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There’s some real good stuff for A Song of Ice and Fire fans in this new George R.R. Martin interview, in which the author previews the rest of the saga!

A great, very lengthy interview with Martin has been released on Adria’s News, and it is so full of juicy tidbits about the next book in the ASOIAF saga, The Winds of Winter, as well as how he writes characters, works to subvert reader expectations and more. The entire interview is worth checking out, but we’ll include some of the best bits for you here.

Martin speaks very openly about how far he has come writing Winds, and he tentatively gives 2014 as a release date – though, as he cautions, this is not a promise that we won’t have to wait even longer, as he is aware of the fact that after the saga is done, he will be judged at the quality, not the speed of his writing.

He also talks about the seventh and final book in the saga, which he has chosen to name A Dream of Spring (after previously considering Time of Wolves). While he knows how he plans to finish the series, “I discover all that details while I am writing the book and that’s the reason why I go so slowly: because sometimes I have to go back to change certain things.”

That said, however, “I will write the two last books as good as I am capable of and I think the great majority of my readers would be happy with it,” Martin says.

On his decision to kill off important characters at various points in the saga, he says, “I want to state that everybody can die. Mine is not a predictable book like so many others, where you know the hero is safe. No matter how much trouble the hero gets in, what odds he seems to be facing; he’s gonna come through, cause he… he is John Carter, he is the hero. That’s not the way in real life and I want to be realistic in my books, so no one is safe in the books.”

Martin also reflects on why his series is called A Song of Ice and Fire, saying, “People say I was influenced by Robert Ford’s poem, and of course I was, I mean… Fire is love, fire is passion, fire is sexual ardor and all of these things. Ice is betrayal, ice is revenge, ice is… you know, that kind of cold inhumanity and all that stuff is being played out in the books.”

There’s a lot more just like this, well worth a read for ASOIAF fans, over at Adria’s News!

  • https://twitter.com/#!/HP4eva121995 Ally

    If he finishes it by 2014 I’d be shocked.

    • Death

      pushed it back to 2015 – maybe by 2021 (3 years after his death; and who finishes the book = Dean Koontz)

      • Gotfan

        That’s really negative Be positive

      • Not today

        He will finish it. What worries me most is the final book, not this one.

    • Tim

      I think 2014 is realistic. He doesn’t have any plot-related problems to solve, and judging from the number of side projects he’s started, he seems to think he’s on schedule. He was able to knock out a book every two years at the beginning; there’s no reason he couldn’t still do so at a slightly slower pace.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Robert-Monkman/502331043 Robert Monkman

    I think we often forget in our desperation for something now that the writers/creators are the ones who have to live with a failure, we can simply shrug it off and say that was disappointing. Also listening to the way he talks about Tolkien and comics, among other things, he clearly cares about legacy and the one he’s going to leave.

    • Death

      from Dances – that would be privy paper; what is left behind

  • charlton

    Just finished “Dance With Dragons”,can’t wait for “The Winds of Winter”,but 2014?

    • http://twitter.com/tyrellaagard Tyrell Aagard

      A three year gap between novels is superspeed for Martin. From Swords to Feast was 5 years, and from Feast to Dance was a further 6 years. I won’t complain too heavily about 3.

      • charlton

        Like,makes me feel better.

        • Death

          update – pushed back to fall of 2015; three months after his death

  • http://www.facebook.com/KyleSizzzler Kyle Sizzler

    Considering the 6 year gap between Feast and Dance, I suppose 2014 isnt so bad..

    • Death

      news alert – pushed back to fall of 2015; three months after his death

  • Happylittlevegemite

    *Robert Frost (?)

    • cc

      just what I was about to say! I can’t watch the video so I don’t know if this is a typo by the writer or a mistake by George. Either way, shame.

      • http://hypable.com Selina

        I didn’t even look it up when I pulled the quote, but as the interviewer’s native language isn’t English they probably meant to write Robert Frost!

  • http://www.facebook.com/nichrobe Nick Roberts

    One of the greatest writers of our time.

    • Death


  • ncnapper92

    Not trying to be inconsiderate, but he better not die anytime soon. The time he takes to write his books, I’d be so sad if I never got to see the ending because he took too long.

    • Marly

      He’s told the TV producers what will happen at the end, just in case.

      • Death

        Dany dies without riding a dragon or coming back home, in fact – from boredom
        Jon discovers his mother is alive and well and living in Miami
        Cirsei joins the silent sisters and repents
        Tyrion becomes a clown in traveling show
        Jamie discovers he is gay
        the whole boring retinue from Dances goes on. and on and on and on
        noone does anything or goes anywhere
        and on
        and on

  • Japer

    I don’t matter when books will finished!Just write them!And more!

  • Blkorchid

    That’s crap! Love, love! the books, but that’s ridiculous having to wait so long. Years? YEARS?? When the series started in 96? This happened with Robert Jordan’s wheel of time series, he very sadly died before he completed the series, now Brandon Sanderson is finishing for him, not the same at all. Had known it wasn’t finished, or was still years!! in the making, I would never have started the series. Yay, I guess I will have to re read the whole damn thing to remember anything about it, years from now….

  • Akai Koru

    I only worry that he could die before he finishes. Both in that I love the man, and in that we would all be left to wonder what an amazing finish he would have written.

    • Joe_Kickass

      I have heard that he planned for this. I heard that he has taken the time to write the overall conclusion to the story and sealed it away. That way in case of his death the HBO series can be finished with the ending he has in mind. My brother told me about it which I assume he heard from Reddit

      • Death

        and I heard that Dean Koontz is scheduled to step in and fulfill his contract to finish the books – imagine Dean Koontz

  • Akai Koru

    I am also really glad I didn’t decide to read any of them until this year. I have no idea how I could have had all of those gaps between them. In fact now I wish i could have discovered them right after he finishes the whole series.

  • disappointed fan…

    At this rate I think I may be dead before the books get finished…..as a recent convert who has just put down dance I an GUTTED to have to wait so long………..:(

    • Death

      seing how crappy Dances was – I think the bigger crime would be you living long enough to read yet another bowl-movement from this guy

      • death to death

        Ok dumb ass, if you are going to be a prick at last try to get your spelling correct, that would be BOWEL movement

        • death to death to death


  • http://www.facebook.com/josh.wilkison Josh Wilkison

    In the past, he’s had his hands in several different projects. People forget that this series is not his only literary work. It’s just his most famous. However, I think his primary focus will be on finishing this series, what with the show slowly catching up. It’d be a shame for the show to get to where he’s at now, and the series not be finished. Luckily, I read that they’re going to start breaking the rest of the books up into several seasons, so that should buy him some time. At any rate, regardless of how long it takes him to finish, I’ll be there on the release day, ready to jump back in head first.

  • http://www.facebook.com/sandra.forrester.56 Sandra Forrester

    It takes time to write something this complex I get that, but Please can we not have all the other things like Atlas’s & guides etc until the story is completed.
    I keep promising myself that I will not start reading a series until the writer has finished it. I thought with 7 books and in a box set that I was fairly safe but then I thought that about poor Robert Jordans “Wheel of Time” and look how that turned out.
    We should be more patient. Sometimes that is not easy 2014 is 18 months away surely it can be ready by then.

    • Death

      fall of 2015
      oh, and finished by Dean Koontz

  • Zeus

    Its Robert Frost, not Robert Ford

  • http://www.facebook.com/effi.massia Effi Massia

    I dont like it, but I will wait! still, killing some characters was brutal! I’ll miss them

  • http://www.facebook.com/vestita.doo Vestita Doo

    Hes gona die and never finish the books, so he can laugh on us from his grave!

  • Frankiebhoy

    The books are very entertaining tho maybe if he didn’t explain every persons clothing for each day he might already have finished said title lol all tho another year isn’t too bad remember winter is coming!!!

    • Death

      yeah – or how about the rolls and what kind of grain they were made of and the dinner plates engraving pattern, yadda-yadda-yadda Dances was such a boring tome; his next bowl movement will be a wonder

    • Snow

      lol xD

  • Griffin

    This time Martin has a harsh deadline. The tv-series is catching up.

    If The Feast will be fitted in one series and the rest in two, WoW will propably start airing in 2018 and DoS in 2020. For scripting and production design they need the books 2 years in advance. Thats early 2016 and 2018. Because Martin will propably need at least 3 years to finish the last book, WoW would have to be released early 2015 but I would bet for christmas 2014

    • Death

      fall of 2015

  • Old Crone

    shall be long gone by 2014

  • Benny

    “Fire and Ice” is a poem by Robert FROST. Not Ford.

  • AnApparition

    Horrible to say I know, but I really hope he survives another 10 or so years to finish them!

    • Death

      nope – and the series will be finished by Dean Koontz; completely ruined and character assination 0 course, that’s nothing compared to what GRRM did with them in Dances – boring piece of tome

  • Shellymontelione

    I keep seeing different release dates from Spring 2013 ( which I was hoping but not counting on) to Spring 2015 so as much as I want to read the rest of them I can wait until 2014…not that I have a choice lol. But like other people have said I hope he doesn’t die, even if someone else knows how it ends it won’t be the same and that’s happened to me before, started a series then the author died, when I first started this series I was under the impression it was 3 books not 7 and now I’m hooked!

    • Death

      update – pushed back to fall of 2015; and yes, after his death

      • Moo

        Death….get a life dude. You fail at trolling.

  • Mike

    Gutted just finished a dance with dragons and there’s no more for years can’t believe it :(

    • Death

      he’ll publish his next boring tome, privy paper book in 2015; then be gone in three months
      the series willb e finished by Dean Koontz

      • Shellymontelione

        Ok so it’s obvious you’re not a fan…instead of trying to frustrate people who DO like his work try getting a life…

      • Keith

        You really dont like him do you? You try writing even one epic novel, see how long it takes you!

      • George

        shut the fuck up ok?

  • http://www.facebook.com/fracco.wingedwolf Fracco WingedWolf

    No one in the story is safe as in the real life is a great point and a nice touch… But please leave John Snow alive :D

    • Death

      how’d you like that boring piece of tome? I find it comes in handy in he privy

  • nothappyreader

    If I had realised this series was not finished in the six box set that I have just bought and read then I would not have bothered. Will have lost interest by the time the next two are completed and are out. So annoying. Just take it that everyone dies with all the females having their bits cut off and the dead take over, the end!

    • Death

      your ending is more imanginative than his; from Dances it goes further down hill; they sit around and have their clothes, dinners, tables, carpets and hairdos described into oblivion by this bowl-movement

  • Jeanne

    Re-reading the books is a real eye opener — I’m enjoying them much more the second time around. Now that I’m familiar with the story and the characters, I’m picking up on so much more detail. He is truly a great writer. I can see myself reading the books multiple times and getting more enjoyment out of them each time. Plus it helps pass the time until the next book comes out. Plus we have the TV show to look forward too. It’s a feast!

    • Sarugani

      Yeah, I’m reading the books for the second time, looking for answers, mainly for clues about Jon Snows parentage, but I find that I have more questions, now that I pick up on all the details that slipped through the cracks in my mind during the first feverish read… I actually wrote them down, so I don’t forget and I bet I’ll find even more when I read the books a third time… I wonder how many of these questions will be solved. I mean, does Tyrek Lannister’s disappearance during the riot in King’s Landing have any meaning? I see plot twists in the making everywhere. And that’s the least intriguing of my questions…

      • NoProblemz


        • Sarugani

          I am aware of that theory and I think it’s a likely one. I just tried to find clues for that theory or any other on my second read.

  • LeoNineGR

    i readed the 3 of 5 books in 1 month. and now that i see he didnt finish the series i want go slowly but its impossible to read 2 books in 2 years..it too slow.. damned he write slowly. harry potter books was atleast 1 per year. not that they worth infront of his book but still i readed them young and i liked them.

    anyway,im pretty sure john wont die and he is not edward stark son but he is his sister son. he will be the dragon wolf. ice and fire together. (the question is: if he is dragon,why his hand got burned at 1st book when killed the “other”?


      It’s Jon and Eddard.

    • Targs are NOT fireproof

      Targaryens are NOT immune to fire. GRRM has said this many times.That was a one time event due to the birth of the dragons, so Jon being burned means nothing of his heritage. Even Dany gets burned in ADWD. Second, he killed a wight, not an Other.

  • Death

    his last book was such a boring tome – I moved on to Pratchett and REFUSE to pre-order any of Martin’s crap; maybe he’ll be gone soon and everyone can move on with their lives and forget all about him

  • Hound Fan

    Dear Death,

    It is time to move out of your Mother’s basement and try kissing a girl. At this stage, everyone is fully aware of your views on the subject. Move on, hopefully with a new and more event filled life. I too have been let down by the past two books, to the point where I feel no anxiety over how long it takes him to write or if he will finish the series. But I don’t need to sit on a forum spouting off like a demented parrot.

  • http://www.facebook.com/katarina.kukanja Katarina Kukanja

    I think its GRRMs fate to finish the series… Like some kind of Legacy… Like Tolkiens LOTR. :3

    • Richie Lomas

      Valar Morghulis…

  • Ghost

    “after previously considering Time of Wolves”… This must mean the Starks win right? lol

    • Snow

      yeah….that would have been waaaaay too predictible

  • MC

    “Robert FORD”?? Who edited this? Robert FROST wrote “Fire and Ice.”

    Some say the world will end in fire,

    Some say in ice.

    From what I’ve tasted of desire

    I hold with those who favor fire.

    But if it had to perish twice,

    I think I know enough of hate

    To say that for destruction ice

    Is also great

    And would suffice.

  • Corey

    Robert Ford?

    I sure hope that was a mistake in transcribing the interview and not one on the part of our beloved author…

  • Duncan Reynolds

    The poem – I think he meant Robert Frost, not Robert Ford. http://www.poemhunter.com/poem/fire-and-ice/

  • uhhhh

    Robert Ford? Was that a misquote? Wasn’t it Robert Frost who wrote the famous ‘Fire and Ice’ poem? Really, I’d like to know….

  • Snow

    is it actually possible that jon snow is infact eddard starks nephew not his son?…..i mean we all know that eddard had a bastard son with one of princess elia’s handmaids and the child was stillborn….so what if jon is the son of prince rheagar and lyanna stark?…..maybe thats why eddard kept refusing to tell jon about his mom

    • Sarugani

      How do we know that? All we know is tons of gossip from different people, some of whom weren’t even alive yet at the time (like Ser Berric’s squire) about different people (Wylla the wet nurse? Lady Ashara?). All we know is that Ned went South and came home with a baby boy. Who knows who knocked up Ashara Dayne? She jumped out of the window after Ned brought back her dead brother’s sword. At the Harrenhal tourney, she had danced with several people including Ned Stark, but that doesn’t prove he slept with her. Barristan assumes for some reason that Ashara turned to a Stark, that she got pregnant by him and had a stillborn daughter. Is there any proof for any of that? Barristan was not around he’s just guessing. The only person left who can possibly *know* anything about what happened at the time is Howland Reed, the only surviving member of the Lyanna rescue party and he lives in a swamp in a moving castle that he hasn’t left since he came back from that rescue mission. We haven’t met him yet, but Maege Mormont and one of the Glovers were sent to find him, so maybe we will find something out in the end, but so far it’s all speculation and rumors.

      • Gildrien Bholotsjef


        I’m not sure if there’s characters that had been around when Edd Stark found Lyanna Stark in a “bed of blood”. But lets say all the people who were around there that time are dead, there’s still a chance that Bran can see the past/truth through the weirtrees. However I don’t know how he would ever let Jon know about it…if Jon is still alive, my bet is that he is still alive or Melisandra will bring him back to life.

  • williampeck

    I look forward to his next two books; I have thoroughly enjoyed the audio books. I listen to them during my workouts and periods of relaxation.

  • doctorr

    This is the year then!

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