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We’ve heard that “The Gift of Revenge” is set to air on Sunday with the new episode, but what is this new special little extra?

The characters on Revenge live life rather extravagantly – none of them (aside from the Porter boys) are really hurting for cash. Emily and the Graysons both live in posh seaside homes, drive a nice Lexus, and can afford to pay thousands of dollars to attend a charity function.

So it’s no wonder that retailers would partner with the high society of Revenge to appeal to shoppers this holiday season. After already participating in a collaboration with Lexus, the show is now teaming up with Target and Neiman Marcus.

The Lexus commercial features Nolan and Jack in a silver Lexus being pursued by a black Lexus with the license plate that reads “666 Park.” Lexus is a sponsor of ABC’s new Sunday night lineup, which has the swanky 666 Park Avenue following Revenge.

According to Wetpaint, there will be five “special featurettes” airing during the commercial breaks of Sunday’s episode, “Exposure.” The commercial extras will show a running storyline involving Amanda Clarke, Jack Porter, Nolan Ross, Charlotte Grayson, and Declan Porter. Perhaps they’ll each have their own individual commercial spot.

The characters will be sporting this season’s fashions from Target and Neiman Marcus, promoting what will be available at the retailers for holiday shopping. ABC also promises that each segment will be connected by “a plot full of twists and turns.”

Check out some of the promoted items below.

Revenge gifts

We’re looking forward to getting this special Revenge “gift” during commercial breaks for Sunday’s episode.

What do you think of ‘Revenge’s’ new partnership?

  • applepie

    Sounds interesting, and definitely original! Anything that can keep me distracted from the cliffhanger that always occurs before a commercial break is always a good thing.

  • BronzeSparks123

    When will this stuff be avaliable to buy at Target? I’m so excited :D !!!!!!!!!

  • Brrrrr

    “ABC also promises that each segment will be connected by “a plot full of twists and turns.”

    Well their promise fell short for me. Each segment was the same thing just happening to different characters! Very reminiscent of ABCFamily’s Pretty Little Liars with the whole only-showing-black-accessories-of-some-mysterious-person-leaving-notes. Way too hyped up with no payoff in my opinion, especially considering the Target-Neiman Marcus collaboration was already announced way before tonight. I just didn’t get the point.

  • lsjahfjhfkldhf

    what is the song from that commercial and who is the singer?

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