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For those Pretty Little Liars fans that have recovered from the spooky Halloween episode “This is a Dark Ride”, new spoilers hint at what fans can expect for Aria (Lucy Hale) during the rest of the third season.

According to a TV Line interview with executive producer Oliver Goldstick, the biggest shocker of the episode, the reveal of Byron’s (Chad Lowe) conversation with Ali (Sasha Pieterse), will play into the rest of the third season.

“You’re going to like the season opener — and by no means is this a red herring. We are definitely going down this path. I’m sorry to tell you, but even the adults in Rosewood have been doing some lying — and they’ve got some real stuff to hide! You’re going to find out a lot more about his relationship to Alison in the first couple episodes… A parent may have killed one of his daughter’s friends. This is a huge secret that’s been swept beneath the rug. What does it do to any family in this town if, in fact, one of those parents goes to jail?”

Aria looks to have a hard rest of the year ahead of her. After being stuffed in a box and almost thrown off the train, she will have to deal with doubts of her father’s innocence and the development of Ezra (Ian Harding) and Maggie’s (Larisa Oleynik) storyline.

According to an interview with Hale by Celebuzz, Maggie will feature into the upcoming half of the season and it sounds like Ezra finds out about his son. “You’ll definitely see more of Maggie and you’ll see more of his [Ezra’s] son or what you think is his son. That causes a lot of chaos and a lot of hurt for Aria and Ezra.” Do you think he’ll find out from Aria or do you think his brother Wesley (Gregg Sulkin) might spill the beans?

In the same interview, Hale hints at a rough time for the Ezria pair. “They’re sort of trying to figure out what is best not only for them as individuals but he now he has someone he has to take care of. Aria has to grow up even more and sort of figures out what she wants for her life and her future.” Do you think they’ll make it through the season? Do you still like Aria and Ezra together?

What do you think the season holds for Aria? Are you worried that she will be targeted further by A?

Season 3B of Pretty Little Liars premieres Tuesday, Jan. 8 at 8 PM on ABC Family.

Photo Credit: ABC Family

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=17127641 Laura Jurgensmeyer

    Ezra is my favorite. I don’t want them to break up! They’ve been together for too long for a drama TV show though, so I’m sure they’ll break up.

    • Megan

      Agreed! I know this a drama show and all, but I don’t like how all of Ezra’s secrets just came out in the last season! Why can’t one person be good on the show?

      • Cybermama

        I totally agree with you. There should at least be one good guy and one lucky relationship in the story. In any case I like aria/esra storyline in the tv series better than the one in the book except that maggie esra bit

  • kate

    I’ve always disliked erza and aria. I would really like then to break up or one of them be a. On the other hand I was devasted about Spencer and toby

  • Jill

    Interesting. I think they need to break up simply because they seem to be growing apart. I don’t fully trust Maggie, whether or not she is telling the truth about her son. I think it would be fair of A to target Aria more because she gets hit less then the other girls but I still feel like Aria is A or has something to do with the whole entire thing. And where has Mike been at all this season?

  • ANA


  • nbjpaw

    The relationship should never have been allowed to take place, nor would a kids parents wh teachers ever allowed th ezra to remain a teacher. I realize its in the script, but to make it sound like its ok, totally unacceptable.

  • amit

    Dont want them to breakupp!! They are my favorite couple! Lovee themmm

  • Ann

    ezria is boring -_- every damn episode we get to watch them fooling around in his apartment,and i’m sorry but that’s mainly ezra’s fault,the guy has the personaliy of a potato.I think the guy who plays him is gorgeous,but seriously,his character is boring to tears,he’s just wasting screen time that we could spend watching more development of characters way more interesting than him. so they should just either make him go away,or do something interesting with him.

  • Anon

    (A)lison (T)oby (E)zra (A)ria (M)ona

    • User

      Why would Aria be in the A-team?

      • girl

        well she is the one in the theme song that says sshhhh

    • Guest

      That is reall interesting

    • disqus_aNQmR1xPjL


  • Anon

    When is it coming back ?!

  • sexychic

    what happened to the ppl in the books??? claudia,kelsey,tabitha, spencers half siblings…… and dont worry…. by saying all these ppls names wont spoil anything….its just other ppl in it

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