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Tonight’s episode of Revenge promised the twists and turns for which the ABC drama is known for, but did “Penance” deliver?

Setting up for tonight’s episode of Revenge, “Penance,” had Mason Treadwell making connections between Emily Thorne and Amanda Clarke’s past lives. What conclusion did he come to?

Apparently he thought Amanda and Emily were former lovers, and that’s why Emily is currently living in Amanda’s childhood home, and why she’s helping to support her friend. Mason most likely thinks that Emily is still in love with Amanda, while Amanda has moved on to Jack.

In the preview for “Penance,” Emily is seen with Mason, and she seems to be striking up a deal with him. Could Emily be getting rid of Mason Treadwell once and for all? Or is she going to start using him to her own advantage?

Kara Clarke is also supposed to be leaving the Hamptons, but we’re not so sure she made it out. Did Kara stay to be with Amanda and new baby Carl? We don’t understand why she would need to be booking a flight anywhere.

The Initiative – terrorist affiliated Americon Initiative, that is – is making a bigger mark on the Graysons’ lives. Last week they helped to get Conrad out of jail, but what did they want from him in return?

Did tonight’s episode of Revenge deliver the drama?

  • Tyler

    I liked season 1 so much better than season 2. I think season 2 is getting a little too predictable and the acting this season is not as good as last. Did they get new writers? I think the casting of Kara was poor and the “initiative” plotline is too reminiscent of the “consortium” that existed in both primetime soaps Dynasty and Falcon Crest. I mean it’s been done before. Can we get something new please?

    • Gary65

      Do you have a crystal ball or something?

    • JCman7

      There are so many twists and turns I will be surprised if you are able to predict everything

  • Gary65

    While some of the dialogue was a bit shoddy, the ep was as incredible as ever. One of the best shows on TV.

    Emily: “She’s not Amanda Clarke”

    Mason: “You are.”

    Emily(smiles): *YES I AM, BITCH*

    Excellent work by Ms. VanCamp. I fucking love it :D

    • http://twitter.com/NatashaPeartree Natasha Pereira

      i literally got chills during this scene. emily vancamp is such a badass actor!

      • JCman7

        me too! Such a fantastic scene I keep replaying it over and over and seeing that smirk on Emily’s face. So good

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1534802836 Kaley Eidson

    I still think it’s hilarious that the lady who voiced Catwoman for the DCAU is Victoria’s mom

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