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Four actors currently in the running for the lead male role of Four in the book to film adaptation of Veronica Roth’s Divergent have been revealed by Deadline.

The gentlemen are Luke Bracey, Brenton Thwaites, Lucas Till and Jack Reynor. Notably, Colton Haynes – who was speculated to be in the running after leaving Teen Wolf, following Roth on Twitter, and saying exciting news was on the horizon – is not named.

The actors are pictured below in the order listed above:

Luke Bracey may play Four in 'Divergent'   Brenton Thwaites may play four in 'Divergent'   Lucas Till may play Four in 'Divergent'   Jack Reynor may play Four in 'Divergent'

Deadline reports that these men are currently chemistry testing with actress Shailene Woodley, who nabbed the lead role of Tris last month. A decision on who will get the role of Four is expected soon.

Divergent hits theaters March 21, 2014. The story has a similar vibe to The Hunger Games and for that reason should do well in that market. The story follows Tris, who lives in a future Chicago that is separated in five factions in order to stabilize society. At age 16, each citizen must choose a permanent faction. However, for Tris, things don’t go as planned, and she has to survive an aggressive and physically demanding initiation. Beatrice Prior must uncover her true hidden strengths and risk her family, her newfound love, and her very own life to defuse a mysterious conspiracy which could change the balance of power forever.

Which of these four should play Four in the 'Divergent' movie?

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  • lorepottter

    I like Luke Bracey

  • 7Starrchasers

    Colton Haynes or Lucas Till for me!

  • Alex

    Any one of those would be fine, I guess…

  • SnatcherGirl

    Well, if we’re judging how closely they look like my mental image of Four…

  • Enelya

    This description is crap. “things don’t go as planned, and she has to survive an aggressive and physically demanding initiation”

    She chooses to go Dauntless. Geeze

    • http://www.facebook.com/maryjo.costigan Maryjo Costigan

      yes she does choose dauntless, but she has no idea about the initiation process. Not to mention she didn’t know that by choosing dauntless she could becom districtless because not all who choose dauntless actually become dauntless. Hence the agressive and physically demanding inititation she went through that was not exactly ccording to plan.

      • Rissa

        Districtless? Its factionless!!

        • SoarWithMe

          Lmfao, yupp Factionless.

          • nemo

            hhahaha u got confused between divergent and hunger games lol xD

  • http://profiles.google.com/gfludal gfludal

    It’s Brenton Thwaites, at least that’s what I found on IMDb

    • http://twitter.com/Andrewm4930 Andrew Martin

      IMDb is not a reliable source, anyone with a pro account can change it.

      • http://twitter.com/vonchambers Devon Chambers

        Its Brenton, I’m sure of this.

        • http://twitter.com/Andrewm4930 Andrew Martin

          I’m sure it is too, and he would be my choice out of these four, but I’m not believing it until I get official word from the studio.

          • http://profiles.google.com/gfludal gfludal

            I meant, his name is Brenton, not Brandon

  • http://www.facebook.com/theginanicole Gina Nicole

    Luke Bracey hands down.

  • luckyleo

    Luke Bracey and Jack Reynor seem too old to me

  • bethanny23

    Any one of them except for Lucas Till… He does not fit the role in my opinion.

  • Firefly155

    Why are people going for the popular or cuter ones? Four is not cute!

    • http://www.eigakanthemovietheater.blogspot.com Jenny Leigh

      Exactly, he is handsome! :p

      • TOAWSOME4U

        YES HE IS !! <333 HE'S MY FAV CHARACTER, AND TRIS!! :) <3

    • SoarWithMe

      Four is cute in my mind. But I just hate it how people pick the cute ones.

  • Crazy-Eight23

    “Four actors currently in the running for the lead male role of Four in the book to film. . . ”

    lol, Four actors wanting to play FOUR?! I’m such a nerd that I busted out laughing while in class check Hypable news!!!!

    • Carol Time

      I did too!! :) nerdy nerds!!

  • Feroxmember

    I think Alexander Ludwig would be a pefect Four and Anna Sophia Robb would play a perfect Tris :D

    • Mo

      Alexander Ludwig with darker hair would be a good choice for Four.

      • EstherWallis

        I see Alexander Ludwig as more of a peter

  • http://twitter.com/vonchambers Devon Chambers

    His name is Brenton Thwaites, not Brandon.

    But that aside, he would have made a fantastic Finnick in Catching Fire (wish they would’ve chosen him over who they did pick)

    • Ivana

      I googled the guy, and he looks younger than Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson (even though he’s 1 year/3 years older). Finnick is supposed to be 24 but this guy would look more like a teenager than Katniss or Peeta. Other than that, it seems like everyone just wants whoever they find cute/hot to play Finnick. Personally, i think Sam Claflin is better-looking than this guy (besides the fact that I can actually buy that he is several years older than Katniss and Peeta), but that is all a matter of taste. I’m pretty sure they were picking actors based on their audition, not just their looks.

  • Tania

    Isn’t it Brenton Thwaites and not Brandon Thwaites? I saw him in Blue Lagoon and I kinda like him as Four.

  • http://twitter.com/akacj7 Caroline J.

    luke bracey for sure. he’s not overly smokin’ hot, and he looks like he could be both mean and nice. they could be pulling a hunger games and come up with a completely different 5th name. i’m not overly concerned about the casting at this point.

  • http://twitter.com/LiamFloyd Liam Floyd

    None of these are great, but it’s impossible to know for sure until the movie. Lucas Till and Luke Bracey are a definite no and Brenton Thwaites looks good except too young. Jack Reynor is closest to the picture in my head which is very very clear. But like I said, can’t know for sure until the movie.

  • Katie

    Based on looks alone… Brandon Thwaites.

    • Carol Time

      I honestly love Jack Reynor <3

  • applepie

    …. Is it bad that I dont love any of them? Looks wise, of course. I searched them on IMDB and none of them, besides Lucas, seem to have any acting experience… A bit too early to judge in my opinion.

  • RumbleroarLuna

    Lookwise, either Brenton Thwaites or Jack Reynor. They just look more like Four, and in my mind he has dark hair (not to say they couldn’t dye it, look at THG, but still)

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Rachel-Whelen/514317641 Rachel Whelen

    I like Jack Reynor. He looks the closest to my Four. Luke Bracey is cute too, nothing like what I imagined, but I could learn to love him.

  • Nina

    I don’t really know anything about any of them but Brenton Thwaites LOOKS the most like how I pictured Tobias

  • liz

    i love the articles that we all read to find movie news because they describe the plot and its oversimplified and it makes it seem cliche. and of course there had to be the hunger games comparison.

  • http://www.eigakanthemovietheater.blogspot.com Jenny Leigh

    Why isn’t there a “I don’t like any of them” answer for the poll? Because I’m just not sure if I do.

  • Kris

    I agree with Enelya: this description is crap. “Similar vibe to The Hunger Games and for that reason should do well in that market?” And I suppose that because they’re all based on YA books, Tris is going to fall into a demented, pathetic love triangle between a sparkling bloodsucker and a dog-scented pedophile? Lovely. Absolutely bloody brilliant. *snort*

  • MHutch

    I’m not seeing anyone of them, to be honest.

  • lala

    lucas all the way

  • tvrp

    None of them, I want COLTON HAYNES

  • ainnat

    None of them would make goog Fours. Colton Haynes would.

  • Loli-Div

    PLEASE, PLEASE!!!!!! Don’t let Lucas Till be Four!! Please, I think he’s not good enough to be four, plus he has to have dark hair.

    • emmi

      in total 100% agreement, he does not looking anything like four should be, don’t ruin the movie.

  • sammi

    Well, from the cover picture I think we know Andrew wants Lucas Till for Four

  • Natalie

    Brandon Thwaites !

  • http://www.facebook.com/siiienel Syiie Nel

    Ok. I guess. I’ll go with Brandon Thwaites . hahaha

  • Beatriz

    Personally I think Colton Haynes would be perfect… Although, I have never actually seen anything that he’s been in, I just think he totally looks the part. Not too cute but not too blah…

  • Elle

    I want someone with more distinquished facial features. I know that sounds wierd but four has that sharp look. He needs to be horribly attractive but not cute and flirty.

  • Gemy

    What about Logan Lerman?? Please?!

  • N

    Between Jack Reynor or Brandon Thwaites please. The other two just… no.

  • Sophia Divergent Lover

    I feel none of them really FIT the role really well at all. THey all seem kind of too youngish or not as manly enough. they also need to be warm fuzzy and kind of shy/humble and yet strong built body with dark hair, and have to have a tough personality not cutsy wootsy, but they still need to be romantic and sweet with a different side to them. ANYONE AGREE??? NONE really fit this of the four….. ;(

  • Sophia Divergent Lover


  • emmi

    honest Brandon Thwaites would be the hands down choice, Four may not be good looking but what about selling it to the public all over again. yes the book is incredible but to keep up the spotless reputation you’re going to have to present a pretty damn good movie. there’s no harm in throwing a hot guy in there at all. lucas looks weird. one of the others is too old looking and the other….blech

  • MNL8036

    Brenton Thwaites is the best i guess, but none of them look like how i pictured Four/Tobias



  • Carol Time

    “Divergent hits theaters March 21, 2014. The story has a similar vibe to The Hunger Games and for that reason should do well in that market.”

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA no. That’s no the reason it will hit the market. It will become a famous movie because the Author Veronica Roth did an amazing job writing Divergent and people want to see an actual good adventure, not something that you can predict what’s coming around every corner.

  • Carol Time

    I cant wait to see Four when he’s drunk…. :)

  • Gracie

    None of the above. Zac Efron! When I read the books I automatically pictured someone big and strong with dark hair and Marcus’s blue eyes. I also pictures someone attractive and idk.. I like Tim Tebow too. Even though he’s not much of an actor…

  • Anonymouse

    Brenton would be perfect if he dyes his hair black!!! He is a spit image of the tobias in my mind and I think he is the perfect fit!!!

  • Gftfhml

    I vote for Colton all the way

  • Candor

    Jack reynor looks like Four/Tobias should look. He has brown hair and blue eyes, and he seems rather enigmatic. Thwaites looks really young, Till doesn’t fit the bill, and Bracey looks a bit, err, mature. Maybe they should go through initiation to see which one has a Dauntless inclination…

  • Grace Swiftyy


  • guiagui

    i would like it better if alexander ludwig were in the running to become tobias. just saying.. :)))))

  • greengirl18

    drew roy should be playing four



  • Frances

    How come they doesn’t like MAX IRONS for Four?!

  • Rachel Cox

    Jack Reynor is EXACTLY how I imagined four to look like!!!

  • joy

    ughhh :( not the person i wanted….but i think brandon thwaites would be the best option but i really wanted it to be dean geyer <3 :(

  • Guada


  • EstherWallis

    I’ve loved Jack reynor for a while but i have to say after reading the book the only one i really feel fits the description of four perfectly would be Brenton Thwaites. He is exactly how imagined four and has the looks described; deep set eyes, tall, right physique etc. i think Luke Bracey especially looks too old for the role. Just my personal opinion though :)

  • ZOE


  • Vlad

    Kit bloody Harrington.

  • SoarWithMe

    Uhm, you guys can’t just pick the cute guy. You need to read the book THEN see who’s perfect to play Four. – -”

  • Narli

    According me Jeremy Irvine :)

  • Narli

    Jeremy Irvine ….

  • kam

    Brenton Thwaites just looks to young for the role. He looks like hes 16 and Tris is 16 and four is suppose to be older. Any of the other ones would work better. Brenton would be better off playing her brother.

  • Abs

    Coltyn Haynes would be perfect! Exactly how I pictured Four. Best actor, hands down.

    • Whosaysyouaren’tperfect

      YES! Coltyn Haynes is my perfect Four ♥

    • Twihard101

      ♥ Coltyn is perfect

  • Zoee

    Drew Roy should!!

  • Shay

    I need Alex Pettyfer!!!! OWO

  • directioner_uriah913

    i head Jack Reynor is going to be in the next Tansfomers movie so he can’t play Four. That’s why I now voted for Lucas Till

  • Laura

    i don’t even care at this point. i think drew roy would have been absolutely perfect, he’s how i pictured four almost to a t. but of these candidates, i guess jack reynor is the four-est looking of them.

  • what


  • Elena

    Max Irons is the perfect choice … I am sorry but none of the above match the description of Tobias and Max does. He even has long fingers like it was mentioned numerous times in the book.

  • IheartDivergent

    LUCAS TILL SHOULD TOTALLY BE COUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In my opinion, just saying!

  • IheartDivergent

    I meant Four!!!!!!!

  • Madeline

    Not to be mean, but i could never imagine Lucas Till as Four!


    AHHHHH!!!!!! IM IN LOVE WITH ALL FOUR ha heh he heh four get it four actors to play for four (((sigh)) I’m tired but anyways AHHH!!! I AM SO READY TO SEE THIS MOVIE! I READ BOTH BOOKS 2 OR 3 TIMES

  • Ally

    Brandon Thwaites is the only one that fits the role in my opinion…and I’m not biased because I’ve never heard of him until now

  • meena1013

    I think annasophia robb would be a good tris wbu guys?

  • Natalie Meiselwitz

    Personally I think either Luke Bracey or Jack Reynor, because they have the kind of rugged/sexy look I pictured Four having, the other two I don’t think have the right looks, because every time I look at Lucas Till I see the Hannah Montana Movie in the back of my head, and Brenton Thwaites just seems to boyish and kind small to play Four. In the end I can see why the would narrow it down to these four contenders to play Four, and I am so excited for the movie and the third book to come out!

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