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Pictures from Gossip Girl‘s fourth-to-last episode, “Save the Last Chance,” have been released and reveal more tension than ever in the Upper East Side!

With the season’s saga almost at its final closing, it seems that some things never change. In the episode’s sneak peek clip, we see Dan asking a very glammed-up Serena, “Are we ready to do this?” Blair is up to her conniving ways again with some unsavory advice for Sage, and, in the most dramatic ending of all, Chuck denies Blair yet again (like we didn’t see that one coming). Watch for yourself below!

The official synopsis for “Save the Last Dance” reads:

GETTING WHAT YOU WANT — Serena and Dan realize that they need to make amends with the people they have wronged. Blair has one last chance to prove to her mother her worth as a fashion designer and with Serena’s help, comes up with a plan to make her line the “it” look for Sage and her friends. Chuck is close to getting the evidence he needs against his father, until one of his closest allies reveals his plan to Bart.

In the promotional pictures, it looks as if Serena and Blair have big plans for the launch of Blair’s fashion collection. Do we spot a dolled-up spin on the Constance uniform? And a frantic grab at Nelly Yuki?

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Photos by The CW/Spoiler TV

Will the Upper East Side gang ever learn from their mistakes?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=17127641 Laura Jurgensmeyer

    I really, really don’t understand Rufus and Ivy. It seems like Ivy may be in the relationship for some other reason, but Rufus is actually in it. It’s so weird to me and seems out of character. However, YAY I’m glad Dan and Serena are connecting again. I loved them in the early season!

  • Sarah

    Nelli Yuki is GG. Calling it now. Also, this season is terrible (as have been basically every season but the first two, no idea why I’m still watching), but I can’t stop watching because I really want to know how it ends.

    • http://twitter.com/RachelgurlFL Rachel Gay

      i agree it’s yuki why else would they bring her back in the show this late and yes the show has been very boring the last few season oh well almost over

    • http://about.me/dshana Shana Debusschere

      I don’t know. She pointed out to Blair that when she got to Yale, she realised she was free from wanting to be like Blair.. That doesn’t sound like anyone who keeps miggling in their lifes and blogging about it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1297260009 Elise Hammond

    My mom spent the night at my apartment on Monday and I tried to explain the backstory of each character as she watched GG with me. Of course it sounded like total nonsense. I only just watched all of the previous seasons on Netflix, so all the ridiculousness is still very fresh in my mind. I was surprised that I didn’t mind the Dan/Serena reconnect, but I still wish we could get some permanent character growth since they don’t need the scheming to continue for future plots. Oh well.

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