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This week’s Glee, which aired on Thanksgiving, is not the show’s actual Thanksgiving episode. No, that’s next week, because it’s Glee. If you are concerned about erratic air dates, this is not the show for you. In this episode, “Dynamic Duets,” it’s Finn’s first day on the job as a superhero craze sweeps McKinley, the Jake/Marley/Ryder love triangle gets more annoyingly triangular, and Blaine receives a tempting offer wrapped in navy and red. Read our full recap below:

The Secret Society of Superheroes convenes in an abandoned classroom. Their leader: Blaine Anderson. His super-power: hiding control-freak tendencies within a tensely pleasant exterior. Actually, Nightbird, the Nocturnal Avenger, would have had me excommunicated for revealing his civilian identity just then. As the club inducts new members – Brittany “Human Brain” Pierce, Becky “Queen Bee” Jackson, and Artie “I really hope you’re not trying to pass yourself off as a certain telepathic leader of a certain group of superhuman mutants because that would be a copyright violation.” “Er, I’m… Doctor Y?” Abrams – they’re interrupted by Histrionic Freshman Dottie “Chai Tea” Kazatori, who sounds the alarm. After some dramatic shots of our heroes running down hallways and twirling capes, they discover that New Directions’ Nationals trophy has been stolen. On the laptop left in its place, a video of a mysterious figure with face blurred and voice distorted plays. He’s wearing a very familiar blazer – a member of the Dalton Academy Warblers. Nightbird narrows his eyes.

The new kids are too cool to play at superheroes – well, Jake’s too cool, Marley thinks she’s too fat. Since neither of them have to stop the Joker from poisoning Lima’s water supply this Friday, he tries to ask her out. She squirms awkwardly as Ryder struts up to announce that Marley has plans – he’s asked her to come to an away game with him. Jake and Ryder hurl insults at each other, and when Ryder challenges Jake’s badassery, things get physical. Marley stands there ineffectually chirping “Oh guys. Stop!” as they start hitting each other right in her face. Finn catches them and pulls them apart, exuding authority in his new sweater-vest.

Finn’s teacherly confidence fades fast when he tries to start his first glee rehearsal. The kids – especially the ones who started glee with him – don’t respect him as their teacher, he can’t operate the whiteboard, and his Sectionals idea sucks. Nightbird, Nocturnal Perfectionist, cannot handle Finn’s lack of professionalism and he swoops out, off to go rescue their trophy from Dalton. “The one you haven’t even noticed is missing?” he snarks at Finn, mouth all soft and sneery the way it always does when Blaine is at his most condescending and bitchy. “Oh, crap,” Finn exclaims, registering the space where their trophy used to be.

Finn asks his old friend Coach Beiste for some teaching advice. She’s dressed in superhero garb, too – “I’m the Beiste-Master. I’m from the planet Testoestrogen.” Why? “Blaine said I couldn’t be faculty advisor unless I dressed up once a week.” I cannot even, with that statement, I’m dead from the adorableness of Blaine being so persistently anal-retentive and Beiste wanting to be their advisor enough to go along with him. Finn finds McKinley’s new cosplay craze bizarre, and Beiste explains the appeal – that it gives people the same freedom and escape as being on stage.

They address Finn’s problem – that the glee club doesn’t see him as an adult. “Ugh, God, is that what coffee tastes like? How do people drink people drink that?” he splutters, dribbling into his cup in the teacher’s lounge. Coach Beiste suggests that he get in on the costume craze, and use a superhero identity to inspire the group.

Blaine – for the first time in so very long – walks down the mirrored spiral staircase at Dalton. A hundred thousand Warbler fangirls immediately burst into tears. Lingering at the foot of the stairs is everyone’s favorite smarmy meerkat-faced teen gay, Sebastian Smythe. “Of course it was you,” Blaine sighs. “No, it wasn’t,” Sebastian smiles like a ray of sunshine, and reminds Blaine that he’s changed for the better. “That must be boring for you,” Blaine says dryly. “Yeah, it is. Being nice sucks.” I think I might actually finally ship these two, because this was hysterical. They stride through the beautiful halls together as Sebastian sedately tells Blaine that the person he’s there to see – the captain of the Warblers – awaits him. “I thought you were the captain of the Warblers?” asks Blaine, confused. “I thought the Warblers had an elected council, a group of three upperclassmen voted to lead the group?” asks everyone who saw season 2, confused.

Hunter Clarington is the new head Warbler, and he was such a brilliant glee captain at his old military academy that Dalton poached him from them on a full scholarship. He’s “not even remotely bi-curious” and is identifiable as a bad guy because he has a Bond villain cat. The trophy-theft, it seems, was a ruse to get Blaine back on Dalton grounds. Hunter’s heard about the legend that was Blaine Anderson, and since he is determined to lead the Warblers to victory, he attempts to lure Blaine back to his old school. “Why would I ever leave McKinley?” Blaine asks. “Why would you stay?” Hunter replies, which is a valid point, and he goes on to make some more extremely valid points about Blaine’s transfer. “In fact, I hear they even call you ‘Blaine Warbler.’ They know you don’t belong there, so why don’t you?” This is so over-dramatically done, a classic cheesy face-off, but oh, my feels, because it’s true, it’s so very true.

The other Warblers file in as Sebastian claims that they know the real Blaine, that he’s ambitious, driven – a Dalton boy. They present him with a new blazer. “That’s not going to work on me,” he tells them, and Hunter says, if that’s the case, he shouldn’t be afraid to try it on. Blaine does, the fireplace explodes in flames, the cat screeches, and yet another hundred thousand fangirls burst into tears seeing Blaine clad in uniform again, that face above the sharp line of the shoulders of the jacket.

Hunter takes him on a little walk-and-talk, and taps into some of Blaine’s current insecurities about New Directions – that their last Nationals win was a fluke, and that the Warblers will beat them at Sectionals. Hunter doesn’t want to see a Dalton legend like Blaine sidelined in his senior year. The Warbers want him back with them, back on the winning side. Blaine remains impassive, but Sebastian was right – he is driven, in such a structured way, and that’s exactly why he’s so frustrated with Finn. As Blaine mulls this over, Sebastian quips – and I swear this is word for word – “Hey, you know what goes great with a new Dalton blazer? An impromptu song.”

Blaine tries to brush them off, but as they start up their a capella harmonies, he gets caught up and starts to sing. The song is Kelly Clarkson’s “Dark Side,” and as he crosses his arms, looking at his old friends with a nervous smile, you can tell that he’s forgotten what it feels like to be so accepted and encouraged. At McKinley, he’s idolised and used, in the harshest sense of the word, for his talent, yet ridiculed or dismissed for his personality – they treat him as something both more and less than human. Hunter’s motives may be ambitious, but it doesn’t change the fact that he is one of them. The lyrics of the song are very telling, and when he finally gets excited and buttons the blazer hurriedly, I cry. When he jumps on a table, I cry. I pause the TV and I cry and cry.

I miss this so much – not just Warblers numbers, but Blaine’s personality – all his confidence, traditionalism, and silliness. Everything about him that works for Dalton makes life difficult for him at McKinley, and the result is an uptight, depressed young man who fakes polite until his fuse blows. His transfer to McKinley never made sense, for the character. I still do not believe, to this day, that this was a smart move, either plot-wise or business-wise. Glee‘s ratings have never been on such a consistent high as they were during mid season 2.

I am not saying the show should focus on Dalton as an A-plot, because Glee tends to ruin things by over-kill, but I think that the Warblers, including Blaine and his story, would have been more powerful as a treat to pull out every few episodes. The transfer was stupid. Blaine being at McKinley is stupid. And this performance reminded me, once again, of all of that. Blaine looks and feels right here, down to the way he holds himself. This is who this character is, and who he should have always stayed. They finish the number and Blaine hands back the blazer, but Hunter instructs him to keep it, and think about it.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/parth.sanwal Parth Sanwal

    Your recap is great as always but when did ND ever ridicule Blaine’s personality?

    I mean yeah he shouldn’t have transferred just for Kurt but ND’s never treated him badly.

    • Indigo

      Fin from day one up until sectionals. Britt- hair gel debacle that caused him undue emotional distress. Santana being Santana… sue calling him young Burt Reynolds (my personal fave which he also enjoyed) the list goes on but they are subtle things that shape Blaine’s character the way he is now compared to s2. Blaine now quiet at the back row and agreeable -compared to- confident leader and admired by a group of friends at Dalton….

    • NatalieFisher

      They’ve always cut him down, always made sure he knows that his ideas aren’t welcome, always treat him like he’s trying to upstage them when all he does is either try to get everyone to enjoy themselves or try to help make an actual cohesive team in a professional manner. Then you have, like, Artie, who treats him like a god, but in a “you are a product I’m going to use” way.

  • http://twitter.com/CassiopeiaDrake Cassie Drake

    It’s sad how obsessively I’ve been refreshing Hypable, waiting for Natalie’s recap xDDD

    • NatalieFisher

      aww! Sorry it was a day late, blame the holidays, we were quiet here at Hypable.

  • http://twitter.com/AntaraC Antara Chowdhury

    “I thought you were the captain of the Warblers?” asks Blaine, confused.
    “I thought the Warblers had an elected council, a group of three
    upperclassmen voted to lead the group?” asks everyone who saw season 2,

    hahaha so accurate.

  • Lotte

    Amen to your comments about Marley!

  • http://twitter.com/MariiaSimon María Simón

    Natalie… this is GOLD, seriously.

    I do think that Blaine needed to go back to Dalton but, anyway… it’s Glee. And I really like Finn way more than in the previous seasons, Schuester can stay away from Mckinley if you ask me, Finn is doing great. Blam is awesome, but do you think we are going to get much more of it? Probably not.

    Alex Newell’s faces was in one of that wooden toys at least… Ergh.

    • NatalieFisher

      I was totally going to mention “here we get our only glimpse of Unique, with her face stuck on a wooden doll!” lol.

  • Vanj203

    Oh, Natalie, you nailed it. But in real life, for Blaine to switch schools mid-senior year would be difficult. If he had done it right at the start of senior year, maybe. Transferring in senior year can mess up college applications because of course credits, student instability, etc. Also, it’s not that easy to get an available slot at private schools, especially mid-term when most have full rosters of students. On Glee, of course, none of this is pertinent I suppose. I do LOVE SAM though for placing his hand on Blaine’s back (because no one at McKinley ever physically touches Blaine on this show but Kurt), for calling Blaine a HERO, and showing him how to get his self worth back. Beautiful. I see great things for this friendship if Blaine can handle Sam’s “dumb” moments. Blaine also got a kiss from Brittany this ep. Maybe these 3 become a clique now.

    I fear for what Glee is doing to Marley now. She said “Goodbye to Sandra Dee” last week so I guess from now on she’s going to dress like a hottie and aggressively go after the high school boys. Does anyone else realize that Marley’s story line on body image problems was actually Glee Project contestant Natalie’s issue. Natalie was basically thrown off GP for not wanting to wear a bathing suit, and because she couldn’t tell Ryan what her story line should be if picked. Ryan used her personality for Marley, just like he used Cameron’s issues from GP 1 for Joe Hart’s character. It’s a bit creepy how Ryan uses the real life Glee Project kids as a laboratory of sorts to write his Glee shows.

    This episode was really fun and good though for many reasons, and the technical focus on dyslexia was really helpful and interesting.

    • http://twitter.com/CassiopeiaDrake Cassie Drake

      …Nellie? And yeah, I totally see what you mean now. Marley is a really nice, but kinda bland girl [so far, from what we've seen], who has self-confidence issues, and I guess that’s kinda what Nellie was like on TGP2 [not that Nellie was bland, but I'm saying she didn't know what kind of character or storyline she could have... not that it should've been her job to write herself into Glee. THAT'S RYAN'S JOB].

      • Marie

        Just watch: at some point, Ryan is going to hire a Muslim girl who is super-flirty.

        • NatalieFisher


      • Vanj203

        Thanks for the catch. You’re right. Her name was Nellie not Natalie, and boy could that girl sing.

    • Marie

      There was also Marisa from season 1 of TGP who was anorexic.

      Also, I fist-bump you for all the comments about Blaine transferring. My best friend who went to four different high schools barely graduated on time. And Blaine has got three so far.

      And really, if Blaine misses his Warbler friends, he can call them. I’d also say that Hunter and Sebastian’s intentions on bringing him back had far more to do with his talent than him. Based on what we’ve seen, Sam is his only real friend.

      Also, tangent: at this point last season, all the seniors were talking about their post-graduation plans. Nothing from any of this year’s seniors. I bet Blaine goes to NYADA, and Britney makes fondue for two into a job. Otherwise, I’m clueless.

    • NatalieFisher

      I totally agree with you re: the mid-year transfer issues which is why I wish he’d NEVER transferred or that he’d transferred back at the beginning of season 4. That is why, I think, they had to make Dalton the ‘bad guys’ – because everyone is asking ‘er, why wouldn’t he go back there now that Kurt’s gone and he has pretty much no friends? Dalton is a much better school, will give him much more of a leg up for college, etc. and it’s a safe, friendly environment where Blaine was comfortable and successful. Why the hell would he stay at McK?’ – They made the Warblers villains to stop too many people asking that question, in my opinion.

      • Marie

        Transferring Blaine back in the fourth season at the beginning (or even now) would’ve been suicide for season 4. They’d lost Kurt, Rachel, Finn, Puck, Quinn, and Santana (the most popular characters, or some of the biggest at least). if Blaine had gone too, I think I would completely tune out all the new directions stuff, and if he on the show as often as the non-Rachel/Kurt/Finn graduates, I’d probably stop watching. I’m only just now starting to care about the new ones, and really, the only one I seriously care about is Ryder. They needed to leave someone behind that fans cared about, and for better or worse, they chose Blaine. And, if he were to go back to Dalton and fade into the background, it would be a struggle for me to care about New Directions at all since the only person I love that’s left is Britney, and sort of Sam. Maybe they had screwed up early on, but it would be a bigger screw-up to let Blaine go at this point.

  • Cara

    Great Recap Natalie. However, I disagree with you about it being unbelievable that high schoolers in 2012 would make fun of each other about their ethnicity. It happens all the time. Especially in the black community there are still people calling each other ‘oreos’ or questioning whether people are ‘black enough’ because they may look or talk a certain way, or hang out with white kids or go to a predominantly white school. America may be politically correct but high school hallways are not. Not because all these kids are all racist, but because they are making fun of each other about EVERYTHING & trying to figure out where they fit in. I appreciated that Glee brought that reality up not only for bi-racial kids but for all kids of color who are trying to figure out where they fit in as they’re growing up.

    • NatalieFisher

      It’s honestly something I can’t fathom happening, and in McKinley, racism is one of the prejudices that it actually DOESN’T seem to have, aside from a few Kitty comments. I don’t understand why white and black kids would not be racist to one another, happily date one another, etc – we’ve never seen any racism on the show – yet harass someone who is half and half. It may happen, and that’s terrible, but I found it hard to believe it happened at McK, when we haven’t seen anything like that in regards to race before.

      • http://www.facebook.com/katie.c.lantz Katie Christine Lantz

        McKinley is actually kind of similar to my school. There isn’t out and out racism from the majority of the school, but people will make jokes like that. Trust me, it happens all over in the American Midwest.

      • Tara

        Racism is often hidden so well that only the people that are on the receiving end of it actually know how much of a problem it is.

      • Marie

        I’ve read some studies that do confirm that if you are a lighter-skinned African American, you are less likely to face the prejudices that darker-skinned African Americans face. So from the African-American side, I could totally see some of the darker skinned AAs thinking the lighter skinned AAs aren’t really part of their in-group, which gives them a right to exclude them. However, some of the people who are just going to hate any black person are gonna keep hating regardless. And I think the bigger issue (in reality, at least), is the personal decision of how you identify yourself, and feeling like you have a split identity in a sense. I could be totally wrong on parts of this, but that’s what I would guess.

  • Daniel

    While I agree on the whole Marley thing I don’t agree on the Blaine stuff. As a character, Blaine hasn’t really developed and was only shown being confident which gave him a very bland personality in my opinion. Also, it’s not the glee clubs using him for his voice it’s Ryan Murphy who gives him a pointless solo in nearly every single episode. I was with Tina, I am so sick of hearing him whine and complain about how he screwed up his relationship with Kurt. Can I just say how much I loved Tina’s lines in this episode, I so wish they’d focus on her instead of giving pointless scenes with Blaine in them. Sam is like the best friend to everyone, he’s always there to lend a helping hand or make someone feel better. I really liked how they handled the dsylexia this time around and I found Ryder’s speech about how he felt about it all really moving, I seriously hope they keep Blake around for longer than the 7 eps (I’m mean they kept Samuel and Damien even though they were nothing more than background after their introductions) as I think he could become better if he’s given a longer contract. Not even going to touch the bullimia story because it just makes no sense whatsoever and it doesn’t make me like Kitty any better.

  • Ivy

    Natalie i applaud you on this recap as always its a pleasure reading your gleecaps!

    and i totally agree with you on the Blaine issues. if i remember correctly Blaine transferred for two reasons: Kurt and personal reasons (redemption for running away from bullies in his old school). now Kurt is no longer in the school and he, Blaine has nothing else he has to prove to anyone so the natural thing to do is move back to his safe heaven. moving school mid senior year is not a problem for the new warbler dude, it shouldn’t be a problem for Blaine. this is glee.

    i loved all the songs in this episode and now that covering fun is a thing, my new fantasy is for Blaine to move back to Dalton and sing “take your time coming home” as a parting song. i wouldn’t say a single bad word about glee ever again. ever.

    i’m actually quite surprised you didn’t notice any of the not so subtle starkid references in the episode. i squilled like a piglet

    • NatalieFisher

      Blaine transferred for one reason: because Kurt wanted him to/to be close to Kurt. He didn’t do it for any other reason, and they’ve made that clear in what they’ve said about it since then. Kurt gave him excuses like about facing up to bullies, but that was just Kurt trying to rope Blaine in and offer up less selfish reasons. It’s not why Blaine actually did it. They’ve stated over and over that he only did it for Kurt. I just wish he’d never transferred.

      It’s really weird that you say that about Take Your Time because it’s a song I have related very very strongly to Darren (not to Blaine) for a couple of years. But that would totally work.

      I don’t think there were any Starkid references, sorry. I don’t think Ryan Murphy gives enough of a damn about Starkid to do that. It was a cheesy superhero episode and Starkid made a cheese superhero musical – they’re working off of the same source material, that’s all. Even ‘Dynamic Duets’ is a total coincidence – it’s the logical leap when making a song reference to the ‘Dynamic Duo.” Darren may have tried to slip something in, but I guarantee you the Glee creators do not make purposeful Starkid references.

      • Ivy

        i would just be so happy if Darren gets to sing that song! i can’t even…

        i did catch two references.. the new Warbler dude said something about “kicking it up a notch” and Blaine said that the Warblers treated him like “a long lost brother”

        • NatalieFisher

          No, they are not Starkid references. They are common turns-of-phrase used by BOTH Starkid and glee – Starkid for lyrics and glee because this is a cheesy caricatureish episode filled with that kind of classic catch-phrase dialogue. Maybe Starkid was the first time you heard the phrase ‘kick it up a notch’ or ‘long-lost brother’ but I assure you that they are NOT Starkid references. They’re just not. They’re two different things using the same standard english phrases. It is coincidental. “Kick it up a notch” is a phrase commonly used in media, journalism, etc, it just means taking things to the next level.

          • http://www.facebook.com/katie.c.lantz Katie Christine Lantz

            The sad thing is that I distinctly remember hearing a line that was very Starkid, not just a common turn of phrase like the ones mentioned above, and thinking “STARKID!” But now I don’t remember what it was :(

      • Marie

        You think he should care about Starkid a little though. I mean, I got into Glee THROUGH Starkid, and was absolutely refusing to watch it ever until Darren got cast. And I’m betting that Teenage Dream’s popularity, and Darren’s, is largely due to Starkid. I mean, I don’t need Starkid references to make me enjoy Glee, but I still get a little squeely when Blaine tells Kurt in “Never Been Kissed” that he’s NOT ALONE (even though that is definitely not an exclusively starkid thing, and coming from anyone else’s mouth I’d probably just shrug off).

  • Abraham

    I love your recaps Natalie, but I must confess I’m also in love of your voice and how you pronounce “Kurt” and “Marley” on Glee Chat (on a side note I LOVE John’s and Jess’ voices! They´re so crystal-clear and given that I’m Mexican, I can understand them perfectly!), but honestly I don’t like how sometimes your love for Darren/Blaine overtake your comments about Dalton and the Warblers. Yes, they were cool, and yes, Blaine was better in Dalton, but is because of people that started becoming obsessed with Darren/Blaine and Klaine, that the writers (and not just Ryan, because I hate that everybody loves to bash Ryan for everything that happens on Glee, he’s not the only writer you know?) decided to move him to McKinley, and becoming romantically involved with Kurt, which if I recall, WASN’T going to happen in the beginning, that’s why I’ve always hated Klaine, I never saw them as a couple, and I LOVED when they broke up!

    Anyways, I loved this episode, it made me laugh, which hasn’t happened lately, which is odd since it’s a comedy! but I sincerely hope they don’t ruin Marley’s character, because she was my favorite new character.

    P.S. Never noticed until now, how short Darren/Blaine is, or is it that Ryder, Jake, Sam and everyone at Dalton are very tall?

    P.S. 2 Kitty’s forehead is HUGE! I think I like her better with a pony tail.
    P.S. 3 I loved Ryder and Jake’s friendship, and I don’t know why and how, but I feel that Sam and Blaine would be so good together as a couple! :)

    • NatalieFisher

      This comment… doesn’t make a huge amount of sense to me, particularly this: “honestly I don’t like how sometimes your love for Darren/Blaine overtake your comments about Dalton and the Warblers.” – I’m not sure what you’re trying to say exactly. My love for Darren and my love for Blaine are very different things. I am very aware that people obsessing over Darren is why his role was increased, I stated that in the recap. I love Darren more than I love most humans on the planet, and I want him to be successful, but I don’t think that deciding to move him to McKinley was the right move, no matter how popular he became. My first ever post on Hypable was about this very issue – http://www.hypable.com/2011/09/23/glee-rage-post-blaines-a-what/.

      Darren became crazy-popular, so they tried to maximise on that. I don’t think that they should have. I think that for both the show and the character, it would have been better if they just kept his role as it was in season 2, not a major character. But they chased the hype, and it has made his character arc ridiculous. I don’t think Klaine were a healthy couple either and have not shipped them for two seasons, however I don’t think it’s fair to say “that’s why I hate Klaine, I never saw them as a couple.” Characters are not always hired specifically to be a love interest – and that’s the way it should be. Characters should be introduced as individuals with their own development, and then if two end up getting together, it’s a result of good storytelling. Look at Buffy and Spike. You shouldn’t hire someone as “the love interest” unless it’s a fleeting thing.

      So yeah… not 100% sure what point you were trying to make about what I was saying about Blaine, sorry.

      And yes, Darren is short. He has always been short. He’s about an inch and a half taller than me, and i’m like 5″7.

      • Abraham

        First off, let me tell you how EXCITING it is for me to read a
        reply for my comment coming FROM YOU!!! I think I haven’t been this excited since the Deathly Hallows Pt. 2 premiere last year!

        Ok, now to the point, I can understand better your point about Blaine’s character, and we are on the same page about Blaine getting a bigger characterization because of Darren’s popularity (which by the way he totally deserves, he’s awesome), but my point was given because I felt that you were very sorry about Blaine not staying in Dalton (which I was, too, in the beginning) but for me, Sam’s advice to Blaine to stay at McKinley was enough and I was taken aback a little because that didn’t let you enjoy the “Heroes” perfomance as it should have. But reading again your recap I can totally understand your point!

        Also, about my Klaine’s comment, you’re TOTALLY right, they should always introduce characters as individuals, but I never felt Kurt and Blaine perfect for each other, they were incredibly great as friends before becoming a couple, and I’m starting to feel what I didn´t felt for Klaine, in Blam, which by the way I’m still split because it would be great for Blam to stay as friends because we know that doesn’t happen very often on Glee, but on the other hand, if they end up as something more than friends I will be thrilled!

        Anyways, thank you very much for your recap, I’m a big fan, and it’s great to know that Darren is not so tall, which I never noticed, and I’m very good at noticing that kind of things but I think they emphasize it too much on this episode. I’m like 5″10, and it will be awesome to meet him!

        Love from Mexico

    • stars1

      It is sooo obvious, (to me anyway) that Sam is falling in love with Blaine. Have you seen the way he looks at him. Also, it might explain why Sam has not been really successful in his reationships with girls

  • Gary65

    I know it’s old and people are kind of sick of her but “Sweet & Spice here. My superpower is money” floored me. I literally died fo 5 mins xD

  • Lavelle

    Best line of the episode was from Eli C. “Is it because I don’t look at all like my profile picture?”

  • Marie

    Natalie, your recap is wonderful. However, for your mental health, I think you’ve gotta let go and accept that Blaine is staying at McKinley until graduation day approaches. And maybe even then they’ll fail him! Eh, ok, then I would cringe. My bet is he goes to NYADA if Klaine gets back together, which I’m also betting on.

    I do completely agree with you about the Marley stuff though. This girl is insecure to the point that I find her frustrating. Maybe it’s just because I was painfully insecure during this time in my life as well, but I feel as though her entering any romantic relationship would be a terrible idea. She’s going to need constant validation (even more than Blaine) from Ryder or Jake, and that’ll probably get very frustrating for either boy. Also, because of her insecurity, she’s going to be self-absorbed. Not because she’s mean, but because she’s preoccupied by her lack of self-worth, and it’s probably going to be difficult for her to really reciprocate. Really, until the girl has been in therapy for a while, I can’t really support her in any romantic relationship. Trust me, I’ve been there, and it’s messy. Because it’s glee, that’s not how it’s going to happen, and she will be rescued by one or both of the boys, and I will just think the whole time about how it’s such a reality fail.

  • Marie

    Also, I have to say, the Marley-Ryder-Jake love triangle feels a little Twilght-ish. Mainly because Marley is a less annoying Bella Swan. However, it is interesting to note that the character named Jake is playing more of the Edward role (meaning: he tries to push her away, and despite another guy who is superior, she seems to be more for the douche-y one).

    • Linda

      Yes! Why did I not see this before? I knew there was a reason that girl gave me the heebie-jeebies.

  • http://www.facebook.com/mbc7585 Meghan Carlisle

    I loved this episode! I really did. I also loved the recap, Natalie. You always have a way with words:)

    That being said, I thought Sam was exactly right. I personally felt like going back to Dalton would’ve been “taking the easy way out” for Blaine. I know, I know–but hear me out. Remember the first time we ever met Blaine? He told Kurt that he, “Ran. I let bullies push me away and I have regretted it ever since.” So to me if he had gone back if would’ve been running again. And not dealing with his problems/issues.I love and adore Blaine, I truly do, but I’m gonna be tough on him and say that yes it might’ve been easy to leave McKinnley but like Sam said it wouldn’t accomplish anything. At some point he has to deal with the choices he’s made. He made the choice to transfer in the first place (a choice I disagree with but there you are) and he made the choice to stay this year (which…well, not much of a choice as the Warblers are “evil” now…which I HATE but, again, there you are) and he made the choice to cheat on Kurt. I think going back to Dalton would’ve let him avoid dealing with all that. And personally–I think the Warblers just want him back for his voice too but maybe I’m wrong about that. I just…haven’t forgiven them for turning on he and Kurt. And I hate that thats the case, I do…damn writers.
    For what its worth…I really believe in my heart of hearts that he is going to get back to the Blaine we all fell for. I just don’t think he has to/should go back to Dalton to do it. I felt like I could see that at the end of this episode. I felt like I saw that light in him again. And that made me EXTREMELY happy!
    Does this make any sense?

    • Maren

      I think this makes perfect sense! Well said, I can’t put it any better.

      • Meghan Carlisle

        Thank you!:) I so appreciate that!

  • ravelqueen

    This is the first time I read one of your recaps and I have to say WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY (GLEE-) LIFE? You are basically my voice, just on a renowed website and with better snark^^

    What I just don’t understand is, if they need to keep Blaine at McKinley (and they do for various reasons starting with Darren Criss:Money Machine and ending with the fact that Blaine is rapidly becoming the funniest character) why they don’t solve the problem of him not really “gelling” with anyone (aside from finally sam) by letting him have on-screen friendships.

    Because while I do think you could interpret (and fandom did do it a lot in their own ideas of the character) that in some ways going back to Dalton would be a step back in his developement, seeing as the good thing to come out of the break-up storyline is that Blaine really needs to find an identity of his own. Because pre-Kurt his identity was that he was front-man of the Warblers, which he then traded against being Kurt’s boyfriend.

    So I do see potential and a reason for him to stay at McKinley – it’s hard, but he doesn’t have another choice than finding out who he is as a person -but I wish they either used that as his reason for staying OR actually develope the relationships in a way that I believe that he’s accepted there. I mean the ingredients are there! Sam obviously, but even a lot of background interaction with Brittany, Artie and Sugar and to a lesser extent Joe, show that those people could really get along with each other

    • http://www.facebook.com/mbc7585 Meghan Carlisle

      This! I love this comment.

  • http://twitter.com/G30rg13_R Georgie R

    Your glee-caps are so hilarious Natalie! I had to stop what I was doing and finish reading I was so hooked – and again, wow! (Best TV re-cap I’ve read, ever)

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