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Jeff Davis is keeping up with his promise to share a Teen Wolf season 3 spoiler with us once a week until the premiere episode next year. This time around, he talks about the different eye colors in werewolves.

Just like last week, Davis seems to be sharing just about the bare minimum with us in terms of spoilers. But we suspect that they’ll get juicer the closer we get to the start of season 3.

Today he’s teased us with some information about the different eye colors we’ve seen in our favorite werewolves. Scott’s amber eyes were in contrast to Peter’s Alpha-red eyes, which were different from Derek’s (original) blue eyes.

At the end of season 2, when Jackson turned from the kanima into a werewolf, everyone pretty much assumed his blue eyes meant that he’d had the werewolf trait in him since he was born. We didn’t know much about his parents, after all, and his whole backstory was shrouded in mystery.

Well, it turns out we may have been wrong.

In a flashback episode, presumably the one that will be centering around Derek and possibly a hunter at the same time, we’ll learn more about why different werewolves have different eye colors. But here’s the trick (it is Halloween after all): “it has nothing to do with DNA or being a born werewolf.”

Um, what?

At the end of last season, everyone had assumed that because Derek had blue eyes before he turned into an Alpha, it was because he had been born a werewolf, not bitten. And since we didn’t know anything about Jackson’s real parents, fans assumed that he had blue eyes because he had actually been born a werewolf too.

Now that those theories are out, what guesses do you have as to why Derek and Jackson have blue eyes and Scott and the others have golden eyes?

Thanks goes to MTV’s Remote Control Blog for the spoiler.

  • http://twitter.com/BlueHuMac Hugo

    I always assumed blue eyes meant that someone was a lone wolf.

    Derek used to be one and Jackson… well, even if he had stayed, I can’t imagine him being part of a pack.


    jackson and derek had blue eyes because they were tough all along but scott was kind of weak at first thats why he has golden eyes

    • Cliff Johnson

      I think eye colour has to do with family. Isaac, Scott, Erika, Boyd, all have yellow eyes and they were bitten into werewolves with no trace of werewolves in their family. Dereks parents were wolves same with Peter thats why they have blue eyes, and maybe that means that Jacksons parents were werewolves because his eyes were blue. The only flaw is that Cora has yellow eyes and her parents were werewolves.

  • Dex

    I think it kind of has somthing to do with if you’ve ever killed someone like on Twlilght how your eyes were red if you drink blood.. *just a guess*

  • Ana Duarte

    I may be wrong, but I really think this is it:




    Derek tells Scott they’re both betas somewhere in the first two episodes of the first season, but he wasn’t being exactly accurate because his alpha had just died and, as there was no one else in his pack, he fitted better into “omega” definition rather than “beta”, right? Scott was a beta back then, he belonged to Peter’s pack, but now he doesn’t. Still, like Derek has said once, he is part of his own pack so he still is a beta (and will eventually be an alpha). Jackson was a loner; it only makes sense he would become an omega. (Right now I really can’t go check the eye color of the omega Gerard kills on episode 1, but as far as I remember they don’t show his eyes… I think.)

    • joe

      Ehh good theory but probably wrong. We dont know that jackson would have been an omega sure he said he wasnt going to follow derek but he never shifted to prove that. when he finally did it was for like five seconds. And scott was never a beta until late in season 2. From the moment he was bitten he has been an omega…..He never followed peter except for the time in the school and thats because he wasnt strong enough to resist his creator just yet.

      • Maria Garcia

        if you go back to I believe was the last episode Derek’s uncle told to Derek about how Derek needed Scott because Scott was fueled/led by heart and Derek was fueled/led by anger. So I think that Derek and Jackson had blue eyes because they were led by anger. While Scott and the others are led more by heart. and of course red eyes are alphas.

    • http://www.facebook.com/severine.ritlewski Severine Ritlewski

      I rewatCHed tHis episode and sorry to say tHat but you’re wrong tHe Omega Has yellow eyes –’ but I tHink your idea was really good :)

  • joe

    we know red means alpha…but as for beta eye color and omega i think its going to be based off personality. He said it has nothing to do with dna or being born. So the only thing left would be personality or circumstances. Look at the wolves with said eye colors. Scott, Isaac, Erica, and Boyd. All have had their own personal problems in my opinion isaac having it the worst, but still all relatively warm likable people. Then look at Derek and Jackson who quite honestly are a**holes. Both deep down are good people but neither have an issue hurting others to get what they want and both are angry ALL the time. They both are kinda cold. Icy personalities….Icy blue eyes. Just my theory but im gonna stick to it because if it isnt a genetic thing than there are only so many options.

  • jakkke

    I think the eye colour is based on your birth month and the moon of that month, just a guess cant wait to findout

  • http://twitter.com/weisquared2 wei²

    blue = omega. derek was an omega because he lost his family and had no pack; his eye colour changed only because he became an alpha. jackson is an omega even though he was bitten by derek because of how he transitioned from kanima to werewolf (a symbolic rebirth). scott’s always been a beta because he was bitten by an alpha; it had nothing to do with his attitude towards derek or peter when he was bitten.

    • JaneMonster

      I think you’ve got somethin goin here!!!

  • Risaa Litchi

    Maybe it has something to do with having been killed before? Like Jackson was killed twice before becoming the blue-eyed werewolf he is now. Maybe something like that happened to Derek too. (And Peter could have blue eyes too now, if I’m right. But I’m probably not, I’m sure we will all be surprised ^^)

  • Emrys90

    What if its like this: Peter was a Beta before he kill Laura so maybe his eyes were gold before becoming Alpha red. He was looking for someone to strangthen his pack and found Scott and Stiles. He bit Scott and passed on his golden eyes. Since Scott was the first person he has turned maybe he passed down his golden eyes. Same can be said for Jackson. He was the first person Derek turned so maybe he also passed on his Beta color eyes. As for the other three Betas…well i got nothing…so maybe my guess is completely wrong but it is after all a guess

    • Fifa

      Peter has blue eyes …

  • Britt

    This is a very off the wall guess, but I think blue eyes mean that that werewolf is the alpha’s second-in-command.

    • tatiana

      No it means that you killed someone innocent

  • TheDarkTech

    I’m not entirely sure how this is going to play out, but by how the show has been going so far, I think that Jackson got blue eyes because he didn’t go straight from human to werewolf. He became the Kanima before he became the werewolf, so maybe that changed his eye color. So I’m thinking that when Derek was a youth, he didn’t handle his entire family getting the concentration camp treatment and became a Kanima himself for awhile. It would explain how Derek knew that the lizard was a Kanima instantly when it didn’t recognise its own reflection. It would also explain why Derek was so determined to kill it, because he knew first hand how dangerous it was.

    • Amon

      Peter hale had blue eyes too by the way. Plus in one of the episodes, derek said that he didn’t think the legend was actually real. Meaning he could not have been a kanima himself

  • http://twitter.com/Troop9_Hooper Tubbs™

    Blue eyes mean you were born to be an alpha or your avenging somebodies death. Derek avenge his sister death and jackson has a redempition story

  • HospitaVacuae

    I’ve always thought the colors depended by who you were bitten by or
    which pack you were born in…you know, we don’t know Peter’s original
    eye’s color or if he was a bitten or born-wolf; Scott was bitten by
    Alpha-Peter, but Jakson was bitten by Alpha-Derek, so Alpha-Peter’s
    Betas’ll become golden-eyed(…well, if he had more than one) and
    Alpha-Derek’s Betas’ll become bright-blue-eyed.
    This was always my
    thought, I don’t know if I’m 100% right, but I think it makes sense: It
    doesn’t have anything to do with born-wolfs or not-born-wolfs, and when
    you bring out your wolfed-out eyes during werewolf affairs, the others
    wolfs around you will immediatly know which pack you are from and/or who
    you were bitten by and so recognise you.
    (please, forgive my poor english, it’s not my first tounge)

  • http://www.facebook.com/Flaimdra Flaimdra Firestorm

    i cant help it but i kind of always thaught that blue eyes mean you have the potential to become an alpha
    like if you have blue eyes the possibility of you becomming a real alpha is greater than when you have golden eyes

    • Amon

      well scott’s a alpha now. But he did have yellowish eyes

  • Abhishek Belhekar

    We dont know any thing about Jacksons past and parentsso we can assume that he might be born an werewolf and his powers might be supressed to protect from cruel hunters like Gerrard so at the bite from Alpha (Derek) he didnt into a werewolf but instead a Kanima

  • Abhishek Belhekar

    We dont know any thing about Jacksons past and parents so we can assume that he might be born an werewolf and his powers might be supressed to protect from cruel hunters like Gerrard so at the bite from Alpha (Derek) he didnt into a werewolf but instead a Kanima so Jackson might born a werewolf has blue eyes as that of Derek

  • teenwolffan

    i think it depends on your eye color until u turn in to the alpha then theyll just become red

  • Thomas

    Or Jackson Became a blue eyed werewolf cause in season 2 last eposoide he was killed by both of the alphas that put there claws in the back of his neck… so he was killed and since derek bit him he was born into a werewolf!?

  • amity

    maybe it has something to do with what the anchor of the werewolf is or will be – scott’s anchor is allison, and isaac’s is his father. they both have yellow eyes. derek’s eye colour is blue and his anchor is anger. and red could just be to show that you’re an alpha.

    yellow = your anchor is/ will be a person
    blue = your anchor is/ will be an emotion
    red = alpha

    peter said that PEOPLE can bring kanima’s to remember who they really are, that it was because of their bonds with each other. so though lydia was jackson’s ‘anchor’ when he was a kanima, it was technically because he loves her that she could bring him back. so his eyes aren’t yellow because it’s love that’s his anchor, more specifically his love for lydia, but not lydia herself.

    BUT THAT IS MY (fail of a) THEORY.

  • Casey

    Wolf pups have blue eyes until they become older (mature) and then they turn brown. I would say that while werewolf wise Derek was more mature than Scott, Scott had more control emotionally and more relationship maturity, something that Jackson also lacks. However, Erica was kind of a loner and so was Issac so this theory also fails along with the omega=blue, alpha=red, beta=amber/brown theory that I originally thought along with everyone else.

  • Rey

    I will go with the theory of circumstance, or the manner in which they were made into werewolves. Scott was bitten by an Alpha and so were all the others. But Jackson was never bitten, Derek initially stuck his claws into his neck. So my guess is that Derek was never bitten by an Alpha but he was scratched or clawed which will be talked about in the episode regarding his past (since Dereks past is sketchy)…BOOM! How ya like me know, lol… (drops mic and exits stage left)

    • Molly

      Derek was born into a werewolf family, so he obviously inherited the werewolf gene. But, in season 3, we learn that when another wolf sticks their claws into the back of another’s neck, they can take and give memories. Like when Jackson said he remembered the Hale house, without ever being there himself. Also, in season 1 when Derek was shot by Kate Argent, he was suffering from aconite poisoning, he gave it to Jackson when he scratched his neck, hence all of his hallucinations.

    • Tatiana

      None of that is correct maybe should pay more attention to the episodes when you watch them

  • themarkedgam3r

    maybe it has to do with one of the parents being a alpha it made a child with blue eyes and if both parents were alpha it makes black eyes. Remember we don’t know shit about derek and jackson’s parents. jackson might have been a wolf the whole time because when he got bit by derek and he kissed what’s her name he got that goo coming out of him making the bite don’t do shit. mabey with the kanari curse he just could not change.

  • Sam

    I think its because they were resurrected. In the latest episode, it shows that Peter has blue eyes, and he came back. Jackson was ressurected amd had blue eyes. Maybe Derek did die in the fire and came back?

    • Molly

      Derek couldn’t have died in the fire, wasn’t he at school with his sister when it happened? But having said that, there are rumours that Derek is older than we think he is…

    • Fifa

      I agree with you I think it has to do with dying twice. Because Jackson was killed in Kenima form(Which is an incomplete werewolf) before he became a blue eyed werewolf and peter was killed by Derek before lydia brought him back so maybe Derek died before this as well.

  • Katie

    I think if you have light coloured eyes. Like blue or green then you get blue eyes.but if you have a dark color like brown then you get yellow/golden eyes.

  • Katie

    And red is obviously alpha

  • Eel

    This is somewhat late, but I read a theory going on around that blue eyes mean that you killed an innocent person. I think Derek got his eye color from the belief that it was him to blame for the slaughter of his family, so that’s what I believe. I hope it’s true because it’s a really nice theory and it makes the whole thing surrounding Derek all a bit sadder.

    • Tatiana

      Nope it’s because he killed his girlfriend to take away her pain

  • Katie

    I think that if you have seen a murder, like Peter(from killing kate argent and others), Jackson(parents, and Kanima murders) and Derek (death of girlfriend) you have blue eyes. However Scott, Isaac, Boyd and Erica never had someone close to them be murdered… just a theory. Also maybe it is from killing someone because thats something each Derek peter and jackson did and maybe its what resulted in blue eyes.

    • leanne


    • Mia

      I totally agree! great theory

    • Noura

      No but Boyd lost (was it his sister? Idk) but it was in season 3 ep 6 (motel Capri) and I think it was Alicia he lost and that’s y he almost committed suicide. Also Isaac lost his father to the kamina in season 3 so I don’t reckon tht would fit together haha

    • Tatiana

      Issacs father was murdered

  • Joseph

    Blue Eyes fro for wolves that have killed an innocent person I think. So says my Batmanesqe deduction skills.

  • seadric

    blue eye mean they killed someone

  • Nate

    I watched the new episode.
    Blue=beta/omega that has taken an innocent life

  • ali

    it says blue eyes means killing an innocent person on the website. and after tonights episode we see dereks blue eyes as a young wolf after the girl died..

  • jacksonblueyes

    Yellow is innocent then wen u kill they turn stale blue but that’s his mom wow

  • Darren

    actually the reason why Derek has blue eyes is because he took an innocent life. The blue eyes represent the coldness of the soul after killing someone innocent.

  • celly

    Blue eye’s mean they killed an innocent person. Peter said that when you kill an innocent person it does something to your soul, takes a part of it and turns it dark. turns your golden pure soul into a dark and cold (blue) one. Derek kills the teenage girl he loves so she wouldn’t suffer. S3 E8

  • Amy

    Blue= They have taken an innocent life
    Yellow= Beta
    Red= Alpha

  • looi83

    if jackson was born a werewolf he wouldnt have asked to be turned into one so this means that blue eyes have something with killing people like how derek kill his gf and dereks uncle killed alot of people

  • Kur Flight Grad

    My theory is that yellow eyes are the most common in betas. I don’t believe that the blue eye feature is about being born a werewolf. I think the a werewolf acquires blue eyes after he or she has taken an innocent life or has lost someone of great importance in which they share fault or guilt. It’s seen in season 2 in Derek’s flashback that Derek kills his girlfriend to end her suffering his mother shows up to comfort him and he states that his eyes are different. Peter also killed an innocent but hasn’t been revealed in who that innocent was. And Jackson’s eyes are blue for 1 of 3 things. A. He feels responsible for the death of his parents more significantly because he was taken out of his mothers dead body.
    B. as the Kanima he’s taken an innocent life believing that life to be a murderer I.e. the pregnant woman in the hospital
    C. He takes his own life on the lacrosse field. He qualifies as an innocent because he doesn’t know he’s the Kanima and vice versa.
    This all sounds way better in my head

  • Tatiana

    Their eyes being blue has nothing to do with being born a werewolf it means that they killed an innocent person and amber eyes is how every werewolf is and red means you are either a true alpha like Scott or you killed an alpha. But how the first alphas were made i don’t know. I think that there is a true alpha and someone kills it so they become the alpha and it continues but I don’t really know if my alpha theory is correct

  • Teen wolf lover

    Red eyes means alpha,when a beta or omega has blue eyes it means that have killed innocent people,when they have yellow eyes means that they haven’t killed innocent People.

  • june

    blue eyes mean the wolf has killed someone
    gold means innocent wolf who hasn’t killed anyone
    and lastly red eyes represent alpha!

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