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Following the teaser poster for Game of Thrones‘ third season, a very short video promo has been released. Check it out!

HBO has released this very brief trailer, showing the new logo with an intriguing voice-over:

Over the season 3 logo (cleverly using three swords to symbolise the third season, and the title of the book A Storm of Swords), a woman’s voice delivers the following words: “The great war is between death and life, ice and fire. If we lose, the night will never end.” We also see the return date for the show, which is March 31, 2013.

What do you think about the sentence used to tease season 3? It is very reminiscent of Melisandre’s words released ahead of season 2 (“the night is dark and full of terrors”), but in an interesting twist, this trailer seems to highlight the metaphorical (and maybe literal) conflict at the heart of the George R.R. Martin saga: that of ice versus fire.

But which side, exactly are the “we” the trailer mentions on? Which side has to win to prevent that the night will never end? And who, exactly, are on Team Ice and Team Fire (now there’s an idea for a t-shirt)?

Share your thoughts on the promo in the comments!

  • Gary65

    Should only be a matter of weeks now before we have an actual footage trailer :D The first footage trailer for Season 2 came out on 11 Dec last year. SO. GODDAMN. EXCITED!!!!!!!!

    • http://twitter.com/TokoMasho Matthew Potter

      I didn’t realize it’d be that soon. I sure hope it is!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Marieke-Muller/100001255271802 Marieke Muller

    Ice could be the Others or the Wall, but I’m gonna go with the Others in this case, as the general enemy to everybody. And Fire. I guess the Targaryens. But that seems to simple. Maybe just everyone with warm blood flowng through their veins? Honestly don’t know. Just random guesses.

    • http://hypable.com Selina

      I was thinking that the dragons and/or Melisandre’s fire god represents Fire, while the Others represent Ice… and the poor humans are literally caught in the middle!

      • Gary65

        Stick me in the middle of that any day. I’d literally fangasm my way to safety :D

  • http://twitter.com/TokoMasho Matthew Potter

    It’s interesting how many different, though intertwined, conflicts can be labelled Fire vs. Ice. There are the Targaryans and the Starks (more specifically Dany & Jon or Rhaehar & Lyanna anyone?), R’hllor and the Great Other, the dragons and the white walkers. I kind of think Mellisandre’s magic/religion doesn’t actually refer to the whitewalkers as the Great Other like a lot of people think, but rather that they are mistaking the Last Greenseer (Three-eyed crow) for ‘evil’ or something.

  • Gary65

    I can’t decide if it’s Olenna Redwyne or the incredibly pissed off & stony-hearted Catelyn Tully that’s doing the voice-over. Any ideas?

    • Kate

      Westeros.org people are saying Quaithe or Selyse Baratheon. I can see it being either one, but I’m leaning toward Quaithe.

      • Gary65

        Now that I listen to it, that does sound an awful lot like Quaithe(I assume that’s the name of the woman in Qarth with the gold diamond wrap on her face). Not sure why she’d be talking about the eternal night though. Does Winter spread to the Dothraki lands? I would have thought she was too far south.

        • Kate

          She’s likely giving some sort of prophecy to Daenerys if it is her, so she would be mentioning stuff in Westeros. And if it’s Selyse it makes sense for her to mention the eternal night since she’s part of Melisandre’s following and always spouts off stuff like that.

    • http://hypable.com Selina

      I wondered if it was Michelle Fairley at first but I’m pretty sure it’s not. Could also just be some promo lady they found, who knows.

  • charlton

    I think it means cold-blooded creatures vs warm-blooded but that’s just a guess.

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