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Once Upon a Time showrunner Ed Kitsis talks in a new interview about Emma’s love life, and who we may see courting her in season 2!

Speaking to E! Online, Kitsis admits that the writers have to make up for a season of Emma doing, “the whole savior thing and I’m-a-new-mom thing.” So in season 2, we can expect to see “a few suitors come her way.”

Will this be while she is stuck in fairytale land with Snow White, or after they make it back to Storybrooke (if indeed they ever do)? Kitsis doesn’t say, but he does reveal that the potential love interests include, “a few people we haven’t met yet.”

A few, huh?! Interesting. It’s good to know that Emma will be keeping busy, and hopefully it’ll be a case of her picking the best possible romantic partner as opposed to ending up in some love triangle or finding one of the show’s iconic “true love” pairings.

We have quite a few ideas about who Emma could potentially hook up with of course, including Captain Hook, Baelfire (who may or may not be the same person as Henry’s dad), August and Jefferson.

Who would you most like to see with Emma in season 2? Vote in the poll and share your choice in the comments!

Who should be Emma's love interest in season 2?

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  • Bumble


    • http://hypable.com Selina

      He got my vote too :D

  • http://forgiveyourmind.tumblr.com/ Tariq

    Sheriff Graham, of course. ;D

  • Maya

    Regina Mills

  • Tina


  • LaRageDelPueblo


  • SarahhStrong

    Regina Mills!!!

  • http://twitter.com/SofMarie93 Sofia Thomas

    August, of course!

  • lunatic


  • JJ

    Regina Freakin’ Mills

  • Mauren

    Other, obviously. Regina Mills.

  • Shipper

    Regina Mills!

  • http://www.facebook.com/Jaderyn Shirya Winterborn

    All my votes go to Regina.

  • http://twitter.com/healover Julie

    regina mills…and why is she not in the mix?

  • http://twitter.com/fictorium Lola’s Fic

    Regina – only person J-Mo truly has chemistry with so far!

  • becks


  • Isa

    1. Regina
    2. Regina
    3. Regina

  • Jodie


  • Zoe


  • http://twitter.com/SithLordMalak David Fischer

    We don’t need another one of those ‘troubled woman just needs a man to be happy’ stories, so I vote Regina!

  • 12amy

    Regina Mills

  • Ryan


  • http://twitter.com/LookOfTheEvilRe LookOfTheEvilRegal

    Regina Mills

  • Jenn


  • Sarah


  • sapphonest

    Obviously Regina.

  • http://twitter.com/helenastacie helenastacie

    She should be with Regina.

  • http://www.facebook.com/amelia.m.shepherd.3 Amelia McHurricane Shepherd


  • Samara


  • Jenn

    Regina! Duh,

  • Regina Mills


    • Nine

      hahaha ;)

    • http://twitter.com/rochiss271 rocio rojas

      hahah you made my day!

    • keeva99


    • Emma Swan

      For once we agree, Madam Mayor. Drinks at Granny’s?

      • Regina Mills

        oh Ms Swan, how about i make that offer better and change the location to my bed.

        • Emma Swan

          Well…shit. Uh…yeah. I’ll be over soon.

          • Henry Mills

            Mom! Emma! I’m still in the room!

          • Emma Swan

            Uhh…hey, kid. Didn’t see you there. Your mom and I were gonna go talk…in her bedroom. Yeah.

          • Henry Mills

            Yeah… talk, I’m ten and I know what you two are going to do. I’ll be at Granny’s

          • Ruby

            Room for one more?

          • David Nolan

            shouldn’t you be atr granny’s?

          • Ruby

            No way am I missing out on being Royaly screwed by a Queen and a Princess

          • Emma Swan

            Really, Ruby? How long have you been sitting on that pun?

          • Ruby

            There are a whole lot of other places I’d rather be sitting ;)

          • Emma Swan

            Really, Ruby? REALLY? Just for that, you’ll have to ask Regina about a threesome yourself. No help from me.

          • Regina Mills

            Are you asking for a royle bed fest, Ms swan

          • Granny

            RUBY! Leave the ladies alone…

          • Mary Margaret


          • David Nolan

            yeah, that’s my little girl. Daddy is proud.

          • Mulan

            See Aurora, we aren’t the only ones

          • Emma Swan

            Wait. You and Sleeping Beauty? This sure as hell wasn’t in the Disney films.

          • RedRuby


        • Maleficent

          I call dibs on Maid of Honour

          • The Miller’s Daughter

            Well, I think Miss Swan is far better of with a man. I hear that Regina woman is an awful, disobedient thing. Ahem. That’s what I hear, anyway. Ahem.

          • Rumpelstiltskin

            Well well well we meet again dearie. Now lets discuss the terms of our deal which you broke

          • The Miller’s Daughter

            I’m sure I have no idea what you’re talking about.

          • Rumpelstiltskin

            Oh but of course, we’ve made so many deals over the years, your barely recognisable as the poverty stricken daughter of a miller I first spun all that straw into gold for. You broke that deal Dearie, and I always collect on my debts.

          • Emma swan

            @bcbd48399f3beab9906c8e812e06c3e3:disqus : Great, can i watch?

          • Rumpelstiltskin

            Of course, consider it my engagement gift to you and your lovely new fiance

          • Belle

            Rumpel! You promised me you wouldn’t kill people any more!

          • Rumpelstiltskin

            And I won’t, I promise I won’t kill the Miller’s daughter.

          • Belle

            And no using the Wraith either

          • Rumpelstiltskin

            awwww Belle, you spoil all my fun

          • emma swan

            @bcbd48399f3beab9906c8e812e06c3e3:disqus well..fuck..is there anymore creature thingys you can summon?

          • Maleficent

            I’ve never made any promises about not killing, I can lend a hand…or claw… or fang… or even a good flame

          • Emma swan

            @2678b52ff34baaba98741dee59c20a9d:disqus All of the above will do. Get creative ;)

          • Emma Swan

            @rumpelstiltskin : Great, can i watch?

    • Dr. Archie Hopper

      I wholeheartedly agree. For Henry’s best interest, of course.

      • Emma Swan

        Thanks, Dr. Hopper. I appreciate the support.

    • Rumpelstiltskin

      Well this was to be expected dearies

    • Cora Mills

      @98d5dd2b989361f6244208c02f21cec2:disqus !! A WOMAN?! Well, at least you’re stepping it up from that ridiculous Stable Boy. Just remember what I taught you about using your assets.

      • Daniel who is now Emma

        I resent that implication, but the jokes on you, Emma is my reincarnation

        • Cora Mills

          Well then young man/woman. At least YOU have stepped it up as well. Do NOT make me rip your heart out again. Although I must say I’d take suuuch a pleasure out of it.

          • David Nolan

            Rip my daugter’s heart out and I torture you to death, b.

          • Cora Mills

            @David Nolan Bahaha I would just loove to see you try, darling. And so long as your little princess does not stray from my daughter you have nothing to worry about. All I care about is that my insufferable daughter becomes queen again. Especially after being a ridiculous mayor for over 28 years.

          • Emma Swan

            Hey! Regina is many things but ridiculous isn’t one of them. Don’t insult Regina again ’cause, lady, you don’t know what I’m capable of.

          • Cora Mills

            @7359dd6de5f1578e8d85fdde3f30032b:disqus Excuse me, dear. Am I supposed to feel threatened? Do remember who you are speaking to little shepherd. And keep in mind that I am the ONLY person who has ever been able to reduce Regina into the trembling and snivelling little girl she truly is. All the while SHE did the same to YOU.

          • Emma Swan

            Yeah. You should feel threatened. And I think I’m speaking to a shriveled up bitch who couldn’t make it without making some sketch deals and selling out her only daughter. You’ve none nothing but bully and terrorize Regina all her life. Just because you can reduce someone to tears doesn’t mean anything. I LOVE Regina. You tried to stop us once, but I came back. Our love beat YOU. Our love will ALWAYS beat you.

          • Cora Mills

            Beat me? Dear, your love for Regina is not beating me. Truly it is just playing right into my hands. Although I know love is but a weakness, at least this time around she fell in love with royalty. Your ridiculous little former self just didn’t cut it. And contrary to what you may believe, everything I have ever done was for her own good. And look at where she has wound up because of it. If I had just let her run off with some peasant she never would have had the opportunities that have now presented themselves, with you.

          • Emma Swan

            It IS beating you. You didn’t want us together when I was Daniel, and we’re together now. And if telling yourself that you did this all for Regina’s own good helps you sleep at night, then fine, believe that all you want because I sure as hell would NEVER treat my son the way you treated Regina. And I don’t care if she’d never ended up with me as Emma, at least she would have been happy.

            Oh, and on the whole “at least you’re royal” bit you keep harping about. Just because I was born with royal blood doesn’t mean I want that life. I might just forfeit all royal rights and privileges, rendering me essentially as royal as a Stable Girl.

          • Cora Mills

            Aaah, well I would never treat sweet little Henry like I was forced to do with Regina either. After all he is quite a bit brighter than Regina ever was. And I have him to thank this little curse has been broken. And I assure you, over time Regina would have grown quite bored with you as Daniel. Back than you were a coward and had absolutely nothing to offer her. You even HID behind her when I confronted you two. My mind to kill you was made up the moment I saw just how little resolve you had at protecting my daughter. Very unlike the person you seem have become now.

            Pah! Please, stop making a fool of yourself, girl. Pray tell how your poor parents will react the moment you tell them that you no longer wish to carry out your birthright? The birthright you received from them.

          • Emma Swan

            Let me be the FIRST to tell you that any relationship between you and our son is NOT going to happen. And before you go all uppity on me, yes, I would deprive my son of a relationship with his grandmother if she’s a psychotic bitch. Maybe you’re right. Maybe I did have to grow stronger, but what gives you the right to make that choice? Maybe I as Daniel would have grown stronger on my own, with Regina’s help.

            Well, my parents are around the same age I am, so it’s not like I’m going to be ruling the kingdom when they die. And the whole “living in a castle with hundreds of servants” thing was never exactly on my to-do list growing-up.

            As for how they’ll react, well, I hope they’d respect and honor my decision. And if they don’t, tough. I’m a grown-ass-woman. I do NOT need my parents’ permission to do anything.

          • Mary Margaret

            you go girl, kick her ass.

          • Cora Mills

            Awww, sweetheart. I’m just heartbroken. If I recall correctly you called Regina a psychotic bitch on more than just a few occasions. And yet look at where you two are now. However I must admit that I am not too worried about having any kind of relationship with your son. As far as I am concerned I am not his grandmother. Hmm… Speaking of which… *raises hand as smoke emanates out towards both Emma and Regina* Well. That should do the trick now.

            And that may be true, however you still have responsibilities as Princess. Also… I’m thinking now you surely won’t want to give up your birthright… Not after the… engagement present I have just given you. No need to thank me, dear.

          • Emma Swan

            What the hell was that?!!? What trick!?

            What do you mean engagement present?!

          • Cora Mills

            Hihihi, you will see eventually, dear. And well, your father and I have already agreed that the two of you are to be married. If I recall correctly, his exact words to my daughter was that if she wants to touch you then you must marry. So if you plan on having any fun with Regina then it can only be concluded that you are now engaged.

        • Emma Swan

          Wait. That’s why I’ve been having these weird dreams? I thought it was too much hot chocolate before bed making me dream I was medieval David Bowie.

          • Cora Mills

            @2b10b85d708abba91cd34b8f7f30ae88:disqus Hmpf. I see the resemblance already. You’re about as bright as dog.

          • Emma Swan

            At least I’m not a heartless bitch.

            (ooc: Dafuq? How did my tumblr name pop up? Maybe I shouldn’t have used the same email twice, lol.)

          • Cora Mills

            @2b10b85d708abba91cd34b8f7f30ae88:disqus Heartless? Muahaha I am faaar from heartless. I have actually lost count how many hearts are currently in my possession. So I have plenty to choose from should I ever require one.

            (ooc: haha this site seems to be messing with the names a lot)

          • Emma Swan

            Lady, that is all kinds of messed up. I’ll introduce you to my friend Archie, maybe he’ll help you sort out all the psycho in your head.

            (ooc: Ha, it’s because there is just way too much awesome going on in this thread right now)

          • Cora Mills

            I refuse to allow some insect anywhere near me. Call it what you will but I do not need any help. I am quite satisfied with my head as is.

          • Jefferson in a Mad hat

            Maybe it’s time for me to say “OFF WITH HER HEAD!”, it is only fair since you’ve already done that to me

          • Cora Mills

            And I will gladly do it again if you continue to insult me with your presence.

          • David Nolan

            Emma, my little girl, i think it’s better if you shut you big mouth up now, or you are not going anywhere whith her daugter… dat bitch is insane!

          • Emma Swan

            Really, dad? I’m 28 years old. It’s a little late to ground me.

          • David Nolan

            28? really? for me it’s 8 u_u, go to your bedroom, NOW, and no dinner for you, young lady

          • Emma Swan

            Wha-? David…dad…this is bullshit! Come on! MM is making the lasagna recipe that Regina gave her!

          • David Nolan

            oh, well then I guess no lasagna for you. I can eat your part of it.

          • Emma Swan

            Can’t you let me off this one time? I mean, I did kind of clear Mary-Margaret’s name when everyone thought she killed Kathryn. Just throwing that out there.

          • David Nolan

            you’re supposed to do that, she is your mother!

          • Kendal

            lmao, someone has too much time on there hands! At least it’s entertaining, unlike the straights that don’t want Emma & Regina to become cannon. TPTB get a hold of how much we win the polls and they will be. How can Emma not be a reincarnation of Daniel.

          • Jefferson in a Mad Hat

            Your hearts are nothing compared to my hats Cora, rest assured I will free Wonderland from your Tyranny

          • Cora Mills

            Ooooh. How exciting. I look forward to the day you try Hatter. I did so enjoy your little head separated from your body. And I would just love to put you into that state again.

          • Henry Mills

            You leave my Moms alone!

          • Emma Swan

            You tell her, kid!

          • Emma swan

            @fef8f9284515ae4bc3645381bd8b4137:disqus watch your mouth lady.

    • David Nolan

      You can have my little girl, but if you touch her, I want a wedding! A big one.

      • Cora Mills

        @7359dd6de5f1578e8d85fdde3f30032b:disqus if we don’t get a wedding I will not accept this. Regina WILL be queen again.

        • David Nolan

          No problem for me, Cora.

        • regina mills

          Guys calm down, i got this..

      • Emma Swan

        Well, knowing ‘Gina, she’ll probably want a huge and expensive wedding. So I think that’s covered, Dav…dad.

        • Regina Mills

          @2b10b85d708abba91cd34b8f7f30ae88:disqus what did i tell you about Calling me “Gina” in public?

          • Emma Swan

            Something about “don’t” and then something else about “ever”. And then there was something about “doing it” and I stopped listening because that’s exactly what I imagined. Us…doing it.


          • Regina Mills

            @2b10b85d708abba91cd34b8f7f30ae88:disqus mhm..you really should pay more attention ,dear. Your attention span is going to cost you. There wont be any “doing it” tonight.

          • Emma Swan

            I will pay tons of attention now. So much attention. All sorts of atte…is that a new skirt? Cause your ass is looking pretty damn…wow.

          • Regina Mills

            i’m to be married to a child. unbelievable.

          • Emma Swan

            A child who has an appreciation for fantastic asses.

          • David Nolan

            yeah, you got that from me.

          • Mary Margaret

            Please, shut up David. You look so much better when you’re not talking.

          • Regina Mills

            Well for once we agree Ms.Blanchar-…Snow.

          • Cora Mills

            I am loath to admit it, but I too must agree with both Snow White and my daughter on this one.

          • Graham

            @2b10b85d708abba91cd34b8f7f30ae88:disqus Hey, Emma. The broken curse revived me, but I see you decided to get with my killer…

          • Emma Swan

            Graham, listen, there were a lot of emotions running high that night. We kissed, Regina and I got physical. But I love Regina. And I know that she’s done some pretty messed up things in her past and we both struggle with that reality everyday, but we are going to get through them. Together. I’m sorry.

          • Graham

            I must say.. I am hurt. Regina likes to cause my heart to ache. It’s okay.. @293da29f5da9eff0384f1767b6e48942:disqus seems to be catching my eye. Also, I see you think Dr. Whale is Ursula. He is obvs flounder :P

          • Jefferson in a Mad Hat

            Graham I’m flattered but I already have Alice and our daughter Grace. Try August, I hear he’s single and has plenty of wood to share

        • Cora Mills

          Well. I do believe that will be the responsibility of your dearest parents. I for my part will go dig out that beautiful dress I had made for Regina when she was younger. @98d5dd2b989361f6244208c02f21cec2:disqus You will still fit in it, I hope. I would just hate to find out that you have grown too… large… after all of these years being stuck behind a desk.

          • Regina Mills

            Ahem! i assure you that i would stil fit perfectly into that dress mother.

          • Cora Mills

            Well. At least I’ve taught you something then. Always protect your assets. And in your case that just happens to be your good looks.

    • Jefferson in a Mad Hat

      I don’t care as long as I get my daughter back

    • Morgan Pendragon

      Hello Regina darling, Merlin and I are just RSVPing to the wedding

  • Martini

    Regina Mills! Swan Queen all the way!

    • Alice

      I left the exact same comment as you without even knowing lol

  • http://www.facebook.com/regina.mills.982 Regina Mills


  • ER


  • Tanja


  • http://www.facebook.com/emily.mcsavagethorne Emily McSavage Thorne

    Regina Mills

  • Kate

    Regina Mills!!

  • White Knight


  • nath


  • http://twitter.com/Condoglianze Serena Brightside


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=549365564 Felicity Gustafson


  • M

    Regina tyvm

  • Nadia


  • Grey Knight


  • Laurie


  • Giulia

    Regina Mills

  • http://twitter.com/DarthMarion Marion Delaunay


  • Barack obama

    eh regina,of course ! I too ship swanQueen, It’s the law.


    Madam Mayor <3

  • Tori

    Regina duh

  • Raee


  • eyepatchesandpipes


  • Submarine Sunshine

    Why does she need a love interest to begin with? She just got her family back after 28 years, learned magic and everything in Henry’s book is real, and got sent through a portal into another world. That’s a lot to deal with without the show forcing a romance into her story. But IF they go there I vote Regina, too.

    • chlzee

      Yeah I so agree with what you’re saying. LIKE EVERYONE MUST HAVE A ROMANTIC RELATIONSHIP ALWAYS just no, ok. IMO, Regina or nothing. And even if it’s nothing, everybody knows that still means Regina itsjustasecretshhh ;P

  • Chris83

    Regina of course!!

  • shana

    I like how the highest voted for is ‘Other (explain in the comments)’ and the comments is just REGINA REGINA REGINA REGINA also i vote regina

  • Vanq


  • Ritr

    Swan Queen shippers found this poll. Good luck, guys)

  • theprincez


  • Ally

    Regina. NUFF SAID.

  • http://twitter.com/achevanq achevanq

    Regina of course!

  • YouKnowYouWantIt


  • Swan Queen

    Regina Mills

  • Sarah


  • ShutItDown

    Regina Mills

  • liketheresreallyachoice

    c’mon. regina

  • EvilQueensandWhiteKnights


  • Sasha


  • Isthereanyotherchoice?


  • Sasha

    REGINA. Then Henry gets both mommies :)


    Regina Mills FTW!!!

  • White Knight


  • http://www.facebook.com/ljspring Lauren Spring

    Lols. Regina ofc :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/gina.mills.7543 Gina Mills

    Regina Regina Regina!



  • Madam Mayor

    Regina Mills!!

  • daemon


  • Kenz

    Regina Mills!

  • SQIsWhatSuitMeDear


  • xoitsCASS

    Regina. They need to kiss and make more magic together.

  • youdon’tneedmyname

    Regina =P

  • http://twitter.com/veronicacris Veronica Cristina


  • Mirela


  • Nika

    Regina :D

  • Iz

    REGINA, please!!! :O

  • http://twitter.com/meatisadelicacy meatisadelicacy

    Regina Mills.

  • GayParentTrap

    Regina Mills YO.

  • CarolineFilm

    Regina, mommy number 2!!

  • M

    Regina!!! :)

  • Me

    Regina, who else.

  • Witchisback

    Regina, dear uu

  • hiraishin


  • Alice

    SwanQueen all the way!

  • shipper

    Regina Mills *I will go down with this ship*

  • Mickey

    REGINA.i love how “other” really just means regina. lmao

  • RemmaRules

    Regina, duh.

  • swanqueen_alltheway


  • snix

    Regina Mills

  • kate

    Regina. No contest. They’re made for each other.

  • Kate


  • http://twitter.com/SeanaEJames Seana James

    Regina–since touching her causes MAGIC!!

  • http://twitter.com/notenoughpuff Sarah

    I voted for Jefferson because they had such amazing chemistry in Hat Trick. It was absolutely palpable. Sebastian Stan really brought out one of the best performances Jennifer has done on the show, second only to the scene in which Henry died. I know he’s very busy so that may not even be a possibly but I’m going to hold onto the hope they get together at some point.

  • BabyMamasNeedtoBeTogether


  • Jay

    Regina, duh

  • Holly

    I just can’t ship Emma with her step-grandmother. :/ I don’t think Emma needs a love interest right now to be perfectly honest. I briefly shipped Graham and Emma, but so far I haven’t found someone whom I really ship her with. Maybe Ruby, that’d be interesting.

    • http://twitter.com/healover Julie

      they are not blood related. emma didn’t grow up with regina being her “step-grandmother” so to emma, regina is just another woman she met at some point in her life. so sure we can ship them, we will ship them…forever and ever and ever. lol

    • OUaTEvil_Regal

      I appreciate hearing someone who isn’t homophoic saying they don’t ship SQ. Makes me feel less crazy, lol. Still, I agree that Regina isn’t REALLY her grandmother in any way.
      Edit: I would still vote Regina in this poll though xD

  • Titta

    Regina! Time to get real modern fairytale!

  • Ingrid

    Regina. Duh.

  • http://twitter.com/miekhead mieks

    Henry’s mother Regina.

  • fantabulouslyextra-ordinary

    Regina Mills

  • sq

    Madam Mayor/Regina Mills/Evil Queen

  • Camila


  • OUaTEvil_Regal

    Really? REALLY?
    I don’t even ship it and I’m voting for Regina.

  • Turtle

    Regina because love is a powerful magic and Regina got her powers when Emma touched her.

  • Jenny

    Regina guys. Come on.

  • YOM


  • Lindsey

    Regina… they have the best chemistry.

  • Quin

    Regina, because her and Emma are perfect for each other.

  • Raven

    Regina for sure!

  • Holly

    @Alice why are you spamming the comments section? We get it, you want Emma to be with Regina. lol One comment is enough…

    • http://www.facebook.com/erikd1 Erik Davison

      Thank you! haha. I have a feeling that this is just one or a few people writing the same thing under a million different names

  • cmiller


  • swanqueen 4 ever


  • Lyssia Ahlers

    Regina. Duh.

  • Kathi


  • NextTimeI’llDoTheSameThing


  • AndTheTimeAfterThat



    Madam Mayor Regina Mills, por favor.

  • Tarae

    Well, REGINA of course!!!

  • http://twitter.com/BrandiTiana Brandi Delhagen

    I also have to agree with a Regina pairing! It’s ABC… they can make it happen lol

  • Liz

    Regina Mills :3



  • bellemalheur

    She touched Regina and it created magic. And it’s already been established that true love is magic, so by proxy Regina and Emma are fated to be together.

  • Jene


  • zephyroh

    Regina Mills

  • liketheresreallyachoice

    Isn’t this show about looking at fairytales in a new light? snow white was pregnant! prince charming was a peasant! the evil queen yearns to be a good mother! surely our princess emma can be gay! regina. no one is better suited for emma.

  • Rat

    Regina Mills.

  • http://www.facebook.com/chelsea.chilkiewicz Chelsea Chilkiewicz

    ROFL at the Dr. Whale option. That would be hilarious, tbh.

  • Swan Queen Nation


  • me


  • Explain you say?

    Regina. Hands down. They have the most chemistry, the most potential, the most beautiful scenes, the most feelings…They can fill each other’s voids LIKE NO OTHER.

  • madjik

    Regina loves Emma. Emma loves Regina. Henry has two moms.

  • Jennifer

    Clearly Regina Mills.

  • Trueloveismagic


  • Gab

    Eh, excuse you! why there is not option for “Regina”? wat?
    Oh well, find the right path… Regina&Emma is the truth and the life <3

  • Ana

    Regina Mills/The evil queen

  • fyeah

    How about, oooh I don’t know… maybe…Regina?

  • Maddie


  • swan queen


  • Rita

    Regina Mills.

  • Swan Queen

    Hahahahahahahahahaha. This is too funny. Regina Mills 2012.

  • http://www.facebook.com/stella.reycastro Stella Rey Castro

    why every single show need to be gay? that’s why i think some people hate gays, because they need to put gay in all. leave emma and august for ex.

    • http://twitter.com/healover Julie

      are you fucking kidding me? every show is HETEROSEXUAL!

    • sarah

      The amount of “gay shows” and “gay characters” shown on TV is staggering. It’s quite hard to find the straight ones amongst all that gay.

      • Kendal

        Wow, delusion lives on. UK, Canada other counties have realized we exist, aren’t going anywhere, it’s America that still lives next to river denial. California steps up and has banned the psychological brainwashing/torture of turning gays straight. Like gay marriage, it’s going to happen one state at a time. Then you’ll find something else to hate, people like you always do.

    • Submarine Sunshine

      You can’t be serious. Please tell me you are not serious. That is the most ridiculous defence of homophobia I’ve read in a long time.

    • Kendal

      That is some kind of logic *smh* , why does there have to be heterosexuals in every show? This show isn’t the fairy-tales of your childhood, it’s the Fairies-tales of ours!

  • http://www.facebook.com/swanie.molinos Swanie Molinos


  • Isthereanyotheroption?


  • shelly


  • SwanQueen2012

    Regina! She’s is Emma’s true love.

  • readingrambo

    Regina. Obvs.

  • SwanQueenIsMyConstant

    Regina ‘BAMF’ Mills. How could Emma not fall in love with her? They are perfect for each other. SO MUCH CHEMISTRY.

  • swanqueenshipper


  • SwanQueenIsMagic

    Regina! AIN’T NO OTHER, AIN’T NO OTHER LOVER for Emma!:D

  • rekla707

    Regina Mills. SWAN QUEEN FTW.

  • Kiwi-M

    Regina Mills !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Keeley

    Regina Mills

  • http://twitter.com/sevenjetc SevenJetC

    Regina, of course.

  • http://twitter.com/JodieTonner Jodie Tonner


  • http://twitter.com/JodieTonner Jodie Tonner


  • Sarah Palin

    Even I vote for my girl Regina! I can see Swan Queen from my house in ALASKA, dontcha know?!

  • The future

    Gosh. I love this fandom. You all make me happy. Im straight snd i vote regina. obviously. Also, Why does Emma need a man??! Isn’t she a modern princess? I would love if in the end she makes the decision that she doesn’t need a man or a prince for a happy ending.

  • mikaela


  • Jesus

    REGINA! REGINA ! REGINA! Swanqueen 5ever

  • Taurovc

    Regina Mills

  • http://twitter.com/ReginaMills138 ReginaMills138


  • Leslie Knope

    Regina Mills. I support my fellow women in local government and their love for their beautiful, tropical swans!

  • prettytaxi

    Are you kidding me?
    Why isn’t REGINA MILLS an option. (Or, okay, any other woman).
    Emma has had more interaction with Regina than she has had with any other character, (aside from Mary Margaret, who is her mother, so, let’s not go there). She has also had extensive interaction with Ruby, and even Kathryn and Ashley. The interaction has been more long-lasting and complicated than every character on here aside from Sherrif Graham, and August, and a bit less so, Jefferson. I am not saying the men are not legitimate possibilities, I’m saying women should be included too.HETEROSEXISM is what this poll is wtf dudes….

    • Isa

      Someone counted up the everyone’s screentime with Emma and Regina was by far the winner. I think it was by about 10 minutes or so.

      • prettytaxi

        My point is supported! Thank you lovely person!

      • http://twitter.com/StarkidSims Simone

        except most of that screentime was Regina trying to destroy her and since some of the new love interests are new characters the screentime they’ve shared with Emma probably isn’t conducive to who the suitors will be

    • http://twitter.com/StarkidSims Simone

      probably because as of yet her character has been shown to be heterosexual? and her interactions with some of the people on this list have shown more promise than the women you mentioned. Then it has to be considered that Ruby is a bit young for her and also heterosexual (as far as we know), Kathryn was engaged to her FATHER, Ashley is a teenage mother with a boyfriend and Regina has been attempting to destroy her and her family since the show began. Also Regina raised her mother and is effectively Emma’s step-grandma, there would be some creep factors and implications (in terms of Henry’s reaction) to get past for that to work. That doesn’t mean you can’t ship whatever you want :) or that I’m against Emma’s suitor being a woman (it would be a great plotline) I can just see why it wouldn’t be on the poll and why it might not happen

      • Saphhonest

        I’m sorry, when has Emma ever stated her sexuality? She has obviously been with men but that has NEVER in the history of EVER meant that she can’t also have been with women. THAT is heteronormativity.

        • http://twitter.com/StarkidSims Simone

          No but it does mean that AS FAR AS WE KNOW she is heterosexual, and yes that doesn’t mean she can’t be with a woman (as I said that would a great storyline). Also please don’t suggest I’m homophobic or trying to hetero normalize because I’m really not. I can just see why someone would logically assume her suitor would be a guy since we’ve only ever seen her interested in guys.

          • tonguemarksonmymirror

            So it’s fine for Emma to be with a guy who’s drugged her, tied her up, gagged her and pointed a gun at her head.. And also kidnapped her mother.. But not with the woman who raised her son? It’s fine for Mr.Gold and Belle to be together when he’s like 50 and she’s like 25? But not okay for Emma to be with Ruby? Who’s probably like maybe 4 years younger? Just saying. And I’m also pretty sure that we’ve only seen her interested in guys BECAUSE of the heteronormal society that we live in.

          • prettytaxi

            YOU GO GLEN COCO.

          • http://twitter.com/bibliosexual Courts

            50? more like 150

          • tonguemarksonmymirror

            Yep. I was just going by their “physical age”.

          • spiralarch

            But “as far as we know” is a qualifier based on what “we” are supposed to think is the default state of characters in television shows. Heterosexism is not questioning this.

      • prettytaxi

        A woman being an option on this poll is not important because it would be a good plot line, a woman being on this poll is important because it should be considered a possibility that a woman would like a woman. Also, your argument about their sexualities is posited from a heteronormative viewpoint. The question to determine whether or not they would qualify as a potential love interest for Emma should not be “Is it proven that they are lesbian”, it should be “Is it proven that they are NOT lesbian”. I have seen absolutely no evidence in the show that Ruby is primarily heterosexual. And if we’re eliminating Ashley based on her current plot-line, Graham and August are both dead, so I’d label them as Unavailable as well.
        I truly hope that you see what I mean. Heterosexism is approaching reality from the assumption that everyone is heterosexual until proven NOT completely heterosexual (gay). The assumption that the norm is heterosexuality is what is problematic. If the poll were not biased from a heterosexist viewpoint (which does not mean it is Evil, it just means that it is ignorant) characters Emma knows would only be eliminated if it is made explicit in the show that they are not attracted to women. I would like to have seen the options on this poll chosen based on the idea that the writers could plausibly plan a woman as Emma’s love interest.

        • Carilyn

          …since when is August dead? We saw him turn to wood, but that doesn’t prove he’s dead. Some very good points on the heterosexism thing. It’s a sticky thing to deal with, especially in television.

  • Emma Swan.

    I agree, I think regina should be the one in my bed.

  • Sanna

    Can’t believe people are delusional and stupid that they think Emma and Rehgina are in looove. Um, no. Stop. It’s all in you heads. There is nothing between them and there will never be. They haven’t shown any sign that the characters nare interteted in women. Plus, Regina has tried to kill her.

    • Regina mills


      • Yapi

        You should show a little more respect and not insult anyone, you have your opinion and we have ours

    • OUaTEvil_Regal

      I actually don’t think they’re in love either. I’ve never interpreted their chemistry as romantic. That being said, I don’t think Emma has ANY chemistry with ANY other characters (except MM and Henry and that’s certainly not the type of chemistry we’re talking about here!), so if I had to choose anyone for her to be with, it would be Regina. So, I don’t ship it, but if it ever happened, I would be a happy happy person nonetheless.

    • swanqueenrules

      Umm.. sorry but if you don’t think that they’re gay for each other after the season premiere then I think we’re not watching the same show..

    • Kate

      Don’t be stupid. Of course there is no love right now, but there is fine line between hate and love and it could easily turn into something more.

    • readingrambo

      Hahaha No.

    • Kendal

      You would think they could come up with a better argument then calling us stupid. Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the most scared of all? It’s obvious my Swan Queens, the straight shippers, because they see their beloved fandoms being sunk by our ‘ship one at a time!

      Next show “She’s Touched by Magic” staring Regina Swan and Emma Mills. First Episode,Regina’s magic produces a delighted result with one of her potions.. Emma is due to give birth in 8 months to baby girl Swan/Mills.

  • http://twitter.com/Andrea_ctrl Andrea


  • Marissa

    CAN I JUST SAY….That I love the SWAN QUEEN NATION!??!?! Because I love you guys!! Regina all the way hypable. Regina all the way.

  • lazalle

    time to switch it up fairytale writers! Regina Mills for the win in 2012 and beyond!

  • Yapi


  • Sanna

    Wanting Regina and Emnma together i like wanting…IDK, Will and Grace to be together. Waste of time, because they’re not gonna go there.

  • Sigrid

    Regina or no one. So tired of strong women losing it for a man.

    • Revanstar

      I agree. I think Emma should end up with Regina or no one. I freaking hate that a woman *must* have a man in order to be strong. Frack that. Its 2012, plenty of strong independent women are doing it on their own.

      • cimbetau

        …or with women.

  • #notsorry4beingashipper

    Regina Mills! Swan Queen ’till the end!

  • Quinn


  • It wasn’t a hard choice

    Um, Regina.

  • Meg

    Nobody can light Emma’s fire the way Regina does ;)

  • Gawd

    This is ridiculous. There’s not need for an “Emma’s love interest” poll.
    We all know who Emma’s love interest is. And yes, my dears. That’s
    Regina Mills aka the Evil Queen ;)

  • MagicalBabiesToo

    Regina. They make magic together.

  • chlzee

    Regina for SURE! :D

  • OhThat’sRight

    Who does Emma have a son with again?

  • Laura

    Mother Holy of God……REGINA!!!!

  • http://twitter.com/ameliashepherd9 ameliashepherd138

    Regina. Long Live Swan Queen

  • tabitha

    Regina Mills

  • S.


  • Lady Lady


  • LL


  • Sara

    Regina…. :D Swan Queen Ftw!!! woohoo

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000049887581 Amy J Nordall

    Regina owns her, heart and soul!

  • S

    Regina because every Queen deserves her white knight :)

  • http://twitter.com/notenoughpuff Sarah

    Just a reminder in general: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0la5DBtOVNI

  • Discordia

    Regina of course, she’s the mother of Emma’s child after all.

  • Reese M

    Emma is Regina’s White Knight! End of story. Happy Ever After!

  • Mickey

    if they pair off Emma with anyone other than Regina i will be 800% done.

  • Capitana

    What really ticks me off is that they don’t even *consider* giving the option of Regina being Emma’s love interest in this poll. It’s the same with the podcast on this site: while I really love Robert Carlyle and his character I stopped listening to the podcast after two hour-long fangirl fests about Rumbelle and the good looks of Josh Dallas. There are so many strong female characters on this show…talk/write about those for a change!

    • http://twitter.com/healover Julie

      It’s the world we live in and if we complain about it ungrateful human beings.

    • http://twitter.com/StarkidSims Simone

      1) Onceable only has five episodes and so far the rotation of hosts have mostly been completely female, bit unfair to label it sexist until they’ve had a few more episodes and some male input don’t you think? It’s a show with a basis in romance – what do you expect them to talk about?

      2) they had an entire episode dedicated to Snow White….

      • Capitana

        As i wrote…I stopped after the second episode, when they discussed in great detail how several male actors had been snubbed for the Emmy nominations (I agree with them, btw), but didn’t even mention Lana’s acting (or Ginny’s or Jennifer’s). I lost interest after that ep, so I can’t talk about later episodes.
        But not to bash only this podcast – of the seven OUAT podcasts I know of, only *one* actually acknowledges the *existence* of the SwanQueen ship.

      • Capitana

        So the podcast needs “some male input” to talk about the female actors on the show and Swan Queen romance? Okay….

    • Carilyn

      Well, part of the reason it isn’t in the poll is probably because the spoiler mentioned “men” coming into Emma’s life, so the author was going by that. But perhaps just because men will try to pursue her doesn’t mean she’ll respond.



  • thewayitis


  • dis is hilar

    Voting for other.. MOTHER! AKA REGINA!

  • Alexis Castle


  • dis

    I vote Regina Mills! The queen is pure win!

  • Elizabeth

    Why does it have to be a Man? Regina.

  • Thewhitestars

    Other; Regina Obviously…

  • http://twitter.com/Leah_H12 Leah

    these answer choices are unacceptable. completely out of the question. here should be the choices:
    a. Regina Mills
    b. The Evil Queen (a.k.a. Regina Mills)
    c. Madame Mayor (Regina Mills)

  • http://twitter.com/Leah_H12 Leah

    the only person she has eyesex with and is in love with

  • Sexy Cactus

    Regina. Duh!

  • Alexis Castle

    Regina… Swan Queen forever!

  • http://twitter.com/KBlaszczak alithiumlove

    Regina Mills

  • LiveLoveLikeMe

    Obviously, Regina Mills! Swan Queen forever!

  • Gulf!


  • Aqua

    No new love interest come on Emma already has a kid with Regina.Long live Swan Queen!!!!I agree Regina or nothing;)

  • Lieutenant-Esk

    I think that Emma is going through a lot of stuff right now, and her working on family matters would be the best thing. I see August as her brother more than anything, and Jefferson hates her with a passion. If I had to choose anyone the I’d go gay Parent Trap and choose Regina Mills.

  • http://twitter.com/paperomimi paperomimi


  • Rachel Smith

    Regina, please!

  • http://twitter.com/morshon shonna hett

    Regina!!! I mean it’s obvious!!

  • TEL

    Regina Mills. bring in the modern*coughGAY* fairytale. And i say this as a straight woman

  • jojo_h

    it should be Regina! it’s too complicated and lengthy to explain in just a comment, but it makes total sense, if you pay attention to the storylines at all!

  • PatryL

    Regina Mills,of course.

  • http://www.facebook.com/heatherannsummers Heather Summers

    Regina Mills! Because just like Charming, Emma will ALWAYS save Regina. It’s love, baby!

  • Lieutenant-Esk

    Everyone is pretty problematic. Sorry I’m posting again, but when you really think of the options, I mean yeah Jefferson is sexy and dangerous and all, and so is Captain Hook, but that doesn’t really make for a realistic relationship. And we don’t even know how Baelfire is as an adult. And Dr. Whale ew what a creep. I sincerely hope those aren’t Emma’s only canon options, cause if so I think she should just go it alone this season. Or Regina because true love is the greatest magic of all and Emma brought back Regina’s magic therefore and heretofore they were meant to be together. Obviously.

  • Dan

    Regina of course. Even I see the chemistry. And I’ve been told that I’m homophobic.

  • Laura

    Regina Mills

  • max

    Regina or nothing. (But Regina though. Seriously.)

  • The Evil Queen


  • cane


  • excely

    Emma and Regina
    sitting in a tree:K-I-S-S-I-N-GFirst comes love,then comes marriage,then comes babyin a baby carriage!

    • KristopherSmith

      I’m think that they already have a baby together.

      • excely

        shyst. don’t spoil the song! ;)

  • jmo

    regina mills

  • sidhe

    Regina, of course

  • http://twitter.com/tytyorkies Tammy Leonard

    Robin Hood would make a good suiter!

  • vargesz

    Totally Regina.

  • Ren

    Other – as in Regina Mills!

  • http://www.facebook.com/emmasmithkafg Lana Mills

    Regina Mills!

  • nike75

    Regina, obviously :-)

  • *uck yeah regina and emma

    ”I’ve ever known, but I hate you, I really hate you, so much I think it must be…

    True love true love

    It must be true love….” pink- true love

    • *fuck yeah regina and emma

      that excplains it all

  • Sarah

    Regina! Obviously.

  • Sachi

    Obviously REGINA :)))

  • http://twitter.com/rachel2441 rachel244

    Other: Regina Mills/Evil Queen

  • Juatspa=)

    REGINA! Sertainly Regina, people. Need answers – go to Tumblr! Swanqueen nation I love ya)

  • Lana

    Regina Regina Regina!!! lol they can force men on her all they want but Swan Queen is endgame.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003094208029 Stephanie Evans

    MULAN! Just cuz I actually saw a comment that gave a legit reason for not Regina. Step-grandma. Awkward. But I want her to be either August or a woman.

  • tierla

    emma and regina. together happily ever after. period. .!!



  • mikael

    other. *coughREGINAcough*

  • Juatspa=)

    For those one about all them being heterosexual and Henry’s reaction. Ok, people, Henry’s best have 2 mommies than 2 fightin woomen who have so much in common and so related to each other. Also, sexuality can change an this is also a bi option here, people:) Dont forget it))) And, well, I hope the Once’s creators will check on that pool and listen to our voises. Cause they already made more than a 10 innuendos to their relationship and SwanQueen magic, when Emma brought powers to Regina by touching her. So, go on, people, we know they are ment to be together;)

  • http://twitter.com/ramstein138 ramstein138


  • http://www.facebook.com/AnnMillsGirl Ann Carrazán

    REGINA! duh!

  • Rhi Gib

    Come on, Emma doesn’t need a man to be her love interest. So tired of this trope, she’s a strong woman. I vote Regina or nothing.

  • http://twitter.com/ellaofravenclaw Manuela

    ‘Other’ should be Regina. For the simple reason that their dynamic has the making of any good old “love to hate” relationship and if the two character were one male and one female it would be clear to all the viewers that a romantic relationship would happen at some point. If they’re not happy with the pairing becoming reality, then they shouldn’t have set the two characters up as they have. Especially after the s2 premiere.

  • Kendal

    “Mirror, Mirror, on the wall, who is the best “ship of all?” Swan Queen Majesty, now you must get rescue her heart before the evil Rumpelstiltskin tries to destroy your happier ever after! With his Rumbelle that can’t get over it already.

    Along with the ridiculous polls that keeps trying to beat the Swan Queen Nation.

  • beatthe0dds

    why is this a question. oh wait, you want to validate. so fine here — other aka Regina.

  • http://twitter.com/danceinflannel Kelsey

    Seriously, if the writers don’t realize all the subtext they’re throwing into this show then they need to reevaluate a few things. A love potion was thrown into the well that released magic. A love potion. Regina couldn’t get her magic to work until Emma touched her. I mean sERIOUSLY. Regina for sure.

    • Carilyn

      See, when I saw that I thought that happened for the same reason that Emma got Jefferson’s hat to work way back in that episode- she’s fueled by Snow and Charming’s love-magic, which is probably more powerful now that the love potion created from their love has spilled into the town. Still, there is quite an implication with what the writers did there with Emma and Regina, so I agree they should be cognizant of that.

  • thelookoftheevilregal

    Regina :D I love you all my Swan Queen Nation… sois los mejores, joder!

  • Deidra

    Definitely REGINA!!!!!!!! She’s the ONLY ONE for Emma, the ONLY ONE that makes sense!

  • TSR

    Regina, because they’re practically canon anyway.

  • Catalina

    Regina! Please please please Regina! It would work so perfectly; they can stop fighting over Henry, Henry gets both his Moms, Regina is forgiven and learns to love instead of hate; it’s like the writers have been setting it up since the pilot!

  • SWAN


  • Catalina

    Why isn’t Regina even included? OUaT is all about changing fairytales, blending them together and modernizing them. Why can’t Emma be gay? Even the /writer/ said she’d thought about it and liked the idea. Regina, please!

  • Dani

    Regina, d’uh

  • emma

    *reads the 100 or so people screaming REGINA as a choice*


  • Katherine

    I think it is extremely ****disappointing**** and even ****discriminating**** that they didn’t even add REGINA to this list!

    • http://twitter.com/LaRageSoeur LaRageSoeur

      ^^^ This….

  • http://twitter.com/LaRageSoeur LaRageSoeur

    Other: Regina

  • Anne

    Regina. Obviously.

  • Swan Queen shipper

    Regina of course.

  • http://twitter.com/LaRageSoeur LaRageSoeur

    agree. Add Regina to the poll please… Equality of conditions

  • Creatives13

    Excuse me…why isn’t Regina an option?! They obviously have the most chemistry out of everyone on the show! You’d be blind not to see it. This poll is ridiculously homophobic. But still, I vote with the majority. Regina! Plus, who doesn’t want Henry to have two Mommies? That was a set up from the get go…

  • JaniceChannel41

    regina mills all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SWAN QUEEN :)

  • BlaBla


  • http://twitter.com/BarbieShoesOUaT Barbie Shoes

    Regina. At this point, it can hardly be ignored. The on screen chemistry is undeniable, and I’m pretty sure Swan Queen is the largest fanbase for the show. The writers would be foolish to disregard such a massive portion of their audience!

    • thelookoftheevilregal

      Agree with you. It’s a pleasure to read you every day, sis of SwanQueenNation. Hugs and love

  • SwanQueenDuh

    Really? Are you even going there? Is everyone blind? Regina and Emma are made for each other. This poll is useless. Thanks for the SwanQueens!

  • Laura

    Regina Mills. Always.

  • http://twitter.com/spencerwinters Jessica Seah

    Let me take a moment to stop laughing at the answers to the amount of “Other” votes.

    Now let me tell you my answer……….REGINA MILLS!

    1) The whole show, even the opening sequence, seems to be set up to be Swan Queen (Emma/Regina pairing)
    2) What everyone else who voted “Regina” commented below. In a more polite tone, if any were not-so.
    3) Visit tumblr. Search for the tag “Swan Queen”.
    4) There should be a same-gender pairing on this show. Arguments that it’s not “traditional fairy tale” won’t fly when you have Snow White slapping birds with a broom, a fake Prince (Charming), Red who is actually a wolf who ate her boyfriend…need I go on? Right now, Swan Queen has the largest, strongest fan base of a non-canon pairing on this show. Won’t it be easier to eventually give fans what they want instead of try and build up a fanbase for another pairing? Hmm…?

  • Lorena76

    Regina Mills :)
    Rumbelle and Regina x Emma are the best couples, regards from Spain

  • 14567Ems

    All votes in the “other” option are intended for Swan Queen, then… Why don’t you add to Regina?

  • JJ_giors

    Regina. A word that also means Queen in Italian. Just to avoid international misunderstandings.

  • Jay

    Only Regina!

  • Rousie

    Regina, please add Regina to the poll

  • Taina

    Regina, of course. Why is this even a question? The chemistry can be seen from miles away

  • argo_XnG

    Regina :)

  • Lach

    Regina Mills. From the day she blatantly flirted with Emma Swan, asking her if she’d like a glass of the BEST apple cider she’d ever tasted, to the beautiful, magical moment where Emma helps her regain her magic. Yes, Regina Mills.

  • Sarah

    NO! Regina is Emma’s grandmother! NO NO NO NO NO!

    • http://twitter.com/fictorium Lola’s Fic

      Oh dear, you need to brush up on a) definitions of words and b) how families and the law work. Regina (before Emma was even conceived) ceased to have any familial relationship to the Charmings (a relationship through marriage and not blood) when Leopold was killed.

  • ReginasDaughter

    Look at the “other” category…SQ people.

  • Tyro

    There is really no need for a poll when Emma and Regina are already basically canon (re: last episode, people!)

  • SwanQueenBliss

    Regina Mills. Because like it or not, they are destined to be in each other’s lives the day Regina got Henry.

  • memberofSwanQueenNation

    Regina (other) please add Regina

  • Kendal

    #RedSnow next in line, who needs a man not really charming when women rule, my second ‘ship! Sailing soon to Lesbos Island! I’m captaining the Swan Queen, largest in my fleet . Who wants to take charge of the RedSnow?

    No Rumbelle’s no whalers, no graham crackers, no hooks allowed, We don’t have the month of August, no Jeffersonian’s either.

  • snapexxx


  • Rita

    Regina. Why is Dr. Whale even an option?

  • lyo

    Dr. Whale!
    Lol just kidding, REGINA of course

  • pach

    Regina, all the way!

  • Danny

    Regina. Most definitely. Love is the most powerful magic of all. And when Emma touched Regina and the hat worked. Nuff said.

  • LH


  • elfjet

    Oh there can be only one right choice and that would be Henry’s father….lol OK can’t say it with a straight face…Of cause it’s Regina, she the one, her and Emma created Magic for pete’s sake!!

  • Amy

    Regina. The show is all about true love, right? So let’s have a same-sex relationship, please.

  • ReginasDaughter

    Regina Mills. Come on. It’s silly not to include her, especially after -that- episode

  • Personofnoone’sinterest

    Regina *and* Ruby/Red. Let’s face it, Red Swan Queen is the fuckin bomb.

    • This fandom right now!

      Omg YES, you’re brilliant!

  • Guest

    Dammit, where’s my comment!? I said Regina. Because it cannot be ignored at this point. Their chemistry on screen, plus Swan Queen is probably the show’s largest fanbase. The writers would be foolish to ignore us!

  • @SwanQueenOUAT

    Regina! #SwanQueen

  • henry

    Regina always! Please add Regina to the poll! I can hear the murmur of the wind, the magic of that love able to open portals, create magic and butterflies, this love is the most powerful magic, is felt in every look, every gesture and every eclipse of the moon… Swan Queen Nation, you’re the best!!

  • Riddler Shoes

    Regina. I agree wholeheartedly that Emma shouldn’t need a man just because, “Oh, that’s how fairytales work.” When has anything gone according to the Grimm Fairy Tale’s tradition in this show? It just makes sense that the savior saves the queen in the end, even if it’s two females.

  • Emma Swan

    Uhm Regina I can see you there. What happened to the strawberries you had to bring upstairs? Hurry up or I’m starting without you.

  • NoChoiceWhatsoever

    Why does she have to have a love interest? Can’t she be a strong, independent woman? Jeez. Haha, just kidding. I vote Regina!

  • ceejeetz

    Regina. Obvs.

  • cdilsa

    Regina, long live swan queen!

  • rams


  • val

    This is ridiculous, Swan Queen is one of the major ships in the ouat fandom, it’s a known fact so why not put Regina as an option? I mean there’re characters we have yet to see interact with Emma in that list, and don’t get me started with dr. Whale…

  • Kendal

    They are afraid to put Regina in there because we kick butt in every ‘ship poll. Denial is a river in Storybrook. They say it’ll never happen, but WTF… how do they know if it isn’t going to be cano? Never say never. Sooner or later they’ll realize that the power behind the ratings are the Swan Queen Nation

  • rolipomen

    Other: Regina Mills

  • ExR fan

    I vote for Regina, of course. I mean, hey guys!! We all know that Swan Queen is the only option EVER <3

  • alove4edd

    Honestly Regina makes the most sense. Everything would come full circle and everyone will get their happy ending.

  • LaRage

    Regina Mills

  • Maya

    Regina of course!

  • OUAT writers are cowards…

    Regina! Regina! Regina! I’m not watching anymore if its anyone else.

  • Henry Swan Mills

    i really want my two moms to be together, so we can be one big family!.

  • lacajitademusica

    Other: Regina Mills. every vote “other” is to Regina so please add Regina Mills to the poll

  • A

    Is there any sense behind Regina at all?? Where is this even coming from. Regina has tried to kill Emma multiple times… or did you all forget?

    • Kendal

      Wrong person

  • Alicia

    Um did you even see that episode? Totally has to be Regina.

  • Troll Bridge

    Since Emma is Regina’s true love and everybody knows that because of the eye sex moments and all the thing, I don’t understand the question. Swan Queen is canon. Get over it. Ha! We can do it, Swan Queeners! Let’s go on!

  • AMemberOfSwanQueenNation

    Other: Regina Mills

  • Henry Mills

    I just want my mommies to get together.

  • I want swanqueen

    Regina Mills! SwanQueen bitches!

  • Megan

    Regina is the one for Emma. They challenge each other. Emma doesn’t have to have a man.

  • Taina

    Even need to ask? Regina, of course!!

  • Anony Mouse

    What they said: Regina

  • CallieWise

    Duh, Regina! It was only when Emma touched Regina (and did you see that gasp of emotion and surprise on Regina’s face at the touch?) that the hat worked. Just a mere touch creates magic!!!!

  • LZ


  • Shipper31

    Wait guys..it says other fairy tale character..therefore we must use the proper name: The Evil Queen

  • Tash

    Okay as much as I’d love her to get with Regina, or any other woman, I have to say I would actually prefer her to be Single – can we have a TV show where the main protagonist doesn’t require a love life? Surely she can be interesting without a suitor?

  • http://www.facebook.com/pyflo.altern.meg Pyflo Portia Meg

    Other…. We need SwanQueen NOWWWWW Emma and Regina together PLEASE!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/shi.aino Shi Aino

    Regina’s hat is already in the ring and who else is gonna compare. If any of these suitors, weaken the character, then I’d rather she didn’t get courted at all. I do at least hope the writers are smarter than that. I know it is very unlikely, but if I had to vote for some alternates, while Emma is trapped away, I vote for a lady, or better yet wench ;) so that we can at least get a canon orientation even of no label that paves the road for SwanQueen Endgame, being more than fan fantasies. In the mean time, I hope for angst SwanQueen subtext, more than suitors.

  • Bailey

    Regina, obviously.

  • Swan Queen

    Regina or get out. Because Swan Queen.

  • Hannah


    • StopSpammingAlready

      Yeah. Enough said! We heard you the last ten times. ;-)

  • Red RidingHood

    Yeah Id say Regina hands down major Swan Queen shipper but over all Emma honestly doesnt need a love interest she’s the saviour right :D

  • Sweetjo3

    Agreed. Why cant Emma end up with a woman? Besides I kinda thought it would be cool is Aurora and Mulan ended up together but this is Disney we’re talking about…

  • http://twitter.com/EmilyRoyston Emily Royston

    Regina of course! They’d be perf, ngl.

  • thais

    regina of course. why are people still considering other people?

  • L

    I vote REGINA!!!

  • evilregal29

    Regina all the way :)

  • Ang


  • Natalie

    Emma Swan <3's Regina Mills

  • magicalbutterfliesofswanqueen


  • http://twitter.com/SwanQueenRegina Regina Swan


    • http://twitter.com/SwanQueenRegina Regina Swan

      anyone hear me out there. Kitsis can’t you hear the #SwanQueen nation screaming

  • Lucy212

    SwanQueen FTW!!!!

  • NotBlind

    If Emma needs a love interest to complicate her life any further, having reconnected with her son, discovered her real parents AND found out that the fairy tales are true within a few months… clearly the best love interest is Regina Mills. Their chemistry is insane!

  • ea_phoenix

    REGINA!!! I’m with everyone else on this. If this turns into another ‘woman needs a man to rescue her’ story, I’ll quit. I love the show, but what I love most about it is that Emma is the hero and who better to rescue than Regina. She needs love too!

  • Helen


  • Sid

    Regina Mills!

  • Deb

    Regina, hands down

  • AnonOfLove

    Swan Queen. And not just because it’s the coolest ship name ever(besides Mad Wood, of course) but because Emma is Regina’s saviour. Her knight in a red pleather jacket. It would be so wonderful if they started seeing each other in that way. And just PLEASE stop with the crap about them both being ‘heterosexual.’ I don’t ship Swan Queen simply because it is a lesbian ship. I ship it because I believe love is stronger than hate. Love is the most in important thing, not gender or sexuality.

  • ZDW

    regina , because what is a white knight without a queen.

  • matrixx


  • DownWithMyShip

    REGINA who else??? <3 theyre too great. and writers of ouat, in case you read this: please, please make swan queen canon. please. the prospect of swan queen becoming canon is what gets some people through their days lol we love it!

  • Anne-So

    Regina Mills all the way… Swan Queen already exists, let’s be honest Henry has two mums, he doesn’t need a dad.

  • Isobelle

    Regina. Done.

  • Mariana


  • JadziaDax86

    Regina! No doubt about it. Even non-SwanQueen shippers see that Emma has more chemistry with Regina than anyone else.

  • Pedro García

    Regina Mills

  • Emma Swan

    well this is awkward.. ‘Hey Regina…you want to grab a drink..or..um.. something’

  • BLAH

    Begins with a R ends with an A.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=776307860 Crixell Matthews

    Regina! Duh. I mean, the premiere really said it all. EMMA GAVE REGINA MAGIC! It only makes sense.

  • Truth

    Def Regina Mills

  • http://twitter.com/taylie27 Taylore Thompson

    Definitely August they are basically the same age in both worlds, and I just think the way his character and Emma interacted really clicked and their was definitely a connection once she actually believed he was telling the truth!

    And now all the SwanQueen fans will probably dislike this comment ;)

  • Aimee

    REGINA it just makes sense, come on if Henry was adopted by a male they would totally be canon so why should it be any different because its a woman.

  • http://www.facebook.com/erikd1 Erik Davison

    Trolls in the dungeon. Thought you ought to know.

  • Giftofamber

    Regina #SwanQueen

  • giftothewiff


  • Elly

    Regina. I don’t get why she isn’t an option on this poll.

  • Gina

    Regina Mills

  • http://twitter.com/tilnightfall tilnightfall


  • http://twitter.com/rochiss271 rocio rojas

    I vote Regina!

  • nike75

    I ahve a feeling they are trying to throw those male love interests at Emma and I also think it will backfire spectacular, just like it did in the first 2 seasons of Xena, when they tried to make some boyfriend for Gabrielle stick and it just.didn’t.work.
    So, yes, Regina all the way

  • http://twitter.com/GinaMillsEQ GinaMillsEQ

    Other: Regina Mills

  • http://twitter.com/morshon shonna hett

    REGINA!!! Who else?

  • Nadia

    Love is the most powerful magic.
    Emma touched Regina and suddenly she could do magic again.
    Snow and Charming’s true love is always bound up in the lines about how they will find one another.
    At the end of the last episode, Regina suddenly found herself with the mission to find Emma.
    Henry literally has two moms.
    The entire source of Regina’s instability is her belief that she lost her one shot at true love and Happily Ever After; the source of Emma’s is her abandonment and belief that she is destined to be alone.
    Thematically, I think it fits, and I don’t even enjoy f/f relationships. But unless the show goes in that direction, I have no idea what they’re doing with Regina’s character.

  • Katie Snead

    My vote definitely goes for REGINA MILLS!!! I love you SWAN QUEEN NATION!!!

  • Allaine

    Regina FTW!

  • Erin

    My vote goes for “other” aka REGINA. If Swan Queen happens this show will have done something freaking REVOLUTIONARY. Gay fairytale true love, the “savior” helping the “evil queen” find redemption and happiness.. Go against the grain people, PLEASE!

  • Sarah Briggs

    to all swan queeners! Well done!!!

  • The Seville

    this poll is invalid, everyone knows Swan Queen is Canon

  • Colonel Mustard

    Surely, if a man can give birth in the real world. Emma can get it on with Regina. Am I right? it’s not the craziest thing that can happen. #SwanQueen

  • Joe


  • http://twitter.com/rochiss271 rocio rojas

    why there is no regina option!

  • keeva99


  • Gretchen Wieners

    Regina. BECAUSE she’s flawless, she owns a black Mercedes, and she punched Emma in the face once. It was awesome.

  • Dawny


  • Tracy

    other = Regina
    you should change it on the poll

  • http://twitter.com/MindyMJurgen Mindy Jurgen


  • PopoK

    Captain Hook – Yeah, I’m a rebel

  • http://www.facebook.com/anne.charming Anne Charming

    Please remember Once Upon a Time is made by Americans and anything that has gay subtext isn’t likely to be good.

    • I disagree

      You have been watching the wrong american shows #rizzoli&isles #supernatural #warehouse13

      • http://www.facebook.com/anne.charming Anne Charming

        I meant that if there was going to be gay content in OUAT..the Bible freaks would be having a cow..I except if we lived in a country where the sole of the feet were considered ditry (no offense Middle-Easterns) that their would be major shoe flinging by the Bible Freaks.. Since the Bible Freaks have a cow when something like a GAME (Sims) has gays in it!

    • Aresugh

      Xena and Gabrielle beg to differ!

    • http://twitter.com/notenoughpuff Sarah

      I don’t ship Swan Queen, but I do have to disagree with you about Americans not being able to do gay subtext.

      1. Glee – Subtext: Quinn/Rachel, Canon: Blaine/Kurt
      2. Buffy – Subtext: Buffy/Faith, Canon: Willow/Tara
      3. Supernatural – Subtext: Dean/Castiel, Canon: Damien/Barnes

      And Jane Espenson was a writer on Buffy for years, so I believe that if they chose to have gay canon on the show that it will be done well.

  • pls


  • SwanQueenTumblr

    Please, add Regina to the poll, Swan Quee is Canon… true love is magic and Regina makes magic when Emma touches her… this converts to Swan Queen in something real, please add Regina to the poll now

  • Rawrawr

    Should totally be Regina. No joke

  • Sven

    REGINA! I mean, Henry already has two moms…they’re already a family, and Emma is the savior. If anyone in this series needs saving, it’s Regina.

  • osobeautious


  • Faerie Queene


  • Emma Swan

    Why isn’t Regina’s name up there?

  • Jess

    Definitely Regina

  • Your-Loveable-Tiger

    Emma is a strong an independant woman and I dislike how it is implied that she needs a man in her life to happy, she has her parents and a wonderful son and friends. Happiness comes in many forms and romance isn’t the only one. I vote Regina

  • Jayayaya

    Although I’m way aboard the SwanQueen ship, I’m not sure I’d like it in canon.
    Who am I kidding. I’d LOVE it in canon! Another lady would be fine, though. The one thing this show lacks is an awesome lesbian couple.

  • Alana

    Regina! Duh. Like that was a tough one.

  • http://twitter.com/Swan__Queen Swan Queen

    Regina, y estoy de acuerdo con los comentarios de abajo. Prefiero a Emma sola antes que con uno hombre, basta de lo habitual…
    Nadie quiere que de un momento a otro ellas estén juntas, pueden tener un buen desarrollo a lo largo de la temporada hasta que lleguen a ALGO…

  • bond.jane

    Regina. Giveme a new sort if fairy tale to believe in. Hell, give. A channel and a show runner to believe in

  • masque101

    Vote 683 for Regina Mills!

  • Carnival-Flux

    Other/new fairytale character (explain in the comments) Sure is a funny way of spelling “Regina Mills”!!!

  • Nicole


  • Jerry the horse

    Regina. No explanation needed.

  • Borges

    Gotta go with the most obvious choice on this one: Regina Mills.

  • Race

    I just started watching this show but the only character I’ve seen Emma have chemistry with is Regina. I say Regina!

  • Anon

    Regina, if there has to be someone

  • Revanstar

    Swan Queen
    Regina / Emma
    Whatever you wish to call it.

  • RKZ

    Regina. Don’t care if she is technically her ex-step-grandmother or whatever. There hasn’t been that much chemistry on TV since Mr. Wizard.

  • Lucie

    Regina freaking Mills is the only one suitable for Emma. The only one who deserves Emma and who Emma deserves.

  • http://twitter.com/kalaumac Kathryn Mackenzie


  • Morena

    Regina Mills, Emma does not need a man. She needs to be challenged.

  • EF


  • Bert Macklin FBI

    She can kick it with any of these guys I guess, but I really dig Emma circling and posturing up on Regina. Hot.

    • Sophie (leaving-storybrooke)

      Thanks Bert, especially for taking the time out of your busy schedule kicking the butts of the President’s enemies ;)

  • Ruby/Red

    They didn’t include me in the poll. That is it. The Hood is OFF!!!!

  • Skr

    Regina of course, the queen got no competition!

  • Patricia

    Regina obviously.
    Swan Queen all the way.

  • Rin

    Regina, obviously.

  • Snow White

    Emma, I will respect your choice of partner regardless of whom ever it may be. I just want you to be happy. And don’t worry, I won’t let your father be too over protective of you. No go find your true love.

  • Dr Whale

    Why am I even on the list?

  • http://twitter.com/sexwithmadonna Sex with Madonna

    I vote for Regina!!!!!!!

  • mudpiegirl

    Other! Regina Mills. SwanQueen all the way. After all, what’s the point of revisiting and revising and modernizing fairy tales if you don’t go a little alternative with at least a couple of them. I also am now shipping Mulan/Aurora.

  • Emma

    Regina Mills

  • http://twitter.com/KindaRose QueenBeeTheGreat

    Regina – who else?

  • Well, obviously.

    Regina for it would be the most happy ending for them both as well as Henry.

  • http://twitter.com/Revolos55 Revolos55


  • holly

    Regina Mills.

  • holly

    Lol. Regina’s got 59% of the vote. The producers are probably just laughing at us.

  • Revanstar

    I’d like to point out, that besides the feminist reasons for Emma not needing a man. And the very powerful arguments in favor for Swan Queen. It all comes down to one simple fact.

    If either Regina or Emma was a man, Swan Queen would be cannon/end game.

    • Carilyn

      Mm, I dunno… I think it’d be even worse actually. If Regina was the male here, then we’d have a male character emotionally abusing his adoptive kid while the biological mother was trying to get him back (bad implications), and then seriously attempting to kill the supposed female love interest while accidentally poisoning the son. If Emma was the male, then the male character would have physically abused the supposed female love interest TWICE. Wouldn’t that make Swan Queen even LESS likely to be endgame because either situation screams male-on-female abuse rather than “Ooh, sexy catfight”? I dunno.

      • http://twitter.com/msSchneeheide msSchneeheide

        Maybe, IF one of those two could actually pass as a victim. But since they’re both such fighters and badass, I wouldn’t talk about ‘abuse’

        • Carilyn

          I’m just saying if either was male it would be a lot easier to read that way even if they’re both fighters, making a pairing less popular and less acceptable based on these circumstances, even if guy/girl relationships are more the norm on TV. I’m just saying I’m not sure how canon the pairing would be if one was male.

  • TheMagicTouch


  • True

    I actually don’t think Emma should be with someone, but if it has to happen then it should be Regina.

  • willy

    Other: Regina

  • Revanstar

    Also. I’ve voted for Regina.

    Swan Queen
    White Knight/Evil Queen.

  • http://www.facebook.com/freddie.williamson.334 Freddie Williamson

    Other: Regina

  • http://twitter.com/WilliamsonFredd WillFr

    Other: Regina Mills

  • Alex

    Emma is everyone’s Savior including Regina. And love is the most powerful magic of all. So Regina should be redeemed through true love (her love for her son AND his birth mother who happens to be the Curse Breaker/White Knight.) the end.

  • ImpointingatRegina

    simply put..Regina…gosh it’s about time we give others an example of their happy ending..

  • http://twitter.com/gr10_pedro PedroGr

    Other – Regina Mills

  • Dani Nazareno

    Madam Mayor, why?? Because Swan Queen is life ! Sexual tension !

  • Belle

    I vote for Regina. Good luck Emma, you’ll need it…. Rumpel aren’t you going to vote as well?

    • Rumpel

      yes Dearie, I vote for Regina as well, there I said it Belle now can we go into the back room?

      • Belle

        Not with that attitude we won’t

        • Rumpelstiltskin

          Hold on, just collecting some debts from a daughter of a Miller.

          • Baelfire


  • http://twitter.com/cajitamusical22 cajitamusical222

    My other is Regina Mills. Swan Queen Nation!

  • Sophie (leaving-storybrooke)

    Regina, no question. It’s the only pairing that makes sense for either of them, there’s great chemistry and subtext, and come on, that while premiere? THEIR LOVE LITERALLY MADE MAGIC. It’s basically canon already. Besides, I’m sick of all female characters, especially attractive ones, needing a man. And isn’t this show trying to be modern and reworked fairytales? What better way than to have your troubled princess and evil queen redeem each other? I’m sorry but a minor pairing like Mulan and Aurora won’t cut it for me. Long live Swan Queen!

    • http://twitter.com/cajitamusical22 cajitamusical222

      ^ This

  • Miki

    Leave it to the SQ fandom to bomb a poll! ;D <3

  • http://twitter.com/SQNation222 222SwanQueenNation2

    Other — Regina Mills Long Live Swan Queen

  • Gmonster

    Regina …nuff said

  • somewhat-ethereal

    I want to send flowers to everyone in this fandom. Seriously. Only SQ shippers would hyjack a poll and post fanfic in the comments. xD

  • slutpuppy

    Regina is her true love. Come on.

  • Mickey

    Our fandom Ladies & Gentlemen. We have taken a poll & turned it into FanFiction.

  • http://twitter.com/SwanQueenNation SwanQueenNation1288

    Other: Regina Mills
    VIVA SWAN QUEEN NATION! (image is not mine)

  • http://twitter.com/LRDPfuckyeah LRDPfuckyeah

    He votado “Other” por Regina Mills

  • http://twitter.com/cdisla1 cdisla

    Other: Regina Mills

  • Lisa

    Regina and Emma’s are in true love, isn’t that canon already?

  • Kaili

    REGINA OBVIOUSLY? Is this even a question?

  • SQ


  • Gabby

    Regina Mills…duh

  • Shauna Danielle


  • femble91

    I Voted other which really means Regina Mills/The Evil Queen

  • .

    Regina! Our beloved (evil) queen!

  • Heather


  • http://www.facebook.com/christoffer.grandin Christoffer Grandin

    Yea, I’m with the posse. Regina for Emma!

  • girlinoverdrive

    Oh god, I laugh so hard at the first comments. This fandom is so amazing. And of course we all want Emma with Regina. I mean, I think Emma would look lovely with just about anyone but Swan Queen is best and we all know it. Plus it’d make Henry so happy :)

  • Sara


  • Lu


  • Fate

    Though I’m sure the writers didn’t intend it, Regina and Emma are perfectly suited for each other!

  • OracleGamergirl

    Swan Queen all the way!! Regina and Emma for those who don’t know.

  • Major facepalm this poll.

    I think this poll should be renamed to “Emma’s love interest until Regina is ready to get her happy ending with her woman”… because I can’t see none of the current options being Emma’s twuv wuv. Regina&Emma forever and ever.

  • J


  • Sebastian Stan


  • Outrage

    How is it that Regina isn’t even on this list? The Swan Queen Nation doth protest.


    I’d say Regina, for reasons already on the comments above. It would be interesting, new, and just fantastic. That relationships runs on the shows main message: Love redeems, true love conquers all, love is the most powerful magic of all, etc… Not only that! With Emma and Regina ending together, all the conflicts on the show would be over; Henry would have his two mommies, the hate between the Snow side and Regina would be over…

    However, if the answer has to be related to heterosexuality, my answer would be: Regina. And let’s not forget about Regina and Regina. Definitely Regina, if the others cannot be. Or Regina, maybe.

    Also, Mulan/Aurora too, perhaps? One queer couple is not enough, you know.

    Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina. Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina. Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina. Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina. Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina. Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina. Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina. Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina. Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina. Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina. Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina. Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina. Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina. Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina. Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina. Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina. Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina. Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina. Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina. Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina. Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina. Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina. Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina. Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina. Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina. Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina. Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina. Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina. Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina. Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina. Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina. Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina. Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina. Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina. Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina. Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina. Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina. Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina. Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina. Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina. Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina. Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina. Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina. Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina. Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina. Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina. Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina. Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina. Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina. Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina. Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina. Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina. Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina. Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina. Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina. Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina. Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina. Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina. Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina. Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina. Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina. Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina. Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina. Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina. Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina. Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina.

    Though I wouldn’t be mad if August ends up being her main love interest.

  • Sidney

    But Regina, you-

    • Regina Mills

      No Sidney. But if you want I might let you attend the wedding… up the back… where no one can see you

  • Dana

    Regina Mills

  • Guest


  • Miki

    All this just from a cough from Regina.

    She should cough more often.

  • Ruby

    Why is this not up to Emma? We all know who she would pick though…


    Regina – duh.

  • Rumplemintz

    Regina all the way!!!!

  • enginerd

    Evil Queen/Regina!!

  • Ruby

    @2b10b85d708abba91cd34b8f7f30ae88:disqus @98d5dd2b989361f6244208c02f21cec2:disqus Guys, Granny wants me to tell you (and she’s standing right behind me to make sure I do) that if you don’t hire her to cater your wedding and make the cake, she will never let you set foot in the diner ever again.

  • Elise


  • Quinn

    I think at this point I can just say ditto.

  • http://xyue-mayx.deviantart.com/ Dreamer

    lol I love the rp in the comments. I thought that August would be interesting as a love interest but i’m open to new character or Baelfire.

  • Dr. Whale is Ursula

    Wow, kind of the creators of the poll to diss a major sect of fans.

  • Twas Fate

    I chose Regina! Because Emma definitely sparked some magic in her during the premiere. ;)

  • http://twitter.com/no_name_legend Anum Ahmed

    Regina Mills

  • http://twitter.com/sexwithmadonna Sex with Madonna

    Maybe Regina…
    and Regina.

  • Mike

    Regina forever and always!

  • swanqueenenthusiast

    REGINA!…..Isn’t it obvious?

  • Shenanigans I say
  • Shenanigans I say

    I’m only here for the GIFs..

  • Elen24

    This is strange… but Regina!

  • Miranda

    Regina should be the love interest, of course. Just as it seems everyone else is agreeing with me on ;)

  • Anonymouse

    No one, please. Actually, scratch that: Regina.

  • Eunmi

    Queen Regina

  • Alisha

    When are lesbians going to have their own fairy-tale? I’m really tired of watching all of the hetero-normative crap on TV and being told that it’s ridiculous to want two main female characters in a prime time show to end up together. I’m glad so many people have come out in support of Swan Queen. If Emma were a man, Regina would be the clear choice to everyone. She is the clear choice to me!

    • Guest

      If Emma were a man, Regina would still be an awful choice. That’s like being a Hermione/Snape Shipper

      • meep

        I have read some great effing HG/SS fic.

        • guest

          I’m sure you have.


    All 600 something comments and only like 5 are not saying REGINA REGINA REGINA. The Swan Queen Nation is growing.

    • http://www.facebook.com/erikd1 Erik Davison

      or the same 5 people are commenting under a million names

      • thelookoftheevilregal

        No, dearie, Swan Queen is a fact and the Nation is unstoppable, in every corner of the earth can find a warrior with leather trousers and flawless smile

        • erikd16

          Good thing the nation isn’t writing the show then. :)

      • Moe

        I don’t think that’s what’s happening. You should check Tumblr. We’re kind of a big group.

  • Swan Queen WILL happen

    the creator of this post is an ass.

  • Anna


  • Granny

    As well as a baker of delicious pies, I’m also a celebrant (cross-bow supplied). Emma and Regina, don’t wait all day to make honest women of each other.

  • I’m strait. no really!


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=556902112 Alexandria Virginia Omlette O-


  • nysbacle

    Regina/Evil Queen

  • Duh, obviously.

    Regina Mills.

  • L

    There are options besides Regina? Oh? Yeah, still Regina.

  • Wenny

    Other = REGINA MILLS.

  • Alice

    1000 votes for Regina! Yey!

  • Barbara


  • Revanstar

    I’d like to point out at as of this moment “Other” aka Regina, has over 1000 votes….. where the next two closets options (Regenerated Graham and August) are barely over 200 votes (218 and 219 respectively) (btw, seriously. come on, Graham is dead. Not magically asleep, or soul-sucked. But dead. And he is no Rory Williams, and magic isnt timey-whimey-wibbly-wobbly stuff)


  • lisafrominterpol

    Having just started watching this show, I’d have to throw in with Regina as a wonderful match for Emma. Regina seems the most intelligent, at least, of all the available candidates. Both are smart, strong, independent, resourceful women. Why not give them a lover who can be an equal? If one of them were a man, it would pretty much be a given that Bio-parent and adoptive parent would get together and Henry would get his harmonious family, happy ending. I don’t see a reason why that should change just because they’re both women. They certainly aren’t lacking chemistry.

  • http://www.facebook.com/sina.dino Sina Dino


  • Moe

    I’d like to see the Sheriff with Mayor Mills. It’d be good for the kid. I can provide the flowers for the wedding, of course.

  • henry mills

    my mom, regina

  • http://twitter.com/Merina2 Merina

    Oh my gosh, these comments…

  • Veritas

    Regina Mills!

  • http://twitter.com/msSchneeheide msSchneeheide

    It should be REGINA! Good+Evil, biological parent+adoptive parent… it’s obviously incredibly full of potential. It would be epic

  • aliceinwonderland2010

    I find it absolutely hilarious that Dr. Whale is included in the poll. So you know what? I voted for him. Yep, I’m one of the 6 people. Of course, it will likely never happen, but I just found it so funny that I couldn’t HELP but vote for him. :)

  • Kayryn

    Regina, of course.

  • SQFan


  • kahlan86


  • Perseverance

    Regina Mills

  • MAF

    Regina, you dumb bastards.

  • Red

    Regina Mills of course. I mean. who else? :)

  • trol

    Evil Queen Regina

  • Chemistry

    Regina, all the way.

  • http://twitter.com/Taty_Car92 Tatiana


  • frogfrizz


  • nisha

    regina mills should be her love interest swanqueen all the way

  • Selina Wilken

    1. Regina in leather
    2. Regina is red velvet
    3. Regina in nothing at all
    4. Regina in anything at all
    I’ve realized the error of my ways.

  • jk

    Regina ofc

  • jarmelts

    of course Regina Mills I mean COME ON are we watching the same show

  • AC

    Regina, obvi.

  • Queen Regina

    What part of ‘we made magic together’ didn’t you see or hear?

  • http://twitter.com/taniadh Tania

    Regina Mills, obviously!

  • Fuegodemonio

    Emma should be with Regina

  • Elphaba

    Regina…cuz every one deserves a chance to fly, and you are never gonna bring us down…my ship WILL sail!!!

    • Wicked

      This was an statement from the Wicked vers they don’t care what genders a pair has…only that there is love….and eye sex!

  • Cleo


  • http://twitter.com/Dani_po Daniela Mella


  • Lex

    Obviously Regina!

  • http://hunyumstan.tumblr.com/ hunyum


  • http://twitter.com/work4vanilla James Bond

    Regina because who wouldn’t want to wake up next to her?

  • natkyo


  • buffylover

    Swan Queen shippers did not take over this poll, we just happen to be the most popular ship in the fandom. MOST POPULAR. Everyone involved with once upon a time KNOWS this. Regina is the only logical choice for Emma in season 2, but the writers are going to have to go all meta on us and deal with the heterosexist ‘male love interest’ so that we continue to delve into our painful existences as glbt people whose fairytales have not yet come true. YET. To quote Lana P., “as of yet”!

  • Archie Hopper

    I – I choose Regina because of certain circumstances, I believe that Henry would benefit from both of his mothers present in his other wise turbulent life. Adding to that, his therapy sessions would be a lot more interesting. Son of a bitch bored me half of the time.

  • Swan Queen

    I’ve only seen 2 episodes and I’m already shipping Regina and Emma, even though technically Regina would be old enough to be Emma’s mother & Even though it will most likely never happen for many reasons. But do I seem to care? No. They’re chemistry is threw the roof compared to everyone else she could be with.

  • The Doctor

    Regina of course.Trust me, I know.

  • karol buccaneer

    Regina ♥

  • EvilRegal

    Regina or no one…. that’s the way it should go in my opinion!

  • http://www.facebook.com/erikd1 Erik Davison

    (This is a serious comment not directed at Swan Queen Shippers)

    Personally I don’t think any character that we’ve seen so far is right for Emma.
    Jefferson: He kidnapped her and her mother and almost killed them. Even with the curse broken I don’t think that Emma will like him.August: Abandoned her as a baby. Obviously they could get past that, but I just don’t see anything happening between them.Graham: IS DEADCaptain Hook: If they meet, he’ll probably flirt with her or something, but I doubt anything serious will come of it.Dr. Whale: Really? I mean, of course he’ll make a move at some point, but Emma will probably knock him out.Henry’s Father / Bae / Michael Raymond-James: It’s impossible to say until their identity is sorted out. This is the most likely option just because I haven’t seen evidence to the contrary.Regina: It’s pointless to even argue about this because as soon as I say anything this comment will get a million votes down and argumentative replies. Suffice it to say, I have plenty of reasons why I don’t think that’s going to happen.
    I think it will be someone completely new that she ends up with. Oh and btw, for everyone saying “Why does she have to have romance??” you do realize this show is about fairy tales right? If you don’t like romance then why in the world are you watching this show??? :)

  • singlebrooke

    regina mills!!!!!!!!!! SWAN QUEEN :) there a perfect match

  • guest

    Everyone is talking about chemistry. As rivals, Emma and Regina have amazing chemistry. As lovers? Come on… That’s why the writers EXPLICITLY STATED that they would bring in NEW suiters. Because Emma really doesn’t have any romantic chemistry with anyone else except Graham.

    • Chris D

      I’m sorry, I think you may be watching the wrong show. See, the show we are all talking about is Once Upon A Time on ABC, where for some reason, the two MAIN main characters feel the need to move absurdly close to each other when in severe emotional distress.
      I don’t know about you, but when I am under severe emotional distress, I tend to lean on the people I trust and love the most despite what argument we may be having at the time. I do not seek out and lean on my “worst enemy” for support. That just isn’t smart.

  • Mbav&Ouat


  • Michela

    Regina is not an option so I can’t vote.

  • Maleficent

    You poor, simple fools. Thinking you could choose anyone but Regina.

  • LuLu

    Other. Because Regina is not on here. I do not care if people say it’s not going to happen. I ship it hard.


    regina mills

  • Dreamer

    REGINA MILLS of course… come on! These two rule!

  • Human

    What about Regina? Perhaps Regina, if Regina is not Regina. Regina, Regina, Regina?

  • http://www.facebook.com/shauwna.grillo Shauwna Grillo


  • Laura

    Other…I think you spelled Regina wrong…

  • Twas Fate

    I’ve looked at all the Regina comments (way to go SQers!! They are awesome!) and I’ve seen about all of them disliked at least once. I think the same person is going through the whole posts disliking everything. Too bad… anyways, Regina or nothing!! :D

  • Kat

    Like many others I don’t think Emma should actually hook up with anyone this season but if she must it’s obviously Regina!

  • Paula Gimenez


  • http://www.facebook.com/PauCiccone Paula Ciccone

    All my votes for Regina Mills.

  • heymiickey


  • lydia Chan

    regina of course!

  • SwanQueenYourSocksOff

    Ohhh nooo. It seems that none of the options aside from “other” will work for me. Guess I’ll just have to vote for Regina… ;D

  • swanqueen


  • Beatriz


  • Iris


  • Thais Guedelha

    Regina obvious *-*

  • Regalia

    Regina Mills. Duh. If it wasn’t intended, then they shouldn’t have let Regina near Emma in the first place. Woman says ‘die die die’ and her eyeballs say otherwise. Just saying.

  • PepperDarcy

    *cough* you know that Regina is *technically* Emma’s step grandma… so Regina would be awkward…

  • Heather

    Regina! No other character, male or female, has chemistry that even touches what Regina and Emma have together. They made MAGIC when they touched. No lie!

  • Haley

    Madam Hot Sexy Mofo Mayor :)

  • Forever hopeful for change

    Regina. A chance to truely subvert fairytales with a powerful story of redemptive love overcoming great obstacles. A chance to make this show be remembered as groundbraking and radical, different from all the other shows that flare with popularity then fade from peoples memories. If not, why not? “family show” and “vaguely, but not really at all, related” are not valid reasons. If you value homophobia and same as usual storytelling then go ahead and pair her up with any of the usual suspects, if you want something interesting regina would be a good choice.

  • SpecialKRJ


  • pseudo118

    Regina.. incase you were wondering..

  • Dani_po


  • http://www.facebook.com/marcia.lopes.777701 Márcia Lopes

    Regina Mills, always and forever.

  • anonySWANQUEENmous

    Regina, in thigh high leather boots. :)

  • anonySWANQUEENmous

    Wait, I’d like to change my answer. Instead of “Regina, in thigh high leather boots”, can I make it “Regina, in edible gold paint”?
    (Yes, I totally took the Sarah Brightman approach to that).

  • pam


  • Anoel

    Regina!!! No one is more perfect for Emma than the other mother of her child who will give Regina the redemption and true love she’s always wanted and Emma will finally find a family she can stay forever with.

  • Swan/Queen

    Well Regina Mills of course they just click, and they have the best chemistry for being a couple than anyone else pairing up with Emma!

  • Alyssa

    Mayor Regina!

  • CK


  • Kendal

    lmao They have made it so you can’t vote for Other, more then once anymore. I wonder if the others options have the same restrictions. Regina all the way.

  • SwanQueen

    Emma and Regina. They are destined to be together.

  • http://www.facebook.com/thullycaroll Thully Caroll Sairaives


  • One Big *Awkward* Happy Family

    Regina. No question. Also in response to all those yelling “But she’s *technically* her grandmother! Here’s something to ponder on: You know Regina is *technically* Henry’s step-great grandmother. And yet also his mom. Which means Henry is *technically* Emma’s uncle and she is also his mom too. And that means Henry is *technically* Snows brother and grandson. Please explain to me in what way this whole family dynamic is NOT awkward. So the *technically* grandmother point just doesn’t cut it. Honestly Emma and Regina together would really simplify the family dynamic for Henry. He wouldn’t have to choose between mothers, his mothers would be getting along, he’d get to spend time with both, it would redeem Regina, Emma can actually keep her in check, etc. Just saying.

  • Ver

    Definitely REGINA!

  • Sarah


  • Gabriela


  • WeasleyWrock

    I want her to be with August. She had a very unstable life, and he was one of the first people to help her out and stuck around when he found her again, no matter how much she doubted him. I really hope that he isn’t Henry’s father (I don’t think this will happen, anyway), because his father isn’t made out to be that pleasant.

  • syfygeek

    The man who drugged her? The man who drove her around while he had wooden legs? Nah, this one is too easy. Regina wins hands down. They have a lot of chemistry, and i agree if one of them was a man, it would be end game.

  • DontTouchMyDrumset

    Other = Regina

  • PeopleOfStorybrooke

    REGINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! our queen and her swan :) lol

  • behindthecurve

    Take a wild guess. I pretty much don’t ship anybody, ever, but SwanQueen launches itself off the screen.

  • kasa


  • Regina Mills

    Regina Mills

  • Emma Swan-Mills

    but of course it has to be our queen Regina!

  • Evil queen’s pet

    just change the “other” option to Regina Mills, and make this easier on you

  • oparu


  • hovercat1

    Evil Queen

  • Anna

    Regina of course!

  • Mariana


  • Ashley

    Regina should of course be the love interest seeing as they are meant to be. The product of true love is the savior of lost love.

  • http://www.facebook.com/whitney.anke Whitney Anke

    Regina dammit!! If she were a guy EVERYONE would want them to be together! ‘Nuff said.

  • jessie

    emma love interest should be our beloved madam mayor for sure …

  • QualityReviewer

    I vote for Regina Mills cause she will always be Henry’s mom as well as Emma so…SWAN QUEEN FOREVER! Plus it would be the perfect revenge. If they care abut each other Charming and Snow can’t kill her or risk losing their daughter and grandsn forever. Sidenote: totally shipping Mulan/Aurora already XD.

  • yuyulife

    Regina Mills of course!

  • http://twitter.com/HMVerhagen Heather Verhagen

    YES!!! August and Emma for the win. I think that he was raised in foster care, and they could work though any issues they have together. Plus, who didn’t love the ‘Bulls Eye’ scene. He most def likes her, and I’d love to see more of August on the show.

  • http://twitter.com/HMVerhagen Heather Verhagen

    What is with new/other?!

  • blackrising

    I seriously don’t know what the writers are intending to do with Emma and Regina, but…they couldn’t have set up a better romantic storyline if they tried. That relationship is like the last missing puzzle piece. You add it and suddenly everything makes so much more sense.
    So yeah, voting for my Queen here. (Or, you know, ‘other’. Same thing.)

  • onwednesdayswewearpink


  • Nyra

    Regina Mills, definitely.

  • Baelfire

    Oh, please, everyone. Emma is my wife. Stay away, character-who-has-not-been-revealed-yet!

    • Kristopher_Smith

      Weren’t you the one who knocked her up…WHILE you were married to someone else and then you gave her the boot?

  • Msfantaticopr

    Hands down Mayor Mills

  • evilregal86

    regina swan queen ftw

  • Isabelle


  • Shane Lovelace

    Regina Mills!

  • Paula G


  • flashflashphtography


  • Swan

    SwanQueen Forever!!

  • Katerina de Annika

    Swan queen all the way! (If you don’t believe it’s a valid argument, read THIS: http://tinyurl.com/8fjbgfy

  • fiona Walsh

    regina the only one emma actually has chemistry with on the show :)

  • Gracious

    Obsessive Commentator: Your story was funny the first five times.

    I suspect Cora is gay and is in love with Snow White’s mom before she died. I hope Rumpel doesn’t turn out to be Regina’s father.Maybe Regina can pair up with one of the upcoming hot werewolves gals. Emma has enough action.

  • WoodenSwan


  • http://twitter.com/MaddyKMcDonald Maddy McDonald

    Whale? Ew, no. He slept with her mother/roommate, gross

  • dpizel

    Regina Mills!!! enough with the eye sex and just do it already. Their chemistry is palpable. They complete each other

  • http://twitter.com/psychotykxena Biguine Chantalia

    regina should date emma, henry would get two moms and be happy ;-)

  • kellyk

    You know, once upon a time I understood the Graham appeal, but I just don’t get the obsession…the continuing obsession. The actor was pretty but the acting was stiff and there was no chemistry with Emma. I’m not against him making cameos but it would be one step backward to bring him back as a love interest for Emma…especially when there are so many other options.

  • ruby


  • Victoria_Wolf

    Voted in (Other/new fairytale character)

    Emma With Regina Mills

    #SwanQueen <3

  • Tasha


  • Victoria_Wolf

    You should change other to Regina

    If you don’t Regina will shall destroy your happiness!


  • http://www.facebook.com/bluephyre Pay Eilis Ulloa

    Regina Mills!!!!! as IF Emma could have another love interest besides Henry’s other mom!! Please!

  • http://twitter.com/brutebruteheart Brenda

    I’d love it to be Graham, but I know the chances of that are slim. I’m really liking August and Emma, so my vote goes to them.

  • AmandaSwan


  • Lulu


  • copywrit

    Regina. Duh. Wait, aren’t they already together? Henry has two mommies…

  • yep


  • silviasi22


  • Swan Queen Stan

    Emma should be with Regina. Swan Queen forever.

  • sharon

    I think it should be Regina.

  • ana

    Trully Regina!! Will be so nice…

  • Me

    Regina. Plain and simple. Family united yay happy woot.

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