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Casting for new characters is just beginning for Teen Wolf season 3, and we’ve got a few interesting details on a pair of faces we can expect to see next year.

We know that executive producer Jeff Davis just began writing for next season, thanks to this tweet from a few days ago:

But what’s got us even more excited is the casting call that came out yesterday. We learned through the grape vine a while ago that a pair of wolves in the Alpha Pack would be twins, and now we’ve got some extra information to share.

According to teenwolftwins.com, the werewolves will be identical twin brothers named Ethan and Aiden. They’re both young, attractive, and described as “utterly menacing” and “dangerous charmers.” We like the sound of that!

Ethan will be the smart one – and he’ll use his intelligence for “devious calculation.” Wouldn’t you love to see him and Stiles go at it in a battle of wits? Aiden, on the other hand, will be “the simple brute force of the duo.” We think there’s going to be more than one sequence of Derek going head to head with this one, don’t you think?

The roles require the twins to be athletic and in top physical shape (we wouldn’t expect anything less at this point). Other than a minimum age of 18, there are no other restrictions or requirements for the roles.

Need more ‘Teen Wolf’?

Shooting is slated to begin sometime next month, and we expect news to start picking up as that deadline looms closer.

Don’t forget to check out this interview with Ian Bohen (Peter) and Stephen Lunsford (Matt) where they discuss the possibility of a certain character’s return to the show.

And if you haven’t seen these bloopers yet, you’re definitely missing out. Get to it!

  • theaterboy1

    Before reading this I was wondering if they would use one actor and duplicate him (like Lindsay Lohan in ‘The Parent Trap’ or Armie Hammer in ‘The Social Network’) or whether they would cast actual twins. I guess they are doing the latter. If Dylan and Cole Sprouse weren’t done acting I’d say cast them but I don’t know. Maybe they want two unknowns which would also be cool.

  • http://forgiveyourmind.tumblr.com/ Tariq

    This show isn’t fair. There’s already a ton of hot guys in it and now they want to cast TWO IDENTICALLY HOT ONES?! I mean I love it…butohmygod this show is just eye candy.

  • caroline.taylor078

    Yummy alpha twins, I can’t wait, gutted its sooooo long away though!

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