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The Amazing Spider-Man DVD/Blu-ray is available in stores today, but we’re taking a look at what to expect to see in the film’s sequel.

You’re probably picking up director Marc Webb’s Spider-Man reboot today, despite most likely already seeing the film multiple times in theaters (considering it raked in over $750 million) and we’ve already seen all the deleted and behind-the-scenes clips – but what can we expect from the film’s sequel?

Details we already know about the sequel

  • Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone will obviously be returning for their roles as Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy. Both of these actors are huge stars now and after their roles in The Amazing Spider-Man, they’re only going to get bigger. Stone has a big role coming up in Gangster Squad and Movie 43, and Andrew Garfield is most likely working on a film between the next Spider-Man’s shoot date, which starts at the beginning of 2013.

    The Amazing Spider-Man sequel - Emma Stone & Andrew Garfield

  • Director Marc Webb is returning for the film’s sequel and he’s very interested in the villain Electro (Electro was rumored to be the person who visited Dr. Connors in his cell during the post-credits scene). He’ll also be looking to include the Green Goblin, which is reportedly one of his favorite comic villains.

  • Norman Osborn should play a large role in the sequel. While re-using Osborn seems almost like a lazy choice, he’s such an integral part of Parker’s story that it would be very difficult to continue without him entering Spider-Man’s life. Plus, Webb is a fan of the Green Goblin and we imagine Parker will run into his old friend Harry Osborn.
    The Amazing Spider-Man OSCORP

  • There have been rumors that Mary Jane will make an appearance in the second film and that Shailene Woodley may be in the running to play the character. This will definitely occur, as Webb has confirmed she will be in the sequel.

  • Marc Webb wants to branch out from the film’s main story line, having already planted the back story of Peter Parker and Spider-Man’s origins. This is a given. With the original trilogy still in the minds of the public, Webb is going to want to move very quickly away from the story that’s already been told. In The Amazing Spider-Man he had to retell a lot of filler and back story, but in the sequel he has the ability to blaze a new trail for Spidey and we imagine he’ll be making some interesting plot choices.

    What we expect to see in the sequel

  • A love triangle between Mary Jane, Gwen Stacy, and Peter Parker. Why? Because awkward love triangles sell tickets. Marc Webb will definitely have his say about the script, but he’s still at the mercy of the studio. Plus, the more women in Peter’s life, the more villains can “attack his heart!”
    The Amazing Spider-Man sequel Gwen Stacy & Peter Parker

  • Multiple villains. Webb will definitely work Norman Osborn into the film, which means the Green Goblin could make an appearance and he’s made it clear he’s “excited” about Electro – but he is a comic book fan and if we know anything, it’s that they love having multiple villains gang up on their superheroes.

  • [Possible plot spoiler] Gwen Stacy possibly dying. Crazy, we know – but in the Spider-Man comics Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone) dies during a battle between the Green Goblin and Spider-Man. This is unlikely though, because Emma Stone has become a mega-star and Sony Studios will most likely be against killing off someone who is essentially a bigger star than Andrew Garfield now.
    The Amazing Spider-Man sequel Peter Parker

  • Peter Parker will be in college and continue the work that his dad started. In the comics, Parker is a genius, we know this from the original trilogy, but Peter is no slacker. He will be taking college as seriously as he can while battling multiple villains, but his main goal will be to ace his physics exam. This realism in the first film sold the story and we think Marc Webb will use it to his advantage again in the sequel.

  • More point of view shots in IMAX 3D. Sadly 3D wasn’t “just a fad,” but luckily for us Marc Webb knows how to use it. Webb has said that the 3D shots won him over when he saw them on screen and that he wished he had used the point of view shots of Spider-Man swinging through the city a bit more. With audiences erupting with applause during the scenes where Spidey swings from boom crane to boom crane, we can’t blame him – the 3D looked flawless and was probably the best use of the technology in 2012 (Yes, even more than in Avengers).

    Look for clues about the sequel in ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’

    The Amazing Spider-Man end credits scene

    Sometimes, when watching a film in theaters (especially one of this size) an audience just doesn’t have time to pick up on all the details that the director hoped you’d catch. When you’re watching the film again today at home, take the time to catch any tiny details that you may have missed that they worked into the film. Director Marc Webb admits that there were “Easter eggs” in the film that no one had pointed out yet that were clues about the sequel, so be on the look out for them.

    Take the time to watch the deleted scenes, or the final clip where the mystery man (rumored to be Electro) comes to Dr. Connors’ cell, it’s quite an interesting scene – you may even notice that Connors defends Parker and asks that he (Electro) “leave the boy alone!”

    Also, check out this video where director Marc Webb and The Amazing Spider-Man’s Senior Visual Effects Supervisor Jerome Chen discuss the film and possible “Easter eggs” in the DVD/Blu-ray.

    We hope you enjoy The Amazing Spider-Man on DVD/Blu-ray this weekend and be sure to come back and let us know if you catch any new details that you previously missed.

    The Amazing Spider-Man’s sequel has a release date set for May 2, 2014.

    • http://www.facebook.com/erikd1 Erik Davison

      I definitely think Gwen will die but not in the second movie. It sounds like Electro will be the main villain in spidey 2 while Norman Osborne is brought in to set up the green goblin (and gwen’s death) in Amazing Spiderman 3

    • Kdot

      I agree with Erik, I think Gwen will survive the second film but be killed mid point of the third film or close to the mid point because not only would that be more sensible and smart but it would be a surprise because many already expect her to die in the second film

    • Genny

      What do you guys think of the inclusion of The Black Cat, Felicia Hardy?

      • Raye

        She was in the video game (awesome cutscenes with her btw). I don’t know if that would mean she’s definitely in or definitely out of either movies. hmm.
        But, yes, she would make a really fun character. Only problem is Anne Hathway was just Catwoman, so it might be compared to her. :/ I love black cat from Spectacular Spiderman! If they have it close to that, I wouldn’t mind!

    • BritishHobo

      Might wanna throw up a spoiler warning for the Gwen Stacy speculation, since that’s almost definitely what’s going to happen in either the second or the third movies. As much as the phrase ‘love triangle’ now makes me want to go hurl myself into an ocean, the awkward romance stuff was done so well in movie one that I would be interested to see how it goes on. Although it was done so well that I’d just love a movie of the two of them being in a happy relationship – please don’t go straight into ‘OMG it’s Mary-Jane and now their relationship is strained and on the verge of ending’ – it’s not just tedious and overdone, it’s miserable to watch, especially for a couple that worked so well together in the first – the final scene with the two of them in the classroom made me grin so much, I don’t want a second movie that will just be them bickering over Peter liking another girl.

      I’m really hyped about Norman Osborne though, whether he’s in 2 or 3. I like that they didn’t show him in the first film but they still had his presence felt massively – they’ve built him up as this really powerful, intimidating figure already, without even having him on-screen. Gonna be epic to see him finally step up. It would be great if he did appear in the third, as the ultimate villain that the other two films have been building up to – because it would also link in with him finally getting to see what happened to his parents.

      • Sarah

        In the comic books it wasn’t like that. Mary Jane didn’t come between Gwen and Peter. Peter and Mary Jane were just friends until after Gwen died.

        • http://www.facebook.com/erikd1 Erik Davison

          Mary Jane and Peter actually went on a few dates together until Peter realized how shallow she was. Then it went to friendship. Originally, Mary Jane’s flirtacious behavior with Peter DID generate a lot of jelously from Gwen. Until Gwen figured out she was like that with every man and they became friends. Peter/Gwen and Harry/MJ went on a lot of double dates together for a while.

          • Raye

            See, I love that! MJ can’t really be Spider-man’s first love, but She is a sort of last love. Meaning: Peter with a soft outside, but a strong inside and MJ with a tough outside, but a weaker inside- are destined for each other, but not first loves. It would take time. :D It’s so exciting. And Gwen/Peter are cute, and would make it in real life, but for a super hero comic, Gwen was doomed from the start. She compliments Peter too much (as characters, not actually “Complimenting”.) She’s a GREAT first love, but if Peter Parker was to Continue being spiderman, she’s doomed as the lesson for him to learn. Either he would go dark, and she would leave him, or she would have to bite the dust. :(

            Speculation. Never read the comics. Did research it though. :D

      • Raye

        I think it’d be funny if . . .
        (fanfic movie predictions loading . . .)

        If Peter gets invited to Norman Osborne’s Formal Birthday gig for the whole office, and everybody comes. And Aunt May gets a tux, and has him take MJ with him (for just having a date, or to friendship with him . . . yeah, I guess that seems a little Spectacular Spider-man).
        Then, he sees Gwen at the Party. It’s awkward, but more awkward when he sees her on the arm of Harry Osborne. (As escort/date, not gf/bf). And Peter and Gwen talk as that awkward “I-act-as-if-I-barely-know-you” thing. You find out that Harry is being tutored by Gwen at Midtown, and that he’s new to that school, blah blah blah.
        Then MJ comes off as this flirtatious something, and Gwen is hurt. And then MJ figures out the story between them two- and then becomes Peter’s Wingman.

        I think MJ being Peter’s Bestie at first would be classic gold! It would be a lot less obvious, and much different from the first movies. (Can we get any more damsel in distressy?) MJ being someone cooler and less interested in Peter will be a good differentiation! if that’s a word.

        Wahoo! love it!

        • Joseph

          I want Green Goblin and Electro action figure toys for the Amazing Spiderman 2 movie.

    • Daughter of Eve

      So I was looking at the scenes mentioned for spoilers.
      The one where Gwen is showing the interns, there seems to be a yellow mechanical arm, so maybe a hit at Doc Ock? Or when the hologram of the tree of life comes up, there’s a rhino, so Rhino?

      And the end, with the frame freeze, there are pigeons…maybe it’s hinting at Vulture, who was heavily rumoured for the last Maguire Spider-man movie. He generated a lot of interest, so maybe.

    • http://twitter.com/Michaelnono Mike Nolan

      J Johnna Jamison.

    • EpicClutz

      I like Gwen. If she has to die, let it be in the 3rd movie, so I wont be crying in 2014. lol.

    • Guest

      At the the end before the credits spiderman start he slows down near the bridge and the slow motion would probably be his spidersense. In the comics, I’m not sure but i think gwen was killed on the bridge. But its probably just a easter egg.

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