but as I’ve said before, those aren’t the only types of relationships. Canonically, they do care for each other, need each other, and have done more for each other than just about everyone else on the show. Maybe Cas and Dean won’t ever be “boyfriends”, but calling their relationship “queerbaiting” is doing it a huge disservice.

          • firesnap

            I’m copying some of my other reply, so I apologize for that, but the feeling overlaps. My problem isn’t with the characters, but what the ship represents on a whole.

            It is queerbaiting. I get that no one wants to hear that about their favorite show, but it is. The actors make jokes about the pairing, the show makes little tongue-in-cheek remarks about it, and the writers are well aware of the fandom’s shipping habits. They know that, and rather than alienate the fangirls, they play games with it.

            If people were saying they love this as a bromance, because Castiel is obviously asexual, then I would totally get it. There’s some great character development that happened between them.

            It’s not though. They’re on a poll of romantic ships and people are talking about that as such in the comments. Putting them on this poll is pretty confirming that there are only two types of relationships. Friendship isn’t what’s being polled here. Asexual isn’t even recognized as a valid orientation. This meas Castiel (like Sherlock in that fandom) is completely marginalized because of that. Supernatural is already problematic in how women are treated on it, and fandom, all fandoms, have a hard time grasping that you can have non-romantic relationships with people. At all.

            So I’ll take the one that’s portrayed as a real couple that, while over now, did some GREAT things for TV and for the representation of queers on primetime network television. And now I’m kinda done with this.

          • Carl

            Castiel isn’t asexual. He’s been attracted to women and various characters have said he’s in love with Dean. Misha Collins (Castiel) has also basically said Cas is in love with Dean.The show has pretty much said he and Dean become lovers, in an alternate timeline. He’s probably about as asexual as Dean at this point, who’s slowly gone from flirting with every woman in sight to having the occasional hookup or flirtation with a woman once or twice a season (so far).

            If you look at the relationship between Dean and Cas this season, there is no queerbaiting. There are no gay jokes. There is no mockery. There is no attempt to mislead or shame fans. Has there been in the past? I’d say yes. This season? Dean has looked at Castiel with open love, and been sexually aroused by him. Will that lead to anything? I’m not holding my breath. But it’s gone far beyond a bromance, or a tease.

            I actually do think Klaine winning this would be more than fair, since they’re a canon couple, been through many ups and downs, and, at least before Blaine’s character was destroyed, had great potential. But Destiel are far more than “queerbaiting.” Don’t let some jokey comments from the actors tell the whole story. This is a relationship which has been convoluted and brutal and extremely complex and rewritten a lot of rules about bonds between men (or a man and an angel in a male vessel) on a show like Supernatural.

            Frankly I often think this relationship is far better than the show deserves, but every time I’m about to throw in the towel, they, along with unbelievable work from Collins and Jensen Ackles, remind me of why I care so much.

      • klaineforeverkthnxbai

        Um, 1) No relationship, so what cheating? 2) As far as I’m aware, Castiel went behind their backs? Several times? Betrayed them? Tried to become God? Yeah…

        • http://twitter.com/CoffeeNFandoms Annemarie

          Only tried to become god because he wanted to keep Dean and Sam safe.

          • klaineforeverkthnxbai

            It’s still going behind their backs, so it’s not exactly loyal and faithful, is it? :/ Don’t get me wrong. I like Supernatural. I like Cas, Dean, and Sam. But Cas is not the loyal little angel everyone makes him out to be. (hence why he’s not a Hufflepuff, but we don’t have to discuss Houses)

    • Tyler

      Castiel is utterly indifferent to sexual orientation, and is actually neither a male nor a female. I bet Glee can’t say that about any of their characters (yet, lol) :P

      • firesnap

        Actually, there is a transgendered character on there. You’re not shipping Castiel because he has no private parts a la Dogma. You’re shipping them because the show teases they omg-might-be-gay while marginalizing actual representations of homosexual men on television. It’s the commercialization of Gay and it’s a way of appealing to fangirls without actually committing to having real gay characters on a show.

        But yeah, omg they’re hot and looked at each other that one episode.

        I don’t even ship Kurt/Blaine. That’s what the sad part is.

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Daniel-Stuart/100001006449261 Daniel Stuart

          What you call queerbaiting, I call a welcome change form the rigid restrictions of portrayals of male male friendships. I love the fact that two same sex( kinda, it is a male vessel) non-related characters can interact in very close ways and show emotion on screen without it being labeled gay or unmanly. I think that is beneficial whether you are lgbt or not (I am). The point is that their behavior isn’t seen as wrong. Yes I would like to see more gay characters on the show but having a relationship on the show that people can read what they want into it is not offensive.

          • firesnap

            I like their relationship, don’t get me wrong on that. I want men to be able to be represented as capable of having varied and layered relationships in popular culture. That isn’t what shipping is doing though. Shipping is taking all of the work that was put into creating this nuanced and layered relationship and saying “it must be a romantic relationship, because that’s how these things work.” It’s actual harmful to the representation of men, gay and straight, in pop culture. It’s saying that men are incapable of having a deep relationship if there isn’t some sort of sexual energy behind it. That’s obviously not true.

            It’s also fetishizing homosexuality without actually DEALING with any LGBT issues (which, I promise, while Glee is all sorts of problematic, at least they get to discuss sexual orientation and being out).

            Also, as someone that identifies as LGBT too, it’s a little offensive. You, as an LGBT male, are capable of having relationships that don’t involve sex or romantic intentions. Shipping flat out removes that option from the playing field. It’s saying that you, no matter who the other person is, are either blatantly or secretly only interested in the person for the sake of furthering some sort of romantic intention. Is that what you want to promote?

            Again, if this poll was just about their friendship, and the characters, I would think they’re amazing. It’s really not though. It’s about the thought of them being romantically entangled, and I can’t support that. I can’t support erasing platonic friendships, or the thought that men, especially queer men, are only capable of sexual connections.

        • Tyler

          Obviously, yes, the only reason I ship Destiel is because I like teh H0t butts3cks. You’ve got me all figured out. And as a gay man, I suppose it is true that I do enjoy that on occasion, but mostly only when I’m involved, so I wouldn’t say that really applies to Destiel here. I’ll give you the transgendered character on Glee – I’m not entirely caught up on it, and she did slip my mind. And I won’t pretend that there has never been a little bit of a nod to the fans of that sort of thing in Supernatural, because all shows do it, even Glee. BUT the reason I ship Destiel is BECAUSE it goes beyond the physical. Canonically, Dean and Cas share a more profound bond, need each other, would rather have each other, cursed or not, care about each other, and are family (these are all things they’ve said to each other on the show itself, not to mention quotes from the actors themselves saying that we aren’t imagining things, and just because they don’t say it out loud doesn’t mean it isn’t there). I don’t need physical validation for my ship, and I think that would actually be doing it a major disservice to the characters, because they’re not really touchy-feely kind of guys. In fact, I think it would be awesome to have two butch “guys” on TV be in a relationship where the relationship isn’t the actual focus, because they have other shit to do, like save the world. And hey, maybe they don’t ever end up together literally. It doesn’t mean they don’t still love one another.

          So, yes, they look significantly at each other a lot and would probably be really hot together, but it’s not just about that.

          • http://twitter.com/CoffeeNFandoms Annemarie

            Agreed, I love how Dean’s sexuality hasn’t been totally defined or has started to evolve. The fact that he has been stepping outside (in season seven episode twelve, I remember he checked out a guy while in 1944, and in the slice girls chatted up the M.E. fairly easily) the rigid confines into something that may or may not be labeled, which is a pretty huge fuck you to heteronormativity. :D

  • Cass

    destiel and klaine are both my otps so i think i’ll just forgo voting and see what happens

  • fangirl


  • http://twitter.com/anneontheimpala あなべる ♥ 浦原

    The ones saying Destiel is queerbaiting are clearly don’t watching (or understanding) Supernatural. GO DEAN AND CAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mirna

    I love how every single time klaine has been in these polls the comments have been all about the other ship, and yet we still win. Power of the klainers!

    • http://twitter.com/LucyWallis_Ev Lucy Wallis

      You clearly have no idea about the power of Destiel shippers if you think Klaine will win this time…

  • carsonphillips

    Klaine, duh. :P

  • zobothehobo

    no but can we talk about the fact that the picture isn’t of destiel, it’s of cockles… like that’s not even Dean and Cas… it’s Jensen and Misha. Like klajdsfkl;djsakfjkldsafjkldsfkjafk i love my fandom

    • http://twitter.com/CoffeeNFandoms Annemarie

      sldfkja;lfsdjk I know. JFC it’s perf.

  • Rachael


  • wat

    Klaine, duh

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Daniel-Stuart/100001006449261 Daniel Stuart

    Well I am done with this Sterek is literally the spark to this whole thing and VP should have been flushed like the vampire bandwagon piece of crap it is a long time ago.

  • Melody

    Here’s to hoping that if Klaine does somehow beat Destiel and 10/Rose beats Delena, Klainers can no longer claim being “canon” as why their ship is somehow “better” (as for Delena, I have no idea whether or not they are canon since I do not watch TVD)

    • Penelope

      I think you’re completely missing why most people are annoyed when they bring up being canon. The comments sections of these polls keep being filled with people claiming that their fanon ship is an amazing pinnacle of queer representation and, so, deserve to win when, really, their ships are treated as an inside joke by the writers or just unacknowledged by them.

      You can like whatever ship you want over another and it is shitty of those that say a canon ship is inherently better than a fanon ship just because it’s canon, but in a world where queer characters and relationships are severely underrepresented it’s hurtful and aggravating to see people patting themselves on the back for being “progressive” for shipping something that isn’t even acknowledged in the narration as something real. It may be real to you and that’s great, but that doesn’t mean it’s real to the writers or the general audience–who make up the majority of the shows’ viewers.

      • Carl

        I don’t think a lot of people here are saying Destiel is the pinnacle of queer representation. People are saying they like them, and then in return, getting comments that they’re not canon, that they’re being queerbaited, and they aren’t role models, as if the writing for Kurt or Blaine is role model status.

        Dean and Cas aren’t seen as a joke or something to ignore – it’s the main reason Cas has come back from the dead 3 (!) times. This is, literally, the relationship that will not die.

        I’m not going to disagree that Klaine is a more canon relationship, and I can see why people would vote for that, but Destiel isn’t a fantasy or a lie. Misha Collins pretty much made it clear, if the years of work from he and Ackles onscreen hadn’t already done so.

        • Penelope

          But it’s not an actual tangible acknowledged-within-the-show romantic relationship, which is what many fans hold it up to be and what many in this poll are claiming it is. It’s a great example of a close bond between two people, but romantic it is not. Until the writers actually have them acknowledge being in a romantic relationship they will still be, to use your word, a “fantasy” because the romantic aspect isn’t actually canon. And because it doesn’t look like there are any plans to acknowledge it as canon, it actually hurts a little to see the actors and writers act like that because it makes me feel like they’re saying my queer identity is a joke, just some inside thing to be shared with those in the know.

          The main issue here is that queer people have so very little representation in the media as it is and people acting like Destiel is canon as a romantic relationship sends the message to writers “We don’t need you to have actual established queer characters. The winks and nudges are enough.” and it’s not. It’s very damaging to basically be told in the media that you only exist as a reference in the background, that you can’t exist as a true acknowledged entity. Straight people get to be out there. They are there, they are straight, they are real. But queer people have to be hinted at? Why do we have to settle for winks and nudges while strait characters rule the airwaves?

          • Carl

            I don’t think it sends that message. I think the message being sent is, “Wow, these actors have unbelievable chemistry, and we love the complexity between Dean and Castiel.” I think it sends a message not to be afraid of writing emotions and love between men, especially emotions that do not fall into the “bromance” cliche. Beyond that I think the amount of messages one couple can send is limited. I heard all about the wonderful message Jack and Ianto were supposed to send to sci-fi, and I have seen none of that result (and then Russell Davies did his best to marginalize and ruin the relationship, so apparently he didn’t get the message either).

            I haven’t seen people saying this is acknowledged within the show and that this must be. I think most fans know, and wait, somewhat forlornly, for this to truly be canon. But until that happens, people are mostly going on what Misha Collins has said, what some of the scripting and the performances have said. And that moved beyond friendship several years ago.

            When Cas came on the show, he was devoid of all feeling. He saw humanity as strange toys, at best. Dean was widely seen as straight. Everything since that time has been about the two characters changing and growing. They’ve had had their own journey, and while I can agree it’s not the same journey as two openly gay or bi characters, it’s one that has been very powerful, and really shaken up the usual tropes on sci-fi/fantasy shows. For that reason I think it garners such a huge following, even when the show tried to make fans move on. As the Tumblr cliche goes, this ship sails itself.

          • Alex

            Thank you for saying all that, so many people on this poll and outside of it really don’t know what Destiel is about, I wish we could make them see that we’re not in it for the sex and that we aren’t making things up, I wish more people could see how beautiful and true their reationship is.

          • Carl

            I don’t even think you need to ship them romantically to understand their appeal, but it’s so much more than just people liking hot actors, or some silly relationship made up. It’s this strange, powerful force, one even the show itself never quite expected.

  • Kmazing5

    Kurt and Blaine are destined for each other. They are the Ultimate Teenage Dream!!

  • Kayla

    Well let’s see. Destiel, it all started when Cas raised Dean tight and raised him from perdition. They went through hell and back, saved the world,they do everything that they can do for eachother and no matter what happens they will always forgive (Dean almost giving in to Michael, Cas breaking Sam’s wall), went to purgatory and back and they have only grown closer. Oh and they do”share a more profound bond” where as Klaine, they dated, Blaine cheated on Kurt. They broke up. DESTIEL 5EVA

    • Kayla

      * Cas gripped Dean

  • http://www.facebook.com/wulfydragon Evelyn Lily Fewster


  • gleeky


  • SkidooshK

    Cas has literally given up everything for Dean: He’s rebelled, killed his own family, fought through hell for him, and lets not forget the deaths! And Dean trusted Cas unlike anyone, and wanted to even when he knew he couldn’t

  • Friendly Reminders

    “Cas, I will shove your ass through the eye of that needle if it kills all three of us.”
    “They’re not monsters, Dean, they’re Leviathan! I have a price on my head and I’ve been trying to stay one step ahead of them to… to keep them away from you.”
    “I’m hunted, I’ve rebelled, and I did it, ALL of it…. for you.”
    Cheers to their unendingly self-sacrificial, self-destructive love.


    Wait are we voting for Cockles or Destiel? I can’t tell the difference.

  • Liz

    Hypable, this isn’t working for me

  • a


  • freija

    Team Profound Bond. Destiel is a very intense and loyal relationship.

  • KiVi

    Come on. They can’t compare. Klaine is a high-school romance. Sweet and short-lived. Destiel is love. It’s messy, it’s painful, it’s passionate, it’s you willing to do anything (even die) for the one you love. Dean and Castiel have a bond that can’t be broken by either of them and wow … how much it was tested in seasons 6 and 7. And still after everything their relationship is getting even deeper than before. Their relationship is something I’ve never seen on any show until Supernatural. It’s unique and I want to see much more of it.

    • Ann

      Destiel isn’t a romance at all. No, queer baiting subtext doesn’t count. Kurt and Blaine are soul mates.

      • KiVi

        Slowly progressing relationship isn’t queer baiting.

    • Des

      Amen to your words. Destiel is unique and I wish the showrunner sees it.

  • I’m A Klainer


  • deducingthedoctor

    “Just because it left unsaid doesn’t mean it’s not there” -Misha Collins

  • iggy

    ya’ll need to calm yourselves it’s a pole about fictional gay love it doesn’t exactly determine the course of history please stop fighting

    • mia

      but your sentence made me laugh tho XD

  • Loki Laufeyson

    I think it’s awesome how that’s not even a scene from Supernatural. That photo is Jensen Ackles and Misha Collins being themselves. They ship Destiel. I think we all know what the clear winner is.

    • Meow

      The picture of Klaine isn’t “Kurt and Blaine,” either, it’s Chris Colfer and Darren Criss.

      • Mel

        In their character attire though. So really they’re posing as their characters. Unless they wear uniforms casually..

        • Meow

          Touche! I wasn’t in the fandom around the time of this photoshoot, so I’m not entirely sure myself. I was simply pointing it out. No hate.

  • madison

    i ship both klaine and destiel, but i’ve been in the klaine/glee fandom longer, so i’m obviously voting for them, but i love both ships very, /very/ much

  • ColorfulAlibi

    I’d just like to say that no matter who you vote for, I think it’s awesome to see some of the biggest players on tumblr here. We’ve got Doctor Who, Avatar, Glee, Supernatural… and a couple other giants and that’s just kind of awesome. Go fandoms!

  • Lauren

    klaine is the obvious choice even though i don’t ship it very much. It’s a genuinely progressive TV couple with two bullied gay teenagers. Destial is queer bating; simple as. Klaine matters more for gay kids, their families and peers who are maybe ignorant and prejudiced. You can argue over who ‘eye fucks’ the best and all that but at the end of the day I think it’s klaine that really matters despite being on an inconsistent show.

    • Carl

      I don’t think either couple fits something gay kids will learn from. Most gay kids are never going to identify with either of these couples. Kurt’s writing is too Mary Sue-ish, Blaine’s been ruined, Cas, poor Cas is so mangled it’s just fortunate to have such a phenomenal actor playing the part, and as much as I love Dean, I can never see him as a role model.

      I think both couples have had a big impact on male relationships in TV drama, but I don’t see them as role models.

    • MMinion

      really great actually, to make glee about a stereotypical gay boy being bullied and then cheating on his boyfriend.

    • http://twitter.com/CoffeeNFandoms Annemarie

      Glee means jack shit to me. There are so many stereotypes, and there’s outright biphobia on Kurt’s part that hasn’t been fixed (to my knowledge). It hasn’t fixed shit for me. My mom’s still as prejudiced as ever. Also, it makes everyone think that I’m that girl who makes out with other girls for fun (Santana early seasons pissed me the fuck off).

  • jackygurl

    It’s just that the shows are so different. Glee is about teens and Supernatural, though I love it unconditionally, dramatizes everything too much (they had almost three apocalypses there, come on).
    But I still feel like Dean and Cas are almost soulmates, like Johnlock (i still can’t believe Destiel actually won that round), and Klaine – they are perfect, but teensy-romantically-sugary perfect.
    I really hope Destiel wins, I have a soft spot for the idjits.


    “Sorry, but I’d rather have you. Cursed or not.”

    Destiel all the way to hell and back, come on guys we can do this!

  • http://twitter.com/elinlynga elin lyngå

    Come on Klainers! We can do this, for our Klaine!



  • Olivia

    I think these comments are becoming more vicious than the poll itself.

  • http://twitter.com/LokiGreece Loki’s Greek Army

    Kurt and Blaine do NOT share a profound bond. They do not deserve to won against Destiel.

  • imabirdcawcawmotherhuggers

    I voted for Destiel. If we see Destiel or Klaine in a way like, as if it’s only a duo, Destiel would still win because eventhough shits are happening to them, they stay strong, at the end nothing can alter for the worst their (profond) bond. Klaine, on the other hand, is not much of a good duo/couple. They don’t seem to understand eachothers, it’s boderline an abusive relationship, and even if they’re cute because “oh sweet puppy love”, together they are weak. They don’t share as much passion and love (romantic or not) as much as Dean and Castiel. Kurt and Blaine are not soulmate. Castiel and Dean are soulmate. So, go SPN fans!

  • Loki_Laufeyson


  • Some of you are assholes

    Vote for whoever you like, but ship bashing isn’t okay, dudes.

  • SMH

    You guys do realise ship bashing is not okay, right? Regardless of what, Klaine, as a canonically gay couple, actually helped many people out there, and are STILL helping many people. I’m not a fan of Destiel but I’m pretty sure they have fans they have been inspired by their relationship too. Whatever your reason for shipping these couples is, please try to keep in mind that there are fans out there who have had their lives SAVED by such couples before. Bashing these ships just show your immaturity and how pathetic you are.

  • halo

    200+ comments? Guise, calm down! lol Anyway, why are people talking about queer-baiting here? This isn’t a romantic poll is it? The wording makes me think it’s just about a RELATIONSHIP that you LOVE. This means it can be romantic or platonic. On a platonic level, Destiel is CANON. They are friends, family, ect. Even on a romantic, you can argue that subtexually it’s canon. The actor who plays part of the ship even said it was true that something WAS there. Now, either way, let’s say Destiel is just fanon, who cares? This poll isn’t asking you to vote for the relationship that is canon. It’s asking people to vote for their favorite relationship. Again, a relationship is merely a bond between two people and Dean and Cas certainly have one! *insert people nodding and going ‘Yup, profound bond’….* lol

    • Rayna

      ^^^That, right there? That’s the most tasteful comment I’ve heard on this poll. Seriously. This isn’t about canon, it’s about who you think would be absolutely darling together, and if they are together, who you think is the most darling.

  • tumblr user

    I don’t ship Destiel. But I strongly dislike Glee. So therefore, I vote Destiel. Besides, Destiel already lost to Sterek this year. Let’s give ‘em a break and let them win one.

  • Not a fan of either

    Ya know, I had and still do have a large amount of respect for Destiel shippers, but some of you need to calm the fuck down. I haven’t seen one nasty comment from a Klainer (but I could’ve overlooked, so don’t get your panties in a twist if there’s been one) but you guys keep goin’ and goin’. Have some respect, please. Shipping is already a nasty business without people like you.

    • Carl

      I haven’t seen anything nasty, but repeatedly being told the relationship is queerbaiting and therefore not real isn’t overly friendly. I’d say this discussion has been mature on both sides. Ship wars can be unbearably brutal. SPN ship wars scar the mind and the soul.

      • Not a fan of either

        I’ve seen my part of scarring ship wars, too, ha ha. Anyways, I was referring to the “Blaine cheated on Kurt, he’s a douchebag, they don’t REALLY love each other, they don’t have a PROFOUND bond, yada, yada” comments I’ve seen littered around. I still hold my respect for those mature enough to vote and leave without feeling the need to be rude. Klaine, as well as Destiel, is really important to very many people and comments like that are particularly hurtful.

        • Carl

          Profound bond is mostly based on the term used for Dean and Cas, I don’t think it’s an insult as much as a little in-joke.

          Glee ruined Blaine’s character to have him cheat on Kurt, and many fans seem to hate him now. I know some of that’s coming from Destiel shippers but some of the other just seems to be from people who don’t like him (for instance, saying he tried to sexually assault Kurt).

          I don’t agree with all that’s been said but so far I think we’ve had a mature time. I wasn’t even going to comment, because I think Klaine will win and I’m fine with that, but after all the comments about how supporting the relationship is just queerbaiting and the show sees it as a joke, I wanted to say something.

          • pls

            don’t make assumptions without knowing the full story. there have always been a group of people who hate blaine just because they want kurt to be with their jock of choice, and they will dig shit out of their asses just to validate their hate. the cheating happened on the show yes, but the sexual assault absolutely did not happen.

            “many fans seem to hate him now” is just not true, considering they have ALWAYS hated him, before any of the shit went down in the break-up episode.

            and you know, i’ve been tracking this comment section for a while now, and destiel shippers were the first to start bashing klaine and go all “destiel is canon! actual queer couple” when that is just not true. shippers can be really nasty, not gonna lie, but the destiel ones are even nastier than most.

          • Ann

            Glee did throw Blaine under the bus for the cheating thing though. So out of character.

      • Grace

        Same with Glee ships. Glee fans can be just as bad as SPN fans when it comes to their ships, trust me (think Faberry v. Finchel). And I’ve seen very nasty comments from both sides of the arguments.

    • http://twitter.com/JepicMcfly Susan

      apart from yourself you mean your last two comments were pretty disrespectful most of the stuff on here is just banter but attacking the whole show and calling it stupid would be disrespect as for the canon comment I am sure ant Klaine shippers shipped them before it was cannon

    • http://twitter.com/anneontheimpala あなべる ♥ 浦原

      “Destiel is queerbaiting”. This is nasty. And irrelevant. And a lie.

      • H

        I guess the truth hurts? Destiel is queer baiting, some of the most blatant I’ve ever seen. That’s the truth, not nasty.

  • halo

    I agree on the bashing. Unfortunately, there are always people who get overly excited. I hope that everyone remembers that regardless of any lone shipper bashing, generally BOTH SHIPS (Destiel & Klaine) are doing good for the LGBT community. Klaine being canon helps say its okay to have a ship like this written. Destiel not canon yet still allows people to see shippers like myself happy to see two men together and that also makes more people OPEN about the idea of a gay relationship on tv. So yeah, as long as a gay/slash ship wins should be solid! LOL Er, not that het couples are bad. I’m bisexual so believe me I ship both het and slash with a fiery passion! :P

  • britters

    How could Klaine possibly win this? Are we forgetting the whole ‘Blaine is a cheating (and possibly emotionally abusive) dirtbag’ thing???

    • iggy

      we’re not “forgetting” it, it’s just that we remember something more important– which is that other people have different opinions and different views on what happened, and that it’s possible to respect other ships and their shippers if you muster up even a small amount of maturity. (I see you’ve lost yours, it might be hidden behind the ignorance? Go take a look)

    • A

      Kind of rude. Scratch that, really rude, and he’s not emotionally abusive (or, imo, a dirtbag, but I let people have their opinions). Respect the ship, vote for yours, and we’ll all be happy. Thanks.

    • T

      im not sure where you got emotionally abusive. If anyone is a little two emotionally invested in the relationship its Blaine.
      but whatevs. I like both ships equally so i just voted for both on two different computers.

  • WTH? it’s neck to neck

    HOLY CRAP. I just voted and now it’s 4167 to 4167.

  • A Klaine fan forever and ever

    So fucking sick of these stupid things trying to beat Klaine THAT AREN’T EVEN CANON… yes its true Blaine cheated on Kurt… but the thing of the matter is RYAN HAS SAID AGAIN AND AGAIN THAT KLAINE IS ENDGAME and this stupid Dean and Castiel ship isn’t even canon and never will be… so there

  • Klainer for life

    Supernatural is the stupidest show ever.. KLAINE for me :)

    • From one Klainer to another


    • Dee

      Yes supernatural, A show about family, survival, love, comrades, loyalty, betrayal forgiveness and bravery is stupidest ever omg that highschool singing show deserves to winn!11! XOXOXO.

      • Stormageddon

        Klainer for life’s comment may have been out of line, but how is yours any better? You’ve done the same thing by patronizing Glee’s themes and generalizing it. Glee isn’t just about the singing, they tackle current issues and project of message of acceptance, loyalty, teamwork, love, etc….

    • Sisi

      DUDE. Just because you don’t care for a certain show, doesn’t mean it’s STUPID. I don’t watch Supernatural either but PLEASE no hate here. Hypable is for fans, not haters.

  • My creys

    How do you vote?

  • Samsquatch

    Ship bashing isn’t going to change the outcome, guys.

  • Mayara


  • didsomeonesayTUMBLR

    Destieeeeel. Castiel would do anything for Dean, and vice-versa. And don’t give me that ‘it’s not canon’ crap. Just because it’s not shown doesn’t mean it’s not there. Have you SEEN the looks they give each other sometimes. The things they say to each other. This past episode was pretty much them TELLING each other how much they care for one another. So yeah. Vote Destiel. And remember: it’s not canon YET. give it till the end of season 8 and then you gleeks will eat your words okay. (nothing against glee fans just using the fan term don’t attack me agafagsga)

  • http://twitter.com/Emmcruz17 Mimi

    I hope destiel wins! I mean i love Kurt and Blaine but they kind of are going through a rough patch a the moment.

  • ginap

    “Just because it’s unspoken doesn’t mean it’s not there.” -Misha Collins, on Destiel. Destiel all the way!

  • samantha

    kurt and blaine!!

  • Tumblr person

    dean and cas have a great friendship and good homoerotic subtext but that is all it is, they are canonically straight as a pin. kurt and blaine are gay, are a realistic portrayal of gay teens, are amazing and beautiful and dean and cas will never have anything close to what kurt and blaine share.

    • http://twitter.com/Emmcruz17 Mimi

      Whoever said they would have to be together together cause i think their bromance is just fine.

    • Minion

      they aren’t canonically straight. dean is undetermined and castiel is “utterly indifferent”

    • Jiji

      “they are canonically straight as a pin” /laughs 5 ever

      • MMinion


    • Aiicyla

      “dean and cas will never have anything close to what kurt and blaine share.”


      you’ve clearly never seen supernatural. don’t bash other ships, especially if you haven’t even seen them together.

  • dfghjk

    wait where’s the voting button

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Marlislash-Gabs/100001368003223 Marlislash Gabs

    As this poini,t i don’t care who win and lost, i saw posts who are immature and no kind. I want only people to vote and be polite. I’m only glad that the finale is between two males couple and it’s totally cool.

  • Charlotte Leis

    Supernatural for the win ;)

  • Minion

    I hope we’re not forgetting the canon boner, guys.

    • Guest

      god bless 8×07 omg

    • Friendly Reminders
    • http://twitter.com/CoffeeNFandoms Annemarie

      :D I remember a post where a fan had her husband interpret it, just to make sure she wasn’t crazy, and he said it was a ‘neon sign screaming boner alert’.

      • KiVi

        I saw it too so I asked my boyfriend. He laughed and said Dean was hiding a boner :D I was so happy! xD

        • http://twitter.com/CoffeeNFandoms Annemarie

          a;sdlkfjs;ldasdflj which means that Dean’s not straight behavior and attraction to Cas is being played seriously, and that they’re not making a big deal over it means that they expect us to have gotten it already. :D KLASD;FJFSDALJK;ADFSLJK;JKL; I AM SO HAPPY.

  • http://twitter.com/JepicMcfly Susan

    for me it is Destial all he way,all the people saying about Klaine being canon that may be so but Dean and Cas’ more profound bond shows through even more than a canon ship

  • fckindestielguys


    • http://twitter.com/tirpse_ Nadine

      Stay classy.

      • Dee

        That comment is referring to Misha’s old tweet about Teen Wolf. Learn to take a joke?

        • http://twitter.com/tirpse_ Nadine

          How on earth should I know what one of the actors has said on their Twitter before?

          And saying “Glee jerks” is not funny. Since Glee fans won’t get the joke.

          • Dee

            Well the only thing that’s been changed is the show. Everything else is a parody of the original tweet. Jerk and everything. Just helping to clear things up.

          • klaineforeverkthnxbai

            Thank you for explaining. :)

    • http://twitter.com/CoffeeNFandoms Annemarie

      pfft. Thank you for that. Made my day.

  • Caughtinthemiddle

    Do you have to register to vote, cause I clicked through on a link from tumblr, refreshed twice and only the results are coming up?

  • Klaine

    Vote for Team Nightbird and Unicorn :)

  • My

    KLAINE. :)

  • AleChan227

    I like so much Destiel, but my otp is Klaine c: GO GO GO GO KLAINEEEEEEEEEEE

  • http://twitter.com/tirpse_ Nadine

    People can keep saying why their ship is better than the other in the comments but in the end it won’t change anything. Should someone who is really undecided for some reason find this poll, they most likely won’t vote for one pairing over the other just because of comments.

    They will vote for the pairing they know or have heard of.

    Everyone else who comes to this poll already knows what ship they love.

    So stop with the bashing in the comments. It only makes you look like nasty people.

  • Impala

    Destiel, has five seasons of proof.

  • PadAckles4ever

    And this is when to awesome fandoms get into a fight. Fudge. Im gonna hash tag now. #DestielForever

  • Des

    Please vote for Destiel! Kurt and Blaine are already canon! We need Dean and Castiel to be canon too! The more wins we get, the more the showrunners will consider making Destiel canon! Destiel is legendary!! Vote SPNfamily! Vote everybody!!

  • KDestielWins

    Even if Destiel doesnt win. We will love it forever <3

  • SPNlover

    GO DESTIEL!!! Destiel is unique.

  • kay

    Dean and Cas defy Heaven, Hell and everything in between for each other (and they both love Sam) it’s perfect.

  • LA

    Destiel is only not “canon” if you think that a relationship is defined by kisses and hugs and sex. I am in love with this love story; they care for one another, sacrifice for one another, and even when there’s any form of abandonment or betrayal, it’s always with the other’s best interests in mind… Their story is tragic; star-crossed lovers. But it’s a love story, without a doubt. And the best one I’ve ever heard.

    • A Queer Person


  • KDestielWins

    I wonder why Wincest didnt make it. Thats a pretty good canon.

  • KDestielWins

    Destiel, even if Dean and Cas dont kiss or have sex (which they probably did both without us knowing) they show signs of a true canon. Klaine was already a couple. Nothing really to cheer on. Now they are broken up lets move on and let Destiel win. Raised from perdition.

  • Cas&Dean

    Dean and Cas have gone through too much! They have to win!! And they are not queer-baiting for all I know. They are a true relationship that just happened to develope passionately. It’s not canon yet, but could easily go that way and that’s why it needs our fan support. Destiel ftw.

  • http://twitter.com/CoffeeNFandoms Annemarie

    Destiel is losing to Klaine.

  • http://twitter.com/CoffeeNFandoms Annemarie

    Seriously though, I’m not going to even get started on this fanon vs. canon relationship.
    Canon doesn’t mean better. Canon means CANON. Also, there’s some decent evidence that Destiel IS canon, however as an implied relationship.
    Kissing and cuddling canon does not make (however adorable).
    Pain and sacrifice and devotion do.
    And Destiel is chock full of it.

    • H

      No, actually kissing and cuddling and being a couple do make a pairing canon. Pain and sacrifice do not make a pairing canon (as a romantic couple). Sorry.

      • http://twitter.com/CoffeeNFandoms Annemarie

        I’ll concede that, but as for the other part, why not?
        Why do all TV relationships have to be explicitly physical?

        • tv viewer

          because like what you said, these are tv relationships. as viewers, we need to see physical cues to conclude that yes, these 2 characters are in a romantic relationship.

          • http://twitter.com/CoffeeNFandoms Annemarie

            but then that would mean one night stands could be construed as romantic. I don’t think that a physical relationship is the only way a romantic relationship can be portrayed on television.

  • http://twitter.com/CoffeeNFandoms Annemarie

    JFC oh god, I can’t believe they’re not even using Dean and Cas. :D

  • alex

    jesus. just vote the couple don’t fight. i ship both couples it’s not a war.

  • Aubri

    come on guys, its the PROUND BOND! Even the cast says its canon

  • SallyTwoDicks


  • Emily

    voting for Klaine because actual queer representation should win instead of queer baiting

  • Katie

    fuck queer baiting and destiel. vote klaine. :)

  • Destieliscanon

    What I love most about Destiel is that an angel tried to piece together a broken man, and, in turn, broke himself. He lost everything to fight for Dean. He rebelled against Heaven, God, everything the angels stood for, and he even got blown up by Lucifer to give Dean 5 minutes to talk to his brother. Dean and Cas will never have to tell each other that they love one another, but they will both know it’s true. They have given up so much for each other, and Dean is literally all Cas has left at this point. Supernatural is a show about family and love. The saving people, hunting things is extra. The show is about two brothers and an angel.

    Glee is about a singing club in high school.

  • Mitt Romney


  • grgsr


  • Klaine :)

    Was Dean and Castiel ever canon? No? DIDN’T THINK SO!!! KLAINE FOR THE WIN!!!!

    • KiVi

      This is about your favorite RELATIONSHIP. And Dean and Castiel do have one. It’s not defined but it’s there. They do share a profound bond :)

  • itslove

    Destiel! that is all……

  • Des

    Dean and Castiel have something amazing. Actual developement of a same gender relationship, which envolves discovery of human sexuality and feelings, considering Dean started as a hetero, and Castiel is an angel who learned to feel because of Dean. Castiel saved Dean from Hell. Dean taught Castiel free will and taught him to be human. Their love is legendary. They’ve been through hell, betrayal, purgatory, death, forgivnance. They look into each other’s eyes with longing and pain; they need each other. Cas can see inside Dean. Dean upons up to Cas. This is a pair that deserve recognition. Vote Dean/Castiel. I will love Destiel forever, even if it doesn’t win, ’cause in my heart I know it’s the most epic ship <3

  • Shabbaaaa


  • Destiel

    Guys, stop arguing! We all ship who we ship! Let’s not get angry over a difference of opinions!

  • http://twitter.com/idjitanna Anna Purina

    Destiel must win. It’s is simply beautiful, if not perfect. Dean and Cas have been through so fucking much, they have died for each other and their relationship is just ripping out the hearts of people all around the world.

  • TheUazula

    The thing about Destiel is that it is so much more than anything any of us expect to experience in our lives. It’s awesome, passionate, and real. Very real. Passionate, in this case, not referring to lust (because that is what most people link the word to). The fact that they would do absolutely anything for each other, that they go out of their way to defend each other… It’s the kind of love that most of us will never experience. It is absolutely incredible and I am still in awe of it.

  • Buttsextiel

    Okay, I have watched both Glee and Supernatural, but I gotta go with Destiel. Not because “blAINE CHEATED OMG” but because never in my life have I seen such amazing character development and such and amazing love story on a TV show than on Supernatural with Destiel. It doesn’t matter if you think of it as a romantic love or a platonic bond, they have a love bond no matter which way you look at it and nothing will change that. Now in purgatory who was Dean willing to die for? Castiel. Dean would rather die and never see his brother again (not hating on wincest) trying to save Castiel rather than getting the hell out of purgatory as fast as he could. Now, I’m not sure what destiny season gr8 will bring us (pleaase canon) but, as far as I can see Cas wants to stay with Dean and Sam hunting with them for as long as he can and he was brought to tears at the thought of betraying them again. I dont know about you but their love and connection beats Klaine’s any day.

    • Aubri

      this post wins all the awards

    • http://xyue-mayx.deviantart.com/ Dreamer

      Yes yes yes!

    • Des

      True words! God I wish Jeremy Carver or Ben Edlund or somebody from the show READS your comment!!! I hope they see how passionate we are about Destiel!! :D

  • 221Bteridactyl

    hey guys guess what, DESTIEL IS CANON [TOO] SO SHUT UP. glee doesnt even have much of a story line anyway

  • http://xyue-mayx.deviantart.com/ Dreamer

    Come ON Destiel shippers!
    I liked Klaine but it got old really quickly and now that they’re not even together anymore… I could care less if people claim that Destiel isn’t “cannon” because it acutally is. Shipping is when you like the idea of two people together, yes it usually means sexually, but not always. I ship Destiel in any way possible. Even their friendship is more wonderful than Klaine.

  • SPNfam

    Please vote Dean and Cas! Team Free Will! Come on, the others are already canon. And Dean and Castiel have something special and unique. There is nothing else like them on TV at all. For me it would be the first real male/male relationship developed with a solid story on a show that’s not about or aimed at homosexuals.

  • Klaine4ever

    I love Klaine and they’ll be my OTP forever. I actually like destiel too and love how the actors support it behind the scenes, especially Misha. Can we please stop attacking eachother ships, both are awesome, sweet and canon in their own right. Congratulations to whatever ship wins, but please stop the hate <3

  • HL

    Um… Issue? The poll saying that I voted for Kurt/Blaine when I voted for Dean/Cas. You might want to check and fix any glitches so that it’s not reading the votes incorrectly- especially when the polls are this close.

    • HL

      Now it’s fixed itself and says that I voted for Dean/Cas. You still might wanna check it out, though.

      • HL

        Now it says I voted the other way again. Please fix this. No offense to their fans, but I really dislike Klaine, and don’t want my vote to count towards a ship I don’t support.

    • Guest

      And now it’s changed back. Again. Please fix this.

  • Fav1

    The depth and complexity of Dean and Castiel’s relationship goes beyond the stereotypic relationship portrayed in Glee. My cousin is gay and he feels even ofended by Glee. He totally ships Destiel and so do I.

  • Oh hey

    So amidst all this heated debate, I just want to say one important thing: HEY HYPABLE. Don’t mistake this debate/argument/whatever for a necessarily bad thing. Yeah, it’s regarding serious topics like gay portrayal in the media, but hey, I think the importance of it is why we’re getting so into it. I personally think it’s interesting how something like fandom shipping can generate such strong opinions on important social issues. :)

    Now, back to arguing and whatnot. Just wanted to put that out there.

  • Meg

    …can’t we just agree that both are great ships? Personally, i love both. I love both shows, and both ships are my OTP for respective shows.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Rachel-Gomoll/100000301670007 Rachel Gomoll


  • Des

    There is no comparison. Destiel is a powerful relationship that deserves to become canon and I believe that through polls it will gain the necessary recognition to be noticed by the Supernatural showrunners. Destiel as canon would be great not only to subverse that stereotype of homosexuals, but because their relationship is the most amazing I’ve seen on any TV show. Dean/Castiel is my vote. Sorry, Kurt and Blaine, but Dean and Castiel have suffered through sooo much, they deserve to win so much more.

  • DestielJohnlockSterek

    SHIP WARS!! The S.S Destiel won’t sink that easily.

  • destielhurtssogood

    ugh I am so done with this

  • Rayna

    My apologies to Klaine, but never before have I loved a ship as I love Destiel. They’re not canon in the sense that they’re, you know, /together/, but damn if they don’t love each other. Cas has died for Dean over and over. He understands that, when push comes to shove, Sam comes first. He lost and found himself over and over (canyoutellII’maCastielsympathiser) for a human. I do love Klaine, don’t even get me started, but Destiel hits me on an emotional level that Klaine never did.

  • jfc


  • loserdarling

    This is a close one. I like that we’re close. I think it’s means that both sides are very passionate about their couple, which is a wonderful thing. Shippers unite!!

  • Des

    Destiel is true passion. Grown-up passion. They long for each other but never put it into words because, #1, Dean is confused and still can’t process his feelings (come on, he was heterosexual all his life until he felt true love come from another man!). #2 Castiel is an angel and still doesn’t understand his feelings for Dean.
    But something they both are sure, is that they need each other deeply. Man I love how complicated Destiel is. (I’m gonna make a blog about this <3) Dean/Castiel please vote for them! ~Desi.

  • Kai

    I’m laughing so hard I’m crying because of that picture for Destiel because it’s not even in character it’s just Misha and Jensen being themselves and fooling around.

  • Rayna

    Why did they use a Cockles image, anyway? There are so many great, canon moments between the two…

  • http://www.facebook.com/nihilarianism Emily Ran


  • chuckblesstheangels

    can we just talk about the picture they used for klaine because omg
    that’s as awkward and posed as the supernatural promo images

    • Aiicla

      they should have voted on pictures to use omg the klaine one is awkward, and the destiel one ISN’T EVEN DESTIEL IT’S COCKLES

  • Alex

    Destiel the best pairing forever!

  • SPNlover

    Destiel is epic. It will be a historic tv pairing if it becomes canon! By making it win many polls, we are helping it to be taken seriously!! Vote Destiel!!!

  • Luci

    Really people? Come on! Both Destiel and Klaine are cannon. And no, klaine doesn’t matter more to get people. I’ve been openly gay for a year an 1/2 and I ship Destiel more because, truthfully, I find glee to over exaggerate being gay in general. Destiel all the way because it may be unsaid but it is still there.

  • Pavone

    I think people are conflating subtext with queerbaiting. Queerbaiting is jokingly putting two characters of the same gender in a situation that could be considered romantic/sexual, but never following through on it BECAUSE OMG THEY’RE 100% STRAIGHT LOLOL NO HOMO. Destiel is subtext: it’s heavily implied throughout the show and several writers and actors have said that they consider it unspoken canon. It’s (for the most part) treated seriously, and no one has tried to pull any no homo shit on it–the series creator, Eric Kripke, even famously played the pronoun game when describing Dean’s ideal love interest, and of course Misha’s comments at a recent convention are by and large taken as confirmation of the pairing being canon. It’s unspoken, but it’s there. The fact that it hasn’t happened on-screen (7 seasons into a new season under a new showrunner and only 1 episode after Cas returned from the dead) does not mean the audience is being queer-baited. Obviously if the relationship does not change from here until the end of the show, then it’s queer-baiting, but there are at least 2 more seasons planned as well as a large chunk of this season. Give it time.

    Also, Klaine was just horribly written. Cattiness, cheating, biphobia–any more negative gay stereotypes you want to put into one relationship, Glee? Plus Blaine somehow managed to absorb every bit of screen time not taken up by Monchele while having next to no meaningful interaction with Kurt. It actually led to me giving up on Glee entirely and refusing to watch the new season.

    • http://twitter.com/CoffeeNFandoms Annemarie

      Thank you, on the Destiel thing. The relationship has been given the proper respect due.

    • wtff??

      are you serious? homoerotic subtext IS queer-baiting. if they can put all these subtext on the show, why don’t just make it canon then? do you see the problem here? the writers think they can get away with all these subtext and jokes but still refusing to make the final step to make it canon, THAT’S why it’s annoying.

      • http://yamamoto-kou.livejournal.com/ Yamamoto Kou

        But that’s just it, they’re already canon. As in, they obviously already love each other, even if they haven’t done anything sexual towards each other onscreen.

        Sure they’ve had quite a few lines of dialogue which can easily lean on the gay side, but no one has to /actually/ be gay to use them. Crowley for example. (though he’s probably a bad one because he probably just does it to mess with people anyway. why would the king of hell even care about sexual orientations)

        Also, isn’t it only queer-baiting if their feelings for each other are dismissed in the actual show? Like ‘ Oh, I didn’t insist on dragging you out of purgatory with me if its the last thing I do because I love you or anything. It was just the right thing to do! No homo right? ;D ‘ Which /wasn’t/ the case, I don’t think.

  • lookscanbdecving

    I have never watched Supernatural so my vote obviously has to go with Klaine. And I think…even if I had watched Supernatural my vote would still go with Klaine. Because really, though stupid shit has happened this season, they really are a wonderful couple. They encourage the best in each other, even if they sometimes accidentally bring out the worst. They, until recently, work through their problems rationally. They built up a relationship on a very solid foundation of friendship, and didn’t start dating until Kurt had sort of lost the “heart eyes” he had from his insta-crush, and started seeing Blaine as a human with normal faults. Because no relationship where you’re blinded by pink is ever going to last long. But for a high school couple? Those two have been exceedingly mature about everything. Especially when all around them people were causing all sorts of drama left and right. They both just…love each other. And yes, I’m well aware of the drama right now. But frankly, this cheating plot line RIB+ have thrown at us isn’t as petty and stupid as the 17 others in the show. Because a standard plot line ABOUT cheating involves a lot of buildup of tension between the cheater and the one that helps them cheat, then culminates with the person they cheated on finding out. This plot line is definitely not like that. This plot line is about the emotional issues Blaine has in his life that he hasn’t ever dealt with, and Kurt’s absence making him truly face them for the first time since first running to Dalton. He has no safety net right now. He has to deal with his issues. So because of that I don’t ship Klaine any less. In fact, this plot line almost makes me ship them more. Because they will work through this. And be all the stronger for it. I don’t condone cheating. But sometimes it is a) slightly understandable and b) forgivable.

  • Nina

    ugh I wish I could read these comments, but I’ve only just started season 4 of Supernatural :(

  • Jeni


  • Destiel Shipper

    Come on, Destiel shippers. We got this.

  • KoeDesu

    Ok, besides all of these hateful comments on here – can we just appreciate the picture they chose for Destiel??

    • Aiicyla

      I would appreciate if they used a Destiel picture at all, rather than Cockles.

  • Charlie

    Ok let’s be honest… Dean and cas have such a deeper relationship and no one really knows if it’s canon because misha has said that before they really really do care about eachother and they will always be there for eachother and they have been through so much and Kurt and Blaine have only been trough like losing nationals one time and Cas would never go behind deans back like how Blaine cheated. Dean/cas is just so much more meaningful!!!

  • http://twitter.com/StarMinion Star

    I’m sure Klaine is a good ship, but Destiel will always have my heart. I challenge anyone to watch this YouTube video and not see the love these two have for each other (whether you believe it platonic or not it doesn’t matter—they love each other). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mE9WqyTKcl8&feature=g-high-lgv

  • http://xyue-mayx.deviantart.com/ Dreamer

    god, it’s so close! It’s actually stressing me out a little.

  • Sarah

    I’m sick of all the “queer-baiting” comments. Give it a rest, people. Even if Dean and Castiel aren’t gay, I would still ship them over Kurt and Blaine, because 1) Kurt and Blaine had a terrible relationship from the day they got together, and 2) Shipping isn’t just a sexuality thing. It’s about characters with the best relationship and the best rapport. I don’t want Dean and Castiel to be a romantic couple. I just want them to be together forever and ever. I feel the same way about Merlin and Arthur.

  • ghar

    “Queer representation” is a non-issue here. Both ships winning would effectively be positives for “queer representation” in the media. Simply because Kurt and Blaine could be seen as the more overtly “queer” in the popular sense of “queer” does not win them the crown of most representative queer couple on television. Like it or not, what defines a person’s queerness is not an external mode of performance, but rather, an internal state of being. Dean and Cas may not be “queer” in the normative sense of “queer”, but that does not mean we should dismiss them as non-representative. In fact, it’s more a shame on us if we do discriminate on the basis of what we see as outside the norm.

    A queer couple that appears queer in the way we are taught that “queer” should be versus a couple that appears atypically queer. Rather, it is probably a greater victory for representation as a whole if we can accept the atypical along with the norm.

    I would avoid the argument all-together and simply drop the case for “queer representation” in the argument for or against Klaine / Destiel. I think it’s a win either way, and the argument backfires if pressed.

    That said, I would vote for Destiel over Klaine. It’s a painful story between two soldiers on a battlefield. Castiel betrayed his brothers for Dean; he rebelled against heaven for Dean, and if you want a parallel, this makes Castiel kin to Lucifer, worse than Lucifer, because Castiel has literally died for Dean. Lucifer would never go so far as to kill himself for his cause. He’s got too high of an opinion of himself to do that.

    We live in a world where these sorts of stories, the epic stories full of allusion, spirituality, and symbol, are not as enjoyed as they should be. Simply because we feel as though “they do not apply to our everyday life”. Yes, in some senses, Klaine applies to the everyday person more so than Destiel. But I think life is not so ordinary as we believe it. I think that life, if we look past the veil of our routines, is somehow both mystical and structural. If we choose to see what is actually happening in the scope of our lives–the endless and the infinite mechanics of the universe twisting and turning around us, the flow of human life, the sound of the spirit–then there is always room for the epic. We live in an epic universe. We live in epic societies. Within us all is a system of epic connections, of blood flows and neural links. We are heroes, all of us. The world is an art-form. This is what Cas finds so attractive about existence. This artistry is what he finds so attractive in Dean Winchester, in humanity.

    So he rebels against Heaven. End Season 4. Start Season 5.

    I don’t have to make this stuff up. It’s practically already written into the show. I ship Destiel because it hits me in the mind, the heart [the feels], and the soul. Anyway, this was sort of long, and no one will probably read all of it.

    • http://www.eigakanthemovietheater.blogspot.com Jenny Leigh

      I read it!

    • klainepls

      I’m sorry I’m sure this is a well thought out passage and is highly intellectual but like.. did you seriously just take your time to write all of that? Like its two fictional couples I mean is it really the end of the world if people are not thinking logically about the whole canon/noncanon. Also it isn’t real. so..

      • http://twitter.com/TheRomanticNerd The Romantic Nerd

        Yes, it is important, because thinking and analyzing fictional or non-fictional situations or people makes the world a better place. Real or not real. Why do you think we have literature class in school?

        • klainepls

          fair enough argument

    • Alex

      I read it and I agree, thank you for sharing that. I completely understand what you mean when you say Destiel hits you in the mind, heart and soul, I feel the same way.

  • ~gay sex~

    i bet so many of the people commenting about how klaine is a stupid high school romance don’t actually watch the show. don’t get me wrong, i’ve recently started watching supernatural and destiel is very obviously there and i love the characters and their relationship. but klaine has an advantage because it is canon. it has the ability to affect people and their views on queer relationships and even young queer people.
    klaine has brought me to tears many times because of how sincere and just purely /real/ their love is. it’s a very strong relationship and shouldn’t be treated as a joke by people who don’t know anything about it. and of course it has it’s problems, the writers have screwed up a few times like they do in every relationship. but at the end of the day i will always choose klaine because they are soulmates. but anyways love for all ships yada yada no fighting guys<3 xo

    • Carl

      I’d say not watching the show helps Klaine. On the show, there was a huge power imbalance in Klaine, Blaine then cheated, and many fans now hate Blaine. The story also, as mentioned, sends out a very negative message about bisexuality. I don’t think that this relationship or any same-sex relationship on TV has anything beyond a limited impact – I would say that the relationship between Kurt and his father would have more of an impact.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=607519910 Catherine Lai

    Wow — it’s 6716 to 6708 — that’s intense

  • http://twitter.com/Safuza Vukwanrik

    Since the Destiel shippers have shown a couple, I thought it wouldn’t hurt if I slipped a Klaine vid into the bunch. =)


  • denise

    people are going so hard omg.
    Klaine needs to win this one. Just saying.

  • Dave

    it’s not letting me vote aaagh

  • http://twitter.com/robertmeowney satan

    why are any of you making this more complicated than it is. o_o it is a poll for fun. and all y’all are arguing over which ship is better and reading far too much into it. it is a debate that cannot be won. vote for your ship. move on and get over it. jfc.

  • me

    klaine > anyone else. end of story, motthhaafcckkaass.

  • YEAH

    I don’t get why everyone is so aggressive JUST VOTE FOR WHO YOU LIKE AND GET OVER IT

  • YEAH

    Klaine forever bye

  • Rachel

    God, this is hard. I love them both!

  • blenner

    Queer Baiting VS Canon Gays.

    Yes, guys, let’s let everyone know that it’s totally cool to poke fun at gay people and limit their representation to pure subtext without ever making it canon. Ship it all you want, but I think actual representation should win, even if it is a little stereotypical.

    Just… If Supernatural cared about queer representation in the least, they would have a canonical gay couple beyond random side characters. Destiel shouldn’t win against a canonical gay couple until it’s canon itself.

    That has nothing to do with canon being better than non-canon, but queer baiting is kind of insulting and at least Glee had the guts to make it canon with a main character.

    • Chakatai

      I don’t think it’s reasonable to call Destiel “queer-baiting”. It’s painfully clear that there’s little to no room for romance in Dean’s life: what he loves, he loses. He does his best to avoid bonding with anyone due to this, and seems to be unable to recognise and accept his feelings for Castiel, especially when he has little to no time to do so, as most of his emotional resources are well spent in dealing with both loss of the few he loves the most and the fear of losing them – not to mention the part where he tries his best to not die himself.
      And Castiel? Castiel is an angel. His range of emotion in itself is already limited by this fact, even after falling and becoming more in tune with what he feels. Castiel, unlike Dean, seems to be able to accept and recognise his feelings towards Dean, but his ability of expressing his affection is near to non-existent, as his way of showing affection is through vastly different and mostly spiritual methods. He’s still learning the human way of expressing what he feels, and it can be said that his progress has been clumsy at best.
      Given the very limited amount of time the two can spend between either fighting for their lives or simply not having the privacy for any deeper interaction, it would be extremely odd for Destiel to be “canon” as in “explicit romantic and/or sexual expression of the relationship onscreen”. The manner their relationship has progressed to where it is now is the most plausible, believable way. The last thing this show needs is a forced gay canonisation for the sake of it happening.

      Personally, I believe what they have already done and been through together and how they behave and express themselves to and about one another is the best way for them to be, and by far, the most relatable same-sex relationship I’ve so far seen in mainstream media portrayals. I hope they’ll get the time to move onwards with the relationship, but I also hope if (or when) it happens that it will happen by the rules of the characters and not by the demands of an audience wishing for a gay romance.

  • Spncdslb

    Noooooooooooo my destiel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Teamholyhale

    okay. I love love love both ships. And ven if I don’t really like Glee, I LOVE Klaine. But I’m still voting for Destiel. Character development, people. Dean and Cas may not be 100 % canon (except they are in my head :p) but Their relationship is just…so much more believable to me. Wether you see it as a platonic but very deep connection to each other or a romantic love, They just fit. They have this whole history, they had to overcome all this crazy shit and they still do everything they can to be together and save each other. Don’t get me wrong, Klaine is great and they’re super cute, but Destiel will always be my OTP.

  • Ruby

    Klaine <3

  • Krystal

    GUYS. This is not something to have a huge argument over. They are both awesome couples, and I personally happen to love them both. This is not a poll over who “deserves” to win. It is a popularity contest. Just vote for whichever couple you like better, whether in fanon or canon, and chill! Maybe go read some fanfics and look at some fanart if you’re having trouble.
    Fighting between my favorite couples is definitely not my division :)

  • Alex

    What if Klaine is canon and Destiel isn’t?
    This poll isn’t about being canon or having a gay relationship in a tv show, it’s about your love for the ship. So if you love Klaine vote for them, if you love Destiel vote Destiel.

  • http://www.facebook.com/yyppypy 王恩典


  • Amalia

    I love Klaine and I will always vote for them – but I’m ignoring everything that happened after season 2. If people are allowed to ship non-canon relationships (which I totally support) then I’m allowed to ignore the parts of canon that I don’t like!

    • klaineforeverkthnxbai

      (you’re awesome) :)

  • authur of circles

    klainer all the way!

  • sams-shoe

    I don’t think it’s about which ship is canon. It’s about the bond and relationship they share. Blaine broke every single rule of their relationship when he cheated on Kurt, whether or not he regretted doing so is not important. Dean and Cas are not canon, but it’s because of the circumstances they face every day. They live in a world where most of the things they encounter want to kill them, and it’s about survival and protecting each other, far more than it is being together in a romantic sense. Cas saved Dean, he fell whilst fixing a broken man, and in tern broke himself. Dean saved Cas, by not letting him down or leaving when everyone was against his decisions, when God and Satan themselves came in the way of their relationship, and that, i think, makes them a far better love story even with the exception of it being canon, than Klaine can ever even begin to be.

    • des

      Love your comment.

    • D

      Making one mistake and immediately confessing and trying to atone for it is not breaking every single rule in your relationship, and it also doesn’t erase what two people have shared over two years. Glee is set in a world closer to reality with no angels or hell or supernatural stuff, but Blaine saved Kurt’s life and they fell in love. They are soul mates and one bad mistake (by the writers) doesn’t change that. Destiel is not canon because the writers known fans will lap up the queer baiting so they don’t have to push the envelope and actually make them canonically queer. If the writers wanted them to be together or at least queer in canon, it would be established. But they’ll have their cake and eat it too since fans are content with no homo subtext rather than actual representation.

      • ana

        I think I miss the episode where Kurt was nearly dying. Which one was it?

        • Katie

          How about the entire arc where he was being constantly physically assaulted and having his life threatened and was depressed enough that I would be entirely unsurprised if he took some kind of drastic measure if he hadn’t met Blaine and found a support system in him and Dalton?

          You can save someone’s life in more ways than just physical ones.

  • Brooke

    I’m a Klainer to the end of the earth! I’ve only seen a couple eps of Supernatural…. I still thought they’d be winning! This is amazing! Keep it up Gleeks!

  • Steph

    I don’t think you get how important is to show a Romantic and sexual relationship between two gay teenagers. This is beyond fangirl horny fantasies about two straight characters that look each other in a certain way. You can ship all you want but destiel is not intentional and should never be used as an example for LGBT. Klaine, whether you like it or not is a real on-screen relationship on show watched 90% by teenagers and society needs it. It did help some people! I don’t find it stereotypical but that’s my opinion, and yes they should show more physical contact between them to treat them as every other couple, but that’s also FOX’s fault. But Klaine has a meaning, destiel not and people should respect it. Sorry for my English

    • Abi

      If this is your rationale for supporting Klaine then wow I don’t think you should be allowed to vote. There are many dimensions to both Klaine and Destiel and I don’t think it’s nice for anyone to belittle any ship just because they don’t believe in it. It should not matter whether or not a ship is canon. A ship is a ship and the faith that fans have in their respective ships are part of the reasons that make ships worthwhile. Please don’t disrespect the people who believe in ships other than yours. Thank you.

  • http://www.facebook.com/carol.glennie.3 Carol Glennie

    Can i ask, i’ve never watched Supernatural so forgive my ignorance, are Castiel/Dean canon?

    • KiVi

      This is about your favorite relationship. Not specified, so yeah they are.

    • http://twitter.com/tirpse_ Nadine

      If you mean a romantic couple then no, they are not.

    • Chakatai

      Depends on what is canon in the first place. The actors and the writers consider there to be “something more than friendship” between the two, and it’s clear from the show that this is the case – there are also a lot of references to support this and to nudge the audience towards seeing it that way. However, they aren’t in a relationship, and there’s little to no flatout romantic interaction between the two, as they seem to be forever stuck in the unspoken gray area between friendship and romance.

  • http://twitter.com/Phoenix_Ranger Why Would I Tell?

    Destiel – The ONLY two people on Supernatural that haven’t said they are actually in a relationship are Dean and Castiel. Balthazar said Castiel loves Dean and Meg called Cas Dean’s boyfriend.

    Even Castiel has said that they have a “profound bond” and Dean has not denied it any of the various times it has been mentioned but many characters, there have been lots of sexual references between the two, lots of “eye-sex”, lots of moments that could easily be seen as “Destiel”.

    The show may never go there and outright say it, but the shows’ cast and writers seem to support it ALOT, with what they do and say and act – along with the fandom’s just-for-fun pairing of Jensen Ackles and Misha Collins known as “Cockles” – which Misha and Jensen both play along with – a prime example is the picture posted above.

  • http://twitter.com/Teddybearloveer ToriTeddyBearLover’

    klaine is winning. yes!

  • Harry

    Destiel is real <3

  • des

    Destiel may not be canon, but their love is portrayed in actions, not words. They love each other !! the more wins we get, the easier it will be for the showrunner to see we truly care about their relationship! We want our canon destiel damn it! With big passionate kiss and all!!

    • kate

      Destiel will never have a big passionate kiss and to think that winning fan-made polls would make it happen is naive

  • Masha

    all my klaine feels :( they are meant to be.. they are absolutely the OTP of a life time and that’s saying a lot because i’m a dramione fan :P

  • Isistelle

    I know Blaine cheated on Kurt and I’m really mad at him for this but the writers were just trying to show a modern couple, and that’s what happened sometimes, with the long distance relationships… and Blaine is really depressed and can’t stop crying about this, and he did realize that Kurt was his soulmate. It’ll be hard but we should forgive him. Klaine all the way!

  • http://twitter.com/grib_casa Мухоморный Царь


  • Lily

    Seriously people, of both ships. Stop arguing over who is better and go try to get more votes! The more time you waste blabbering on over queerbaiting and whether high school romances are real, the less time you’re actually using to get more votes for your ship :)

    • http://twitter.com/Safuza Vukwanrik

      You can only vote once anyway.

  • Steph

    Okay, I clicked on Kurt and Blaine, and it has Dean and Castiel bolded. I know I’m one person so it won’t make much of a difference, but is anyone else having this problem? Or anyone who meant to click on Dean and Castiel having Kurt and Blaine bolded?

  • SPNfam

    Come on Vote Destiel!!! They need this!

  • So Very Tired Of This Shit

    The comments on this page are the exact reason why people shouldn’t encourage shipping wars.

  • Sweetest66

    Klaine <3

  • sandra

    I would like to say why I actually think Destiel is a better representation for non-hetero people. Klaine is about two normal homosexual boys, determined as such and it’s a great thing. The message that “gay is okay” is great.

    But what message does Destiel really have for us? We have Dean, a presumably 100% hetero man with an extremely heteronormative upbringing and a genderless angel who happens to be in a man’s body. The character development we see is amazing, and you can follow Dean’s way from that to the situation where we are now, where their love is clearly shown though not yet acted upon.

    What I’m trying to say is that I think a hetero man falling for a genderless being despite that being residing in a body he might not originally have felt any sort of attraction to shows how love doesn’t know any borders. The angel who doesn’t know love for anything else than its Father falls for a human, not specifically a man. It shouldn’t matter what gender the person is, that’s the message I’d like the world to see. Why do we have to try so hard to define everything? Love is love. Destiel isn’t a gay couple, and will never be. But they do represent love in a very pure way, romantic or not.

    I prefer “it doesn’t matter” over “gay is okay”.

    • Des

      You have one of the best comments in this page. <3

    • Chakatai

      Marry me.

    • Natasha

      ….my judgement of you over this comment has literally nothing to do with this poll. Oh man. I can’t.

    • http://twitter.com/CoffeeNFandoms Annemarie

      oh god these feels. Thank you so much for this.

  • SPNlover

    What?? Destiel can’t lose! :( Come on! The others are already canon! They have like nothing to lose!!! Vote Destiel!

  • http://twitter.com/acjub CK

    Destiel is so much deeper!

  • Ilovedestiel

    Nononononononono just vote for destiel!!!


    Are you guys seriously fighting over this? It’s kind of hilarious though, so continue.

  • h


  • TeamFreeWill

    Dean and Castiel’s relationship, wether platonic or romantic, surpasses massively Blaine and Kurt’s. It’s so obvious. Destiel is the better one here. Come one, they’ve had actual character developement to reach the point they are at now! They deserve to win.

  • http://twitter.com/LucyWallis_Ev Lucy Wallis

    I ship Destiel LIKE A BOSS and if Klainers really want to say Destiel is worse due to never having kissed or anything, then maybe they should be told that Cas is A-sexual. Or at least was. No-one can deny his feelings for Dean. However despite this, him and Dean share a profound bond and they have been to hell and back (literally) for one another and maybe, one day, something more will happen with them.

  • http://twitter.com/captainvere Edward Fairfax Vere


  • TeamFreeWill

    This has turned into a bloodbath lol Both show’s staff should see this. They will see how devoted and serious fans are about their show’s ships. Especially Supernatural’s staff; maybe they will give us a more canon, official relationship between Dean and Castiel. They are characters who have been developed beautifully. Their relationship at this point needs very little to become romantic. These polls can help, I believe they can. :)

  • http://twitter.com/AsiaAAhmed Asia A Ahmed

    Come on guys, lets have Castiel and Delena compete in the end, so we can put our OTP’s. My brain crashes when I try to decide between them. Smh.

  • TeamFreeWill

    Both shows’ Staff should see this. They will see how devoted and serious fans are about the relationships they show. Especially Supernatural. Maybe they will give us a more canon official relationship between Dean and Castiel. They need very little now to become romantic. I hope they see this!!! Destiel is legendary!

  • Allie

    Every single time we reach this point, don’t we? I think people should remember the Klainstiel alliance…

  • JJ

    Regardless of who you’re voting for or if you’re engaging in the debate, can we all take a moment to appreciate that we now live in a world where two m/m couples are so popular they’re battling it out for a spot in the grand final?

    • Kitty

      Exactly my friend, exactly. Props to you for thinking that instead of completely just yammering on about your own ship (I’m also a guilty one can’t be saying much)


      yeah xDD pretty awesome, eh.

  • Amber


  • Guest

    Klaine ♥

  • BecauseOfMyMercy

    Klaine sucks and will always sucks, even if it’ll win here. Why? Because they’ve been written for a fandom made by rude and horny teenagers who think they’re the best thing even happened on TV, like if they’re the only gay couple has ever kissed on screen. If the fandom is ridiculous, so it is the couple.
    Ps. My English sucks too but not as much as the klainers

    • Victoria

      You know, spewing hate comments all over this poll does absolutely nothing but make you look immature. Calm down.

    • klaineforeverkthnxbai

      Um… wow, this is really rude…
      I’ll go through this in points.
      1) We’re not all “rude and horny”. Some of us are rude. Most of us try our hardest not to be. Most of the Klainers I know are lovely to everyone, and I am friends with people who dislike Kurt and/or Blaine because I’m not rude, and the same goes for most Klainers.
      2) Uh, what has being horny even got to do with Klaine? :/
      3) Most of the fandom is aware of the problems with Klaine, and we want more kisses because we want gay and straight couples to be treated equally. (see the projects for equal rights for all canon couples).
      4) We know they’re not the best thing ever, we’re very aware of the problems, I promise you! We spend enough time blogging about it.
      5) No, they’re not the only gay couple to ever kiss on screen, but they are one of the few to be in a TV show that has tonnes of fans, many of whom have said that Klaine changed their opinion on gays. (search tweets to Ryan Murphy, pretty sure you’ll find some).
      6) ‘ridiculous’. We’ll take that as a compliment, like we take all insults against our fandom as a compliment. :)

    • smh

      Congratulations on looking like a complete moron and bringing a bad name to your fandom.

  • Kitty

    Myself, I think Destiel have a more important connection. It’s not about all the eye-fucking or even the homoerotic texture. It’s about the amount of things they have gone through, Purgatory for example. They would die for each other, kill for each other basically do anything for the other person. But then that might be just be me putting my shipper goggles on. For Destiel, every single tidbit of information counts because of course it is not canon. For Klaine all their actions are laid back and though I support Destiel, they are so ADORABLE it actually hurts. If it was anyother couple against Klaine e.g Finchel even Wemma as cute as they are, I would have to pick Klaine not because they’re gay (Well maybe a small bit) But because of the way they made headlines in magazines, documented History on teen television being one of the most highlighted gay kisses in a long time.
    Though there are reasons for Klaine being the best, honest-to-God I don’t even have to think twice with picking Destiel. They share such a strong (or should I say profound) bond and have so much history, sorry guys this one goes to a couple that has gone through so much together. Not the teenage couple that acts like an old-married couple (as said in the comments below)

  • xoxoKellyLee

    I predict the final battle will be between Kurt/Blaine and Rose/Tenth Doctor. I wonder who is going to win that one. I want Klaine to win it all, but I really don’t think they will.

    • klaineforeverkthnxbai

      I hope so! :) It’d be interesting to see what happened there.

  • Isistelle

    OMG it’s neck to neck!! Go Klaine!

  • Gary65


  • klaineforeverkthnxbai

    We’re almost neck-and-neck…

    -prays that another Padababy is born to distract all the SPN family-

  • iguessdestielthensigh

    I love Klaine
    But Destiel is perfect
    But Klaine
    But Destiel

    (also people Destiel is IMPLIED and just because it’s not canon doesn’t mean it’s not as good christ)

    • Welllp.

      Implied usually gives a bad message, it’s something called “Queer baiting” where they get credit for making things better w/ a same-sex relationship but don’t openly do so. So they get the glory for not actually doing anything. ): And that just makes me a bit mad at the writers. :X

  • RainbowLolza

    How do you vote?! I’m trying to vote for Klaine and its not letting me :O

    • http://twitter.com/MaireadNguyen Mairead Nguyen

      refresh the page. if you already voted once, it won’t let you vote again.

  • Carol

    I don’t know about you guys but I’m voting for ‘a more profound bound’

  • Courtney

    Klaine’s cute. It’s relative. It brings canon representation of same-sex couples. But the chemistry between Misha/Jensen and their characters is undeniable. I’ve experienced both ships, both shows; /I love them both/, but I see something more beautiful in Destiel, whether or not it’s a broship or a relationship. Really.. the Klainers that haven’t watched Supernatural just can’t understand. If you’re like me, on both sides but voted for Klaine: Good for you. I respect your opinion. But everyone else? Don’t bash a ship you know nothing about. Actually.. don’t bash a ship at all, and that goes to both fandoms. This is a poll, people. Not a battlefield.

  • KlainerGirl


  • HL

    I have a feeling that this poll won’t be won by the ship with the larger fan base, but by whoever just so happens to be a couple people ahead when the poll ends.

  • PoixonInk

    I don’t watch Glee, So I naturally voted for Destiel and hope we win, but let’s stop fighting guys. Both of our ships are great! And I love the fan base they both have! It’s super cool that this is neck and neck.

  • Annie

    this is so intense

  • Nikky

    hahah crazy! world is ready for DESTIEL!!! XD <3

  • clarisse rinaldi salles de san

    KLAINERS were are you???

  • strange

    This is a very hard choice!

  • http://twitter.com/LenaTimeLord Lena

    Apparently people still argue over Destiel being/not being canon. You know what? For me it /is/. And I don’t care anyone will say to me about this. Season 8 has totally convinced me so far. They don’t have to kiss or have sex or say it out loud to make it canon. There are way more things into their relationship. More important things. Like willing to die in order to save each other. And if that doesn’t seem like love to you I don’t know what will. As Misha said “It may be unspoken but that doesn’t mean it’s not there or not true”. The relationship between Dean and Cas is heartbreaking, yet beautiful and I would never ever pick another pairing instead of them. #Team Profound Bond

  • HD

    I like Destiel, but Klaine is my OTP and I coldn’t NOT vot for them..

  • http://twitter.com/badwolfkatie Katie Relyea

    I’m sorry, so. Because there is no kissing or hand holding or declaration of love, Destiel isn’t a canon relationship? I wasn’t aware that that was a requirement for a relationship. Since Cas appeared, they have built a “profound bond” between the two, which is tongue and cheek when they say it, but all together true. They show their love and affection in every action and interaction. Willing to die for each other, go to Hell and Purgatory and battle Heaven for each other. Cas is Dean’s family and Dean is Cas’s family at this point. Just because I don’t ever get some harp-playing, sparkly moment and them consumating that love with a kiss or statement of love or whatever…doesn’t make it any less of a relationship. When love is implicit in everything you do, that statement is just…cheap, for lack of a better word. And if I go the rest of this series with never seeing a Destiel kiss or hearing an “I love you”? I will be perfectly happy with the beautiful relationship that remains.

    This is the thing that gets me angry when people start to argue “canon” over “fanon”. For instance, I (and I’m sure there are others that disagree) think the bond between Castiel and Dean is far more intense and profound than that between Kurt and Blaine. Shit, I think it’s more profound than most of the “canon” relationships I support.

    • jfc this ship war

      A canon ship is a ship where the couple hooks up in a show. Most of the time, at least there’s an acknowledgement that the couple *is* dating and are in a romantic relationship. Let’s not talk about one-night stands at a bar or whatever, though technically, they can also be considered canon, although good luck in finding anyone who ships a character with some random person from a bar.

      So? Destiel is NOT canon, while Klaine is. That aside, it’s a pretty dumb argument to think that just because one ship is canon, that ship is better. Things just don’t work that way. If you like a ship, regardless whether it’s canon or not, you like it, right? Who cares whether it’s fanon or canon. So, if you like Destiel, go ahead and like Destiel! No one is stopping you to – in fact, many Klainers I know love Destiel as well, and vice-versa.

      However, there is really no need to ship bash ANY ship. It’s just immature and pathetic, and honestly, what do you achieve from bashing a ship other than looking like a complete desperado?

      And lastly, shipping is not activism. Shipping is shipping. That’s all.

  • http://twitter.com/tirpse_ Nadine

    I think both fandoms should get a cookie or something. Almost 20,000 votes??

    This is closer than Florida during the US election.

  • isa

    why can’t i vote why are you doing this to me

  • Paige

    Let’s all stop being assholes and just vote.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Maria-Wang/542480760 Maria Wang

    OMG! So close wow, just wow

  • klaineforeverkthnxbai

    I see Destiel’s winning, I feel sad, I go to dinner, I come back and Klaine’s winning! :D COME ON GUYS! KLAINE FOREVER. <3

  • Melanie


  • tanifna05

    Go Dean, go Castiel !!!!!!! Supernatural deserves win !!!

  • Jessica

    I think you’re all idiots because this is just about which ship you like better, so fucking vote and stop bitching.

  • Julia


  • menfenced

    3 things that have me confused in these comments….

    1. “Destiel is canon!” Umm… You keep using that word. I don’t think it means what you think it means.

    Are there feelings between Dean and Cas? Yes. Deep feelings? Yes. Romantic feelings? Not as established within the source material. Deep friendships do exist. They exist between all genders, and there is nothing to show that this pair is anything other than friends. Not that that’s a bad thing. I actually really like Destiel friendship. But don’t try to argue it’s a canon romantic relationship. It’s not. And it never will be until there is something undeniably romantic between them. Undeniably being the key word there. Seeing as Dean and Cas have both been presented as being straight, it’s going to take more than subtext to canonically show them as anything else. It’s going to take actual text.

    (And for all the people assuming thinking this limits the writers to two or three bad and cliche choices, relax. There are a lot of ways to explicitly state a character’s sexuality or romantic feelings that fall under the category of good writing. And if you think someone showing or saying beyond a doubt that they’re not straight is bad writing… well, there’s a whole separate conversation we need to be having.)

    2. This poll is more important for SPN because if we win, Destiel might actually become canon!

    I’ve seen a few posts with this attitude and… Ummmm… Do you have any idea how long Destiel has been winning internet polls for? Pretty much since Cas gripped Dean tight and raised him from Perdition. (For anyone not keeping track, that’s more than 3 years now.) Even before Destiel, fans were going crazy over Wincest. That ship has been going strong for over 7 years now. It’s not like the appreciation for queer couples within the Supernatural fandom is a new thing, and it’s certainly not like the writers are only now becoming aware of it. They know that fans want queer relationships. They’ve known for a very, very long time. Still nothing.

    Winning one more poll isn’t going to change anything. As other people have pointed out, Klaine fans have created some big campaigns that have been noticed by the writers and actually resulted fans being given little extras (like the promise ring scene) as well as making an impression to the writers. Supernatural fans can do these things to. I know how passionate they can be and how socially active. But you have to get out there and do it. Like I said, winning one internet poll, or even dozens, isn’t going to make a big enough impression to your writers. They’ve had that impression made repeatedly for 7 years and haven’t given in. Time to try something new.

    3. The fact that people are even trying to argue which show has better queer representation…

    Glee: 11 queer characters, 5 of whom are main characters, 5 of whom are guest stars with multiple appearances, and 1 of whom appears in only one episode. 38 episodes (over half) have focused on queer issues and or issues involving queer characters’ sexualities. Even in the episodes that don’t focus on queer issues in one of their plots, many episodes focus on stories for queer characters that are not related to their sexuality (Kurt’s NYADA arc, his dad’s heart attack, Blaine’s relationship with his brother, Santana choosing glee club over cherios, Santana’s beef with Mr Shue about him disrespecting her culture, etc.) And, every episode of glee contains at least one queer character.

    Supernatural: 6 queer characters, 1 of whom could be considered a main character (Crowley) or simply reoccurring, and five of whom appear in no more than one episode. (LARPing Sam and Dean, Jeffrey, Charlie, and Corbett) None of the episodes actually focus on issues related to sexuality except the Ghostfacers one. And in that episode, more time is spent focusing on the straight object of Corbett’s affections, Ed, than on Corbett himself. Most of the time, queer characters only get to be queer so the show can make jokes about how uncomfortable that makes everyone else. (Doubly so for Crowley) So that’s 1 episode that kind of touches on queer issues and a grand total of 23 episodes that even have queer characters present (which is less than 15% of SPN’s total number of episodes.)

    So arguing that Supernatural has better queer representation than Glee? Complete bullshit.

    Supernatural definitely has better writing than Glee, and IF they actually let any of their main characters be queer and showed both that character and their sexuality the respect it deserves, I think they could do a fantastic job with it. But the fact that a show COULD write a good character even though they’re currently choosing not to is NOT queer representation. In fact, it’s kind of the opposite of that.

    4. The fact that being canon is such a big deal to people in this poll. Did you all not read the intro post? The point of this poll is to see which ship has the most fans on this site. Not which ship is the best. Not which tv couple is the best. Hell, the first posts even mentions Draco/apple as a ship. Obviously, they’re not trying to figure out what canon ships people like the most. They’re looking specifically at fandom, not shows, and trying to find the biggest trend in all of the different ship areas out there (canon, fanon, crack, etc.) on this specific site. That’s it.

  • Tumblr

    C’mon guys, I ship both BUT Klaine are REAL! Destiel is NOT (yet…but it’s not looking good) I’m sorry but Klaine gets my vote this time

  • KuraiMina

    Honestly? I don’t care if Destiel is canon or not… I don’t care if the show runners take it seriously or not (but I have the feeling that they’re more and more aware of it everytime…)

    I JUST LOVE THIS PAIRING… I LOVE THEM! They are awesome together. We don’t really have to argue about that really… Just choose the one you love.
    I don’t like Glee (but they seems to be a cute couple…) so DESTIEL IT IS!!

  • T

    Also I didn’t realize how rude and insensitive Klaine and Destiel shippers can be. You kind of give our ships a bad name guys. Calm down. The characters aren’t even real.

  • http://twitter.com/StarkidSims Simone

    This is waaayyy too close for my liking. Come on Klainers!

  • Myrissa

    Oh my dear lord, Dean and Cas aren’t even together! GET OVER IT! You people have some serious issues. Lol.

  • Meow

    ): it won’t let me vote. Keeps saying I already voted but I didn’t.

  • http://twitter.com/LucyWallis_Ev Lucy Wallis

    I thought this was a poll for which ship you support most and think has a better relationship not which one is a better representation of a gay couple. And like someone else just said, Destiel aren’t technically a same sex couple as Cas has no gender

    • a

      To some people, it matters to them which couple is a better representation of a gay couple. There are people out there who have been waiting for so long to see an actual gay relationship on tv and to be able to relate to them, so of course they will want to vote for the couple who they can see themselves in. You can’t blame them. I do know that this poll is just about which ship you like better, so I voted for the couple I just like the most, but what I’m trying to say is I do understand why to some people, it matters which couple represents their community better.

      • http://twitter.com/LucyWallis_Ev Lucy Wallis

        Yeah but Destiel are not representing the gay community, they represent that love knows no bounds, cos if you read the end of my last comment, Castiel is not a man, he just so happens to be in a man’s body. And it IS a poll to find out the most supported ship. If you support Klaine because of how well they represent a same sex couple (which in my opinion isn’t a great representation), fine, but don’t bash on Destiel for not doing that, because they are not same sex.

  • Porcelain

    Even though Blaine made a mistake Klaine are still meant to be together, for eternity. They just fit together. They will have a kick ass reunion and thank god my OTP are canon and when they are together all you see if love, unselfishness and devotion. Sure Blaine made a mistake, everyone makes mistakes no matter how bad they are but Klaine will be back together, they cant stay away from each other for that long. You can see it in their eyes.! So Klaine is my vote. I watch supernatural but no sorry Klaine hold the devotion !

  • francyk7

    dean/castiel *_*

  • http://twitter.com/NatashaPeartree Natasha Pereira

    omg this is so close!!!!!

  • hardchoices

    I love both. Klaine has always held my heart and it’s just been fun to watch all the love between them. But with Destiel I see them fight for each other and go through so much shit. The moment Klaines relationship got hard they crumbled and broke up, but Destiel is just getting stronger through every hardship. So I voted Destiel.

  • Ana

    Voting for Destiel b/c I can’t stand Blaine. New bf for Kurt please!!

  • Rachael

    I think im gunna have to eat some glee butts right about now.

  • Morella

    отстаёт Дестиэль…печально…

  • Di

    Shame on you for fighting! Chillax, peeps. I vote Klaine because they drive me insaaane.


    Come on Destiel fandom, we can do this!! Yeah the love is between a hunter dude and an oddball angel guy thing but it’s the purest, most believable, most complicated emotional amazing inspirational tearjerkinghairpullingdeathdefyingheavenandhellandpurgatorymoving ETERNAL love I have ever seen in any movie, TV show, whatever. GO DESTIEL!

  • MerthurFan

    I’ve refreshed the page, like, 10 times and it still won’t let me vote. My vote goes to Destiel, anyway.

    • KiVi

      click on vote under Total Voters…if that doesn’t help then i don’t know

  • thedestielwinchester

    Just cause it’s unspoken doesn’t mean it’s not real. – Misha Collins (a.k.a Castiel)

    That’s what he said. Destiel’s unspoken, yes, but IMO, actions are just worth a million words.

    I don’t wish to bicker with someone about this like we’re old married couples, but this is my opinion and nothing can change it.

  • moose

    People calm the fuck down im all for both ships but its no reason to be hating on every ones ship theyhave this time its destiel and klaine next time it will something else I like destiel more but thats just me no one is better or noticeableand some are canon some are not stop bashing others ships

  • Marina

    Guys, stop fighting! Don’t give your ship/shippers a bad reputation! Doesn’t matter if the ship is officially ‘canon’ or not, that’s never stopped anyone in fandom before and it never will.

    That being said, my vote goes to Klaine. Good luck boys <3

  • Raia

    I don’t see why there has to be so much hate here (especially for glee). I love both pairs and so I’ll vote for both. I don’t think anyone could say that either of them is better or worse, especially because they are just so different and I don’t see how you could compare them. None of us knows how Klaine would react if put into SPN Universe and neither can you say how Destiel would be as High School students and why the fuck do we even care. They both are perfect as they are and ofc a voting like that is a competiton but thats not a reason to act like massive bitches, honestly.

  • kkfaye

    Destiel over Klaine anyday! I don’t ship Dean/Cas romantically, but they have one of the most well written, tangled and beautiful friendships on tv. Hence, they get my vote.

  • JustSaying

    Why is there such a huge debate on this? Let’s face it, most Gleeks and most people of the SPN fandom will never agree on pretty much anything.


    wow u mad klain shippers?

    • Klainer

      Klaine is winning, in case you didn’t notice.

  • i hate destiel

    destiel sucks

  • Klainer

    This is the closest fuck fight ever!!

  • Ally


  • i hate destiel

    i hate destiel

    • Aiicyla

      congratulations you win an award for not liking something

      • klaineforeverkthnxbai

        oh my gosh best comment

  • Lucy


  • http://twitter.com/TMFanatic Carolina

    Wow, this is evolving into a full blown bloody ship war! Please guys, chill out! This is about fun and showing support of you ship and not about bashing others! We all belong to one species, the noble species of shippers and we shouldn’t be clawing at each others throats! So calm down please!

  • Natasha

    Come on Klainers! They may have broken up but at least they were together in the first place! :) And let’s be honest, Klaine is endgame and we all know it.
    For the record I have nothing against Destiel. This competition thing is just getting to me a little. :)

  • http://twitter.com/Slyffindor Dorfam Farno

    why can’t vote?


    wow… 21, 320 votes, and there are only 6 votes between them!! this is gonna be a tough one!!! :)

  • Huh?

    Destiel because I don’t even know what a “Kane” is. Is it walking with a limp?

  • http://twitter.com/HappyEmoness Trololoki

    These are the two ships I ship the most in the world ever. Why do the hardest decisions happen to sort of good people?

  • Ravyn

    Klaine is so much better than Dean/Castiel or whatever. I didn’t like Supernatural much; I found it boring…

    My next vote : Rose/10th Doctor!!! I ship them so hard. Just like Klaine. ^_^

  • steph

    come on klainers! Klaine’s message is so important! Destiel is not an established relationship! I don’t think you get how important it is to show a sexual and romantic relationship between two gay teenagers on a tv show watched 90% by teens!!

  • steph

    Ok, I think anyone is free to ship whatever they like. But please DON’T say that destiel is a better representation of a gay relationship, because it’s not a gay relationship! Whether you like it or not, Klaine DID help some people and so did glee. But if this poll is about which ship you like the most, then you’re free to vote whoever you like!

  • Samunin

    as much as i love kurt and blaine who are now no longer together T-T
    i have to go for dean/castiel XD supernatural is my new obsession lol

  • http://www.facebook.com/ivonnemariev Ivonne Marie Valle

    DESTIEL! Dean and Castiel need to win just because if will open up more door for our ship to become canon. COME ON!!

  • calliope


  • omg

    It comes to the point where I’m convinced this poll will not be won just because one ship has a bigger fanbase, but won by who had more people voting for them at that particular point of time. Everytime I refresh it’s a different result. Currently, Klaine is leading by like, 5 votes, but I know if I refresh 10 mins later Destiel will be leading by 3 votes or something. It’s THAT close.

  • queenofvantascest


  • i just want some cake

    what will the outcome prove i don’t understand i mean come on we don’t get merchandise or a cash prize we just get tears either way.

  • http://twitter.com/HappyEmoness Trololoki

    I have no idea who to vote for. I SHIP THEM BOTH SO MUCH

  • Charlii

    lmao it’s tied, everyone stop voting just leave it like that. It was a tense and unforgettable war, but it’s time we accept that all ships are worthy and see how this website deals when the deadline hits and it’s a tie.

  • jsadella

    say what you want friends
    but klaine is canon
    :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ren-JaeMin/100003532926204 Ren JaeMin

    hoping dean and cas wins.. wooohoo

    Destiel FTW.!

  • seriouslystop

    Destiel is not canon pls stop just because misha and some of the writers like it doesn’t actually mean it will happen

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ren-JaeMin/100003532926204 Ren JaeMin

      who cares if its canon or not, and besides they don’t even have to be canon for them to actually as effective as those canon pairs. they have the greatest chemistry ever.. <3

  • Dark Side

    Whoa, guys stop fighting. ;n; I love Klaine and Destiel and we should all just get along, okay? No matter what ship wins /it doesn’t matter/. Both ships are just as great, no matter who wins.

  • Doctor larry

    frick just vote for who you want and calm down omg?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ren-JaeMin/100003532926204 Ren JaeMin

    Destiel’s chemistry rocks… they have a very profound bond.. <3

  • Julia


  • SPNlover

    Support Destiel! The most amazing, unique, powerful, deep, passionate love story on TV history! Unspoken love that deserves to be recognized.

  • SuperWhoLock


  • SPNlover

    Both are cool, but I freak out because Klaine is like already canon and I want Destiel to be canon too so I’d love to win many polls so it recieves recogition. I love the profound bond of Dean and Cas <3

  • omg

    blaine cheated so this former klainer (doesn’t even watch supernatural) is voting for destiel yolo suckas

    • klaineforeverkthnxbai

      This is a classic example of a Klaine-hater voting on something just to spite the Klainers.

      It’s so beautiful, watching them waste their lives away, hating Klaine…

  • BlaineAnderSass

    KilL ME
    SaMe GOoOD nESS

  • Your neighborhood Bitchface

    At least Kurt/Blaine is canon
    Oooh, it burns you to have come so close.

  • http://www.facebook.com/aaccss Alex Smith

    This is SO CLOSE. Mods should just declare it a tie, let the next pair duke it out, and then have a 3-way finale.

  • randomvisits

    They both are great shipping but i will ship Destiel in heaven, hell, purgatory and EVERYWHERE in between.

  • Abby

    If anyone else says something about Kurt and Blaine not dying for each other or raising each other from the dead, I will scream. I love Destiel. I mean it, I really do, but really? Glee is a musical comedy, not a fantasy show where angels and demons and all other types of monsters exist.


    calm down holy shit

  • boom

    DESTIEL IS CANON! …Just sayin.

  • :)

    I think these competitions bring up a lot of unnecessary arguing. It’s seen so much between fandoms, too, but I wish it wasn’t. Klaine and Destiel are both fab ships for completely different reasons. Everyone’s entitled to their opinions and friendly banter is fine, but outright raging? Come one guys! “I wish we could all get along like we used to in middle school… I wish I could bake a cake filled with rainbows and smiles and everyone would eat and be happy…” ‘Nuff said.

  • Natalie

    This is gonna get serious.

  • Anon

    Can we please just let Dean/Cas win? I love Kurt/Blaine as much as anyone, but they’re already canon. At least winning might give Dean/Cas some kind of shot at that.

    • nina

      how on earth would winning an obscure fan poll give destiel “some kind of shot”?? I can’t believe people would actually think that would do ANYTHING. the showrunners are fully aware of the support for the pairing and have done nothing towards making it canon. this will change nothing.

      • klaineforeverkthnxbai


  • Des

    Dean and Castiel <3 Please, the others are already canon, Destiel needs this. The more recognition, the better chance to become officially canon guys <3 xoxo (I'm sending love and kisses and hugs because all this comment war is too much)

    • i don’t understand

      why are people thinking that just because destiel wins a poll they will have more chances to become canon? destiel have been winning polls for YEARS, the writers are still refusing to make them canon. it’s not like this will be the first poll they’ll win (if they do)

      • Des

        Let me be hopeful! I have hope eventually they will be convinced we’re super serious. <3

        • http://twitter.com/Safuza Vukwanrik

          If polls haven’t worked for you after years of winning, it is likely that this is an ineffective method of getting representation for your ship. You need to continually pressure your writers and state clearly what you want. Right now, your writers are probably thinking that because Destiel has been winning all these years, they’ve been doing right by you. Nothing is going to change if you don’t use other methods of drawing your writers’ attention.

          Canonally gay couples like Klaine need the attention however because they are an already recognized couple with the appropriate media attention focused. Therefore, their wins in polls, (with a healthy dose of continual pressure) will make the writers want to write them more into the show.

          • T

            not gonna lie, with the amount of money that Klainers put towards fund raisers I dont even think we need the polls…

            I mean that tissue box thing signed by the actors? the klaine won sold for $9,500 and the runner up was finchel for $3,500

          • klaineforeverkthnxbai

            It’s because the Klainers really care. c:

  • Brit.

    I’m sorry, but I think this is absolutely ludicrous that you people are actually getting this worked up over a freaking POLL. Yes, Klaine is/was a canon ship at one point, whereas Destiel has yet to become canon (soon. very soon.). Seriously, though, these polls were not meant to start ship wars. And guys, our ships are neck in neck right now! Why all the hate? Klaine is adorable, and Destiel is awesome, too. Let’s stahp with the shipping wars already, and just get along! Slash shippers, ASSEMBLE!

  • http://www.facebook.com/butch.hagemeyer Butch N Brit Hagemeyer

    i do not care about any of you peoples arguments and childish bullshit! the fact is simple and that is that supernatural can in no way be compared to a retarded show like glee, and no matter what the votes say supernatural is the best of the two hands down. why a waste of tv time was ever given to glee i do not understand. it is a meaningless show about a bunch of preps. you want that in your life just go to fucking high school and hang out…

    • http://twitter.com/Safuza Vukwanrik

      1) Really? Must you use the R word? Is that REALLY necessary?

      2) The quality of the show does not dictate the quality of the ship. I agree that Glee is VERY problematic as far as continuity is concerned, but Klaine has mainly remain unaffected in that.

      3) Don’t judge a show without watching it first. Based on your comment alone, I’m assuming you haven’t watched a single episode and think it to be an over-hyped High School Musical which it most certainly is not (considered HSM never once delved into death threat, domestic abuse, or the near loss of a parent). I’ll admit I’ve never watched an episode of SPN (not due to a lack of interest. I’m just a big ol’ wimp when it comes to scary stuff) but you don’t see me claiming its inferiority. I may have some issues with Destiel being in these polls (based on the information I’ve gathered about the pair), but you don’t see me calling the ship or the show “retarded” because of that.

    • klaineforeverkthnxbai

      wow you used the r-word. your argument has convinced me. I’ll stop watching Glee, the show that calls people out on how horrible using slurs is, and instead watch Supernatural.

      (and yes, that was sarcasm)

  • a mysterious voter

    holy crap this is a close battle :o

  • Des

    Dean and Castiel need to become canon and these polls can help I’m pretty sure, let’s vote for this ship and help make it canon! Heck, let’s make a movement! Ok. I know. I just, Destiel is so my OTP. xoxo

  • nina

    holy crow that’s a lot of votes

  • SPNfam

    Let me refresh your feels with this pretty video I found on Youtube :)
    Destiel is beautiful, if you still have doubt, watch this <3


  • TheInternetRaisedMe

    From the Klaine fandom: Nothing against Supernatural which is a fantastic show, but please, queer-bating on a show that sets the characters as steadfastly straight and therefore the teasing is kind of offensive in that they think it’s so very funny when straight guys act gay as a joke CAN’T win over an established gay couple. Come on!

    • http://twitter.com/CoffeeNFandoms Annemarie

      They don’t ‘act gay’ as a joke. Whenever sexual tension or genuine care/love between them in the show is written in it’s played seriously.
      And really, Castiel isn’t straight, and Dean of seasons late has begun to expand in terms of sexual fluidity. The latter’s progression is due to character development.

    • HL

      Canonically, Cas has said that he’s “utterly indifferent.” In other words, not straight. Dean is, arguably, bi. Anyway, even if you don’t see them as being romantic, this poll is for relationships- not exclusively romantic, but platonic as well.



  • seamuxfinny

    Guys. This poll isn’t about queer representation. If you haven’t noticed, this poll isn’t titled “What’s the best gay ship?”. It includes both straight and queer pairings, and I for one think it’s a little bit ridiculous to be voting for Klaine because it’s “actual representation” or to be voting for Destiel because “Klaine doesn’t accurately or fully represent the queer community”. I’m not saying that queer representation in the media isn’t an important issue, I’m just saying that it’s more than a little bit irrelevant to the poll.

    I would also like to point out that the point of this poll is not “Canon vs Fanon”. Everyone seems to be whining about how people are only voting for Klaine because it’s canon, or people are only voting for Destiel because it’s fanon. The poll includes ships that are fanon, canon, and somewhere in between, so we don’t need to be arguing about whether fanon or canon ships are better.

    All we’re doing is voting on which pairing we think fits together best. I am personally a Destiel supporter for a long list of reasons all having to do with how the actual characters interact with each other. Dean and Cas love each other, and that’s why I’m voting for them. Not because of some stupid argument over canon.

    • Marie

      Thank you. This is the best comment I’ve read in this post thus far.

    • pleasedonthurtme

      I love you.

    • Alex


  • Marie

    Woah, guys, there’s a lot of attacking going on here. Can’t we disagree nicely?

    Also, I’m voting for Klaine simply because I’ve never seen Supernatural and therefore don’t have an opinion on them. And I still get the squeals during the episode when Blaine and Kurt kiss, even if there was a lot of damage. Even in their darkness, there were some good moments that make me age back to 13.

  • pleasedonthurtme

    Dean dies a lot. He should get something nice.

  • Des

    The difference right now is only 3 votes .-.

  • Anonymgrl

    Dean and Castiel have survived much, even major betrayal, and their relationship is even getting stronger than ever before now. Therefore, their relationship is deserving of a win here. Please, give Destiel a chance and vote for them <3

    • Tippy

      Yes! Profound bond all the way!

  • http://twitter.com/chrisbows the boy who flew.

    stop the violence.

  • Anonymgrl

    A relationship that has survived death, hell, heaven’s control, purgatory and even loss of memory (in Castiel’s part, who once loss memory of who he was and all he lived with Dean and Sam) Is a relationship that only get’s stronger and deeper, Destiel. <3 Breaks my heart how much they love each other, even if unspoken, or "not canon". Their love is made very clear.

  • Becca

    Oh my god jlakfsdmc just vote for who you want and shut up. Arguing about it helps nothing don’t be dumb.

  • http://www.facebook.com/mrs.emi.lovett María Emilia



  • http://twitter.com/Clarrisani Clarrisani

    Wow, just reading the comments is just… wow. So much disrespect from the Glee side of the fence.

    • Supernatural and Glee fan

      It may seem that way now, but honestly (I’ve been watching the poll for a while), Supernatural fans started it, to put it most simply. While Klaine fans may be pointing fingers about ships not being canon (and seem to be forgetting that Klaine isn’t, either, for now), the Destiel shippers were the ones poking and prodding on the new wounds of what is the “Break-Up,” so to speak. Both sides have childish members, but all I have to say is, the Supernatural fans had it comin’.

      • HL

        Actually, from the get go, both sides were doing it. However, I think the Klaine side was a bit more offensive with saying that the Destiel ship wasn’t even valid and that Klaine should win automatically for that reason. Most of the “break-up” things were said in response to that. But, in the end, no matter who started what, nothing anyone said warrants equally childish responses. It certainly doesn’t mean that anyone “had it comin’.”

        • SPN/Glee fan

          When you’ve got comments going around such as, “I think we’re forgetting what a lying scumbag Blaine is,” and “any couple who has a cheating partner doesn’t even deserve to be in this poll,” you certainly do have something coming your way. Am I saying that those Klaine fans that responded harshly are by any means better than those of Destiel? No. They should have turned the other cheek. I am not validating any offensive things anyone has said. But when you’ve got comments like those, you’re not allowed to pull the pity card.

          • http://twitter.com/TheBlackBot Black Bot

            So serious. You would make me think the characters were real.

          • HL

            And then you have Klainers saying “You people are insane. What show are you watching? Or better yet…what are you smoking?” and “I like how Klaine went against a non couple in each round. Makes the decision even easier than it already us.”

            These are equally (if not more) offensive. Especially the smoking one, which is an attack against the fans, not the show. These comments were some of the first that came up in this voting round. Also, they came up before anyone mentioned the break up.

            This doesn’t justify the comments which some of the SPN fans have made. The point is, no one “deserves” any of the negativity which has arisen from the comments. No one is pulling a pity card, but on the same note, the Klaine fans also can’t pull one.

    • klaineforeverkthnxbai

      The thing is, quite a few of the anti-Klainers who posted on here are just Glee fans who hate Blaine, and probably haven’t even seen Supernatural. They’ve done it before. So… the Klainers do get pretty angry when faced with people hurling accusations about cheating and sexual assault (sigh).

      I think both sides were pretty horrible, to be honest. Don’t get me wrong, most people were lovely, but there were people kicking up a fuss on both sides. Insults against both shows, both couples, all four people, queer representation and queer-baiting… yeah, there was a lot.

      But honestly, Klainers can get very defensive, because we have been arguing for our ship for well over a year now. :/ And I know there are arguments in the SPN fandom too.

      Both sides were disrespectful, but what do you expect on a poll about their favourite couples? I’m just glad it mainly stayed fairly civilised, and it was actually really sweet how close it was, to be honest.

  • what am i doing with my life


  • Dezzy

    I mothfraking LOVE Dean and Cas :D

  • http://twitter.com/HappyEmoness Trololoki

    These two ships are the ships I ship the most. Hell, Klaine is the only reason I even watch Glee anymore, but Destiel is one of the many reasons I love Supernatural as much as I do.

    Argh this is just as bad as when Sterek and Destiel were facing off in the AfterElton poll and Sterek won because Misha had a baby like hours before the poll ended.

  • Teddy

    omg this poll causing two extremely different fandoms to fight hOW WEIRD IS THIS?
    calm down everyone it’s just opinions stop the bashing. uwu

  • luci




    • Aiicyla

      I’m pretty sure Jesus DOES ship Destiel. Or at least, God does. He keeps giving Castiel back to Dean, hoping one time Dean realizes why.

  • Emma

    Dean and Castiel. Profound bond. That’s all.

  • Tippy

    May I quote a tumblr user whose name I do not know but I would love to give them credit anyway? Thank you.
    “The reason I love Destiel is simple. It’s about an angel who took the pieces of a broken man and put him back together and in doing so, broke himself.”

  • Me

    KURT AND BLAINE they’re actually a real couple! Not that dean and castiel arent cool but they’re not canon!



      • Dee

        Chill out. I ship destiel to death but not even I would talk like this. :|

      • Aiicyla

        Wow, relax, you’re getting too excited over a small comment from someone who’s clearly just biased. Klaine is a “real couple,” even if one cheated; you remember Supernatural season 6. They’re both real. Don’t overreact.

        As far as I’m concerned, Destiel IS canon. “Just because it’s unspoken, doesn’t mean it’s not there.” They love eachother and that’s for sure, and that’s enough to be called canon. Dean and Castiel’s love, in my opinion, far surpasses the teenage high school romance they’re up against.

  • Me

    Even if Blaine cheated you can’t ignore their previous relationship also they’re definitely getting back together!

  • karina-criss

    Klainers please,vote for Kurt&Blaine:(!

  • Laurie

    Think about it before arguing about it, guys. This is GLEE vs. SUPERNATURAL. A musical high school show about teens vs. a monster-hunting show with angels and demons. This is a real gay couple that fans of Glee love vs. a suggesting fun couple that the fans of Supernatural love. Why do we even have these polls anymore? To create shipping wars, I imagine. It’s just a poll guys. Please calm down.

    • Chakatai

      The fact you associated the word “fun” with Destiel made me laugh, thank you. That’s about the last adjective I associate with them so the irony was amazing. This isn’t a negative comment, I honestly found it funny. People need to be riled up every now and them about their OTPs, sailing is a serious business. ;)

  • Panthera

    Always for sweet destiel… :D

  • asdf

    DESTIEL!! <3

    I'm sorry but I hate Klaine relationship…

    Don't lynch me.

  • http://www.facebook.com/richard.r.bailey Richard Bailey

    I’m having a problem. Everytime I come onto this page, it says I am voting for Klaine. But I have only voted once and it was for Destiel.

    • http://twitter.com/Safuza Vukwanrik

      The bolded names switch between them every time I reload the page for me too. I don’t think it matters either way. If you clicked on your couple, your vote counted towards it.

  • Please don’t fight


    Embrace your shipping brothers and sisters and marvel at the fact that two awesome couples are in this poll. There need no be bloodshed. We are on the same, very gay, side.

    (Plus in a week you’ll have forgotten about this poll so don’t get worked up guys)

  • JAY

    because Castiel raised Dean from the perdition.

    because Castiel rebelled against Heaven for Dean.

    because Castiel died to help Dean.

    because Castiel betrayed Dean’s trust… And Dean forgave him.

    because Dean goes looking for Castiel in purgatory.

    because Castiel said “go!”.

    because Dean didn’t believe in angels, but prayed for Castiel every night .

    because Dean’s definition from home is with Castiel by his side.

    because Dean needs Castiel in his life.

    because Castiel needs Dean.

    because the way they look at each other says everything.

  • thedestielwinchester

    Destiel changed my life in a snap of a finger. In a blink of an eye. In a fall of a raindrop. Instantaneous, feels like I’m compelled to ship. Ever heard of the phrase “You have been chosen to follow”? Well, that’s what happened.

    I progressed through the series I thought, why does your sexuality matter, if you could love someone as selflessly like Cas, and protect your angel with your life, like Dean?

    Castiel’s love for Dean is clearly there. No pretention, yet no vocalization. So much love that it HURTS to keep. He always tries to protect Dean from his foes, his mistakes, and even his family. He killed countless times just to keep Dean safe. He begs to atone for his betrayal because he can’t believe he did that to Dean.

    As Samandriel had said, “Too much heart was always Castiel’s problem”, but really, that statement just made it clear that Cas always puts his heart and faith in Dean… Only Samandriel thinks that Dean hasn’t done anything to save Cas.


    Personally, this fandom taught me something important.

    That spark? Just because you’re both dudes, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have it.

    That tension? Just because it’s unspoken, it doesn’t mean that it’s not real.

    That love? Just because it’s unstated, it doesn’t mean that it’s unrequited.

    Those actions? It whispers a million unspoken words between the two of them.


    Destiel changed my life, and the way I always view things.

    Their love is one proof that everything’s possible.

    …Even if the situation always turns into a you-and-me-against the-world scene, never forget to hold each other’s hand, fight side-by-side, and hope that everything’s always going to be alright. Because true love’s always with each other, whether it be a happy ending or not.

    Destiel. Profound bond. Pure, real face of love. Sacrifice. Selflessness. Hardship.

    That’s what Destiel is all about. Their profound bond is pure, selfless, and unbreakable. Many ups and downs have tested this couple, but look at them. They still stand beside each other until now. Destiel is all about hardship, sacrifice, taking your own happiness for the safety of the other, and holding on to what’s left of everything. It’s about standing by each other’s side day by day and fight until the end of the day, winners or not, THEY STILL HAVE ONE THING — EACH OTHER, to hold on to for dear life.

  • Kae

    For some reason it has Kurt/Blaine bolded but I didn’t get to vote and I want to vote for Destiel?

    • http://www.facebook.com/ella.blackwood.3 Elle Blackwood

      Yeah, same thing just happened to me. I voted Dean/Cas but it has me voting for Glee. Ugh. This site and the glitches are pissing me off. I want my vote to go for my couple, not Glee! (No offense). :D

      • klaineforeverkthnxbai

        Really? o_o That’s weird.

  • 123
  • http://www.facebook.com/ella.blackwood.3 Elle Blackwood

    I submitted a vote for Dean and Castiel but the site says I voted for Kurt and Blaine. WTH??? I want my vote to go for Supernatural! Please fix!

  • http://www.facebook.com/nadine1987 Nay Deen

    So glad once this poll is over. They better not prolong this or else it will get even nastier. It’s not like it would change anything. The winning pair will probably win by a few votes either way.

  • Queenomanka

    DEEEEESTIEEEEEEL!!!!!!!!!! Only Destiel, only hardcore!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/eienflower Aria Lien

    It won’t freaking let me vote! I want to vote!!!

    • http://www.facebook.com/nadine1987 Nay Deen

      You probably have to log in. That’s what I had to do. You could log in via Twitter or Facebook.

    • http://www.facebook.com/nadine1987 Nay Deen

      But you probably already are because I see your username and picture. Hypable needs to get its act together.

      • http://www.facebook.com/eienflower Aria Lien

        It sure does. After panicking over it (lol) finally got to vote! woohoo~ glad I contributed even a bit to Dean/Cas

  • IamChuck

    while Klaine share a profound bond with singing.. Destiel share a profound bond with saving the world and fighting for free will… and eyesexing

  • http://twitter.com/LucyWallis_Ev Lucy Wallis

    Misha is a MASSIVE Destiel supporter, do not let him down!!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kBj-xon3r60 I DARE you to tell me that’s not love!

  • do do

    this is not amazing .In my mind destiel is the best

  • A Queer

    So everything I keep reading here is about queer representation and how Klaine is a way better representation than Destiel, but honestly? Coming from a queer? A young lesbian? I love Destiel and hate Klaine with a passion. Don’t get me wrong, I love Kurt. He’s my second favorite Glee character. A close second at that. But Blaine isn’t a good character and their relationship is unhealthy as fuck. I would rather have implied canon or even fucking queer baiting than Klaine because all Klaine does is make young people think that you should stay in a relationship with someone who belittles you, shames you, and comes pretty fucking close to sexually assaulting you. I don’t care if he was drunk or not, you tell your partner nine times no and three times stop, you fucking stop. Simple as that. But people sadly have even argued saying how Kurt should have just gave in and had sex with him and that makes me sick to think this show is making that seem okay when it really isn’t. Destiel may not be perfect and may never be truly canon, but in the long run they have a deeper and more meaningful relationship than Klaine probably ever will. I’m a Kurt stan and I fucking promote Kurt independence because I’m so sick of Klaine and Blaine stans. And I’m a Destiel shipper because honestly they’ve had more chemistry and more love than I’ve ever seen from Klaine. I get really tired of seeing all the arguing about how the fact that they’re canon makes them better or makes them more important because it doesn’t. I’d rather see a show treat the fact that two guys love each other as normal than see them make a big spectacle of it. I want meaningful relationships, not just kissing and cuddling and domesticity. Sorry.

    • http://twitter.com/Safuza Vukwanrik

      A) When has Blaine ever belittled Kurt?
      They’re honest with each other, sure. They don’t take shit from one another, definitely. But Blaine has never walked all over Kurt. In fact, he was his biggest supporter during his application process for NYADA: (“Don’t give up, ever. We’ll figure something out.” | “However, I can’t let a single moment pass without first raising a zero calorie toast to one Mr. Kurt Hummel: aka NYADA finalist!” | “Outstanding! I loved it!” | Plus, being there to support him during the audition itself). He was willing to audition for a lesser part if it meant Kurt could play Tony (although consequently, they liked Blaine better for the role). And then encouraging him to go to NY because he saw that he was unhappy stuck in Lima, despite the fact that he’d miss him everyday.

      B) As far as shaming goes…
      I saw Blaine’s lashing out during the Chandler incident as hurt. He did the same with Sam during their fight as well. He doesn’t want to hurt the one’s he loves, but he bottles up his hurt until it comes to the surface (In Sam’s case, the month of constant put-downs to him by the group. In Kurt’s case, the fear of losing him after he goes to NY,) There’s no denying that It’s a HUGE fault of his, but it is consistent with his character.

      C) Sexual Assault? Really?
      You’re forgetting the fact that Blaine and Kurt had the conversation about wanting to go further beforehand. Blaine GENUINELY thought that Kurt wanted to take that step with him. And yes, alcohol does play a factor, in that it slowed down his cognitive skills. The moment his brain caught up with his body, he stopped. Again, he’s still entirely at fault, but sexual harassment implies the intention harass the person knowing fully well BEFOREHAND that that person does not want it. That doesn’t exactly apply to Blaine’s case.

      They’re NOT perfect. They’re fucking kids who make BOTH have made mistakes along the way. But they work through them with far greater maturity than any of the other couples on the show. Currently they’re in a rough patch, but I know (due to spoilers) that they’re talking their way through it and taking things one step at a time rather than jumping back in without fixing anything.

      • Stocazzo

        Don’t even listen to Blaine’s haters! Always using the sexual assault bullshit like come on do you even know what rape means? Moralists.,

  • http://twitter.com/devonstiel ana.


  • Alex

    Okay, so, don’t attack me.

    First off, I’m bisexual (and I’ll avoid a rant on how Glee pisses me off when it comes to bisexuality), but no, just because Klaine is a canon gay relationship does not give you the right to tell Destiel shippers you’re better than them for supporting queer media. It’s honestly hurting the cause to go crazy and insult other people in the name of promoting queer issues. Actually, it’s making me kind of upset because dude, it’s kind of offensive to suggest that the canon gay relationship needs to have special treatment and win just for being gay. Can’t they win because they work well together? Are Kurt and Blaine being Kurt and Blaine not enough?

    And on the raging debate about how affectionate they are, yeah, I’m pretty sure Fox has something to do with Kurt and Blaine’s lack of kissage, because hello, have you seen Fox News? But to be fair to Destiel, Supernatural comes on the CW and if they did get together at some point, I don’t think they’d be cut off from affection by the channel. (Maybe by monsters though.) The complete discussion and rant about how tv doesn’t have gay affection is justified depending on the company. Fox doesn’t do parties with the rainbow club, but some other channels do and Idk I just think it’s unfair to tell the Destiel people that the only reason that Dean and Cass show affection (manly affection, of course) is because there’s no way they can be more than ‘just friends.’ Buffy happened. Torchwood happened you guys. It’s not every channel ever against the gays.

    I’m a Klainer, seriously, I love them. I’ve seen maybe three episodes of Supernatural, but from what I’ve seen on the Almighty Tumblr, it’s a right good match. (Also they’re rugged and sexy and apparently Dean has daddy issues and so does Castiel but his dad is God who hits the long haired brother nobody talks about with plungers? Idk, it seems like a good show.)

    Anyway, they’re both pretty swell, but bros there has been a lot of hate. (And it seems to mostly be coming from the Klaine fandom which makes me sad. Sorry Destiel people.)

    I’m just saying, why argue when we can be discussing how attractive everyone involved in this poll is? Why can’t we think about how cool it would be if there were AUs where the four of them were buddies? You know Kurt would be a badass demon hunter, and I’ve heard Jensen sing. His voice is beautiful. You know Dean and Cas (and Sam since he seems cool and also that angel guy that everyone loves who died but the Richard guy who plays him wants to come back or some shit i don’t know but him) would be hilarious as undercover teachers at McKinley. Cas can run the God Squad.

    (And also maybe he’d like Kurt’s voice because it sounds angelic and Kurt would finally get to sing because he’s underused like woah)

    (And even better that guy with the K name or whatever can run glee and everyone will cry probably because he makes people cry but at least the relationships will be strong and things like sensible plot lines can happen and also more classic rock because apparently that’s Supernatural’s go to genera.)

    I’m serious you guys, this could be like a beautiful gay rainbow of gay and mentorship and singing and danger and a super nice cars. (Sweet motherfucking Jesus let’s all ship the Navigator and the Impala you know you want to.)

    Also, just think about it; both ships beat Johnlock. MOTHER. FUCKING. JOHNLOCK. Maybe it’s just my opinion but Johnlock is pretty quality. And British. And it gives me emotions that can’t even begin to be resolved because, well, if you know Johnlock you know my forever pain.

    So, yeah. Let’s just be cool and appreciate hot gay tv ships. And ship their cars.

    • http://thedestielwinchester.cc.cc/ thedestielwinchester

      Best damn post in this thread, so far.

    • klaineforeverkthnxbai

      I want Klaine on Supernatural now. *-*

  • aria

    wow people turned this into such a dramatic thing…just vote for whoever you like better people no need for all the drama. sheesh.


    WHY ARE THEY BEHIND 8( … MY SOUL IS DYING… All my feels lie with Destiel. If they lose I’ll have none left. I will be unable to anything, let alone ‘can’.

  • Izzy

    Destiel, I am not fan of Kurt and Blaine, sorry guess. I am shipping Destiel!

    • emtckdisklainedestiel

      shipping booooooth

  • emtckdisklainedestiel


  • emtckdisklainedestiel

    wow okay pEACE STOP THE SHIP-WARS <3

  • http://twitter.com/Rose_Casey333 Rose Casey


  • Spinthetireslightthefires

    Up by 21 votes! Damn, this shit’s tighter than a virgin a**.

  • colferstiel

    Speaking as both a destiel and klaine shipper, most of the comments I’m reading are ridiculous. Please stop.

  • http://twitter.com/ChrisColferfan7 ChrisColferfan4ever

    KURT AND BLAINE ALL THE WAY they are my favorites from glee

  • Jen

    Perspective- everybody here needs some. It’s FICTION, calm your pants.

  • Mix

    Klaine :)

  • Emily

    PLEASE DESTIEL! YOU CAN DO IT <3 you have to win over some silly comedy show couple, or I will sit in the corner and cry for a week :'(

    • klaineforeverkthnxbai

      in the interests of your safety, please drink plenty of water while you’re crying. and make sure to get some sleep!

      genuinely though, please don’t cry. at the end of the day, it’s a silly, fun poll.

  • http://twitter.com/Hanareru ГОЛУБОЙ ВАГОН

    Love between Can and Dean is obvious, but much more emotional than Clain’s.

    • Jess

      Klaine. *clapclap*

  • xoxox

    Kurt/Blaine because they are a real ship! Not like Dean/Castiel, which is crazy fangirls fantasy…

    • Des

      No it isn’t have you even watched the show??? Destiel has a real bond. The fact that it isn’t canon doesn’t mean is any less of a relationship. Their love is clear with their actions in the show. And honestly is one of the most beautifully written relationships on tv history, so let’s not be offensive.

  • http://www.facebook.com/robin.vanderzijden Robin van der Zijden

    Damn, I knew this would be a close one, but this close? I did not expect that.
    I voted for Destiel <3
    I don't hate Klaine, I just don't ship them.

  • http://twitter.com/TheBlackBot Black Bot

    I don’t watch Glee, but it’s a show about high school puppy love, is it not? Castiel rebelled against god, heaven, all he knew, became an outlaw, and even killed his brothers to save Dean. Dean refused to leave a life-threatening situation in order to save Cas. It seems to me as if Dean and Cas’s devotion to each other would out snuff two kids’ high school drama.

    • Fottiti Troia

      God that’s because glee is a motherfucking comedy!! It’s not about life or death, angels or demons or god or whatever! Is not a fantasy show is a fucking comedy/realistic! And I’m sure Kurt and Blaine would die for each other if they had to so shut up

      • http://twitter.com/TheBlackBot Black Bot

        My point is that they are in high school. Most people in high school are not responsible or committed to relationships. This isn’t a bad thing. They are supposed to have fun and enjoy a variety of experiences. Why would a 15/16/17 year old should be in a relationship where they would “would die for each other” as you put it? However, it’s because of that that Dean and Cas have an advantage of these two. They aren’t kids going through teenage drama.

        • http://twitter.com/Safuza Vukwanrik

          Klaine is the only couple on the show that talks through their problems rather than let the tides pass over without fixing anything. They are a far more mature relationship than any other high school couple I’ve seen. If ANY couple has a shot at being high school sweethearts, it’s them.

  • http://twitter.com/AsiaAAhmed Asia A Ahmed

    I dont understand. Why is Supernatural not wining. What did I miss?

  • itsnevertoolate13


  • KlaineLover<3


  • Asma

    Guys, what’s the point in arguing over who’s the best ship? I’m a Klainer all the way but I used to love Destiel. All of us have our favorite ships and it makes no sense to tear the other ship down just because we don’t like it or don’t agree with the way the writers handled it. Saying that Klaine aren’t developing or Destiel aren’t canon won’t change the way any of us feel about them. Please, stop the negativity and just vote for you favorite couple. Don’t slam other people ships, they have a right to relate to whatever ship they want.

    • KlaineLover<3

      I totally agree with you ! (: i voted for Klaine but that doesn’t mean that i don’t like the other couple! They’re really adorable ! Don’t be so mean to each other! Vote who you wanna vote (:

  • KlaineLover<3

    Blaine and Kurt are an really inspirational Couple. They show how it is too be a gay couple and that you don’t need to give up ! it gets better in the end (:

  • suz

    go klaine!

  • Dasha Ross



  • http://twitter.com/anneontheimpala あなべる ♥ 浦原

    THIS IS EXTREMELY SUSPICIOUS!!! Every single time Destiel wins, Klaines reaches a 100 votes advantage in 5 minutes!!!!!

    • Gellervention

      Someone’s clock is clearly working at 20-40 times the speed of the rest of the world if that was five minutes. Try at least 1-2 hours. And Destiel’s leads are coming in waves like that too, so don’t go crying conspiracy theory on us, k? :) You have just as much access to the Klaine tag on tumblr as Klainers do.

      • http://twitter.com/anneontheimpala あなべる ♥ 浦原

        I’m saying this here, I don’t go and I will not go to Klaine tag on Tumblr because (1) Im not interested and (2) It doesnt prove a thing.

        PS: It was 5 minutes, dear.

        • Gellervention

          No, it really wasn’t. Klaine had the lead up until about five hours ago when it slipped back to Destiel; the Destiel margin increased, then decreased again, and the lead started slipping back to Klaine over the past two hours. We’ve all been watching and our fandoms as a whole have been tracking. I merely suggested the Klaine tag as a place you might like to make the barest hints of research before starting accusations.

          • http://twitter.com/anneontheimpala あなべる ♥ 浦原

            I know what I’m saying because I’m tracking the poll as well. And when Klaine started winning, it reached 150 votes in less than 30 minutes. I think it’s suspicious and I’m in the right to express that. If you think it’s all ok, it’s your opinion too.

          • Tirpse

            It’s because more posts about this poll are going around in the Klaine fandom in this hour. So people are made aware of it again and they vote. In a few minutes it will die down again. That’s your explanation. There is nothing fishy going on.

    • not that srs.

      Honestly it’s because a lot of the really popular Klaine blogs on tumblr posted that we were losing.

  • hey

    Guys keep calm.
    I think Klaine is the best, but I respect every other opinion.

  • Jess

    Why, when Klaine wins, the other ship-fans start to insulting us???
    It’s pretty ridicolous.

  • Becks

    You know what I learned from the comments on this? The most hardcore Destial shippers are pretty rude. Like I know that some of the Klainers are but I always thought that the supernatural fandom was such a nice place. I guess they’re only nice to their own.

  • Melissa

    I hope they look at the votes closely before announcing the winner. It’s so close I think it would be aweful that the winner tried to cheat. So please look at both ships’ votes and make sure it’s all fair.

  • shiniii

    kurt and blaine, arent they like really together on the show, (i dont watch that show, supernatural fan here)? isnt shipping mostly about 2 people who arent together but you want them to be? idk im just saying……

    • Tirpse

      Kurt and Blaine are currently broken up but they were together for 1.5 years. They broke up like 2 months ago but their story is still being told on the show.

    • klaineforeverkthnxbai

      Shipping is about any 2 (or more!) people, no matter if they’re together or not.



  • Just ignore me.

    As much as I love them both, I will always go for Klaine, because both the characters and the actors are such a huge inspiration for me.

    There’s really no need to be so insulting to someone else’s ship/fandom, though, and spend time arguing why your ship/OTP is better than someone else’s. Just because you don’t like Glee or Supernatural doesn’t make that show shit. Vice versa, just because you happen to like either show doesn’t make it the best thing on Earth. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, and you should respect that.

  • http://www.facebook.com/kayla.sweet.92 Kayla Sweet

    This is painful. But I’m voting for Destiel.

  • Megan

    I love the Destiel pic isn’t even of Cas and Dean, it’s Jensen and Misha. That’s how deep this ship is, it extends past the show and on to the actors.

    • CrissColfer is always on!

      Wow you RRREEEAAALLLYYY need to google CrissColfer… Not a week ago Darren and Chris just caused a riot that last 12 SOILD HOURS!! I think you would have to go into the 1D fandom to find a more passionate IRL ship… (Also Darren and Chris really ARE together in real life)

      • Erm

        Okay, I’m a Klaine shipper and LOVE Darren and Chris, but Darren has a gf, dude. The riot was awesome though.

      • Erm

        Okay, I’m a Klaine shipper and LOVE Darren and Chris, but Darren has a gf, dude. The riot was awesome though.

        • CrissColfer is always on

          I wasn’t talking about 1D either, only that they are only shippers who might surrpass the CrissColfer passion…. And what I was really saying is that Jensen and Misha aren’t the only ones who get shipped in real life…

          Also (while I do not want to start a miarren fight because yuck) Darren hasn’t been dating Mia for QUITE some time now… So no he doesn’t have a gf….

      • Megan

        I wasn’t even talking about “1D”. I was talking about how the actors’ chemistry betters that of the characters they portray. Cockles is just a huge benefit to Destiel.

  • http://twitter.com/Micuko_ Mariya Tumanova

    Klaine, back off, you’re already canon! >< You guys know Klaine is endgame, but Destiel has a chance to be canon as well, if we showed them we're serious and love the ship.

    • Tirpse

      I am sorry but the show won’t make Destiel canon just because they win online polls. If that was their motivation, Destiel would have been canon eons ago.

  • Jeremy

    Enjoy your queer-baiting, Supernatural fandom.

    • Alchemy

      Umm,excuse me? Go f yourself,please,because if anything,Glee is more like singing faggots.And you know what?Glee actually has something in common with you…You’re both gay!

      • klaineforeverkthnxbai


        go sit in the corner and think about what you just said.

  • otpdestiel

    I have to say that competing against Klaine has been more fun and less drama than in the competition against Sterek.
    Nothing against the Sterek fans of course but I get the feeling the Klaine fans are more…idk polite and less aggressive

  • Nika

    голосуйте за Клейн!!!

  • Me


  • poppy11mel

    Destiel or death! <3

  • teamfreewill

    Destiel because, in canon, Dean actually had to make up memories about what happened during his escape from Purgatory because he could not bear the truth that Cas decided to stay behind; that Cas would rather do penace in purgatory instead of being saved. A beautiful mirror to when Dean in season 4 thought he didn’t deserve to be saved. Dean and Cas not only mirror each other, but complete each other too.

    • http://twitter.com/LenaTimeLord Lena

      bless you

  • http://twitter.com/MishaTherapist Was @Cumbercock


  • http://twitter.com/NitzoDiTotzo DEATH BY BREAK UP


  • RoseAndTen


  • Jess

    “Sorry, you have me confused with the other angel. You know, the one in the dirty trench coat who’s in love with you.” — Balthazar, to Dean.

  • Heyyouthere

    Ok, so the number of votes for Destiel just went down when I refreshed the page. How is that possible?

    • guest

      That just happened for me with klaine as well…..WTF

  • Des

    Castiel can see inside Dean, what he truly feels:


  • http://www.facebook.com/gven.cooper Gven Cooper


  • http://twitter.com/MishaTherapist Was @Cumbercock

    Voting Destiel because the picture used is actually Cockles! >:D

  • katz

    klaine!!! <3

  • http://twitter.com/DestielAlways Jill Zombie Collins

    :( NOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well we don’t need polls to prove that Dean and Cas have a more profound bond, hell yeah it’s all in the eyes.

  • http://twitter.com/JustBeingRandom Dany P.


  • Isistelle

    YIHEEEE KLAINE FTW!!! Proud to be a Klainer :D

  • http://twitter.com/Klaineddicted Eternity


  • Minion

    Well…that’s that then. :( It was very hard fought battle. At least we kept it close and hey, this is at least one poll that I don’t have to worry about voting in anymore, lol. Now I can concentrate on some other stuff. Destiel will always be my number one anyway, no matter what the outcome of any poll.
    Congratulations Klainers and Gleeks! You definitely earned this victory.

  • Marissa

    Sooooo close!! I’m going to go find 127 Destiel shippers and yell at them for a bit.

  • Klainer

    Klaine won! Yey! :D

  • http://twitter.com/tirpse_ Nadine

    YAY! Klaine <3333

  • Emily

    Wooh! Well done Gleeks :)

  • http://twitter.com/LucyWallis_Ev Lucy Wallis

    Can’t believe Klaine won :( Oh well, Destiel doesn’t need to win a poll to prove they are the best ship. It will always be the story of the love that knows no bounds over the story of two high school choir boys

    • Wat

      Their story is not a story of love. It’s a story of queerbaiting, which is why I voted for Klaine as they actually have made a difference, imo.

      • http://twitter.com/LucyWallis_Ev Lucy Wallis

        One: It’s not queerbaiting unless the show finishes and nothing with Destiel has happened Two: It’s not technically a same sex relationship as it’s about Dean – a man and Castiel – a GENDERLESS angel who happens to be in a man’s body and has also been in a female’s. and Three – Klaine shows just about every bad stereotype of cattiness there is about gay couples. So actually, Destiel is, and always will be, the better of the two.

  • http://twitter.com/LucyWallis_Ev Lucy Wallis

    Not hating on gay relationships btw, but some people will take that the wrong way

  • Sarah


  • http://www.facebook.com/you.shall.not.pass47 Isaac Hershal Robles

    I really don’t want to have to vote on either Klaine or The Doctor and Rose in the final round… HOW COULD I PICK????

  • http://twitter.com/Safuza Vukwanrik

    Destiel shippers, it’s been an honor. I wish you all the best! <3

  • Caro

    Thanks GOD !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • IThinkYouNeedADoctor

    Oh damn. If Tenth Doctor/Rose passes the next round, I’m going to have to choose between my two OTPs. That is going to be SO hard.

  • klaineforeverkthnxbai


    (this is a joke! It was great fun and it’s lovely it was so close, we all care a lot about our ships :) It was a good two days! :D)

  • Nklaine

    Klaine won!! They really deserve this! So proud to be a Klainer!

  • Phoenix

    Go Klainers :D

  • http://twitter.com/CannotDi ХИТРОЖОПЫЙ ОЛЕНЬ

    i think that destiel better.

  • Go Klaine! :D

    Happy Klaine won! :D

  • elaine

    klainers rocks!

  • teamfreewill

    Noooo :’(( Oh well, we ALL know who the best relationship is here (don’t get me wrong, I love them Glee kids, but let’s be fair to the truth..)

  • teamfreewill

    I can’t believe Destiel would lose tho this one.. at least we had a long run of wins..



  • OtpKlaineee.

    It was a good we time we all had. Most other ships are just so bad! Good game! :)

  • http://twitter.com/Jepicgleek ChrisToMyDarren ♔

    Ohw yeah. Kurt & Blaine forever ^.^

  • http://profiles.google.com/bru.guidini.santos Bruna Guidini Santos


  • Sarah

    Klaine voters cheated. I have to friends who helped…just saying.

    • Wow.

      “My ship lost, the ship that won cheated!” Any cheating that Klaine voters did I can guarantee that Destiel voters did as well. So really, faulty argument.

      • Sarah

        Dude I voted for Klaine, so your statement about my ship loosing is false.

        • http://twitter.com/tirpse_ Nadine

          And you think Destiel shippers didn’t ask their friends to vote for Destiel and stuff? Both fandoms did it. All fandoms do it. I am sure that’s not the kind of cheating websites care about. It’s when polls get hacked or some shit.

        • a

          and i can absolutely fucking bet you all the klaine haters were voting for destiel just to make sure klaine will not win because they are obsessed like that. (this is how the glee fandom works, yo. and before you say i’m just making assumptions, this had actually happened before on glee’s facebook poll where the haters were campaigning everyone to vote for brittana so that “klaine will not win. let’s make their fans unhappy!” spoiler alert: klaine still won after all.)

          • klaineforeverkthnxbai

            Agreed. The Glee fandom is completely ready to go to war at any time. :/

  • getrealll

    Eww, all of the Klaine shippers are so immature. No wonder all of you are still stuck watching a show about high school.

    • Well then.

      About most of the people commenting on this are “so immature.” Basically what you just said? That’s extremely immature. Way to be a hypocrite, yay!

    • http://twitter.com/janine_jks janine JK’S ϟ

      well, i love destiel, but klaine is a real gay couple! <3

    • Becca

      Not all Klaine shippers are immature. I’m friends with many, and I definitely wouldn’t say that was a fair generalization.

      As someone who is a Klainer and a fan of SPN and Destiel, I’m glad Klaine won this :) They’re my personal favorite, but respect to the Destiel shippers. It was a super close race!

    • klaineforeverkthnxbai

      “Eww” I’m pretty sure that’s one of the most immature words in the English language. And hypocrite much?

  • Male fan.

    It was a close race, and I’m sorry that Destiel lost, but I’m not sorry that Klaine won. Klaine is a couple that helped me through dark times, while Destiel hasn’t helped me at all (sadly). I hope you all have a good day! :)

  • Claire

    Laughing so fucking hard. Klaine definitely deserved this. They are an actual gay couple; none of that queer-baiting bullshit. kert and blein 5ever tbh.

  • Jo

    I’m so mad I could punch a hobo

  • http://twitter.com/janine_jks janine JK’S ϟ

    OMG!!!!!!!!!! EPIC!

  • Lupita

    I hope winner are Klaine because are the most couple famous in the tvshows because show us about the rights in a gay couples teens.

  • See

    Can’t stand Klaine. Don’t like them never will so I’ll be voting for whoever is against them. Klaine is so gross.

  • http://twitter.com/janine_jks janine JK’S ϟ

    Destiel and Klaine <3

  • sarah0908


    just wait, we will have our moment, destiel has the most chemistry, the most angst–

    it’ll will come

    in time

  • PositiveIon

    All this tells me is that Klaine and Destiel need to have one huge double date

  • Olivia

    Don’t be bitter, don’t be cocky, both of you. It was a fair and close race; congrats to Klaine (my choice) and better luck next time, Destiel (respect). Both have lovely, devoted fans, and it’s not worth fighting over.

  • dani d

    If you would like to see good LGBT representation I’d say watch Willow and Tara on BtVS. *hides*

    • ren

      true.. very very true!! and maybe the characters from The L word and Queer as folk as well. hehe

  • ladygaga

    Klaine already broke up.. so yeah. whatever.. lol

  • opiac

    guys the whole point of shipping is the fact that they are not an actual couple… #DESTIEL BITCHES

  • hey now

    what. HYPABLE. You declared a winner that had a lead of .004%???? No matter which side it is, that’s not right. I know it might’ve gone back and forth for eternity, but aren’t there ways around it? Repolling, pitting these two against other contenders, whatever? I mean, .004% is in no way a sufficient margin to be declared a winner, in pretty much any situation.

    • klaineforeverkthnxbai

      um, they won, even if it was only by a few votes.

  • Liz

    this was the hardest poll ever.

  • EM

    ohYEAH!!klaine won!!!!!I love klaine~

  • Rama

    Dean & Cass <3



  • MyloXyloto

    I couldn’t vote! I love both! And they’re two different things. Destiel is a much more complicate relationship, made of a more profound bond, it’s a platonic love based on trust (mainly by Dean…), a silent pact established when Castiel saves Dean from Hell. Klaine is a teenage love, made of insecurities, conditioned by the society that doesn’t accept their love. Also you can’t compare Supernatural and Glee, they’re basicly two shows that have nothing in common, starting since the topics covered. In the end, this poll is stupid. It’s like compare Twilight and Harry Potter or compare wool and silk.
    (I’m sorry for the grammatical errors. I’m not english!!)

  • Klainer4ever

    And if anyone had watched the glee thanks giving episode they would have understood why the result of the poll is this. And this is coming from a hardcore destiel shipper as well

  • Amanda Leigh

    Holy shit this thread is terrifying

  • http://twitter.com/Clarrisani Clarrisani

    I’d call it a draw, really.

  • http://twitter.com/ForTheMusic2 ForTheMusic

    Dean And Castiel <3

  • FUCK

    Glee is fail. Thank you and have a wonderful life.

  • http://www.facebook.com/sveta.gasparyan.9 Sveta Gasparyan


  • Desizinnia

    There are still people commenting!! Wow!!! This proves fandom passion for their ships. My OTP is Dean/Castiel. This was a hard battle, for me it was something like a draw. :)

  • Dakota Ann Sheppard

    I just think Dean and Cas are realy increadibly HOT and should have sex, it would be a real turn on. :)

  • Caroline

    oh wow i didn’t even realize this ever happened lol

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