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If you didn’t know, Glee will be doing a superhero themed episode next week with episode 7 “Dynamic Duets.” Check out what each character will be dressing up as!

EW.com has the exclusive photos of the characters on their website. Check out all of the posters from “Dynamic Duets” over there!

Here’s a list of what each character on Glee will be portraying come next week’s highly-anticipated “Dynamic Duets” episode!

Blaine – Nightbird (clearly a play off of Batman’s Nightwing)
Brittany – The Human Brain
Sam – Blonde Chameleon
Tina – Asian Persuasion
Artie – Dr. Y
Becky Jackson – Queen Bee
Joe Heart – Tarantula Head
Sugar – Sweet N’ Spicy
Kitty – Femme Fatale (clearly a play off of Batman’s Catwoman)
Marley – Woman Fierce (clearly a play off of Wonder Woman)
Jake Puckerman – Mega Stud
Ryder – Mega Stud


Click here to see the exclusive photos on EW.com!


In case you missed the synopsis for episode 7 “Dynamic Duets” we reported on it this week:

4×07 “Dynamic Duets” - When New Directions’ arch foes steal the team’s coveted Nationals’ trophy, it is up to McKinley’s resident superheroes to save the day. Two of the Glee Club’s newest members battle over the affections of a third. Blaine meets the Warblers’ new team captain and wrestles with a tempting offer.

It sounds like this episode is going to be very exciting! Which McKinley High School superhero are you most excited about seeing next week on Glee?

  • guest

    Haha, glad Blaine knows his superheroes. Of course Nightbird (Nightwing) would be the natural choice after he dressed up as Robin.

  • http://purplehrdwonder.livejournal.com/ Caitlin Kelly

    I’m rather fascinated by the meta that comes with Blaine’s progression from the Robin-esque costume to the Nightwing-esque costume. If Dick Grayson was defining himself as his own hero rather than as Batman’s sidekick by becoming Nightwing, perhaps we’ll finally see Blaine defining himself as his own person at McKinley rather than as Kurt’s “sidekick.” And since the Warblers are in this episode, it’s a likely rejection of his old life at Dalton as well. I hope so since this has been a long time in coming for him.

    • http://hypable.com John Thrasher


  • Zoe Daves-Brody

    You forgot to mention that Artie’s Dr Y is clearly Professor X

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