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By Tariq Kyle (@TRQhz) at 3:01 pm, October 18, 2012

Our sixth round of BattleShips begins with Merlin! Which ship will make it off to the fandom vs. fandom showdown?

Hypable has decided to take the monumental task of hosting a fandom shipping tournament, where we pit ship against ship and fandom against fandom to see which relationship will emerge the victor. In our qualifying round we asked you to pick your top 10 favorite fandoms, and we decided that the race was so close we actually made it the top 16.

Round 1: Damon & Elena from Vampire Diaries
Round 2: Matthew & Mary from Downton Abbey
Round 3: Nick and Jess from New Girl
Round 4: Stiles and Derek from Teen Wolf
Round 5: Leonard and Penny from The Big Bang Theory

And your ‘Merlin’ OTP is: Merlin and Arthur

Shipping Recap

Let’s get you a little lesson on Merlin ships. Who’s canon and who’s fanon (fandom created)?

What we consider canon

Gwen/Arthur, Gwen/Lancelot

As per our opinion, a canon relationship is one where the two characters have actually been involved in some sort of emotional or physical relations on the show. Flirting, kissing, sleeping together, that’s all something that would make a pair a canon ship. At least, that’s how we see it on Hypable. We’ve seen the characters above do everything from a small kiss to steamy sex scenes.

What we consider fanon

Merlin/Morgana,Merlin/Gwaine, Gwen/Morgana, Morgana/Sir Leon, Merlin/Lancelot

A fanon ship is something that the fans would love to see on the show, but hasn’t actually happened (yet). Inside this realm of ships are also all the ships that have been hinted to in the show, but nothing has actually occurred.

There are also the ships that are inspired by two characters just interacting and having great chemistry. While these aren’t romantic relationships on the show, they’ve definitely turned out their fair share of romance fics and images on the Internet.

Vote for your OTP!

Only one ship will move on and represent Merlin in the final rounds of BattleShips. So which will you pick? Are you going to vote for something that has happened on the show because you can’t wait to see more, or will you vote for a fanon couple and try to show the producers that they need to give it more attention?

Pick your couple and tell us in the comments with what you chose!

Confused about what shipping is?

If you’ve missed out first article, take a look at our first BattleShips post to figure out what all this shipping nonsense means. And if you still don’t understand, sound off in the comments below and we’ll help you out!

  • azileea

    There’s no Arthur/Gwen.

    • Ev42

      Haha, I didn’t even notice! That’s hilarious XP

    • http://www.hypable.com/ Andrew Sims

      Just added! Sorry

  • josie

    that awkward moment in the first season where everything was arthur/morgana and nothing hurt :(

    • shantih

      don’t ship them myself, but I think they’ve got more reason to be on the list than Morgana/Leon

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=9800874 Elana Kahn

    Merlin/Arthur every time!

  • Tatiana

    As a multi-shipper, this poll pains me, because I love ALL these pairings. *IS SHOT RIGHT IN THE HEART.* :’(



    • Delena

      Merlin/Freya is literally the best. I will ship them forever. If they were on here I’d vote for them in a heartbeat.

      • HEARTOAK109

        me too. i had to go for my second favorite, arwen. but i would totally prefer them

        • Delena

          Agreed! And I’m glad Gwaine isn’t up there with anyone because..well… ;D I just really love him a lot. As does like…everyone. At least when he remains single, we can all pretend haha nah, but I think the only legit ships in Merlin are Arthur/Gwen, Arthur/Lancelot and Merlin/Freya. And of course Arthur/Merlin because no one can deny that bromance.

          • HEARTOAK109

            excatly. Gwaine is for everyone to drool over. ;) there are so few canon ships on this show. they should work on that. :D

        • dKDMl

          idk if laugh or cry

  • http://www.youtube.com/mapthestars Mapthestars

    I can’t believe there was no Gaius/Uther!!!!! lol. I would’ve soo voted for that one.

  • AnnaTveit

    I don’t really ship Merlin/Arthur romantically, but I had to vote for them anyway. I want them to be together forever. I hope their great bromance isn’t permanently ruined by the magic reveal (and if there is no magic reaveal soon, I will hit my computer).

    • CaptainOzone

      You and me both, my friend.

      • Horumi

        aww How sweet!

  • http://www.facebook.com/jenny.lin.129794 Jenny Lin


  • Mary

    Merthur <3

  • http://www.facebook.com/alicia.bea.7 Alicia Bea

    merthur of course

  • http://twitter.com/LauraGardner_7 Laura Gardner

    I love that the Merlin/Arthur Ship isn’t under either the canon or the fanon categories.

    • Kare

      haha i noticed that too. It’s in a class by itself cuz you could argue it both ways :)

    • reve


  • Itzclara

    Merthur forever! <3 They're each other's destiny for God's sake!

    • Brie

      But Morgana and Merlin are also said to be each other’s “destiny”….

      • kate

        yeah but while emrys (merlin’s “magic!self” ) is destined to be the doom of morgana, merlin is destined to build a land with arthur…
        as bradley put it once: no contest.

  • Delena

    There’s no way Merlin/Arthur ISN’T going to win. I don’t ship it (not really) but I still love it xD

  • Saskia

    Those who ship Merthur, can you please stop daydreaming? They will never get involved romantically and let me tell you why. 1. They’re straight, 2. Arthur has a wife who he very much loves, 3. They’re straight, 4… Uhm they’re straight. Arthur and Merlin make great friends and that’s about it. Please get over whatever weird fetish you have, and NO, this does not come from an Arwen shipper. Just someone with a pair of functioning eyes and a non delusional brain.

    Looking forward to all the hater comments!

    • shantih

      Too late, they are already involved romantically :P. Also where do you get the idea that they’re straight? Other than just making that part up in your own brain? (Please don’t say it’s because they’ve kissed or been involved with women because that does not make someone straight).

      • marcus


    • http://twitter.com/f0rcryin0utl0ud forcryinoutloud

      *laughs* Well, considering in medieval history it was fairly normal for men (“straight” men) to pair off while away on campaign, and not completely inconcievable for a King to take a Consort/Mistress/Male lover (WHILE married), the ideas that you’re putting forth for why Merlin/Arthur will never be fall rather flat. No, they won’t happen on the show because it’s a family show and networks, as well as the writers for this show, are still notoriously twitchy when it comes to gay romance. That, however, does not even remotely matter because in the end, fanon is what is going to live on LONG after a show has been cancelled or has finished it’s run. Decades from now, Merlin/Arthur is going to be the pairing that the majority of people will associate with this show – just like decades later the main pairing associated with Star Trek is Kirk/Spock (even though that wasn’t canon either). Hell, if you check online, the majority of fans involved in fandom already associate Merlin with Merthur. While you might not like it, that’s fine, but you have no right to try and dictate what other people enjoy. Slashers aren’t calling for Merlin/Arthur to become canon, because the majority of them 1) know it won’t happen and 2) wouldn’t trust these writers as far as we could throw them to attempt writing Merlin/Arthur (look at how awkward and just painfully bad the Arthur/Gwen relationship is written), so I really don’t see why non-slashers have such a bloody problem with others enjoying what pairing they enjoy. My love of Merlin/Arthur has no effect on you one way or the other, so bugger off thanks, I’m just going to continue sitting here enjoying all the slashy goodness. ;)

    • Guest

      I think people mainly vote for their bromance and not for them to be involved romantically. Because you have to admit their bromance is awesome!

  • ChibiChiii

    I love Merthur <3

  • hpboy13

    I don’t know why Hypable bothered with this. Any person who has been on the Internet can tell you Merthur will win. And while I personally ship Merlin/Morgana, I can totally get behind Merthur winning BattleShips!

    • http://forgiveyourmind.tumblr.com/ Tariq

      We bother with it because you never know if there’s some sort of underground crazy large group of shippers that ships something you’ve never heard before. *cough*ouat*cough*

  • Kost

    Merthur for all my life <3

  • LMAO

    I would not watch this show at all if it weren’t for the intense staring and mouth gazing and always-in-each-others-personal-space of Arthur and Merlin. Sure, Gwen and Arthur are supposed to be canon, they push them very very hard with the funny violins and sunbeams, but it still doesn’t work because it doesn’t flow naturally. They don’t have the spark and energy of Arthur and Merlin. It’s A/M who are the heart and core of the show.

    • Sarah L.

      Could not have said it better myself!

  • greatshow

    I love this show, Merlin and Arthur are solid gold together. Can’t wait for Morgana and Gwaine to have children. Love Arthur and Gwen this time around, I am so happy they reinvented her for this series. God I love BBC for making this show!!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/erikd1 Erik Davison

    I’m surprised Gwen/Merlin isn’t there, since it was hinted at in season 1. Not that I would have voted for it. Arthur/Gwen get’s mine!!!! Why? because after all they’ve been through and everything that came between them, they still ended up together!!

  • MHutch

    There is no way the Merlin/Arthur bromance will not prevail!

  • http://www.facebook.com/erikd1 Erik Davison

    Also, this should probably include merlin’s latest romance, (i forgot her name) that servant girl he was flirting with

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Maria-Wang/542480760 Maria Wang

    hehehe, looks like fanon is gonna win this one.

    Also, i feel like that one person is going around voting down all the ‘Merthur’ comments

  • Chicken

    Merthur, for sure. Not that I don’t like Arwen, but I felt like it almost came out of nowhere, when I thought the show was leaning towards Merlin/Gwen in series 1. I also like Freya/Merlin.

    • harvey

      preach. it started all too soon. they haven’t built a storyline..
      at least you can see merthur maturing after each ep. look at them now! they almost hated each other in the first episode haha great ship and romance (;

  • Elena

    Arthur x Guinevere romance is the most beautiful thing in the show, they are just perfect.

  • reve

    as it has been said before, nothing can top that merthur is neither in canon, nor fanon.

    totally understandable though!


  • snuffles44

    How is this even a question?

  • Kida

    Merlin/Arthur because even the dragon ships it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/alicia.bea.7 Alicia Bea

    merthur merthur

  • Amy F.

    MERTHUR is the only ship I’m sailing on here!! <3

  • Disterra

    Merlin/Arthur all the way! Even my Mom (who’s a conservative woman and not a slash shipper) noticed their chemistry and was asking me if they were a thing. :)) Hell, even Bradley James says the Merlin/Arthur bromance is stronger.
    It’s very powerful and IMHO it’s their deep relationship that made the show so popular.

  • cm

    what aboout Merlin/Freya? not that it matters, I too am voting ffor Merthur (bromance ftw).

  • Mai Han

    I don’t care which ship will win because no matter what Merlin and Arthur relationship is the heart of this show. It’s that simple!

  • Sreya Ray

    I ship and will ship Merthur(Merlin/Arthur) till kingdom come….. it is the most epic as well as the most romantic slash pairing ever….

  • Meghan

    Merlin/ Arthur all the way!!

  • lilian

    merthurrr all the way

  • marcus

    Merthur! yay we rock this ship ((:

  • nemesi86


  • nana

    Oh?? It’s over already? Merthur wins so easily, just saying

  • Jordan

    Merlin/Arthur. Always.

  • Anne

    and excuse me but where the hell is Arthur/Morgana?

  • Kelly Lynn

    Merlin/Arthur all the way.

  • mustasiipi

    Merthur obviously.

  • Maria

    When it comes to romantic ships I’m an Arwen girl all the way, but I totally see and understand why Merthur are the most popular pairing on the show. Apart from hardcore shipping their bromance myself, they are the main core of the show and are the most important relationship. :)

  • Teranel

    You could also count Merlin/Gwen and Gwaine/Gwen as canon.
    For fanon, I’m also in favor of shipping Lancelot/Morgana and Gwaine/Morgana, but I’m glad that at least Leon/Morgana made it on the list!

  • TheReinbachDragonlord

    I will always and forever ship Merthur, to hell and back. I cannot even explain how perfect they are. So much OTP right there <3



  • Anna_S

    Arthur/Merlin – definitely most true, funny and epic tv relationship i’ve seen in a while

  • odile

    Merlin/Arthur every time!

  • Horumi

    Somebody please explain to me why such a minority ship like Merlin/Arthur could take over this poll? This is unacceptable!!

    • Gris

      Here’s a hint, maybe cause we’re the majority.

  • Shane

    The king has spoken! Even Bradley James thinks that Arthur and Merlin’s bromance is the strongest

  • C4NN0N

    Merthur ;)

  • Rain

    Merlin and Gwaine is sweet. But Merlin and Arthur is just too perfect. I can not get away from it. xD

    For the record, you guys probably need Uther/Igraine, Merlin/Freya, Merlin/Morgana, Arthur/Mythria in there somewhere. Was it Mythria…? The one he really liked, but just couldn’t get over Gwen for.

  • somebodyfromtumblr

    Merthur! I love them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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