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Fun news for Game of Thrones fans: Coldplay’s drummer Will Champion has booked an appearance in the third season of the show!

EW reports the exciting news, and can reveal a further tidbit: on Game of Thrones, Champion will play – you guessed it – a drummer!

Now, if Game of Thrones had been a show on The CW we’d guess that the Lannisters would throw an epic frat party and Champion would appear as himself to perform Coldplay’s classic hits as Cersei and Joffrey led a conga line in the town square of King’s Landing… but it’s not, so instead we can probably expect that Champion’s appearance will be as a part of some kind of ceremony, and that this drummer will hit a steady beat as someone chants.

Although it is very possible that Champion could be appearing at one of several big, important celebrations which take place in A Storm of Swords, of course. We will say no more, but book fans might know what we’re referring to.

Are you a Coldplay fan? Do you think Champion’s appearance will be promoted ahead of the show? Is this a sign that we can expect a Game of Thrones-themed Coldplay song some time in the future?

Game of Thrones returns for its third season on March 31, 2012.

  • Gary65

    Look, we all know what’s gonna happen here. Champion’s gonna[SEMI-SPOILER] start the Rains of Castamere & all the GoT nerds that hate Coldplay already are gonna hate him even more. That’s the best way I can express what I want to express without spoiling people.

  • http://twitter.com/inkasrain Michal

    “The Bear and the Maiden Fair”, perhaps?

  • Guest

    At first, I read “Champion will play – you guessed it – a drummer!” and went “Yay!” then I went “ohhh… :( ” clearly a book fan, I’m not looking forward to a specific group of ‘musicians’ playing a specific feast :’(

  • The Owl

    Knowing the particular scene that features a group of “musicians” in aSoS, I can tell you that his scene will be unforgettable… “Oh, Who are you……”

  • rubyphoenix

    Well this is random. But a fan of Coldplay & GoT TV show. I’ll look for him.

  • valonqar

    the proud lord said

    that I must bow so low.

  • Mckenna

    :D I am so excited. Will is amazing. Coldplayers are dieing.

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