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More changes are coming to The Voice. This time, one or more teams could be completely eliminated before the finale.

Once the show narrows down the pool of artists to the Top 12, the two contestants with the lowest number of votes each week will be eliminated, no matter what team they’re on.

In the previous two seasons of the NBC singing competition, each coach had one artist representing them in the finale. The new rule change won’t guarantee that, TVLine reports.

Before the start of the show’s third season, NBC announced the addition of the coaches’ steal, allowing each coach to save up to two contestants during the Battle Rounds, as well as the implementation of the new Knockout Rounds.

Each coach recruited 16 contestants to their teams during the Blind Auditions, narrowed them down to 10 during the Battles and will whittle that down to five during the upcoming Knockout Rounds.

Those remaining 20 (five per team) will perform during the live shows, in which America will vote for two contestants from each team, with the coaches saving one more. That’ll narrow the playing field to 12. After that, the two people with the lowest number of votes go home, even if they’re on the same team. So we could see a finale dominated by just one or two teams.

The Voice airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on NBC, with the Knockout Rounds starting next week.

What do you think of this new rule? How did you like the steals during the Battle Rounds? Who has the weakest team so far?

Photo Credit: Byron Cohen/NBC
  • Jeff Dodge

    Yet another part of the format that they’ve stolen from X Factor.

    • Mario

      Yes, X Factor invented letting the best talent go on.

      • Jeff Dodge

        What I mean by that is that both The Voice and X Factor have the contestants tied to the judges, where the judges mentor them. Going off of that way of doing things, once the live shows started, it didn’t matter about who was with which judge on X Factor–those with the fewest number of votes were in danger of going home. Whereas with The Voice up until now, they decided to make it even among each team, which is unfair.

        It’s just yet another part of the format that they’re taking from X Factor. The X Factor franchise began years before The Voice began, and they took obvious parts of the X Factor format to use on their own show.

        Now obviously, American Idol came before even these two shows, and so yes both X Factor and The Voice have taken things from Idol. But they’ve been things that are expected of singing competition shows. But with The Voice, the things they’ve tried to pawn off as unique to their show (besides the blind audition gimmick) was first done on X Factor.

        • Sam

          Hahah… I would hardly call what they do on The X Factor ‘mentoring’. If you want to see REAL mentoring, watch the Battle Rounds of The Voice.

          And I don’t see any problem with the show changing a certain format when they realized that it caused really good singers to go home for two seasons.

          The Voice is the more superior show (despite being the lower budget show) as the ratings have been proving that over and over.

          • Guest

            I agree that there’s no problem with the show changing certain things to improve (Idol’s tweaked things many times). But my point was that it’s obvious that they always seen to look to X Factor’s format when creating/changing their show. That’s all I was saying; nothing more.

            And while you can definitely make a case for The Voice being a superior show just based on ratings, if you look at these franchises as a whole, The X Factor has created worldwide superstars. Now, obviously it’s too early to tell is our U.S. version will create really successful artists yet.

            I’ve watched The Voice and have really enjoyed it; I can just sit back and have fun watching the performances and the banter between the judges (Adam and Blake are the strongest). The reason why I’m not as invested in it as I am with X Factor (or obviously Idol) is because it’s hard to remember most of the contestants’ names on The Voice. But with X Factor throughout the entire competition, you get invested in certain people and feel like you know them more. Through the 2 seasons of The Voice that have aired, while there are a few contestants I’ve liked, overall I don’t feel like I know most of them or care what happens after the show is over.

          • Jeff Dodge

            Not sure why I all of a sudden become a Guest on the above reply, but anyways, that reply was from me.

          • Sam

            Although I do agree that The X Factor has created global super stars such as One Direction, I don’t think its a fair comparison because that was the X Factor U.K and that show is on its NINTH season. People really need to give The Voice a break, its on its 3rd season.

            Also, they have changed their format this year so that everyone will perform each week. You might think thats them ‘copying the X Factor’ again, I don’t. They change what isn’t working for them just like adding the ‘Steal’ to the Battle Rounds made the ratings remain steady (they used to plummet in the Battle Rounds)

            And I think I prefer the Blind auditions ‘gimmick’ anyday to Simon Cowell’s annoying drawl as he gives people unnecessary verbal smack downs

  • http://www.facebook.com/erikd1 Erik Davison

    Should have been this way from the beginning. Less emphasis on the judges, more on contestants.

  • SeanV23

    I’m really happy with the changes they’ve made this season. The button & the chair appeal so much to the viewers, that’s why they implemented the “steal”. I know some may say the new elimination rule is just like The X Factor, but one of the big differences is that none of the coaches have a say in who goes. It’s what I hate most about the elimination process on The X Factor: the judges vote to send home contestants just to spite the other judges.

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