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Three new Once Upon a Time sneak peeks for Sunday’s episode “Into the Deep” reveal Cora’s plan to get the compass back, and Snow White learns some important new information.

The first clip shows a scene between Hook and Cora, where she asks him for the compass and he explains what happened. Cora feels like Hook has betrayed her, but he explains that he was going to bring her the compass all along (whether or not we believe that, well, that’s still up for debate). Cora also reveals that, “I’ve crossed too many worlds to be brought short at the brink of success.” We wonder what other worlds she’s been to! Wonderland, perhaps? Oz?

In the second scene, Emma shows Aurora a picture of Henry and she recognises him from the red room, and Snow pieces together that they must be being brought there because of the sleeping curse.

The final sneak peek is the most intriguing: Cora has seemingly captured Aurora, hoping to trade her for the compass. And even though Aurora refuses to believe that Mulan, Emma and Snow – all of whom she has just met, after all – would trade her for it, Cora tells her that, “You might be more valuable than you know.” Cora is convinced that Snow and Emma won’t be able to stand by and let her die, no matter what the cost, but Aurora remains staunchly convinced. We have to admire her bravery – let’s hope she gets out of this unscathed.

These sneak peeks give us so many new questions! Will Snow, Emma and Mulan stage a rescue mission for Aurora, or will they keep the compass instead? What will Cora do to Hook for his betrayal? And now that both sides know that the red room is a link between fairytale land and Storybrooke, how will they use it to communicate?

Once Upon a Time 2×08 “Into the Deep” airs Sunday at 8/7c on ABC. We can’t wait for this episode, because it seems like it’s going to be hugely important for the season ahead.

  • http://twitter.com/FailGloriously Katherine Fitzgerald

    Ooo, maybe Cora is the Wicked Witch of the West as well as the Queen of Hearts? So many possibilities…

  • Stroud

    Man, I hope they keep Hook around.

    • Ruth Dagnan

      Lost was good, but this show doesn’t have JJ Abrams. Lost almost didn’t make it, before it really got good. It was almost cancelled after season 3 and not just because of long hiatuses. It was because the writers kept frustrating viewers with bad story lines. They have a good thing with Hook, and I’m afraid they’re going to shoot themselves in the foot. After 3 weeks of a rating jump, they switched gears to an episode which had nothing to do with the story line at hand, and it had the lowest ratings the show’s had since it started. As a viewer, I see a pattern of behavior here, and it has me concerned for OUAT’s future.

      • Ruth

        Sorry, forgot to mention the writers for OUAT are the same as for Lost

  • ane_drew

    Interesting. I like this (sneak peek 3) new and braver side of Aurora. :)

  • alg427

    How did he steal her heart without magic

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