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New details about the Wizarding World of Harry Potter’s expansion in Orlando have surfaced and provide new details about what we can expect within the real Hogwarts Express and the Gringotts thrill ride.

The real Hogwarts Express, as we’ve reported on numerous occasions this year, will connect the existing Wizarding World land at Islands of Adventure with the new Diagon Alley/London area at Universal Studios. A reliable theme park insider named “WhyLightBulb” on Orlando United’s forum recently provided new details. “The train stations include highly detailed scenery and effects,” he/she writes. “The trains themselves will be very realistic including steam wafting from each car, scenic treatment and sounds. Each interior cabin includes period props and treatments.”

And despite this real train not taking you through the real Scottish Highlands, “The window in each cabin will utlize an advanced optics display making it appear as though you are looking outside a window. As the train travels to the station, riders will be treated to different storylines depending on which station they are going to. The cabins are also equipped with a full effects package including heat blast, leg ticklers, lighting etc. One storyline includes a Dementor’s attack where it will get dark, the air will go cold and lights will flicker among other things.”

As for the rumored Gringotts thrill ride which will be the center point of the new London/Diagon Alley land, “the queue includes a really cool elevator ride that will simulate moving vertically and horizontally. You’ll feel the air coming from the right side as you move to the right and you’ll feel the air from below as you travel down. Each of the two elevator simulators include a projection dome above to enhance the visuals.”

WhyLightBulb believes that these two attractions will include technology that has never before been seen or used and will top the current Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey attraction.

The expanded Wizarding World of Harry Potter is expected to open in 2014 or 2015. Universal has not formally announced details of the expansion and may not for a while, despite major construction already being underway.

  • http://twitter.com/emilyecstasyTM Emily Bryan

    This sounds amazing!

  • Amanda

    I’m so glad I haven’t gone yet with all these new expansions coming up. Gives me a chance to save up my pennies for at least 3 more years. :)

  • http://twitter.com/MusicandHouse J

    I’m going to WWHOP for the second time in January, but obvisouly I will return again as soon as the new developments are done. The train ride sounds really cool and I really like the idea of each car having a different story, so its a different experience each time you ride (not like that really matters, since I rode Forbidden Journety 5 times in a row!)

  • http://benchpressabear.tumblr.com Joan

    Wow. Just WOW with a bit of I CANNOT WAIT.

  • http://www.facebook.com/amber.carney3 Amber Carney

    i can’t control my excitement. literally not possible.

  • Hermione Granger

    So… I haven’t been there yet because I live on the other side of the country, but my mom mentioned we might go next June. Do you guys think it would be worth it to go in 2013 if the expansion’s not finished? I don’t know if I’d get another chance, but the expansion sounds so amazing I don’t want to miss it! Haha.

    • hpboy13

      It’s definitely worth going to! The stuff they have there already is amazing and well worth visiting.

    • kitster_kosh

      It’s worth going to, but if you can only go once a decade, I say wait until 2015 or 2016–don’t go close to the opening of the expansion–it will be so packed you might not even get to the Potter area of the park

  • http://twitter.com/SofMarie93 Sofia Thomas

    I know what I’m doing in 2014 or 2015. Oh yes I do.

  • Tom

    On November the 1st we´ll know the truth! :D, as Universal Orlando is making a BIG announcement!

    • Jordan

      That’s for Transformers: The Ride.

      • Tom

        But there has been no word yet on what the announcement will be about..so let´s just cross our fingers..besides if they don´t announce it now, when will they? They can´t hold it for much longer, as it´s becoming more and more noticeable that´s it´s London that they are building up ;)

        • Jordan

          Told you.

  • http://twitter.com/potterfan92 Raina

    Oh this sounds fun!!!

  • jon

    I just died.

  • peeta


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000390070174 Sean Krause

    My family and I already are planning a trip with my extended family for 2015 so hopefully it is open in 2014 so it is not that crowded then. I went a week after the first Harry Potter park was opened and it was packed, took two hours just to get into the park. Simply cannot wait.

  • cloverlover

    Oh my goodness. I’m going there again!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/taylorjsmith2008 Stephen Marks

    what i want to know….since the wizarding world is in IOA, and the
    expansion is planned for Universal….How are they going to work the
    tickets. are they going to just get rid of the 1 park passes and only
    do the 2 park passes, or are they going to wall off the expansion from
    the rest of Studios, and have that be an actual part of IOA?

    • AliS

      I bet you either have to show your 2-park ticket or buy an add-on at the entrance to the Hogwarts Express ride.

  • Plat

    Oh. My. Dumbledore. This is beyond my wildest expectations! I literally cannot wait for 2014/15! :D

  • Sophie

    Oh, God. I live in England and i went to Orlando in 2010 literally just after the Wizarding World of Harry Potter opened. I’m going back to Orlando in Summer 2013 and I can’t wait to return to Harry Potter. As soon as this opens, it looks like I will be trying to convince my parents to take me back to Orlando yet again.

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