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The world still isn’t ready to let Friends go, but the actors are! The 10-year anniversary of the show’s finale is approaching, but according to Matthew Perry there are still no Friends reunion plans.

okay meme

Friends will probably go down in history as one of the most iconic sitcoms of all time, up there with Cheers and I Love Lucy. It premiered in 1994 on NBC and had an impressive 10-year run, during which the six main characters went through an impressive amount of growth while still maintaining the all-important “status quo” required of the genre.

It isn’t strange to imagine then that 10 years after its conclusion (and 20 years after its beginning), fans would still be clamoring for a reunion special featuring the original six actors (Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox-Arquette, Lisa Kudrow, Matthew Perry, Matt LeBlanc and David Schwimmer). Especially following the recent announcements of reprisals for iconic shows like Arrested Development and Boy Meets World.

Sadly, the actors have been shooting down a potential Friends reunion pretty much since the show ended. Not too long ago, Matt LeBlanc addressed the issue when promoting his new series Episodes, saying that he didn’t want to “disappoint” people with an old Joey.

And in the wake of the most recent set of rumours, which were suggesting that the WB was organising a Friends Thanksgiving 2014 reunion special, Matthew Perry has taken to Twitter to shoot down that dream:


We can’t say that we’re not disappointed – all of the actors have made a decent career for themselves after Friends, but it’s not a stretch to say that playing Rachel, Ross, Monica, Chandler, Phoebe and Joey will probably be each of their most iconic roles, and if there ever was to be a reunion it would automatically be a smash hit around the world.

Still, we’ll just have to drown our sorrows in giant Central Perk mugs and pop in our old box sets to keep the sadness at bay – again.

Update: Friends co-creator Marta Kauffman finally gave a definite answer! It’s never happening.

  • Lauren

    Damn. This is my favourite show- it never gets old!

  • Samuel

    Could this BE any more depressing?

    • kathleenhere

      I actually read this in Chandler’s voice automatically in my head.

      • Raunak

        Me too

    • jon

      I KNOW!

      • emilia

        well, i read the first one in chandlers vioce, and then i read “I KNOW!” in monicas voice…

        • http://twitter.com/strangeaLice Alice Alisha Ally

          HAHA! :)

          • Lucy

            Can’t believe those rumours, they’re on a break!

          • Joey

            How are you doing??

          • OriginalJoey

            It should be like “How You Doin”


      I KNOW!

      • Susie Syrigonakis

        do they know that you know? :P

        • joey

          All the live long day

  • Jason

    But Joey will never get old. He made that deal with god on Phoebe’s birthday.

    • Mara

      Good one! hahaha

    • http://twitter.com/theflapjackman SΔΜ CΣᎡΝΙΚ ✌

      And on his own!

    • OriginalJoey

      But when the reality sinks in, Joey will cry and say “Why me..God”

  • Lucija

    I don’t accept this, it still needs to happen.

  • Grace

    I have to say, as much as i love friends, I don’t want any such reunion. I think they made 10 years of great episodes and they should leave it at that. Friends is about that period in your life where your friends are your family, the only thing that seems constant while eveything else is up in the air, but non of the characters are in that place anymore so the premise behind the show has gone.

    • Jennie

      Thank you! I feel the same way! I don’t want a reunion and I’m probably one of the more obsessed fans out there. It ended so perfectly. How would they even do one? I like them appearing on each other’s projects. I think that’s far more fun. I’m secretly hoping for Matthew Perry’s “Ryan King” character on Go On to have a therapy session with Lisa Kudrow’s “Fiona Wallace” character on Web Therapy. That would be funny! I’d also prefer a group interview where we catch up with them–they all played off each other so well both on and off screen, why do we even need a movie? Let’s get them all on Ellen or Oprah or something?

      • Janine

        Oprah. Who turns down Oprah?! No one.

      • Mara

        SOOO AGREE with you guys! “Friends is about that period in your life where your friends are your family”. (And I was and I am Friends addict).

    • Jack Hagop


      • Suck IT

        You don’t know anything. These guys are right. You however need to get a life…and maybe even watch friends…

  • http://twitter.com/JoeRayes Joseph Rayes

    This would be extremely profitable for everyone involved. It would be huge! I’m surprised and saddened that this isn’t happening :( Let’s start a Hypable petition!

  • http://twitter.com/akacj7 Caroline J.

    well fine, if i can’t have something on video, i’ll take a entire issue of Entertainment Weekly dedicated to a cast reunion interview bonanza. oh that already happened when the show ended? well it’s been 10 years, and sequels are totally in these days so… let’s get on that EW.

  • http://twitter.com/GHchick84 Jennifer Leidall

    I love this show so much – I can’t believe it’s been so long since it ended. I guess I will console myself with a rewatch of the series. I’m overdue for it anyway. :)

  • Claire

    That is still two years away. I wouldn’t be surprised if things changed by then. A Thanksgiving reunion 10 years later would be absolutely PERFECT. If the script is right, I would hope all of the actors would give it a shot. This show is just everything to me, and I would love to see them all together again just one more time. I agree with other commenters here as well, I could deal with just all 6 of them together again for an interview special even when 2014 rolls around.

    • Claire

      Also, since I watch episodes every night before bed, I can’t comprehend that this show has been off the air for almost 10 years. That blows my mind.

  • http://twitter.com/dreamfall31 Kevin Slechta

    Meh…I think it’d just be depressing to see the old verions of them all together now.

  • Kelly

    They could do the reunion special for charity then it’s for a good cause and not for the big $$$$

    • GTAisProbablyHD

      it couldnt work for Charity either. because Matt Le Blanc will think he is getting a FREE boat for his charity work

  • Kim

    I love Friends soooooooo much and if they made a reunion episode I would of course watch it, but…. Courtney Cox has gotten so much work done on her face that I can’t even think of her as Monica anymore. It makes me really sad. I’ve just accepted it will never happen :(

    • Ceci

      I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who’s bothered by this… She was so gorgeous, why did she do this to her face?!
      The other day, my brother and I (who are both such big ‘Friends’ fans that we’ve watched each episode I don’t know how many times) were watching Scream 4 and, I swear, my brother didn’t recognize her. And for good reason. Such a shame :(

  • JD_Repairs

    What you have to think though is the show was that huge and that many people want it back how big would it be if every rumor was shot down by the cast and every inch of evidence every comment was knocked back, denied but secretly in the background there where plans being set in play. It would be a massive surprise to it’s fans for them to all of a sudden say FRIENDS is back this day, here is a trailer other than FRIENDS is back next year on this day at this time and we all know it would need to be one hell of a return to hit the public the way it should.

    You see every comment of a reunion could be some one working with the show slipping up after a few drinks and the cast, staff and writers having to denie it or the show wouldn’t happen we all want FRIENDS to happen me and my partner both love the show and as I write this I’m watching the extras from the box set so maybe if we stop talking about it the cast will roll the show out quicker who knows all I know is the show was huge alot of these people will do it for the money it’s a job to them and a reunion to such an iconic show would make millions that that’s just in the viewings then you have the re-sale of the merchandise and things, Red Dwarf did it after 20 years and it had a huge hit with fans and the show kept it’s humor and feel from back in the day (minus Holly, big shame.)

    To sum up I would say a reunion is possible but it would have to be huge and one way of making it that big is to denie everything make false stories of fallings out so we think nothing is ever going to happen, slight slips in reunions, denials, it’s all going to have an impact look at how clever the scripts and actors where they have the knowledge to do all the above remember they’re very good actors so this could all be a ploy to throw us off……………….I,we hope.

    Jay Dudley-Jones, peace out.

    • Elfi

      You made a very good statement. Look at all the entertainers that retire and then come back for one more tour or special occasion or the groups that break up and then get back together. Hell Freezes Over Tour, which tears in my beers, I missed = (
      In a reunion episode they could go back to the apartment to look at it and there are some very eclectic or wacky people living in it, or perhaps someone from passed episodes, but NOT Janice…lol and it could be half new color and half purple, because they ran out of paint to finish and the purple extends the acoustic value for the Australian Diggery Doo that is played there. Maybe it could be ugly naked guy and he now spies on a group of friends living in his old apartment!

      On a separate note, I don’t feel Friends ended perfectly, there should have been just one more episode.

      Let’s keep hoping for a reunion

  • Andrew

    A Reunion would be awesome! If its not meant to be then oh well

  • http://twitter.com/taylie27 Taylore Thompson

    I love friends! I was so happy I got to see part of the set when I toured WB last summer!

  • daff

    *whimper* Please come back..

  • Mara

    Friends reunion is the worst idea ever. Like LeBlanc says, nobody wants to see an old Joey nor other older characters. We want to remember them as they were. I am a BIG fan of Friends, I saw the original show in the 90′s and have all the seasons in VHS but I do not want a reunion, please.

  • CJ

    Haha! Just watch it happen! From this article being published, we’re still 2 years away from the reunion. I’m very confident something will happen. Even if it isn’t an episode, I’m sure they’ll be a mainstream reunion show were all 6 of them get together and talk about the show at the very least.

    At the end of the day, as 2014 approaches, I’m sure they’ll all start to feel how important 10 years since the end of the show means.

  • friends4ever

    i did this, yep! if i cant go back to friends, im bringin friends here!

  • Julia

    phoebe and chandler are always in my head.. ♥

  • http://urbah.tumblr.com/ Uzbuz

    I saw this on tumblr and I went all OMG YES YES YES .. wow. This is so sad. </3

  • iPrimal

    This show is so amazing. I can’t stop going back and watching it.


    I dont know why the actors wont come back for a reunion. Do they not realise the MONEY they would get…???……
    :’( still, FRIENDS will never die!! EVER!!

    • Mara

      The reunion could ruin their careers. The show ended, and ended in a great way. A reunion will ruin everything.

  • I’ll be there 4 u

    there needs to be a reunion!!!!! Joey will never disipoint us we will always love him no matter what

  • http://www.facebook.com/john.n.cleary John Noel Cleary

    maybe their could be a reunion with a wedding of ross & rachael :)


    I was too happy about this, I see Friends every single day, i can relate anything in my normal life to an episode of Friends, i really really HOPE that they could make a Friends reunion for every little fan that cant stop watching them, we dont care if youre old, you’re the same persons too all of us!! that’s the point of the reunion too see you alll grown up, with the little twins, ben, emma, phoebe with mike and how their marriage its going, rachel and ross getting married again, rising up emma!! thats what we want to see!!! it would make us all a very VERYYYYY happy moment!!! The last episode doesn’t ends with a lot of information we just need ONE more special episode for the fans that looooove your program!! Pleas rethink if you could make us one little favor and let us see how your lifes ended, if I see that episode i really really could say “I COULD DIE IN PEACE”

  • Michael

    So disappointed.

  • Burbankinsider

    They already shot the reunion episode! These guys are so genius! They shot it a few months after the original “final episode” ended. They set it up as a Thanksgiving reunion and WB saved it so it could air 10 years later. The genius to it all, is that the characters are going to maintain their appearance as we saw them last (except Courtney Cox was no longer pregnant). So, Friends Fans, get ready for the surprise of your life and TV history!!!

    • Mara

      If this is true, that would be amazing. Is the ONLY way I can accept a reunion.

  • sabrina

    im from Argentina and i was so happy about this rumor, and now.. im so disappoint, but i will always have my 10 season to see over and over again!!

  • Emma

    I get when Matt Leblanc says he doesn’t wanna disappoint fans with an old Joey but in the last ep..which I cry every time ….people said it ended perfectly which I don’t agree with because I wanna know I Ross and rachel get married or decide to be on a break and what about phoebe and mike? one of mikes lines on the last ep was to phoebe saying he wanted kids, I wanna know if they have Kids and if Joey ever makes it as an actor or gets married! this is where I feel a reunion would be perfect , I don’t need a whole season I just need one ep to know if they stay in touch or whatever happens!!

  • Live

    I would really like a reunion. Just one episode even. Although it`s a big risk to start over with friends again when it ended 9 years ago. It was a really good ending though. I have all ten seasons and I`ve watched them over and over again. It`s still just as funny as it was the first time! :D

  • slava

    Millions people would be happy to see them again. Omg let it be am lookin’ forward too

  • jc

    Marta Kaufman and. all original actors of friends please do a reunion.People love it and relate to it.I hope you guys change your mind

  • Molly

    I love friends and honestly hope this happens yahoo is made up. It could happen. Friends is a smash hit tv show and will be appearing again I say. I think even though all the cast hae moved on they will move back in at some point. Bring on the friends.

  • shadysheep

    its fine they’ll be back soon, just gone to get some milk, just like my dad did ten years ago… right. they’ll be back soon? RIGHT? DADDY?!


    Bring the FRIENDS BACK, will ya!!! :(

  • Person

    Friends is the best show ever……….I don’t understand why they couldn’t, and wouldn’t, start a new season!!!!! Omg… okay…. I’m officially mad now. :(((((((

  • GTAisProbablyHD

    there cant be a reunion. because David Schwimmer and Jennifer Aniston are “on a break” at the moment

  • Susie Syrigonakis

    not only a reunion,,but many episodes..imagine,they all are married,,they have kids..monica and chandler’s kids are perfect,have to be good at anything!ross and rachel will have two kids,,one geeky and one stuck up,,joey will have like 8 kids,running around doing what they want,phoebe and mike will have 2-3 kids and they’d be like hippies or something,,and by accident they all end up living near each other!!

  • SerenityLuoma

    I feel like they don’t have enough faith that their fans will love who their characters have grown into. I mean ‘friends’ is by far my favorite show and i would love to see mon and chandeliers kids grown and Ross and Rachel married (for real this time) Im not saying its smart to bring back the show for a whole season but maybe an episode or two… You could call one “The one where joey finally grows up” and they could all reunite for joeys wedding or something….

  • Raunak

    Hey! How you doing?

  • Raunak

    I’ll miss friends…

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