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In “Punked,” the fourth episode of Castle‘s third season, our favorite fictional novelist makes breakfast for his mother and daughter. Richard Castle makes them a taste sensation. Martha Rodgers declines his offer, but Alexis isn’t listening to her father and takes unknowingly a bite, and she spits the Smorelette out. We don’t get why. The Smorelette is surprisingly tasty, or like Castle puts it: “A taste sensation.”

Try it yourself!

Ingredients for 1 Smorelette:

Castle Smorelette Recipe

Three eggs (biologic)
Half a graham cracker (crumbled)
Mini marshmallows (a handful)
Chocolate drops or chocolate shavings (a handful)
A pinch of salt
A pinch of pepper
Some butter or oil

Kitchen gear:
Omelet pan


1) Break the eggs in a bowl, add some salt and pepper and stir really well.

Castle Smorelette Recipe

2) Put the eggs in a pan and bake it on one side.

Castle Smorelette Recipe

3) Turn the omelet.

Castle Smorelette Recipe

4) Sprinkle the chocolate, the marshmallows and the graham cracker crumbles on one side of the omelet.

Castle Smorelette Recipe

5) Flip the free half of the omelet over the sprinkled one.

Castle Smorelette Recipe

6) Wait until the marshmallows and the chocolate are molten and your Smorelette is ready to be served!

Castle Smorelette Recipe

Did you like it as much as we did?

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  • Dana

    Looks yummy!!! have to try it out soon!!!!!

  • Danni

    Hilarious and smaakvol *tasteful* so i run into this article and it turns out to be written by someone who could possibly be my neighbour (glad to see I’m not the only insane dutch fan of Castle )

    • Captain12thP

      No, you are indeed not! :) And if you are on twitter you can find a lot more

  • http://twitter.com/FailGloriously Katherine Treeman

    My friend and I are planning on having a Castle marathon over the summer break (Australia, people, Australia). This is so going on our snack list!

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