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An emotional episode of The Walking Dead aired last Sunday on AMC, and it has left us with a lot of questions. We’re not sure if we’ll get the answers anytime soon, but one question we have to ask is: What happened to Carol?

Warning: Spoilers from Sunday’s episode, “Killer Within.”

When T-Dog sacrificed himself to walkers so Carol could escape from a hoard inside the prison, we assumed that she made it out fine. After that, we didn’t see her again in the entire rest of the episode, but when Rick, Daryl, and Oscar were making their way back outside, they found her scarf next to T-Dog’s mutilated, zombie-ravaged body.

Does that mean that Carol met her end, too? Could she have been caught by a walker on her way to the door?

Carol on The Walking Dead

We’re not entirely sure of the answer to this question, but on Talking Dead Sunday night, Gale Anne Hurd hinted that Carol might have, in fact, died. On the show, she seemed like she didn’t want to give too much away though, so maybe she’s just messing with us.

In a sneak peek video for “Say the Word” that we posted yesterday, we saw Glenn digging a grave just outside of the prison, and he told Oscar and Axel that he needed two more.

So three graves would be T-Dog, Lori, and presumably Carol. As we asked before, why would they dig a grave with no body? As of last episode, we didn’t have a body for Carol, just the scarf.

Have they found her body by the time Glenn starts digging graves?

We have a feeling that Carol might show up later, perhaps when they’re having a funeral for the dearly departed. Or maybe we’ll have another Sophia situation like in season 2. If they’re digging a grave for Carol, though, they probably won’t be looking for her.

What do you think happened to Carol?

  • charlton

    I think she’s dead.

  • jesse2020

    No way is she dead. She is wandering the prison somewhere. It is now just a matter of getting past the remaining walkers and finding the group again.

  • Aidan

    they could be digging a grave for andrew

  • Rich

    Andrew was the prisoners’ “friend.” They would bury him out of respect. That makes three.

  • Brittany

    I was just starting to like her, I really hope she’s not dead!

  • Me

    I hope she isn’t. She’s been one of my favorites since the beginning.

  • Addison

    If she is alive, hopefully the group doesn’t leave her!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/bernadette.perry Bernadette O’Sullivan

    I think she is alive but maybe hiding somewhere in the prison from the walkers and Glenn is digging 3 graves cause they intend to look for her body to bury but instead they find her alive. At least i hope so she is one of my fav 3.

  • rubi

    Didnt Rick and Darrel walk out of the door carol walked out of and it led outside to where hershel and his daughter were?

  • Connor

    Well, in the ‘comics,’ she commits suicide… so…

    • Kenneh

      True. But also, Lori was alive. Tyreese was with here. Michonne was with the group. And Sophia was alive in the comics. o3o

  • sittin’ alive

    I think Carol is alive and helping Laurie, who is not dead either. Carol was teaching herself how to close the wound from the C-section, remember. If laurie was not dead (passed out cold)… & (I don’t believe the kid could shoot his mother, for real).

    Also, Laurie is necessary in order to be able to continue to feed the baby…formula can’t stay on the shelf forever, and without a wet-nurse (just like olden times), a baby won’t last long….they are both hiding out in the prison.

    • http://www.facebook.com/garrett.storm.1 Garrett Storm

      There could be a point to what your saying. Throughout the past episodes, Carl has kept many secrets from the group. Firing a shot doesn’t necessarily mean that he shot her. Although the filled grave does make me wonder…..

    • Adam

      Pretty sure Lori is dead. A kid could not shoot his mother for real, but this is not real.

      • BritP

        I think a kid could shoot his mother, in a desperate situation. I cant really let myself go there, but I’m pretty sure the right kid, the right situation….the kid could do it.

        • http://www.facebook.com/imara.riviezzidatrindade Imará Riviezzi da Trindade

          but he didn’t

      • sittin’ alive

        You are probably correct about Laurie (I missed the ‘Talking Dead’ episode after).
        And I hope and pray you are right about a real kid not being able to shoot his mother in real life…unfortunately, though, those kind of things do happen in our real world sometimes.
        As far as Carl is concerned…In the show…not to be confused with any (real) kid named Carl out there…(LOL)..He may not have shot her…I don’t think the writers would have the character so calm afterwards…I mean, look at Rick for Heaven’s sake!
        Carl should be catatonic after shooting his mother.

    • BritP

      This is what I thought…Or maybe this is what I hoped. I still have a BIT of hope that Lori is still alive, but after “say the word’….I dont think its going to happen. The “bloated” walker in the boiler room where Lori “delivered” the baby had eaten Lori. If you watch Talking Dead you’ll know that Greg Necotero (the exec. producer of TWD and the director of “say the word’) confirmed that the bloated walker was bloated because he consumed Lori’s body and in the scene where Rick puts the gun in its mouth, you see hair…that is supposed to be her hair. Rick also stabs the belly of the bolated walkter to ensure that Lori is dead, which is a bit of over-kill (no pun intended) seeing as she’s in the walkers belly….but he was just making sure.
      ALL of that being said, TWD is known for its twists and turns. Kirkman LOVES to mess with the audience and throw them off. I thought that there was something there when they didnt actually show Carl blow Lori’s head off and they couldnt find Carol who had been training to perform the C-Section. There still might be something there, so hard to tell. I wouldnt put it past TWD to have Lori come back at the end of this season to create and epic season finale….but that could be wishful thinking. I maybe the ONLY person who understands Lori and doesnt judge her for something that was out of her control.

      • sittin’ alive

        Hi BritP,

        I missed the Talking Dead episode afterwards…My daughter is watching it right now, and calling me with her take on it. I am hopeful, not because I liked Laurie…but for the baby’s sake. I don’t think we can trust too much of what Rick is seeing or hearing (phone) right now. As he did not even seem to recognize Glenn! what do you think about that phone call? Not possible?

  • Aqu Nahua

    Carol is not dead, shes calling from a different part of the jail:-)

    • Adam

      The phone call is Lori, an delusion of Rick losing it.

  • Heitor

    I don’t think she’s dead. On the sneak peek of episode 6 (“Hounded”), we can see Daryl talking about her like he knows – or at least hopes – she’s still alive. Also, the producers wouldn’t do exactly the same thing they did to Sophia last season… Anyway, having three “original” characters dying in the same episode is kinda frustrating :(

    • Kenneh


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Keith-Josef-Adkins/616583301 Keith Josef Adkins

    I think Carol is alive. I also think whoever was watching her from the woods (when she was practicing the cesarean) and whoever was dropping the deer organs is responsible for her disappearance.

    • http://twitter.com/msryma rimperim

      Yeah that was Andrew who turned out to be alive after Rick locked him out in the prison yard with walkers, that’s why he set the alarm off to attract walkers as a revenge to the group.

  • http://www.facebook.com/imara.riviezzidatrindade Imará Riviezzi da Trindade

    I think Carol is alive, that he found and saved and Lori are both enclosed in a portion of the jail

  • http://www.facebook.com/imara.riviezzidatrindade Imará Riviezzi da Trindade

    carol because he was out of bullets, and could not return because the prison was filled with walkers and Lori again found himself still alive, do not shoot carl

  • Elle

    I think both women are still alive, too. Maybe Carol found unconscious Lori and was already to perform a C-section from practicing on one of the zoms. So, theoretically, she would be ready to close a mortal wound from the C-section. I don’t think Carl shot Lori because Rick found a full bullet at the scene. If it had entered and hit bone, it wouldn’t be a full intact bullet. As for the bloated zombie with the brown hair remnants, wasn’t that one of the zoms that ate the half a deer? Could be…I always thought the zombies didn’t eat each other. Food for thought!

  • Skeeves

    Bloated Zombie = afterbirth. Pretty straightforwward there…

  • Kenneh

    I think she is alive. I think she’s found somewhere to hide and is looking for a way back to the others. Why do I think she’s alive? It wouldn’t make sense for T-Dog to die if Carol died as well, would it? The sacrifice — The emotional moment — would have all been for nothing if Carol was dead.

  • Kenneh

    And by the way, I don’t think they buried Andrew either. People, if they did, why in god’s name would Daryl put a Cherokee Rose on a prisoner’s grave?

  • Dio

    She was with Lori

  • http://www.facebook.com/EvelynZetaJones Evelyn Zaragoza Speitzer

    I think Carol is alive, I think Lori was to heal, but I think I have only false hope. Carol & Daryl are my reason to watch this series.

  • Mahdesi Iskandar

    Rick should have brought Carol to Tyreese so that he could kill her.

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