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One of the best parts of the holiday season is turning on your favorite, classic tunes.

The creators of Rebecca Black’s “Friday” have a new treat for you to add to your collection: “It’s Thanksgiving.”

The pop-heavy song features newcomer Nicole Westbrook, who sings about the turkey holiday.

We painstakingly listened to the tune and rounded up some of the lyrics:

Oh oh oh. Oh oh oh. Oh yeah.
Oh oh oh. Oh oh oh. Alright. Come on.
I’m wide awake. And I should take. A step and say thank you, thank you.
The things you’ve done. And what you did. Oh yeah. Oh, yeah.

December was Christmas. January was New Year. April was Easter. And the 4th of July, but November’s Thanksgiving.

Oh oh oh it’s Thanksgiving. We are gonna have a good time.
Oh oh oh it’s Thanksgiving. We are gonna have a good time.
With a turkey, mash potatoes, and we are gonna have a good time.

School is out, I can shout, thank you, thank you.
No matter how you do, no matter what you say, this is my favorite.

Yo. It’s Thankgiving giving and I’m trying to be forgiving.
Nothing is forbidden. You know what I gotta have.
I gotta give thanks to you, and you, and you.
Gotta be grateful, can’t be hateful.
Mash potatoes on my on my table.
I got ribs smelling up my neighbor’s cribs.

The song was created by Patrice Wilson who created “Friday” for Ark Music Factory. “It’s Thanksgiving” will be available on iTunes beginning Monday, November 12.

Obviously, this song will be just as hated as “Friday” was. But will it be a hit? Black’s song received tens of millions of views for its atrocious lyrics and general uselessness.

  • http://twitter.com/Shaftsword Shaft Almasy

    When you say from the Creators of Rebecca Black it makes me think of cloning vats and government labs I am assuming you didn’t mean to make it sound so cynical.

    • Plat

      Maybe in a lab somewhere they are making android teen girls to sing annoying songs. O.O

  • guest02

    make it go away

  • Becca

    Good God not another one. Are they just doing this on purpose now?

    I can’t decide what is worse…when she stops praying to rap or when she uses the turkey leg as a microphone…

  • TheHamburglar

    Someone needs to make 1:44-1:49 into a GIF. Seems so creepy if taken out of context.

    • TheHamburglar

      Also, the calender at the beginning is for 2013…apparently she isn’t that excited for Thanksgiving if she doesn’t know there is one happening in about 2 weeks.

    • Amanda

      Ask, and ye shall receive :)


      • Amanda

        (Click the link, direct uploading didn’t work!)

  • guest

    lol, general uselessness

  • JCman7

    Its Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving getting down on Thanksgiving…. might as well be that. Feel bad for these girls this company is really taking advantage of them

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Maria-Wang/542480760 Maria Wang

    a hahaha,….”December was Christmas. January was New Year. April was Easter. And the 4th of July…….” facepalm.

    Kidz Bop is better than this

  • ChocolateClarinet

    “Gotta be grateful, can’t be hateful. Mashed potatoes on my table.”
    I will now be chanting this all of Thanksgiving. LOLOLOLOLOL

  • Anna S.

    Not sure what my favorite part is. The holiday break down. The turkey leg microphone. The turkey-on-turkey cannibalism. Or the “mash potatoes on my table are more important than prayer” rap.

  • http://twitter.com/emilyecstasyTM Emily Bryan

    Lol this is horrible. I watched it a few hours ago and I just can’t believe this dude behind all of these atrocious songs still exists. xD Turkey leg as a mic, turkey suit, creepy dude comes from bottom of the screen, lmfao I can’t.

  • PotterFan1029

    Oh, God.

  • jozefd14

    they skipped Halloween xD lol

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=17127641 Laura Jurgensmeyer

    It’s say when you can say that “Friday” is a much better song than this.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Liliana.Sa Liliana Sa

    This is worse than ‘Friday’ LMAO!!!!……did this girl not see what happened with Rebecca black?…..she’s just asking for it!!!….the lyrics kept on getting worse!!!!….not gonna even mention the creepy black dude!!!

    Where are the parents?!?!?….trying to make it look like she knew how to cook!Lol

  • http://twitter.com/xhpfanatic Grace Chen


  • Forever80sRock

    Ironically enough, I have just finished watching Rock of Ages, and I am cringing in absolute horror right now. What has the world come to?

  • 7Starrchasers

    its on purpose…cant believe they are trolling us!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=607519910 Catherine Lai

    Whyyyy? She looks even younger than Rebecca Black.

  • Plat

    Its funny because the lyrics are almost the same as Friday, but just with Holidays and Thanksgiving. “Yesterday was Thursday, today it is Friday…” “December was Christmas, January was New Years…” Good gravy these are annoying. Are these people for real? They cannot be serious…

  • Mtlss

    I think they’re joking? This girl can’t seriously not know what happened to Rebecca. Maybe she wants to go viral. But I don’t see this being as…famous(?) as Friday to be honest.

  • WeasleyIsOurKing

    excuse, I have to go and vomit

  • http://twitter.com/Siriusnerd007 Kristen Keys

    Oh my! This is ridiculous! I love the part where she uses a turkey leg as her microphone.

  • http://twitter.com/kimnorgaard1 kim Norgaard

    Patrice Wilson Rocks!
    He has many new videos that are actually great.

    view Nicolette Norgaard’s Nothing Stays the Same!!

    • PotionWillow207

      You can’t be serious! First, Patrice Wilson didn’t write that song so that would explain why it’s decent. Second, even if he was capable of not putting out complete crap why would he do something like this?!? This guy is creepy.

  • PotionWillow207

    A couple of comments: FIrst, I love it when she interrupts the prayer to rap and all her friends look at her like she’s stupid. LOL. Second, why is it that she’s tossing the sweet potato casserole like a salad? Also, why does her friend bring baby back ribs to the front door on the line, “The turkey?”

    Anyway, the song’s not completely useless. I just about died laughing!

    • http://twitter.com/kristin_marie Kristin Lewis

      I was confused about the ribs/turkey part too. I was also confused at the part where she raps “I got ribs smelling up my neighbor’s cribs.” Who exactly eats ribs on Thanksgiving? And why is she cooking her ribs at multiple neighbors houses?

  • Ande Anderson

    I wish these people would stop ruining poor little girls careers before they even get started. This isn’t going to help her at all. =(

  • luna97831

    LOLd when she started using the turkey leg as a microphone.

    Whoever wrote these lyrics for her probably did not pass English Language Arts in high school. Just sayin’.

    “Yo. It’s Thankgiving giving and I’m trying to be forgiving.
    Nothing is forbidden. You know what I gotta have.
    I gotta give thanks to you, and you, and you.
    Gotta be grateful, can’t be hateful.
    Mash potatoes on my on my table.”


  • http://www.facebook.com/kalina.graf Kalina Graf

    Oh my God. I like how the creator put their name in the beginning, like they’re actually proud of it or something.

  • LauraJay

    oh my god…this is so bad…I have no more words…

  • Lui

    Okay, I seriously thought “Friday” is the most pointless song and has the worst music video ever but now I found the w-o-r-s-t of all time. I mean, really? Is that necessary? No, actually not.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001034209529 Lauren Dipple


  • VideoKilledSeverusSnape

    ‘Friday’ is better than this. At least Rebecca Black didn’t use a turkey leg as a mic…

  • VideoKilledSeverusSnape

    Time to make some song parodies…

  • Zane

    Friday’s hype was extremely misunderstod!

  • http://twitter.com/dreamfall31 Kevin Slechta

    Ark Music Factory is a brilliant name for the record company because that’s exactly what it is. It’s a non-stop churning out quanitity crap instead of quality!

  • Abster

    This makes ‘Friday’ look like a Grammy contender…seriously. How stupid of a song can you get? – this song just answered loud and clear.

  • Effielova

    what has the world come to! this fuckin sucks

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