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ABC has released another short clip from Sunday’s season premiere of Revenge. Check out the new Revenge sneak peek from the episode “Destiny.”

The other day we showed you the first three clips that ABC has released to get us ready for the new season. In this 90-second scene, we see Nolan in the boxing ring, duking it out with a trainer and getting in shape. As Emily’s go-to conspirator, he has to make sure he’s ready to fight off an attacker at any time.

Emily interrupts his workout, and we learn from Nolan that he hasn’t seen her in eight weeks. And she hasn’t even called him. She claims to have been “regrouping,” but that’s probably not the case, since she doesn’t offer any information after Nolan questions her about it. She could have at least sent him an email to let him know she was still alive.

We wish that Emily would be a little nicer to Nolan, but she is probably keeping her distance because she knows she can’t get too emotionally attached to anyone.

Emily also mentions that her priorities have shifted, so whatever she initially had up her sleeve was thwarted or something more important came to her attention.

Their last exchange leaves us wanting more, wanting to know what is going to happen next:

Emily asks, “Want to go for a drive?” and Nolan replies, “Sounds vaguely revengey. Where to?”

Emily’s response? “Back to the Hamptons.” Of course.

Our guess is that this is one of the first few scenes in the episode, especially with Nolan’s adorable “revengey” comment. We do need to be reminded what this show is all about. This clip looks like the setup for all of the action to come. Emily is back in town and now she’s heading to the Hamptons with her partner in crime.

There are still so many questions yet to be answered, and we’re sure they’ll be more on Sunday after the season 2 premiere.

  • Gary65

    I’m glad she keeps Nolan out. Eventually, her big secret is gonna come out so teh less Nolan knows the better. I don’t think he’d handle jail well.

    • rsprague

      I know. You’re probably right. I feel like he wants to protect her, but she’s too much for him.

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