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The latest information on Mad Men season 6 says that Betty will have a much larger role this upcoming season. Also, descriptions of new characters have been given.

mad men fat betty

Last season, January Jones’ character Betty Francis appeared far less on screen than in any previous season due to her pregnancy. Jones has had the baby and her role will return to its normal prominence.

We know what you were thinking (because let’s face it, we were thinking it too). When you heard that Betty would be having a bigger role, your mind immediately went to the wildly popular “Fat Betty” story-arc from season 5. No, Betty Francis’ season 6 role will be much bigger in screen time and not so much in physical size.

Don’t take this to mean that we think the whole “Fat Betty” story-arc is over; we don’t think that’s the case. Matthew Weiner and the Mad Men writers are far too good to say, “Well, January isn’t pregnant anymore, so ‘Fat Betty’ doesn’t need to exist anymore. Betty no longer has weight issues.” No, we are confident that won’t happen.

And that’s okay. We got some good laughs out of “Fat Betty,” mainly because there isn’t a character that we’d have wished their worst nightmare on more. We despise Betty, and as someone who obviously holds her looks above most other things, we couldn’t be more happy with her pain.

Plus, we got some really funny memes out of this:

NextGen ScrollGallery thumbnailNextGen ScrollGallery thumbnailNextGen ScrollGallery thumbnailNextGen ScrollGallery thumbnail

The other new information that we’ve received is that Mad Men will be bringing new employees into the world of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce, well whatever it’s going to be called now (please be Sterling Cooper Draper Holloway). Mad Men is looking to cast some characters in their 20s and 30s described as “attractive,” “cute,” “flirtatious,” “sweet” and “curvy.” They always need more lady-candy to harass. They’ll also be casting two British businessmen types in their 50s. We wouldn’t be surprised if these were Jaguar executives or had some relation to the now deceased Lane Pryce, be it family or friends.

Thanks, TV Line.

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Are you glad you’ll be seeing more of Betty in ‘Mad Men’ season 6?

  • grapes9h5

    I don’t hate Betty!!!! She’s not a good person, but who is on Mad Men? Even the nicest characters, like Peggy, have their moments. I loved Fat Betty to, but not for cruel reasons by any means

  • DP

    Oh Betty…I don’t really love to hate her so much as I just hate her. January Jones is definitely the weakest link on Mad Men.

  • http://someguyhumorbeta.blogspot.com/ Jon

    “Wildly popular” ‘fat Betty’?? Ok, yeah… to make fun about.

    FWIW: ‘Mad Men’ viewers rated last season’s “fat-Betty-centric” (couple of) episodes near the bottom.

    Looking forward to seeing (I hope) back-to-gorgeous Betty/January this season. I
    say she does an excellent job playing her hard-to-like, bottled-up character.

    • http://www.hypable.com/ Louie Schuth

      I certainly didn’t mean “Fat Betty”-centric episodes were the most popular, I was merely talking about the internet explosion of the topic, which was huge.

  • Cristina Marie

    I loved Betty when I saw the 1′st season…then I started to dislike her a bit. More about herself, less about her family. And I HATE her in season 5! She is so jealous of Don, and so unhappy with her new marriage…I don’t think she will ever be happy!

    • Matt

      That’s kind of her thing; unhappiness. The same with Don, to some degree. Betty wants to have it all, and can’t understand why she isn’t happy when she does. At least she’s more fun to watch than Meghan.

  • guest02

    I don’t mind betty. its just that ive been confused why there has been hints of her wanting to be back with don again and why she’s lost her connection with her new husband. They never really explained that.

  • Shane 2012

    Betty is a good character and January acts brilliant , the reason people hate is due to don hating her and her wanting him back subconsciously , so ye are all don obsessed !

  • Shane 2012

    Oh and how can you not like Megan … Just because she is too young for don and destroys him … The more she upsets him the more don becomes the old version of himself in the earlier years … Plus she is much better a wife than Betty so it’s win win

  • BettyandDonfan

    I think any woman who has been manipulated severely by a man she deeply loves can relate to Betty. No, I don’t want to be her, but I can see myself in her. Betty sacrificed her own hopes for her marriage and family to hold together what society has mandated for her to hold together. When she lost that, she lost so much of her hope, and who wouldn’t act like a bitch when her how is taken away? I really believe Don and Betty love each other; this is too deep of a show to believe this story is just about a husband cheating on his bitchy wife. Betty and Dom need each other, and it’s evident in Don’s voice every single time he calls her Birdie.

  • Berkeley

    I only want more Betty if I get to watch her suffer. January Jones is an excellent actress and does a great job making me hate Betty.

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