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As of today, all five Twilight films have been released. It’s the end of a sensational era.

So now it’s time for you to decide: Which one is the best?

While promoting this film during its Los Angeles world premiere on Monday, most of the cast were quick to say that The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 is the best of the five. Author Stephenie Meyer, however, told us that her favorite is New Moon.

Here is a quick break down of the film films, in case you forgot (ha!):

- Director: Catherine Hardwicke
- Release date: November 17, 2008
- Worldwide gross: $392.6 million
- Very basic plot: Bella is introduced to Edward, who she learns is a vampire. Unsure of who he is, they end up falling in love.

New Moon
- Director: Chris Weitz
- Release date: November 20, 2009
- Worldwide gross: $709.8 million
- Very basic plot: Edward leaves Bella after Jasper attacks her. Jacob and Bella become close as Bella tries to come to grips with losing Edward. Edward is led to believe via one of Alice’s visions that Bella kills herself.

- Director: David Slade
- Release date: June 30, 2010
- Worldwide gross: $698.4 million
- Very basic plot: The love triangle continues as Jacob proclaims his love for Bella but Bella only sees him as a friend. Meanwhile, Victoria is reeking havoc in Seattle with a new group of vampires she has rounded up.

Breaking Dawn – Part 1
- Director: Bill Condon
- Release date: November 18, 2011
- Worldwide gross: $705 million
- Very basic plot: Edward and Bella get married, have sex for the first time, get pregnant. Bella almost dies from giving birth to Renesmee but Edward turns her into a vampire.

Breaking Dawn – Part 2
- Director: Bill Condon
- Release date: November 16, 2012
- Worldwide gross: TBD
- Very basic plot: Bella discovers her new life as a vampire, watches Renesmee grow rapidly, has to defend her daughter against the Volturi.

After you see Breaking Dawn – Part 2 in theaters, vote in the poll below. Which film is your favorite? Do also hit the comments to explain why you selected the film that you did. We’re eager to see the results and get a definitive decision from the fans!

Which 'Twilight' film is YOUR favorite of the series?

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  • http://twitter.com/emilyecstasyTM Emily Bryan

    I find this pretty hard to answer because Breaking Dawn Part 2 is still fresh on my mind and I’ve only seen it one time. Maybe a year from now I can honestly answer this. Right now I’m saying BD2 because of that fight scene. I thought it was awesome. I can’t wait to see it again.

    • Guest

      EXACTLY my thoughts!

    • Louis

      That fight scene did it for me too. I loved the first film the most, honestly. So probably a year from now, I would choose Twilight and BD2.
      I love how Carter Burwell did the music for BD2. The familiar Twilight music was very appropriate for BD2.

      • http://twitter.com/emilyecstasyTM Emily Bryan

        I loved the music, too! Came full circle <3

  • http://twitter.com/kas98 Kyle Stewart

    TBA not TBD, for Breaking Dawn Part 2. The sum is not decided, but announced.

    I can’t wait to see BDP2 is theatres!

    • katie

      it’s “determined” and I think it’s accurate in this case

      • Daughter of Eve

        lol- my mind went to Arrested Development and TBD disorder

  • TeamEdward_Bella4ever

    Twilight is and will be my fav of all the saga.

    • Louis

      Twilight is my favorite too. There’s just something there despite the low budget-y feel. It has it’s own charm. Thank you Hardwicke?

      besides, Twilight is th eonly film I have watched for more than 10 times, and the only one whose screenplay I’ve almost memorized. The other films, I prefer my head visions from the book reading.Except BD2. I love Alice’s future for Aro.

      • Switzerland

        Thank you both for making me feel like less of a “minority” in saying that the first Twilight movie is your favorite. It has and always will be mine. Not just because it is the magical story of Bella and Edward falling in love under what seems to be impossible circumstances, but it is also the fact that Ms. Hardwicke made me feel a real connection….yes, this movie is the very least to follow the books, HOWEVER, it is the movie that makes me really feel as if this story could ACTUALLY happen (wishful thinking, i know!)….the other ones (I DO LOVE THEM!) have a VERY Hollywood feel whereas the first one is so pure and raw….

  • http://www.facebook.com/luigi.barrazacardenas Luigi Barraza Cárdenas

    I’d be between Eclipse or BDp2

  • twihard!…jk

    Has anyone noticed that the actual ending fight scene only had like 30 people? That makes for one epic finale! Just putting that out there… :) #longlivepotter #hungergamer

  • Chaz

    The Fight Scene in Part 2 was good. Other than that, I really didn’t care for it. The SIMPLE CONTINUITY of the series was ruined especially with the terrible sequence of the opening credits (only meant to eat up time). The CG was horrible and many other aspects of the film failed to live up to expectations. Harry Potter did the split so much better. I was confident that a Breaking Dawn split would be good. But I regret thinking that. The film should have been one whole film, not two. Cannot wait for Hunger Games!

  • justsayin

    No offense but lezbihonest, Edward actually looks like a lesbian in this picture.

  • http://twitter.com/iamLillyC Ileana aka Lilly

    I can’t just choose one, I can put them in order of preference, though…

    1. BDP2
    2. BDP1
    3. New Moon
    4. Twilight
    5. Eclipse



    I just think that that fight scene in Breaking Dawn was so AWESOME, I was jumping up and down on my seat last night, I LOVED IT! Obviously, I hated the fact that some characters didn’t survive the attack, but it is what is, I was crying, and screaming at the screen, it was intense, but I found it so clever how they did that AWESOME twist. It was amazing. And of course THE MUSIC!! alexandra Patsavas has always been a favorite of mine when it comes to soundtracks, she did such an amazing job since I first found out about her on “The O.C.” (it was through her that I found out about my favorite band, The Killers, who coincidentally also have an AWESOME song on the “New Moon” soundtrack). Honestly, she’s one of the best. If I could, I would have her on all my projects. She could be my music library fo rlife, and put music into my life. She’s one of a kind. That’s why I chose BDP2 as my favorite, right now.

    NOTE: To this day I can’t yet choose a favorite book between all 4, I love them all too much to choose, lol! Yes, I am a dork. LOL! I miss the whole thing already… :’

  • http://www.korracast.com/ Fravit

    Eclipse is really the only one with a solid narrative and any kind of resolution. I also feel like it encompasses most of what the series is about, like you could show it to someone who knows nothing about Twilight and say “this is what the franchise is.” It’s also the only one of the five I can tolerate watching more than once.

  • Jfvjcclckvvvvkvkvkvk

    Im sorry, but the end of a sensational era happened on july 15, 2011

  • SonickedYou

    The first will always have sentimental value to me because I saw it with friends, and te last one just redeemed the whole series to me. I am really glad so many of you guys agree!

  • kitster_kosh

    I like Eclipse the best. Like someone else said, it has the most solid plot in my opinion.

    I’d also like to say, despite all the twilight haters (and frankly, I can understand why they hate the franchise) that twilight actually does have some merit and despite the fact that Bella isn’t exactly the best example for females, the franchise actually does have some good messages that I respect. And I think they get overlooked too much.

  • WhatTheGrace

    It’s so hard! For me New Moon was the best film, visually, musically and the way in which each character looked was perfect. But then Eclipse was the best done movie, as in on it’s own it’s a pretty good film and it’s geared not only towards die hard Twilight fans like the others have been. But BD Part 2 really surprised me it was 100 times better than i thought it would be especially as i didn’t really like BD Part 1 too much. I need to watch it again to make a definitive choice. But for now my order goes.

    New Moon
    Breaking Dawn Par 2
    Breaking Dawn Part 1

  • mahdi khamis

    sensational era? really?

  • Jill

    I also had to answer with New Moon. I haven’t seen Breaking Dawn Part two yet so that could change but as of right now, New Moon has always been the one I feel like watching and the one I remember most.

  • http://twitter.com/mrestuP Restu Prayoga

    love eclips and BD part 2

  • TwilightForever

    I Think id have to really decide between New Moon and Breaking Dawn Part 2, Because New Moon really had some good emotion in it and told the story. While Breaking Dawn Part 2 came in with much needed Action in the series and got to see Bella in a new life. People would say Twilight is good but New Moon really captures how Bella deals with life and also with most teenagers through a break up, and longing for love. It also shows how Bella is while without Edward so you get to know her better. While in Breaking Dawn, you see her Mother-role and as a wife and Powerful kind of Heroine, it’s a really big and exciting change from a skinny Human girl to Sparkling Red-eyed Tank. Both were fantastic, also i really loved how in the Into to Breaking Dawn Part 2 they played music from all of the other movies before finishing with Bella’s Lullaby. All in all both my choices come in conflict but id still pick New Moon For now.

  • Don

    Breaking Dawn Part 1 definitely…

  • Sarah

    The first one by far. Make up wasn’t over the top seemed more ‘real’ acting seemed more natural,directing was a lot better. should of kept the first director for all of the movies

  • Ourlea

    My favorites in order are
    Eclipse- the best directed of them all
    Breaking dawn part 2
    Breaking dawn part 1
    New moon.

    Im suprised to see so many people liked new moon best. I think maybe I dont like it because all it is about is bella and jacob and I dont like taylor lautner. Nor do I like how hes supposidly so hot and everytime I see him all I think is ick, I dont like the way he holds his face, most of all his nose drives me crazy.
    Maybe im just being judgy idk.
    I feel like the first one had too many weird camera angles and it felt like the camera was always spinning, or diagonal or somethin like that, also kristen stewart stutters SO much in it. I still like it cause it was the first but idk.

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