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Jian Ghomeshi of Canada’s CBC Radio sat down with J.K. Rowling in New York to talk about not only The Casual Vacancy but also about her relationship with the media. She also speaks about some of the more shocking reviews she has received on her new book for adults.

One of the funniest things Jo says includes the two laughing about how much “the media is very interested in the media,” which is why so many interviews revolve around her relationship with the media.

CBC Radio: “You don’t give very many interviews, do you?”
Jo: “Well, I feel as if I don’t have enough to say.”

Elsewhere, we hear Rowling state she knows she’ll never write another book that is Harry Potter level in terms of success.

The interview also talks about bullying being dragged into the bedroom now with cyberbullying. “It really feels like they are getting into your head.” This conversation includes a quick note on the tragic suicide of Amanda Todd.

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  • Sam

    I think this was one of the best interview she’s done yet post-Casual Vacancy. First one where the interviewer (Jian Gomeshi) actually asked questions that some of the critics have put to her, but he did so in a non-acusatory way and I thought she responded very well. It was a good interview on both of their parts!

  • luna97831

    yay for CBC Radio <3

  • guest02

    …. shades of grey lol….

  • Andrew_ww

    :D Finally something happens here.

  • http://www.katepawsonstuder.com/ Kate Pawson Studer

    Top notch interview by CBC, as always!

  • Guest

    Is there a link to the interview? I just see a big white space on the page. :(

  • LizH

    I find it funny that the interviewer says the last 5 minutes of the interview were the best. As Jo said, the media LOVE to talk about the media! Great interview, though.

  • The Bogside Artists

    Rowling was created by the British establishment to fill the gap left by Roald Dahl. Her ruthless lawyers Schillings have dragged over 56 people into court on her behalf to protect the franchise. No serious investigation has ever been allowed into Rowling or her life. For no ‘great writer’ worth his or her salt is CAPABLE of writing a plonker of this ineptitude. And who, may I ask is her ‘editor’ on this one? Where is he/she? Why aren’t you allowed to know? Indeed why aren’t you allowed to know about her life or are you to be happy with the blatant myth that has been dished out to you by her publishers and PR people? When the public at large give up the narcotic adulation they have been taught to bend to and begin asking serious questions we may one day find out who Rowling actually is… and more to the point… who REALLY is behind her.

    But, as they say, there are none so silent as those whose loyalty has been bought. And when you consider the billions that have been made in the British publishing and media industries from Potter and how many thousands of people grew rich on it you may well understand how deep and impenetrable that silence is. Rowling is PROTECTED. Get clear about that! Protected from what you might even ask yourself. Her myth, life, reputation and work is PROTECTED from disclosure at every conceivable level and she has paid-up workers trawling blogs like this daily to ensure no untoward comments, (“unverifiable”, “false” and “untrue”,… favourite catchwords of her lawyers Schillings by which they bind and gag editors right across the globe) get printed or read. The truth about Rowling will out eventually… as truth always triumphs. The sooner the better.

    • William Hardy

      Bogside Artists, you are bunch of idiots. Who would take you seriously who said that Power Rangers and Star Wars never existed and says that Rowling is also protected by the Anime/Manga industry, which doesn’t make any sense.

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