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Earlier this week we shared with you our interview with Wyck Godfrey, who spoke about The Fault in Our Stars movie that he is producing.

There is now another interview out with Godfrey where he continues to get us excited about the book to film adaptation of the John Green novel.

“Dare I say, [The Fault in Our Stars script] is as good if not better than the book. It will be the best movie of next year if we can get our butts in gear,” he told Page To Premiere on the Breaking Dawn – Part 2 red carpet Monday night. Watch their video interview below:

These comments are in addition to what Godfrey had told us at the same red carpet. “It is the best book, it makes you rip your guts out, it makes you want to go out and live a better life,” he said excitedly. “I love it, I can’t wait to make it.”

“I’m producing it, Scott Neustadter and Michael H. Weber, who wrote 500 Days of Summer, wrote the script – it’s brilliant. I’m getting ready to hire a director, we’ve got all the actresses you would ever want to be in it want to play Hazel Grace. So I’m excited about that.”

The Fault in Our Stars movie does not have a release date yet as the project is still in very early days of production. Despite Godfrey’s hopes for a release “next year,” we have a hard time seeing the film get released in 2013 because cast members haven’t even been selected yet. It may be a wait until 2014 at the earliest.

  • Becky

    As good as the book? A likely story…

  • Arielle

    I am so glad that there’s a team in place that’s so genuinely passionate about bringing the book to screen. After so many of his books never going beyond the early drafts of the script, it will be exciting to finally see one of them brought to life. Being “better” than the book is a pretty tall order to fill, and whether or not that’s the case remains to be seen. But I’m still super stoked regardless.

  • Luke

    Not likely.

  • http://forgiveyourmind.tumblr.com/ Tariq

    As good as the book? Hah! Hollywood rarely produces a movie as good as the book. Even better? That’s even more rare. But by all means, I’m going to love to see them try.

    • rsprague

      Agreed. This is one of the best books I have ever read.

      • FalOmada

        words uttered by someone who’s knowledge of books is likely contained within the YA section of the bookstore.

    • http://twitter.com/JustJosieHicks Josie Hicks

      To be fair, The Perks of Being a Wallflower did it. That film is exquisite.

      • ChrisKolmorgen

        Probably because Perks was directed by the author!! :)

    • Jason

      I am a loyal to “the book is better than the movie,” but there are SOME exceptions. Forrest Gump- I loved the movie, but the Winston Groom novel is terrible. But for a book as literary as this, the transition will be hard to make.

      • jr

        Also The Phantom of the Opera – Gaston Leroux’s book was just plain weird, whereas Alexander Lloyd Webber’s adaptation was beautiful and poignant and actually made sense. (Probably because he wasn’t on drugs when he wrote it…)

  • TVDlessthan3

    i seriously doubt that the script will overcome the awesomeness of the book…. but it seems like a good start, I mean, at least they are confident and enthusiastic… you don’t see that so often now. Usually, big plans are made and then either flop or don’t even make their way to the big screen. And, if they make a mess out of the book, like with PJatO, they will have a horde of very angry fanpeople waging war on them. They had better watch out.

  • Sarah

    Lol. “Better.” That’s cute.

    • Anonymas

      hahaha so true

  • http://twitter.com/LiamFloyd Liam Floyd

    Just remember to try to keep the book and the movie completely separate in your minds and maybe something good will happen.

  • Emily

    Good luck trying to be better than that book!

  • Jason

    The venn diagrams just won’t feel the same.

  • Anonymas

    Really? I couldn’t imagine anything better than that book, I hope they get close but film can’t beat the written word

  • Nicole

    The book was so amazingly awesome, if it does happen I hope John gets to contribute so it won’t be too terrible

  • D

    Perks of being a wallflower was as good as if not better than the book. They shd hire chbosky and logan lerman to direct and star in tfios

  • asiannerdfighter

    i hope they don’t try to rush some parts in order to get the movie out.
    They can take as long as they need to, i wouldn’t care as long as it is amazing.
    Cannot wait! DFTBA.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Sarah-Elizabeth-Asstit/1330293668 Sarah Elizabeth Asstit

    Nothing will ever be better than the book…… Especially not a movie adaptation of it. The book is superior. To everything

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