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The third round of brackets leaves us with a battle for the Hypable history books. Will it be the Swan Queen nation or the community of Klaine shippers that go on to battle Merlin for the top spot?

What’s going on?

Over the past month and continuing for another three weeks is Hypable’s BattleShips, a tournament where we pit fandom against fandom to see which relationship on television has the most support. It’s all about the chemistry between two characters and the love you have for them, so rally your friends to help support your One True Pairing (OTP)!

If you’d like to know more about our BattleShips Tournament then we recommend checking out the announcement post, or posting your questions in the comments below.

The Current Standings

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It’s time to vote!

Which relationship do you prefer?

- Kurt & Blaine (57%, 3,418 Votes)
- Regina & Emma (43%, 2,528 Votes)

Total Voters: 5,946

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Who did you vote for?

  • KIWI-M


  • guest

    Well, this should be interesting…

  • http://twitter.com/Dillon_Mays Dillon Mays

    I voted for Regina and Emma because Klaine broke up and were a pathetic couple to begin with.

  • VideoKilledSeverusSnape

    Regina and Emma!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/parth.sanwal Parth Sanwal

    *grabs some popcorn*
    well this is going to be interesting :P
    Klaine FTW!

  • Gary65

    Dog……check. Cat……check. Laptop…….check. Canned goods……..check. Bottled water……..check *Runs to nearest bunker to escape the bloodshed of Hurricane Swandy*

  • http://twitter.com/SofMarie93 Sofia Thomas

    Come on Once Upon a Time fans!

  • Gary65

    In all seriousness though, I don’t even watch OuaT and I’m voting Swan Queen, both to appease the Gods of Ship & cos Klaine are one of the biggest shipwrecks in the history of fandom.

    • dee

      mitt romney, what are you doing in here?

      • Gary65

        How does this have anything to do with Mitt Romney?

      • http://twitter.com/RainSW6 Dar W

        Pretty sure Mitt Romney would never vote for women OR gays. This poll is like his worst nightmare.

  • http://twitter.com/G30rg13_R Georgie R

    Kurt/Blaine all the way; because even though they’ve broken up, their relationship was so sweet, and even though I love OUAT, the tension is a tad cheesy.

  • azileea

    I like Regina and Emma individually but I don’t ship them. My vote goes to Kurt/Blaine even though they as characters (and as a relationship) haven’t really developed since they got together. I adored them so much in the beginning of their relationship so I’m voting for them. I blame the writers for what they have (or haven’t) done with this ship/characters.

  • Potter-Oncer


  • http://twitter.com/G30rg13_R Georgie R

    Noooooo! It was so close, but now SwanQueen are leading… I must say I won’t be too miffed by OUAT getting through, just that Glee won’t be represented.

    • http://twitter.com/Dillon_Mays Dillon Mays

      Preach. Puck/Kurt would have won.

  • Maple Leaf

    Uh I’m a OUAT fan but Regina/Emma doesn’t work. I mean seriously. What do you see in them? There is nothing except hate and it doesn’t work.

    • LitMer8

      Its something that just became huge in the fandom. To be honest, I dont understand it either but I know its huge on fanfiction

      • Maple Leaf

        I know it is and it’s like the Swan Queeners came up from no where. I just don’t see how people like them together. I mean I don’t watch Glee and I love OUAT don’t get me wrong but I’m not going to vote for them just for the fandom if I don’t like the ship.

    • spaceice

      I think that the fans can see beyond the hate. Let’s face it, both of them are mothers looking for the best for their child, ironically, the same kid. There is something -or someone- that bonds them and unites them for the sake of love.

      • Maple Leaf

        Alright say that they could overcome the hatred that they feel for each other because of everything that’s happened. Let’s face it but Emma and Regina aren’t exactly the most understanding of people. Even if they love the same kid, that doesn’t result in love does it? If someone were to give up a child to a single person and then find them again and love them because it’s their child. Does that mean that the two people are going to fall in love because they love the child?

        • spaceice

          Of course not. I’m just saying they can overcome their differences for a bigger cause. What could happen next is a matter of speculations. But at least in my opinion, it would mean a lot if their hate became love, just like other people already said here, better that I could.

          • Maple Leaf

            Fair enough. I see your point there. It’s all just based on opinions anyways and I’m not trying to just kill off people’s opinions. I just don’t understand I guess is all. I do respect your opinions though and I see in the fairy tale world it would say a lot to people, especially kids if people that against each other would actually grow to like each other.

          • spaceice

            That’s okay with me. Nobody is going to force you liking the pairing. I also think it has more power because of the fandom’s opinions rather than actual situations in the show (execpt for a few moments you really doubt their intentions). Fairytales are sometimes ‘the base’ of our education because of the moral behind them. Changing the usual plotline of good wins, bad guys die, price get the princess and so on is, in my opinion, a really strong and powerful act. Just think about it: ‘bad ones’ also suffer and love; ‘good ones’ also make mistakes and do wrong. Just like in real life, where there is no actual good or bad people.

    • Sup

      Really?… Actually I think it works… the chemistry between them is explosive! there’s nothing better than that! ;-) SwanQueen absolutely!

      • Maple Leaf

        Chemistry? What chemistry?! There is none! It’s just oh look evil lady I’m against and then oh look the hero that has reasons to kill me. I can’t figure out the chemistry. Sorry this is a stressful time because of the election, don’t mind my anger.

  • adamikelolblue

    I voted glee

  • http://twitter.com/Klaineddicted Eternity


  • Alice

    Klaine all the way!

    • http://twitter.com/SofMarie93 Sofia Thomas

      Nooo! Swan Queen all the way!

  • Shelby Walker

    If Kurt and Blaine don’t get this, I’ll be surprised.

    • http://twitter.com/SofMarie93 Sofia Thomas

      You’ve seen the Swan Queen nation, right?

      • The power of 21

        Oh honey. The klaine fandom has reigned every poll we’ve been in. We get shit DONE. We are many, and we are passionate.

        • http://twitter.com/SofMarie93 Sofia Thomas

          Swan Queeners started this Battleship tournament though. Just sayin’.

          • Sasha

            The thing is we’re supposed to be voting in 2 different polls, we should just choose one or we’re gonna lose both polls.

  • http://twitter.com/KikiWarbler Cheryl

    Klaine baby. It’s endgame.

  • Gary65

    LOL I don’t mean to poke fun but it would be rather ironic for Selina to have been lynched through the halls of Hypable for forgetting Swan Queen, only for Swan Queen to lose in the first round.

    • http://forgiveyourmind.tumblr.com/ Tariq

      You need to realize Selina did not forget Swan Queen in that poll she didn’t even KNOW about it. Stop harassing her for goodness sake.

      I didn’t know about it either. But now I see it’s a legitimate ship and I’m excited to see who wins this round.

      • Gary65

        I’m not harrassing her. I’m just saying that it looks kind of silly that everyone harrassed her and called her homophobic etc. and then the evry ship at the root of it all loses in the first round. If anything, I was harrassing the people who harrassed Selina. They had a full scale nuclear meltdown over an issue that’s getting knocked off in Round 1.

        • http://forgiveyourmind.tumblr.com/ Tariq

          My use of the word you was meant in a general way not specifically towards you, Gary. Sorry that was unclear! I didn’t intend to personally attack you.

    • Allie

      Uhh, no one was upset with Selina for leaving Swan Queen off her poll. That whole conflict had almost nothing to do with the original poll. Also this is not something that needs to be brought up every time Swan Queen is mentioned on Hypable for the rest of eternity.

      • Gary65

        Then what were they upset about? Cos I saw an awful lot of insults thrown at her for the simple reason of not being omnipotent in all things OuaT.

        LOL the rest of eternity? It happened a week ago.

        • Allie

          Ugggh. Fine, I’ll bite. The poll had an “other” option, which overwhelmingly won the poll, and shippers made it very clear in the comments that what they meant by “other” was “Regina.” That would have been fine. There probably wouldn’t have been a dust-up over that. Femslashers are used to that, heteronormativity is a statistical reality, TV bloggers aren’t omniscient, blah blah. (Although I still question whether someone should be writing professionally about and for a fandom when they’re oblivious of the most popular ship in that fandom.)

          What people were upset about was a comment made by Selina on Twitter in response to that. She got blindsided by it, and stated something along the lines of “y’all know that’s never gonna happen, right?” Which Swan Queen nation felt was unfairly singling out a f/f ship to dismiss as unrealistic, while showing a bias toward ANY OTHER f/m pairing for Emma, regardless of whether THOSE pairings were realistic. And singling out a slash ship in that way plays into people’s feelings about a larger climate of injustice for real-life queer people and whether and how queer people are portrayed in media. That’s what people were upset about.

          And honestly? That original poll was posted over a month ago. The Swan Queen fandom has by and large moved on from it.

          • Gary65

            Well they still seemed pretty pissed about it a week ago during the OuaT battleship poll. Tariq was beating them off with a stick.

            And it is hardly heternormativity. You’re shipping the show’s big bad with the show’s main character. It’s like shipping Harry and Voldemort, Buffy & The First, Aang & Ozai, the Doctor & a Dalek, Arya & Ramsey, Katniss & Snow. For once, I actually agree with Eric. He couldn’t have put it better on GoT ep 31. It’s weird & flies in the face of the primary element of the show/book, which is the conflict between these characters.

          • Allie

            I didn’t say that not shipping it was heteronormative. I said that only listing male options for a pairing with Emma was heteronormative.
            And seriously, you think Regina is the Big Bad of the show? Regina perfectly fits the mold of a classic Byronic hero. Shipping Harry/Draco or Buffy/Faith would be much more accurate comparisons.

          • Gary65

            In s2, she is. In s1, she wasn’t.

            Maybe it’s just that Emma is a hetero character and hasn’t had any interections, that Selina was aware of, that would constitute a ship. Selina has done up loads of polls for Hypable, including the GoT poll, which pre-dates the OuaT poll and includes lots of homo pairings that have even less of a chance of happening than Swan Queen does(such as Robb & Theon).

  • vote4obamz


  • Jennifer

    I voted for Emma and Regina and i dont even watch the show, Kurt and Blaine are an actually couple you guys dont need a poll to make your fandom stand out the Emma and Regina fandom do they need all the help they can get so that there ship is recognised.

    • victoria

      Kurt and Blaine aren’t a couple anymore though, and I will support my ship no matter what!

  • mark

    Kurt/Blaine. i’m a ouat fan but they aren’t together kurt/blaine yes, i mean they broke up but they were actually together ((:

  • http://twitter.com/marlislash marie line

    Where is sterek ?

    • http://forgiveyourmind.tumblr.com/ Tariq

      They’re going to be in the second to last round! Check out the big image in the center of the article for the brackets that are still coming. ;)

  • Victoria_Wolf

    Regina and Emma

    Swan Queen <3

  • LitMer8

    This is going to be good…Im excited! I voted for Regina and Emma only because I like that show wayy more than Glee..but when it gets to the end, im voting Doctor Who!!!!

    • azileea

      I like OUAT as a show way more than Glee too but I don’t ship Regina/Emma so as a ship I prefer Kurt/Blaine. (:

      • LitMer8

        Respect. totally get that…but I still would rather see Emma/Regina but I still respect your opinion (See Hypable!!! People can be nice!!!) ;)

        • azileea

          I was just thinking that! People CAN disagree and be civil about it. ;)

        • http://forgiveyourmind.tumblr.com/ Tariq

          You make me happy.

          • LitMer8

            Aww thanks!! We can set the example! :)

  • Marly

    Just please, people, ANYTHING BUT KLAINE

  • Caroline

    I voted for Kurt and Blaine!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=646947665 Megan Slife

    I love both fandoms equally, but I don’t understand Emma/Regina, Emma/anyone other than Regina would have got my vote.. but go KLAINE!

  • Amy

    I feel sorry for the people who hate Klaine. Really. You don’t see true love ? So bad. Yes , they broke up, like every couples on Glee, but they are strong and I believe in them. Nice poll btw =)

    • Guest

      Personally, I don’t. I see a cute couple. I see puppy love and I see the love of a gay boy in a small town who has met three other gay boys in his life, and two of them were bullies. They’d be the darling couple, but eventually break up due to disagreements, or growing apart, or life. Years later they’d remember each other fondly as their first love, maybe see each other a few times a year and exchange Christmas Cards. Adorable puppy love? For sure. But true love? Hardly.

      • Ann

        Have you even watched the show? What they have is much more than puppy love. They had one of the most mature, healthy relationships on the show in season 2 and 3. They are censored because they are gay, but the actors make it clear that they feel very passionately for each other. Blaine has called Kurt the love of his life. Kurt has said what they have is true love. Blaine protected Kurt from being attacked and had surgery as a result. Kurt has met Blaine, Sebastian, Karofsky, Chandler, Gavroche, Rachel’s dads, and now Chase at work (who is probably gay). Not all people have to date around to find the person they want to spend their life with.
        Kurt and Blaine started as friends and grew into more. That doesn’t mean what they have is puppy love. They have dealt with bullying, assault, homophobia, humiliating pranks, and creepy guys hanging around them. They have much more than puppy love.

        • Guest

          I have, surprisingly, watched the show! I hate the comeback “Did you even watch the show, because clearly it is impossible to see anything other than what I saw!” Kurt and Blaine saying the other is their true love is not going to convince me – I went to high school, every other couple was true love, then broke up two weeks later.

          I’m not even saying that they couldn’t some day grow in to true love, but right now, they always read as more enamored with having a boyfriend than each other. And this isn’t about the lack of romantic contact on screen, because it irritates me for the sake of Klaine shippers, and I mentally assume it all goes on off-screen. Their whole relationship reminds me of that moment before Kurt met Blaine, when he says he just wants to walk down the halls of the school, holding the hand of the person he loves, but he can’t because he’s different. And I think Klaine are good friends, and Kurt’s attracted to Blaine, and he is able to fulfill that dream and make him less lonely. And that’s great! But I have good friends who I’m attracted to, who make me feel less lonely, and I’m not in love with them. I haven’t been convinced that they have the kind of enduring love for each other that I consider true love.

          The OP made a condescending comment about feeling pity for people who don’t see the “true love” between Kurt and Blaine. I was explaining why I don’t see it, and trying to show that there’s nothing to “feel pity” for. I just see something different and it doesn’t meet my standards for true love. And honestly? There’s nothing wrong with the story I see! I’ve lived it, I know how true of an experience it is. There’s nothing wrong with the pairing, it’s just not right enough. To me, it’s not about true love, it’s about puppy love.

  • Beth

    Voted Kurt and Blaine because they’re/were an actual progressive teenage gay couple who’ve helped countless people with coming out or accepting others. They stand for a lot more than just a ship. They mean something.

  • charlton


  • Ankh

    I don’t even watch Glee, so my votes and love go to swanqueen for sure!

    • Maple Leaf

      But you don’t have to just vote because you watch a certain show. I mean it’s about ships, not necessarily just shows. If you don’t ship swan queen but you like the show there’s no point. Not saying you do, just proving a point.

      • Ankh

        Oh, I guess I could have made my point a little more clear: I wish I could say I know the other pairing too and make the vote a fair game, but as I said before, since I don’t even watch Glee (I just saw a few random episodes) I don’t really know their story and develpment. I’m more fond of OUAT and what it’d mean to change a fairytale the way swanqueen would if it happened.

  • helpiampiss


  • Jess

    Kurt and Blaine <3 I love OUAT a lot more than glee though..

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001953631995 Bianca Sassi

    Let’s take over this ship SWEN!

  • Meg

    So this is just going to turn into a rehash of the destiel vs sterek poll that happened like a month ago, right?

  • Kurt Elizabeth

    Voting for Kurt/Blaine because I don’t even know who Regina and Emma are, Kurt/Blaine were actually canon before the dumbest, most OOC plot twist (*sigh* these writers… so bad), and because they mean something. Not just to me, but to thousands of gay teens all over the world.

  • Kniggi

    You know, I like Klaine. I think they’re cute. But Swan Queen will always get my vote, because it means more to me than just two awesome characters getting it on. It’s not even (entirely) about their crazy chemistry or that they are two sides of the same coin or that they would be an epic storyline. No, this is more. This is about the longing every single gay man/lesbian has felt: the need to be presented in the stories we all know and love. The need to make other people realize: A perfect fairytale is not always about a perfect prince meeting his perfect princess. Sometimes a story, the story of two people, becomes special and wonderful and perfect because the characters themselves are not. Because they love and hate and make bad decisions. Because they are the ones that need love the most, even if they may not deserve it. Because they can’t see what’s right in front of them. Because they hold on too tight or can’t bear to stay. Because they can overcome their fears and faults through forgiveness, redemption and ultimately, love.
    Sometimes, a fairytale is everything but magical. And sometimes, the Princess falls in love with the Evil Queen.
    That’s what this ship means to me.

    • http://www.facebook.com/andrijamp Andrija Petkeviciute


    • http://forgiveyourmind.tumblr.com/ Tariq

      You know, even though I don’t ship Swan Queen you really made the story sound beautiful, and I totally understand your reasoning.

    • guest

      I didn’t vote for Emma/Regina, because klaine means a hell of a lot to me and my life too, but what you’ve written here is very interesting, and im kinda finding myself shipping it (I do watch ouat). Klaine forever but wow Swan Queen’s got me looking.

    • Maple Leaf

      I don’t like Swan Queen but you just posted the best argument I’ve heard on their side. Most people are just defensive without a reason but I see your reasoning. I like your reasoning too because it makes sense. I’m still not for them but that’s just the best argument I’ve seen from the Swan Queen side.

    • wow

      wow…you described it perfectly…thank you…thank you….thank you

    • Roe

      So let me see if I heard you right. Kurt and Blaine are cute, but you can’t vote for them because more important to you and more important to the LGBT community is seeing these two straight characters depicted in a lesbian romance. Because it will happen in a fairytale kingdom, which would mean more to every gay and lesbian youth out there, than what Kurt and Blaine are doing by being gay in the same world these same gay and lesbian youth have to live in? That’s why it’s oober important your favorite ship causes a stir and maybe become’s canon? That IS THE HOTTEST OF MESSES. LOL I’m not trying to sway your vote. Vote for whoever you want. It’s that kind of poll, it’s about what you like. :) But by tacking on all that other stuff you made it into some sort of social issue. You put yourself out there as some sort of crusader, and maybe I’m misunderstanding, but if that’s your stance on what is and isn’t important to the LGBT community I just want to say slow down a bit. Kurt and Blaine are actually gay and I don’t know if you’ve looked around the media or the internet lately but they’ve helped a lot of LGBT youth through some hard times. So if this is suddenly about what they need, and not simply the popularity contest I thought it was, then you should probably not be so dismissive of what is already being done on television to represent people like me.

      • Sam

        Thank you for this wonderfully articulate reply to the honestly ridiculous claim by the original commenter that a fanon femslash ship does more for LGBT representation than an actual queer teenage couple.

      • Kniggi

        I’m not trying to diminish what Klaine means to other people. They have helped a lot of young gay people. So have Brittany and Santana. I’m aware of that. My comment was about what the ship means to ME. I wasn’t only talking about the LGBTQ presentation on TV, but what the relationship of these two particular characters means to me.

        I don’t want to speak for other people. But I am saying that SQ would mean a lot more to me personally than Klaine ever will. *shrug*

      • A Shipper

        It’s funny that Swan Queen is meaningless to you, but Klaine so full of meaning. It’s the opposite for me! Kurt, a character who relies almost entirely on “being gay” has a boyfriend. That’s great. It’s great for visibility and I want stories like it on my TV more often. I’m not trying to diminish Klaine’s importance, but that doesn’t make it the be-all-end-all of representation.

        Also, your assertion that both women are straight is annoying. Neither woman has shown Kurt or Blaine’s level of flamboyance, nor have either of them introduced themselves as “Hi, I’m Emma/Regina and I’m equally into women as men.” Funnily enough, I have never introduced myself that way, nor does anyone assume I’m queer like they would Kurt. That doesn’t make me straight. What makes Swan Queen important to me is that it is not that it would be !!!!!!A GAY COUPLE!!!!! It would be a couple with great chemistry, an interesting dynamic, and a beautiful storyline. And they would just so happen to be two women.

        Maybe it’s more important to you to be depicted in a show that more closely reflects your life in the real world. But the fairy tales I grew up on told me I didn’t exist. Maybe it’s silly, but I’d like to see myself in a fairy tale, without having to desperately try to convince myself I’m straight.

        Neither of us is wrong for finding one ship more important to us. It simply means we have different experiences and different opinions. As far as I can tell, OP was trying to say what made Swan Queen important to them. Your assertion that that’s somehow meaningless because Swan Queen is fanon, rather than having the privilege to be canon like your own ship was rude.

      • xena4gab

        Roe: Please stop pretending that Kurt and Blaine meant the same to lesbians as it did to gay men. Their relationship didn’t impact lesbians in the same way and the Glee writers had to take Brittany/Santana seriously as a result. In fact Glee’s poor track record with lesbians and bisexual women has been documented all over the net. I’m a lesbian and I don’t need to be lectured about how important Klaine has been to ALL glbt people. Also, Kurt and Blaine may be gay on television, but many of us see bisexual/queer subtext in Regina and Emma’s characterizations, so don’t diminish the ship just because you don’t see what we see. Also, don’t speak on behalf of all glbt people.

    • KlaineIsEndgame

      Except, when you think about it, Regina is Emma’s grandmother…..

      • Kniggi

        Nope. I don’t think a forced marriage and a tentative friendship that turned to hate between Snow and Regina, not to mention NO blood relation, counts as a familial bond.
        And now I don’t ever want ot hear that argument again because REALLY? Makes my brain hurt. >.<

  • Rosie

    Am I the person who isn’t able to vote? it just shows me this results even though I haven’t voted on this poll.

  • Regina


  • Roddy

    Dean and Castiel, Swan Queen, Aang and Katara. B’ouches.

  • likei’minFlorida

    Is anybody else having issues voting? I haven’t voted yet and it’s only showing me the the percentages for each ship?

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001953631995 Bianca Sassi

      u have to sing in the site.

      • likei’minFlorida

        I don’t understand what you’re saying? I have to sing? Can I get some serious help please. Do I need to allow pop-ups or something?

        • spaceice

          She meant “sign in”, it was a typo.

        • Maple Leaf

          You have to sign into the site to vote. I had this problem earlier but I resolved it and figured it out. Hope you can figure it out!

          • http://forgiveyourmind.tumblr.com/ Tariq

            Actually you don’t have to have an account. If it’s not letting you vote then refresh or reset your browser data.

  • spaceice

    Sometimes knights fall in love with evil queens. And that is okay.

  • Maggie

    And another poll where poeple feel that they need to prove something. And they DO !
    (First, sorry for the mistakes, English is not my mother tongue)

    I just feel like Swan Queen has a lot more to “prove” than Klaine, especially to Hypable…
    Klaine is canon, I like them but they don’t need this. Furthermore, Glee is the gayest-not-gay tv show ever ! OUAT doesn’t even have ONE gay character !

    In my opinion, Swan Queen also “stands for a lot and mean something”. It’s not just a ship about 2 hot people, it’s a ship about family 2.0, good and evil, redemption, forgiveness but also “representation” on TV.
    I understand that some of you feel like Klaine helped you or whatever (even if I believe it’s more Kurt than Klaine), but we have to move on to the new problems that we are facing in this society. I don’t think showing gay teens on tv shows is an issue anymore. In fact, almost every show has gay characters. I believe it’s easier nowadays to accept yourself for who you are with all those shows, fandoms, the Internet etc, and I’m thankful for it. I’ve been there.

    Dismissing a ship (the biggest of the show) just because it’s about two women and the writers or whoever are afraid of everyone’s else reaction. THAT IS NOT OKAY ! THAT SHOULDNT BE OKAY !

    • Maple Leaf

      Most people aren’t rejecting the ship because it’s of two women though. It’s because look at them. They’re actually way too similar to be together. The characters just don’t work. Plus look at Klaine; that’s a gay couple there too. It’s not just based on that fact. People are able to look further down at the characters and their personality than just the outside of their characters both being women.

      • spaceice

        Too similar? They’re almost like the embodiments of evil and good.

        • Maple Leaf

          Ok but look past the facade there. Emma wasn’t exactly the most law abiding citizen was she? And they’re both fierce, brave, stubborn characters. It’s not all about good vs. evil.

          • spaceice

            You’re right about that. But I don’t see why two fierce, brave and stubborn characters stll can’t fall in love with each other.

          • Maple Leaf

            You’re right they could. I guess I’m just more of a believer of opposites attract and they just don’t seem opposite enough for me. It’s just another opinion matter.

      • http://twitter.com/StarkidSims Simone

        Most people are dismissing the ship because Emma and Regina don’t like each other at least that they’ve portrayed as of yet, maybe there’s some underlying feelings that are going to be revealed or but as of yet they kind of hate each other

    • http://twitter.com/StarkidSims Simone

      I love Once Upon A Time AND Glee, but my views on sexuality and what I stand for didn’t factor into my vote, I just voted for the couple I like more, which is Klaine. I don’t have a problem with a woman/woman ship, it just wouldn’t be the ship I’d vote for for Once Upon A Time because I don’t see it. Doesn’t mean someone else can’t :) Sometimes a vote is not a huge reflective of someone’s views on sexuality, politics, religion or anything else, it’s just a vote.

    • Jenn

      “I don’t think showing gay teens on tv shows is an issue anymore. In fact, almost every show has gay characters.”

      Well it’s not enough when some of these couples in this tournament are not even gay.

    • Guest

      Way to dismiss how both Kurt AND Blaine have helped us and are STILL HELPING people around the world. They’re not ‘just gay teens on tv’. They’re gay teenagers at the forefront of a television show changing the minds of a generation. They’re the most beloved couple on the show, and their story from friends to lovers to losing their virginities to each other on prime time TV is revolutionary. Theres never been another like them before now. They’re on magazine covers, they’re the GLEE audience favourite; the media favourite. And its not because they’re gay. Its because they’re two characters people really enjoy seeing their chemistry and love come alive on screen… who happen to be gay. Imagine how that changes the minds of young people, where ‘gay’ isn’t the point, ‘love’ is. At this critical point in history where the gay marriage debate is a highly sensitive topic for the near future, thats HUGE.

      Rarely do lgbqt characters on screen have their fairytale romance. Because thats not ‘realistic’, and is criticised for such.. Compare that to how many fairytale endings we have to see across the big and small screen for heterosexual couples.
      The klaine relationship, up until a most recent development, was that shining beacon for viewers everywhere. Whether they resonated with you or not, you can’t deny their power in our lgbqt community. Rest assured, we will make our way back to get that happy AND realistic ending.

      Now that I’ve addressed that, I do recognise and think its important not dismiss the power and resonance two women have with an audience as well. Im glad they mean something to you. So please don’t dismiss our importance either.

      • Maggie

        I’m not dismissing it at all. I completely understand what it represents for you cause as I said, I’ve been there some years ago and tv shows “helped” me too. I’m very glad those exist.
        And maybe it’s because I’m not living in America (prime time, losing their virginities, magazine covers…), that specific pairing has never been such a big of a deal compared to other one where I live. I’m sorry if my point of view is completely different.

        I believe SQ could be a huge gamechanger as well (amazing plot twist, fairytale, main characters, sharing a son…), if only people stopped seing it as something completely crazy.

    • Maggie

      Yeah, clearly a poll like that shouldn’t be a big deal. But the fact is that people keep denigrating this ship when obviously, it stands for a lot more than it seems.

      I’m not saying that we have enough gay teens on tv, just that the writers are not as affraid of it anymore and that maybe we should think of other issues brought by gay representation on TV. I believe Klaine’s fans should see and understand that too. More than anything, I want to live in a world where, even in Fairytales, two women, two men, can fall in love. (Swan Queen or not Swan Queen) I don’t want it to be considered as the big exception people do just to please the gays !

      I voted Swan Queen because I ship it more than Klaine, but with this first comment I just wanted to say that it’s not a “crack ship”, it does mean something too!

    • q

      So nice for you to:

      1) Assume that Klaine “helped” people and that’s it. Have it ever occurred to you that they *are* still helping people? And I personally myself was on the verge of suicide before I discovered Klaine, they are more than just “oh they helped me in the past.”
      2) Say “almost every show has gay characters.” Then why is it on this poll, only ONE couple is an official gay couple?
      3) Think that just because Klaine is an official gay couple – there are no problems anymore and we have to “move” on to new problems. Glee is a show that has problems (and I would say TONS) by itself and the double standard between the straight and gay couples is one of the most glaring ones.
      4) Go all poetic on “don’t dismiss a ship just because it’s two women! THAT IS NOT OKAY” but on the other hand, totally doing the SAME THING by dismissing a canon ship that consists of two gay men that are inspirational to so many people out there.

      Basically, my point is, SHIP WHATEVER YOU WANT, but please don’t try to make your ship the ~better ship just because you relate more to it and subtly dismissing the other just so your ship can look better.

      • Maggie

        I’m tired and don’t really feel like answering in English anymore but :
        - I never “dismissed” Klaine. Actually, I like them.
        - Sorry if I used the past instead of the present with the verb “help”, as a said, my English is far from perfect. I know tv shows are helping people, especially gay. And I think that’s wonderful.
        - I would say that the double standard on Glee is not between straights and gays but between Rachel and everyone else. (How many times did we see scenes or kisses between Tina/Mike, Mercedes/Sam, well, anyone who’s not Rachel ?) But still, double standard is a real issue for “us” on tv and actually that was the whole point of my first message !
        - People see hate everywhere and that’s sad. I don’t really understand why everyone is reacting like that when, really, the only thing I was trying to do is explaining why I like SQ when people in the comments were saying that it was a “crack ship” and that “at least Klaine mean something and stands for something”. Well, breaking news, SQ too ! Maybe not for you but for many of us it does.

        People get angry about my message saying that I shouldn’t defend my ship like I do when clearly, they’re just doing the exact same thing in their answers…

        On that note, good night !

        • lol

          if you had visited GEP, you would know that even between tike/samcedes, klaine/brittana have significantly less physical affection compared to them. and you can pretty much argue that klaine/brittana are the main couples along with finchel, while tike/samcedes have always been side couples. but you know what, you obviously can’t be bothered to even check it out and go around sprouting such things trying to claim there’s no double standard between the heterosexual and gay couples.. so, whatever, lol.

          and in case you are wondering, the tone of your original message did seem like you were dismissing klaine, that’s why people are so irritated.

    • q

      And also, thanks for generalising that it’s “more Kurt than Klaine” that helped many of us when in fact, it’s BOTH Kurt AND Blaine.

      • Maggie

        Klaine did not happen before season 2 but Kurt was already there with a “powerful” storyline. That’s what I meant. Klaine is the continuity of that.

        • a

          wow, talk about missing the point. people are trying to tell you it’s the dynamic of their relationship that’s so inspirational to them. if kurt gets paired with a douchebag do you think they would have been so inspirational?

  • Sasha

    Hey where is everybody? we’re losing c’mon get your behinds here.

  • http://forgiveyourmind.tumblr.com/ Tariq

    Just FYI everyone we are aware that people are attempting to cheat this voting system. Know that we’re tracking IPs and that if either fandom wins because of it they will be disqualified. Don’t ruin this for your OTP!

    • spaceice

      I admit I voted twice, but because when I refreshed the site I was given the option to vote again instead of the results only, and I thought maybe there was an error couting my vote, since my connection is not the best. Sorry!

      • http://forgiveyourmind.tumblr.com/ Tariq

        You’re fine! It’s more the intentional cheaters I’m worried about. I don’t care who wins as long as it’s fair.

    • GEORGE

      What if you’re at a school and more than one person is voting with the same IP address?

      • http://forgiveyourmind.tumblr.com/ Tariq

        That one’s tough. If it doesn’t let you vote at school just try on your phone or at home.

        • Frank’n’furter

          When’s the new one gonna be up?

          • http://forgiveyourmind.tumblr.com/ Tariq


          • Frank’n’furter

            Right, sorry. Time zones and stuff

    • http://www.eigakanthemovietheater.blogspot.com Jenny Leigh

      vote fairly :)

    • Julia

      I haven’t voted at all but it says I have : This happened for the last one, too. And I’m using my own connection.

      • http://twitter.com/Annanass777 Anna Di

        this has happened for me too, with multiple ships now:(

        • http://forgiveyourmind.tumblr.com/ Tariq

          I’m sorry! Try a different browser or resetting your browser data. Or refreshing a couple times.

          • Julia

            Yes, it worked after I’d refreshed a few times :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Joey-Mangum/1820064015 Joey Mangum

    I just think Klaine is a HORRID pairing… Swan Queen all the way!

  • http://www.facebook.com/bruna.guidinisantos Bruna Guidini Santos

    Always pick the actual queer characters over the queer baiting ship. Always.

    • Ann


  • Dezmond

    Team Regina/Emma! Team Obama today ;]

  • http://twitter.com/RainSW6 Dar W

    Voted for Klaine, I love them. Nothing against the Swan Queen shippers, but I just personally can’t get into that ship. I always think of is how Regina is Emma’s grandmother, even if not through blood, and, nope, can’t do it. To each their own, though!

  • Roxsie

    Kurt & Blaine are a beautiful couple, and very traditional. Love them.

  • SarcasticLuna


  • shugsywugsy

    as much as i want to be best friends with both darren criss and chris colfer, SWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN QUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN

  • Raelee

    Just because people don’t “need a poll to make their fandom stand out” doesn’t mean they’re just gonna drop it and not vote for Kurt and Blaine. Usually Klaine fans use these polls to show the writers how much we care about the ship and want to see them work out. Especially since people think Klaine and Brittana fans are nothing but bat shit crazy and not all of us are like that…

  • HarryHungerAvatar12

    Regina/Emma is much better!!!

  • Rowan

    Why KLAINE? Let me count the ways:
    1. Because their first meeting in that staircase at Dalton was totally fated and destined.
    2. Because Blaine gave back Kurt’s courage.
    3. Because Blaine saw Kurt when nobody else did.
    4. Because Blaine serenaded Kurt with Teenage Dream after 5 minutes of meeting him.
    5. Because Kurt knew, from the moment that he stopped Blaine on that staircase, that he was the one for him.
    6. Because it took Blaine a failed GAP attack and a drunken kiss with Rachel to get his head out of his ass.
    7. Because Kurt sung Blackbird and Blaine had a moment, realizing that Kurt’s the one he’s been looking for forever.
    8. Because Kurt promised Blaine he’ll never say goodbye to him – and even though Blaine cheated and hurt him, he still held on to that promise.
    9. Because Kurt is the love of Blaine’s life.
    10. Because Blaine takes Kurt’s breath away.
    11. Because Blaine just wants to make Kurt proud and happy, and it kills him to see Kurt sad.
    12. Because, as Ryan Murphy himself said, Klaine is Eternal.

    • Rowan

      p.s. Kurt Elizabeth Hummel is totally marrying Blaine Devon Anderson on his 21st birthday :)

      • Jackijd

        His middle name is Elizabeth? hmm

  • Sam

    People do realize that Emma and Regina could win every couples poll until the end of time and they still aren’t going to become canon, right? Them beating Klaine in a Hypable poll isn’t going to convince the showrunners to make them fall in love. Believe me, if that shit worked Quinn and Rachel on Glee would be married by now. I promise you, the showrunners are definitely aware of the fact that people ship Emma and Regina. But they’re not going to make them canon.

    Please, vote for them on this poll all you want because you ship them and love their characters more than you like Kurt and Blaine. But please don’t say you “need” to win this poll to make your ship canon. Because it’s not going to happen.

    And your fanon slash shipping isn’t activism. Let’s remember that before we claim that Emma/Regina does more for the LGBT community then an actual gay couple (who you can feel free to vote against because you like Emma/Regina more).

    • xena4gab

      wow, another disrespectful slam against Swan Queen by somebody who speaks on behalf of all members of the LGBT community. As a queer woman I am offended that you are diminishing this ship because it isn’t ‘real’ in your mind. Do you watch the show? Do you phone the writers and double check that the subtext they write isn’t real? My goodness you just know everything! Kurt and Blaine are not the holy couple of LGBT people. in fact they’re not even canon any longer. Also, shipping, no matter how difficult, can be a form of activism. Don’t tell me that shipping Brit/Santana did nothing to push that couple along. They broke up alongside Kurt and Blaine just to prove that they were equally important.

      • John

        Shipping is not activism. Subtext is not text. Lesyay is not legitimate queer representation. Brittana was established as early as mid season 1 as having a close sexual relationship, and fans pushed for the couple to receive actual respect and focus as characters and queer women. If it wasn’t about preferences but about queer representation alone, I would vote for almost any canonically queer couple over a queer-bait pairing (Brittana, Klaine, Mitch/Cam, Calzona, Nagron). The writers shouldn’t take the easy route and make Emma and Regina queer only in subtext. If they are queer, let it be canon, and stop hiding behind subtext. LGBT people deserve legit representation, and the time has come for writers to commit to it.

        It is not disrespectful or a slam to say that Emma/Regina is a subtext lesyay pairing, and not legitimate queer representation, or to say that Emma and Regina are not canonically queer (both women having demonstrated overt romantic/sexual interest in multiple men but not women).

        Kurt and Blaine are not canonically boyfriends any more, but they are still canonically gay and canonically in love with each other. Emma and Regina are neither of those things.

        • xena4gab

          lol, as a lesbian who is also an activist, I do believe that shipping is activism. I also believe that shipping klaine post-breakup continues as activism in and of itself–we probably aren’t debating the idea that popular culture critiques constitute activism but if we are I’ll just stick with ‘yes’. Klaine is no more politicized than Swan Queen. In fact, you’re trying to argue that two gay white males are somehow *more* important to all glbt people while I’m simply arguing that two queer women and one queer woman of color constitute a pairing that is *equally* important.

          Also, I find some of the patronizing comments here to be…well…patronizing. We can ship regina/emma and also be critical of queer baiting. It’s ok to do both. In fact most of the SQ shippers are critical of the show while also pushing harder for the writers to follow through on the subtext they themselves plant. Subtext is an integral part of all film and television storytelling. It’s ridiculous to write it off.

          Klaine is an important pairing, but what’s interesting about it as well is that Glee subjugated the couple to hand holding and eye contact. Swan Queen is equally relegated to eye contact and sharing clothes. It’s generally pretty ridiculous for us to be arguing, but then that is what was was inevitable when pitting the only two gay pairings on this poll against one another.

          • http://www.hypable.com/author/lauracristiano/ LauraBC

            “Also, I find some of the patronizing comments here to be…well…patronizing. We can ship regina/emma and also be critical of queer baiting. It’s ok to do both. In fact most of the SQ shippers are critical of the show while also pushing harder for the writers to follow through on the subtext they themselves plant. Subtext is an integral part of all film and television storytelling. It’s ridiculous to write it off.”

            Here’s the thing, maybe it’s not so much subtext as wishful thinking on your part. Both women could have anyone they wanted. They are uninhibited, intelligent, and decisive women. Who frequently spar over the son they share. Do they have acting chemistry, hell yes. Is it sexual? In canon no. They have multiple times chosen straight relationships. Those qualities don’t have a thing to do with their sexual preference. They are admirable qualities in any woman or man for that matter.

            Believe me, I’m all for showing diversity of sexual preference but shows like The Good Wife, Doctor Who and Torchwood on multiple episodes, Sherlock who write it as canon from the get go are doing more sexual expression than any fanon ship ever will. The wonderful thing about those shows is that sexual choice is shown as being natural, normal, and as easy as breathing. It’s not the main point of their character it’s just another facet among many.

            Our biggest problem in my view, one echoed by John Barrowman is this, “America has the most gay men represented on television than any country in the world. The only thing I wish they would do more often is not stereotype those gay men and women. It’s always the same type they choose. Rather than seeing camp, flouncy, girly men and butch heavy women, it would be nice to see other types. There are “lipstick lesbians,” pretty girls. There are butch guys, guys who are into sports.”

            So here’s my thing. By all means ship who you want, that’s the fun of shipping. But saying that writers need to take responsibility for their subtext when the subtext isn’t going your way is just ridiculous. If the characters were lesbian and I asserted that, “they really had chemistry with men in the series and the writers should take responsibility and write them straight” I would rightly have the world jump down my throat.

          • ljdoc

            so since a staff member is commenting in such a disrespectful manner against a ship, we can assume that this poll is rigged? (ps. different people use the same URLs so this poll was already absurdly set up to begin with)

          • http://www.hypable.com/author/lauracristiano/ LauraBC

            I am a staff member, but I’m also sorry if you can’t discern a well reason difference of opinion from personal attack. I could have logged in under a pseudonym, but that’s the route of a coward. I meant what I said and I have the temerity to sign my name. For the record, I didn’t vote on this one because I don’t watch Glee so I don’t have a strong feeling pro or con on that ship. On OUAT, I like Rumple/Bell but I’m not uber into it. I’d really like to see Ruby paired with someone. I’d vote for a Ruby ship. Regina/Emma do nothing for me. For that matter neither do Snow/Charming. On the other hand, if someone’s got a good Regina/Daniel fic I might be into that if someone wants to point it out to me.

          • abfidy

            The problem here is that television is more than just narrative storytelling. There is a visual language of the show that is as important as the dialogue and the narrative. We as television viewers are taught to watch for specific kinds of visuals to cue us into the relationships developing onscreen.

            When you at Hypeable talk about ships as being “canon” you are really only addressing the language of the script as opposed to the language of the camera. Regina and Emma are not seen professing their love for each other, but they are often framed visually in the same way that romantic couples are framed. Their touches are held in close up, they are often blocked closer together than usual homosocial relationships on television, let alone adversarial relationships. Their conversations are often charged with what I think is assumed to be spiteful energy, but which can easily be interpreted in a sexual or even romantic way, mostly because the framing of these confrontations consist of lots and lots of close ups, lots of lights in the eyes, lots of shot/reverse-shots with the other character’s head in the frame. They even get edge lighting on their lips in their profiles.

            Now, it is unusual for two women to be framed like this on a television show in any circumstances, but for this kind of visual language to be paired with narratives about and Evil Queen looking for redemption and new start who shares her son with an unconventional princess, not to mention the kind of antagonistic energy that is often a sign in heterosexual television relationships that the characters will be ferociously boning soon (Eric/Sookie, Matthew/Mary, Chuck/Blair, Xander/Cordelia, etc), there is an argument here for a reinterpretation of the show as a queer text.

            Note: I said text, not subtext. You talk about “subtext” being wishful thinking, but in cases such as these and I think with a lot of other what you would call “fanon” couples, you disregard the text in favor of authorial intention. Just because the producers of the show may not intend to show Regina and Emma as a romantic couple doesn’t mean that text itself is in agreement with their intentions. The text must be allowed to speak for itself. This is important because I think this this idea of producer’s choice as “canon” and therefore “right” breeds a lot of the kind of ugliness that has gotten you guys here at Hypeable in trouble.

            Also past sexual experience does not dictate future sexual experience, and sexuality is a continuum, so until the characters explicitly announce their heterosexuality, they are potentially queer. The straight until proven and admitted gay standard of media is one of the damaging practices that turns gay into “other” and straight into “normal”, and it is no longer acceptable in 2012.

            Bam. From me to you. Queer theory 101. And I’m just a casual Swan Queen shipper. I wasn’t even going to vote (I dig Klaine too).

          • Jeanine Martins

            So basically, we who ship Swan Queen are just a bunch of crazy bitches fangirling two woman just because we saw them together in a TV show and we thought “Hey lets ship this two hot chicks together”. You do realize how disrespectful it was of Hypable to the people that ship swan queen (AGAIN I might add), because if you will comment with a STAF written with your name and not just as any other person commenting here, then I’m sorry but you’re talking for Hypable.

          • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001953631995 Bianca Sassi

            I would like to say that u are wrong, but I have to agree with you. A Show who write it as natural, normal and easy will ever do more for lgbt community than any show that puts it in subtext ever will. That said, Klaine does represents better the lgbt community than Swan Queen does. I’m not saying that we should stop shipping SQ, cuz I’ll never stop shipping then, like ever, but this show is really being such a bitch with us, I feel like they’re doing everything in this season to we stop shipping then. In the other hand, if SQ turns to be canon, it would be more then just one more gay couple on tv, cause it would be the first gay fairy tale. It would mean a lot, I thing every lgbt wants that. Then hell yes we can say they represents lgbt community better then any other ship do. I love Swan Queen, and most of all I love Swen, cuz u guys make my day. But this show is pissing me of, we can’t conform with only some subtext… I want something real, I wanna be represented. This is XXI, and this show makes me feel like I’m in XX by repressing my feelings. I’m sorry if I got out of context, I got too emotional. I hope Swen don’t hate me for that post.

            I also would like ask for everybody to stop this hate with my ship, I’m done with it. Respect my ship and I’ll respect yours.

            (I’m sorry if I wrote something wrong, english is not my native language.)

    • Sierra
  • http://twitter.com/akacj7 Caroline J.

    oh man, i don’t know if i can deal with two contentious elections today! ;-)

  • DrWho-Glee-HP-Fan

    You make me choose between OUAT and Glee? Why Hypable, why?

  • sara

    I dont like klaine but i still voted for them because darren is just so supermegafoxyawesomehot!

    • Internet POPO

      *I don’t like Klaine but I still voted for them because Darren is just so supermegafoxyawesomehot!

  • Klaine bitches

    KLAINE! No question.

  • http://www.eigakanthemovietheater.blogspot.com Jenny Leigh

    Once Upon a Time — let’s win!!

  • Chicken

    Although I like Once Upon a Time more than Glee, I like Klaine more than Swan Queen. Conflicted.

  • Isistelle

    Klaine. Always and forever :)

  • http://twitter.com/beccithenerd Rebecca Hurst

    klaine is eternity.

  • guest

    What show are emma amd regina from

    • Ankh

      Once Upon a Time. It’s in the title of the poll.

  • http://www.facebook.com/charlotte.rainwater.56 Charlotte Rainwater

    Espero que puedan leerme personas que hablen español, solo quiero dejar mi justificación para el voto a Swanqueen.

    Primero, no quiero que suceda de un momento a otro, me gustaría una buena trama hasta que suceda, hasta incluyendo que ambas tengan otras parejas.

    Pero si lo piensan, sería un gran desafío para los escritores/productores que ellas se enamoren. Aunque a fin de cuentas, tienen un hijo que las quiere a las dos, y tienen historias de amor muy tristes. Ambas de caracter fuerte, y todavía no hemos recibido explicación del porqué hacen magia juntas en “Broken”.

    No soy de la típica que shippea cualquier pareja de mujeres que ve, es más, Calzona en GA por ejemplo me super aburre. Pero Swanqueen es totalmente diferente, es super intenso! Y aparte, para salir del estereotipo de los cuentos de hadas… por qué siempre el príncipe con la princesa? HOMBRE Y MUJER? Amo a Charming y a Snow, y me encanta la actitud de SNOW propiamente dicha, pero estoy a favor del cambio.
    ABC puede que pertenezca a Disney o algo así, pero todos sabemos que es gay friendly!
    Segundo, no tengo nada contra Glee, no veo la serie, no me atrae, pero es una serie en la que no sería nada raro ver una pareja gay o no? (no tengo idea de la historia de estos dos chicos sinceramente). Me gusta mucho la idea de demostrar que queremos Swanqueen, mediante encuestas, post en twitter, tumblr, facebook, etc etc. Y espero que los escritores lo estén teniendo en cuenta… ;)
    Tercero, físicamente y en actitudes son perfectas la una para la otra! Hasta Emma es bastante masculina muchas veces! Me encantan! Me gusta la idea de Regina por ejemplo, intentando ocultar lo que siente por Emma, y ni hablar de la cara de los Charming si se enteraran de su romance jajaja!
    En fin, mi humilde opinión! ;)

  • Teranel

    I don’t like either of these ships, but I enjoy watching Once Upon a Time more than Glee, so…

  • angel

    They’re both henry’s mothers anyway, might as well make it offical.

  • Dana

    this is tighter than the presidential election…….

  • Loki

    See! Now we win anyways! Gay marriage in Maine!

  • Chrystal

    Every damn time I come on it will never let me vote >.< And no one else votes from my IP address just shows the results

  • Ally

    I’m moderately frustrated. This never lets me vote, not since the first poll. I just get sent straight to the results. And I believe it just counted me as voting for Regina & Emma because that’s bolded. But I would have voted for Klaine had I HAD THE OPTION :/ Urg.

    • nina

      have you tried refreshing it? you might have to a couple times but that usually fixes it

  • Carol

    C’mom SwanQueen nation! We can make it! (I love Klaine too, but SwanQueen is SwanQueen. I love these girls.)

  • http://www.facebook.com/alysia.dugan Alysia Dugan

    Seriously, when do these things open and close? Because I somehow keep missing them and don’t get to vote…

  • Amalia

    I vote for Klaine, but I’m ignoring everything that happened after season 2. Glee has just been going downhill since then…

  • Evil Regal

    I doubt Swan Queeners will put as much into this one (at least I won’t; I suppose I can’t speak for the others).
    I’m not saying this poll is any more/less important than the others. I think I’m just exhausted by it all. It’s like one poll ends, and another immediately begins right after. And that AfterEllen poll was a bloodbath…
    Either way, I’m still voting for Swan Queen. Just gonna try to keep my crazy shipper self calm over this one. x)

    • http://forgiveyourmind.tumblr.com/ Tariq

      That poll may have been a bloodbath but looking at the comments on this one I think mostly everyone here has done a great job at being respectful and debating their ships maturely. It’s great!

  • Anne


  • Carilyn

    I must say, I’m extremely surprised with the results thus far. I was sure Swan Queen would overtake Klaine early on (and they still may, I’ve seen crazier upsets), if only because Klaine was so recently soiled by what happened in “The Break Up,” and Swan Queen has a benefit of not being canon in that its fans can imagine their potential relationship in the best light possible (although, Klaine fans do that in fan fiction despite canon, so perhaps that argument is moot?).

    • t

      Klainers are still as poassionate as ever. Also there have been good spoilers for Klaine for the coming Christmas episode.

  • Kristopher_Smith

    It would be nice if they tell you when these things end.

    • nina

      they are open 48 from when they’re posted, so this one closes at 12pm tomorrow and the new poll will also be posted then. (I think, mods correct me if I’m wrong?)

      • nina

        48 hours*

  • nina

    I’m thinking Destiel will beat Johnlock and it’ll be Klaine vs Destiel and that’s gonna be my first tough decision…

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1312363 Ryan Lewis

    What is it with Hypable Staff and these polls? The whole problem last time was when a staff member said “You know that’s not going to happen, right?” In response to the Swan Queen ship. Which is whatever. You have your opinions, fine, but when you’re writing this as a ‘Staff Member’ you’re representing Hypable and inserting bias into the poll, which is unprofessional on any level. And you don’t need to do it. You don’t need to write anything in any professional capacity. It’ll be okay. We shippers can hash it out in the comments. We don’t need top-down commentary from the people running the poll in the first place, because it undermines the legitimacy of both sides.

  • Elphie

    NOOOO, Swan Queen is beaten *cry*

  • Natalie

    When’s the next one?

  • http://twitter.com/EpicBadassFTW Hannah_Jae

    Its actually not fair, Klaine is an actual couple on the show, SwanQueen sadly, isn’t…I DEMAND A RE COUNT!! SWAN QUEEN RULES!!! <3

  • http://www.facebook.com/rachelle.wijsen Rachelle Wijsen

    Regina & Emma!! SWanQueen <3

  • gisEvilRegal

    Regina & Emma!

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